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Short 'n' stacked sally's first time

Short 'n' Stacked Sally's First Time When Sally D'Angelo walked into our studio for the first time, heads turned. Every guy in the building was staring at this stacked MILF who was wearing a tight top, a short skirt and fuck-me pumps. Imagine if they knew she wasn't wearing panties. Sally, who is 58 years old and turns 59 on March 8, is wearing panties (if you want to call them that) in this scene, her first-ever dalliance on-camera. Those panties are actually pearls attached to cloth, and they do almost nothing to cover her vagina when she spreads her legs. Which she does often. Sally was wearing these panties when the MILFTugs.com editor interviewed her. Or tried to interview her. He kept looking up her skirt, and Sally kept improving the view by spreading her long vagina lips. I don't like wearing panties, Sally said. I love showing off my vagina. She also loves showing off her big tits, which are at least F-cups (she doesn't know; she usually doesn't wear bras), and her long legs (she's five-foot-one but leggy) and her butt and her almost-completely-shaved vagina. She always wears sexy, tight clothes and, if you hadn't guessed, she loves to fuck. I love being my hubby's hot wife, she said. I love going out with my boyfriends and orgasm home and telling my husband what I did with them. She sucked and have sexual intercourse them, that's what she did with them. Sally is from Indiana, but she's now living in Florida. She's a swinger and has been one for 30 years. She's a nudist who almost never wears clothing around the house. She's a mother of one and a grandmother of three. And she loved cock sucking off the 24-year-old guy she's with in this scene. Yep, she's 58, he's 24. Sally had no trouble keeping up with him.See More of Sally D'Angelo at MILFTUGS.COM!


Sally super-gilf takes it up the anus Sally Super-GILF takes it up the booty Sally D\'Angelo. Mom. Granny. Wife. Recruiter of models. She does it all. I\'m guessing the only thing she\'s bad at is being a neighbor because her have intercourse noises probably keep everyone on the block up all night. But there are fringe benefits to being Sally\'s neighbor, too. Like, for example, if you\'re lucky, you might get to have intercourse her booty, as Tony does here.Everyone who\'s have intercourseed me knows I get very loud, said Sally, who\'s 60something, big-titted and blond. And it\'s not fake, either. That\'s how I am. I ejaculateshot a lot when I have sex any time, so it wasn\'t a surprise that I came so loud here. If the guy is beautiful or the girl is beautiful, I\'ll ejaculateshot hard. I can ejaculateshot just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it.She isn\'t shy. When Sally walks down the street or into a room, you know she\'s there. She\'s very upfront with her sexuality. She wears low-cut, revealing tops that show off her boobs and skirts that barely cover her pussy. She wears have intercourse-me pumps like some women her age wear sandals. She loves taking it in the booty.I\'ve had booty sex with my hubby and with my hubby in my booty and another guy in my pussy, Sally said. That was hot, but I had to have a few drinks to get there!Sally was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She\'s a swinger and a nudist. She\'s a mother of one and a grandmother of three. She\'s short-and-stacked at 5\' tall, F-cup boobs. She also enjoys working out, dancing, bowling and sex, sex, sex! She\'s one of the dirtiest talkers you\'ll ever hear.If you love busty GILFs, Sally\'s your woman. And if you don\'t, she\'ll win you over. See More of Sally D\'Angelo at SCORELAND2.COM!. Fun with sally and cock Fun with Sally and cock Wearing a excited, revealing red dress that shows off her slim \'n\' stacked curves, 59-year-old Sally D\'Angelo returns to fuck a guy who\'s 25 years younger than her. But that\'s what Sally does: She fucks younger men.My husband and I go to a lot of fun shops because we like the fun clothes, Sally said. The ones that makes guys\' cocks hard. I\'d wear them in public if I could get away with it.She can get away with it in our studio, and she does.I  think the guys like all my excited clothes. I have sophisticated pieces that can be a skirt or a top. My husband takes me shopping. We fuck all the time in the dressing room while I try on excited clothes.By the way, if you have neighbors, keep the sound down when you\'re watching this video.I love being have sexual intercourse, Sally said. The louder I\'m moaning, the harder I\'m getting have sexual intercourse.Here, she\'s getting have sexual intercourse very hard. Can you blame the guy See More of Sally D\'Angelo at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Bsally d\'angelo gets dp\'d/b Sally D\'Angelo gets DP\'d When the time came for super-GILF Sally D\'Angelo\'s annual visit to 60PlusMILFs.com, we asked, What can Sally do that she hasn\'t done for us so far And Sally supplied the answer.A DP! she said. And one of the guys should have a big, black cock.Hey, whatever Sally wants, Sally gets, and here, Sally suc and fucks two big cocks, then she gets her vagina and booty stuffed at the same time in a variety of positions. This woman does DP right, and the guys (Jax is 28, Kyle is 30) are young enough to be her sons.Oh, and one other thing about Sally: Her natural tits are bigger. A lot bigger. You just have to love a 63-year-old woman who makes her natural tits bigger so she can attract more cock. That\'s Sally for ya! She also opens her mouth for lots of cum. Nobody, ever, has accused Mrs. D\'Angelo of being a cum dodger. Ever.We asked Sally if she ever gets recognized as the star she is when she\'s out and about, and she said, Yes, all the time. Airports, the mall, the gym, post office, neighbors, Wal-Mart and, most recently, I just moved and the landscaper recognized me.He\'d probably jacked off to her a hundred times or two.We also asked her if she\'s ever had sex with a fan, and she said, As a matter of fact, I did. A guy at a restaurant recognized me. We chit-chatted and he was cute, so I said, \'Okay,\' and holy fuck, did he have a huge cock, biggest one I\'ve ever seen on a white guy.Basically, the things that Sally does with us, she does in her personal life, too. Including getting DP\'d. Thanks for sharing, Sally.See More of Sally D\'Angelo at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Super-stacked, super-gilf sally fucks a big, black penish As hot-bodied GILFs go, they don\'t come any hotter than 63-year-old Sally D\'Angelo.Think about that: She\'s 63 years old. She\'s a wife, mother and grandmother, and she has that body!Huge tits! Bigger than ever! You have to love a 63-year-old gal who super-sizes her rack so she can get more attention and more cock.petite waist. This woman is curvy!Nice, tight, round ass. Some of the best photos in this set are when Sally is riding Jax\'s big, black cock. Her tight kitty is gripping his dick and she\'s spreading her booty wide as if she\'s good you to make love her.How can a 63-year-old woman have such a perfect kitty and bootyIt boggles the mind!Here, she starts out by wearing a petite bikini and make love-me pumps. There are 18-year-old girls who would give up anything to look like Sally just for a day.As for make loveing like Sally...well, the only women who can come close to her or match her are the women of 60PlusMILFs.com. She blow cock deep. She talks dirty. She loves getting make loveed every which way. She eats cum.Here, she make loves 28-year-old Jax. He\'s never had kitty like Sally\'s, old or young. Because there\'s no woman like Sally. See More of Sally D\'Angelo at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Something different Something Different We\'re trying something different for this MILF Monday posting. Instead of showing you guys a middle-America housewife, we decided to post a dirty, old bitch with an insatiable craving for young cock. Why Because although we love exposing newcomers and helping them discover their exhibitionist side, sometimes we just want to jerk off to a horny, old bag who will do anything to ejaculate. Sally fits the bill. She loves interracial DP and eating multiple ejaculate loads.Whatever Sally wants, Sally gets, and here, Sally suc and fucks two big cocks, then she gets her cunt and arse stuffed at the same time in a variety of positions. This woman does DP right, and the guys (Jax is 28, Kyle is 30) are young enough to be her sons. See More of Sally D\'Angelo at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Lay down, sally! Lay down, Sally! Sally D\'Angelo, a 63-year-old granny with blonde hair, huge breasts and filthy-talking mouth, is ready to go out. She\'s wearing a tight, short dress that hugs those great jugs of hers. She sees herself in the mirror and likes what she sees. We do, too. Before she knows it, Sally has decided to stay in and enjoy the afternoon. She shows off her breasts and pussy. She rides a dildo. She talks dirty, of course, because that\'s what Sally does.Sally, what\'s the wildest thing you\'ve done off-camera When I was young, I have sexual intercourse my boyfriend behind the couch while my dad was asleep on that couch.You\'ve been DP\'d at 60PlusMILFs.com. Have you ever had a DP in your personal life Yes. As you know, I\'m a swinger, and my first was with my husband and some hunk I picked up at the club. I loved having his great penish in my ass!Do you ever get recognized when you\'re out and about Yes, all the time at airports, the mall, the gym, the post office, neighbors, Wal-Mart and, most recently, I just moved and the landscaper recognized me.Have you ever had sex with a fan As a matter of fact, I did. A guy at a restaurant recognized me. We chit-chatted and he was cute, so I said okay, let\'s fuck, and holy fuck, did he have a huge penish. Biggest one I\'ve ever seen on a white guy.How has being a porn star changed your life It hasn\'t. I\'ve always been kinky, but now I get paid.What about you would surprise us I\'m really a nun. Just kiddng. Honestly, I used to be very, very shy.What\'s your favorite thing about being a model I\'ve always wanted to be in the spotlight. Now I am. See More of Sally D\'Angelo at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!.
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