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Girl-next-door with giant, natural tits cock sucking and fucks

Girl-next-door with giant, natural tits suc and fucks The SCORE staff takes pride in presenting girls-next-door. Sure, you'll find some porn stars at SCORELAND and girls who go on to become porn stars, but in a way, we like to think of SCORELAND as the home of the busty girl-next-door. Nobody fits that description better than two-time busty Model of the Year Renee Ross. Granted, most girls-next-door don't have G-cup naturals. Nor are they as charming as Renee. But in every other way, Renee is a typical girl-next-door. She lives in a small town in Virginia. She was a cheerleader in high school. She's a nurse. She was as libidinous to be on the cover of busty as we were to have her on the cover, and when she did her first hardcore scenes (during her third visit to our studio), she was licking her lips, eager to get a taste of some porn cock. But back to that girl-next-door thing. Can you imagine having Renee as your nurse We asked her to describe her typical day in the hospital, where she works as a cardiac surgical intensive care nurse. Of course, we asked her what she wears, and she said, I am in scrubs and, like, a T-shirt and a lab coat. Or I will wear a V-neck sometimes. I work nights, so it is a lot easier to get away with wearing something tight-fitting. But when I do wear those kinds of shirts, my co-workers, whom I am very pleasant friends with, freak out when they see how large my breasts are. I don't really wear stuff like that often, but when I do, people notice. I'm guessing male patients go out of their way to extend their hospital stays when Renee is their nurse. We also asked her about that cheerleading thing, and she told us, I even did gymnastics at one point, but I had to quit because of my breasts. I couldn't do any of the moves because my breasts had become too large. I was the girl with the largegest breasts on the squad, that was for sure. Sometimes I would jump around and they would pop out. I couldn't even find a sports bra that fit! No sports bra in this scene. Renee starts off wearing an industrial-strength bra that can't contain her voluminous hooters. So she does the sensible thing: She takes them out. Then the guy shows up, and she suc his cock, and he fucks her tits, and then he fucks her pussy. Renee seems to be enjoying every second, closing her eyes to feel the cock inside of her, and when she does open her eyes, she seems almost surprised to see the camera. Elliot wrote of this scene, The sight of Renee's tits bouncing back in her own face as she rides her date in reverse cowgirl is a nut-busting spectacle. Renee never went on to become a porn star. And she never posed or make love for anyone but us. Now that's a considerable girl-next-door.See More of Renee Ross at SCORELAND2.COM!


Nice neighbor minka Nice Neighbor Minka There is only one Minka. She is an icon. There are few places where Minka isn\'t known. Tajikistan may be one of those countries. Peter steps outside his house when he spots a woman with super-mega-giant knockers taking boxes out of a car and bringing them into the house next door. He recognizes Minka immediately. The odds of Minka moving in next door are equal to being hit by a lightning bolt. He runs over, losing his mind but seizing the moment.Minka is about to get more boxes when she hears Peter knocking on the door. Tripping out, he stammers that he\'s a huge fan and does she need any help moving in. Kidding him, Minka asks him if he means the boxes or with these, putting her hands on her natural tits. She tells him to move the boxes to another room and also tells him to keep his eyes on the boxes, not her chest.Of course, he looks at her natural tits while he\'s carrying the boxes and trips. Concentrate, Minka admonishes. Look at the boxes, not this, she says, pointing at her tight tank-top. With a wicked smile, Minka has fun teasing and taunting him. Do you want some water Get some here, Minka says, lifting her top and patting her nipple. She totally controls him like one of her puppies. She exposes both super-breasts and lets him feel them and bury his face in them. Then she tells him to take his clothes off. Your brain is not here, says Minka, pointing at his head. Your brain is down here, patting his junk. Peter takes off his clothes like they\'re on fire. Minka sits down and puts some lube on his cock. She\'s going to cock sucking him, tit-sex him and make love him and drain his balls. Being a nice neighbor can pay off.See More of Minka at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. All-natural gia does a great cock All-natural Gia does a large tool She isn\'t a swinger. She isn\'t a nudist. She\'s a 42-year-old cougar from Philadelphia (born in New Jersey) who has long, dark hair, large breasts and a hairy pussy. And in this scene, she suc and fucks a large, heavy tool for only the second time on-camera. She does a really nice job of sucking balls, too. Gia knows what she\'s doing. And she looks so nice when her face is glazed with cum!Yes, this is Gia\'s second time fuck on-camera, but she really takes control, stuffing her nice, floppy breasts into Tony\'s mouth and riding him heavy. She has a nice, large ass, too. Basically, if you\'re looking for a real woman who\'s natural in every way, Gia\'s your MILF.And she\'s the MILF-next-door in every way. She\'s not into any kinky fetishes. She\'s never had sex with another woman. She says the people who know her best would be surprised to see her here and my family would not be thrilled.Hey, we\'re thrilled, and isn\'t that what countsI like to work out, and in my spare time, I like to spend time with family and friends, she said.Like we said, she\'s just your basic MILF-next-door...who happens to be doing this.This may sound boring, but I\'m really a basic girl, Gia said. I don\'t need anything crazy, just a man who enjoys himself with me.We can do that!See More of Gia Francesca at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tease & titillate Tease & Titillate Monica Love has come a long way since she debuted as a chesty and curvy chubbette. A happy-go-lucky brunette, Monica is the kind of girl who fucks and suckingjob her boyfriend dry, then irons his shirts and makes him lunch. She is not a porn star in that professional sense of the word. She is a girl-next-door who had sex on-camera for the erotic, exotic experiences she wouldn\'t have had in her day-to-day life.Monica is the curvy little boss in this slightly kinky scene and takes charge of her fuck partner Tom. A appealing boss to have in bed. By now, she\'s eager to taste cock and grip it in her cute little hand while Tom suckingjob on her perky nipples, smelling that soft scent of ripe, hot girl-flesh and tasting her warm, cute pointers. Monica\'s desire for role-playing gives way to her craving for a stiff man to cock her down and give her delighting with his hard, thrusting tool. Monica\'s never said if her boyfriends have squirted her considerable natural tits with their nut-milk after sex as her porn-men have done. Maybe she\'ll expect them to now. Very early on, Monica said, When I give a sucking job, I like to spit it on my natural tits and play with them. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Star fucks Star Fucks Sandra Star has a big-tit fanatic on her hands and natural tits in Ricky. Sandra\'s wearing a star-spangled top that\'s easy to pull down to allow quick access to her jutting jugs and he takes advantage of that. Kissing, licking, suc and motorboating Sandra\'s tits, Ricky moves his hands down, pulls aside Sandra\'s panties and works his fingers into her pink hole, massaging her clit and lips.Sandra wants to taste heavy tool. She gives Ricky a deep-throat tool sucking job fit for a king, making that loud, popping sound when his tool leaves her mouth on the upstroke. Putting Sandra on her back, he fucks her natural tits. She uses her arms and her hands to squeeze her natural tits tightly together, his cock wedged between them. European studs like to eat out their sex partners. Ricky goes down on Sandra and tongues her, driving her crazy and half-hanging off the couch.It\'s time to get it on. Sandra gets have sexual intercourse sideways, from behind, sitting on him in a reverse cowgirl, bouncing heavy on his bone and one more time in missionary, her natural tits jiggling and quaking with each powerful thrust. Looking up at him, she wraps her hand around his shaft and strokes it fast and heavy. He nuts her mouth and instead of swallowing the load, Sandra lets it drip onto her natural tits. Then she rubs some of the ejaculate into her breast-flesh and kisses his cock as if to express her gratitude. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Fuck the door-to-door dildo salesman Fuck the door-to-door dildo salesman 40something divorcee and mom Adora is paid a visit by a dildo salesman. A dildo salesman And a door-to-door one Whoever heard of such a thing. Anyway, this lucky dude tests out his sex toys on her cock-hungry kitty and puckered asshole. Then she blowjob and fucks his cock. Looks like Adora prefers the real thing.Actually, she does.I have sex as often as possible, Adora said. Once a day, twice a day. Of course, if the kids are around, it\'s tough, but I always find time to cum.Adora, who\'s from Los Angeles, always dresses to show off her body. She was once at the center of a gang bang with seven men and three other women.Most of the time, I didn\'t know who I was fuck or whose kitty I was eating. And I didn\'t care.See More of Adora at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Sydni and the giant penish Sydni And The Giant penish The first time Sydni Lane visited the studio where we shoot MILFTugs.com, 40SomethingMag, 50PlusMILFs.com and 60PlusMILFs.com, she took her clothes off and played with her tits and pussy. No suc and fuck for Sydni. Not then.It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about, said Sydni, who\'s 61 years old and lives in South Florida.She loved it. She had a voluminous time. 60PlusMILFs.com members loved her. They wanted more. Sydni wanted more.I love to fuck, said Sydni, who\'s about as frisky as a woman can be. So when when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, \'Sure!\'And, so, Sydni puts her magic hands and mouth to work on a stunt penish that\'s just about half her age.It\'s getting a little warm in here, says Sydni, who\'s dressed in a lace top that shows a lot of cleavage and short shorts. Thinking about that penish makes me horny.Sydni starts out by licking balls, then she cock sucking the penish, which is about the size of her face. She wraps her lips around it while talking to us and swinging it back and forth, then she cock sucking it and jacks it and jacks it and cock sucking it. And about 14 minutes later, she jacks it into her mouth.This is even more fun than I thought it would be, Sydni told us afterward.Sydni has never been married. She\'s been a swinger and a nudist for the past five years. In fact, it was about five years ago that Sydni truly started exploring her wild side.I love younger men, she said. I love young penish. I love to have sex, and I\'m finding all different ways to have it.For example, here at MILFTugs.com Sydni enjoyed. Now it\'s time for you to enjoy Sydni.See More of Sydni Lane at MILFTUGS.COM!.
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