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Bjordan pryce, bowling for boobs/b

Jordan Pryce, bowling for breasts I love sexy, tight little clothes and outfits that show off my large breasts to the maximum, said Jordan Pryce, who was born in Moscow, Russia and lives in London, England. I always dress to show off my breasts. I wear little skirts to show off my legs and high heels, too, but everywhere I go, the men and women look at my breasts. The women point at them, and the men always look at my breasts, not at my face. Although her face is easy on the eyes, too. Her breasts are FF-cups, and as for Jordan herself, I've rarely seen a girl who's hornier and loves breasts more. There are girls who are as exciting and love them as much (Danielle Derek comes to mind), but none love them more. One of the reasons I decided to become a porn star was so people could watch me having sex. It makes me very excited. Jordan the make love doll! I love when men have their way with me. I would like 250 men to make love me and ejaculateshotshot inside my vagina, she said. All that ejaculateshotshot! My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don't even make love my vagina. I am very appealing at giving blowjob jobs, even with large cocks, and sometimes they ejaculateshotshot in my mouth or on my breasts before they have had a chance to make love my vagina, so it would be very exciting to have 250 men make love my vagina and ejaculateshotshot inside it. I don't get a lot of ejaculateshotshot in my vagina. I'm sure that could be arranged, although I have to admit, I'd rather ejaculateshotshot on Jordan's breasts, too. Show of hands: Who'd rather make love a girl's breasts than her vagina I get a lot of attention, Jordan said. Loads. Everywhere I go. For instance, if I cross the road or pass guys on the street, they whistle, scream, shout. Stare. People recognize me on the streets. They walk into things. I'm known for my breasts, and I love it.See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND2.COM!


Let\'s bowl with alexya Let\'s Bowl With Alexya We\'ve gotten Alexya off the pool table and out of the pool for this trip to a bowling center we rented for the afternoon. (Hitomi did a shoot here also.) Alexya doesn\'t bowl (she likes to swim and dance) but she was game to show her modeling skills in this place, enjoyed the setting and played with the balls and pins as props. Maybe I will try to bowl when I have the time on a weekend, Alexya told the photo team after the shoot wrapped.I didn\'t have such great boobs when I was in school, Alexya said. I was about 18 or 19 years old when they started to grow. I was very surprised. She never thought it would happen. Even if she had never been boob-blessed, Alexya would have modeled anyway. She definitely has the lovely face and anatomy for posing on-camera. Breast-man are just lucky that Alexya decided to go totally nude. The next Olympic sport: naked bowling See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Hot, oily & wet in the sauna Hot, Oily & Wet In The Sauna Micky Bells is hot. She\'s going to get hotter. Join her in the sauna as she gets hot, oily and wet. It\'s a little tight for space in there but getting close is a delight. Her bikini top and anal get shed. Micky\'s natural large tits soon drip with oil and perspiration. She\'s nature\'s miracle and the fact that she decided to bare all on-camera is another miracle.SCORELAND: What do you do for fun, MickyMicky: I travel mostly. I go out in nature. I like to go see mountains. I like to go smell the fresh air. I like to go out bowling. Most of all, I prefer to relax.SCORELAND: Bowling! We\'d love to see that. Do you have any funny habitsMicky: I don\'t think I have.SCORELAND: Are you called by any nicknamesMicky: Micky. Just Micky.In a second Bonus video, Micky chats with the photographer. It\'s always a delight to listen to her pleasant voice and keep up-to-date with her. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Coed\'s all nighter Coed\'s All Nighter I think I was either a D or a DD in school, said cutie-pie Anna Kay (More To have sexual intercourse on DVD). I played basketball, volleyball and softball. In fact, around then, I had to quit sports because my tits got too great for me to handle. It was just uncomfortable. I felt, like, they were just too great. I could never find any sports bras that would fit and it was a pain. I felt like everyone was staring at me when I\'d be running up and down the court. And I felt like my tits overshadowed my athletic skills. So I quit. I would say I am active nowadays. I don\'t necessarily work out, but I do a lot of skating and bowling. I play a lot of baseball with my family. Now I wear two sports bras when I\'m doing anything active. And one is a little loose and one is usually a lot smaller so that it really pushes my boobs down and holds them in. Has Anna ever woken up the neighbors when she was with a fuck buddy I\'m sure I have. But I don\'t think that it\'s something they wanted to complain about. I know roommates that have heard me have sex and masturbated to it. Like, \'Your sex sounds so awesome, I just had to tell you I masturbated to it!\' And that was a female roommate!See More of Anna Kay at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sally super-gilf takes it up the anus Sally Super-GILF takes it up the booty Sally D\'Angelo. Mom. Granny. Wife. Recruiter of models. She does it all. I\'m guessing the only thing she\'s bad at is being a neighbor because her have intercourse noises probably keep everyone on the block up all night. But there are fringe benefits to being Sally\'s neighbor, too. Like, for example, if you\'re lucky, you might get to have intercourse her booty, as Tony does here.Everyone who\'s have intercourseed me knows I get very loud, said Sally, who\'s 60something, big-titted and blond. And it\'s not fake, either. That\'s how I am. I ejaculateshot a lot when I have sex any time, so it wasn\'t a surprise that I came so loud here. If the guy is beautiful or the girl is beautiful, I\'ll ejaculateshot hard. I can ejaculateshot just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it.She isn\'t shy. When Sally walks down the street or into a room, you know she\'s there. She\'s very upfront with her sexuality. She wears low-cut, revealing tops that show off her boobs and skirts that barely cover her pussy. She wears have intercourse-me pumps like some women her age wear sandals. She loves taking it in the booty.I\'ve had booty sex with my hubby and with my hubby in my booty and another guy in my pussy, Sally said. That was hot, but I had to have a few drinks to get there!Sally was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She\'s a swinger and a nudist. She\'s a mother of one and a grandmother of three. She\'s short-and-stacked at 5\' tall, F-cup boobs. She also enjoys working out, dancing, bowling and sex, sex, sex! She\'s one of the dirtiest talkers you\'ll ever hear.If you love busty GILFs, Sally\'s your woman. And if you don\'t, she\'ll win you over. See More of Sally D\'Angelo at SCORELAND2.COM!. Micky melts montego Micky Melts Montego She\'s a dream come true. Spectacular Micky Bells made a spectacular double debut at XL Girls and SCORELAND. Micky was joined by Terri Jane and Gya Roberts for the must-own DVD Montego Babes. It\'s a breast-fest of epic proportions and colossal dimensions. Those widescreens can really serve a purpose. Micky\'s tits measure a whopping 46 inches so she needs a 36J bra to hold and support her treasure chest. Micky\'s hobbies are going out bowling, reading, watching fashion shows on TV and cooking in her kitchen. (We\'d like to see her bowl one day. That must be a petite sight.) She also enjoys traveling and vacationing in the mountains. Micky models a tight, skimpy red bikini at poolside in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She displays every inch of her creamy, fantastic body as the bikini comes off and the oil goes on. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Bound to be gagged Porsche Dali gets tied-up and a ball-gag is shoved in her mouth. Placed on a bed, Porsche writhes around until she\'s released. She\'s now free to play with her big tits and pierced nipples and rub her sensitive clit. Porsche lives in Missouri, the Show Me state. It\'s a natural fit.XL Girls: So what do people do for fun in Missouri Porsche: People go to each others\' houses. Hang out. Go bowling. Have sex. Not much else. XL Girls: Do you have to stay locked up in your house the whole time when there\'s an ice storm Porsche: Not if you have a job. They still expect you to be there, especially if your job has electricity and back-up generators. If it were up to me I\'d just stay in and have sex. XL Girls: So what else gets you lascivious Besides blizzards. Porsche: There are several things that will make me wet immediately but the number one thing that makes me extra lascivious is kissing my neck. Kissing my neck will make me want to jump in bed immediately. Another thing that will get my motor running is smacking my ass. If you smack my ass, you\'d better be ready to make me cum! See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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