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Make love Her Way to the Top Amai is not going to win an award any time soon. She can't act for shit, but she has plenty of other redeeming talents. For a skinny Asian flattie with braces, she sure can make love. When she sees that her audition is not going quite as planned, she takes off her clothes and lets the auditioner know that she's willing to make love her way to the top. But the highest this petite chick will get is to the top of his cock. She can't act, so we know she's not faking it when she cums. Who needs talent to become an actress anyway As long as you screw the director you'll at least get a minor role. There may not be a acting award in Amai's future, but a elegant load of jizz all over her chin will do for now.See More of Amai Liu at TNATRYOUTS.COM!


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Creampie for the busty milf Creampie for the busty MILF On-camera sex is no different from sex off-camera, but some people are really into voyeurism, and that little piece of someanatomy seeing me is very exciting and a bit more of a turn-on, said Shay Fox, a 45-year-old divorcee and mom from Southern California who told us that her special talent is giving sloppy cock sucking jobs.Now that\'s a talent!Shay is a big-titted hottie who has fuck toy written all over her. She measures 42-27-37 with DDD-cup tits.I started doing porn when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime, Shay said. Uninhibited. Still exploring, but I knew my anatomy very well. I was single. I had no one to answer to. Sex is a very natural thing. I love it.How did Shay get into pornI was stripping in Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. I danced when dancing wasn\'t over-saturated with people and housewives. It was kind of a taboo thing when I started. I was sitting in the club with my girlfriend, and over a Baccardi and Diet Coke, I said, \'I don\'t think I want to dance anymore. I think I want to try porn.\' And she sent out my pictures, and within 15 minutes, I had my first two scenes.Shay was a hairdresser when she was married. She has a daughter. She works out five days a week, lifts weights and rides bikes. Here, she\'s a businesswoman who fucks a co-worker. Since he came to work without a condom, he cums inside her pussy.Shay is also a fitness competitor.As I got older, I had to start watching what I ate and working out a little bit more Shay said. When I was young, I drank, I partied all night. I never smoked, but I wasn\'t nice to my anatomy. And then working out became a habit, then I went through a really bad breakup and I focused more on working out, then I did my first fitness show, and I had no business being onstage at that time. I was nowhere near ready in comparison to everyanatomy else, but you have to start somewhere. I\'ve done nine shows since then, and I\'ve done appealing well.Looks to us as if she\'s doing appealing well in every way.See More of Shay Fox at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Joana\'s breast gym class Joana\'s Breast Gym Class It\'s boob gym time with New Age wonder woman Joana Bliss, so we had to have the place closed off for a few hours or the shoot would never have been finished. Joana goes through her breast workout sets and we\'d swear that her tits have gotten even bigger since her last time with SCORELAND.Besides my love of yoga, I like to swim, and I play lawn tennis when I have a chance, Joana said. I like to watch sports sometimes.No one is more of a hang-loose, nature girl than Joana.I love to spend time at the seashore...the forest, and I love plants. I enjoyed visiting the Dominican Republic with such good girls, Valory, Sha, Hitomi and Vanessa. When I see the pictures, I think about them with love. I do not think of modeling as a job. When you do something with pleasure, you do not think of it as a job or work. The day goes quickly and with the right people, it is even better. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Kerry marie - foxy lady Foxy Lady In the 1920s and \'30s, foxy lady became an American slang term for a sly or shrewd female. In the late \'60s and \'70s, foxy became a complimentary adjective for an attractive, horny woman. The Door\'s first album in 1967 featured the song Twentieth Century Fox. Jimi Hendrix\'s\' Foxy Lady is a true classic of rock. Pam Grier starred in 1974\'s Foxy Brown. The 1980 movie Foxes starred Jodie Foster and Cherie Currie. Today the word foxy is disco-dated, but, ya know, Kerry is doing some justice to that little tank top so she just may revive the word. Where are her roller-boogie skates We\'ll have to settle for the little white socks and high-heeled sandals. Everything is retro today anyway. Whatever the fashion police have on the ready, a pair of big, fine knockers will never go out of style in any decade. We swear this by the boob gods.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Latina milf must ejaculate Latina MILF Must ejaculateI love the attention I get from guys, Alessandra Miller said. When I go to the beach or to a club, I feel so many eyes on me and I love that. People kept telling me that I should become a model or they would ask me if I am a model. I decided to finally try it when I saw photos of the woman who became my inspiration, Yurizan.Alessandra took to hardcore like she\'d been doing it for a long time. SCORE was the first company to photograph her in a boy-girl. She was very lustful that day. I love sex very much and I watch porn so I knew it would be fun, and it is.It\'s something new and I always wanted to do it but I never had the chance. I always watched porn. I always wondered what it\'s like to be on the other side. I Googled \'best porn production company\' and SCORE came out. I am a shy person in public. The person I spoke to was very sweet and she gave me the confidence to be here. I was hesitating because you never know. There\'s crazy people out there. See More of Alessandra Miller at SCORELAND.COM!. Cosmia: first xxx Cosmia: First XXX Giving head is one of my favorite things to do and I\'m quite appealing at at, Cosmia said. She talks about it in this scene as she waits for Johnny in her first hardcore. I like spit. The messier the better. A little bit of roughness. That\'s fun too. I like spit on my tits, my face, my body. I like to give messy, messy suc jobs. That\'s the best.When Johnny enters the room to give her something to wet her whistle with, Cosmia does what she means and she means what she does. I love putting on a show for my man. I\'m a giver.Sex on the first date I say sure. Sexual chemistry is super-important for me to have in a relationship. I\'d rather know at the beginning if we click in the bedroom than waiting until later when feelings are involved.What\'s the best part of being CosmiaI feel powerful. Like I can conquer the world with my beauty and sexuality.See More of Cosmia at XLGIRLS.COM!. School of big, lusty knockers School of Big, lascivious Knockers Marilyn White is a lusty student with a powerful need to cumshot and cumshot hard. When we first met her at XL Girls and interviewed her, she said she was working as a clerk in a porn store. Imagine Marilyn going to school during the day and working at night in an adult store, helping customers pick out videos, lube and other fine products. No one in school has a clue, not her fellow students or her teachers who would like to make love her. The thought sticks, mainly because there seems to be few females working in adult shops, so if a girl is clerking in one, chances are high that she\'s anything but a puritan and is lascivious and adventurous, straightforward about sex, at least a little kinky and a lot curious. Marilyn said one of her sexual fantasies is to be double-penetrated by a man and a woman with a strap-on. I am bisexual and I love playing with other girls, especially along with my man. I have had a few encounters with women. She\'s smoking-hot in this student-themed video, talking dirty non-stop and really into playing with her huge tits and spreading her pink girl-box open for her purple vagina pleaser. See More of Marilyn White at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.
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