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Star natural tits Helen Star (November 2017 Voluptuous) looks like a large-boobed rock star in her fishnets, cut-off denim shorts and red jacket. Well, Helen is one of the latest rock stars at SCORELAND along with her bodacious little sister Erin. While both sisters are brand-new at modeling, they're both delicious at it, very confident and super-sexy. We can imagine the ruckus they raise when they walk together. Fellow Romanian Mia Sweetheart of XL Girls was the interpreter during these shoots and she was a considerable help so large props to Mia. What kind of dates does Helen like to go on I like funny dates. Dates that show me a elegant time. I like a very romantic man who is very attentive to me at all times. I like lots of kissing and touching. I am very receptive to affection. How would Helen describe her personality I would say I am assertive and dominant but fun-loving and happy. I am the kind of girl who knows what she likes. See More of Helen Star at SCORELAND.COM!


Sandra star - rock star of large breasts Rock Star of large tits Reader J.L. wrote about Sandra Star, covergirl of the April 2016 edition of SCORE. Sandra is gorgeous. She might be the most-beautiful girl to ever appear in SCORE. If you saw her on the street, you might even think she is unapproachable, but then you see her and she has such a beautiful, elegant smile while she\'s suc cock, make love and taking it up the ass. She even smiles while suc cock. I didn\'t think that was possible! I was actually jealous of the guys who got to make love her. She is one of the greatest models to pose for SCORE. We call Sandra a Rock Star of large tits. She\'s only gotten better and hotter since her original shoots when she was Germany\'s Miss Hot SCORE. At that time, Sandra said, I was very nervous but very excited. At first I thought, \'I think it will be very interesting for me,\' but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I have a lot of sex in my private life, but I didn\'t know what it would be like to have sex on-camera. I love it! And cumshotshot and getting loads of cumshot makes Sandra smile. Sandra takes excellent care of her body, eats right and keeps herself fit and trim. She has a boobs-to waist-ratio that\'s seen more in big-tit fantasy art than in real life. That makes her tits look even bigger.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Star boobs Star tits Like her little sister Erin, Helen Star is here to drive men insane. That makes them both happy. It is fun to see a man losing his mind over my cleavage, Helen laughed. Her deep cleavage is not the only thing that guys go crazy over. She\'s the total package. Now that Helen is strutting her stuff at SCORELAND, there\'s a world of guys losing their sanity over the sight of her. I think that is very satisfying to me, she added. Her fishnet stockings and tight red jacket is the kind of outfit a rock star would wear. Well, she is a rock star here.When Helen takes her big, pliable tits in her hands, they overflow. When she wants to cum, she rubs her clit and thick pussy lips violent and fast. After Helen has her explosion, she relaxes and chats with the photographer. At his side is the very elegant XL Girl Mia Sweetheart. Mia is the interpreter here as she was for Erin. They talked about her shoots.It was really, really great, said Helen. It helped to build up my confidence. It was a new experience and I would do it again.They asked Helen what kind of dates she likes.Very romantic ones, Helen replied. Well, we are in Romania, land of romance, candlelight, wine and guys playing the violin in your ear.I like to be the dominant one, Helen added. I like to be the boss. See More of Helen Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Star quality Star Quality Bodacious Erin Star and her equally bodacious sister Helen live up to their names. They\'re both Stars. Discovered in Bucharest, Romania, our photographer traveled to their city with his team because girls like these two have to be filmed. Their layouts are in both SCORE and Voluptuous. They are the first sisters with natural boobs to be featured in both magazines.Erin had only been modeling for three months when this video was shot. She\'s never been photographed before. As the photographer\'s translator said, You guys popped the cherry.Erin likes to go out with her friends, go to the movies and, in general, have fun like any 20-year-old girl of any country. As for sports or fitness, she likes to run in the park. That sight is not on any Romanian tourist guide recommendations but it\'s on our list of sights to see.Erin says she likes guys who make her laugh and behave like gentlemen. Her philosophy is traditional when it comes to dating and sex. There has to be at least three dates, even if the guy is Count Dracula, and there has to be a strong connection and attraction before she\'d even consider having sex. See More of Erin Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sandra star - getting ready for a date Getting Ready For A Date Every girl has a different style of getting ready for a date or a night out. Let\'s check out how Sandra Star does it at the SCORE dressing room. Sandra\'s handy with that handheld shower head and just as handy with one of her large toys since she\'d like a little satisfaction now. Sandra\'s picked out her bra and panties, the dress and the heels she wants to wear. It\'s a sure bet all eyes will be on this horny superwoman in whatever club or restaurant she goes to. I like to wear tight clothing, always tight, says Sandra. I prefer large cleavage and naughty underwear. I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much. I love how cute the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with large boobs. I love the way SCORE celebrates large boobs. It makes me feel special. I was very libidinous to see I was the covergirl of the magazine. April 2016 SCORE. I liked the photo they chose for the cover. Watch the Bonus video of Sandra. Because a guy can never get enough of her.See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. I want to be a porn star! I Want To Be A Porn Star! Ah, yes, there are so many things we love about Riley Starr, who\'s 23 and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We love that she wants to be a porn star. We love that she\'s a tiny blonde wearing a short, red dress. We love the way she spreads her legs as wide as possible while she\'s jacking this guy\'s cock. We can imagine splitting her pussy with our cocks while she\'s jacking this guy. We love the way she shows off her ass and is obviously so proud of her tight butt and pink cunt. She wants to be a porn star Well, you can\'t always get what you want. But in this case, Riley can.See More of Riley Starr at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Penny porsche - backstage with penny porsche Backstage with Penny Porsche Her name is Penny Porsche, and she\'s one of the bustiest MILFs ever. She\'s a porn star. She has F-cup boobs on a 44-28-38 body.I love my great boobs, Penny told us while she played with them. I\'m a very positive, great-breasted woman.Because Penny has great boobs, she\'s also a SCORE Girl. Because she has great boobs, her great clit often doesn\'t get the attention it deserves. But Penny is here to make you happy.Stick you penish between my boobs, Penny urged. make love them hard! Squirt your load all over my boobs and get some on my face. We can take care of my cunt later.See More of Penny Porsche at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!.
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