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Desperate, black-cock loving housewife

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Not-so-desperate housewife Not-so-desperate housewife Suzie Wood, a 60something housewife from Florida, likes what she sees sitting on her couch. Her husband isn\'t home, but she doesn\'t care because she knows he wouldn\'t mind. After all, she\'s doing this just for him: make loveed for the GrannyGetsAFacial cameras.The whole time I was make loveed this guy, I kept thinking about how my husband is going to react when he sees this video, Suzie said. I\'m gonna be ready for him because he\'s gonna want to make love my brains out! I might even give him head while he\'s sitting in our computer room watching this video.In every other way but this, Suzie is a typical housewife. She enjoys traveling, gardening and reading by the pool. Her dream car is a Cadillac convertible. About 43 years ago, she lost her virginity in a very typical way: at her boyfriend\'s house.Doing this really got me off, she said. And I hope it gets you off, too.See More of Suzie Wood at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Put \'em on the glass! Put \'Em On The Glass! There is probably one thing that you and the opposite sex have in common, and that one thing is Desperate Housewives. The only thing is that chicks like to watch a show about these lonely, exciting bitches and we like to fuck the shit out of them when their husbands are at work. Trust us when we say, these lonely and lusting broads get so worked up that they will jump anything with a hard-on, if they get the chance. And no one knows this more than the blue-collar service guy. That\'s right: The Maytag guy is tagging more asses than you and us combined, man. When a desperate housewife opens her door for a service call, chances are that she will soon be opening her legs for a little servicing, too. Watch as Amber, a lonely lady all cooped up in a glitzy high rise, goes gaga for the window washer and decides to lure him in by putting her jugs on the glass. 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But we definitely enjoy watching you loving it.See More of Valerie at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. The deacon\'s ex-wife goes black! The deacon\'s ex-wife goes black! Once upon a time, Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife who was born in South Carolina and lives in Florida, was a Sunday school teacher. She sang in the church choir. Her husband (ex-husband now) was a deacon. For Marina, doing what you\'re about to see her do was the furthest thing from her mind.No way, she said. I didn\'t even have an opinion about girls who did porn because I never thought about it.One divorce, one happy marriage and 19 years later, Marina has done a complete 180. Those D-cup tits Yeah, they\'re fake, they\'re very nice, they have pointy nipples and Marina never would\'ve gotten them if she were still married to her ex. As for cock sucking and make love a total stranger on-camera No way.I recently had sex at a swingers club, she said. 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