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Lorena knows what she wants

Lorena knows what she wants charming face, nice tits, firm ass. That's Lorena Ponce, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in Anaheim, California and lives in San Diego, California. excited, to me, comes from within, Lorena said. It's the way a person carries themselves with confidence and pride. excited is a twinkle in the eyes, a pleasant smile and the way someone walks. A confident yet humble man isn't afraid to ask for what he wants. I'm usually assertive sexually, but sometimes I just want to be taken, and I need a man who has the confidence to do that. In her first video, Lorena not only shows off her body. She kinda directs the shoot, too, telling the cameraman when to move in and when to move back. Is she the kind of woman who will direct a man in bed, too Maybe, she said teasingly. You could say I know what I want, but I shouldn't have to always ask for it. Yeah, right. Slam the salami between Lorena's voluminous tits. have sex her mouth. Slip your sausage inside her mature pussy. We betcha Lorena won't tell you to move back.See More of Lorena Ponce at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!


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Milf bush make love MILF Bush make love Let\'s welcome Sahara Blue who, believe it or not, is 45 years old! Seriously, we had some doubts about whether the woman was even 40, and when we saw her driver license, we couldn\'t believe our eyes. So we took a look at her passport, and there it was: Date of birth 23 Sept. 1965. Sahara is single. She\'s a business analyst who was born in Taiwan, China and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoys biking and Zumba, lost her virginity in her college dorm room and has had a relatively tame sex life. She isn\'t a swinger. She\'s never had sex with another woman. Her sexual fantasy is being carried. And she says she has sex a couple of times a week. For her first time at NaughtyMag.com, 5\'6, 112-pound Sahara takes on the big cock of Jmac, and she takes it well. We know you\'ll enjoy Sahara\'s beautiful face and sexy, tiny body, and we know a lot of you will enjoy the thick bush above Sahara\'s pussy. See More of Sahara Blue at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Gia fucks her daughter\'s boyfriend Gia have intercourses her daughter\'s boyfriend When this scene opens, 50-year-old Gia Giancarlo is standing in the kitchen and watching her daughter make out with a guy. When her hand sneaks over to his crotch, Gia says, Stop playing with your boyfriend\'s tool and go to work.So the daughter goes off to work, but she makes a major mistake: She tells her boyfriend to stick around until she gets back.Why is this a major mistake Because the boyfriend is a major horndog, and he lets Gia know how hot she is. Before long, he\'s groping her tits and she\'s blowjob his tool and then he\'s have intercourse her MILF pussy.Like daughter like mother, rightThe reason I chose to do this is because I love to have intercourse, Gia said. It\'s really not much more difficult than that. Anytime I can sucks on a tool or have a guy have intercourse me until I cum hard, it\'s a blast for me. I\'ve met a lot of big people doing this and have had a lot of fun. But the reason I keep doing it is because I love the feeling I get from sex. And I love that at my age, you still want to see me do it. I\'m a mature woman. I\'m not shy.See More of Gia Giancarlo at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Boob talk Boob Talk What does America need more of Do we need more doctors and engineers More cab drivers, stock brokers and computer programmers No. We don\'t need them. What we really need more of are hot, stacked babes who will drop their bras and show their stuff for the camera. That\'s all. Everybody else can stay the have sexual intercourse where they are. And that brings us to Ingrid Swenson, a SCORE WILF. Ingrid moved to the States and knew she had a large deal to contribute to our lives, unlike these dime-a-dozen nuclear physicists elbowing aside the really worthwhile people, like busty sexbomb blondes. Ingrid settled in trendy South Beach, a pretty place for a hot chick to live and share her anatomy. The beaches, the bikinis, the sun. Miami has everything a exciting mature woman could want. Ingrid has pretty, solid goals. Learning to pilot a plane. Becoming President. We would vote for her in a heartbeat. See More of Ingrid Swenson at SCORELAND.COM!. April\'s first stud April\'s First Stud I came from a more-conservative job, and for certain, it wasn\'t acceptable to talk about porn, said 42-year-old wife and first-timer April Florida. I couldn\'t say, \'Oh, my husband and I have porn Fridays.\' Some people go out to a party or a club, but my husband and I pull up some kind of porn, whether it\'s our homemade movies or some other kind of porn. It\'s a tradition.April says she\'s a little bit of a geek. In this scene, that horny geek sucks and fucks JMac\'s dick and gets a creampie. She gets really deep on his dick, which is a good impressive feat for a first-timer, and her cunt easily handles his dick.I like to ride a lot, April said. I like to grind and I like the action of sliding up and down and being in control of that. And I like doggie because who doesn\'t like doggie It\'s comfortable, it\'s fun, you get to move around a lot. It\'s freeing. I think it\'s more of a naughty feeling to do doggie.April also said, I like my body to be moved around, to be picked up. She likes to be manhandled, and JMac does that here, have sex her in the leglock position and then turning her upside-down to piledrive her cunt.See More of April Skyz at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Milf threesome What\'s better than make love a MILF How about make love two of themLake invited over a couple she met at a bar the night before. They come over to hang out in the jacuzzi outside, and all three soon start to get comfortable. Jordan, the sly fox, forgot his bathing suit, so he enters the jacuzzi naked. This seems to be all the inspiration the MILFs need. They soon give this lucky SOB every man\'s fantasy--the double BJ. If he were a mere mortal, Jordan would bust all over the girls\' two sweet faces. Luckily, he has the stamina to have intercourse them doggie-style in the jacuzzi. But have you ever tried using water as lube That shit doesn\'t work! They soon move to the grass.Missionary with one chick Check. Proceed to the next. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl follows. This guy isn\'t taking the easy way out, but he finally succumbs to the MILFs\' sexual prowess. He lets free a major ejaculate all over their experienced faces.See More of Lake Russell at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A deep throat and a messy vagina A deep throat and a messy cunt It\'s not surprising that 60something Lexi McCain is friends with Rita Daniels. Rita, one of our most popular ladies, is a make love bitch who loves cock. Lexi is a make love bitch who loves cock. Rita takes everything her men can give her. Lexi takes everything her men can give her.We\'re going to have a large time today, Lexi says. I\'m going to suck. I\'m going to lick and make love.And she\'s going to take a load of ejaculate deep inside her cunt.Now, back to that make love-bitch aspect of Lexi. The dude has a large cock, but Lexi gets it deep into her mout, then savors it with her tongue, talking dirty then going down for another deep suck. When the guy make loves her face, he doesn\'t have to hold back because Lexi\'s throat is deep and can take a lot.But the best part is the creampie. Lexi\'s on all fours with Juan slamming her cunt from behind when he ejaculates deep inside of her, and her very pink cunt opens up, and ejaculate comes dripping out. Check out how pink her cunt is. Check out how her cunt lips flap.Hey, I told you I\'m a bitch, didn\'t I Lexi said. The woman doesn\'t lie.See More of Lexi McCain at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!.
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