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Tits & butthole I sure look sexy, Sara Jay says admiring her ample buttets in front of her bedroom mirror. Sara's rockin' a white crop-top and tight, red jeggings that accentuate every inch of luscious hips and tasty anal she's workin' with. I can't wait to rub my butt all over his cock, Sara continues. I left the door open for him. Moments later, Sara's hookup partner, Johnny Rod, is in the bedroom and he couldn't be more libidinous to see her. What a woman you are, he says as she strokes his cock. This chick is the definition of fully-stacked, and Sara is as blessed with breasts as she is with anal, and she starts their raunchy have intercourse with an epic tit job before deep-throating his cock. Sara then hops around and jumps on Johnny's cock reverse cowgirl, and then he bends her over and bangs her out doggystyle. Oh, I can feel you in there, Sara says as he works her face down, butt up. Every inch of that fat cock! Few girls love a hot have intercourse as much as this whootie, so she has to be cooled off. Which Johnny does by shooting his jizz all over her plump rump. See More of Sara Jay at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


The definition of great boobs The Definition of large natural tits The dictionary defines anal cleavage as that portion of the female breast meat that bulges underneath the underwire of a bra that doesn\'t quite fit, thereby causing raging hard-ons among boob lovers everywhere. Karina knew this bra didn\'t fit when she bought it. That\'s why she bought it. Do you like my boobs, she asks early in the video. Do you want to see more Yes, of course we do. But let\'s just say, hypothetically, that Karina\'s anal cleavage was all we got to see in this video. Would that be enough Would your balls react properly, sending a stream of spew through your rod Or the other end Or do you need to see Karina\'s naked boobs Do you need to see her drilling her nice cunt with a considerable have sex toy Of course you do. And you get that, too. But what makes this video really special is the anal cleavage. And the pillowing of her natural tits when she lays down.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Butt-fucked beauty Some girls like to have sex, but Gizelle Stallion loves the penish. She suc it, fucks it and she even likes it up her Hershey highway. We\'ve seen a lot of big-analed stunners in our time, but this anal mama is probably one of the best fucks ever!She suc penish with such gusto and so much moaning that it is literally like she is playing a skin flute. And when she gets down on all fours and throws that anal in the air, you really get a full view of just how anal-tacular her bottom is. It is no wonder she likes anal. With an anal like that, it would be almost a crime not to let it get fucked. And boy does it get fucked. It stretches wide for this cock!She drops down to the ground after getting anal-plowed and throws her huge, round anal in the air to get it splashed with cumshot and that is the sign of a true anal baller. We salute you, Gizelle and your fucktastic analhole that needs to be ridden like a stallion.See More of Gizelle Stallion at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Felicia\'s butt Felicia\'s anal Felicia Clover is blessed with 34F-cups and an anal that should have been molded by the Doc Johnson company, the official toy providers of The SCORE Group. This dude hit the T&A jackpot when he was given an all-access panal to this cute PAWG (Phat-analed White Girl).I think men love my boobs a little more than they love my anal, but a lot of guys have told me that because my tits are so big, they make my anal look just a little bit smaller, Felicia said. Her one-day-stand enjoys Felicia\'s wet, appealing cunt and when he\'s finished, he jumps on her booty. Felicia lies back and spread her legs so he can prepare her brown-eye with a anal-plug to open it. The redheaded whooty\'s tush is ready to be boned. He slides his dick, now shiny from her juices, into her tush-tunnel and fucks her, building up speed. We couldn\'t help being jealous of this dude! What a juicy dish he was handed!See More of Felicia Clover at XLGIRLS.COM!. Leading with her ass Most guys go for my anal first when they get me in bed, said Nena Linda, a 21-year-old with a big, round white butt that we\'d love to fuck. Every guy I\'ve ever been with has wanted me to stick my anal up in the air when I give him a sucks job. A lot of guys like when I sit on their face, too. Nena loves to work her anal. She loves to give lap dances with her anal (even though she isn\'t a lap dancer; she\'s a student). In these photos and the accompanying video, the hot-analed white chick really shows that she knows how to work her anal. What can I say she said. I can make guys cumshot with my hands, mouth or pussy, but my anal always works best.See More of Nena Linda at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Dusty is bootylicious! Dusty Is Bootylicious! Dusty\'s on the beach, destroying another bikini during the 1995 Boob Cruise, her second voyage. On display in many of these photos: Dusty\'s anal, which is often overlooked. I love when people notice my anal, Dusty said. I think a nice, small, tiny, round anal is awesome. My anal looks like an upside-down heart shape.See More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Bangin\' birthday Bangin\' BirthdayIt\'s Rion\'s birthday and busty sex-star Elle Flynn has decorated the place with party decorations. She carries out a cake and takes out two huge toys that men love to play with. blowjob and squeezing her fleshy boobs makes a guy\'s nuts hotter than those birthday candles. If he doesn\'t lay the wood to Elle, he\'ll need to run to the bathroom but he won\'t have to. Elle is his birthday present. Elle is as exciting as always. She swallows his tool and takes it between her huge, natural ta-tas before spreading her legs to get her pink filled and drilled.Once they see my boobs, they become boob men, Elle said and that\'s no boast. Guys will say they like legs or anal the best, and I will always say, \'Well, you haven\'t seen my boobs.\' I convert them.I love getting have sex by a curved dick. My first SCORELAND scene was with two guys and one of them had a curved dick that really hit my spot. I like my bum tickled and I\'ve allowed a few fingers inside my anal but I haven\'t yet explored anal sex. The birthday boy jerks in Elle\'s mouth after their birthday bang. She\'s only a spitter this way: After a guy ejaculates in my mouth, I often spit his ejaculate on my boobs. See More of Elle Flynn at SCORELAND.COM!.
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