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Bethany gets a creampie from her boss

Bethany gets a creampie from her boss Bethany James, a 64-year-old divorcee, plays out a favorite fantasy: boss fucks his excited employee. The boss is Mr. DeSergio. The excited employee is, of course, Bethany. In real life, Bethany is a retired executive who worked for the State of Ohio. She was more the boss, less the employee, and she enjoyed more than her share of business trips during which she picked up strange men, took them back to her hotel room and have sexual intercourse them. I once picked up two fabulous men in a downtown hotel in Chicago and took them back to my room, she said. We have sexual intercourse all night, then we never saw each other again. Here, Bethany fucks her boss, filling her mouth with his tool then getting have sexual intercourse in her pussy. She's wearing pantyhose, for those of you who are into that (we know a lot of you are), and at the end, Bethany gets a creampie in her pussy. nice and messy, Bethany said afterwards. Just how I like it. A creampied 60plus...just how we like 'em!See More of Bethany James at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!


A threesome for mom A threesome for Mom Bethany James, a 64-year-old tall drink of water from Ohio, plays out one of our favorite fantasies: lusty MILF have sexs her daughter\'s ex-boyfriend. Actually, in this case, it\'s her daughter\'s ex-boyfriends because Bethany has her way with two guys. She sucks them. They have sex her. And when they\'re done, they shoot their loads all over Bethany\'s face. have sex the daughter! Mom\'s much hotter.There\'s a lot to love about Bethany. For starters, her nipples, which are always erect. Then there\'s her bedroom voice. You could get heavy just by listening to her speak. And her height. She\'s 5\'11.Men have always been attracted to me, and I\'ve always been attracted to them, Bethany said. I love men. I\'ve never had sex with a woman and I never want to because I love men so much. I love the things they\'ll do to get into a woman\'s pants.For example A guy once came up to me in a club and said, \'Do your legs go all the way up to there\' I laughed, then I said to him, \'Would you like to find out\'The two guys in this scene find out.See More of Bethany James at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Bethany is a cock-sucking 60something Bethany Is A Cock-Sucking 60Something I felt I was too old to do something like this, said Bethany James, a tall, blonde, 64-year-old retired executive from Ohio. Too old There\'s no such thing as too old when a woman is as libidinous as Bethany, who\'s fulfilling her fantasy just by being here, sitting poised over her stud, reaching down to rub his crotch.Ooooh, baby, I am gonna sucks your dick, Bethany says. I\'m gonna make it stiff and violent and swallow it. Which is exactly what she does.The amazing thing about Bethany is that she\'s not a nudist or a swinger. In fact, before she walked into our studio, she had never had sex on-camera or in front of anyone except her significant others (she\'s divorced and has a boyfriend). She didn\'t even know there were men who wanted to watch 60somethings like herself talking dirty and sucksing dick and balls and doing the things grandmas are not supposed to do, especially with guys who are less than half her age.I once picked up two fabulous men in a downtown hotel in Chicago and took them back to my room, she said. We fuck like wild all night, and then we never saw each other again. In the morning, I went to my meeting, he went his way, and nobody knew my secret.Until now, that was Bethany\'s naughtiest secret...but considering all the people who are going to be watching Bethany sucksing dick and smacking the meat against her face and opening her mouth for the sticky load, this scene isn\'t much of a secret, is itWelcome to our world, Bethany.See More of Bethany James at MILFTUGS.COM!. For starters, a sloppy cock sucking job and a cumshot kicker For starters, a sloppy sucking job and a cumshot kicker I felt I was too old to consider something like this, said Bethany James, a 64-year-old divorcee from Ohio. Too old There\'s no such thing as too old when a woman is as lovely and lascivious as Bethany, who\'s fulfilling her fantasy just by being here. She had thought about doing this for 10 years but didn\'t know websites like ours existed.There\'s a lot that\'s special about Bethany. Her nipples, which she says are always heavy. Her bedroom voice. You can get heavy just by listening to her. And her height. She\'s 5\'11, and in those fuck-me pumps she\'s wearing, she\'s more like six-three.Men either love me or hate me, Bethany said. Often, I am taller than they are, so perhaps they\'re not very happy with that. Or they love me because of the way I\'m built. Because I\'m me. Because I\'m Bethany.The truth is, guys of all heights love Bethany. Men have always been attracted to me, and I\'ve always been attracted to them. I love men.A little more about Bethany: She was born in New York City and moved to a small town in Ohio, worked for about 30 years as an executive for the state of Ohio and has never been a stripper, never been a swinger and has only been nude in front of people at nude beaches in Negril, Jamaica.She\'s the kind of woman we live for. Enjoy her. Our stud did.See More of Bethany James at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Luna\'s employee bonus Luna\'s employee bonus Luna Azul, 60, pulls the old, Lady boss catches the young employee at the copy machine and decides to make love him because he\'s making copies of pictures of her vagina, trick. You never heard of that trick, did you Well, you might have heard about a hot female boss, and you might have heard about male employees checking her out behind her back and talking about how much they\'d like to make love her. Well, that\'s what\'s been going on in Luna\'s office, but what the boys don\'t realize is that Luna wants to make love them, too.Some of the best parts of this scene come early on, such as when Luna sits on the desk in the middle of the copy room and tells her employee to eat her vagina right then and there, and if they get caught, so what She\'s the boss. Another pleasant part is when the employee realizes Luna is wearing pantyhose and the only way to get to her vagina is to tear a hole in them. Which he does, and Luna doesn\'t mind that she\'s going to have a hole in her pantyhose for the rest of the day, and who knows Maybe she\'ll make love another employee.Of course, there\'s that messy vagina that Luna will have to deal with, too, because, yes, the boss takes a creampie in this one.That\'s what\'s called an employee bonus.See More of Luna Azul at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Tori\'s ass creampie Tori\'s butt creampie Tori\'s man is running late for work. The problem is, she\'s horny. Yeah, sure, he make love her last night. In fact, in the middle of the night, 47-year-old Tori woke him up with a suc job and sat on his cock. But she wants more, and her manHoney, I\'m late, he says. I promise I\'ll take care of you later.Oh, honey, Tori coos, you can be late just this once. And her man is ready to stand up and leave Tori to her own devices when she says, I\'ll let you have intercourse my analy!Well, that does it. Even the biggest jerk of a boss can understand, Sorry I\'m late. My wife asked me to have intercourse her analy.So, Juan manalyages her analy and spreads it so he can see into her cunt and butthole. She cock sucking his cock then he have intercourses her face. Teabags her, too. He have intercourses her cunt and then fills her analyhole, which is what she and he wanted all along. He cums all over her butthole, and she makes her cunt gape.And maybe this dude will end up getting fired. But there are worse ways to go through life than collecting unemployment and analy-have intercourseing your 47-year-old girlfriend.See More of Tori Baker at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. How to succeed in business without really trying There are many ways to become a successful executive. You can work hard. You can try to impress your boss. You can kiss your boss\'s ass every which way. You can come up with a voluminous idea, something really innovative.Or you can have big tits and display them in blouses that are mostly unbuttoned. That\'s the route Arianna Sinn has obviously taken in these photos. Can you imagine having a boss with a rack like hersArianna\'s huge, fleshy G-cups and full, soft thighs look especially enticing in these photos, and although she\'s very professional looking, she has a very soft, lovely look about her.I have a very difficult time acting like a slut because I am not a slut, Arianna said. I don\'t think I would make a very pretty boss. I think I would make a better secretary. I am very expert at serving men.Actually, we think Arianna would make a voluminous boss. We\'d never be afraid of being called into her office. We\'d always be willing to work nights. And we\'d gladly kiss her ass...and her tits. And we\'d always work hard. Always hard! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!.
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