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The french doll

Marseille doll Anastasia Doll is a living doll and she enjoys every minute of it. She has the SCORE Girl slim & stacked figure and the BootyLicious back end. Anastasia loves to travel for delight to holiday spots like Ibiza. 'One time there, I met a guy who took me to the 7th heaven, Anastasia remembered. A lot of men want to meet me. I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess. Sex in public is one of Anastasia's sensual interests. I've done this in many public places. The cinema, beach, Jacuzzis. I love that. I don't care for threesomes but I would like to have intercourse with three girls at the same time. I don't like butthole sex. It's not what I enjoy. I love to be have intercourseed between my breasts. I enjoy that a lot and how it looks. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!


French doll French Doll Anastasia Doll was discovered in France. We\'ve had very little success finding curvy French models over the past 25 years even though France has a good healthy adult entertainment sector. Why this is so remains a puzzle.People are often very shocked when they see my enormous boobs but I love it, said Anastasia during a break in shooting. I like to draw attention to myself. I am proud of my body.That bubble anus draws a lot of attention to Anastasia also.Anastasia calls herself a Brunette Barbie. I only buy bras off the rack because I do not need to push up my boobs. They do not fall and are very big.What else should we know about Anastasia I love high heels. I like to take care of my feet so they look perfect wearing them.See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Breasts & anal doll Breasts & anus Doll SCORE used to publish French-language versions of SCORE and busty magazines. (In France, busty was titled Charnelles; SCORE was horny SCORE.) If horny SCORE were still published in France, French doll Anastasia Doll would be a covergirl. There have been very few models from France in either magazine. The editor would have been proud to have his countrywoman on the cover.I only buy bras off the rack because I do not need to push up my breasts, Anastasia said. My breasts do not fall and they are very voluminous. When I go out I wear small, very tight tops to showcase my breasts. I wear bras every day except when I wear a sleeveless garment.Anastasia plays for both teams. I am bisexual but I like only very, very appealing girls like me with voluminous breasts. I love to have my nipples licked. Anastasia calls herself The Brunette Barbie. Her sexual fantasy is to have sex three girls in a foursome. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn french maid Autumn French Maid The A-J cam captures Autumn as she poses for the stills set of her French maid pictorial. (This is not the video from Ultimate Autumn.)AUTUMN: I really don\'t like a real voluminous penis, to tell you the truth. I can\'t handle a voluminous penis down there.SCORE: So you\'re small down thereAUTUMN: I think I am. I had a voluminous dildo once and I threw it away because it hurt me to use it.SCORE: So what\'s the right sizeAUTUMN: Seven inches. Even a little bit smaller sometimes. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. French maid French Maid This is the complete horny French maid scene from the DVD/video Ultimate Autumn. Things start off innocently enough as Autumn enters your hotel room to clean the have sex mess you left. (Actually it looks beautiful neat.) First of all, the way her natural tits are falling out of her skimpy maid\'s uniform is almost too lovely to be true. It\'s rough to believe how stacked Autumn looks here, but it\'s also true. And she is teasingly sexy, giggly and coy to the highest degree. The boob and vagina play is jawdropping. Many of the letters about Ultimate Autumn mentioned that this maid vignette was Autumn\'s horniest ever video, even better than her Sargeant Stud XXX\'er with a guy. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. My living doll My Living Doll This is no ordinary day. Today is special delivery day. Please sign here. You have been chosen by the TushnaMatic Corporation. You are now the proud recipient of the newly developed Linsey Dawn McKenzie amniatronic mechanoid. In layman\'s terms, a living, life-size doll. But not just any doll. This doll walks. She talks. She looks and sounds exactly like Linsey Dawn. Her boobs are just like Linsey\'s world-famous knockers. It could be Linsey. Weird science does bring beautiful things to life. Let Mecha-Linsey make you a happy man. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Tawny peaks - ooh-la-la tawny Ooh-La-La Tawny Tawny has just walked through the French doors and is ready to model the latest lingerie from Old Paree. Though, as you can see, the French didn\'t use much more material in their latest design. As she takes center stage there\'s more than just Tawny\'s ta-tas and can-can on display in this photo set. So have a tit\'-a\'-tit\' with Tawny. Soon you\'ll be breaking the sound barrier as your hand moves faster than a SST! Parlez vous FrancaisSee More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!.
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