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Not-so-desperate housewife

Not-so-desperate housewife Suzie Wood, a 60something housewife from Florida, likes what she sees sitting on her couch. Her husband isn't home, but she doesn't care because she knows he wouldn't mind. After all, she's doing this just for him: make loveed for the GrannyGetsAFacial cameras. The whole time I was make loveed this guy, I kept thinking about how my husband is going to react when he sees this video, Suzie said. I'm gonna be ready for him because he's gonna want to make love my brains out! I might even give him head while he's sitting in our computer room watching this video. In every other way but this, Suzie is a typical housewife. She enjoys traveling, gardening and reading by the pool. Her dream car is a Cadillac convertible. About 43 years ago, she lost her virginity in a very typical way: at her boyfriend's house. Doing this really got me off, she said. And I hope it gets you off, too.See More of Suzie Wood at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!


Put \'em on the glass! Put \'Em On The Glass! There is probably one thing that you and the opposite sex have in common, and that one thing is Desperate Housewives. The only thing is that chicks like to watch a show about these lonely, exciting bitches and we like to fuck the shit out of them when their husbands are at work. Trust us when we say, these lonely and lusting broads get so worked up that they will jump anything with a hard-on, if they get the chance. And no one knows this more than the blue-collar service guy. That\'s right: The Maytag guy is tagging more asses than you and us combined, man. When a desperate housewife opens her door for a service call, chances are that she will soon be opening her legs for a little servicing, too. Watch as Amber, a lonely lady all cooped up in a glitzy high rise, goes gaga for the window washer and decides to lure him in by putting her jugs on the glass. You\'ll want to grab a squeegee and start a new profession when you see her work his dick to a streak-free shine.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Just an ass-slammed midwestern housewife Just an ass-slammed midwestern housewife I love butt sex, flat-chested Iowa housewife Ruthie told us. It makes me feel like a slut to know that there\'s a dick in my ass. My favorite thing to do is give sucks jobs to strangers in public. My second favorite thing is to get ass-make love by strangers.For the record, Ruthie met the guy who\'s fuck her here just a few hours earlier (when they shot the photo version of this scene). So he\'s not a complete stranger. And he\'s already make love Ruthie\'s ass.And now he\'s going to do it again, Ruthie said, smiling like she always seems to do. I can\'t wait!See More of Ruthie Hays at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Canadian housewife darlene lupone Canadian housewife Darlene Lupone A Canadian housewife from British Columbia, Darlene Lupone sent some photos in 1989 to John Fox, then editor of Gent Magazine, before he established SCORE Magazine. One look at the photos of her gigantic, well-shaped tits and Darlene was on a plane to Southern California to meet with British big boob specialist John Graham and his photo team. Darlene posed for several sets in June of that year. Her first shooting was in the morning and Darlene got a little sunburnt. She posed again in the afternoon and flew back home the next day. Darlene\'s body was in very beautiful shape, toned and taut, not fat. Her enormous, fully packed and pendulous tits almost seemed to belong to another woman. See More of Darlene Lupone at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Lovely neighbor charlotte Charlotte Angel is no desperate housewife. She\'s the designated neighborhood welcoming representative. When Jimmy moves next door, Charlotte is there with an apple pie in her hands as a new arrival gift. Jimmy has no cutlery so Charlotte hand-feeds him. Right sweet of this stacked brunette! He hand-feeds her back. When some crumbs drop into Charlotte\'s deep cleavage, Jimmy is there to help her brush them off which gives him the opportunity to feel up her large, fat tits. Pie and large breasts. A large combo. Getting even more neighborly than most, Jimmy reads Charlotte correctly and whips out his sausage. She likes the taste of that and wants more. Jimmy is happy to oblige. After all, it\'s tit for tat in this neighborhood. Before long, hot-blooded woman Charlotte is totally naked and on her hands and knees, Jimmy\'s penish in her mouth. Like a beautiful neighbor, Charlotte is there and she\'ll be getting hot cream for her pie from Jimmy later as her special welcoming gift!We asked Charlotte if she watches herself at XL Girls and what she thinks.I saw some of the videos. I didn\'t watch them all yet. I was with a friend. It was a little weird for me at first seeing myself on-camera. I was like wow! There I am. My friend thought it was the largeest thing ever though. It sure is. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Poolside pumpin\' Poolside Pumpin\' Goldie Blair reminds us of one of those way-too-hot young moms you might see at one of your kids\' back-to-school/meet-the-parents nights. You know the type...smokin\' hot, bored, smokin\' hot, looks like she needs to be pounded, smokin\' hot, and sporting some knockers that you just know she is dying to wrap around a penish. (Possibly your penish, depending on if you can score some one-on-one time with her.) That\'s why it\'s not too unbelievable that a chick this hot would be lounging by the pool in a teeny white bikini that consists of two triangular nipple patches and one stunning piece of anal floss. You see, this is the type of chick they write all those Desperate Housewife shows about. She is so bored that the minute she gets a chance to jerk off the young pool guy or the well-hung UPS dude, this type of woman jumps at the chance. Not because she can\'t have sex anyone else, but because she lives in a glanal cage and she just wants to be reminded of her younger, free days when she ho\'ed it up with everyone who came her way. So, do a little public service next time you bump into a smokin\' hot chick like Goldie Blair. Offer her your penish to jerk and tug. It will make her day and she will make you spray. See More of Goldie Blair at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Glowing housewife Glowing Housewife Natalie Fiore has delivered her bundle of joy and we wish all best to the new mama and her baby. Our camera crew went back to see how Natalie is doing and to bring back new sets and videos. They were happy to report that all\'s well in Fiore Land.Natalie\'s baby-phat is beginning to diminish while her great boobs remain massive and heavy. Natalie\'s new role as a happy mother living in domestic bliss even left its mark on this scene as she tends to such excited household routines as vacuuming and ironing. Still as lascivious as ever, Natalie needs to take five, relax and fap her always-hot cunt and clit and squeeze her giant-sized boobs.Even new moms need to make that O-face between getting up to tend to the needs of the little one. Those hot mommy fantasies are boiling into overtime.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!.