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The hills of mills

The Hills of Mills Quick! What color are Mariya Mills' eyes This might be Mariya's last shoot. Hopefully she can free up some time for the XL Girls' camera in the future but for now, her job keeps her busy and her weekends are for personal time. Here, we find Mariya in the kitchen. Her dress comes off quickly since she wants to show off her goodies as soon as possible and doesn't go for the slow strip-off routine. She likes to get naked fast. Our cameraman shoots Mariya head-to-toe, full-body for most of this video and gets close-in for her huge tits and meaty pussy. Sitting on the kitchen counter, Mariya covers her cruel tits and fleshy bod in whipped cream. She's already pretty enough but a little frosting on the cake makes everything taste prettyer. Mariya says she has a lot of sexual fantasies but doesn't know if she'd be brave enough to live them out. She fantasizes about sex with two bisexual men but hasn't gone there in real life. She fantasizes about sex with girls but hasn't gone there. She's thought about having sex in public and hasn't done that either. The only kinky stuff she does is dress up like a cop in the bedroom for boyfriends. That sounds arresting to us. See More of Mariya Mills at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!


The hills of mills The Hills of Mills Mariya Mills has a regular job but she\'s able at times to strut her stuff for XL Girls. This might be her last show for a while because of her schedule, plus it\'s also a long trip for our team to meet her. Hopefully we haven\'t seen the last of Mariya.In this outing, Mariya gets naked in the kitchen and whips up a creamy dessert with her fleshy, huge-chested, big-assed anatomy as the serving plate. She\'s a nice treat. Mariya says she goes now and then for a little food play with a boyfriend and likes to have cream licked off her breasts and ass. I am shy talking about sex, said Mariya to our photographer. Sometimes I am surprised at myself for making naked pictures. The girls I see at XL Girls having sex are much bolder than me. Mariya has a lovely good sense of humor. When the photographer asked her if she goes to a gym and works out, she said, Yeah, I am an eyelash master. He had to stop laughing before he could pick up his camera and get down to business. See More of Mariya Mills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Plump, plush & lush Plump, Plush & Lush Mariya Mills likes to watch football (soccer) but says she doesn\'t have a lot of hobbies. Every weekend I like to go somewhere and do something different. I like modeling and it is fun but I do not think this will be something I will do for steady work.A good hobby for us would be hanging out with Mariya all day and night but she\'s close to 6,000 miles from XL Girls headquarters. Mariya is shy about sex, talking about it and having it. I jerk-off but I am too shy to talk about it. I like it and I like doing it. Everyone does, yes Sex I am shy to talk about. Once my old boyfriend took me to the roof to have sex. But strangers in the house in front of us could see us so we did not do it and went inside. So I never had sex in public. I would be too nervous to enjoy it.See More of Mariya Mills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tawny & tonisha mills Tawny & Tonisha Mills This pictorial with Tonisha of Denver, Colorado marked Tawny\'s first girl-girl for SCORE magazine. It was a breast-made match. They had perfect, curvy bodies with charming snatches. Unlike Tawny, Tonisha would star or appear in over 107 porno videos with guys (some anal). See what two, horny, curvy girls are capable of doing to eachother when left to their own devices. My first girl-girl scene was a little nerve-wracking, Tawny said, But Tonisha was great. She made me feel so comfortable, and everything just felt right.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. New discovery New Discovery Mariya Mills is our first New Discovery of the month. A friend of one of our photographers told him about Mariya and he knew she was an XL Girl at first sight. He told her about XL Girls, something new to her. I didn\'t know there were websites and magazines about girls with my type of body, Mariya said. I thought photographers were interested only in skinny girls with silicone breasts. He showed her the site on his phone and he said her eyes widened. She said to me, \'I think I can do some of that,\' our shooter relayed to us.I am single, Mariya said. I go on dates sometimes but not often. I would like to get married. The guy has to be perfect for me so I wait for the right man. I haven\'t tried online dating yet. I am thinking about that.I liked making this video and the pictures very much. The photographer was very helpful. At first I felt shy and did not think I could carry on. He was supportive. I watched some videos of your girls and I learned from them. I think I have it.Mariya does have it. A lot of it. See More of Mariya Mills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sienna hills - motorcycle mamazon Motorcycle Mamazon I love my anatomy and I\'m proud of it and I like to show it off, said Sienna Hills. I get stared at all the time, so I don\'t mind when someone doesn\'t check me out. Sometimes I can tell a guy would like to get a nice look at me, but he has his woman with him so he\'ll sneak a quick glance and then act like he didn\'t even see me at all. I can understand that and even appreciate it. Maybe they do that out of respect for their woman or their mother raised them right not to stare too long at someone. But I do love attention and would rather have guys stare at me than not even take a look. Who\'s one of Sienna\'s favorite models That one\'s easy. Autumn-Jade. She is just so beautiful. She has a large anatomy and seems to have a large personality. Even in pictures she seems to be very bubbly. There are others I like, too, but Autumn-Jade is at the very top of my list. See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!. New discovery New Discovery Mariya Mills was spotted by a friend of a TSG photographer who knows plump T&A talent when he sees it. His buddy introduced her and they met and talked. Mariya was interested. Now she\'s an XL Girl.Mariya wears a J-cup bra. She buys them on the internet because she can\'t just get them off the rack without having to go from store to store. I wear all kinds of styles but I prefer bright colors. I do emphasize my boobs when I choose outfits to wear. I like the attention but only if it\'s beautiful and not rude. I don\'t like it when men make loud comments in the street about me in front of other men.This cameraman prefers to frame girls from head-to-toe and gradually get closer until he\'s a few inches from their pussies. He also tends to get low and shoot up. Mariya fingered herself after some encouragement, a first on-camera experience for this newcomer. Of course I masturbate, Mariya told him. All people do it. I\'m just shy to talk about it. This is my first time. See More of Mariya Mills at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!.
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