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Nilli willis & dee girl-a-thon

Nilli Willis & Dee Girl-A-Thon A charming girl with a busty figure, Dee was working for a barrister in London. She had an interest in posing nude and possibly doing even more than that. Dee was actually quite pleasant for an amateur. The first time Dee modeled she wore one of those party girl wigs worn in nightclubs at the time (and still worn, although not as popular today). In this girl-girl with Nilli a year later, Dee tossed the wig and went natural, looking much better and sexier as her real self. We lost track of Dee during the stampede of big-boobed girls in the 1990s. Dee was a beautiful contrast with Nilli's tawny, mid-eastern exoticism with her alabaster, all-natural floppy natural tits. We see lots of terrific tit-kneading and boob-oriented photos as well as finger-banging action. As Nilli herself would be the first to admit, she never met a pair of natural tits she didn't like, publisher John Fox observed. Case in point: the pale, creamy funbags of auburn-haired Brit, Dee. Nilli met Dee at a London nightclub. She convinced Dee that the two of them belonged in pictures of the nude variety and thus was born this carnal pairing. See More of Dee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!


Nilli willis & dee girl-a-thon Nilli Willis & Dee Girl-A-Thon Nilli Willis was paired with another British model named Dee in 1991. They got on just fine and got it on even better. This video in its original form has never been seen or heard before outside of a video editing room. The director knew exactly what he wanted and we hear him guide both Dee and Nilli every step of the way. In this fantasy, Nilli is in bed when Dee walks in and gets turned-on staring at the brunette. She undresses and plays with her great tits. The director has Dee take one boob out of her bra and kneel on the bed to lick Nilli\'s cheek. That makes Nilli bust out giggling. The recording is stopped and resumed again after the girls stop laughing. On the second take, Nilli doesn\'t laugh as Dee works her tongue down Nilli\'s neck and to her nipples, sucks them. She pulls the bedsheet off Nilli. Her nightie is open, exposing her naked anatomy and bushy pussy. Dee runs her hand down to Nilli\'s leg. Meanwhile, Nilli is quiet and still and doesn\'t crack-up this time. It\'s a strangely erotic moment, different for a girl-girl scene.Dee fingers Nilli\'s furry slit and sucks on her nipples some more. Then it\'s Nilli\'s turn. Their mouth and finger play become mutual as the girls get into a 69 position, finger each other\'s pussies, tug their tits and enjoy the feel and scent of their soft bodies. It ends with Dee having an orgasm from Nilli\'s finger-banging. Then they get under the bedsheet and snuggle. See More of Dee at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Nilli willis speaks! Nilli Willis Speaks! This is an extremely rare video of Nilli Willis being interviewed. This kind of video chatting was rare. It\'s raw and unedited with bloopers and retakes left intact. An Israeli by birth, Nilli has a totally British accent.Nilli talked about her interests and goals...what she wants to do and where she wants her nude modeling and hardcore scenes to take her. Her fantasies. Her sexual experiences. How she perceives herself. She does a funny vocal imitation of an American redneck that had the interviewers laughing.In this interview, we meet the real Nilli. She\'s the same Nilli we stroked to back in the day, the same Nilli we wanted to bang.John Fox, then the editor of Gent magazine, wrote about Nilli and her effect on tit-men who loved her big, hanging boobs and exotic looks.When Nilli Willis exploded into the big-bust magazine world in the late 1980s, readers couldn\'t believe their eyes! Never before had such a mammary marvel come from Israel and then emigrated to England. Her rare combination of exotic beauty and mountainous all-natural boob flesh made her an instant favorite. Her willingness to show off every succulent inch of her bountiful body made her a legend. And little did any of us realize the best was yet to come. See More of Nilli at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Nilli\'s delight spot Nilli\'s pleasure Spot Nilli Willis liked to swing those large, soft knockers on-camera. A lot of models don\'t like to do that, at least to the extent she did. When it came to girls, Nilli was definitely a fan of the female body and all of its private parts. She got it on in the John Graham studio with Cathy Patrick, Kayla Kleevage, Jeannine Oldfield, Lisa Phillips, Dee, Justa Dream and LeeAnne Lovelace. If we\'ve left anyone out, we apologize. Hopefully, my best sexual experience will be the next one, Nilli said during her modeling days. I suppose my best feature would be my boobs. A lot of people also comment about my come-to-bed eyes. A girl who is self-aware, Nilli is right about that. She didn\'t need to say have intercourse me with that erotic gaze. It comes naturally. She didn\'t need to play it up.Now 40something, Nilli\'s a huge football (soccer) fan and has an ordinary job these days. The people who meet her have no idea how famous she was as a young star in the world of large tits.See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The casual look The internet has led to the creation of a cottage industry of bloggers who write about adult entertainment. The majority of them link to websites to make money from them by sending them membership traffic. Some of these bloggers parrot misinformation about models from other bloggers. Contrary to what some bloggers have written about Nilli Willis, she did not return to Israel after leaving nude modeling and porn. England is her home now and when she speaks, she has no trace of Israeli-accented English. There is also no official Nilli Willis website as some bloggers promote.Nilli is very casual here in an unbuttoned shirt and cowgirl-styled, fringe-lined boots. Even so, she\'s definitely not the girl-next-door, not with those boobs. Nilli can pull off an American western accent that\'s funny to listen to. She does this in her interview, Nilli Willis Speaks! From Kayla Kleevage and LeeAnne Lovelace, Nilli learned that in America, the strip club business was very popular. She also knew it was different in England where going to strip clubs was not as common and that British wives and girlfriends didn\'t like the idea of their men watching topless girls dancing. So the idea of men going to strip clubs meant to Nilli that they were taking a personal risk, and that horny her. See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Nilli\'s enjoyment spot Nilli\'s delight Spot When Nilli Willis played with her pussy, she never once neglected her considerable boobs. It\'s common for girls masturbating on-camera and the photographer filming her to lose sight of that once the girl really gets to work on her cunt, either with hands or toys. Nilli was trained well from the start.Watch Nilli and see how her considerable, big boobs move. Her twin melons never stop wobbling and shaking and she\'s usually fondling them, no matter what else she\'s doing. Her regular photographer, John Graham, gave her complete, detailed, step-by-step instructions throughout this entire video, as well as her other shoots, and you can hear it since the original audio is intact. He was a tit-men and knew how other tit-men thought and what they wanted to see a curvy girl do. This is the difference between the average photographer who just films a curvy girl masturbating and a boob-minded director who completely understands considerable-breast photography. See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Bath, tits & beyond Bath, tits & Beyond SCORE chief John Fox, the editor of Gent magazine when Nilli Willis was active recalls his impressions of this beauty:As titillating as she was gorgeous, Nilli reveled in taking her audience on guided tours of her most-private moments. This scene in a bathtub is a perfect example. There are few acts more intimate for a woman than bathing, but Nilli\'s unabashed exhibitionism as she lathers every nook and cranny of her killer body was totally in character for her. Explained our dark-haired goddess about her attitude when posing: \'I pretend the camera is my lover and everything I would reveal to a lover, I give to the camera instead.\' See More of Nilli Willis at SCORECLASSICS.COM!.
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