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What's been going on, betty boobs

What's been going on, Betty tits Betty tits, a big-titted porn star of the 1990s, tells us all about herself and what happened between the two porn stages of her life--the one back then and the one she's starting now--in an exclusive interview. Betty used to be a feature dancer and porn star. She was a big deal in SCORE magazine. That was 20 years ago, almost to the day. Then she left porn and started a new life. I was a mommy, she said. They're all raised, so now it's mommy's turn, and I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up again. Some might say it's a mid-life crisis, but I've done it before so it isn't. You could say Betty is diving in all the way. Not only is she fuck on-camera again, she's also fuck off-camera in a Nevada brothel. Nursing cocks, so to speak. I'm still taking care of people's needs but in a different manner, she said. In this interview, Betty tells us about sex with women, the kind of guys she likes, the affair she had with an 18-year-old when she was in her 30s, the 80-year-old she make love and having sex in public places. And, yet, when we asked Betty to name her best asset, she said, I'm very laid back and calm. I'm a peacemaker. That may be true, but she sure is causing a commotion in our pants. See More of Betty tits at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!


Hot milf pie for the new neighbor Hot MILF pie for the new neighbor Betty is on the phone with her friend, talking about the new neighbor. Betty saw him unpacking and liked what she saw. Now she\'d like to help him unpack his package, if you know what we mean.I\'m going to go and welcome him properly, Betty says.She knocks on his door. He, smartly, answers.Hi. I just thought I\'d welcome you to the neighborhood, she says. I\'m Betty.Tony invites her inside, and he\'s very handsy with Betty considering they\'d never met, but that\'s okay with her. He can put his hands wherever he wants.It\'s really hot in here, Betty says as she proceeds to make it both cooler (by taking off her clothes) and hotter (by offering up her tight little body) at the same time.Betty is 43 years old and from California. She\'s 5\'8, 125 pounds and measures 32-25-35, so you can pick her up and bounce her on top of your cock. She used to drive an ambulance. Now she wants to make love on-camera. Fine with us.I jerk-off every day, Betty told us. I love wearing corsets. I love being on top.She\'s into butt sex, too. But that\'s a story for another day. See More of Betty Blaze at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Blaze of anus Blaze of anal I feel particularly hot tonight, says 44-year-old swinger Betty Blaze of California. How about youThe guy doesn\'t say anything. He just lets Betty run her hands all over his body. She\'s wearing a lascivious, low-cut top and a tight skirt that hugs her slender figure.She says she\'s going to tease him, but we know better, don\'t we We know that shortly after Betty teases her man, she pleases him.So off comes her skirt. Her butthole is shapely and lascivious in a delicate thong. Betty lets her man have his way with her butthole, spanking it and titillating it, and she\'s really going to let him have his way with her butthole later on.Yes, Betty is going to let him have sexual intercourse that little butthole.Betty is flexible. She gets down and does a split then gets her legs all the way back on the couch so she can show him her pussy, pulling her panties aside to give us a lovely view. Then she deep-throats him. Then she gets her legs all the way back again, feet behind her head, so he can have sexual intercourse her butthole. And then she opens her mouth for his cum.Teaser and pleaser. And anal-sex expert. Betty told us so. Here, she proves it in one of the hottest scenes ever.See More of Betty Blaze at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Blaze of glory Blaze Of Glory Betty Blaze, a 43-year-old newcomer from California, hasn\'t been paying attention to her man recently, so she\'s going to make it up to him. You know this is going to be good. She\'s wearing sex lingerie, a little bra to cover her little tits, a little thong with a garter belt and stockings. She\'s thin and curvy. To get things started, she puts on a show, first displaying her anal, then spreading her legs so we can see her anal and kitty. She shows that she\'s flexible, too, doing one of those splits that cheerleaders do (but they usually do them with panties on). Then, still doing the splits, she resumes playing with her kitty.Touch my kitty, she tells her man.Betty is skinny, so her kitty is very prominent. You don\'t have to go searching for it. It\'s right there!Of course, man can not live by kitty show alone, so Betty gets between his legs and sucjob and jacks his cock. She has excellent technique. You would definitely want to get a suc job from this woman, but if she did nothing more than jack your dick That would be okay, too. Not as good, but okay.He shoots his load on her face. Can you blame him Betty eats his cumshot like it\'s gourmet food, like she\'s a judge on that new TV show The Taste and the food is cumshot.Betty is 5\'8 and weighs 124 pounds. She used to drive an ambulance. She has also been a ballet teacher, a bookkeeper and a postal worker. She\'s a swinger.My boyfriend introduced me to it a year ago, she said.Boyfriend, eh Lucky man. See More of Betty Blaze at MILFTUGS.COM!. Honky tonk woman Honky Tonk Woman Retro rocker Arianna Sinn shows why early rock \'n\' roll was considered too lustful and forbidden by some. She\'s dressed in a black-and-white striped one-piece, her hair is done up in a Betty Page and she\'s wearing long, red gloves. A little rock \'n\' roll plays in the background as Arianna rocks our world by pulling out her breasts.I know you want more, she says, beginning a long, lustful stream of dirty talk aimed at you, the viewer. Arianna has a way of making us feel she\'s doing this just for you. You want to make me cum, like you always do. You want to see my breasts bounce. My cunt getting wet. She rubs her cunt with gloved hands. This is the biggest tease for you, she says. You are massive, massive, massive now. Hey, how does she know My cunt is so wet and hot and ready for you.With Arianna, the tease is usually with her cunt (she almost always pulls her breasts out quickly), and that\'s the case here, too. She keeps telling us how wet her cunt is and accurately pointing out how massive our cocks are. I feel you are so ready to make love my tight cunt, she says, finally giving us a view of her pink wetness. She\'ll suc your mind.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Penny porsche - backstage with penny porsche Backstage with Penny Porsche Her name is Penny Porsche, and she\'s one of the bustiest MILFs ever. She\'s a porn star. She has F-cup boobs on a 44-28-38 body.I love my great boobs, Penny told us while she played with them. I\'m a very positive, great-breasted woman.Because Penny has great boobs, she\'s also a SCORE Girl. Because she has great boobs, her great clit often doesn\'t get the attention it deserves. But Penny is here to make you happy.Stick you penish between my boobs, Penny urged. make love them hard! Squirt your load all over my boobs and get some on my face. We can take care of my cunt later.See More of Penny Porsche at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Bubblin\' the day away Bubblin\' The Day Away I used to get a lot of attention from boys in school because of my anatomy said Allie Pearson. Having a delicious face helped too. I developed at a young age, so my boobs, my butt, all that nice stuff, got their attention. That\'s when I remember really standing out and having considerableger assets than the other girls. A lot of the other girls would look at me and say, \'Oh my gosh! You have considerable boobs! I wish I had considerable boobs,\' because at that age, every girl wants boobs, but as far as participating in a lot of activities, it was uncomfortable at that age because whatever you do you\'re flopping around.The funniest boob thing is when my friend has come up to me a few times and played the drums on my boobs. It\'s hilarious. She\'ll just come up to me and do it in public. Usually after a few drinks.Allie is the top-rated girl at XL Girls. Considering all of the other knockouts, that says a lot. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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