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Carmelita lopez - hardcore latina pussy

Hardcore Latina vagina Carmelita Lopez is a chunky Latina who was born in Utah 45 years ago and now lives in Southern California. She's not your typical MILF. You know, the curves, the hips, the tits. DD-cups, if you need to know. The measurements 43-32-45. Now that's something to grab onto and fuck!I'm into gangbangs and getting my vagina and butt have sexual intercourse at the same time, said Carmelita, who obviously isn't shy. I love having lots of guys ejaculate on me, too.Here, Carmelita sucks and fucks and takes a sticky load all over her face. She loves to rub it in.It keeps my skin looking young, she said.Chicks are still falling for that lineSee More of Carmelita Lopez at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!


Suzumi wilder - miss eye-candy Miss Eye-Candy Suzumi Wilder may be girlfriend material but she is also the adventurous type. On her first day of filming at XL Girls, she did her first boy-girl scene and it included a lot of assedy fucking. That was before the photographer shot Suzumi\'s first solo. The sex was very hot and Suzumi even got a facial. She really is an amazing girl. I watch my hardcore scenes, says Suzumi.I\'ve seen all of my videos. I\'m not sure if I like watching my solo ones. That\'s just because I know what happens in them. In a hardcore with a guy, I\'m not really sure what\'s next from moment-to-moment. I\'d never seen myself having sex until I came here. It\'s interesting to say the least. I like to see myself getting fucked. I\'ve masturbated watching my scenes. It was just really exciting. I like clitoral stimulation so I use an egg vibrator. Sometimes it doesn\'t take long. I\'ve gotten off in a minute. I\'ll think dirty things. I think about assedy a lot or doing a boy-boy-girl scene or a boy-girl-girl. I\'d come back and do a girl-girl. I\'ve had girlfriends but never had my cunt licked by one or licked another girl\'s cunt. Eventually, I would like to try a lot of different things.See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Diana - miss juicy breasts Miss Juicy boobs Those massive pancake areolae have made many men boob-drunk. The large Latina bra-buster of Guatemala is a woman who likes to show off her tits, so it was a meeting of no small magnitude when Diana and XL Girls arranged to get together in Buenos Aries, Argentina. She doesn\'t speak English so we added sub-titles to the video. However, the language of considerable boobs is universal.At our meet-up with Diana, everything worked out large and she revealed herself to be a senorita of many talents. There are very few models in Guatemala and the only one we know of with giant tits is Diana so she occupies a rare and honored place in the XL Girls universe. If only we could have brought her home to Miami.See More of Diana at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angela white - dangerous in denim Dangerous in denim You know, I really do like hearing from my female fans, Angela said. We believe Angela is a role model to other girls just like Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Lorna Morgan were role models to her.I hear a lot from guys about how much I turn them on and how rough their cocks are, but it\'s a good change to hear from girls, to know that there are some girls watching my movies and appreciating my big tits. So I do like that, and you know I love girls and eating pussy. They write that they love my face, they love my anatomy. They love how comfortable I am with my anatomy and what I do with it. 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