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Triple play

Triple Play In a world where there are too few hot babes with big natural tits and too many lustful guys, there are bound to be conflicts. In some cases, these conflicts can be resolved by the level-headed decisions of the babe in question. In this case, the babe is the ever-popular titillating Jane. Thomas and Neeo have both shown up for a date with Jane. It's not a male bonding moment. Thomas wants Jane. Neeo wants Jane. Neeo tells Thomas to get lost. Thomas tells Neeo to leave. This might have escalated to Neeo karate-chopping Thomas but the cooler head of Jane prevails. She comes out from behind the curtain like the Wizard of tits in her lascivious bra and panties and invites both studs to share her bed. In a few seconds, both guys have their pants off and are ready for action. Jane will teach them a good lesson about cooperation and sharing. Guys, you have to behave or otherwise you go, says Jane, pointing her finger in the direction of the door like a stern school administrator. You can make love Jane, just don't make love with her. And we know how much Jane likes to make love. Now she can double her pleasure. So now it's share and share alike. Sharing Jane's appealing tits, talented mouth and delectable pussy. Which cock is going to get Jane's lips first It doesn't matter. Everyone will ejaculate at the finish line.See More of titillating Jane at SCORELAND.COM!


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