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Getting her ya-yas out

Getting her ya-yas out Maya Milano is a tiny brunette blessed with an outstanding pair of natural tits. We were lucky to photograph her several times. Girls with her kind of body and face don't come along every month of the year. Maya wasn't shy from the start as far as showing her voluminous big tits. She was shy about showing her cookie in the beginning. That shyness eventually evaporated. Maya's an old-fashioned girl, so I doubt she'll ever go any hotter than this, and that's fine with me. I always enjoy my trips to SCORE, Maya said. It's always fun for me, and they take care of every detail. At home, I think about my experiences often. I wish I knew other girls with my kind of body because I would be happy to suggest they contact your photographers. I asked Maya a few questions about her life back home. She's not a full-time model. She would love to be a photographer. What are some of your hobbies Maya: I enjoy dancing. I like to go out dancing very much. I will play music at home and dance. I like to sing. In school, until the ninth grade, I even sang in the ensemble. Do you like playing any sports Maya: Yes, I visit the gym three times a week. Do you have any funny habits Maya: Most likely it is constantly looking at myself in the mirror, in the phone screen, in the shop windows and in the mirrors and windows of cars.See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND2.COM!


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Shapely & lusty Shapely & excited Joana\'s figure makes the average woman\'s anatomy look like a flat wooden board. Truly we are blessed that she decided to become a nude model and doubly blessed that Joana really loves the act of modeling. You can see it in her eyes and facial expressions in every shot. In Romania, I am close friends with Crisa and we spend a lot of time together. I learned many things about modeling from her. We have like a sisterhood of curvy Romanian girls. I also meet other curvy girls from different countries. In Spain on a SCORE shoot, I met Kelly Kay, a British girl and Eden, an Israeli, very curvy!See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Feeding frenzy Feeding Frenzy Two of the nastiest, dirtiest, raunchiest female sex maniacs in big-bust history go at it in this video that was shot over 25 years ago and remains memorable to those who saw it on VHS tape. There\'s lots of filthy action starting with the notorious Chessie Moore and Kimberly Kupps mashing their giant tits and playing tongue hockey in an outdoor pool. They dry off and meet again in the house for more lesbian licking. Chessie has a long, flexible, double-headed dong that she shoves into Kimberly\'s pink hole and into her own cunt, and now joined at the waist, they work their pussies. Over the decades, these two women were known for doing anything sexual...the crazier it was, the more they liked it.They are grinding away on the couch when they are interrupted by a stud. Chessie and Kimberly will take real tool any day over plastic substitutes, no matter the size. They are eager to stick their huge tits in the stunt tool\'s face, penish sucking his tool and fuck him. The two eventually apply their lips to his tool and balls at the same time and that gets their stud erupting his hot lava over their tits.The threesome at the end is, naturally, the best-remembered moment in the video. The ultimate male fantasy is make love two hot women and countless sex polls have proven this over and over. See More of Chessie Moore at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Sheridan love - the doctor is in The Doctor Is In Congratulations to Sheridan Love for winning SCORE\'s Hardcore Performer of the Year 2015 and what better way to announce her win than in this violentcore scene with Carlos Rios as Sheridan\'s lustful doctor losing both his medical ethics and his pants. Who could blame him with this hot babe in for a check-upSCORE: Sheridan, have you ever actually fantasized about having sex with a doctorSheridan: I always wondered when I had to get naked for the doctor, what he was thinking Was he looking at my huge tits, my round backside The thought totally turned me on.SCORE: Did you like having sex on a medical exam table Have you ever done that beforeSheridan: Never done that before. It was kind of violent being the table isn\'t very wide. But still fun!SCORE: You squirted...Sheridan: I squirted all over! It got super slippery.SCORE: Would you have sex with a real doctor if you had the opportunitySheridan: Definitely. Wonder if he makes house calls SCORE: Would you like to try a nurse-patient scene in the futureSheridan: I would love to! I promise to take lovely care of my patient. I think I would look appealing hot in a nurse\'s outfit!SCORE: Absolutely! What do you think about your DVD All The Way In How has the response been What did you think of the coverSheridan: Well, I was at the AVN awards when some of the awesome guys from SCORE surprised me with the DVD. I sold out of every copy that weekend! I have more fans asking for them. I love the cover being the wedding scene! Perfect for my all-me DVD.SCORE: Congratulations, Sheridan.See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Thirsty white chick Thirsty White Chick You don\'t see white chicks that can pop and drop their backsidees like this too often. Virgo\'s poppin\' it like she wants a gig at Miami\'s King of Diamonds. But Virgo\'s not at KOD, she\'s on our home turf and ready to take every inch of our boy JMac\'s penish girth.That backside is amazing, he says as she pulls her dress up to give him a better view of her booty. I need that.JMac\'s going to get it. And so is Virgo. Seeing the bulge in JMac\'s jeans is already getting her hot and bothered. So she walks over and plants her phat backside into his lap and onto his penish. Virgo is giving him the type of lap dance you\'d expect to get at a strip club, too. She\'s rearranging his penish through his jeans, and JMac\'s about to bust loose, so he pulls out his penish. Virgo wastes no time going to work on his throbbing man meat.Virgo\'s sucks skills are impeccable. She works all the way up and down JMac\'s pole, showing off her lack of gag reflex. She even goes south and gives his balls some attention, too. If we awarded trophies for penish-sucking skills, this chick would be a top contender.Virgo\'s sex skills aren\'t to be ignored either.Come have sex this pussy, she says as JMac slides into her doggystyle.Virgo makes her backside clap while JMac\'s smashing from the back. This is what have sexing should be. Hard, dirty, draining but motivating. These two are wearing each other out as they build each other up to their orgasms. And Virgo\'s hardest orgasm comes when JMac stuffs his junk in her backside. There\'s nothing better than a girl who loves anal, and this chick was made for it.When these two are finally done, JMac douses her face with cum, and Virgo thirstily laps it up. See More of Virgo Peridot at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Party girl Party Girl Someone awesome is here to celebrate. None other than Japanese superstar Hitomi, your hostess with the mostess cleavage. Hitomi enters the private dining room through an elevator, carrying a tray with a bottle and glasses. She pours you a glass of wine, then climbs onto the table to play with her awesome body and world-class naturals. Hitomi is a living table decoration, art in the flesh. Hitomi is without a doubt, the sexiest, most appealing woman to ever walk this earth! declares R.L. Back home in Tokyo, Hitomi is the #1 boob-goddess. Many Japanese models would like to have a fraction of her popularity. Tit-men are alike all over, regardless of nationality. Every single day of the week is a party with this beauty. Happy Every Day, Hitomi.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. A large day to jack to big tits A considerable DAY TO JACK TO big breasts A lovely field of yellow flowers. And Karina Hart\'s violent tits. It is, indeed, a lovely day to be a lover of big boobs. This photo set has several other natural wonders, such as Karina\'s spread and puckered anus (wouldn\'t you love to make love it) and Karina\'s slick, sweaty, make loveable pussy. Check out photo #37. Ya just gotta love a chick who smiles so invitingly while she\'s exposing her lustful make love hole, but that\'s Karina: inviting and excited at the same time. That\'s why we love her. Check out photo #50, too. Now, Karina would probably say, You\'re looking at what I\'m doing with the dildo, aren\'t you but we\'d say,No, Karina. Our eyes are focused on the way your tits are stacked on top of each other. But we\'ll get around to that dildoed pussy eventually.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!.