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Angela\'s first porno Angela\'s first porno What am I expecting I\'m expecting a big, violent cock pounding into my vagina. I\'m ready, Angela White says, eager, psyched-up, and libidinous for her first-ever violentcore scene, shot in St. Maarten, the Caribbean. Angela is always libidinous. You know how libidinous she is.In her very first interview in Miami, then-18-year-old Angela talked about masturbating when she gets up in the morning. This is a girl with tigress blood in her veins.I just use the showerhead because I like the feel of the water running on my vagina and on my clit. I\'d show you but then I\'d have to make love you because I would get so libidinous. And, I don\'t know, you may not be able to handle me. I\'m a lot of woman, even though I\'m still only a young girl.When we asked Angela how she dealt with her horniness, she said, jokingly, or maybe not, I usually just rape a lot of guys. Well, not rape them. That would be wrong. I assault them. 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