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The curvy doll

The busty Doll Daria's an athletic girl who likes to do things outside...hanging out in her bikini, jogging, roller-blading. The only thing she does indoors is swimming. I prefer to do exercises outdoors in the fresh air and sun, Daria said. I like to play volleyball with my friends if the day is pleasant. For fun, I like to get together with my friends and play table games and go to concerts. Sometimes I like to play video games but I am more of an outdoors girl. I like to go to the park, put down a blanket and read a book. I like to dress lascivious now when I go with my friends to clubs or a show. Sometimes I get too much attention so I will match my clothing with the places we are going to. No one has recognized me yet. If we are going to a place with a lot of single guys, I will not put on a top that shows too much. I am a traditional Russian girl in many ways. I like a guy to be the dominant one. If a man is interested in me, he should just call me on the phone and take me out on a pleasant date. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!


French doll French Doll Anastasia Doll was discovered in France. We\'ve had very little success finding curvy French models over the past 25 years even though France has a good healthy adult entertainment sector. Why this is so remains a puzzle.People are often very shocked when they see my enormous boobs but I love it, said Anastasia during a break in shooting. I like to draw attention to myself. I am proud of my body.That bubble anus draws a lot of attention to Anastasia also.Anastasia calls herself a Brunette Barbie. I only buy bras off the rack because I do not need to push up my boobs. They do not fall and are very big.What else should we know about Anastasia I love high heels. I like to take care of my feet so they look perfect wearing them.See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Princess super doll Princess Super Doll As a fan of slim \'n\' stacked beauties, SCORE has just hit the jackpot with Princess Pumpkins! Dannyk83 commented. Not since the legendary Crystal Gunns has a SCORE Girl left me literally speechless! Regardless of what happens between now and the end of the year, I just found my pick for Newcomer of the Year!Considering all of the amazing girls who have appeared at SCORELAND since Crystal, that\'s super-high praise for this super Barbie-style living doll, a fantasy girl straight out of an Otis Sweat painting. SCORELAND: Have you heard of BeshinePrincess: Yes. I\'ve seen pictures of her. A lot of her fans follow me also, so we\'re kind of connected like that. She shares some of my stuff that she likes.SCORELAND: Who\'s bustier Princess: She\'s probably bustier than me.SCORELAND: Do you aspire to be as curvy as BeshinePrincess: No. I really like the way I look now. It\'s the biggest you can go in the U.S., and I\'m comfortable with the way I look. This is the look I wanted in the beginning. I like the big, round, fake-looking, bolted-on look of boobs.SCORELAND: I\'m not getting the bolted-on look from you.Princess: Yeah, it\'s rough for me to get that actual bolted-on look because I was naturally curvy.SCORELAND: That bolted-on look comes when a woman isn\'t naturally curvy. Princess: Yes, when the skin stretches really, really tight. And it\'s a pretty look. I like that. Unfortunately, I wasn\'t able to achieve it.See More of Princess Pumpkins at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Princess super doll Princess Super Doll Princess Pumpkins is a living doll. Naturally, she dresses like a living doll.A cam-girl, Princess loves cosplay. You can tell she enjoys fantasy role-playing. She likes to attend cosplay and comic book conventions in costumes. I love video games, sci-fi and anime. I\'m not really into sports unless you consider female Jello wrestling a sport. In fact we do. Female mud and oil wrestling also.SCORELAND: Has anyone ever said to you, Are they naturalPrincess: All the time. My second boob job, I thought I was going to get rid of that. I was 2000ccs. I thought There\'s no way anyone\'s going to think I have natural boobies now, but I got it then and now I still get, Those are real, right And I say, No, but please find me a girl who has great, perky titties like this and I would love to see her.SCORELAND: I can think of only a handful of girls whose boobs are as great as yours. Beshine is one. Do you think Minka is as curvy as youPrincess: I don\'t know. I\'m finally up there where my boobs are as great as those girls\'.SCORELAND: I saw on your model info sheet that you know Sarah Rae, who\'s an XL Girl. She\'s natural. Is she as curvy as youPrincess: I think I\'m bustier than her. Her boobs are very, very great, and in a bra, they look humongous. They are humongous, but I still think I\'m quite bustier than her.SCORELAND: At what point did you become fascinated with great, fake boobsPrincess: Probably around my second boob job when I was discovering more models like Amy Anderssen, Candy Charms...those models really inspired me to get that look of great, round boobies. See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. My living doll My Living Doll This is no ordinary day. Today is special delivery day. Please sign here. You have been chosen by the TushnaMatic Corporation. You are now the proud recipient of the newly developed Linsey Dawn McKenzie amniatronic mechanoid. In layman\'s terms, a living, life-size doll. But not just any doll. This doll walks. She talks. She looks and sounds exactly like Linsey Dawn. Her boobs are just like Linsey\'s world-famous knockers. It could be Linsey. Weird science does bring beautiful things to life. Let Mecha-Linsey make you a happy man. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. The french doll Marseille doll Anastasia Doll is a living doll and she enjoys every minute of it. She has the SCORE Girl slim & stacked figure and the BootyLicious back end. Anastasia loves to travel for delight to holiday spots like Ibiza. \'One time there, I met a guy who took me to the 7th heaven, Anastasia remembered. A lot of men want to meet me. I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess.Sex in public is one of Anastasia\'s sensual interests. I\'ve done this in many public places. The cinema, beach, Jacuzzis. I love that. I don\'t care for threesomes but I would like to have intercourse with three girls at the same time. I don\'t like butthole sex. It\'s not what I enjoy. I love to be have intercourseed between my breasts. I enjoy that a lot and how it looks. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. The french doll The French Doll Modeling was meant for me, doll-like Anastasia Doll said in her dollish voice. When I am not modeling, I am taking selfies. I love taking pictures and videos.Anastasia is proud of her body. She has the slim and stacked SCORE showgirl look and the butthole of a BootyLicious Girl.I wear tight blouses and tank tops to show off my bust and tight shorts and pants to show off my derriere. I love to wear thong bikinis at resorts.Marseille-based Anastasia has a fetish for shoes. I love high heels. I take care of my feet. I catch men looking at my feet as often as I see them glancing at my chest. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!.
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