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Graduation! Graduation...a time for celebrating accomplishments and the completion of a long semester of education. Here we see Valory and her classmates from great Boob Finishing School posing for their grad pics and they have on your typical graduate garb: caps and silky lingerie. Wait...well, we are glad that they are not in gowns, so no complaints about that. The girls pose in lusty garters and belts and lacy undies and celebrate that they now know how to make a man happy and make him cum, too. Your tool should be standing tall and proud in homage to their accomplishment.See More of Sophie Mae at VALORYIRENE.COM!


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Behind the scenes with agnes poulin Behind The Scenes With Agnes Poulin A photo studio couldn\'t ask for a better, more wholesome beautiful Girl than Agnes Poulin. So nice. So polite. So big-boobed. Follow Agnes around the studio at different times on different sets in different clothes during her visit to SCORELAND. She is one excited doll-next-door.See More of Agnes Poulin at SCORELAND.COM!. Hole in the wall Hole In The Wall Based on the notorious video called Hole In The Wall, this matching still set has a lurid, bizarre tone as our damsel comes across a mysterious glory hole through which two cocks emerge for Kerry to get on her knees and play with in blow-by-blow detail. This is probably the closest that Kerry will ever come to giving a blow on camera. The sleazy lighting and and the claustrophobic camera angles add to the moodiness. The fact that it\'s Kerry and not any one of a zillion web chicks is what drives this pictorial.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Curvy bosom besties Busty Bosom Besties Watching Christy frolic in the sun is one thing, but watching her get frisky outside in the open with another busty gal pal is another. And when that gal is Angela White, it\'s a thing of perfection. These two titters out by the sea, rubbing and teasing is incredible. Christy\'s H-cups pressed up against Angela\'s G-cups...it\'s beautiful. It brings a tear to our cocks. A tear of pre-cum, that is. We are not sure if it\'s their sun-kissed, milky skin or the fact that when we interviewed Christy she said that this girl-girl with Angela was the best thing that ever happened to her, but this set makes us hornier than ever. And it\'snot even the pussy-licking or the dildo fuck that really does it for us. It\'s the girl-on-girl kissing that makes this set an A+ in our book.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Bhot-body girl/b Hot-body girl Jasmine Shiraz\'s story is one that Dave and I love: An attractive amateur with big tits models for the experience and doesn\'t necessarily want to become a full-time, professional model.Jasmine\'s boyfriend is a SCORE fan. Now, most boyfriends of attractive, big-boobed girls want to keep them to themselves. I get that. However, this friend of SCORE went into SCORELAND and showed Jasmine the girls and how they model. Born in Iran, the New Jersey girl with 34F tits went through the site and thought, I can do that. I want to do that. I want to be one of those girls. Jasmine checked out BeASCOREModel.com, emailed some naked snaps with her boyfriend\'s encouragement and was accepted.Jasmine is a smart, well-educated girl with a attracting job, so what was her interest in posing naked, with the exception of her boyfriend\'s high-level interestI\'ve always liked to show off my tits, Jasmine said. When you\'ve got it, why not show it off I\'ve had friends who asked me why I dress the way I do. I tell them, \'Because they look attracting. Why should I hide them\'So what did Jasmine think about her first timeIt\'s different. It\'s been attracting. It\'s been interesting. I\'m having fun, and I like trying new things. I guess I feel confident enough now where I felt I could give it a shot. I think that comes with being a little older. When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do it, even though I thought about it. I\'ve always liked to show off my tits.Jasmine had never masturbated on-camera, but she was totally confident and eager to do it for the first time. And she knew what guys were going to do when they saw her photos and videos of her big tits, busty anus and nicely trimmed pussy.They\'re going to jerk off. They should! I mean, that\'s what they\'re there for.It\'s one thing for an experienced model to say that, but for an amateur to say it adds something extra.See More of Jasmine Shiraz at SCORELAND2.COM!. Binsatiable/b Insatiable There may be a time to lift weights, but there is always time to lift voluminous breasts. Mirko is doing curls with a hand weight. Alana Lace is watching him. She wants penish and throws herself at him. Alana is wearing a low-cut top. Her huge breasts could fall out at any moment. Her breasts are perfect for a guy\'s tool. While I\'m watching this, I\'m thinking, Put the god-dammned weight down and suc those large nipples hard. I start to get antsy when a porn dude in a video isn\'t immediately going berserk over girls like this. Alana shoves her breasts in Mirko\'s face to kick-start him. My pussy\'s wet for you, Alana says. She has a lascivious voice. This girl could recite a grocery list and it would sound like phone sex. Wanna give me that large tool of yours Mirko makes up for his previous hesitation by fuck her good.I could name a hundred things I love about Alana, so I\'ll just list one thing. Her tool sucing is always noisy with lots of spit. cruel tool is like a candy bar to Alana.I\'m good insatiable, Alana said. So, yeah, you can manhandle me a bit. Or maybe I\'ll use your tool as my new favorite sex toy. You\'ll never know which version of Alana you\'re going to get when I\'m fuck a guy.There are a lot of girls I\'d like to see return to porn. Alana is right up there on my wish list.See More of Alana Lace at SCORELAND2.COM!. Double strokers Double Strokers Desiree and Maserati met for the first time at SCORE, a meeting of two exciting titters with considerable jugs and shapely bods. Desiree, the redhead, and Maserati picked out the perfect dresses to show off their curvatures and deep cleavage. I like your titties, Maserati said, admiring Desiree\'s lush figure. I like your titties, Desiree counters, reaching out to touch Maserati. Yes, these two became bosom buds in the short time they were together. Desiree gave Maserati\'s bazooms a friendly shake. They couldn\'t keep their hands off each other. That\'s why we wheeled in the human dildo. So they could grab something else to jack and tit-wank. The girls lowered each other\'s dresses so they could cock sucking nipples and feel the soft, smooth skin of their lady-bumps. They mashed-up and jiggled those flesh pillows against each other. You can see their nipples hardening and stiffening in the close-ups. They eventually got down to total bare-ass naked, still playing with each other\'s nipples before they jacked, tit-fucked and cock suckinged the boner until it spurted.See More of Desiree at SCORELAND.COM!.
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