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First BBC In her second make love scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from South Florida, sucks and make loves her first black dick. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It's also the biggest dick she's ever make loveed. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference. So, to recap: 1. Biggest dick. 2. First black dick. 3. Sixteen-year age difference. Candace was a total amateur when she walked into our studio and make loveed. She isn't a swinger. Her friends know how wild and crazy she is sexually, but they probably never dreamed she'd do this. Actually, Candace never dreamed it, either. Candace takes control and make loves Jax every which way. And he cums on her face. I like the thrill of being watched but have never been caught or been confronted for it, she said. I've had a couple of encounters with women. It depends upon my mood. I love kissing and being touched while I am climaxing. Candace gets all she wants in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a big-titted blonde Well, we just did!See More of Candace Harley at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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Jennifer vokova\'s toy of joy Jennifer Vokova\'s toy of joy Since we can\'t be everywhere, we have readers and fans who care enough to approach curvy girls about modeling for The SCORE Group. If a girl does decide to model, the finder gets a referral fee and the world gets to enjoy her pictures and videos. Via Paxton, Valory Irene and other hotties were found this way.Jennifer Vokova was discovered by a busty reader living in Prague, Czech Republic. Whenever he meets a gal he thinks is suitable, he sends us an email and some pictures after he chats them up and finds out if they\'re interested in modeling (many are not). Prague is a voluminous town for curvy beauties.Jennifer was fresh out of school. She was trained in cosmetology and spa procedures, such as facials. No, not that kind of facial.Jennifer speaks no English, but she has G-cup naturals, voluminous skin and libidinous nipples. That says enough.In the video, after the boob play, Jennifer moves her hand down to finger her pussy. She has some very interesting fingering techniques. At one point, she sticks three fingers inside.A dildo is traditionally hidden under the pillow in big-boob videos (an old custom in the Czech Republic and other eastern European countries), and sure enough, Jennifer reaches under a pillow and extracts a very long, black dildo. She gulp on it then plugs herself with it, looking at the camera the entire time. As a nice touch, she gulp on the toy fresh out of her pussy, licking her juices off it.See More of Jennifer Vokova at SCORELAND2.COM!. Delivery cock Delivery penish I don\'t like to be kept waiting. My pizza took too long and my stomach was growling. So I told the delivery boy to come in and feed it to me. When I finally bit into that cheesy slice I had so many emotions going through my body. I was so happy to finally get something in my belly and at the same time I felt so have sex exciting having this stranger feed me. Before I knew it I was taking out my voluminous ol\' titties so he could look at them while he fed me. And if you know anything about voluminous, exciting women, you know that if the food they\'re eating is lovely enough to make them take those titties out, it\'s time to fuck. Even though this delivery boy was late with my pizza, I still tipped him with my pussy.See More of Diamond Knights at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Tigerr benson - tigerr\'s in our tank Tigerr\'s in our tank It\'s the first time at SCORELAND2 for Tigerr Benson, a mega-busty Asian babe who lives in London, England and does some of the hottest porn, including DP, you\'ve ever seen. And you will see it soon. For now, though, we get to have her all to ourselves. Cherish the moment. It\'s not often that Tigerr poses solo.Tigerr\'s breasts are double-Hs. Her pussy is shaved, tattooed and pierced. She has a elegant waist. She\'s wild and nasty. She has a dirty mind. I like when guys tease me, she said. I love to sucks and lick penish and balls. My favorite position is being on top so you can see all of me. I like to train my ass to take considerableger penishs than my pussy. I\'m greedy. I always swallow the ejaculate when a guy blows his load.I\'m not sure that counts as greedy. I think it counts as accommodating.I like guys to be hot for me with lots of tongue and touching, Tigerr said. I like when men and women appreciate my body. I don\'t hide my considerable breasts. I want them out there.In other words, if you\'re lucky enough to see Tigerr out in public, you\'ll know her by her face and her breasts. After watching this scene, you\'ll be able to identify her by her pussy, too.See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND2.COM!. Boobs or treat Boobs Or Treat boobs or treat Or is it trick or boobs Harmony Heart is a little mature and fully-grown to be trick or treating but her cave girl outfit gives her a free pass to do anything she damn well pleases. Look at this chick. Who\'s going to deny her violent candy, especially on HalloweenJMac offers her a blowjober when she knocks on his door but she doesn\'t want more lollipops. Another kind of pop is what Harmony has in mind and she wants it from him. She wastes no time in going downtown on JMac\'s violent popsicle. Harmony knows how to blowjob on a guy\'s penish and even finds a new way to lick his pop before she gets have sex and then glazed in guy goo. See More of Harmony Heart at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Flesh & fantasy Flesh & Fantasy Gia Johnson waits in bed. Blessed with an abundance of creamy breast flesh, Gia likes to play the teasing game. But to tease in a way that will give guys a happy ending. Gia has very sensitive nipples but they can handle being pulled. Gia lifts her tits by the nipples and jiggles them. She licks them, her tongue making them pout from the stimulation. Her breathing is very heavy. She sighs and moans from breast and nipple pleasure. Gia slaps her natural tits together loudly. There is nothing like the distinctive sound of slapping tits. She gets so overheated, she needs her B.O.B. (her battery operated boyfriend) to cool down. What Gia wants, Gia gets. And what she wants now is to come quickly. We need more girls like Gia Johnson.See More of Gia Johnson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Diane poppos: texas super-milf Diane Poppos: Texas Super-MILF The Diane Poppos Story is that she\'s a mother of three from Texas who unwittingly started her career by posing for her now ex-husband in the privacy of their home. She did it all: housework in the buff, nude sunbathing by the pool, penish sucking, cunt plugging and anal fucking. tits blasted with jizz. Vegetables up her snatch. Lots of lovely stuff.Normally, no one but hubby would have ever seen his wife\'s pictures and videos. At least that\'s what Diane thought. But then they got divorced, Diane\'s ex-husband started selling the couple\'s supposedly private videos over the Internet, and the rest is boob history. The short version is that rather than being embarranaled by her sudden public exposure, Diane enjoyed the attention. She realized she was something special.At least that\'s The Diane Poppos Story, Part I. It seemed as if the final chapters on Diane\'s nude modeling story had been written in 2002 when Diane modeled for The SCORE Group for what we thought was the final time. But then, Diane re-surfaced, bustier than ever. The photos and video you\'re about to see are from The Diane Poppos Story, Part 2.I don\'t know why I left, to be honest with you, she said. I thought I\'d take a little break, and then nine years later, I said, \'What the heck Let\'s go back.\' And if I want to do it, I might as well call SCORE. I figured I\'d do it and see how long I could do it this time.Diane told us she was encouraged to return by her daughter.I have one in college, she said. My oldest one knows I came to model this time. She said, \'Why not, Mom Go ahead.\' She\'s 19. My 14-year-old, I haven\'t talked to him too much about it, but I\'m sure I will tell him. I\'m not one to keep too many secrets.Maybe she\'ll tell him that she not only modeled for SCORE and curvy but that she was one of the best, still considered one of the 20 Greatest Naturals ever. Diane Poppos. Making us pop again.See More of Diane Poppos at SCORELAND2.COM!.
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