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First BBC In her second make love scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom from South Florida, blow and make loves her first black penish. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It's also the biggest penish she's ever make loveed. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference. So, to recap: 1. Biggest penish. 2. First black penish. 3. Sixteen-year age difference. Candace was a total amateur when she walked into our studio and make loveed. She isn't a swinger. Her friends know how wild and crazy she is sexually, but they probably never dreamed she'd do this. Actually, Candace never dreamed it, either. Candace takes control and make loves Jax every which way. And he cums on her face. I like the thrill of being watched but have never been caught or been confronted for it, she said. I've had a couple of encounters with women. It depends upon my mood. I love kissing and being touched while I am climaxing. Candace gets all she wants in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a big-titted blonde Well, we just did!See More of Candace Harley at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!


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Breakfast with newcomer chanel kline Breakfast with newcomer Chanel Kline My hottest sexual experience I once had sex with a DJ in the DJ booth while he was spinning, said Chanel Kline, a 49-year-old blonde who was born in Michigan and lives in Colorado.Chanel will make your head spin with her hot anatomy, which includes big, fat boobs that she stuffs in Tony\'s face. The idea in this scene is that Chanel rents out a room to Tony. The room comes with free breakfast. Tony decides he\'d rather have boobs and cunt than coffee and cereal.Chanel describes herself as a cougar, and she definitely has the face and anatomy to attract any man she wants. She used to be a cheerleader. We can definitely believe that. She enjoys cooking, crafting and clubbing. She doesn\'t mean beating guys over the head, although we\'d be happy if she slapped us a few times with her boobs.Tony, by the way, cums in her eager, open mouth.Chanel\'s perfect evening includes dinner, wine and sex. She found us through our ad on CraigsList. We\'re glad she was looking. She\'s not a swinger or a nudist, and she does watch porn.And now she can watch her first scene. See More of Chanel Kline at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Naughty girl fantasies Naughty Girl Fantasies Shae, do you have any wild or unusual sexual fantasies I don\'t know how wild or unusual they are, but I do have a lot of sexual fantasies. So many that the list would turn into an essay. One would be sex on public transportation and another is sex in a concert bathroom. I also have a fetish for fetishes. Specifically though, I love guys with foot fetishes and butt worshippers. I love to have my toes sucked, my analy slapped and squeezed and my anus rimmed. I also love to be tied up and disciplined for being a naughty girl.See More of Shae Celestine at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - bra saleswoman Bra Saleswoman What\'s in that huge suitcase Linsey\'s lugging You\'re in luck. Linsey is selling bras and excited lingerie door-to-door. Please help her out. She needs support, like a lovely bra provides. Maybe you have a wife, a girlfriend or someone like that you could give a bra to as a gift But wait. Let Linsey display some, using her own natural tits to show the quality and the cut. Linsey is not the kind of person to make a sale just for the money. She takes pride in her products. I have a very cruel time finding bras that fit, Linsey has told us about her own needs. I usually have to have them made. I can\'t just walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. I buy my bras at Rigby & Peller, the most famous bra store in England. They make all of Queen Elizabeth\'s bras, too. Linsey\'s goal is to give everyone giant boners with this video and she succeeds...once again. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at SCORELAND.COM!. Built for fuckin\' Built For Fuckin\' Candace Von is built for banging! And we mean that in the nastiest, most-face-down-ass-up way possible. This lady is what you call a fuckedin\' freak! She lets us know that she is going to get her big ole\' caboose coated in candle wax and then she is going to fucked like it\'s going out of style. And you know what That is exactly what happens. She bends over and her backside gets licked and spat on. And she loves every single moment of it. She\'s a giver, too, wrapping her lips around this guy\'s rod and cock sucking it down like she hasn\'t eaten in weeks. She blows him like only a true lover of blowjobs can. And then she rides him hard...because she loves that cock. And the sign of a real freak When she hops off this cock for the sole purpose of putting it in her mouth to taste her own cunt! Candace Von deserves an award for her horny humping skills. She\'s a champ!See More of Candace Von at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. A 23-year-old fucks ashton\'s ass A 23-year-old fucks Ashton\'s anus I\'m a hoochie. I\'m not shy, said 45-year-old Ashton Blake, who in this scene definitely isn\'t shy and is very hoochie as she aggressively goes after a 23-year-old\'s cock.She sits on his face. She deep-throats his heavy-on and moves her pierced tongue up and down his shaft. She pushes her pierced nipples in his face and gets her pierced pussy make love deep. Her piercings match. Then she gets her anus drilled. Her anushole isn\'t pierced, but with Ashton, you never know. Some day. Then the lucky dude cums all over her considerable tits, and Ashton finishes him off by gulp the after-cum off his cock. It\'s an impressive 40SomethingMag.com debut for Ashton, who\'s married and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Ashton is 5\'5 and weighs 128 pounds. She has DDD-cup knockers and measures an impressive 36-27-38. Those are MILF measurements, to be sure. Her dream car would be a Mustang Shelby, she was an aerobics instructor before she got into porn, her favorite TV show is Friends, and her favorite movie is The considerable Lebowski.I love my gym, planning parties with friends and relaxing, Ashton said.Her perfect day Sitting on a nude beach without a thing to do.Until, of course, a guy she never met comes along and Ashton says, Let\'s fuck. Then she has plenty to do.Being yourself is the most important thing. Approaching me confidently without using a line, Ashton said. A good sense of humor goes a long way. Showing me that you are a respectful and kind-hearted person. Hold the door for me. Offer to take my coat or even just let me sit down first when on a date.She\'s a swinger. She\'s a nudist. She\'s a camgirl. She\'s a bit of a romantic.A voluminous kiss is my starting point. I love someone that knows how to use their hands and fingers. I just melt away. Then I just need a good, heavy fuck! See More of Ashton Blake at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Miss isabelle opens up Miss Isabelle Opens Up Miss Isabelle was a very good pro-am model we invited to XL Girls. She has what some would consider the perfect body for BBW modeling. She developed young and said she went from flat to a D-cup literally overnight. It took time for Miss Isabelle to lose her self-consciousness about her big boobs. Isabelle got into modeling to pay off those damned student loans. She dabbled in bondage modeling also.The plump redhead talked about her kinkiest sex encounter as she posed. She got hotter as she told her story. Her erotic imagination and interests are very strong. It was in a theme motel a male friend of mine recommended. We were in this room called The Cave. It had brown shag carpeting and a bed that was sunken into the platform with mirrors on the ceiling. We were both laying down looking at each other in the mirror and the Prince song \'Darling Nikki\' came on. We\'re getting into the music and start titillating our own bodies, each watching the other in the mirror. As the song played we began pulling off our clothes, titillating our bodies and singing along while looking in the mirror. It was very sexy. We were both so turned on by the end of the song we had amazing sex. I\'ll always remember the sight of him in the mirror and the sight of myself playing with my body. I really recommend every guy take a girl to a theme motel from time to time. It will charge their sex life up!See More of Miss Isabelle at XLGIRLS.COM!.
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