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May west - big-boobed panty soaker

Big-Boobed Panty Soaker The 1930s movie star Mae West said to Cary Grant in She Done Him Wrong, Come up sometime and see me. Our newcomer May West might say, See me and cum. May changes from her slip to a SCORELAND T-shirt, licks and squeezes her pliable naturals, then moves to her bushy bits. Pulling off her bottoms, May fingers her vagina through her soaked sheer panties. Tossing them away, she digs her fingers deep into her wet hole.A very sexual girl, May's done the tit tango with a pro-cock in Go West, Hung Man and masturbate is one of her main hobbies.Of things to do, masturbate is in my top five, May said. I definitely use toys in my personal play. I like dildos. I also sometimes use paddles and stuff. Jilling In the car is massive. I've tried while driving. It's massive to get the angle right. I can get aroused but I can't get all the way there. I'm usually in bed when I masturbate. Mainly, I look at photographs. I like to look at photos of a servile woman wearing nipple clamps and a collar and maybe someone pulling her hair or two women having sex and both are collared and paddling each other. A man and a woman doing that is lascivious to me, too. It's the image that I find arousing. See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!


May west - big-boobed panty soaker Big-Boobed Panty Soaker If I\'m having a lot of sex, I don\'t jerk-off, says May West, a newcomer to SCORELAND and a highly sexual girl who digs men and women...and her kitty when she doesn\'t have any partners to play games with.I\'ll have sex one or two times a day, and if I\'m not having sex, I\'ll jerk-off that much. I\'m kind of quiet. I\'m loud during sex but I\'m a quiet masturbator.May lives in New Orleans, a city with a heavy kinky sex culture. I have been lucky to have a lot of kinky sex. I think the kinkiest was probably when a redheaded dominatrix from New York City named Ginger fisted me and a female partner of mine at the same time. Also, other partners held Hitachi vibrators on our clits.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. May west - go west, hung man Go West, Hung Man I always swallow, May West said. May\'s mouth was open and ready for Rion\'s jizz stream after they banged, played with her great, natural tits and licked and sucked each other. Sex is May\'s great hobby and she likes to experiment. I also write erotica and go to a lot of kinky events. Since sex and masturbate are main events for May, a very important driving force in her life, she was really looking to bust into porn. This is her first XXX pair-off at SCORELAND.I think it\'s having sex for people to see that\'s lusty for me. Having people watch me have sex. I enjoy doing that. I also like having the lights on me and having someone film me, so there\'s the performance aspect of it. Also, there\'s having sex with someone new, which is always fun. Figuring them out.I like it when people are truly appreciative of my tits and their beauty, but I find it obnoxious when people use it as a point to make me feel insecure. But since I was 12, I haven\'t let people bully me about it. I was the bustiest girl in school by far. People would identify me as, \'The girl with great tits.\' Other students would accuse me of stuffing, and I would say, \'I could flash you right now, but I don\'t want to.\' I think my tits are awesome and sexy.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. May west - go west, hung man Go West, Hung Man Rion gives newcomer May West a charming workout, starting with her great natural tits. With his hands full of tits that are in and then out of May\'s bra cups, Rion cock sucksing on May\'s nipples and sends waves of delight through her. She sits on his lap and his hands reach down to finger-bang her bush-box. May leans back and pulls her panties to the side, an invitation for him to stick his tongue in her pink slit and flick it. Now all wet and juicy, May is ready for dictation and repays the favor with a sucks job. She gets on her hands and knees for her boning, taking it deep in her haired pussy.My sexual fantasies...where do I begin May said. I enjoy thinking of being dominated by men and women, group sex and fuck women. I love being penetrate in one or several of my holes and stimulating my clit. I have sex about once a day but more than that if I\'m lucky. My favorite position is being make love in doggie. Kissing, getting slap and being handled roughly is the kind of foreplay I like. See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. May west - may is bustin\' out May Is Bustin\' Out May West was looking to do adult modeling. One of our studio staffers spotted her and contacted her. I was definitely the bustiest girl in school, May said. People would identify me as \'The girl with large boobs.\' Also, when other students accused me of stuffing my bra, I would reply, \'I could flash you right now but I just don\'t want to.\'I was a dancer in college and I still drop into classes from time to time. I enjoy hiking and cross-country running. I am more of an artistic girl than anything. I watch soccer and rugby. But I haven\'t played on a sports team since middle school.May is into the fetish scene. Living in New Orleans is one of the cities for that. I enjoy a lot of BDSM activities. Some of my top favorites are spanking, dominating and role-playing. I\'m a large advocate of masturbation. I consider all my firsts to be with myself. First vaginal penetration, clitoral orgasm, and female ejaculation all happened with me, myself and I. I generally like to be in a relaxed place and stimulate my clit and finger myself while I fantasize and then eventually climax.Stacked with a natural bush. Let\'s hear it for May West.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - east meets west part 2 East Meets West Part 2 The first bedroom date of Hitomi and Lily Madison was only a warm-up for this second fetish-style pairing. East meets west for a breast fest. It\'s Lily who\'s the whispery femdom and Hitomi the slave. They\'re both slaves to their mutual lust for each other.Her legs clad in shiny black PVC boots and holding a pink punisher resembling a femme version of a cat o\' nine tails, Lily calls the shots and submissive Hitomi doesn\'t resist for a second. Lily has her on a leash as another reminder of who the boss is.Getting her voluminous tits and little butthole whipped makes Hitomi moan and cry out and Lily enjoys every second of their pain and pleasure game, knowing she is Hitomi\'s owner. Each girl had to travel a long distance from home for this kinky, little game and they make every second count.See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - east meets west part 2 East Meets West Part 2 Black-booted Lily Madison is a appealing and demanding dominatrix. Hitomi is the submissive, complaisant to Lily\'s will for mutual pleasure. In Lily\'s hand is a version of a cat o\' nine tails. She has Hitomi on a leash like a dog. Lily runs the multi-tails of her whip over Hitomi\'s big breasts and relishes the power she has over the girl from Japan that every man wants in his bed.Lily places her foot on the bed and makes Hitomi lick her boot. Hitomi runs her long pink tongue over the length of the shiny PVC boot. She looks up for approval and Lily taunts her exotic slave. Does it taste pretty Lily asks Yeah, Hitomi replies, licking the boot from top to backside and back.Lily orders Hitomi on all fours and whips her divine ass. The pleasure of having her way with Hitomi\'s lovely anatomy satisfies Lily\'s fantasy. Demanding that Hitomi kneel on the bed, Lily whips Hitomi\'s breasts and makes her lick her nipples. Lily wants Hitomi to make her cum and sticks a dildo in Hitomi\'s mouth to make it wet. Lily lays back and tells Hitomi to make love her kitty with the toy. Their fun and games are far from over. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!.
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