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Private bunny time Private Bunny Time What\'s it like to spend some quality time with Holly Wood at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch It\'s private bunny time with this hot blonde with the tits of a SCORE Girl and the ass of a BootyLicious Girl. What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada. However, this will give you a nice lovely idea.SCORELAND: So Holly, do you get female clients at the Ranch What do they want to doHolly: On occasion. It\'s becoming more popular for women to come here. But there\'s a variety of reasons. Bi-curious, lesbian, or even just wanting experience and an expert\'s opinion on toys and masturbation!SCORELAND: Have you ever done a husband-wife couple or the husband when the wife watches or the wife when the husband watchesHolly: I\'ve done all of it! Multiple times! Sometimes it\'s just about the wife, other times it\'s just about the husband, sometimes it\'s just a wild free for all. Every couple has their own story and set of rules. And every time it\'s a blast!SCORELAND: Are any models or Bunny Girls an inspiration to youHolly: Air Force Amy is such a huge role-model. She has set the standard in the industry, and has taught me a lot. She\'s bigger than life and so full of personality. It\'s impossible not to laugh and smile around her. She also has such a huge heart and gives back to so many causes.SCORELAND: You and Air Force Amy have teamed up for two girl parties. Tell us about that. Holly: Amy is hands down the wildest woman in the industry. But she\'s also the most experienced, educated, and dedicated. We\'ve done everything. See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Wet tee teaser Wet Tee Teaser Katie Thornton does do windows as this pictorial proves. It was previously proven by her car wash scene. This time we get to see soapy breasts against glass and more wet T-shirt action. The lovely blonde Brit was made to wear and pull off wet T-shirts.After showering and toweling off (who would like to be Katie\'s towel boy), Katie gives you another eyeful of her spectacular bare bod in bed, then dresses to go out and have some tourist fun on South Beach.What makes Katie\'s day...or nightCompliments that are genuine and interesting. I like to be wined, dined and sixty-nined. Now that makes me feel very special!See snaps and a video of Katie\'s afternoon on South Beach in a separate posting. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. A sharp girl with soft curves A Sharp Girl With Soft Curves Hitomi, her green anatomy stocking hugging her soft skin, has a pair of pink handcuffs and a pink sleep mask that reads Be Naughty. She\'s got something planned and it\'ll be lovely and sexy.Whenever she comes to America for adult video expos, she\'s a people magnet. Fans, both female and male, want to meet her, and models such as Sheridan Love and Maserati want to meet her and take selfies. It may seem the reverse of her public personality but Hitomi says she can be shy around people in a more everyday setting, especially if she doesn\'t know them. It sometimes takes time for her to warm up. There is a shyness about her that the SCORE staff detects at times. It makes her even more endearing. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Milf of the month MILF of the Month MILF of the Month Heather Barron has four kids. She takes on two studs in this double-penetration threesome and drains them dry. She\'s a sexual superwoman and a true porn star.I\'m divorced and horny, Heather told TSG editor Dave. I love to fuck. Originally from New Jersey and a Las Vegas resident now, Heather is a realtor. She says she enjoys exotic dancing, pedicures, shopping, and the feel of a man\'s warm ejaculate running down my leg. That\'s quite a diverse list.I was a virgin when I got married. At 29 I got a divorce and I went wild. I knew nothing at that point and had never had a guy go down on me until I was 29. After my divorce, I was with a lot of men and learned a lot about sex and what I like. Now 45-year-old Heather teaches younger guys all about sex and, boy, is she fully qualified. Repression can sure create sexual dynamos. See More of Heather Barron at SCORELAND.COM!. The skin-tight suit The Skin-Tight Suit Roxi Red is not from Texas but she sure does have Texas-sized natural tits. Checking herself out in a mirror, Roxi admires her astounding figure in a purple catsuit that clings to her pretty skin like plastic wrap. Roxi likes a guy who pays attention and is a pretty listener. I like to have a positive attitude. I like to know a person before we become friends. I enjoy crazy compliments and people with a positive attitude about things.A member of the 20 Club, models whose bust size exceeds their waist measurments by 20 inches, Roxi says that watching her videos and looking at her photo shoots makes her want more sex in her relationships back home. She said she hasn\'t done the deed watching her videos with a guy. She\'s only watched them alone. Her latest convert at SCORELAND was JMac who was in awe of Roxi\'s major boobage in Roxi Red Vs JMac.I feel an incredible amount of jealousy for any man that gets to get his hands on her amazing breasts. I don\'t care if it\'s a bra fitter, porn stud, boyfriend, whoever, Boobhound commented. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Sploshed Sploshed The natural tits are out and you\'re wrestling. We do grab each other\'s natural tits and stuff like that. I also did something else. It\'s not really wrestling, but this girl and I played in the mud together. We did titillating things to each other in the mud. It\'s a fetish.That\'s Rockell talking about her mud wrestling. She\'s not mud wrestling another girl here but she does get wet and messy and dripping, first in a tight dress, then bare-boobed and bare-assed. From out of the camera frame, squirts of clear lube land on Rockell\'s sophisticated bod and splosh her until she\'s covered in the stuff. It\'s similar to Japanese TV game shows that slime their lustful girl guests.SCORELAND: So, Rockell, what superpower would you like to have for one day Besides deflecting jets of slime.Rockell: I would love to fly! I think that would be the coolest. Kinda like how Superman has the ability to fly really quickly and save people, I would also like to be a superheroine and fly using my super powers for the greater good.SCORELAND: What do you want to do that you haven\'t doneRockell: I want to travel to Europe and visit different countries and see the historic places and cities I\'ve only seen on TV and in books.SCORELAND: Then you could go to a nude beach. There are none in Alabama. See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. The deck is stacked & so is may The Deck Is Stacked & So Is May May West is up against two card sharks for a game of strip poker, and knowing newcomer May as we do, she won\'t be holding her own for too long--not even for a short time. Not when she can hold their own. The deck is stacked and so is May, a big-chested natural with a libidinous appetite for group sex and anal.I especially love being make love up the bum, said May. I like my bum fingered and licked too. I love it all.JMac and Tony quickly lose their shirts at the table trying to get May naked so they can double-team her. Then the tide turns and the cards fall in their favor. Off comes May\'s tight halter top, followed by her brbumiere. As soon as the boys see May\'s big, juicy tits, they lay their cards on the table and start laying May on the couch, taking turns to tickle her throat, poke her cunt and pump her rump. They serve May liquid refreshment straight out of their cocks and she laps it up. I always swallow when I give someone a sucks job, May explains.You may need a score card to tally up all the different ways JMac and Tony give it to May in this touching threesome. This was one game in which every player was a winner. See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. The shower show The Shower Show Slipped into skintight jeans and a tank top over a bra, Alexya enters the picture to pull her magic on any guy who looks at her. And then she basically owns him. Alexya is prettier than most major movie stars and has a much better body. Any Hollywood actress or fashion model stacked up against her in a face and figure contest would have a tough time of it. Shedding her hot chick outfit (this girl knows how to dress), Alexya enters the shower with her sponge and her body wash gel and gets busy. It was a lovely day when Alexya accepted an invitation to model at SCORE. The requests to see more of her with various scene ideas continue to come in. The most-basic of these requests is seeing Alexya naked and barefoot. This shower scene fits that bill.See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Full & juicy Full & Juicy The tape on the eyeglasses. Those terrifying orange shoes. Where\'s the shirt pocket protector or is that a geek guy thing Tiggle Bitties has joined the Nerdist Party for this study session in a geek girl\'s bedroom.What would Tig really wear going out unless she was planning to run naked in the woodsI am probably wearing fitted jeans and a belt because I have a lovely butt, and I like to show it off, and then I\'ll wear a wrap shirt so I can control how much cleavage I\'m showing. I can decide where to tie it. I can loosen it to make it lower.As soon as the shirt comes off, we can see Tig tug on her boobs and she\'s really--we mean really--a great tugger. Tricks are for boobs with Tig. She knows what real breast-men want to see.SCORELAND: Tig, do you watch adult videos at home, besides yours What kind do you likeTiggle: Of course I do! I like group scenes and REAL girl-on-girl scenes, not the gross fake ones.SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beaches or adult resortsTiggle: I don\'t...yet. But I would be totally thrilled to do that! Who wants to take meSCORELAND: You\'re not a stripper. Do you ever go to strip clubs as a customer and watch the girls Tiggle: Totally! Usually with my best friend. Laughs See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy the cabbie Christy The Cabbie Don\'t tell us you can think of a better cabdriver than Christy Marks. Who better than Christy to take you exactly where you want to go when that destination is hooter heaven. This fare finds out how far his meter can run when he gets to ride Christy\'s pleasant pussy. Never in the history of hack-dom has there been a cabbie built like Christy. We admit she\'s a little violent on the wheel taking curves.The taxi commission knows how long a line builds up at her cab stand and in the words of the cigar-chompin\' taxi commissioner, I wish I had 50 more drivers like Christy! She makes the rest of the drivers look like the bums they are! It does get a bit cramped for some of the more intricate sexual positions that Christy can get her legs into so she often finishes fuck outside. This also keeps the cab\'s upholstery from getting stained. Christy would rather scoop it up in her cleavage and lick it off anyway. But her days as a cabbie may be ending. Uber is cutting into her action so she\'s saving up to buy her own limo and start her own car service. There will be plenty of leg room in that chariot.See More of Christy Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Busted Busted One tough cop. June Summers is one tough probation officer. She carries a badge and packs a voluminous bra. Badge number 40-26-36. The busty redhead does not take any shit from the miscreants and perverts she has to keep an eye on. It\'s a dirty job but June has the right tools for the job. In fact, her mind is dirtier than the slime she has to keep in line. June checks up on this one greasy low-life, making sure that he is obeying the law and staying a decent citizen. She\'s ready to show him how she keeps her wards on the up and up. June also makes sure his shaft is on the up and up. Looks like this dirtbag is carrying a concealed weapon in his underwear. Who does he think he is A politician June\'s going to have to check him out.June Summers: Undercover Cop. The poster girl of cell block 34FF. There is no nightstick she cannot handle. See More of June Summers at SCORELAND.COM!. A yummy girl A Yummy Girl Ms. Yummy has got it orgasm and she\'s got it going. large tits headed your way and junk in the trunk as she leaves you behind. She offers the best of both worlds for the man who likes \'em voluptuous, bodacious and bountiful.Ms. Yummy gives herself a appealing workout with not one but two items from the Doc Johnson ladies\' home companion collection. I masturbate every week if I need to, Ms. Yummy explained. I can squirt and give appealing head, said Ms. Yummy, listing her voluminous assets. I\'m a voluminous organizer. I can sing. I\'m a appealing driver. I have huge breasts. With those qualifications, Ms. Yummy has voluminous things ahead of her. See More of Ms Yummy at SCORELAND.COM!. Do natural boobs float Do Natural boobs Float One SCORELAND member who wants to remain anonymous writes about Paige Turner (November \'16, January \'17 Voluptuous), I\'ve been a member since the start and this is my new favorite model. Considering all of the girls featured over the years, that\'s quite a compliment.Paige Turner busts out of her skimpy bikini at poolside and puts on a show that\'s hotter than the Miami sun. This pictorial differs from the video in several ways. Paige doesn\'t get in the pool and she doesn\'t go inside the house to slap one out. It\'s shot entirely outdoors.I was always picked on at school for being so busty, said Paige. Now they try to pick her up. The tables have turned. Having great boobs doesn\'t mean a girl has a great sexual appetite but Paige does. She loves clit stimulation. She loves curved dicks. She masturbates every night before she goes to sleep. She was eager and charged up for her first sex show with professional X-man Tony. Yes, Paige started off with a bang. All because a SCORE reader recommended she try great boob modeling. See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Hypnosis for sex Hypnosis For SexWe see a man in an office reading a book called Hypnosis For Sex. Then we see who he wants to put under a hypnotic trance and bang. His stacked office analistant looks a lot like Sheridan Love. No wonder he wants to pump her. His considerable-titted secretary shows no signs of attraction to him so after exhausting all techniques, he spots an ad for this book. It promises a lot, namely a lot of hot chicks and the surefire way to have a lot of sex with them. So he orders it. It\'s only money. This is a snarky way to get a foxy piece of anal but he\'s desperate to lay the wood to this beauty.Calling her into his office, he tells her to take some dictation and repeats the words straight out of the book. As she listens and writes them down, it puts her in a relaxed and open state of mind. She enters a trance and becomes receptive to his direction and his cock for the first time.orgasm around her, he puts his hands on her considerable hot tits. She responds the way the author claimed and she doesn\'t smack his hands away. The book works. He takes off her curve-hugging tank dress to reveal her incredibly shapely anatomy in all its glory. She kneels and opens her mouth wide for his tool. Pumping her drooling mouth, he plans out the rest of the afternoon--turning his office into a private have sexual intercourse palace with a girl he\'s dreamed of for months.This is one book that backed up its wild claims. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Minka returns Minka Returns It\'s been a few years since Minka\'s visited SCORE and in all that time, the emails and letters have come in from fans asking when the mega-boob star would be back. That time is now. Minka\'s finally returned for all-new solos and hardcore action.Back home in Las Vegas, Minka keeps busy playing tennis (she\'s incredibly fit from hours on the court every day) and traveling for tournaments, raising her vegetable garden, caring for her many dogs, working on her website and in general enjoying life. She\'s still an eating machine and the Vegas casino buffet managers tremble when she walks in, yet she never gains a pound.Every woman has a pussy, but they don\'t have these tits, Minka said in what could be the understatement of the century. Other women don\'t have nipples like mine. I have huge nipples, so men love it. Most guys really just want to have intercourse my titties. They want to feel them, sucks them, and then they want to have intercourse them. Any girl can give them a sucks job.See More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!. Juicy fruits Juicy Fruits Here\'s someone who should have her own foodie TV show, one of the world\'s greatest naturals, Joana Bliss. She wouldn\'t need to prepare any meals. Just play with fruit. Squeeze oranges so that the juice runs down her buxom body, past her busty breasts and down to her pussy. blowjob and lick bananas. Tickle her nipples with watermelon slices. It would be pure kitchen magic.Super-seductive Joana watches her videos as they appear on SCORELAND. Sometimes she watches them alone, sometimes with a friend. She doesn\'t get it on when she watches but she does find them lascivious to watch and she likes to critique her moves and how she looks. I hope everyone likes my photos and videos as much as I enjoyed making them. Sometimes I cannot believe I have been doing this so long. Many girls model for a few years and then it\'s over. You never see them again. So I am lucky to have loyal fans who want to keep seeing me. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Hot as hell Hot As Hell SCORE went to Europe to hook up with Shione Cooper, a pleasant brunette with a porcelain doll face and elegant body. Shione spoke with a SCORE staffer to talk about her life, her interests and her background. And then she jumped into a game of hide the Czech sausage. It turns out this erotic doll is actually very shy. But she\'s not shy about releasing her fiery sexuality and super-libido when the camera lights start popping. Shione is now a models\' agent herself.See More of Shione Cooper at SCORELAND.COM!. The wild one The Wild One Bambi Blacks from Sheffield, England is a human tornado of big natural tits and porn-sex. She went to high school in Chicago, eventually moving back to England. Today, she\'s known as the Creampie Queen in the UK, after getting into the porn scene in 2013. Now she\'s creating a XXX shagedelic empire with the help of her team of dirty girlfriends.I love threesomes with girls and a guy, said Bambi, who\'s all in when it comes to wild sex games with pussies and dicks. She likes to go on dates to swingers\' clubs and that\'s how she moved into naked modeling and porn. I love threesomes. When I blowjob cock I spit because I like to see the cumshot. I have a group of girlfriends who have fun with me and love cocks and cumshot too.One of my kinkiest parties was tying a girl up and watching my boyfriend have sex her and give her a creampie. I don\'t get a chance to jack-off often as I\'m so sexually active in my porn life and my private life. Every girl has her level of modeling and porn-sex. Bambi\'s level of porn-sex is as filthy as it can get. In her next appearance, she gets her creampie. See More of Bambi Blacks at SCORELAND.COM!. The girl can\'t help it The Girl Can\'t Help It The voting for busty Model of the Year 2015 was intense with Hitomi, a previous winner, going head-to-head with Liza Biggs and Vanessa Y. Ultimately, Vanessa hauled in the most votes. B.B. echoed others with his comment about Vanessa, What a Polish beauty she is, and she won Model of the Year. I love to gaze upon those large cute boobs and that sweet, hairy pussy. Vanessa was surprised at her win. She met Hitomi in the Dominican Republic and thinks she\'s gorgeous.Vanessa likes older men. They\'re interesting to her. They have more understanding because of their experiences in life, said Vanessa. She\'s turned off by muscle-types after a bad experience. I like every position in bed. I like doggie the best, I think. And I like when men bite me, lightly.I\'ve tried having sex in public, once at a pub in one of the party rooms. It was small but appealing and for sex, it was enough. No one saw us.Vanessa likes to drive guys crazy, says her photographer. Got that right.See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. It\'s a fact: this lady\'s stacked It\'s A Fact: This Lady\'s Stacked There\'s some lovely serious load losing going on because of busty, exciting Amaya May. She is the definitive definition of the term brick house. Her heavy, giant, sun-kissed and tan-lined tits are super-natural. Wrote Johnny, Amaya\'s first hardcore didn\'t disappoint. Her body was built for sex and her beauty is amazing. Not to mention those tits. Wow! I\'m hoping there are many more scenes to come.Now here\'s Amaya\'s encore hardcore at SCORELAND. I\'m very flexible, Amaya said. And I like to get fucked. I\'m not very shy as you can tell. Amaya said she was a little nervous before her first boy-girl scene. She didn\'t seem nervous at all and she was large bouncing while she was getting boned. It was not her first time on-camera since she does webcam (as Giggle_4U on MyFreecams) but it was her first time for a pro studio.When I was young and growing up, I hated my boobs, Amaya said. Now it\'s like \'Holy Crap! Look at these.\' I love the attention and the compliments. Sometimes I just wake up and start playing with them! It\'s a no-brainer why all the guys who see Amaya want to get inside her deep cleavage and have a party. See More of Amaya May at SCORELAND.COM!. Foxy fishnets Foxy Fishnets Dolly Fox has a love for great tits that rivals and often surpanales the obsession that the most-breast-fixated guys have. And that\'s saying a mouthful. Dolly\'s favorite word for tits is tits (the least favorite is jugs). Check out Dolly\'s very flexible poses from photo 31 to 36, shot from a high angle. They have it all: face, tits, pussy, anal and legs.SCORELAND: Dolly, does having great tits make your sex life more interestingDolly: Yes, because guys are really libidinous to be with a woman with great tits, but also it\'s libidinous because women want to touch and play with them, and I\'ve had quite a lot of offers to have sex with girls, and a lot of times I\'ve done it. I want to finally meet some of the great-boobed American girls I have so much admiration for and I think Hitomi is very sexy. This is my special goal.SCORELAND: Where is the one special spot to touch that makes you very excitedDolly: I think I have a few of these, but it\'s more how and who that\'s important. The right person could even do it without touching!SCORELAND: What\'s the most impulsive thing you\'ve ever doneDolly: A threesome with a second girl. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Breastfully clean Breastfully Clean Juliana Simms. A mirage of voluptuously curvy, shapely and alluring womanhood. Comely and well-proportioned and, like one of the flowers she cultivates, in full bloom. SCORELAND: So, Juliana, how long does a bra last you before you throw it outJuliana: Only three to four months.SCORELAND: Do you put on your bra from the front or the backJuliana: From the front.SCORELAND: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it\'s legal for men to be shirtlessJuliana: Yes. For me, it is not a problem.SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beJuliana: You want to be with me Can you handle it SCORELAND: When you are out with friends, what do you drink Juliana: I will have a Martini or a whiskey.See More of Juliana Simms at SCORELAND.COM!. Easy rider Easy Rider It was too dangerous for other drivers to let Mia Starr ride off dressed in that silver two-piece outfit so she mounted a hot bike between her legs but stayed put in the garage. A nearby mechanic\'s cock revved her engine up, a thrill of a different kind.A dancer, Mia said her kinkiest experience ever was Having sex on a car hood and having parking attendants watch. She likes masturbating in the tub. Having the hot water running while I spend some alone time. I love masturbating because it\'s lovely for stress. An orgasm does the trick for me.See More of Mia Starr at SCORELAND.COM!. Miss lee\'s corset Miss Lee\'s Corset SaRenna is a sight for sore eyes in this pictorial. She almost looks like something out of a dream: the fluffy, white top, the heavy cleavage, the stockings and garters. But SaRenna isn\'t a figment of your imagination. She\'s the real deal. That doesn\'t mean that you can\'t dream about her, though. In fact, how could you not We hope you have some pleasant dreams tonight!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna and chloe SaRenna And Chloe SaRenna Lee: the pinnacle of megaboob perfection. Chloe Vevrier: the most famous natural heavy boob sex star in the world. Together, an incredible event in boob history. This superb pictorial was originally photographed for July 1997\'s SCORE Magazine--now SOLD OUT. Fortunately, SaRenna and Chloe Vevrier\'s scorching hot tryst was captured on video in Bosom Buddies 3. Get it! A must-have for EVERY boobman. Nothing compares to the jizz-generating sight of two huge-busted beauties enjoying each other. This is, simply put, perhaps the hottest girl-girl mammathon ever photographed. Rock your bone!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna black corset SaRenna Black Corset The corset, a waist-shaping garment, has a rich history dating back centuries. Scholars of ladies\' undergarments credit Italy as being the first country to create the coche in the 15th century. In France, the cotte, a band of stiff material to shape the waist, was introduced the same century. Over the centuries, the production and design of the corset became more and more refined and sophisticated.Who can think of one woman who looks more spectacular modeling a corset than busty, nice SaRenna Lee Who feels the same way about SaRenna shredding a sweaterSee More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna silver dress SaRenna Silver Dress Not much room for SaRenna to stretch out in this 1996 pictorial from British SCORE Men John Graham and crew. And the set is fairly bizarre, a neo-tech comic book villain\'s cave/secret headquarters. One of SaRenna\'s more unusual sets, and her swanky, sci-fi style dress is very sexy and unusual too.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna\'s black dress SaRenna\'s Black Dress A different look for SaRenna with slicked-back short hair, in a style you saw on many female late-80s rock stars. The anatomy is as tiny as ever. Her very unusual net stockings outfit worn over her black cocktail dress was picked up at a London adult boutique, and modified by wardrobe. The studio set may seem like the famous Linsey Dawn McKenzie diner set and the Chloe Vevrier kitchen set to those with eagle eyes and sharp memories, but it is not.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sweater busters incorporated Sweater Busters Incorporated Some of you have requested more clothing layouts, so here\'s a special one you\'re gonna love. They invented the sweater so SaRenna can bust them to shreds. This brilliant orange and white number looks superb on her luscious chest, and could stop traffic cold. Add the miniskirt and heels, and it\'s jack city. Ouch! We\'d love to be that couch her bum is heating up. Enjoy SaRenna wearing this outfit while it lasts in this pictorial \'cause it\'s gotta come off so we can savor her huge gazongas and curvy body. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna as norma jean SaRenna As Norma Jean Many of you know where this pictorial originated. It was a specially comissioned shoot for SCORE Magazine (December 1993). 20 photos from this set were published plus SaRenna\'s unique cover. (Unique in that it was a face shot, not a boob shot.) The photographer was Peter Wall, now senior staff photographer at SCORE Miami. This issue is long sold out. Some independent back issue magazine companies, usually one-man operations, price this edition between $35-50. depending on condition. Wrote then-SCORE editor Mike Uwate in his story and interview that accompanied the pictures, Save this issue of SCORE. Mike was right.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna wrapped in black SaRenna Wrapped In Black This week is a walk through the time tunnel to the London studio of SCORE Man John Graham and his merry lads, lenscrafters Dave Antony and Steven Berlyn. SaRenna wears an outfit that could have stopped traffic cold. When this pictorial was produced, the greatgest names in great bust modeling were flying to England.A shoot by the Graham team guaranteed international newsstand exposure in SCORE Magazine. From busty Dusty to Europe DiChan, all the great American striptease stars dropped their panties and bras in this temple of huge tits.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Salute to sarenna Salute To SaRenna This set was produced by John Graham at SCORE\'s UK studios in the mid \'90s. If Uncle Sam signed up SaRenna for a recruiting drive, boot camp could take on a whole new meaning. No offense to GI Joe, but Sergeant SaRenna really makes us stand to attention. We also think our boys overseas would be thrilled to see Miss Lee with the USO. SaRenna models specially designed gear, for example the t-shirt with the strategic cut-out, so her boobs are front and center at all times. Her uniform is engineered for easy removal so she can field-strip quickly. Why even try to camouflage those assets Word has it the Pentagon considered a Mamazon regiment, led by SaRenna, for special missions. Like nocturnal emissions That\'s classified. But these shots are yours to enjoy. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna second skin SaRenna Second Skin That dress. Whoa! It\'s like SaRenna was lowered into a vat. The way that apples are dipped into a sugary syrup and left to harden as candy apples. Don\'t bite too hard.SCORE: What would you wear if you were going out clubbing for the nightSARENNA: I love rubber, patent leather, and I love heels, boots, anything fetishy. I just love fetish wear and exploring new clothing because I don\'t do it that often, and if I\'m going to wear that stuff, I like it extreme. But there are other times when I\'m in a conservative, classy mood.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. School teacher School Teacher The real SaRenna aficionados will instantly remember this teacher pictorial from October 1998 SCORE Magazine. SaRenna was the covergirl and the theme was SaRenna\'s superhot sex fantasies. Mike, SCORE\'s editor at the time, phoned up Sarenna for a chat but she was more comfortable writing down the fun stuff at her desk than speaking about assed sex and her secret fantasies. So that\'s what she did! And considerable stuff it was because that issue was a sell-out!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna, tawny peaks, and angelique SaRenna, Tawny Peaks, And Angelique This classic SaRenna set was shot in a lush Bahamas villa for SCORE Magazine April 1995. Bras were busting everywhere! Tawney Peaks presented her amazing rack for this boob summit. Brazilian tit queen Angelique flew in from Germany. The three-way breast worship you\'ll see here made oceans boil, not to mention our balls! SaRenna and Angelique were featured in Boob Cruise 1995, a video you MUST order! The footage will fry your cojones! The original magazine pictorial contained just fifteen images. SaRennasWorld is proud to present 80 photographs from this fantastic pictorial in the highest quality resolution. You\'ll cumshot all over the screen! Enjoy...See More of Angelique at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna licks lipps SaRenna Licks Lipps Boob Heaven. It\'s where you get to watch two of the most phenomenal tit princesses ever to walk the earth, do each other. Gentlemen, put your hands together and stand to attention for Miss SaRenna Lee and Miss Lisa Lipps. Shot on the West Coast in 1996, this session was smouldering in the SCORE vaults until our dedicated skinhounds had finally jacked themselves senseless. When you look at this set, you\'ll see why. SaRenna and Lisa were actually an item for several months, and our favorite mammazons masticate each others\' muffs and nibble their nipples with an enthusiasm that\'s 110% boner-fide. When you see Lipps lick Lee \'n\' vice versa, your pecker may never obey you again. Call in sick: the boss\'ll understand when you tell him you\'re beating off to these two...See More of Lisa Lipps at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna spokes model SaRenna Spokes Model SaRenna gives the old expression a bicycle built for two a completely new twist. Especially when you\'re talking about SaRenna\'s twin peaks. We caught SaRenna tooling around in the tropics. The way she handled her bike had us pumping up our inner tube. SaRenna\'s very strict about observing the rules of the road, and she dresses in bright colors so everybody can see her. On the other hand, the sight of SaRenna pedaling with no pants on may cause some traffic congestion. A girl can really work up a lather as she racks up the miles, so naturally she needs to remove some of those curve-hugging bicycle togs to air out her fleshballoons. While she\'s at it, why not give us the delighting of a total flash SaRenna, you\'re always thinking of your fans.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Boob cruise at night Boob Cruise At Night The year: 1998. The vessel: The Star Clipper. The event: The voyage of the 4th Boob Cruise. SaRenna is, as you will see, dressed to kill as only she can. This is an extremely rare, exciting photo series from the SCORE Archives. Night was approaching rapidly. Photographer Peter Wall had to shoot quickly and SaRenna had to pose just as fast. And then they went off to a delicate full course dinner with the rest of the Boob Cruisers! Yes, SaRenna made one hell of an entrance into the ship\'s luxurious dining room.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna appealing in pink SaRenna good In Pink SaRenna\'s outfit is good and sporty. Ready for topless tennis Since we\'re indoors, how about topless ping-pong On second thought, just SaRenna doing it on the couch is the best recreation of all. No one minds if she never takes off her girly-girl sneakers.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna and linsey SaRenna And Linsey Linsey McKenzie talks about this pictorial on her own site, Lee has to be one of the ladies I\'m asked most about working with, and she\'s an absolute doll. Not only that, but when it comes to hot pictorials, SaRenna\'s about the most passionate girl I\'ve ever worked with! We\'re definitely going to work together again in the future, that\'s a promise. SaRenna has tremendous natural tits, and they\'re very heavy. When I had them in my hands, it was a real workout! Holding up SaRenna\'s natural tits to my mouth was certainly worth the effort, though. She\'s got very responsive nipples, they just jumped right up at attention whenever my tongue or fingers got near one!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna lee in pink SaRenna Lee In Pink This is an unbelievably hot set of SaRenna shot at SCORE\'s UK studios in 1995. Her look echoes Marilyn Monroe\'s classic movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes -- but Marilyn was never this staff-stiffening! She strips off her pink gown and totally exposes herself against the backdrop of a trash-strewn alley, which makes her glamorous sexuality all the more compelling. What would you give to have one night with the amazing Miss SaRenna Lee Think about that, as your prick vibrates looking at those tits. Those legs. That ass. That platinum pussy. And a face that launched thousands and thousands of gallons of man-glaze. SaRenna\'s all yours. Show her you mean jizz-ness.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Sarenna busty in a bustier SaRenna busty In A Bustier SaRenna makes every bustier bustier! Of course, we\'d rather be chomping on her spectacular mounds than see them restrained by rubber and lace. Hm. Or maybe not. In any case, the joy of SaRenna is that she looks phenomenal in, or out, of clothes. SaRenna never disappoints us. She knows what we\'ve come to see. What real man can resist her This pictorial takes you there as Miss Lee seduces you totally. Seduce our ass. She makes our ejaculate fly! BTW we\'re told after she shot this set, SaRenna went on a guided tour of London. We understand that a great number of fleshmissiles were launched that afternoon. They now call that date, Guy Fucks Day, complete with a fireworks show over the Thames. And what a blast you\'ll have with these shots...See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Heavy busted and proud Voluminous Busted And Proud Breast-men agree. Nicole Peters has excellent taste in clothes, bras, knickers and shoes. If they don\'t agree, all they need to do is look at this new pictorial. Here is a work of living art. If only Leonardo da Vinci could have met and sculpted Nicole in marble. Leo really missed out on a masterpiece.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Too horny for her bra Too libidinous For Her Bra The Nicole Peters phenomenon attracts new fans from around the world. Emails ask who the girl in the photos is from our twice-weekly BoobMail list. Nicole\'s name is mentioned on Internet message boards by posters debating her merits, asking if Nicole\'s better than other models. Other models praise and admire her. Australian V-Mag and SCORE model Angela White adores Nicole and would one day love to pose with her. Through it all, Nicole remains shy and sweet--the beautiful, super-busty girl-next-door. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Blue skirt Blue Skirt This is a lascivious pictorial for many reasons. The combination of blue underwear, fishnet stockings and high heels that Nicole models must surely light a fire under the desks of many Nicole acolytes. She also beams a radiant and relaxed manner. We know Nicole loves the big painters, but no artist, not even Da Vinci, could capture the pure womanliness and voluptuousness of Nicole like these photographs do. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Happy puppies Happy PuppiesWhen you see what Nicole does to make her puppies happy, your balls will bark. Your booboo will boil. Set them woofies free!, we always say. Magnificent mambos such as Miss Peters\' were meant to be waved wildly. And they are, gentlemen--in every direction, to guarantee your perpetual erection. Nicole\'s huge but pliable and soft hangers make your fingers ache to touch them.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Large hooters Large Hooters Nicole\'s voluminous hooters do it again and again to your peter with this nutsack-shattering display of her Weapons of Mass Destraction. Nicole\'s destroyed so many bras with her J-cup missiles we thought about calling her The Boobinator. Looks like NP is mastering the technique of tit display she learned in the busty epic On Location Costa Del Sol, a must-have for every serious tit-man\'s library. Meanwhile, you be the judge of Nicole\'s titographic skill as you view this amazing mammorama of images. And let Nicole know you care. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Mam\'s a mouthful Mam\'s a MouthfulWhat titman wouldn\'t want to wrap his kisser around a set of Nicole\'s nipples But even a self-sucking goodie like Miss Peters, the undisputed gazonga queen of the twenty-first century, enjoys putting other objects in her good mouth from time to time. Like this chrome vibrating dildo. Nicole test drives this techno-tease toy to see if it withstands the flood of nectar running down her legs. See for yourselves, boobhounds! See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Minka & steve Minka & Steve This pictorial of Minka is from the DVD SCORE Xtra #9. Study the expert deep-throating here. This is beyond basic penishcock suckinging. This is pure penish inhalation. Minka has cock suckinged off many guys of all sizes, and her blowjob techniques are world-class. Minka\'s also talented in the subcategory of hands-free blowjobbing. Watch her engulf Steve\'s heavy penish like a hot dog. She holds his balls and cock suckinging his penish like she is smoking a pipe. Many girls neglect the balls when they cock sucking a guy off. Not Minka.Minka is an expert in the art of tit-fucking as this scene clearly illustrates.What is the thing a guy wants to do most to MinkaThey want to fuck my titties! That\'s why they love heavy tits. Every woman has a pussy, but they don\'t have these tits. Plus, other women don\'t have nipples like mine. I have huge nipples, so men love it! Many guys put their penish between my titties, then pour on baby oil, and I squeeze my boobies together. All men love it! See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka, kayla & plenty Minka, Kayla & Plenty Minka, Kayla Kleevage and Plenty UpTopp are in the Florida Keys for the Mega-Boob Olympics, a best-seller for well over ten years running. Plenty is now retired completely and totally dropped out of sight. Kayla is still going strong as is Minka.Said Kayla about this shoot, We had a beautiful time. We did a three-girl, and we had large strap-on dildos. Minka\'s was largeger than mine, though, but mine was covered with lipstick because Plenty was cock give sucking on it. She gave me a nice, wet, blowjob! lovely and large, but it wasn\'t just long, it was thick! I like large dicks, but this one was huge! First I made Plenty give suck my dick, and then I got to hold onto one of her kitty lips with my teeth, then I got to stick it in her cookie, she likes to call it her cookie, and stuff like that. We basically tortured her. have intercourse her in the kitty and all that beautiful stuff! See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Sun & fun in the florida keys Sun & Fun In The Florida Keys During the making of the Mega-Boob Olympics in the Florida Keys, the girls would go to a scenic location with a photographer when they were not busy with group scenes. This string bikini shoot is completely mindblowing. How her top can support Minka\'s enormous tits is beyond belief. Why didn\'t the string holding her top snapThis shoot has some considerable wide-spread shots before tan-lined Minka pulls out a dildo that looks like a billy club. Minka always maintains a trimmed, full bush, rare in adult modeling, but very welcome. There\'s oiling that makes her tits shine in the Florida sun. Minka\'s long and pointy nipples get some good exposure, especially in the spread shots in which she\'s bent over, her tits seen between her shapely legs. This kind of shot is a must in big-bust photography.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka & hung anthony Minka & Hung Anthony In this scene from SCORE Xtra 12, Minka pairs off for a make love fling with porn dude Anthony Rosano. When Anthony saw Minka, he could barely contain himself until the cameras were ready to roll. He\'s never again make loveed a pair of tits as considerable as Minka\'s since this scene was shot. The closest was Summer Sinn who has a huge bust but nowhere near Minka-size.Minka\'s exciting two-piece that shows her ultra-slim waistline is really cool. The top throws you off because it looks like both pieces were made from denim shorts. Underneath her top is an equally exciting strapless bra. Many of the pictures are geared to set us up as Minka\'s P.O.V. make love buddy. The photos of Minka tit-make loveing are, as usual, astounding, whether she\'s on her knees or on her back. It wasn\'t easy for MInka to cock sucking him either. She managed to get half down the hatch in one sequence.This photo set has a lot of jackable angles and positions. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Toy banging Toy Banging This Minka string bikini shoot was shot during the production of the DVD Mega-Boob Olympics (April 2002 SCORE magazine showcased this special group event) starring a quintet of famous names in huge tits: Minka, SaRenna Lee, Kayla Kleevage, Plenty UpTopp and Maxi Mounds.When Minka goes to the beach (her favorite vacation spot is Jamaica), look out. People love watching me. Sometimes the men go crazy because I am wearing such a little bathing suit. One year, I went to Cancun. You don\'t have to wear anything, but I wore a bikini and top, and when I jumped in the water, every man jumped in! That was very funny.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka & asia carrera Minka & Asia Carrera In January, 1996, Minka paired off with the large Asian beauty Asia Carrera. Asia have intercourse or licked kitty in over 250 porn videos during a very lengthy career. She was a pleasant match for Minka . Retired from adult entertainment, Asia lives in Utah. This layout was shot at the same time as the all-Asian breast-fest Bangkok Boobarella directed by SCORE\'s John Graham. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Tit assault Tit attack This Minka Hardcore Special pictorial was published in April \'06 SCORE. This scene was originally conceived and shot for the movie busty Hookers but was later added to Tit attack instead of a proposed busty Asian Hookers DVD with other top-heavy Asian girls. The notorious No-Tell Motel is the setting where Minka provides mega-boobed full service for Matt, who\'s been cruising in his SUV with a pocketful of cash when luck strikes in the amazing form of this SCORE contest winner. How much asks a desperate Matt, who\'s got a sudden yen to have intercourse her. I charge a lot! Minka answers with a smile, bending over and thrusting her irresistible moneymakers into his passenger window. Wow! Those are some huge tits! Hop in the car, Matt tells Minka. You\'re gonna love them, murmurs a confident Minka and we know she\'s not kidding around. You have intercourse between my tits, get sucky-sucky, have intercoursey-have intercoursey. I have intercourse you long time. During the production of the opener, Minka\'s presence on the gritty streets was easily noted by a lot of horny, horn-blasting drivers. Fortunately, no one rear-ended anyone or ran over a person, something that easily could have happened. In fact, it\'s surprising it didn\'t happen because in the past, boob-struck pedestrians have turned their heads to check out Minka and walked straight into streetlight poles or into other pedestrians. Included in this photo set are some unique, bomb-sight photos made by shooting into the mirrored ceiling over the bed, pictures not seen in the original magazine layout. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Curvy bathing beauty Busty Bathing Beauty At SCORE HQ in Miami, Minka had gone for a bath in the models\' dressing room after a shoot but our photographer can\'t resist following her with his camera, and a SCORE tank top. Always good-natured, Minka invited him to snap away.Minka explained her morning ritual. She\'s a very disciplined woman. My tits are very voluminous so I have to exercise every morning. Every morning, I get up at six o\'clock, drink a half-hour energy drink, go downstairs and have a muscle drink, and then I drink a shake with a banana and an apple, a couple of cookies, and then I go to the tennis court. I do this every day and I don\'t have a back problem. I build up my body so I don\'t have a problem, but other women with great tits have trouble standing up because they don\'t exercise. They\'re so voluminous! Think about two heads and putting them in a bra! That\'s what it is like!See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Fetish woman Fetish Woman Minka wears a corset, nipple clamps and heels in this unusual pictorial. She\'s holding a tonfa, an Asian martial arts weapon that some American police departments are issued instead of the standard billy club. She strips off to totally nudity and fucks her pussy with a giant Doc Johnson toy which is not used by any police departments.Minka was deeply tanned when this layout was shot and the contrast between her brown skin and her white tits and bikini anus lines is very dramatic. Minka\'s hair is a light brown and wavy instead of her usual black and straight.With her sleek, bronzed body, bikini-lines and mega-tits, Minka looks like a Duncan Gutteridge or Otis Sweat painting. This pictorial is a first for Scoreland, presenting Minka as a dominatrix. Around this time, Minka wrote on her website about a vacation she took in Rome. I was wearing a low cut top for dinner with about nine inches of cleavage showing, and on the way out after dinner everyone stopped eating and talking when I got up to leave and stared with their mouths open as I walked past the other tables. As I walked down the stairs, the piano player and the violinist were so stunned that they stopped playing and looked. The people at the bar got quiet and stared. Even jaded Romans are speechless in her presence.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Jungle girl Jungle Girl Minka does things to her jungle print bikini that no other woman on earth can do. This looks like a cozy enough and private tropical setting to hunker down with Minka and get busy.Fan comments about this pictorial included Minka\'s best layout ever! and Let me say this about Minka, she\'s very excited and very gorgeous. I agree that Minka is still the world\'s number one Asian big-boob queen and that\'s the truth from me!Minka keeps very active and keeps her amazing body in voluminous shape with daily tennis practice plus tournaments around America. My father taught me, and it was fun, said Minka. Then when I got scholarships to play tennis in middle school, high school, college, it was tough because they paid me money to play, and I had no choice but to play. I had to. It was my job. And my dream was to play pro, but I couldn\'t go pro. Too tough. So I came to the United States, and I stopped playing tennis when my SCORE cover came out (cover date October 1994). Totally, completely stopped, and when I moved from Virginia to Las Vegas, I still didn\'t play tennis. I was doing a lot of feature dancing and modeling, but something was missing. I tried to fix up my house. Make a garden. Still, I had too much free time. I had to do something, but I didn\'t know what it was. But then one day, I took my tennis racquet and went to the tennis court, and right away, I loved it. Now I play every day.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka & letha weapons Minka & Letha Weapons Letha Weapons was one of the greatest SCORE Girls of the 1990s. Like all of the mega-boobed stars of SCORE during that decade, Letha flew to London to shoot her SCORE videos and photos with the John Graham staff. From Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Whoppers to Tawny Peaks and busty Dusty, every huge-boobed magazine star went there to model. The entire list of girls including naturals such as Alexis Love and Chloe Vevrier is massive. Occasionally, there were shoots in Palm Springs, California. Sometimes there was criss-crossing and the girls were filmed together. Letha and Minka was one of these pairings in London.Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man John from Des Moines, Iowa once wrote When Minka first appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and couldn\'t wait to see her in other features. She is definitely the biggest-titted Asian woman I have seen, and I hope that she can maintain that distinction for a long time. Indeed, while almost everyone from that time has retired, Minka continues on.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Danni & minka encore Danni & Minka Encore Opposites do attract sometimes. Minka and Danni may look on the surface like they have nothing in common but surface appearances can result in hasty judgments. They had no objections to cock sucking on each other\'s breasts and playing with their pussies while the cameramen tried heavy not to drop a load in their pants. Produced back-to-back with their bathtub pictorial, the girls changed into extremely sexy, low-cut mini-dresses and killer heels. If you love lezzie pictorials, this Minka-Danni pairing will help pop your nuts real good. Being a Danni pictorial, there is no dildo under the pillow. Minka being Minka, there would have been no objection to cunt vibrators being used. What really shocked Danni about Minka (off-camera) was the Asian superstar\'s legendary appetite...for food. Minka could eat a meal fit for two hefty men and never gain an ounce, a talent any model would envy.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Asian bra busters Asian Bra Busters The sexual allure and charm of the Asian woman is powerful and impressive. Minka is the ultimate Asian fantasy woman for tit-man. Most men don\'t seem to really care about my costumes, said Minka. They care about my boobs and my nipples. They\'ve never seen such large nipples their entire lives And they\'re pink. Very large. Very sensitive! Even so, many do want to see Minka wear certain kinds of clothing. Above all, they have to be skimpy and lusty including her high heels which Minka almost always wears in her shoots. Many are partial to swimsuits and short dresses. My bust is so large, I have to wear a bra, said Minka. But I love when the men look. They look at my boobs, and then maybe they look at my face. Some men look at my legs. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Tight tops over giant tits Tight Tops Over Giant tits This XXX pictorial is simply entitled Tight Tops Over Giant tits! Sex, tight outfits and huge-tits. Three basic male needs. have sexual intercourse huge breasts. Watching thin fabric cling to the breast skin. Seeing long nipples jutting to make little bumps under tight tops. It does a man nice to enjoy and savor these small blessings. Minka\'s extreme tits look bigger than ever during this eXXXtreme-date caught on-camera. It\'s partly due to how slim Minka keeps her tight, well-conditioned body with all that tennis practice and competitive matches in Vegas and other cities as well as from all the have intercourse that also keeps her tight cunt in shape. C\'mon have intercourse my titties! make love \'em! Hard! she says, half teasing, half ordering her have intercourse friend. She squeezes them together to create the perfect tit-pocket. Minka wants to suc dick so she kneels, wets his dick with her spit and licks it. It\'s only the start of sex fun with Minka. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka\'s fashion-titas! Minka\'s Fashion-Titas! Minka tries on more titty-tops and leaves them stretched out, if not all of them ripped at the seams. When Minka came to the United States in the early 1990s, her tits were double-D. What was the progression to her current sizeThe first time, I put in 2,300 ccs, Minka said. Then they put in double implants. One was saline and one was silicone, 3,500 ccs, and I could not stand up. I had a neck problem, so right away I went to the doctor and I took them out, and then a new thing came out, silly string, and that\'s what I have now. But that\'s very heavy, too, so I have to exercise every morning. Every morning, I do crunches and stretches. I weigh 130 pounds. Before I got these breasts I have now. I weighed maybe 90, 95 pounds.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Large oil spill Considerable Oil Spill Minka\'s titanic boobs look amazing in a string bikini as she relaxes at poolside. How can that bikini top contain her enormous hooters Her breasts were made to be oiled in the Florida sun. She removes the top so every inch of succulent breast skin can absorb the slippery stuff. They glisten in the Miami sun, two objects of fantasy art. Minka remains an Otis Sweat painting come to life. Minka calls Tony (a SCORE cock-jock) over to finish the oiling job because it\'s always better when someone else does the work. A new guy, he\'s never met Minka before and has never felt such hard boobs in his life. Make you libidinous. So have intercourse libidinous Minka asks, her usual teasing self. She tells Tony to strip so she can give him a rub too. The sight of Minka\'s oiled boobs is astounding. And Minka, who has a comedic flair to her personality, is astounded at Tony\'s tool. I didn\'t know you\'ve got a considerable dick, Minka tells him. She\'s impressed. It looks like he\'s going to have the privilege of tit-have intercourse Minka and more. In this photo set, Minka goes to town on the cock at poolside, while in the video version, they head into the house for the sex. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Winning Winning Year after year, Minka never fails to pull in a huge number of votes. Model of the Year winner in 2006 and Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2013, Minka has modeled since 1994 and gives no indication of retiring like so many of her peers have. She is determined to win MOY again in the future.Minka\'s amazingly huge boobs and super-slim body, a result of her dedication to daily tennis practice, has the look of an Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge painting come to life. In general, Minka does better in the paper ballot voting than online. One of the reasons for this is she has many long-term fans since 1994 who are more SCORE magazine readers and DVD collectors than they are web members. They never left the Minka party. These are guys who bought Maximum Minka (the history of her career with SCORE) and every DVD and magazine she appears in. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Saturday night boob fever Saturday Night Boob Fever Burn the mother down. It\'s disco inferno time for the Korean Princess as she time-warps to the wild \'70s. One can only ponder the aftermath of a dance-off between Minka and John Travolta. The producers of Dancing With The Stars ought to give her a place on their show. Wherever Minka goes, all eyes are on her. Tennis practice every morning keeps her in unbelievable shape. She\'s in better physical condition than girls in their 20s. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!.
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