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Getting the position

Getting the Position There was no doubt in my mind I was going to get this position. I was going to do whatever it took. The flyer was asking for an entertainer, and I'm definitely sweet at that. I figured I'd just show off some of my flexible moves in my undies and they'd be sold. Well, they were, only they didn't have enough money to offer me. I really needed the cash so I knew it was time to pull out all the stops. I told one of the producers to come over so I could show him I was worth the money. I sucked his cock and he was totally moaning and thrusting into my mouth. I put some of my flexible moves to work when he make love me, too. Not only does it look hot, but it feels really sweet when I do the splits because the cock gets really deep in my pussy. In the end, it was worth it. I showed them all my exciting positions and that got me the position, along with the pay I requested!See More of Tatum Bailey at TNATRYOUTS.COM!


Autumn-jade - autumn red sweater Autumn Red Sweater Autumn\'s red sweater is really lovely. Too pretty to leave on, so it\'s gotta come off quick. After all, we need to drool over her naked, huge, pendulous boobies, not admire sweaters. And she is one of the greatest of all SCORE and busty sweater stretchers.Autumn\'s favorite sexual position is being on top and bouncing up and down. Because I have control, Autumn said when we asked her. Her next favorite position is also on top of a cock, but with her back to her partner. One of the four photos from the banner of her video Ultimate Autumn is the position she means. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Autumn-jade - ass-ume the position Ass-ume The Position Assume the position! snaps Autumn. We usually don\'t think it wise to assume anything, but in a case like this, exceptions can be made. For somebody decked out for discipline, however, it seems that outfit has absolutely no chance at wrangling those oversized hooters of our favorite, whip-wielding wench. Hell, any opportunity to get whipped into shape by Autumn would be welcomed. We have no doubt guys would line up around the block to get a appealing old fashioned man-ass whipping and then repay it in kind. You know how hot and lusty those dominating women can get when they finish putting you in your place. All bend over for Autumn-Jade.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Holly halston - tit-job interview Tit-Job Interview curvy blond Holly Halston needs a job really badly to pay her bills and keep this bra-shredding nympho in some pleasant clothes and designer lingerie. So she pounds the pavement and starts going on job interviews at several offices. While she knows she needs to get a job, she also knows that her skills are limited. She doesn\'t type, she doesn\'t take shorthand, she doesn\'t file and she doesn\'t have any computer skills. But does that deter her from trying Not at all. Holly knows that although she doesn\'t necessarily have clerical skills, she does have some skills that may land her a position in this particular company. And by position we are referring to either doggy-style or missionary. You see, Holly knows how to work the penish and all her skills revolve around that. So, she heads over to a company where she can try to find a position under the CEO...literally. She lays down and lets this guy make love her jugs and spray baby batter all over her. She lets him know that if she gets the gig, she will blowjob his load for him everyday. Now what boss would turn down an applicant like HollySee More of Holly Halston at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Barbie kelley - make love my wife, please! Have sexual intercourse my wife, please! You\'d be lucky to find me wearing any clothes around the house, said Barbie Kelley, the stacked wife of a devoted SCORE reader.She must have meant unlucky. We\'d be very lucky to find Barbie naked around the house or anywhere.I am a very sexual being, Barbie added. I enjoy sex seven to eight times a week. My favorite sex position is whichever position is driving us to the brink. Not knowing what position I will end up in is an lascivious in itself. When I give a cock sucking job, I am a swallower for the most part. Occasionally when there\'s a camera around or if I am just being a little naughty, I will play with his cum.I have had sex in public. It was at a roadside park. I happened to have some toys in the car, and when we stopped, I began to play with myself using one of my favorite vibrators. My husband had to get out of the car and stand by my window to block other people from seeing me at one point. When traffic in the parking lot slowed down, we managed to enjoy mind-cock suckinging orgasms with the sun shining down on us. We drove away with a smile on our faces.In this scene, Barbie is a exciting wife (no fiction there) whose husband (again, no fiction; this is Barbie\'s real-life hubby) brings home a new employee. The employee sees Barbie walking around in barely nothing and gets to have sexual intercourse her. With hubby\'s blessing, of course. Again, no fiction there. pleasant guy, this Mr. Kelley, sharing his busty wife with the world.See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND2.COM!. Cassie blanca - lustful cassie Excited Cassie I\'ve never had trouble getting men\'s attention, said Cassie Blanca. They\'ve always told me, \'Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is beautiful.\' And of course they\'re like, \'Your tits are great.\' But still, I didn\'t think there would be such a big market for larger women. I\'m glad that there is though. I look back at all the people who\'ve given me advice, and I wish I would\'ve listened to it. And I wish I could\'ve been the person I am now for all those years back then. I\'ve worked very violent and I have a very clear path. I\'m not afraid anymore. I was afraid of actually experiencing really appealing sex, or having toys or doing kinky things. Now I love having sex outside and I didn\'t before. I was always afraid of what people would think of me. But now it\'s like, \'Oh well.\' If they don\'t like it I can\'t change it. I\'m happier than I\'ve ever been and I\'m safe. XL Girls: What would you say is your kinkiest sexual encounter Cassie: Probably doing the pile driver position. Before I did it, I didn\'t even know it existed. Basically your head and neck are on the floor and the rest of your body is in the air and the guy is orgasm down like an oil drill. XL Girls: What position do you like the most Cassie: When my head is off the bed, the guy stands over me and tit fucks me while I blowjob on his balls.See More of Cassie Blanca at XLGIRLS.COM!. Amaya may - 38g-cups & hot 38G-Cups & Hot Amaya May says her favorite position is doggie. With someone as stacked up-top as this brunette brickhouse is, that position is perfect for her huge hooters to dangle, bounce and swing while she\'s getting boned from behind.After introducing herself for the second time in this post-debut scene, her first XXX show for SCORELAND, Amaya invites us to watch her get dressed (in the video), stretching a tight tank dress over her major rack so she can astound us and Bam, who\'s been waiting to get his hands on those heavy, tan-lined boobs and pointy nipples.Amaya says she\'s a very sexual woman and likes to get it on every day. She\'s got no shortage of volunteers, no doubt, and probably all tit-men because you don\'t see someone with a top-shelf like this every day of the week.Amaya can make your penish disappear between her boobs as her bed-partner is about to find. When she rides on top, Amaya is an energetic bouncer. Her jugs bounce like crazy and she doesn\'t hold them down with her hands. She\'s really one hot chick and she knows her boobs drive guys crazy. She\'s perfect for horny, big-bust action. See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!.
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