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Pleasant morning with sarah rae

Pleasant Morning With Sarah Rae The best part of waking up is Sarah Rae's tits in her bra cups. It's a delighting to stumble into the kitchen and find Sarah Rae poured into her new, skintight punk dress as she pours you a nice morning cup of coffee. This kind of curve-hugging tube dress should be in every girl's closet! We visited the set to see Sarah and catch up. The coffee was gone but who cares. Sarah's cups woke us up real quick. XLGirls: So Sarah, what do you like to do for fun these days Sarah: I like riding mopeds and taking pictures of hot chicks! XLGirls: How do other women react to you when they see how stacked you are Sarah: It's a toss-up. The last lady I met told me that my boobies were held up by angels. XLGirls: Have any busty models in XL or SCORE been an inspiration to you Sarah: My favorite model is Micky Bells. Her titties are inspirational! XLGirls: What are your thoughts about breast reductions Sarah: What a terrible idea! I think reductions and enlargements are both silly. I think we should all be proud of the bodies we have unless there is a more serious condition going on. I would be stoked about my boobs regardless of if I had B cups or J cups. I wish more people would consider positivity over surgery.See More of Sarah Rae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


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