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XL Girl Worships Black cock Holly Jayde says she loves guys who appreciate her and who compliment her beauty. That's the kind of philosophy that's all good. Holly saddles up with a dude who greatly appreciates a girl with large tits, a large assed and large belly, and shows that appreciation with the gift of a cruel cock and a large load of guy-cream. Mr. Asante Stone likes 'em sexy, squeezable and pretty. Chubby Holly more than punches that ticket. So we're sure this hot have intercourse scene with Holly Jayde, an interracial with a cream-pie finale, will rev up everyone's man-motor. Please show Holly Jayde some large love with a comment...because it's the gentlemanly XL thing to do.See More of Holly Jayde at XLGIRLS.COM!


Can rita\'s bum survive lucas\'s big, black penish Can Rita\'s anal survive Lucas\'s big, black tool I\'m back, and I\'m taking black up the butthole, Rita Daniels says at the start of the scene. She also re-writes some clbuttholeic song lyrics. We like Rita\'s version better than the original, even though singing is not what we came here to see her do.Rita gets down on her knees and wraps her red-lipsticked lips around his tool then goes deeper for a slurp, sloppy-penish sucking and plenty of attention to his balls. Hey, this is the tool that\'s gonna make love her butthole, and Rita wants to make sure it\'s ready. Rita penish sucking Lucas\'s balls is one of the sluttiest things we\'ve ever seen, then she returns to his tool and goes deeper and deeper, making sure we know she knows the camera is there, trying to gag on his make loveing tool. Of course, Lucas has make loveed Rita\'s vagina before, but this time, he make loves her vagina rougher, using his tool as a battering ram on her 60something cunt. When butthole-make loveing time comes, Rita spreads her anal wide, and Rita does her breathing exercises as Lucas slides in. Can she take it Of course she can. And does Lucas take mercy on Rita\'s anal No way! He make loves it rough then positions himself over her for a doggie-style butthole-make loveing.Give me some more, Lucas says as he withdraws from Rita\'s gaping anal and she spreads her butthole wide, her cunt gaping, too.Oh, I\'m such a slut for you, Rita says.Rita, you\'re a slut for everyone.See More of Rita Daniels at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Madison\'s revenge it involves a big, black penish Madison\'s revenge. It involves a big, black tool. Poor Madison Milstar. She just found out her husband is cheating on her. What a bastard! What a jerk to cheat on a piece of bum like Madison. Fortunately for Madison, she has the tools for revenge: her dick-sucking mouth and tight pussy. So when the opportunity arises, she tool sucking and fucks some big, black tool. That\'ll show the cheating scumbag!Madison had just turned 66 when this scene was shot. The dude is 35, easily young enough to be her son.What makes Mr. Milstar\'s cheating even more upsetting is how well Madison treats him. For example, she told us this story about what happened when she and her hubby watched her 60PlusMILFs.com scenes together.My husband was sitting there with a hard-on, so I wasn\'t going to leave him high and dry! First I started jacking his tool, then I thought, \'I\'m going to do to him exactly what I\'m doing in the video,\' so I sucked his tool, then I sat on his tool and rode him reverse-cowgirl so we could both watch my scene while we fucked. Usually he cums in my pussy, but that time, I got on my knees and jacked him off onto my face and into my mouth and ate his cum.Who would cheat on a wife who does stuff like that And thisMy husband used to shoot pictures of me, she said. The first time, he strapped me down on the bed, which was my first time being tied up, with Velcro straps, and he blindfolded me and started tickling me with a feather and touching me with different things, like ice cubes, and I was going crazy. Pinching me with little clothes pins.It led to fucking, of course, because almost everything Madison does leads to fucking.Madison, if you\'re looking to replace that rat fink hubby of yours, we know plenty of volunteers. See More of Madison Milstar at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. The deeper and darker the better The deeper and darker the better I want a great, black penish deep in my vagina, redhead Catherine tells us as she models her firm, busty body and great, round ass. I can\'t wait to feel that huge black tool. Where\'s my black penishBlack penish shows up, attached to a real person who immediately sets his sights on Catherine\'s firm, fake tits. She gets her legs all the way back for the vagina eating then gives the great, black penish a little bit of attention. She licks, she blow, she goes as deep as she can, which is beautiful deep considering that\'s a great penish she\'s sucking, and when Lucas starts playing with her vagina, she blow even deeper. Yeah, that\'s the ticket! His penish gets rock-hard, and he slams Catherine really hard.How can a woman who\'s only 5\'4, 114 pounds take such a poundingI don\'t like when men short-stroke my vagina or my ass, Catherine said. I want that penish all the way in so your balls are slapping against me. I want every inch of tool meat!Catherine, who\'s 46, divorced and from Oregon, lets Lucas take control. And the results are very good.See More of Catherine at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Oldest gilf ever gets big, black dick Oldest GILF ever gets big, black tool Sandra Ann is an amazing woman. She\'s 75 and our oldest GILF ever. She\'s into sex in public places. She once have sexual intercourse a man while he was driving a motor home. She sat on his lap, and he looked over her shoulder as she grinded into his tool. And while her old bitty friends are sitting at home on the couch watching TV, Sandra Ann is doing her first porn scene. They think she\'s crazy. We think she\'s horny.I\'m always looking, she said. And sucking. And fucking.We spoke to Lucas, the stud in this scene, after the fucking, and he said Sandra Ann gave the best head he\'s ever had.How many women have deep-throated you we asked him.One, Lucas said. Her.And that means Sandra Ann isn\'t just the oldest. She\'s the best.See More of Sandra Ann at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Milf of the month MILF of the Month Doing porn is not what I thought it would be, Venice Knight told a TSG editor. It\'s an art form and it\'s interesting. It\'s a whole new something to learn, which I love to do. And the best part of it is that I\'m having sex with new people each time. Yeah, Venice is pleasant liberal.Venice is having a date night at a restaurant. She excuses herself to visit the ladies room. When she exits a stall, she spruces up her tool blow lips with a little makeup. While she\'s doing that, her date can\'t wait and decides to check out what\'s going on with Venice. Seeing her bent over the sink, her mini-skirt riding up to expose her anus cheeks, he decides to tap her right then and there because she\'s made him crazy. Venice is a sucker for spontaneous quickies and wants some action as badly as he wants her cunt and large natural tits. She worships his tool with a wet mouth and long tongue. No one worries about the waiter. See More of Venice Knight at SCORELAND.COM!. Lola lee\'s darkest fantasies come true Lola Lee\'s darkest fantasies come true Granny Lola Lee, 66, is in bed, wearing red lingerie and stockings and rubbing herself.I\'m so lusty tonight, she says. I\'m so lonely.What Lola Lee lonely How can that beI wish I had a big, black tool to take care of me, she says. Her legs are spread, her cunt is ready, but there\'s no guy in the room. She falls asleep. Cut to Wizard of Oz music (no, not really). She fantasizes about a guy showing up. It\'s Lucas with his big, black tool, and Lola gets right to work on it.Oh, this is wonderful, she says as she rubs his slab of trouser meat against her face. So pretty. inviting So big. Can\'t argue with that.If you\'ve seen Lola Lee, you already know why she\'s one of the most popular MILFs ever. If you haven\'t seen her, you\'re about to find out. Watch Lola get fuck hard. Very hard. Yep, she\'s 66. And still making her fantasies come true.See More of Lola Lee at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!.
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