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Severance pay: layla\'s kitty Severance pay: Layla\'s pussy In real life, Layla Redd, a 41-year-old divorcee from Maryland, is an educator. An assistant principal in a high school. At least she used to be one. She lost her job.Here, she\'s a boss at a great company. Unfortunately, times are tough, and she has to fire some of her employees. Unfortunately for Juan, he\'s one of the ones to go. Fortunately for Juan, he\'s going to get a goodbye have sexual intercourse before he leaves. No wonder the unemployment rate is so high! Men are getting fired on purpose so they can have sexual intercourse their lustful female bosses on the way out!Okay, that\'s probably not the reason. But if Layla were your boss, it could be the reason.I\'m a swinger, Layla said. I love having sex with other men and having my boyfriend watch. I dress conservatively because I had to at my old job, so a lot of people would never guess at the real me. They\'d never think that I would pose nude and have sex on-camera.Layla has perfect B-cup natural boobs that she covers in those conservative clothes. Not surprisingly, she always wears a bra. That\'s what keeps her natural boobs so beautiful. Her hobbies are traveling, reading and being lazy, but she says she likes men who aren\'t afraid to take chances.In this video, Juan isn\'t afraid to take a chance. Layla obviously likes that about him. That and his dick. And if you\'re asking us which came first, her attraction to his dick or her attraction to his risk-taking, well, we just haven\'t thought it through that deeply. And neither should you. See More of Layla Redd at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Oily to bed for amiee Oily to bed for Amiee If we know Amiee Roberts as well as we think we do, she\'ll be watching this oily massage and canoodling sexperience. As Amiee told us, I will watch it and watch it alone. I like it better that way.Amiee introduces this scene and speaks to the camera before her date arrives to get real busy with her enormous boobs and plush body. I\'m going to give you an instructional video on how to do a massage but not just any massage, an oily massage for a beautiful, big, busty woman like me. I mean, you can\'t just have your man come home and expect him to give you a massage. You really have to get him in the mood. So you gotta get a little excited for him. Like this. With a snap of her fingers, Amiee starts to examine her lush body.Peter enters the bedroom and gets his magic-fingers massage from Amiee, and then rubs her the right way, tit for tat. And when they\'re oiled and heated-up, Amiee gives Peter\'s cock some tender lovin\' care with her magic mouth, heavy mams and libidinous hooch. We liked how Amiee held his nuts and sucked his cock, like it was a pipe.See More of Amiee Roberts at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Boning on the balcony Boning on the Balcony Shayne leaves her wholesome Wisconsin roots behind to get nasty in Miami. It was the sensible thing to do because a body like hers looks much better in a bikini than a blizzard-safe coat. Just like her mouth looks much better with a cock in it than without. She knows this, and that\'s why she dives to inhale this penish the second she sees it. The favor is returned on her delicious-looking kitty, with her fuck-buddy lapping her slit and flicking her clit ring with his tongue. And you can just tell by her hot body and bitch face that the fuck is going to be good. We\'re talking grunting, creamy, skin-slapping sex while hanging over the balcony for the whole world to see. The cool breeze on your face and Shayne\'s hot kitty sliding on your there anything betterSee More of Shayne St. Lucia at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Dressed up for fuckin\' Dressed Up For Fuckin\' I think it\'s important for a woman to get dressed up and do something special for her man, says bulbous-bootied Keita Eden. I like to put on some excited lingerie and chill some champagne and wait for my man to get home from a long day at work. Then I like to let him relax by putting his rough penish in my mouth until it\'s lovely and rough and ready to stuff in my juicy pussy. Of course, I don\'t mind if my man wants to get himself a taste of my nice ass, either. He can lick it and finger it and then slide his big thang all up in my ass and pound me until I cum. I like for sex to start off as touching and sensual and then build up into some nasty, roughcore fuckin\'. That\'s how I want it, daddy. I\'ll dress up so you can penish me down.See More of Keita Eden at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Blonde & busty in kentucky Blonde & busty In Kentucky Chrissy Monroe is a Kentuckian but she\'s not a fighter, she\'s a lover. Chrissy\'s a big-boobed courtesan at the Love Ranch North in Moundhouse, Nevada near Carson City. My special talent is that I can bounce my big breasts to the beat of songs, said Chrissy. As far as fetishes go, I am submissive. Chrissy tries on a selection of bikinis at poolside, oils up and masturbates. We\'ll see her blowjob and fuck in a hardcore scene.My breasts are now a 36G. I can buy Victoria\'s Secret bras off the rack. I get fitted every six months and my breasts are still growing. I wear clothes that show off my breasts.I am a fun, outgoing and well-rounded girl, who is interested in everything from world adventure to the paranormal, Chrissy wrote on her Love Ranch bio page. I like men, women, and couples. When we are alone, secluded in my bedroom, you can tell me all the naughty and dirty things you would like to do to me, and want me to do to you, and then you know what We can do them! See More of Chrissy Monroe at SCORELAND.COM!. A close shave for vanessa y A Close Shave For Vanessa Y. Like the leading lady in a melodramatic European movie, Vanessa Y. is faced with a serious, personal life dilemma. She\'s decided to shave off her world-famous muff. We follow Vanessa into the bathroom where she first gets her two-piece off and plays with her heavy, natural boobs and pussy, proudly sticking them in your face.Naked, Vanessa gets into the tub, covers every part of her bush with shaving cream and picks up a ladies\' razor. The moment of truth has arrived. Vanessa is about to begin her shave when she freezes. Should she or should she not Vanessa can\'t bring herself to clear bush garden. She knows that the happiness of the Vanessa Y. hair club for men takes first priority. Pulling out a huge girl-toy that every bathroom in Europe is stocked with, Vanessa discards the razor and gives herself some pleasurable plug and play time in the shower instead.That was a real close shave. See More of Vanessa Y. at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lipstick nipples Lipstick Nipples Hitomi blowjob and kisses her nipples until they are covered in red lipstick, and they stay that way for the duration of her cumshot show as she rubs one out on top of a bar. After reading comments on the Blog and in SCORELAND, Hitomi super-fan Bighorse once wrote about Hitomi modeling with SCORE, knowing the situation with Japanese girls about their pussies having to be obscured. (No problem with the butthole; it\'s a kitty thing.)I trust you guys at SCORE with Hitomi. When I first heard she was working with a foreign adult company, I thought this could be bad but she knew what she was doing. Now I\'m extremely pleased you guys are understanding with how Hitomi works and have taken appealing care of her.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. So busted So Busted This was Kylee Nash\'s first SCORE video, now upgraded to HD. Kylee Nash is in prison because she\'s too hot-looking to be out in public. She could cause a lot of traffic and construction site accidents. Therefore in her best interests, and for the protection of society, she\'s being kept behind bars. If you don\'t believe these statements, then watch this video.Stuck in So-busted Penitentiary for wayward girls, Kylee gets so wound up that there\'s only one way for her to express herself. Her natural tits won\'t fit through the bars, forcing her to relieve the stress on her cot. Prison life would be interesting with Kylee as a cellmate. I was a bit nervous because I wasn\'t sure how it would turn out, Kylee said. But it was really fun.Kylee\'s perfect day is Staying in bed all day having sex, cuddling and eating pizza. That sounds like most women\'s prisons. See More of Kylee Nash at SCORELAND.COM!. Do-re-mi-fa-so-fuck! Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-FUCK! Young Lola is surprised when she finds that a different instructor has turned up for her weekly piano lesson. She loves his accent and thinks he\'s way sexier than her usual guy. They run through the basics as he finds out what she knows. But she soon makes it obvious that she knows that she wants to have sexual intercourse. She tells him that she hasn\'t had sex in a week, and that\'s way too long. Being the pretty lad that he his, the instructor says have sexual intercourse the piano, and happily lets Lola exercise her fingers-and her lips-on his dick, then gives her some one-on-one instruction in have sexual intercourseing.See More of Lola Wilde at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Bunny banger Bunny Banger An exotic dancer from California, green-eyed Bunny De La Cruz loves showing off those jumbos. She bangs Jarrod in this upgraded-to-HD video. I wank all the time with my hand, a bullet, a vibrating penis, a glass penis and occasionally with someone watching me, Bunny said. I love having orgasms...they get me ready for the day or ready to sleep better! Bunny\'s danced at the Paradise Theater in City of Industry and King Henry\'s and says she likes to try different clubs for the variety. Like a lot of thick and busty girls, Bunny faced boob prejudice from catty girls as she grew up and often got warnings from school administrators about her too-skimpy clothes. Bunny shaves her pussy. It\'s cleaner and better looking, Bunny says. And since I have a tattoo down there, hair would get in the way. That Taste The Rainbow tattoo took three visits at 40 minutes to an hour to get it done. See More of Bunny De La Cruz at XLGIRLS.COM!. Auto body Auto anatomy When a buxom and thick beauty washes a car, and the buxom and thick beauty is naked and looks like Sunny Dee, every moment of sudsy activity is a joy. Sunny has huge pancake areolas, some of the biggest we\'ve seen. Other photographers tried to find Sunny but failed. We found Sunny when a male friend of hers told her she would be perfect as a nude model. Not only was he looking out for his nice friends at The SCORE Group but he was eager to see Sunny naked, even if it only meant in photos and videos. Sunny turned out to be a real natural in front of the camera. She clicked with the camera, has great, horny moves and her anatomy is voluptuously perfect...the perfect anatomy to sink into. And she really knows how to detail a car.See More of Sunny Dee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna bra show SaRenna Bra Show Every boob man enjoys a pretty bra fashion show, one of life\'s few genuine pleasures. The theme of the bra show (a model trying on several bras instead of wearing and taking off just one style) has become increasingly popular, and no one stuffs a bra better than SaRenna. SaRenna tries on a few eye-popping, and expensive, boulder-holders before finishing up the set totally starkers. Which bra is your favorite Or do you go for them allSee More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!.
Cream my vagina Cream My cunt Marilyn White: curvy and tight. She makes it right.Marilyn\'s large 38H-cup sucklers fall out of her monokini-style lingerie when she bends forward to bring up the rear. Marilyn has plump goodness on both sides, front and back. Are those nipples erect alreadyWhile Marilyn is still bent over, a palm spanks her ass-cheeks again and again. Her stud has arrived. He plays with Marilyn\'s big boobs and butt. They\'re irresistible. Marilyn strips totally naked before she gets on his junk. Stockings, heels and lingerie get tossed away. She stretches out on the bed and opens her mouth, her finger inside her pussy.Rocky holds her head, sticks his penish in her mouth and pumps it in and out. Marilyn\'s cheeks bulge with every in-stroke. She moans, thinking about what he\'ll do to her while the XLGirls\' camera runs. Rocky gets on his back and Marilyn rests her breasts on his thigh while her head bobs up and down on his penish. His hand holds the back of her neck. Her talented tongue works its magic.Marilyn gets on her back so Rocky can wedge his skinflute inside her cleavage, her hands squeezing her breasts together to trap it. She makes popping sounds when she suc on the tip as it approaches her face.Rocky moves behind Marilyn and feeds her again. She gags as his balls dangle in her face. He takes his penish out of her mouth so he can dip his nuts into it. Marilyn licks and suc his balls, then he throat-fucks her again.Rocky stands by the bed. With a smile on her lips, Marilyn gets up and turns around to offer him her back. It\'s time to do the doggie-dance and Marilyn is eager to take his penish deep inside her pussy. This is only her third boner-bounce but she has really taken to sex on-camera and shows large eagerness and excited enthusiasm. A torrent of dirty talk pours out of her mouth when Marilyn is getting deep-fucked in missionary, her hand rubbing her clitty. She wants that cumshot squirted into her pussy and her excitement is at a fever pitch.See More of Marilyn White at XLGIRLS.COM!. Punk rock dick pleaser Punk Rock penish Pleaser Occupation: Receptionist; Age: 21; Born: June 4; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Cheeksters; Anal: No thanks; BJs: Usually swallow; Masturbate: Almost every day.Cedella has a punk rock vibe going on, and that look is accompanied by a make love it attitude nine times out of ten. Cedella doesn\'t change that here. This is her first-ever porn shoot, and she insisted on making it hardcore. Why Because I want to make sure everybody sees it, she said. The cheesiest pickup line a guy ever used on me was, \'The only reason I\'d kick you off of the bed is to do you on the floor.\' I\'m ashamed to say that it worked! I went home with that guy, and we totally screwed.My biggest fantasy has always been public sex. There\'s just something so make loveing dirty about having a public hookup. It makes me wet just thinking about make loveing on the beach or in a park or a classroom. I think that\'s why I chose to do porn. I find the idea of being on display the biggest turn-on. I want to put on a show for thousands of guys.See More of Cedella Kors at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Schoolgirl surprise I feel bad for my tutor sometimes. He tries so elegant to get me to learn stuff, and I just...don\'t care. I have other stuff on my mind, like who I\'m going on a date with and what lovely outfit I\'m gonna wear. I\'m always thinking about sex, and it doesn\'t help that my tutor is a lovely, older guy. Don\'t tell anyone, but one time we had sex. I was being really naughty and flirty and I saw that he got a elegant-on. I was sooo exciting my pussy was practically cramping. So I deep-throated him and then he make love the shit out of me. There was so much sexual tension. It was so hot.See More of Ava Parker at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Slutty skipping student Slutty Skipping Student To be honest, sex wasn\'t on my mind. I just wanted to get out of school. It\'s so lame there. When the security guy pulled up and asked me for my ID, I knew I\'d probably get in trouble. I didn\'t even care about that, but I really didn\'t want to go back to school. And he was starting to look kind of pleasant to me. When I got in his car I just couldn\'t keep my hands off his cock. pleasant thing no one was home. It took some convincing, but once his cock was in my mouth he didn\'t seem to care too much about getting in trouble. I knew there was a pleasant reason I skipped school today.See More of Kyle Clover at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Picked-up & fuck Picked-Up & fuck On this sunny day, Reyna Mae is lost on the way to South Beach. She doesn\'t know where she is and her cell phone battery is drained. No worries. Her knight in a shiny auto comes to the rescue. She gets in and they head off.Her hero is impressed by her 36K blouse-busters. Reyna lets him touch one of them as he\'s driving. This is really distracted driving. They\'re practically half out of my shirt anyway, Reyna tells him. She takes one breast out for a quickie and then puts it away just as quickly. You can see where this is going.Pulling into his apartment parking lot, he takes his penish out of his fly. Reyna gives him head while they\'re parked. She takes her big, great boobs out of her top and rests them on his lap as she strokes and blows him. They forget about everything else but this hot suck-off. Maybe we should go inside, Reyna suggests, just in case someone sees what\'s going on in the car. Rock hard, he\'s eager for more of this horny blonde and her thick softness.Once in the apartment, they go to the bedroom and toss away their clothes. Reyna puts his cock back in her mouth and resumes her oral worshipping. She gets on her back so he can straddle her chest and slide his penish between her huge knockers. Eager to fuck, Reyna stays on her back. He begins fuck her from the side, squeezing her kitty lips together, playing with her belly and navel. Reyna wants to get on top next so his shaft can hit her deep. There will be time to go to South Beach later. See More of Reyna Mae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Skintight star Skintight Star Slipping out of her skin-tight, lace-up mini-dress, Sandra Star has a quickie with one of her toys, pumping her cunt hard. After she\'s cum, Sandra makes a new dress with a roll of plastic sheets, wrapping it around her slim and stacked rack. She rips it to shreds and uses the remnants to rub her clit and lips for a second cumming.When Sandra wants to unwind on a quiet night at home, she\'ll have a glass of white wine and read a book (Paolo Coelho is her favorite author) or she\'ll watch television. She likes Daniel Craig movies. Sandra\'s game plan when we first met her was to travel. I haven\'t really traveled so much, but I\'m looking forward to seeing much of the world, traveling to different countries and seeing different cultures. Flashing forward to the present, Sandra\'s been able to achieve that goal, expanding her horizons.See More of Sandra Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Back to the office Looking for a new job Miss Desirae will see you now. She\'s read your resume. Best be on your finest behavior. At least for 20 minutes. Shoes shined. Showered and deodorized. New white shirt, laundered tie. If you get the job, you get to bump into Miss Desirae several times a day in the building and sniff her scent in the air as you pass by her private office. Who could pass that up The position only pays $2. an hour, but think of the side benefits.Dear Desirae,Every inch of you is perfect. The guys who make love you in your two videos are the luckiest fucks in the world. Their dicks weren\'t big. My dick is much bigger. I\'d love to fuck you day and night, and cumshot deep inside you. I\'m not trying to be a jerk or insult you. I just really have the hots for you. Thanks for a top level web site. I jerk off every night to one of your photos. I have a ten inch dick.-Roy.Hi Des...just a few thoughts,As a long time member of your web site, I feel that I\'m one of your first members. Also, anything that I say that sounds like a pun is not on purpose! My first thought is that you photograph beautifully when it\'s just you and the photographer. Whenever the other SCORE girls are jumping around you in group shots, you\'re uncomfortable with it. I just can tell. It\'s obvious when it\'s you and the camera. You relax, you don\'t feel the need to pucker your lips, and do all the cliches. I just checked the Hawaiian session, and found myself fascinated with your face in unique and different angles. I\'ve mentioned before that your face is incapable of a bad photo. It\'s just magnificent! Next subject: listen to KIND OF BLUE by Miles Davis. Of course, it was recorded before you were born,1968, but it is the best straight ahead small group recording ever made. Pay particular attention to the track All Blues. Virtually every jazz musician plays this tune. I think I must have 10/12 versions. Impress your friends by saying did you know it\'s in 3/4 time Blues are always in 4/4 time. Anyway, enough for now. I\'ve seen you top to bottom, so future emails will address other subjects: your magnificent face, poses, whatever.-Bill. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Introducing our oldest tugger ever! Introducing Our Oldest Tugger Ever! Katherine Merlot is 71 years young, and that makes her our most-mature tugger and sucker at Welcome to the great show, Katherine!Thank you, said Ms. Merlot (she\'s divorced and has one grown daughter, a former Miss Jamaica). I\'d always wanted to do this. I\'ve fantasized about it, but the time was never right.The time was right about a week ago, when Katherine sashayed into our office wearing her horny outfits and got down to tugging a guy who\'s young enough to be her grandson (Rocky, the stunt tool in this scene, is 24 years old). But it\'s not exactly true that Katherine has always fantasized about doing this. For example, when she was in her early 30s and married, she would have scoffed at the idea.It\'s not something I ever thought about. Not then. I was married.And she\'s an escort! Woah!I\'m still shocked that men want to have sex with a woman my age, Katherine said.Hey, some of us just know better.Katherine was born in Romania, moved to Germany when she was very young and grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. La Belle Province. This week, Katherine is the belle of the ball at More of Katherine Merlot at MILFTUGS.COM!. Micky bells - bells rings our bells Bells Rings Our Bells I don\'t need to wear tops like this to attract any attention, Micky Bells explained. Which is pleasant because no one needs any street rioting by guys jostling each other to check out Micky\'s bells. Micky could wear a mu-mu and still attract eyeballs. Thankfully, she\'s not wearing one in this shoot. Now this is an outfit she\'d never wear unless she were going to a cocktail party. Usually I wear jeans, heels and a pretty shirt, Micky added. In my house, I don\'t wear a bra and when I sleep, I don\'t wear one. I don\'t play sports but I want to try bungee jumping. I do like to walk in places with pretty scenery. Micky did play sports once, with Gya Roberts and Terri Jane in Montego Babes, filmed in Jamaica. Their tits bounced like crazy in that team-up.Tittyman99 wrote. One of my all time faves. Just the mere sight of her sends me rushing to the bathroom hot and bothered.That\'s called The Micky Bells Syndrome. It\'s contagious.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Clash of the titans Clash Of The Titans You know she loves snackin\' on the carpet. She\'s done plenty of pussy licking. Danni Ashe, SaRenna Lee, Mimi Miyagi...Still, there was one naturally curvy babe Chloe had never done. Her name Linsey Dawn McKenzie, the girl many had called Chloe\'s heir apparent. Curiously, similar to Chloe, Linsey is into guys but she also loves some dabbling in the female form. And, when Linsey first debuted in the December \'96 SCORE and the prospect of a girl-girl came up, she immediately said...Chloe! I want to do one with Chloe! Not surprisingly, Chloe said that she wanted to cuddle Linsey after seeing her pictures. In August of 1998, pairing them together was a top priority. Mission and emission accomplished.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. How to iscore/i with lascivious girls How To SCORE With lascivious Girls How to SCORE with horny girls We recommend that you call yourself an art collector like this guy Brick. You don\'t need to wear a beret and a fake goatee. When Dulcinea rents a house from him, he winds up scoring this foxy fox. Well, the busty brunette is very statuesque and a real piece of living art herself.SCORELAND: So Dulcinea, do you like a lot of breast sex We think so. What are your favorite tit-have sex positionsDulcinea: Tit sex is like my signature move! And I\'ve met so many men that have never done it, which blows my mind. I\'m always like, Okay, you\'re going to want to sit down for this... and then I absolutely rock their world! My favorite position is on my knees with their penish between my breasts. That way, when they cum, it shoots up all over my face! One of the guys I was with at SCORELAND had never been have sexual intercourse by breasts. It sounds redundant, but there is a definite distinction between have sex a girl\'s breasts and getting have sexual intercourse by a girl\'s breasts. So, we\'re shooting and I start stroking his tool with my breasts and he went crazy. I think we got some voluminous POV footage of me on my knees dirty talking, too! And lately I\'ve met so many guys that were in the same boat. Well, not now of course. My other favorite position is when the guy straddles me and I can fuck his penish with my breasts lying down. And again, I can take a huge load right on my nice face.SCORELAND: Do you watch adult videos at home What kind do you likeDulcinea: All the time. And you might think that\'s an exaggeration, but I have a porn website app on my phone, which makes for another voluminous pickup line, by the way. I really like watching scenes with gratuitous cunt eating. I\'m talking camera close-ups, tongue flicking, squirting all over his face...the works! I also love watching real orgasms. Anything where the girl is going out of her mind is incredible to me.See More of Dulcinea at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Creampie for a curvy sweater girl Jessica Roberts makes the perfect sweater girl. Her large, natural breasts jut out like the headlights on a vintage Cadillac.Tony goes nuts looking at Jessica looking at herself. They stand in front of the mirror together and admire her chest in the sweater. It\'s too much to handle so he undresses Jessica and kneels to orally worship her large boobs. Jessica gets on the bed so he can blowjob on her nipples and lick her Chicago cookie-box.Jessica gets a grip on Tony\'s prick and sticks it between her mid-western hills. Who says the mid-west is flat Of course, this is not true. Jessica proves it.In hot photos 36 and 37, Jessica blows Tony with her vagina and anus to the camera. Using her hand, she pulls her ass-cheek to the side. Sitting on top, Jessica sticks his cock into her vagina in cowgirl, then switches her position to a reverse cowgirl, smiling into the camera with Tony\'s penish jammed into her. In all of her photos, Jessica is a smiler with a happy-to-be-here look on her face.They switch to the side-saddle, then Tony mounts Jessica on her back, his cock slapping her heavy clit before he slides it into her snatch and pumps away. Missionary and doggy are Jessica\'s two favorite positions, she tells us. A large, heavy cock satisfies me best, says Jessica. She\'s getting that and getting it good.Tony tells Jessica to get on her back and shows her vagina to the camera before he drills her in a excited doggy fuck.Jessica says she can be either assertive or passive, depending on her partner. Here, Tony is the controller and rams Jessica into la-la land. Jessica wants his hot load and her vagina is so nice that Tony busts his nut while driving his cock deep inside her. Both exhausted, they watch as the spunk leaks out of her well-fucked vagina. See More of Jessica Roberts at SCORELAND.COM!. Workout with rachel Workout With Rachel We join Rachel Raxxx at the mirrored SCORE gym for a workout. All the equipment is here. Weights, mats, vibrating wand. Wand Well, that\'s for the cool-down phase along with dousing her unforgettable hooters with water. In school, which wasn\'t so long ago since she\'s only 19 years old, Rachel was very sporty. Track. Discus. Cross-country.I was actually the slowest runner because I couldn\'t move as fast, Rachel said. My tits never fell out when I ran, not with the bandage and the sports bra and the tight shirt. It held them, but it made it harder to breathe. Discus was a lot easier. So was shot-put. You throw a weighted ball as far as you can. You throw it underhand. They\'re little balls, and you turn your body and swing it and throw it.She had us at little balls.I\'ve always been small underneath, around my waist so my tits are popping out. They\'ve always been the biggest part of my body since, like, seventh grade. This is the biggest I\'ve ever been. Rachel\'s bust is 30JJ at last measure. Don\'t forget she\'s still growing. I don\'t eat red meat. No pork, no beef, mostly chicken, fish and vegetables.Rachel is an body award winner in our book. In this pictorial, she gives us some very hot athletic moves and poses that are also large tit shots, such as #\'s 23, 28, 29, 48--the bouncing tits series--and 80. See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Flashing & creaming Flashing & Creaming What I love about modeling is being able to travel and meet people, Miss Emma said. You meet so many different people and get to travel to so many interesting locations. The people have been appealing so I guess I have been lucky. Emma gets a lot of attention paid to her chest but she also said, I think I have a rather appealing behind also. At least that\'s what I\'m told. She enjoys nude modeling but knows she\'s not nearly as wild as other girls. I would love to get into advertising, television and films. If I were trapped in some office, I wouldn\'t nearly have the fun and interesting experiences I\'ve had.See More of Miss Emma at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Creamin\' in cars Creamin\' In Cars Nikki Cars is making out with Juan Largo. He can\'t keep his mitts off Cars\' front bumpers, admiring the design. She rubs his junk through his jeans. What size are they Largo asks. 38H, Nikki tells him. H Largo repeats, unable to contain himself. She doesn\'t ask him how large his rod is. She\'ll find out very soon. Juan gets behind her and reaches into the top of her blouse, fishing for her breasts and catching them easily. Nikki\'s top is pulled down and he feasts on her large, soft, meaty pillows. His face is engulfed as Nikki squeezes both breasts together to squish his head. Laying back on the bed, she hovers over him and feeds him tit-flesh, smiling as his lips encircle her nipples. Once Largo has tasted his fill, Nikki sits by the bed, her breasts hanging. Wanna get your penish out for me she asks, ready to get her breasts fucked. She\'s an aggressive woman since being introduced to porn by her now-ex husband. He has her reach into his jeans to pull his penish out. She immediately pops it into her mouth to wet it for easier sliding through the valley between her rolling hills. She kicks off her heels and they both get back into bed so she can sucks him cruel as he stretches out. Nikki wants that penish in her cunt. Their first fuck position is Nikki on top, her back to him. She leans all the way back, penish inside her, and supports herself with her hands so he can really pound her cruel. That angle hits Nikki\'s lovely spot and she moans, Oh, yeah, that\'s good. Her cunt is getting rubbed the right way. Now for more in different positions including from behind, her favorite. fuck and now ready to be filled, Nikki wants that cumshot squirt deep inside her, not on her breasts and not on her face or down her throat. When he takes his semen-dispenser out, his sperm slowly leaks out of her well-drilled cunt-hole. Largo spreads her cunt-wings to better see the cumshot leaking out. Creamin\' in Cars is the only way to drive. It\'s a plush, luxurious way to roll. See More of Nikki Cars at XLGIRLS.COM!. Lustful preppy Libidinous Preppy Catarina, what\'s a girl like you doing showing off her breasts and vagina I\'ve always been kind of nerdy and shy and embarrassed of my body. I\'d get teased for being skinny and flat. But now I\'m feeling more confident and sexual, and I want to show off! Now that I\'ve embraced having little boobs, I love to go out without a bra. 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It\'s like having my cake and eating it, too! See More of Carmella Diamond at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Chat time: all about amora Chat Time: All About AmoraAmora Lee chats with TSG editor Dave and she\'s wearing the dress that she wore when she took her first very impressive pictures of herself and sent them to the SCORE Studio.When she was considering posing for the first time in her life, Amora Googled big-breasted models and SCORELAND appeared.You were number one on the list, Amora said in this interview. 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Ann sent in some at-home pictures, and when her test shots arrived, I knew she was a winner. This is a girl who loves her anatomy.Ann reminds me of the girls who posed nude in the 1970s and 1980s. They had a look on their faces that said they were busty and proud and happy to be photographed. My friends always said appealing things about my anatomy and my great boobs, Ann said. I love to dress in lascivious clothes and show my tits. So I decided to try modeling.Ann does not have a single tattoo or anatomy piercing, a rarity nowadays. When she dropped out of sight for a few years, I thought she was done with posing for the usual reasons. Then she resurfaced, thicker with extra pounds that put her in the XL Girls division. That was the only thing about her that had changed.See More of Ann Calis at SCORELAND2.COM!.
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