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From poland with bust

From Poland With Bust Agnes Poulin is a Polish girl who had never modeled professionally before. Then she met the voluminous Valory Irene. Valory pointed Agnes in SCORE's direction and told her all about her life and times as one of the most-popular models ever at SCORELAND. Luckily, Agnes was interested and ready so she had some at-home snaps taken. Long story short, she's here in all of her voluptuous, buxom glory. A cheerful, happy girl who giggles a lot during interviews, Agnes got more than a little bashful talking about a few topics, such as wank and sexual fantasies. Her shyness is appealing but she's not shy about being naked on-camera. Agnes said Valory inspired her. She doesn't work out (With my voluminous breasts, it's not comfortable to exercise, but I like to swim.). She has no girlfriends who come close to her in boob size. She's not known by any pet names and she doesn't have names for her breasts. Her breasts have never fallen out of her top and she doesn't store anything in her cleavage like money or a cell phone although there's plenty of room to do that. Is Poland our voluminous undiscovered country for voluminous-boobed girls It might be. See More of Agnes Poulin at SCORELAND.COM!


Ines cudna - bathroom Bathroom Because of Ines Cudna and her beautiful, big breasts, and the fact that she modeled for SCORE magazine and posed on the Net, her country Poland is now better known as a land where fantastic girls originate, girls who are not ashamed of their lascivious bodies and heavy tits. This, more than anything, has helped to make Poland a more famous country these days!See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. The hills are alivewith the sight of boobage The Hills Are Alive...With The Sight Of Boobage Poland has different regions with their own music, culture, dialects and interesting traditional folk dresses. But not as interesting a traditional dress as the lascivious outfit Ines models amidst the scenic splendor of, not Poland, but Spain. Here she exults in the fresh air and greenery in a secluded area perfect for private nakedness. There\'s a touch of Swiss and Bavarian in this dress and you could easily imagine seeing Ines smiling on the label of a beer bottle. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Sarah sunshine - this is a bust This Is A Bust Sticky & Crotch are two bad-ass undercover cops in the beat-up part of town trying to keep a lid on the mean streets. They do this by spending most of their time banging hookers and hanging out at topless bars. When they come across Sarah Sunshine trying to ply her trade by the tracks, they do their best to straighten this bad girl out with intensive counseling sessions at a local no-tell motel. This is indeed a bust by two cops under the covers. A great bust. Too bad Juggy Bare, Huggy Bear\'s sister, couldn\'t make it a threesome.See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. Game on for the busty goddesses Game On For The busty Goddesses A friendly game of pool between two big-tit goddesses becomes a boobapalooza in a very short time when Joana and Vanessa Y. meet for the very first time. Poland\'s Vanessa is instantly taken when she eyes Joana\'s famous chest. Sparks fly. Vanessa\'s eyes light up. A winner in the big-boob lottery herself, Vanessa always appreciates another girl who\'s also built like a brick house. The game gets sidetracked as Romania and Poland forge ahead with their unification and merger. There is a lot to be said for international cooperation when both parties have assets to be shared and enjoyed.Vanessa and Joana take turns sucking, licking and kissing each other\'s nipples and locking lips. They explore their hot, wet pussies and buttholes and happily show them off to us. Pool tables were not designed to serve as mini-stages for busty goddess shows, but it works just fine for the historic meeting of these two stacked babydolls. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Pull it out for the polish princess Pull It Out For The Polish Princess The Polish Princess will make you pop. It\'s Vanessa Y. time, and for the first time, Vanessa speaks in Polish on-camera instead of English.In the kitchen, dressed in the traditional costume of Poland (bra and panties under a short robe and high-heeled pumps), Vanessa parades around, a little antsy, waiting for you to show up. At least we believe it to be the traditional costume of Poland. Maybe we\'re thinking of the Czech Republic.Vanessa has prepared a snack for you, but she keeps eyeing the sausage, which we\'re told is a Polish sausage. Unable to control herself, Vanessa picks it up and give suck on it. It must remind her of something. She rubs it between her bigly breasts and gets even more antsy.Taking everything off except her pumps, Vanessa pats herself up and down. If she keeps this up, she\'ll be climbing the walls. Finally, you show up. Vanessa insists you get on the counter, and when her royal highness insists, you can\'t let her down. She who must be obeyed reaches into your pants, pulls out what she\'s been waiting for and pops it in her mouth. It\'s all about making girls like Vanessa Y. happy, ain\'t it See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. Cowgirl Cowgirl A Polish cowgirl That\'ll work! Ines may not be any nice with a lasso but she knows how to decorate a hay bale quite nicely. Lee Van Cleef would have approved. I liked the boots, jeans and shirt, said Ines. I took them back to Poland. And the hat too.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!.