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Bwho\'s the ass-fucked boss/b Who\'s the analy-have sexed boss Lauren Taylor is a 56-year-old mother of two. She has a son, and if you think it\'s easy growing up as the son of a hot mom, think again.He had to beat his friends up, and then he got kicked out of the group, Lauren recalled. A couple of them were very blatant. I had a pool, and I\'d catch a group of boys watching me swim and lay out. Or they\'d come into my bedroom. You know, they\'d walk towards that part of the house and just wander in. It was nice obvious.Lauren\'s son\'s friends were walking around with lumps in their pants and telling me when they were gonna turn 18. It was nice funny. And I\'d say, \'No, you\'re still my son\'s friends, so that\'s not going to happen.\'Lauren\'s son\'s friends never got any. But they\'re over 18 now, which means they can legally view And maybe they\'re sitting at their computers right now, watching the hot mom from their childhood getting analy-have sexed on-camera.In this scene, Lauren is a boss who catches her employee, Tony, using a remote-controlled camera to shoot upskirt videos under her desk. But she doesn\'t fire him. She has him have sex her mouth, pussy and analy right there in the office.So, to recap: Lauren\'s son\'s friends got nothing. Her employees get it all. See More of Lauren Taylor at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Picnic pussy! Picnic Pussy! I like romantic things like long walks and picnics. Some guys don\'t like that stuff, but if only they would realize that being a little romantic turns me into a total slut. One of my favorite things to do is bend over on all fours to get fuck massive while I\'m at a picnic. If a guy does something charming and considerate for me, like take me on a romantic date, I\'ll do something charming for drink the cum from his cock! See More of Alessandra Jane at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Karina\'s big, warm, cuddly breasts Karina\'s Big, Warm, Cuddly breasts Karina\'s bra in these photos and the video is phenomenal. It\'s sexy, and her breasts bulge from all sides. It\'s the kind of bra only a girl like Karina can do justice to; the kind of bra that most women would say doesn\'t fit. We think it fits perfectly. Her little sweater also showcases her big breasts, making them seem so warm and cuddly, so squeezable and fuckable. Yes, Karina\'s big breasts can provide warmth on a cold, lonely night. Later, Karina has at her cunt with a funky dildo. We\'ve said it before, we\'ll say it again: Karina also gets an A+ for dildo dexterity. You\'d think that such a young chick wouldn\'t be so handy with a dildo. I practice a lot, Karina said, smiling sexily. pretty point, Karina. We\'re beautiful at jacking, too to you!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. The legend of british porn The Legend of British Porn Toni Evans is a beautiful, buxom, big-haired blonde vixen with legendary status in UK porn. She was everywhere in the 1990s and known under a variety of modeling names, some created by the editors of whatever magazines her layouts were published in.Those names included Kirstyn Halborg, Kirstyn London, Cristin London, Janet Tennant-Smythe, Kirsten Churcher, Kirstyn McLeary, Kristen Churcher, Kristen, Lu Lu Lamborghini and Petula Pearl. At John Graham\'s studio in London, she used the name Toni Evans. Born in Wales, Toni had triple-D breasts at 13. She was raised as a Jehovah\'s Witness. At school I was known as juggs, Toni said. Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn producer and performer Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). I was in Stringfellows and Linsey Dawn McKenzie came up to me gave me two business cards. One was John Graham\'s and one was David Sullivan\'s. I called David Sullivan because I lost the other card.Besides posing for magazines and doing hot porn, Toni also owned an adult entertainment modeling agency. She was married to the giant-dicked porn star Omar. Her filmography is as violent as her boobs. She shot porn all over Europe and was game for anything. When I was asked to do DP, it was like \'No. No!\' Then two weeks down the line it was like, \'I\'ll have a go!\'Toni posed for busty magazine as late as 2006. See More of Toni Evans at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Skeet for pleasant Known as one of the toughest female executives in the international corporate world, Natasha sweet is actually a fair and rewarding boss to her employees, notably her executive secretary Thomas. Every morning Natasha and Thomas have their meeting to plan the day\'s schedule, and when they\'re done, Natasha has to have her regular ritual of teasing him, following by his and her reward.And that ritual and reward is what\'s going on in this SCORELAND scene. After showing Thomas her famous natural breasts, declared one of the world\'s greatest sights by numerous business newspapers and magazines (such as Who\'s Who in considerable Boobs), and spreading her cunt open to wet his appetite, Natasha likes to lean over his lap and dangle her natural tits over his cock and tit-have sexual intercourse and blowjob him--all at the same time. Once satisfied, Natasha will lie back so she can have her daily morning have sexual intercourse before her busy day begins. As Natasha said when she debuted, I like very active and polite guys who can be appealing slaves. They have to be appealing at sex and know how to manage big boobs, because I have a lot to manage.Amen to that, Natasha. See More of Natasha sweet at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarenna lee in green SaRenna Lee In Green No other big bust sophisticate promoted and nutured SaRenna\'s career, from spokes-modeling for a SCORE Magazine sponsored race car to multiple Boob Cruise invitations. Aside from her obvious physical beauty and pulchritude, an important factor was how SaRenna reacted in front of the camera. Once she began posing, the consumate professional came out, no matter what kind of a day she was having. She just beamed concentrated sexual energy like a laser. We know what you\'re thinking as you go through this spread. Because we thought it too:Oh, God!! Whatta knockout!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Mallory takes control with a wake-up blow job! Mallory takes control with a wake-up blowjob job! Mallory Taylor, who\'s 40 years old, is lying in bed, wearing a bra and panties, when she tells her guy that he has to get up and get ready for work. She reaches down and starts stroking his cock. Looks like he\'s going to get up but not get ready for work. Mallory cock blowing his cock, and it\'s time to call in late!Three cheers for the wake-up blowjob job, the greatest alarm clock ever!But, believe it or not, the dude actually gets out of bed.cock blowing his cock made me so make love horny, Mallory says. She\'s still lying in bed and rubbing her pussy. She goes downstairs to cook breakfast, but she doesn\'t get out of her lascivious outfit. In fact, she makes it even sexier with a sheer dress. Looks like Mallory has a plan. This time, Mallory gets what she wants.MILF Mallory had a plan when she found us online. Her plan was to blow and make love porn studs. Mission accomplished!Mallory works in the medical field. She\'s not a swinger. She\'s not a nudist. She\'s into public sex, but the kinkiest thing she\'s ever done was a threesome. Now this, having sex on-camera for all the world to see, is the kinkiest thing she\'s ever done.Mallory says that sometimes she initiates sex and sometimes she lets the man do it. You can see what happens here. See More of Mallory Taylor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Eva notty - bikini busting beauty and an ocean view Bikini Busting Beauty And An Ocean View If you look up the words seductress and man-pleaser in the dictionary, you\'ll see a picture of superhorny brunette Eva Notty. She\'s been in the SCORELAND Top Twenty Rated Babes of the Model Directory since her debut. In this video, Bikini Busting Beauty And An Ocean View, Eva, her swimsuit barely restraining her assets, waits at a swanky poolside retreat for the proper attention that a girl like her deserves. Who could take their eyes off her lovely face and horny 34F natural boobs A tall girl at 5\'9, she\'s even more spectacular when she wears her six-inch fuck-me heels. A man should spend a lot of time on Eva\'s natural boobs before working his way down to her pussy. Touch and lick them gently, Eva instructs. Squeeze them a little. cock sucking them. Lick them all over. And don\'t forget the other one! Teasing is what it\'s all about. My preference is that they ejaculate on my natural boobs. Most guys have never been with a girl with boobs as voluminous as mine, so they like to ejaculate all over them. I\'ll rub it in for you and you can watch if you want. Stay Notty, Eva! See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Holly the body sucks and strokes Holly The body gulp And Strokes So what do we have here Well, it\'s a hot, exciting MILF in tight jeans and a tight, low-cut cleavage top. You might see a MILF like 41-year-old Holly shopping while wearing an outfit like this, and if you did, you\'d stop in your tracks and say, Whoa!\' Holly is a classic MILF in the American Pie tradition. She\'s blonde, blue-eyed, curvy and always horny. We asked her what she finds exciting and she said, cruel tool.Well, there\'s a cruel tool waiting for Holly in this video and the accompanying photos. The tool is cruel because when the scene opens, Holly is talking dirty and playing with her DD-cup tits. Then the guy sticks out his hand and plays with one of her tits, which is exactly what you would do if a MILF like this was standing right in front of you. Holly plays with her pussy and suc the cruel tool P.O.V. style. In the end, she opens her mouth for cum, but wouldn\'t you know it, some of it squirts onto her left eye. Hey, the guy got excited. Can you blame him.Holly was born in Pennsylvania and lives in Florida. She measures 34DD-26-36, which is about as perfect as a woman can get. She enjoys running and bicycling and is neither a swinger nor a nudist, just a woman who likes playing with cruel tools on-camera. She likes being watched while she\'s having sex. She\'s into women. Women are into her. Can you blame them See More of Holly Claus at MILFTUGS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - for all you naughty little gremlins! For All You Naughty Little Gremlins! A Harry Potter fan Not particularly. Chloe tried on one of the many costumes at the SCORE Studio. It\'s always party time with this many fun outfits. There are bridal gowns, a shocking policewoman costume, belly dancer harem pants, Gynecologist outfit, boxer, schoolgirl and many more to choose from in the wardrobe closet. If anything, Chloe is a lovely witch, an angel, casting her bedazzling spell of lascivious magic over every man who sees her. Still, she does look very lascivious in black. Chloe can make a man drink a love potion anytime she wants.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Holly wood - large bum white chick Voluminous anus White Chick As popular for her bubble anus cheeks as she is for her voluminous tits, Moonlite Bunny Ranch blonde Holly Wood is the cover babe for the DVD/Blu-Ray, voluminous anus White Chicks 6. This is the scene from the DVD. And what a fine booty Miss Wood has. It\'s obvious why guys want to do Holly from the rear. What a view of that full moon. It\'s wood making.SCORELAND: When a girl is having sex with a guy in a photo shoot, do you think it\'s sexier for her to look at the camera or to look at her partnerHolly: I love both!! When she looks at the camera you can see the pbootyion and intensity in her eyes if she\'s really enjoying it!! But looking at her partner builds the connection and drives the enjoyment deeper!SCORELAND: Are there any SCORE models you\'d want to make a girl-girl or girl-girl-boy scene withHolly: Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy are so sexy. And Dolly Fox looks like so much fun. Hitomi would be a wild experience! Who knows Perhaps it will come together one day. See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Oily to bed Oily To Bed The elegant Daria is back to light up your life and light up her breasts with a nipple massage. But first she\'ll oil up her crazy-generous anatomy and climb into bed to spread and show off every inch.This exploration of Daria has close-ups of her swinging, pendulous naturals, great and beautifully shaped. For someone who\'s brand-spanking new to being nude on-camera, Daria is a real natural at it.Daria completed her college studies for now, so we can focus all our attention on studying her.It\'s really amazing to model and I am enjoying the experience. It has been pleasurable for me. I learned a lot about it and how photographers work. Now that I have graduated from university, I am free to spend time on different activities. This is one of the things I wanted to do while I am young so I was happy to accept the opportunity. It is more fun than I thought it would be and the staff is so professional. They make me feel comfortable. See More of Daria at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Kandi opens wide Kandi Opens Wide As soon as Tony sits down on the couch, Kandi Kobain gets on his lap and shoves her huge natural tits in his face. And having your face stuck between Kandi\'s ample assets is a fantastic place to be stuck in. She pulls each tit out of her slip and lets him suc on her nipples like a baby. After he\'s had his fill of tit-lapping, Kandi is anxious to get at the root cause of the situation and pulls his jeans down. His rock-hard horn pops up and that pleases her to no end. Giving men railroad-spike boners is her life\'s main pleasure. Kandi licks and engulfs his cock like a lollipop, not forgetting to lick his balls, slurping and sliding up and down. She tickles and squeezes his nuts, drooling saliva on her hand and rubbing it on the balls. Her natural tits rest on his thigh as she sucs. You gonna fuck that vagina pretty Kandi asks, ready to get her snatch-hole impaled to the hilt. It\'s his sworn duty to ram her the way she wants it. In fact, it\'s the duty of every man who fucks her. See More of Kandi Kobain at XLGIRLS.COM!. The boner salute The Boner Salute This one\'s for the boys in uniform who make sacrifices for all of us. Desirae supports our troops and wanted to let them know that she wants to help them launch their rockets and handle all of their large artillery. This set was first time in uniform. I don\'t really think the uniform flattered me, but the hat was a appealing touch. It makes the uniform a bit sexier. While shooting this, I, of course, thought about our men who fight for our country, and I especially hope they appreciate and enjoy this shoot. I am dedicating this set to anyone who has ever served our country. You deserve it! Go ahead, fellas, give her the boner salute! See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. A date with kerry marie A Date With Kerry Marie While you have a sparkling restaurant conversation with Kerry in this video, A Date With Kerry (suggested by an editor with a sick, romantic bent), your filthy, tit-crazed mind wanders to thoughts of palming, rubbing and squeezing her ultra-exciting hooters, the tits you have admired and fantasized about for so long in Then the spastic waiter knocks her plate into her glass, spilling the contents onto her cleavage. The stupid fool. You\'ll have his job for this outrage! Then again, maybe he accidentally did you a favor. Now you can sit on Kerry\'s couch next to her as her tongue twirls a pattern on a popsicle... See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Curvy dusty - boob cruise memories Boob Cruise Memories Here\'s more Boob Cruise \'95 action with Dusty in the Caribbean. The ship we sailed on for that Cruise can be seen in the background of many of the photos, but your eyes will be focused on Dusty. It was pretty to just go naked on the beach, Dusty said. It felt so natural. Back home, it doesn\'t matter what I wear to the beach, everybody looks. But here, I could just be me. The Boob Cruise and busty Dusty was always a perfection combination.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna\'s first on-camera tit-fuck Arianna\'s First On-Camera Tit-Fuck Before she went all the way on-camera for the first time, Arianna showed off her spectacular tit-make loveing skills. And she did it in a considerable way, tugging on a giant dick and getting a considerable load of cum.I have been looking forward to doing this, Arianna said at the time. People have said to me, \'Arianna, when are we going to see your naughty side\' I thought I was already showing it, but now, I am really showing it!Let\'s face it: We\'re tit-men, and although we\'d love to make love Arianna\'s tight, wet, shaved kitty and bang her from behind, feeling our nuts slapping against her busty ass, the thing we most want to do is tit-make love those G-cup naturals. Here, our fantasy comes to life!See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Milf of the month MILF of the Month After four years, Krissy Rose (Hot Wife Krissy) contacted SCORE. Now in her early forties, Krissy and Brick pair off for a hot fuck. What else would you expect from a woman called Hot WifeKrissy and her husband are swingers and Krissy getting down with studs on-camera is no issue for her man. This ain\'t a vanilla marriage. I love it when my husband can\'t keep his eyes and hands off me, said Krissy. When I want to feel sexy, I get my nails and toes done, get a new outfit and take him out on the town. If you were married to a MILF-type like Krissy, would you be cool with her make love strangers in porn scenes What kind of guys does Krissy likeThere\'s nothing sexier than a guy who knows how to treat a woman. Just be a gentleman and be yourself. Don\'t try to act like someone you have seen on TV. The best compliment I\'ve gotten was being told I am my husband\'s dream wife and if he could, he would clone me. See More of Krissy Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. Dylan ryder - sex in the office Sex In The Office Human Resources director Dylan Ryder escorts you into her office so you can fill out a job application. She\'s a pleasant brunette in a tight, low-cut dress so you can\'t help but stare at her boobs when she leans over the desk to show you how to fill out the application. Because you were staring at her cleavage, Miss Ryder is impressed by your attention to detail. So she\'s going to reward you. Not with the job but by letting you bone her large boobs, her mouth and her shaved cunt on her desk. It\'s a very good thing Miss Ryder\'s office is soundproofed. Not that it\'s important. The employees are used to hearing Miss Ryder\'s screams during job interviews. See More of Dylan Ryder at SCORELAND.COM!. A milf with really big hooters A MILF With Really big Hooters Giant-titted MILF Cami Cooper says she likes it when guys undress her with their eyes. I like the attention and I don\'t mind it at all. I usually like to wear V-neck tops that cling to my tits and if I didn\'t get checked out, I would wonder what\'s going on. Cami can buy her bras off the rack which is surprising since she\'s got 38G-cups.There are three things on my to-do list, says Cami. Go on a cruise. Go to Amsterdam. Have sex with another girl. Hopefully, she\'ll check off all three before long. Carlos gave Cami a rough and tumble time in her first XXX scene Roughing It. She liked his barbarian approach and looked like she wanted more of it. The neck-kissing will be saved for another time. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina hart - cock time girl Cock Time Girl Here\'s Karina wearing the top she\'s wearing on the cover of the 2009 SCORE Calendar, themed boobs in tight tops from cover to cover (you can grab a copy of the February 2009 issue, which contains the 32-page calendar, online at or at your local newsstand/adult store, beginning December 2, 2008). Karina defines the phrase sweater stretcher, and this scenario makes her our favorite cock girl. Remember the cock time girl on the TV show Home Improvement, famously played by Pamela Anderson. Well, Pammy has beautiful boobs from the mainstream point of view, but she can\'t compare to Karina, who works our cocks like nobody ever has. Notice, though, that Karina\'s favorite cock seems to be that pink dildo, which she expertly uses to hammer her inviting pussy. For many men, this is the dream: a inviting girl with considerable boobs, a beautifully equipped workshop, a quiet place to jack. Enjoy the show. And don\'t forget to get a copy of that calendar.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Banal skype cuckold/b Ass Skype cuckold Cammille Austin, a 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arkansas, gets on Skype (or Facetime or whatever she\'s using), calls her husband and invites him to watch her make love two total strangers. She\'s bored. She\'s wearing excited lingerie. Her hubby is used to this kind of thing because he watched her make loveed eight guys on their wedding night. Yeah, it\'s an unconventional marriage, and Cammille is an unconventional woman.How unconventional She has big, fake tits. She has pierced nipples. She has a pierced cunt. She lets guys she barely knows take turns on her cunt and cum all over her face. Most women back home in Arkansas don\'t do this kind of thing.Cammille is a nurse. Her husband is a surgeon. We asked her what influenced her to make porn movies, and she said, Actually, it was my husband. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pictures, and then we moved on to videos. We would call up some of his friends, and he would tape us while we had sex. We really enjoyed it and just kept on doing it.And now she\'s doing it here for our viewing pleasure. And his. And her pleasure.Surprisingly, however, Cammille and her husband aren\'t swingers.The rule at our house is that he shares me, but I don\'t share him. He\'s stuck with me.She\'s a pleasant woman to be stuck with. And a pleasant woman to make sticky. See More of Cammille Austin at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bare-legged bad girl Bare-Legged Bad Girl Do you mind if I blowjob my toes, baby says minx Adriana Deville. It\'s a turn-on for me to blowjob my own feet and spank my soles. And when I know that you are watching, it makes me pretty and wet. I like to fantasize about you touching my calves and licking my legs from my ankles to my thighs. It gets me so worked up that I have to spank my vagina and flick my clit. And when I cum, it\'s because I am imagining your great penish between my feet.See More of Adriana Deville at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. That\'s entertainment, folks That\'s Entertainment, Folks Jennifer claims she\'s an \'entertainer.\' Apparently that means it\'s a lot of fun to watch her ride the pink pony. Her tryout to be a cocktail server at a private party turns into her serving her tail to a cock. Jennifer claims that she\'ll only go as far as wearing lingerie, but as soon as this guy starts talking money, she\'s ready to drop her panties. Jennifer gets naked and when he offers her even more money to fuck, she happily agrees. She gets on her knees and coats his rod with her spit and even cock sucking his balls. Then this guy gives her the first installment of her payment: a man-meat deposit in her bald twat. He fucks her in a variety of positions, switching her without even taking his cock out of her cunt. Jennifer loves every second of it. As long as there\'s a cock involved, she has a promising future in entertainment. See More of Jennifer Anderson at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. A walk in the park with sandra star A Walk In The Park With Sandra Star Every cloud has a silver lining and that silver lining is Sandra Star. Sandra\'s out for a walk in the park when it starts to shower. No problem. She\'s brought protection. When the sun breaks through, Sandra finds a park bench to get busy on her large natural tits and pussy. Sandra makes masturbation look like she\'s being fucked. Was anyone watching from a distanceThe ever-smiling German Barbie-doll has a university degree in business administration but the call of porn and sex was a powerful lure. Working in a corporate world fresh out of school was not for her, at least for the time being. I love ass sex. It is a very large part of my sex life, Sandra said. World-traveler Sandra tours such cities as Zurich, London and Bangkok but has never visited the States. Maybe she will one sunny day. See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Shapely & lusty Shapely & excited Joana\'s figure makes the average woman\'s anatomy look like a flat wooden board. Truly we are blessed that she decided to become a nude model and doubly blessed that Joana really loves the act of modeling. You can see it in her eyes and facial expressions in every shot. In Romania, I am close friends with Crisa and we spend a lot of time together. I learned many things about modeling from her. We have like a sisterhood of curvy Romanian girls. I also meet other curvy girls from different countries. In Spain on a SCORE shoot, I met Kelly Kay, a British girl and Eden, an Israeli, very curvy!See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Daylene & sara\'s considerable juggy adventure In this corner of the mattress, the California bra-buster known and loved for her wild pole dancing--both stripper pole and man pole, and a mainstay at SCORE since her debut--Daylene Rio. And in the opposite corner, a white, busty, blowjob artist with the anus-tonishing bum of a black girl, XXX superstar Sara Jay. But these two superstars of sex are not rivals or opponents. They are tag-team partners in this threesome. These champions of sweater-stretching had never hooked up together. And their stunt-penish needed every ounce of his strength to take on these two renowned maneaters. The rules: anything above and below the belt is good. What\'s permitted: penish blowing, penish licking, ball sucking, drooling, jerking, spitting, anus licking, bum slapping, doggie, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kissing, pussy eating, tit-banging, tit-mashing, clit rubbing, licking pussy juice off penish, jizz eating and snowballing. Everyone came out on top and exhausted. Daylene and Sara, we salute you for bringing the world\'s number one male fantasy to reality. See More of Sara Jay at SCORELAND.COM!. Boob power to the nth degree Boob Power To The Nth degree Maserati has said that she feels blessed to have her huge, natural, pliable tits. She knows how many women pay a lot of money to doctors to have large boobs. Maserati developed young and it took some time for her to love what nature blessed her with. When it\'s the time and the place to dress-up to show her tits off, Maserati knows how to rock the house. When it\'s time to go casual, such as when she\'s doing everyday errands in public, she dresses to downplay her rich assets.This pictorial uses a staircase to photograph Maserati at a low-angle and that helps the photographer capture some classic bust shots. Filming a model with a bod like this, one of the greatest and most talented bust models ever, you can get some incredible photos. See More of Maserati at SCORELAND.COM!. Juicy georgia peach Juicy Georgia Peach Occupation: Student; Age: 21; Born: February 2; Ht: 5\'6; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: I\'ve got a fetish; Anal: Not all the way; BJs: I spit and swallow; Diddle: Of course!I\'m just a Georgia girl who is looking for a beautiful time, Giaoni (pronounced Johnny) told us. That\'s why I gave you guys a call. I\'m nice set in my ways and I found myself in the same routine. Now don\'t get me wrong. I love going to the river and having bonfires with my friends every weekend, but I wanted a little bit of adventure. And in my opinion nothing says adventure like taking a large cock on-camera! I couldn\'t wait to see how beautiful a professional stud and his equipment could make my cunt feel.See More of Giaoni Whiley at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Mistress arianna\'s dungeon Mistress Arianna\'s Dungeon Today\'s theme are my tits, Arianna says, wearing a leather corset with a skull-and-bones chain. You\'re in mistress Arianna\'s Dungeon, and you\'re at her mercy.My tits have to be center the pleasure, she says. You have to lick them, suc them, spank them and do whatever I say. That\'s all Hey, we\'ll do that all day!This is my secret place. Arianna says as she wraps a chain around a bulging tit. Now you will have to take your pants off and start rubbing your muscle. I want to see how servile you are. I want you to rub your cock so hard. You\'re allowed to watch, but this time you can\'t touch.You\'ll have to resist the temptation when Arianna oils up her tits. It\'s an incredible sight. But don\'t touch. mistress Arianna says so.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Red dress Nicole Peters is red-hot in this spread. She heats up the room like only she can in this ensemble. And things get much hotter as she strips off and bares all for us to view with pleasure. It\'s elegant to consider her as an angel when she makes us have devilish thoughts. The only thing missing from this photoshoot is a pair of horns and a pitchfork. Simply put, Nicole Peters is on fire. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. For starters, nina takes it up the ass! For starters, Nina takes it up the butthole! Talk about a great introduction! In her first-ever porn scene, charming 44-year-old brunette Nina Dee gets her tight butthole drilled by a great porn tool then opens her mouth for cum. Yep, it\'s butt for Nina in her first scene. And we barely had the chance to say hello!I decided to do what I\'ve always wanted to do and quit worrying about what others might think, said Nina, who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Florida. So I posted an ad on, and that\'s how you found me.Nina, who\'s divorced and has kids, says the people who know her would be very surprised to see her here.I am a free-spirit, but my lifestyle does not go with this journey, she said.Journey Did she say journey Does that mean she\'s going to stay with us for a while Well, yes, it does.Nina describes herself as a registered nurse who\'s burnt out. I want to enjoy life. So she came here.And, again, what is it with all the nurses we getAs if you couldn\'t tell by just looking at her, Nina likes to workout. She masturbates while watching porn. Maybe she\'ll watch this scene and get herself off. She\'s certainly doing a lovely job getting off Tony and us. She\'s 5\'2, weighs 114 pounds and measures a spectacular 36-24-34.Nina has sex five times a week. Ten times in a lovely week.This was a very lovely week.See More of Nina Dee at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Angelique - angelique is served Angelique is Served Savor this smorgasbord of tasty photos. Angelique is here to dish out a salivating feast for your eyes only. As an appetizer, Angelique serves up a spicy striptease, with a lot of relish. Then the first course: shapely leg of Angelique. Next comes: a heaping helping of breast of Angelique. And third: her rump, which will roast your nuts. For dessert: juicy hair-pie! This is not food for thought, but for action.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Anna kay is feeling herself tonight Anna Kay Is Feeling Herself Tonight Girls are either jealous or they want to grope me, Anna Kay told a TSG editor during a break between shooting this hot scene.They always ask if they can feel my boobs. They ask to touch them and see if they are real or how much they weigh. When Anna goes to a night club, she becomes the most-popular girl in the room. Strippers love my boobs. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my tits and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my boobs are just so voluminous and elegant that they can\'t help themselves. I think it\'s funny.See More of Anna Kay at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Cream dream Cream Dream Queen of the Euro-Plumpers and Euro-Plumper sex, Anna Beck\'s return was greeted with a welcome sigh of relief by many of her followers and fans. An easygoing girl, Anna likes the simple pleasures of life. Reading, spending time with lovely friends, walking her dog. Then there\'s the side of Anna that enjoys showing off and playing with her giant hooters and having porn studs pluck her magic tulip.My favorite position is from behind and I like a man to take his time with foreplay and make it long and slow. I had been thinking for a long time about having a three-way and then I finally tried it and liked it (Anna\'s First 3Some). I did it a second time and I am going to have another one soon so please expect it. I have read some comments about wanting to see me with another girl. I\'m not against that but I prefer men.Now it\'s time for another jiggle show with the succulent and fantabulous Anna Beck. See More of Anna Beck at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karen fisher - the sex bomb power of karen fisher The Sex Bomb Power of Karen Fisher considerable titted cum-slut Karen Fisher lives, breathes and eats sex, dick and porn. She began posing at SCORE in 2001 and transitioned into the MILF zone in recent years. Karen started off as an exotic dancer and private lactator. Guys paid her to milk her boobs for them. She tried naked modeling, encouraged by now-retired SCORE Girl Corina Curves and, finally, have intercourse, building up a following over the years. In fact, she was a shy girl growing up. Now she\'s one of the nastiest women in porn and does salad tossing. She is usually cast these days as a dirty mommy seducing a young guy. I emailed Corina, asking how she got her start and what her experiences were and who I should and shouldn\'t work with, Karen told us. Corina took several test shots of Karen and that was all it took. I just felt like I wanted to change the way I was, said Karen about her shyness. I think when I first started dancing, it was my way of rebelling, because I was pretty nice in high school. I didn\'t drink or do drugs. I just think it was my time to do something crazy and wild after not having done anything wild and crazy at all. And I was starting to like my body, which took a while. Karen\'s large boobs always attracted attention but she didn\'t accept it when she was young. You know, it\'s not easy to be young and large-busted, and I got so much attention. I\'d sit in the back of the room, but all that happened then was the boys in the back started staring at me and doing all kinds of stupid kid things. Even though Karen has been fuck by a lot of dudes since then, she claims a large dick will still make her wince. Look at her face as Mr. Largo sticks his long bone in her from behind and he\'s not even ramming her. 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Thousands and thousands of men are going to be jacking their dicks to you. You like that, don\'t youI love it!Amelia enjoys spending time on the beach with her puppies. She enjoys decorating and making things. She likes funny men to take control, and, yeah, she means in the bedroom, too.She also told us, I wank so much, I\'m quite boring about it. I turn on a little porn and I ejaculateshot a lot in seconds. I should take more time, but I\'m always horny.Mom. Divorcee. nice body. Always horny. A voluminous combination. See More of Amelia Mack at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Are latin women the hottest & horniest Are Latin Women The Hottest & Horniest Alessandra Miller continues the tradition of smokin\' hot, big-boobed and exciting Latina foxes making their mark at SCORELAND. Alessandra has tan-lined breasts and large, darker areolas. breasts like this really pop in videos and pictures. 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This happens once Chloe has explained her Tantric sex philosophy to Tony. Tantric sex has nothing to do with throwing tantrums when a woman can\'t get what she wants. It\'s derived from Indian mystical practices, practices that Chloe has spent many long hours studying. This kind of sex is meant to heighten the senses and focus the sexual energies. It\'s more than just sticking your dick into a pussy, rubbing it around and then shooting a load of your greasy goo out of your swollen nuts. It\'s a total mind-body process that requires a lot of attention and devotion. Chloe is a dedicated disciple of this kind of lovemaking.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Natural tits & boots Indianna Jaymes felt there were not enough huge-chested porn stars on the scene and she was aiming to correct that shortfall. Here, she\'s decked out like a country girl. An oversexed country girl with impossibly huge tits, that is. A mega-boobed version of Daisy Dukes. 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I\'m passive and I love to be taken control of. Doggie-style is my favorite position. And as far as guys go, I like both older men and guys my age.See More of Kymberlee at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Milly\'s first butthole I love all kinds of bum stuff, Milly Marks told us. I don\'t do it often but when I do it\'s always a treat.Milly\'s special treat for SCORELAND guys is her first ass on-camera. Milly, she of 36H-cup greatness and the sex drive of ten girls in one shapely body, has had ass sex with boyfriends but she\'s never done the deed with a porn pro since she started with SCORE. The video first begins with Milly chatting with her photographer, answering his questions about her feelings about ass sex and how she gets ready for it. Milly is very open and natural, as always. She takes him into a bedroom to show us how she opens up by putting a dab of coconut oil on her bootyhole and fingering it. This makes everything more intimate and personal. 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Dolly\'s bikini delight Dolly\'s bikini enjoyment I\'m not into any kind of particular look, British babe Dolly delight said. That\'s surprising because, to me, Dolly is the epitome of the blonde make love doll. She\'s a sex toy with huge tits and blond hair and a tight body.Added Dolly, I learned a long time ago that it\'s much better to judge a person by what\'s inside of them than what\'s outside. I mean people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just because of how I looked.Uh, sorry, Dolly, but here at SCORELAND, we tend to be a bit shallow. A girl could have the nicest personality in the world, but if she doesn\'t have large tits, she\'s out the door before she can say a word. Then again, if she looks like Dolly, she has us at, Hello. Actually, even before, Hello.And besides, Dolly, now we\'re paying attention to you because of how you look.I dress very glam. I love being a girly Barbie-doll so I love lots of tight tops, little skirts and pink undies. The worst thing a man can say to me is that I\'m one of the boys. I like to be the girly-girl and I think that a woman likes to be treated like a princess.Who exactly is this guy who mistook Dolly for one of the boysI love to masturbate and be watched as well. That really turns me on. When I\'m doing videos, I really do ejaculate in them as I\'m being filmed playing with myself. That really gets me hot!These photos and the video were filmed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were taken on a private estate, so Dolly could play with her kitty and moan with enjoyment as loud as she wanted and nobody could hear her.And so what if they could Dolly said.Exactly. See More of Dolly delight at SCORELAND2.COM!. Princess of pumpkins Princess Of Pumpkins Princess Pumpkins always reminds us of the SCORE Girls of the voluminous \'90s such as SaRenna Lee and busty Dusty. Some of our models weren\'t born during the peak years of Angelique and Tiffany Towers and Princess is one of them. In a way, they\'ve picked up the torch and are carrying it high.SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite sci-fi fantasy characters, TV shows, movies, books and graphic novelsPrincess: Generally I can\'t pick one of anything! My favorite fantasy characters are Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern. My favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My favorite movies are Stardust and The Fifth Element, and my favorite comic book is Saga.SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on any free night, away from the computerPrincess: If I\'m in a relaxed mood, I\'ll just want to invite some friends over, hang out, play some video games and just chill. However, if I\'m feeling frisky, the girls and I will get all dolled up, hit the town and see how many guys\' eyeballs pop out of their head while I try to keep my natural tits contained in a dress. SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wearPrincess: If I actually have to wear one then I make sure it is the least-covering one humanly possible. I\'ll take skinny dipping over a bikini any day of the week! SCORELAND: What is something you have tried but will never do againPrincess: I\'ve done a lot, and in all honesty I can\'t say there is anything I wouldn\'t do again. Twice.See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Letting you know she\'s interested! Letting You Know She\'s Interested! This is something I might wear if we were out on our third or fourth date to let you know how interested I am in you! said Valory, who\'s looking excited (and, dare we say, a bit slutty) in a super-short short dress with an almost non-existent neckline. When she takes it off, her boobs seem to explode out of her chest. Sometimes I think they really are exploding out of my chest, Valory said. I can\'t believe it, but they are still growing. Valory says her boobs started growing when she was 13. She was wearing a D-cup bra by the time she was 15, and if she could find one, she\'d wear a 34FF-cup bra. But I cannot find one because other than my boobs, I am very small around the top, so I squeeze them into a 34DD. Maybe one day I will let you watch me do that!See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Luxxx anatomy LuXXX body I would say a lot of people look at me because of my boobs and always have, said Jordyn LuXXX. Most of the time I don\'t mind. Very rarely has it bothered me.Now people look at Jordynn while she plays with her tits and vagina every day or nearly every day since she became a web cam girl.I wank lovely often and everywhere the mood takes me. It\'s a huge turn on for me.Jordynn mentioned she\'d like to be a kinky traveler.I would like to go to London, Rome and Greece. I\'d spend the days fuck on historic grounds, just being a kinky traveler. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bath mate Bath Mate It was winter when Terry was filmed in the Czech Republic for Holiday 2007 SCORE. Here, she must be reflecting about this past summer when she was romping with four other curvy morsels on the beaches of Eleuthera, Bahamas. S.K. observes that Terry is One of the most-beautiful, alluring newcomers you have had in a while. Tom says: Terry just barely beats Christy Marks. Both of them seem destined to become Hall of Famers. I don\'t remember a newcomer combination like this since Nicole Peters and Ines Cudna. The deciding point was that the other girls in Eleuthera always had their eyes on Terry. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. How many ways can you have intercourse coco de marq How many ways can you make love Coco de Marq It\'s hammer time for 52-year-old Coco de Marq. Late in this scene, Coco is on all fours, having already been make loveed every which way, when the guy stands over her and absolutely hammers her wet vagina. But Coco proves she can take a pounding. More than take it, she enjoys it. Loves it. Adores the porn cock. All of our MILFs do.Coco is a divorcee from the Czech Republic. When this scene starts, she\'s wearing a low-cut red dress, stockings, a garter and heels. We can see her bra. Coco\'s guy comes home, and she\'s ready for action. She cock sucking his cock. He eats her vagina. When she rides his cock, she spreads her ass so we can see her gaping asshole. appealing stuff.Coco told us that she enjoys dates filled with laughs, fun and sex. She found us through a modeling agency. She\'s not a swinger or a nudist, loves having her vagina eaten and would like to have a threesome with two other girls. She likes young guys because they can have sex much longer...even though they can\'t last longer. In other words, they make love her and cum, then she gets them back up again and they make love her again.She said this is the most-fun job she\'s ever had. She also said it\'s not a job. See More of Coco de Marq at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. A soft girl for 2 massive men A Soft Girl For 2 violent Men Paige Turner is having her massive naturals worshiped when we first see her. Anxious to taste some penish, Paige goes down on Bambino and gulp him off as deeply as she can. Always horny, this young bra-buster said I love, love, love giving gulp jobs. Paige certainly proves that every time SCORELAND publishes a new hardcore scene. Meanwhile, someone is watching. Caught! Paige\'s guy has walked in while she\'s on her hands and knees swallowing another man\'s shaft. He\'s not too happy about this, but while he slaps Paige\'s ass, he orders her to keep blowjob the guy off and to lick his balls while she\'s at it. So he\'s not too upset. As for Bambino, he doesn\'t look like he\'s going to lose any sleep over this and he\'s not going to lose his wood either. It\'s going to be a two-man bang for Paige who happily accepts the invitation to this party.Jimmy whips off his pants and feeds Paige his penish and he wants her to keep gulping Bambino too. He\'s ready to leave and Paige wants to know if he should go. Jimmy wants Bambino to stay since Paige brought him home so he tells her to sit on his pole. He\'s going to share his babe with another dude even if he\'s steaming.The two studs take their turn on Paige\'s pussy and throat, and if they think they can exhaust her, they\'ve made a mistake. She can take anything they can dish out! Paige Turner is one big-boobed, sexual powerhouse! See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Getting a piece of kandi Getting A Piece of Kandi Kandi Kobain is a real charming treat eager to pound the meat and eat the skeet. XL Girls has a message for Kandi Kobain: Stay charming and keep fuckin\'! We always advise lowering the audio or putting on ear phones when Kandi has sex. She\'s a screamer.I am living a fantasy, Kandi says. I never thought I would grow up to be in porn or even a model. But I am a daredevil. I have been told that I give amazing head! If you\'ve got it, flaunt it, baby! I love when men stare at me when they are with their girls and the girls catch them looking at me. Kandi can get make love anytime she wants but she always has time to masturbate. I love busting out my hot-pink dildo and watching porn. I love watching girls with large tits and large buttholees have sex or masturbating. I\'m from Texas so I like to ride it and ride it heavy. I get worked up just thinking about a guy pounding me rough and heavy from behind while pulling my hair, slapping my butthole and talking dirty to me. I also love having sex with other girls. See More of Kandi Kobain at XLGIRLS.COM!. Curvy & horny Curvy & lascivious It\'s Carlos Rios\' lucky day and he knows it. Big-boobed Alessandra Miller strolls by him on the street where he\'s doing some construction work. Cupid\'s arrow hits him right in the shorts because this girl is smokin\' hot. He must meet her before she disappears so he uses the old begging for water routine. They head to her place nearby where his thirst switches to something else and her thirst for man-milk will be satisfied.Helping Alessandra out of her top and bra, Carlos blowjob and plays with her big, tan-lined tits. She fills her mouth with cock like it\'s a lollipop and gets on her back so he can finger her cunt while she keeps sucking.Alessandra holds her twin peaks together so Carlos can make love her between her tits. He bangs her boobs hard, feeding her the head of his cock. The more he make loves her tits, the hotter she gets. Spreading her shapely legs open wide, Carlos slips into her wet cunt and gives her the dicking-down a lascivious woman like this deserves. See More of Alessandra Miller at SCORELAND.COM!. Blazing bazooms Des writes: To make a lot of guys envious, I swear that the following is true. I visited London and on the first night, I went to a club. Sitting at one table was a charming girl with her friends. I was sure that I knew her. When she stood up to go to the ladies rest room, I saw her side-on, and as I watched her, I saw that she had on a tight T-shirt. It was the size of her boobs, though, that made me heavy almost immediately. I was 99% sure of who she was, so I walked across the room and took long steps so that I would pass the ladies room just before she got there. I was right. I did recognize her. Believe it or not, it was Nicole Peters. As I got to the door of the ladies, I stopped to let her pass. As she drew level with me, I asked her if she would let me have her autograph because, I said, I had never met such a spectacularly pretty-faced model before. She looked at me and then smiled. I was glad for the semi-darkness because by now, my face was purple. She asked if I would wait as she was bursting for a pee. When she came out, I said, I\'m sorry, but you are Nicole Peters, aren\'t you I\'m Nicole, she said. What gave me away It was noisy with the music playing. Pardon I said. She moved closer to me so she could shout into my ear. As she did, she couldn\'t help but press her firm boobs against my left arm and chest. At around 5\'3, Nicole would have had to stand on her toes to talk into my ear, so instead, I bent forward so my left ear was level with her exciting mouth. That also allowed me to look at those boobs of hers as she shouted into my ear. I have to say that looking at a charming girl in a magazine does not prepare one for what she looks like in the flesh. Nicole Peters is, as we all know, a beauty. I now know that she is one of the nicest, most caring and funniest girls you can ever meet.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Preggo & wet Preggo & Wet It\'s shower power time for Roxanne Miller as her preggo series at XL Girls comes to an end with this fourth scene. All\'s well now post-pregnancy for Roxanne and her bundle of joy. She\'s found the entire experience an adventure and she was even able to model for XL Girls during this major time in her life.Always a positive, happy chick, Roxanne talked about her point-of-view of her bumpy experience as her anatomy changed.Since we are able to create a miracle--right--I think we girls deserve to be pampered, at least during our pregnancy, so we can feel charming while we are expanding. So I do go to the salons to cut my hair, make it curly or straight depending on my mood, take care of my nails and stuff like that because I need to feel feminine and girly. I use a lot of lotion on my anatomy and for my belly, I use a lot of oil because it feels good.During my pregnancy, a lot of friends, mostly guys, said to me that my boobs were going to get doubled. And a girl said to me, \'Oh. my god, you\'re so selfish, you already have so much boobage! You want more\' See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. Arianna sinn - shower head Shower Head It\'s time for some good, clean fun with Arianna!Hi, guys! she says at the start. This is Arianna, and I want to have some fun today, taking a little shower and getting all wet for you guys. I\'m sure you will love that!Damn right we will! Arianna jiggles her breasts through her top and tit-fucks her curling iron. Then she gets into the shower and uses the hand-held shower massager on her cunt, then on her breasts. She pouts, she licks her breasts, she fucks her breasts with the stem of the massager, and by now, you should be getting the idea that Arianna loves to get tit-fucked. Then she bunches up her breasts and licks a nipple.And how does Arianna make sure her cunt is nice, clean and lickable By sticking a finger into her hole and giving it a deep cleansing. I want to make sure you enjoy my cunt, Arianna says. She can count on it! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Nice enough to eat Pleasant Enough To Eat Codi Vore needs bikini advice. How do her considerable natural boobs look in this bikini The pleasure is in watching nice Codi wiggle in and out of it, showing off her lovely, stacked bod. Talk about cute enough to eat! Figuratively speaking. Now would Codi wear this to the beach or to a pool Curious minds want to know.Codi loves her boobs. We applaud that, as best we can with one hand.I think my boobs are great, said Codi. In middle school, that was what people knew me as, the considerable-boobed girl, and I\'ve always tried to keep that from happening again. I\'m a lot more than my boobs, but some people have a cruel time looking past them. While I think my boobs are awesome and I have no trouble showing them, I find that I am more respected when they aren\'t on display. But they can be cruel to hide, and I\'m not going to purposely wear clothes that cover them up. That doesn\'t look cute.Codi gives busty girl lovers a voracious appetite to see more of her. See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. Joysticker 2 Joysticker 2 Guys want to see me clap my boobs together, says Lily Madison, back to play without her pretty new friend Hitomi after their second, and kinkier, happening. We like that slapping sound too. It\'s called breast music. Every tit-man enjoys hearing it.Every time we see Lily, her hair color is different. In this series, we think the color is called hot pink. We know jack about girls\' hair but we know why chicks are always changing their coloring no matter their age. It\'s to reflect their personalities and moods. One part of Lily that never changes is her pussy. It\'s always hairless and smooth.This time, Lily has got a firm grip on a big girl-toy. A day for Lily is not complete without her spanking out a big cum, on-cam or off. I like the toys that look like real cocks. She\'s the toy princess and has quite a collection at home. See More of Lily Madison at SCORELAND.COM!. High heeled honey High Heeled Honey If you can tear your eyes away from her impressive breasts, you might notice that lustful Kelly has a damn fine pair of legs, and she knows how to use them. Check them out in super-high heels and just think what they would feel like wrapped around your back...!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Milf threesome MILF Threesome What\'s better than fuck a MILF How about fuck two of themLake invited over a couple she met at a bar the night before. They come over to hang out in the jacuzzi outside, and all three soon start to get comfortable. Jordan, the sly fox, forgot his bathing suit, so he enters the jacuzzi naked. This seems to be all the inspiration the MILFs need. They soon give this lucky SOB every man\'s fantasy--the double BJ. If he were a mere mortal, Jordan would bust all over the girls\' two charming faces. Luckily, he has the stamina to fuck them doggie-style in the jacuzzi. But have you ever tried using water as lube That shit doesn\'t work! They soon move to the grass.Missionary with one chick Check. Proceed to the next. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl follows. This guy isn\'t taking the easy way out, but he finally succumbs to the MILFs\' sexual prowess. He lets free a major cum all over their experienced faces.See More of Lake Russell at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sheri can always get what she wants Sheri can always get what she wants In this scene, 52-year-old wife and mom Sheri Fox leaves no doubt about what she wants.I want you to make love that anus, she says as she bends over and spreads it, teasing the stud who\'s been sent to make love her. Have I got an anus for you!From the start, Sheri is wearing a purple bra, stockings and a purple garter but absolutely no panties, so when she bends over, we can see the anus that this guy is about to make love. But first, he\'s going to have his penish sucked (all the way, as Sheri takes him right down to his balls) and then he\'s going to make love her nicely decorated cunt. When she\'s getting her cunt make loveed, Sheri likes to look down and watch the penish going in and out of her.But all this is merely a prelude. Sheri turns upside down, spreads wide and says, C\'mon, make love my anus. So the guy takes what he\'s given, and Sheri takes every inch.I love getting make loveed in my anus, Sheri told us. Nothing\'s better.See More of Sheri Fox at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Angeli - bras & lingerie Bras & Lingerie Angeli was discovered during a model hunt in Europe. She enjoys going to the beach and sailing on summer mornings. She goes to the gym about three times a week to do aerobics. Men are always trying to distract me so I changed to an all-women\'s gym. But you know, it is funny...I missed the attention and looking at guys myself so I went back to my old fitness center.Angeli went shopping for bras and came back with a bunch of hooter-holsters for this bra shoot. I would like to continue my career as a model, says Angeli, playing with her bras and lingerie. I am really shy but posing helps me become more erotic. I don\'t model too much. Just when I feel like it because I have a job. Modeling is more for fun.See More of Angeli at SCORELAND.COM!. Pussy & anal toys Cunt & butt Toys Paige Turner was 2nd Runner-up in busty magazine\'s Newcomer of the Year 2016 contest. In the 2017 contest, Paige was first runner-up in the XXX Performer of the Year contest, edged by returning V-Girl Alaura Grey, who did hardcore for the first time. Rachel Raxxx was 2nd runner-up and Milly Marks was 3rd runner-up, two more formidable fellow candidates don\'t exist.Do you believe this girl used to work at a Subway sandwich shop What a waste of a hottie! Paige made a better decision to leave and become a stripper at California Girls in Santa Ana. That led to a customer telling her about SCORE. Now at SCORELAND, Paige handles a different kind of foot-long. Fate, like women, moves in mysterious ways.I was picked-on in school because of my large boobs, Paige remembered. I love my tits! I\'m very happy with them. I like the attention I get as long as it\'s lovely and the guys are nice. See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow arrives in st maarten Leanne Crow Arrives In St. Maarten This scene from the movie Leanne\'s Stacked Summer is off to a bountiful start! Leanne Crow deserves a holiday somewhere exotic and tropical and SCORE is going to deliver that warmth and sunshine, airfare and all expenses included. Leanne has arrived from London and is ready for fun and games and meeting other busty babes on the elegant island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. She has her smartphone ready to record her daily activities for her blog. Leanne awakens in the morning and heads out to the terrace with its magnificent view of the sea. But not as magnificent as the view of Leanne\'s huge natural tits. She lowers her slip and plays with her marvels, bouncing and jiggling in the sea wind. Returning indoors to her room, Leanne decides on a bra. She tries on several, deciding on a sheer purple number that does her mounds justice. Leanne awakens in the morning and heads out to the terrace with its magnificent view of the sea. But not as magnificent as the view of Leanne\'s huge natural tits. She lowers her slip and plays with her marvels, bouncing and jiggling in the sea wind. Returning indoors to her room, Leanne decides on a bra. She tries on several, deciding on a sheer purple number that does her mounds justice. After Leanne blogs, there\'s a knock on the door and none other than Australia\'s finest Angela White bounces into the room to greet Leanne. They have never met in the flesh and are horny to finally meet. See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. The real deal The Real Deal Shara Lopez dances for you in this scene, and that Latina heat is scorching. She\'s one of the all-time best dancers at SCORELAND. Slapping and shaking her firm, full ass, jiggling and bouncing her great natural boobs, Shara shows the super-powers she has on a dance floor, dressed and undressed. Shara makes guys crazy-horny with her grinding gyrations. When Shara\'s dance is finished for the time being, she pleasures herself, cock sucking her nipples and tugging her pliable tits. Dancing doll Shara picked her name because Shara was the name of a doll she had. Now Shara\'s all grown-up and a living doll. She gets a ton of attention everywhere she goes. When she goes skating and wears tight shorts and a tight top, every guy in the neighborhood stops what he\'s doing to enjoy the show. See More of Shara Lopez at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey, jessica turner and kerry marie Linsey, Jessica Turner and Kerry Marie Linsey has posed with Kerry Marie in Algarve, Portugal. Jessica Turner has posed with Kerry Marie. Jessica has posed with Linsey in the famous police line-up that included Chloe Vevrier, Autumn-Jade and Katarina-Nikita. Linsey and Jess were on the Boob Cruise in 2000. They were all in a nearly forgotten little video gem in 1999 called Bouncing Boobs. To the very best of our current knowledge, this is the only photo set of LDM with Kerry and Jessica together in London. Girls fooling around but not very seriously and sexually. More of a big-boob sisterhood thing. They\'re mates but not that kind of mate. All three look spectacular and could give a man a serious workout.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Oily to bed Oily To Bed The elegant Daria is back to light up your life and light up her tits with a nipple massage. But first she\'ll oil up her crazy-generous anatomy and climb into bed to spread and show off every inch.This exploration of Daria has close-ups of her swinging, pendulous naturals, large and beautifully shaped. For someone who\'s brand-spanking new to being nude on-camera, Daria is a real natural at it.Daria completed her college studies for now, so we can focus all our attention on studying her.It\'s really amazing to model and I am enjoying the experience. It has been pleasurable for me. I learned a lot about it and how photographers work. Now that I have graduated from university, I am free to spend time on different activities. This is one of the things I wanted to do while I am young so I was happy to accept the opportunity. It is more fun than I thought it would be and the staff is so professional. They make me feel comfortable. See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. More than a handful W.M. writes: I think she has a pureness thing going on with her, if you know what I mean. I\'m her #1 mega-fan in the whole universe. I don\'t care what others say. Models may come and go but Nicole will always reign supreme. Since Nicole was voted #4 in SCORELAND\'s Top Ten of the Decade 2000-2009, W.M.\'s statement seems proven. We were lucky to find Nicole. During our model search, we met a photographer who specialized in Goth and fetish models. Nicole is neither, and even though he took pictures of her, he realized she didn\'t fit his needs and recommended her to SCORE. The rest is history.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!.
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