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Hot-blooded woman

Hot-Blooded Woman Sara is so naturally excited that she makes modeling naked or have sex on-camera the most natural acts in the world. Even just her speaking to an interviewer/cameraman while she licks a lollipop is intensely erotic and excited--yet again, in a natural way. As if she could not behave in any other way. This is some of the magic of Sara in addition to her super-obvious physical blessings nature has gifted her with. Sara is so excited that Tom's boner pops up like a jack-in-the-box when Sara opens his fly after a hearty round of nipple cock blowjobing and breast squeezing. He could have played with her great tits for an hour and so would all of us. My favorite kind of foreplay is having a man blowjob and rub my tits, says Sara. My nipples are very sensitive, and after a man plays with them, I am so excited to have sex. I never had this much fun until I began making videos and photos. To feel enjoyment and be well-paid is something I never had before so I am glad I decided to model for The SCORE Group.See More of Sara at XLGIRLS.COM!


Hot-blooded woman Hot-Blooded Woman With that low-cut dress and her acres and acres of tasty tit-meat ready to spill out, Sara might as well be holding up a sign that says Kiss my tits! A sign that Tom doesn\'t need to read. He\'s already got the idea at first sight and is helping himself as he and Sara spend some couch time. And any couch time with this babe is quality time.Sara rubs his junk as Tom\'s attention to her great breasts gets more vigorous. He sucksjob Sara\'s nipples like a human vacuum cleaner, and that\'s the way it should be. These girls won\'t break and they appreciate a good, violent sucking.Tom stands erect and Sara goes to investigate what\'s in his pants. She\'s already made him erect just by being there. Sara takes his pocket-pole in her mouth and gives him a sucks job he\'ll want to write home about. Watch and marvel as she deep-throats him then buries his penish between her fantastic naturals. Now that\'s beautiful.Sara turns around and drops her micro-mini skirt on the floor, followed by her dental-floss panties. Tom doesn\'t bother taking his pants off, and taking Sara\'s ass-cheeks in his hands, guides his penish into her exciting snatch. The pumping begins accompanied by Sara\'s sounds and cries of sensual pleasure. See More of Sara at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - hot blooded gypsy woman Hot Blooded Gypsy Woman When I was young and whenever I was naughty, my mother would threaten to sell me to the gypsies. Instead of being frightened, I was intrigued. I thought that living with the gypsies would be so excited and full of adventure. I would see the gypsy caravan come through our town and would go to great lengths to make contact with them. Even as a young girl of twelve or so, I could feel the sexual eroticism that these mysterious people exuded. The men were dark and sensuous. The women seemed blatantly horny. I loved their sense of style, clothing, and even their musky odors. As I grew older and would fantasize about sex, my lover would always have a gypsy quality to him. Many of my fans say I look very slavic. To me slavic meant looking like a gypsy. I guess I must have gypsy blood. This could account for my hot-blooded sensuality. Often when I pose and have to think horny thoughts, I think of my fantasy gypsy lover. Our lovemaking would be wild, creative, and very physical. I normally enjoy prolonged lovemaking sessions. It can be gentle, teasing with lots of love bites and kissing. But, in my gypsy fantasy, lovemaking is close to heavy. It is very physical, urgent, mind shattering. Don\'t ask why I think this...but this is what making love to my fantasy gypsy is all about. I climax very, very hard. Some years ago when I first started modeling for SCORE, I met a fan who looked dark, daring and very gypsy like. For days, I fantasized about him. One day, he came by and visited me on the set to ask for my autograph. When my fingers touched his, I almost fainted...there was so much sexuality. I am somewhat psychic, and I knew at that moment that I knew this person from a past life. After my photo shoot ended, I went out for drinks with him, and before long, we ended up at his apartment. I have never made love so passionately, so all consuming. I did not leave his bed for one week. We could not get enough of each other. We stopped only to eat and sleep. Even when we took time to take a shower we were making heavy love. It was remarkable. After years of fantasizing about making love to a gypsy, I had finally found my very own gypsy lover. But, the irony of the whole thing was that even though he was dark, sensuous, and looked like a gypsy...complete with a gold earring, he was from Dublin, and went by the name of Seamus. So much for fantasies. But then, a girl can still dream, right Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Holiday in rio Holiday In Rio SCORE has a special treat for you. This is your chance to Holiday In Rio. Daylene Rio. Daylene goes for a spin, just the way she likes it. Because anytime there\'s a man-pole involved, it\'s the most wonderful time of the year for Daylene, one of the stars of Mamazon and many other SCORE DVDs. Daylene said in one of her first videos Dangerous Curves, that she probably orgasms more when she\'s getting make love on-camera than when she\'s having sex off-camera! A total exhibitionist and proud of it. And we\'re glad she is! Daylene Rio is one hell of a hot-blooded woman. She starts off playing with her lusty bod and goes really wild when she gets her hands and mouth on her favorite man-part. Nobody, repeat, nobody enjoys make love and suc more than Daylene. Enjoy the holiday in Rio!See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. A big-titted german broad Effi (or Effie) Balconi debuted in the March 1996 issue of Voluptuous. She was a mature-looking German with 44-32-40 measurements and a 38DD bra. Effi began modeling and doing porn in Germany and eventually decided to stretch her horizons a few years later by visiting London for a series of photo shoots.Effi had a very bushy, thickly-coiffed pussy, even by European standards in the 1990s, so when it came to hairy specials in the magazine, it usually included at least one shot of Effi in all of her hair-lined glory. Before she returned home, Effi also did XXX scenes with fellow German Chloe Vevrier and the ever-present English porn star, Marino. While a hot-blooded, erotically-driven woman in her own right, Effi was overshadowed by Chloe, one of the most-popular big-bust models of the 1990s. See More of Effie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Round romaine Let us tell you about Sandra Romain. petite and sexy. She\'s European-born (can you guess by her name where she was born) and she lives in America. Sandra is one of the hottest women we have ever had the delighting to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious because she has an incredible bum. Big, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and tight yet meaty. The perfect bum Maybe. Watch that bum get impaled. This is real stroke material for red-blooded, exciting men. Check out this stacked babe\'s video tomorrow.See More of Sandra Romain at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Lovely neighbor charlotte Charlotte Angel is no desperate housewife. She\'s the designated neighborhood welcoming representative. When Jimmy moves next door, Charlotte is there with an apple pie in her hands as a new arrival gift. Jimmy has no cutlery so Charlotte hand-feeds him. Right sweet of this stacked brunette! He hand-feeds her back. When some crumbs drop into Charlotte\'s deep cleavage, Jimmy is there to help her brush them off which gives him the opportunity to feel up her large, fat tits. Pie and large breasts. A large combo. Getting even more neighborly than most, Jimmy reads Charlotte correctly and whips out his sausage. She likes the taste of that and wants more. Jimmy is happy to oblige. After all, it\'s tit for tat in this neighborhood. Before long, hot-blooded woman Charlotte is totally naked and on her hands and knees, Jimmy\'s penish in her mouth. Like a beautiful neighbor, Charlotte is there and she\'ll be getting hot cream for her pie from Jimmy later as her special welcoming gift!We asked Charlotte if she watches herself at XL Girls and what she thinks.I saw some of the videos. I didn\'t watch them all yet. I was with a friend. It was a little weird for me at first seeing myself on-camera. I was like wow! There I am. My friend thought it was the largeest thing ever though. It sure is. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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