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First BBC In her second make love scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from South Florida, sucks and make loves her first black dick. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It's also the biggest dick she's ever make loveed. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference. So, to recap: 1. Biggest dick. 2. First black dick. 3. Sixteen-year age difference. Candace was a total amateur when she walked into our studio and make loveed. She isn't a swinger. Her friends know how wild and crazy she is sexually, but they probably never dreamed she'd do this. Actually, Candace never dreamed it, either. Candace takes control and make loves Jax every which way. And he cums on her face. I like the thrill of being watched but have never been caught or been confronted for it, she said. I've had a couple of encounters with women. It depends upon my mood. I love kissing and being touched while I am climaxing. Candace gets all she wants in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a big-titted blonde Well, we just did!See More of Candace Harley at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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The power of maserati The Power of Maserati Maserati lays waste to her monokini in this shoot under the Miami sky, her first TSG shoot outdoors since her debut in 2011. She\'s never ceased to drive guys insane since she decided to become a nude model and porn star, one of the best and bustiest. She has the Super-Wow factor, a rarity out of millions of girls, and we\'re not the first to state this.Maserati always had voluminousger boobs than most girls. Girls hated me, Maserati said. My nipples are always hard. She sported double-D cups in ninth grade and by the time she left high school she was a triple-D. They just kept growing.Most guys like to get pounded in their face by my boobs, Maserati said. When I\'m fuck them on top, sometimes I need them to support my tits with their hands.In a candid chat, Maserati talked about the difficulty of balancing her life as a celebrity and a regular girl.I want a guy who\'s okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets. I love that you jerk your cocks to me. I\'m glad that you guys aren\'t tired of my voluminous tits. See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!. Driving miss sanders Driving Miss Sanders Samantha Sanders is feeling exciting. As usual. She calls her driver Max and summons him to her bedroom. Max sits on the edge of the bed waiting for Samantha to tell him her destination but wonders why she\'s in lingerie, her large breasts close to spilling over her cups. He shouldn\'t wonder but he\'s new at driving models and he has no idea just how exciting Sam is.Samantha lets Max know he\'s not going to be driving her anywhere. She wants him to drive her home in her bed. Drive it in hard. She undresses him and her breasts fall out of her lingerie. She bends over him and give suck his penish as he leans back. Then she kneels and turns around. She needs unhooking. Good. Let\'s see that body. He plays with her massive natural hangers, then feeds her more cock. Samantha swallows his pecker hands-free, leaving lipstick on his dipstick. She cups and offers her large, fat boobs so he can fuck them. Getting on her back and stretching out, Sam grips the metal rails of the bed\'s headboard. Max dives between Sam\'s legs and tongues her furry pussy. He\'s a European. European studs eat pussy. Max plunges into Sam\'s wet pink and drives her home as she requested. Samantha decides to promote Max to full-time butler. She could use a guy like him more often.See More of Samantha Sanders at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Boner lettuce tomatoes Scarlett may like her meals quick and easy, but she wants her dicks long and heavy. She\'s a cheap date and a hot lay. Take her to the drive through and that BLT won\'t be the only thing going into her mouth. A heavy dick is what she loves most after her first burger and before her second. As she devours the first one, Scarlett wants you to devour her tits. Let her sit on your face so you both can munch-she on her burger and you on her pussy. When you\'re done she\'ll get to work, lapping and blowjob up your dick. Soon it\'ll be time for her second serving of meat, and she takes it in her pussy. Scarlett will ride and chew away until you\'re one thrust away from cum and she\'s one bite away from finishing her burger. She\'s been saving it so that you can cover it in your special sauce. Now you know what to do....See More of Scarlett Rouge at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Breasts underwater Natural tits Underwater Underwater tits - how they float and bob and bounce. There\'s nothing like these natural flotation devices, and A-J has the best. In this series of videos, our Autumn-Jade team follows the SCORE siren for a series of watery gymnastics that would make a Weekee Wachee Springs mermaid jealous. Bring your own oxygen. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Sex on the beach I initiate sex, Arianna Sinn said. I love to be in command. But once it starts, I like the man to be a little more aggressive. I can make sex happen, but then I like him to tell me what he wants and do what he wants with me. But sometimes, I will take control. I love to shake my natural tits in a man\'s face and see his reaction.Relaxing on the beach enjoying a cocktail, Arianna soaks up the sun. This beach is remote and empty. There\'s no one around for miles. Arianna lifts up her bottle of sun gel. Sitting behind her is her boy toy, her private assistant. She keeps him close by to satisfy her every need, and we do mean every need. Arianna prefers a big man with a big dick because she\'s a whole lot of woman. After giving her a breast massage in the sun, his next task is to give his busty boss a hot make love on her beach blanket and give her total pleasure. She certainly deserves it.See More of Arianna Sinn at XLGIRLS.COM!. Win minka\'s bra, tits & pussy! Win Minka\'s Bra, boobs & Pussy! Beginning with the March 2007 edition, SCORE magazine started running the SCORE Girl Bra Giveaway Contest. A simple mail-in entry is all it takes. Denise Derringer was the first SCORE Girl to donate her personally autographed bra to one lucky winner. Since then, dozens of lucky SCORE readers have opened their mailboxes to find a bra personally signed by their favorite covergirls and centerfolds, from Summer Sinn and Merilyn Sakova to Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns.In this video, Win Minka\'s Bra, boobs & Pussy, a reader is overjoyed to read in SCORE that he has won the 44KK bra of the big Minka, the world\'s bustiest Asian model and XXX movie superstar. But SCORE Man is in for shock, awe and surprise; a huge surprise, when Minka herself delivers her autographed bra right to his door. And then fucks his brains out. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!.
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