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Precious mammaries Precious Mammaries Summer Sinn once gave us a tutorial on handling her tits. Lick them and cock cock give suck them, Summer instructed. I like it. Softly, because they\'re sensitive. Don\'t bite them. I\'m not into domination. Maybe start out by licking them a little, then cock cock give sucking them a little, then licking them, then cock cock give sucking some more. Pay lots of attention to them. Go from one to the other. Give both of them plenty of attention. That gets me going. cock sucking on my breasts gets me all wet! These days, Summer stays home and does webcam alone or with girls. Her traveling days are over. Guys want to see her do domestic chores on her cam.See More of Summer Sinn at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - more of christy\'s cock-umentary! More of Christy\'s COCK-UMENTARY! So, we told all of you before that Christy had snuck into our studios and have intercourse a stud for a video diary that she is calling her COCK-UMENTARY. 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