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I'm Going To Jack You Off So Good. When this video opens, Juliet is looking super-sexy in her sheer top. We can see her nipples right through it, but Juliet doesn't tease for long. She takes off her top, revealing her C-cup tits, then takes off her delicate denim skirt, revealing a great arse: round and firm. Absolutely fuckable. Looks ike like you are getting sweet sweet and violent, she says to us. Do you like what you see She puts on a little arse show, and if you weren't violent before, you will be now. I want to feel it between my fingers, sweet and violent and thick, she says as she fingers her pussy. I'm getting wetter the violenter that tool gets. She whips it out. Ooooh, that's a sweet tool. I'm going to jack you off so good. Juliet does it all in this scene, rubbing the tool against her tits, then tit-fucking the tool. Spitting on it. Making cumshot faces into the camera. This chick has future porn star written all over her. Betcha we're right.See More of Juliet Chase at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!


Jilling\'s jacking and gulp so you can jack, too Jilling\'s Jacking And suc So You Can Jack, Too Dawn Jilling is a 45-year-old first-timer from Arizona (born in California). She\'s a wife. She\'s the mother of four. She knows how to keep a charming home, and she knows how to take care of her husband and children.I\'m very dedicated to my family and kids, Dawn said. I don\'t do it anymore, but I served on the PTA and the school board.Here, she\'s serving coffee...and sucks jobs.Yep, Dawn isn\'t like most mothers of four (or maybe she is and we don\'t know it yet), and isn\'t it charming to know that the lady you saw at the supermarket the other day, the one with a few kids in tow, knows how to go home, unwind and show her lusty sideSo, enjoy Dawn. She wants you to. And we\'d like you to know that right now, Dawn is getting ass-fucked by a total stranger at 40SomethingMag.com, so you can have your own Dawn Jilling double feature. Call it Jacking to Jilling.See More of Dawn Jilling at MILFTUGS.COM!. A large day to jack to big tits A considerable DAY TO JACK TO big breasts A lovely field of yellow flowers. And Karina Hart\'s violent tits. It is, indeed, a lovely day to be a lover of big boobs. This photo set has several other natural wonders, such as Karina\'s spread and puckered anus (wouldn\'t you love to make love it) and Karina\'s slick, sweaty, make loveable pussy. Check out photo #37. Ya just gotta love a chick who smiles so invitingly while she\'s exposing her lustful make love hole, but that\'s Karina: inviting and excited at the same time. That\'s why we love her. Check out photo #50, too. Now, Karina would probably say, You\'re looking at what I\'m doing with the dildo, aren\'t you but we\'d say,No, Karina. Our eyes are focused on the way your tits are stacked on top of each other. But we\'ll get around to that dildoed pussy eventually.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Lily madison - joysticker Joysticker Guys want to see me clap my tits together, says Lily Madison, back to play without her good new friend Hitomi after their second, and kinkier, happening. We like that slapping sound too. It\'s called breast music. Every tit-man enjoys hearing it.Every time we see Lily, her hair color is different. In this series, we think the color is called hot pink. We know jack about girls\' hair but we know why chicks are always changing their coloring no matter their age. It\'s to reflect their personalities and moods. One part of Lily that never changes is her pussy. It\'s always hairless and smooth.This time, Lily has got a firm grip on a great girl-toy. A day for Lily is not complete without her spanking out a great cum, on-cam or off. I like the toys that look like real cocks. She\'s the toy princess and has quite a collection at home.See More of Lily Madison at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn meets dildoman Autumn Meets Dildoman This set was shot during the filming of Autumn\'s most bone-inducing video sextravaganza, Stacked & Packed 4. This is a video every Autumn-Jade man HAS to own. The way she cock sucking and fucks the polyethelene pecker, and tries to shovel the thick cock into her tight pussy, will starch your shorts! Autumn always looks terrific, but as you peruse this selection, we think you\'ll agree her tits, legs and booty have never been more mouth-watering and nutsack-filling than right here. Autumn\'s incredibly good face lets us know just how much she loves to swallow manmeat. You\'ll believe it\'s you, mister you, on the receiving end, thanks to the technical miracle of DildoVision. Autumn Meets DildoMan is more than just a beat-off movie. It\'s a fuck cockbending clbootyic! Jack on, boob brothers!See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Pretty & thick Inviting & Thick XL Girls: What is the kinkiest thing you\'ve ever donePorsche: I guess my first girl experience was good kinky. I had toys so we were just going at it with each other like crazy. We were using vibrators. I love vibrators, especially if they have the little clit tickler on them. I prefer the vibrators over dildos. They feel better. XL Girls: Do you get a lot of comments about your tits when you go out Porsche: I get a lot of chicks who hate on me, especially at the mall. I don\'t know what it is about the mall, but if I\'m walking through there they\'ll just stare at me. Then they\'re in their little, cliquey groups talking shit about me. I notice their boyfriends looking especially when the girl doesn\'t have any tits at all. It\'s not my fault he\'s looking. They should get mad at him for being rude.XL Girls: Do you think it\'s rude when someone is looking at you Porsche: It depends on how they do it and what they look like. A pleasant guy who is checking me out and smiles at me is different than a guy who is just creepily staring at my chest. If I\'m out and about and a guy makes conversation with me, it\'s a million times better than staring like you\'re about ready to jack off. XL Girls: Thank you, Porsche. We\'ll save the jacking off for later when we watch your video.See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. The next jack network star The Next Jack Network Star Recently, cable TV channel The Food Network had a show called The Next Food Network Star. The idea was that a bunch of amateur chefs competed to prove that they had the kitchen and on-camera skills to deserve their own TV show. Now, most of the chefs could cook, and some of the chefs actually had some personality in front of the camera, but there\'s one thing none of them had.Big tits. Or, more specifically, Karina Hart-sized tits. Now, maybe we\'re a little biased, and in all honesty, we have no idea whether Karina can cook. But when she\'s chopping up those melons...five stars! And when she\'s rubbing the melons all over her tits...delicisimo! And when she\'s drilling her pussy with a plastic fuck toy (a utensil that isn\'t found in most kitchens)...our compliments to the chef!If it were all about large tits--and it should be--Karina would be The Next Food Network Star. But it\'s not, so she\'s the latest and greatest large-tit star. Now whip up a batch of man-cream, fellas! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.
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