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Training her new guy Training Her New Guy Kirra\'s new boyfriend doesn\'t know the drill yet. He thinks just because he showed up to her house he\'d get some vagina. Wrong. Besides being an all-state cheerleader, Kirra Lynne is also a long-legged domme with a serious need for foot pleasure!She begins training her new ped-pumper by having him peel off her fragrant socks, unleashing the appealing aromatic gym scents she\'s been adding to all day. Once her slick vagina folds are fully lubed up, she begins to strip for him, revealing her luscious body. When she\'s sure he\'s nice and hard, she starts kneading his package through his jeans with her silky soft peds.You know there\'s plenty more excited thigh worshiping, vagina pounding, and foot cumshots ahead, but we\'ll let you observe that for yourself. See More of Kirra Lynne at LEGSEX.COM!. Budding blonde Budding Blonde We\'ve watched Sammy transform.She was once shy and timid, and slowly Sammy has opened up before our cameras. She went from a girl who covered her mouth and giggled at the mere mention of sex, to a ejaculate slut taking large cocks and large loads. I\'m way more mature about sex now.Are you still a little shy about sexMaybe a teeny delicate bit, but nowhere near where I was before. I think back on how I used to be with sex and I feel embarrassed. I was such a prude! Now I\'m all about getting naked and fucking.Does your new attitude shock folks Not really. Friends who have known me a long time feel like, \'Finally! She grew up!\' And newer people just figure I\'ve always been a slut! See More of Sammy Daniels at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Estonia cold fox Estonia Cold Fox Occupation: Bartender; Age: 20; Born: July 18; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Matching bra set; Anal: Licking; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Of course.A submission all the way from Estonia might just be a first for us. We had to look up where Estonia is before responding to Katya\'s email to us. Hello from Estonia, she wrote. I am Katya, and I want very much to be a model in your magazines. I have actually been approached by several photographers and agents here in Estonia, but they have a bad reputation of taking advantage of girls. I know you have been making magazines for 20 years, so I know you are safe to use my photographs.Guys, we\'re always thorough when it comes to checking girls\' IDs, but when we\'re receiving photos from former Soviet Union countries, we double and triple check. I have always looked young, Katya told us. In fact, I have a problem finding older men who will make the first move with me. When I go to university, it\'s always the first-year students who flirt with me. It\'s a large problem because I don\'t like young boys. I like older men in their 30s. They know their way around my body much better. See More of Katya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Madison cums our way Madison cums our way I wanted to do porn to feel young, and my husband gave me permission to, said 64-year-old mother and granny Madison Milstar. I feel 35, and this was my present to myself. Sixty-five sounded old, and I didn\'t want to be old, and I\'m a fan of porn. I love to look at it, and I said, \'I can do that,\' and my husband said one day, \'I know you can. Would you like to\'So she did, and she\'s been doing a lot of make love at She\'s also sent some new MILFs our way, including Dallas Matthews at could have never done those things when I was 30, Madison said. Not with my job and a young son. I\'m much more free now than I was when I was in my 30s.She looks great with her pretty face, big, tan-lined boobs and shaved pussy. She loves to show off her butt and she loves to get fuck in her butt. Madison lives in Hawaii, where she works on those tan lines, has sex one to two times a day and masturbates twice a day in her home office.I use a pocket rocket, butt plug, dildo and nipple clamps. Sometimes all at the same time if I\'m feeling frisky. I like to feel stimulation in as many places as I can.We feel stimulated just looking at this exciting 60something.See More of Madison Milstar at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Flattie facial Flattie Facial I had always been curious to let a guy ejaculate on my face. Seems like girls either hate it or love it. I happen to be a fan of it. I like being down on my knees, jacking and suc the guy and waiting for that hot spurt to shoot on my face. I know it\'s going to happen at any second and I can\'t help but beg for it. Then the look of intensity on the guy\'s face as he ejaculates makes me feel really sexy. I guess liking facials makes me a dirty girl, and I\'m cool with that.See More of Haley Reed at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Cock for coco Penish for Coco Meet Coco de Marq, a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague. Today, this excited blonde newcomer is going to:1. give suck cock. 2. give suck balls. 3. Have her cunt eaten. 4. Get fuck in several positions, including missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. 5. Open her mouth for cumshot then let the white sauce drip down her chin and onto her lovely tits.She\'s wearing excited stockings and a garter just for us, and, by the way, when she\'s riding the cock, she spreads her anal so we can see her analhole. Will we see that analhole get fuck Who knows, but we can hope.We asked Coco if she likes sports, and she said, I\'m not into sports. I\'m into sex.That\'s fine by us.She likes to wear short dresses that show off her lovely legs. She should wear tight jeans that show off her lovely anal, too. She says the people she knows wouldn\'t be surprised to see her here. She isn\'t a swinger or a nudist, and when we asked her what she finds excited, she said...When a guy has a shaved cock.She probably means the balls and the area around the cock, so be careful, men.She likes younger men. She once had her cunt eaten under the table in a fancy restaurant. Sounds like dessert. See More of Coco de Marq at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Cutie needs a cocking Cutie Needs A Cocking While looking for a girl to join them on a clubbing excursion, our two cruisers bump into Mia. She isn\'t really a clubbing type of girl, but she is a cocking type of girl. Who needs to pop bottles when you can pop that cunt Mia is down to get picked up, screwed and sprayed. She plays it shy at first, but once you get back to her place you\'ll soon find out that it\'s just an act. Mia has no problems taking off her clothes and letting you finger her cunt so you know how tight her hole is. Try not to sucks your load while she suckss you with gobs of spit dripping out of her mouth. You wouldn\'t want to miss her bouncing on your pogo stick and grinding her hips left and right. Mia\'s a creepy one and you\'ll want to save that load for her pretty face after a marathon fucking.See More of Mia Moore at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Hooked on terry Hooked On Terry Hot-tempered American businessman Eric, who is in Prague on business, phones for Terry Nova. A wise move for this type-A personality. Terry has opened so many men\'s belts, she could work for a tailor\'s shop. Eric\'s testicles need draining. His wife doesn\'t do hot stuff at home and that\'s what stress-busters like huge-boobed Terry are for. Terry\'s English is nearly non-existent but she does know the universal language of love. Cash, in any currency! Stripping off her red fishnets and black boots, Terry gets to the root of the situation, taking the rod all the way up her well-practiced puss. She fucks Eric like a carnival ride that\'s gone haywire and out of control. It\'s pleasant to have a pay pal like Terry Nova in your corner. She sure does come in handy. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. A day on the water with daylene A Day On The Water With Daylene It\'s the Miami good show as Daylene Rio checks out the old houses built on stilts in Biscayne Bay--one of strangest structural sights in south Florida, or any coastal area for that matter. Hitomi also visited the area and posed there during her vacation in Miami.It was windy out there on the water, not the most ideal conditions for photographing a girl, but Daylene was eager to give it a whirl. Later, Daylene said it was the most unusual place she\'s ever modeled in. It\'s been close to a year since she went topless at Miami\'s Haulover Beach and gave the locals and tourists an eyeful of her jawbreaking breasts and traffic-stopping booty. Speeding back to shore, our photographer kept snapping Daylene as she worked the pole. A lascivious girl who\'s happy to show off her huge boobs, a fast boat... boy, do we love Miami! See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Saving creampie for later Saving Creampie for Later Maya\'s friend-with-benefits snapped these photos shortly after they fucked. He gave me the hardest creampie, she told us. I could feel his cock exploding inside my vagina. Every throb shot more and more cumshot inside me. I got dressed and went to the store when we were finished, but when I got back to his place, he was still naked. We tried to screw again, but his cock wasn\'t ready for round two. He had the idea to take naked photos of me while we waited for him to recuperate. I had no idea that my vagina was still so full of his jizz!We asked Maya if she has special talents. Only if you count suc cock real good, she replied. That\'s one hell of an answer. When I go out, I show as much skin as possible to advertise that I\'m all about getting my vagina eaten and getting good cock. I don\'t have time to mess around.I was a cheerleader in high school. I love football, and my favorite NFL team is the Raiders. I kept my old uniform to wear during sex, but it\'s stained from vagina squirting and cumshot. See More of Maya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Seeing is believing! Seeing Is Believing! We are not keen on the use of web expressions such as OMG but after seeing the new look of Micky Bells, Holy Boob Spurt! would not be an inappropriate expression of wide-eyed excitement.Micky, who\'s been a familiar face at SCORELAND and XL Girls since 2011, is six months pregnant in this photo set and her tits are bigger than ever. Micky wore 36K bras the last time we saw her. Now she looks like an L or even an M-cup in US sizes. Strap yourself in and behold the photos and the video.IN 2014, she slimmed down yet retained most of her boob size, so much so that she became a SCORE magazine covergirl. This new transformation in the reverse direction is a huge deal for the pure breast-man and Micky fan. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Slam jam Slam Jam Eva Gomez is a hot maid. Eva is supersexy in her booty-exposing maid\'s costume, black stockings and heels. She doesn\'t really have a lot of experience doing housework. What she lacks in the cleaning department, Eva more than makes up for in jiggling and shaking her butthole around the house. She convinces the douchebag frat guys not to can her booty because she cock sucking as a maid. Well, you ought to know how Eva makes friends and influences people. With her snaky tongue, hot kitty and tight bootyhole! Eva\'s a cock-cleaner! The two dickslingers first inspect Eva on her hands and knees, booty up in the air. They open her kitty and anus with their fingers, inspecting the merchandise like two gyno-proctologists. She\'s escorted into the bedroom and given a total fuck-out. She never takes off the maid\'s costume which is nice. Warning! Lower the audio when Eva\'s booty gets stuffed because this hottie is a screamer. If you can get through Chapter 3 of the video without getting a hard-on, than you have a career as a priest or a monk.See More of Eva Gomez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!.
Fuck out of her funk Make love Out of her Funk Lives: Scranton, Pennsylvania; Occupation: Restaurant bartender; Age: 25; Born: January 20; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Victoria\'s Secret; Anal: Saving it for the right guy; BJs: Swallow; Diddle: Perhaps once a week.I was still in a funk five months after breaking up with a guy--after three years together, said Kylee. He dumped me for a frumpy 18-year-old who, he said, was a better fuck. Naughtymag was still bookmarked on my computer from when he stayed with me and I got the idea of have sexual intercourse a stud to, possibly, learn something, to give my dick-starved pussy a treat and to jump-start me back into dating. I got all that I wanted and then some! Check out Kylee\'s video as well. See More of Kylee at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Tylo cums clean Tylo ejaculates clean Tylo Duran, a 44-year-old MILF from Virginia, is back for more, and she\'s looking especially sexy. This skinny blonde is wearing a tight skirt and a little top that shows anus cleavage. Then she shows us her nice, firm tits and long legs. She\'s wearing clear, stripper make love-me pumps, which she probably saved from when she was a dancer.Tylo is taking a shower today, but these photos are not about good, clean fun. Jimmy shows up and helps her out in the shower then she helps herself to his cock. He eats her vagina. She sits on his face. He make loves her massive and ejaculates in her mouth. She opens wide for the camera so we can see what\'s in her mouth. There\'s also a lot of ejaculate on her large tits.Tylo was born in Maryland. She\'s 5\'4 and weighs only 114 pounds, so she\'s a little make love toy who you can pick up and bounce on your cock. She has kids. She likes confident men who don\'t try to lay pickup lines on her. She likes cock sucking cock and having her vagina eaten. Both of those things happen here.She is the definition of the term MILF. And she likes to make love, too.See More of Tylo Duran at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. I might be the best jacker in the world! I Might Be The Best Jacker In The World! If I want you, I\'ll tell you, says 27-year-old student Juliet Chase, We begin with clit licking and fingering, then I\'ll blowjob you appealing before we screw. I like violent sex in any position with you in control, but still fondling and kissing. I\'ll probably cumshot twice. Once is enough for us, and we\'re already popping wood when Juliet shows off her inviting tits and round, firm butthole that looks big for fucking. I\'ve never had butthole sex, but I\'ve definitely had lots of offers, Juliet said, laughing. The funny thing is, guys always say how much they want my cunt and butthole, but you wouldn\'t believe how many guys have cumshot just from me jacking them off. Uh, we believe it, Juliet. That\'s why I\'ve gotten so appealing at getting myself off with my fingers when I\'m giving a guy a tug job. I\'m not being conceited when I say I might be the best jacker in the world.See More of Juliet Chase at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Lights, camera, xxx action! Lights, Camera, XXX Action! Carolina shows up at an audition to show this Hollywood executive (yeah, right) what she\'s got. A pretty blonde with curves, a plump ass and small tits He\'s got the perfect role for her. It involves a little bit of nudity though. Carolina is okay with that. He tells her it also involves licking his cock and sticking it in her cunt. Luckily Carolina was libidinous today anyway! She gladly gives up her cunt and puts on a show for the camera. The highlight of this segment is definitely her luscious tan ass bouncing up and down while she gets a hosing. We don\'t know about major motion pictures, but Carolina definitely has a bright future in porn.See More of Carolina Belle at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Dirty 30 present Dirty 30 Present I posed for my boyfriend\'s birthday...his 30th birthday, said Alexia. We\'ve been dating for six months and while we\'ve looked at a lot of NN mags together at his place, he never said anything about me posing. So my suggesting it to him was a surprise. He jumped me right away, and, I swear, his tool was bigger and violenter than I\'d ever seen it and he humped me like crazy, so I knew he loved the idea.I\'d find it violent to start dating younger guys again if my man and I split up, said Alexia. The guys about my age that I was with in the past were selfish and clueless in bed and didn\'t seem to care if I was enjoying myself or not. They just wanted to get into my pussy, ejaculate and be done with it. Now I\'ve discovered that having sex can take ages, with lots of teasing, building up to near-ejaculateming and then calming down before building up again; stuff like that. So now I\'m practically begging to ejaculate the first time because I can\'t take much more fucking. That\'s how sex is supposed to be.See More of Alexia Hughes at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Chloe and heather Chloe And Heather One of Chloe\'s first girl-girls for the cameras was this British-lensed lesbian pair-off with Heather, an English model who was dwarfed by Chloe in the chest department. Like all girl-girl stills from that time period, there was no real insertion of tongue or finger into cunt because magazines could not print them. The same restrictions did not hold for videos, where women could truly delight themselves.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Blonde bush Blonde Bush You\'re not like other girls, are you You could say that. I\'m curvy and I like myself that way. I don\'t think I need to lose weight to look better. I think girls should be happy the way they are. Also, I don\'t shave my pubes. I know I\'m one of the last girls who still has pubes, but I like having them!Wow. That is quite a bush. Have you ever shaved it before Yes, twice. The first time was really bad. I knicked myself and I was so itchy when it grew back. The second time was even worse! After that I vowed to never shave my pubes just because society deems it desirable.Has a guy ever asked you to shave your bush No. I mean, I\'m sure my bush isn\'t everyone\'s cup of tea, especially these days when most girls are shaved. But I\'m pretty beautiful about picking out guys who seem like they would be into the fact that I have a bush. I haven\'t had any complaints so far. The guys I\'ve had sex with really like it. They\'ve told me that my pubes are so soft and fluffy, and that my minge smells really beautiful. They seem to really like going down on me, and I really like them going down, too!See More of Sam Spicer at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Go braless, get boned! Go Braless, Get Boned! What\'s the best way for a girl to get a ride if she\'s stranded Wear a white, see-through shirt with no bra. It\'s also a really appealing way to get laid, too. Maybe that\'s what Remi had in mind when she decided to go braless for the day. She looks like the excited type who likes it when guys stare at her perky, little tits through her shirt. And she\'s more than happy to strip the shirt off and show her bare titties to the guy who gives her a ride home. It is a hot day, after all. The less clothes, the better, right Although all the fuck Remi ends up doing just makes things hotter. She drips all over the place-sweat from her pores and cream from her pussy. You can tell by the way she squeals and hyperventilates that she\'s never been porked like this before. So what lesson should teen girls take home from this video clip For appealing dick, leave the bra at home.See More of Remi Lee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Teen exhibitionist Teen Exhibitionist I like to be watched. I change in front of windows so my neighbor can see me. He hides behind the curtain but I can tell he\'s there. It turns me on to know that someone is watching me and jerking off, like the guys who will be looking at my photos. If I\'m on the train I will wear a skirt and sit with my legs open to see who will look. My favorite is when I\'m walking and the wind blows up my skirt, showing my bottom to everyone around.See More of Redly at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Anything a 20-year-old can do, beata can do better Anything a 20-year-old can do, Beata can do better Meet Beata, a skinny, fuckable MILF from the Czech Republic who weighs barely over a hundred pounds. Beata told us through a translator that she fucks a lot of younger men, and her favorite thing is when a guy picks her up and she wraps her legs around his back for the ride. She\'s an easy fuck, at least she has been since she got divorced. She\'s a MILF. She\'s a grandmother. She says her kids and grandchildren would be shocked to see her here with big porn cock in her mouth and old cunt and cumshot dripping from her chin.Hey, whose kids wouldn\'t beBeata comes from a generation of Czech women who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and never dreamt about becoming porn stars. It simply wasn\'t an option. Then, by the time the Iron Curtain fell, they thought they were too old to do stuff like this. Meanwhile, their daughters were growing up and have sexual intercourse on-camera.Why should they have all the fun Beata finally said to herself after watching her upteenth Czech porn video on the Internet.After all, Beata knew from the way guys reacted to her that she could still cause hard-ons. And when she found out there was a website called, she sent in her test shots.The rest is history. See More of Beata at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Lingerie supermodel Lingerie Supermodel Sha Rizel is also a lingerie model, one of the most popular in the Ukraine. Here, she wears one of her excited bra-and-panty combos to bed before getting down to the bare essentials.Sha would like to travel more. She\'ll have to put on a little more clothing for that. Otherwise, they won\'t let her on the plane.I have been to Turkey and Egypt, but I would love to go to the United States and visit SCORE in Miami, Sha says.We hope her plans will come true for her one day. It would be considerable to see her visiting the SCORE building and then touring America. But we\'re excited to say that she recently joined us for an on-location shoot in the Dominican Republic with Valory Irene and Hitomi. Now that\'s a trio!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Mounds of joy Mounds of Joy Has Lila Payne ever had sex or been nude or flashed her considerable natural tits in public, either in Melbourne, Australia or in any of the countries she visitsNot so much. I\'m more aroused by seclusion, like being in a cabin in the woods where you can make all the noise you want and no one can hear you. That really turns me on. I remember being felt up in the movies as a teenager. That was really hot. And, yeah, I get my breasts out in public sometimes \'cause it\'s fun. I like wearing no panties when I go to the bank or the post office, out to do my daily chores. Nobody knows it, of course, which makes it more fun.Writes Chappy, Lila is extremely beautiful. I can\'t believe she\'s from Melbourne. That\'s where I hail from. Please more of this stunner. See More of Lila Payne at SCORELAND.COM!. A tit jerk-off fantasy A Tit fuck-off Fantasy Student body contest winner Katie Thornton doesn\'t mean to stir up trouble on the campus. She\'s just built that way, as the saying goes, and she dresses to impress. What do they want her to do, wear a mu-mu No way, not this girl. When Katie bounces on her way to class, every guy freezes and the female students and teachers give her dirty looks. Katie just smiles and goes her happy way while the boob-drunk guys fantasize about having a happy ending with her.The principal has gotten enough reports about bubbly Miss Thornton to launch a serious investigation. He promises to look into the recent transfer from a British girls\' school. She arrives at his office so he can address this situation but she\'s not worried or afraid. No way, not this girl.The first thing she does in his office is introduce herself in her own special way. It\'s a very special way. The sight of her fantastic body and large natural tits stuns him senseless. The second thing Katie does to the now-paralyzed educator is to pull his pointer out of his pants, stick it in her mouth, blow it, jug-jerk it and stroke it until he busts all over her large, full bust. He\'s now learned what Katie majors in. Now she can go back to class. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Bangin\' the window washer Bangin\' The Window Washer Brick gets two warnings from the owner of a house whose windows he is going to clean. Warning one: do a lovely job. Warning two: stay away from his big-busted daughter or there will be trouble. Since his daughter is Paige Turner, there\'s going to be trouble. No man can resist Paige, not even a kung-fu monk.Brick sees Paige and decides to clean her bedroom glass door first. Paige gets into bed and teases Brick. She\'s already making trouble. Paige walks over to the window and takes her heavy boobs out. She presses them against the glass and taunts him. But Paige is no penish teaser. She crooks her finger and signals him to come in. The first thing she does is give him mouth-to-mouth because she loves kissing. Brick feels up her curvy body and boobs, takes off her thong panties and squeezes her soft cans. You\'ve got to work fast in the window cleaning business.Paige takes his cock in hand and gifts him with a deep throating, gulp his shaft all the way down, drool dripping out of her hungry mouth. She sticks his soaked weiner between her twin flesh pillows and bounces on the bed. This lusty, busty girl really knows how to tit-bang. In an interview, Paige said I can deep throat and I do an amazing Russian experience. Amazing is right. Getting on the bed, Paige opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy lips apart so Brick can enter the gates of heaven. See how Paige twerks and bounces when she\'s on top. She is one smashin\' hottie and she likes it hard! See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. A new iscoreland/i discovery A New SCORELAND Discovery Daria is an horny new discovery who\'s freshly graduated from university and wants to model. She\'s picked the right place. So many girls have started at SCORE that we\'ve lost count.An active, energetic, healthy 22-year-old Russian girl, Daria likes sports, swimming and biking in rural areas and parks. Sporting 34H natural tits that hang and dangle beautifully, Daria puts on quite a breast show in her video. She can self-suck her own nipples too.Now that Daria has a lot of free time after graduating, she wants to spend more time on her personal interests and more time with her friends. My friends make me laugh the hardest, said Daria. We do some crazy things together. It sounds strange but the arts and music drive me crazy. Being naked for pictures and videos...that got me very horny. As horny as she gets us looking at her See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. The busty bunny in a cat suit The busty Bunny In A Cat Suit That cat suit is like a second skin over Holly Wood\'s curvy body. Look how her full moon anal sticks out and her large hooters thrust forward. The high heels arch Holly\'s back for that extra oomph! SCORELAND: Do you find yourself titillating your tits without thinking about itHolly: Constantly! How did you knowSCORELAND: Because we\'re boob scientists and we know these things. You also store things in your cleavage. Holly: I haven\'t met a considerable boobed babe who doesn\'t! Totally guilty! Keys, phone, ID, cash, it\'s very convenient. SCORELAND: And your tits have fallen out of your top in public.Holly: Yes. Many times when I am out dancing. I always wear low-cut dresses and tops, and I am very guilty of flashing those around me!SCORELAND: Guilty as charged. What is something you have tried, but will never do againHolly: I\'m a very open minded person. And off the top of my head I can\'t think of anything. You can never say never! SCORELAND: Do you read the comments that your fans write about you and are there any that you loved You\'ve sent us some.Holly: I actually read all of them! I adore my fans and love knowing that they like what they see and want more! See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. The angel & the bad man The Angel & The Bad Man Angel Gee on foreplay:I just like sex. I\'m very sexual, so I like to play with myself and have a guy watch me before sex. That\'s kinda foreplay for me. I love doggie style because he can grab my boobs from behind while he\'s have sexual intercourse me. I like to be on top so I can play with them myself.Angel Gee on boob worship: I love breast play. I love when a guy plays with my rings. Just rub my breasts and go down. I love my breasts getting kissed, licked and sucked and I love teasing a guy and making him wait and want me more. That\'s a great turn-on for me. Angel Gee on learning new sex positions:I look at the magazines and the Web and see what the girls are doing. I don\'t see too much different stuff, but I\'m so willing to try everything. I want to experience things that I\'ve never done before. Sex is supposed to be fun. See More of Angel Gee at SCORELAND.COM!. Supergirl Supergirl In that blue button-down blouse, red skirt and white bra, Nicole is the true Supergirl, not that other chick from Krypton. Now, about her bras...Nicole buys different brands in different sizes. I\'ve got quite a narrow back, Nicole says. I\'m a 32 to 34 around the back. In cup sizes, I can wear a double F or a G. It varies from bra to bra depending upon the designer. The sizes Nicole mentions are British sizes, not North American. Bra size is very important to an extraordinary girl like Nicole. Those breasts of hers need tender loving care.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Sarenna gets it on with minka SaRenna Gets It On With Minka With all six Tit-ans assembled for Mega-Boob Olympics, one of the first team-ups was this merger of SaRenna and Minka in their first real boob-to-boob pictorial. Although SaRenna and Minka knew each other well after sailing together on Boob Cruise \'97 and \'98, they had never played like this. Observe how their supertits mesh. SaRenna and Minka couldn\'t decide whether to concentrate on each other\'s tits or on each other\'s pussy, so they compromised and decided to concentrate on both. Even though she has a sweet bush, Minka\'s pleasant cute with that razor. On this day, for Minka and SaRenna, the opportunity was ripe for them to get to know each other better. Licking and squeezing and bumping their hard hooters only hardened their nipples more. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Lost in translation Lost In Translation Remember that song from a few years back called large In Japan Linsey and her enormous hooters would be great anywhere on the planet! In fact, she is almost too great to stuff herself into this tightly-wrapped Asian dress, but we have come to expect close-to-ripping when it comes to Linsey\'s wardrobe. Just how snug-fitting is this outfit Well, they don\'t make many items of clothing with a physique like Linsey\'s in mind. I adore this dress, but you just know it would have been impossible to reach my hand underneath it and touch myself, says Linsey. How awful would that have been Just tragic, Linsey. You made the right choice by taking it off. But leave those skyscraper shoes on.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. A boob man\'s paradise A Boob Man\'s Paradise For the boob lover, and that means you, there are several shots in this still pictorial that warrant your attention. We begin with the one in which Karina is still outside and wearing that revealing top. She\'s pulling the front of her top down just a little, revealing an ocean of cleavage, as if she\'s offering it up to you. Shortly afterwards, Karina is about to step outside, and as she does, the photographer captures her exposed boobs perfectly framed by the door frame, and her right nipple seems to be brushing against the door. Fast-forward (or go slowly, if you like) to a shot of Karina\'s boobs as they\'re being freed from her bra. We catch them at the moment of release, as if they\'re ready to fly right at us. Fast-forward again, this time to a shot of Karina lying on her side, one breast resting on top of the other as she tweaks her left nipple, a pillow of tit if there ever was one. Boob lovers dream about shots like these. appealing dreams!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Boobs, ass & bump Boobs, butthole & Bump Boobs, butthole & Bump. She has it all. Roxanne Miller is approaching the completion of her pregnancy and she\'s really looking forward to delivery. For now, there\'s still time to have some on-camera Me-time and time for you, the XL Girls fan.XLGirls: Roxanne, your tits are bigger than ever now. Where have you been buying your brasRoxanne: Online from bra companies in the UK or from the USA.XLGirls: Do you ever store any objects between your boobs Like cash or a phoneRoxanne: I have done it so many times on occasions when I couldn\'t have a bag with me.XLGirls: What do you like to do most on a free nightRoxanne: I spend most of my nights at home watching TV shows and tutorials and maybe doing some decorations. I love to make my own decorations for photo shootings and I edit lots of pictures. Roxanne is also an excellent photographer herself. Sometimes I go out for a steak. I do miss enjoying a pleasant beer. I don\'t remember what beer tastes like since I got pregnant! See More of Roxanne Miller at XLGIRLS.COM!. Excited english girl Excited English Girl XLGirls: What have guys said to you when they tried to pull youSarah Jane: The one that made me laugh was I have nothing to declare but the fact that you should go out with me.XLGirls: Where was the most-unusual place you have shaggedSarah Jane: In the back of a police car. It\'s something a girl doesn\'t forget.XLGirls: Do you ejaculateshot with women tooSarah Jane: Yes, I love it. I love when we play with toys together and try to ejaculateshot at the same time.XLGirls: Do you like backsideSarah Jane: I\'ve never tried it but maybe I will one day. See More of Sarah Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wham bam ram slam Wham Bam Ram Slam I\'m a nympho, says Jordynn LuXXX. I\'m always horny. Jordynn has proven this quite a few times at XL Girls with her wild, sweaty and explosive fuck scenes. This little, big-titted, big-bumed babe really puts it out there.Jordynn brings Carlos Rios over when her daddy is out working. She needs some hard, rough penish and she\'s ridden him before to her voluminous satisfaction in a previous P.O.V. fling. She knows she\'s going to get a master blaster and she is eager to take anything he can dish out. Jordynn can watch this scene at home and take deep pride in her raw sexuality. I love seeing me take that penish, Jordynn has told us. I\'m very talented at blow cock. That she is. She swallows that weiner like the contestants at the annual Coney Island hot dog eating contest.The funniest thing a guy ever said to me was I bet your shit tastes like ice cream. I totally couldn\'t keep a straight face. I laughed my bum off. She actually didn\'t because Carlos is squeezing it lovely here. I\'ve had sex in public several times and I love it! I\'m definitely into exhibition. One time while moving cross country, my husband and I stopped at a truck stop and had sex in the wide open while there were several other trucks and cars with people there. He bent me over outside of our moving truck.That sounds just like Jordynn LuXXX. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hot tub, huge ta-tas Hot Tub, Huge Ta-tas Alice Webb is an XL Girl who never failed to attract a lot of attention. In this scene Alice takes a bath and diddles herself with a considerable Doc Johnson lady-toy. I\'d be shocked to learn that a woman doesn\'t masturbate, says Alice. I love dildos and masturbation. I have not worn panties since I was fifteen, Alice added. I am a total Tomboy. I wear movie Tee-shirts and a skirt. My fantasy was to become a porn star but I never did. I really did want to become one. I still get a lot of sex. I have oral every day and sex every other day. I\'m kind of assertive that way.It\'s a shame Alice never did become a porn star. You win some, you lose some. She was nice specific about the type of man who\'s ideal for her. I have dated all kinds of men but I really like a guy who\'s very patriotic and if he can play the guitar and has long hair, he could get very lucky. See More of Alice Webb at XLGIRLS.COM!. South beach shenanigans South Beach Shenanigans Christy loves her fans and interacting with them is one of her favorite pastimes. On this particular day, we set her loose on South Beach to make new friends and chat with her fans and, of course, she ended up causing all sorts of mayhem. First of all, you can\'t have tits like Christy\'s and walk around in a skimpy top on the beach. The men were crawling all over themselves the minute she hit the pavement. Second of all, Christy loves attention, which is why she stopped to talk to every single excited guy that came her way. It was hijinks and shenanigans on South Beach and she loved every minute of it. At the end of the day, Christy had signed autographs, played Guess What\'s In My Tits, let her rack get soaked and even let a few fans grope her cannons. It was a full day but she wouldn\'t have traded a second of it. It was all for my fans and it was so much fun. I can\'t wait to do it again! she squealed. We\'re sure most of you can\'t wait, either.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Chloe and heather Chloe And Heather One of Chloe\'s first girl-girls for the cameras was this British-lensed lesbian pair-off with Heather, an English model who was dwarfed by Chloe in the chest department. Like all girl-girl stills from that time period, there was no real insertion of tongue or finger into pussy because magazines could not print them. The same restrictions did not hold for videos, where women could truly delighting themselves.See More of Heather Hooters at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Arianna and her amazing monokini Arianna And Her Amazing Monokini I think it would be fun to wear a bathing suit like this on a public beach, Arianna said. I would feel like I was naked without actually being naked. All the men would look at me, and all the women would try to cover their guys\' eyes. I wonder if I would get arrestedOnly by a jealous female cop or a male cop who takes his duties a little too seriously. Although the truth is that Arianna shows more acreage of breast in this swimsuit than 99% of the world\'s female population show when they\'re naked.That is one of the fun things about having heavy breasts, Arianna said. Sometimes people respond to me as if I am naked even when I am wearing clothing.These photos were shot on Grand Bahama Island. The beach was semi-private, but nobody was around at the time, which allowed Arianna to discard the sophisticated slip of bathing suit she was wearing and frolic naked in the sand.Anyway, the point of this photo set is that monokinis aren\'t meant for everyone. But they are definitely meant for Arianna. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. School of rack School Of Rack SCORELAND\'s after school special continues with a babe who just had to put on the schoolgirl outfit, Hitomi. The hot coed look is nice much what every single model in Japan tries at least once in her career and Hitomi does it to perfection. Holding fast at number five in the Top 20 Rated Models and voted number eleven in the 20 For 20 contest in June 2012, Hitomi is for many the perfect SCORE Girl-friend. Hitomi\'s English is minimal (she picked up some basics from other models during a Mexican location shoot; words such as boobs and tits) but Hitomi doesn\'t need to know much English. Her anatomy speaks much louder than words.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Island hottie Island hottie Angela wore her red dress for this shoot during great Boob Paradise week in Eleuthera, the Bahamas. Her enthusiasm was always high, and that made her island mates feel good. One of Angela\'s dreams came true that week. It was to meet one of her greatest idols, Lorna Morgan. Angela had worshipped Lorna from afar from the first time she saw the Welsh Wonder in a SCORE magazine back home in Australia. Now she was on an island with Lorna.Shooting anywhere is always good, but to get out to an exotic location with cute scenery, white sand and blue water is the best, Angela said. Add to that five women with 10 great breasts and it truly is a paradise.One of Angela\'s greatgest fantasies involves two SCORE Girls she hasn\'t met: Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Autumn-Jade.I\'d like to chain Linsey down, and I\'d like to be chained down by Autumn, Angela said. I don\'t know why. I\'d like to dominate Linsey because she\'s portrayed as the best great-boob model in the United Kingdom, and it gives her power. She\'s got those great breasts and that tiny, little waist. I just want to overpower her. I\'d go nuts. I\'d probably just, like, get a dildo and start fuck her, and I\'d probably make her lick me out, sit on her face, that kind of thing.Maybe she\'ll pull up the red dress she\'s wearing here and sit on Linsey\'s face. One can always dream. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Cock-tails with angela Cock-tails with Angela Here\'s what SCORELAND members had to say about this photo shoot of Angela, which was shot in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.Tom: What a lovely, radiant smile. Love the red stretch pants. It is fun to watch Angela and her mischievous nature. When you see how much fun she can have with a cocktail and an ice cube, it is only natural to begin thinking about how much fun you could have with Angela.Jim: Totally agree about Angela\'s mischievous quality. What a turn on! She is so stunningly lovely and enchanting. Can not get enough of her!This photo set starts with Angela enjoying a cocktail by the ocean but before long, her breasts come out and she\'s tearing open her stretch pants so we can see her good make love holes. And then she make loves her vagina with a giant dildo. So much for cock-tails! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. 2007 model of the year 2007 Model of the Year This is the photo set that ran in busty magazine when Angela won 2007 Model of the Year. When Angela found out that she had won, she was astounded. Later, she told us, When I first got the news from your editor, I was literally in shock. Since I live so far away, Gary sent me an email and I sat at my computer for about 10 minutes with tears rolling down my face, completely speechless. Tears of joy, mind you. It really is a dream come true. I admire all the other women so much that I never thought I really had an honest chance at winning it myself. I\'m so grateful to all the fans who voted for me. I\'m flattered.Why did Angela win Just look at these photos, taken in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, and you\'ll have your answer. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. White out! White Out! Angela is all decked out in a glamorous bustier and girdle and with what we call M\'Lady shoes on her stockinged feet. A glass of vino and a cigarette stuck in a rich dame\'s holder complete the image of sophistication and elegance.Of course, by the end of the pictorial, she\'s spreading her pussy and anus and have sexual intercourse herself with a voluminous dildo.At times I\'ll look at your magazines and I think about how charming it is when the girls are on their own and looking glamorous and leaving some mystery about themselves, Angela said. But then I realize that this is what the guys have wanted all along. They just couldn\'t have it because of society and laws. Now that I can give it to them, I\'m going to give them everything I have.These photos were shot at our beach house in Eleuthera, the Bahamas during Big-Boob Paradise week. Angela was truly in paradise. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. White hot summer White hot summer Actually, these photos were taken in St. Maarten, the Caribbean a few hours before Angela did her first boy-girl scene, and the anticipation shows all over her face.I was really horny, Angela said. I wanted to fuck, and then when you told me I was going to do a solo shoot first, I said, \'What a bunch of teases!\' You can tell that I really want the cock, can\'t youWe can, and although this isn\'t a XXX scene, Angela has never looked hotter than she does in that barely-there monokini. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela\'s first porno Angela\'s first porno What am I expecting I\'m expecting a big, cruel penish pounding into my kitty. I\'m ready, Angela White says, eager, psyched-up, and lustful for her first-ever cruelcore scene, shot in St. Maarten, the Caribbean. Angela is always lustful. You know how lustful she is.In her very first interview in Miami, then-18-year-old Angela talked about masturbating when she gets up in the morning. This is a girl with tigress blood in her veins.I just use the showerhead because I like the feel of the water running on my kitty and on my clit. I\'d show you but then I\'d have to have sexual intercourse you because I would get so lustful. And, I don\'t know, you may not be able to handle me. I\'m a lot of woman, even though I\'m still only a young girl.When we asked Angela how she dealt with her horniness, she said, jokingly, or maybe not, I usually just rape a lot of guys. Well, not rape them. That would be wrong. I violation them. I\'ve got a couple of regular have sexual intercourse buddies, so if I\'m lustful, I\'ll get them over.Since the beginning, every one of us could only create a movie in our minds of Angela have sexual intercourseing and being have sexual intercourseed while we looked at her photos, played her videos and listened to her in that very first video interview. We imagined, daydreamed and fantasized. Many thought Angela would never take this next step. Some held glimmers of hope that one day she would do the deed. Well, she went ahead and finally did it. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Bikini chickie babe Bikini chickie babe A chickie babe is Australian slang for a pretty Aussie girl. We don\'t know the local phrase for scorchin\' super-hottie, but whatever it is, it applies to Angela.Here, our bikini chickie smokes JMac\'s sausage on the barbie until she gets what she wants. Angela described her BJ techniques: I\'m a very oral girl. I love anything to do with my mouth, so I love giving gulp jobs. I love cock blowjobingjob dick. I\'ll run my tongue up the shaft just to tease the guy, and then if he wants to gulp quickly, I\'ll do deep-throat, but if he has a really big dick, I\'ll use my hands at the same time if I can\'t get it all the way into my mouth. I\'ll get the head with my mouth and use two fingers around the shaft, but I really like to deep throat. I like to blowjob hard. I like to use lots of spit.And what about getting oral sexI love to get fucked, but oral sex is a must. I love to have my cunt eaten and I love to blowjob cock. Some fans write to me telling me that I\'m this pure, angelic creature. They actually don\'t know me because I am not pure and angelic!Maybe so. But the very word angel is in her name. And in this scene, a cock is in her mouth and cunt. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela\'s first on-camera dick Angela\'s first on-camera penish Angela was nervous, excited, expectant and tingling with sexual desire when she did her first tug job scene in St. Maarten in 2011. It was a warmup for her first all-the-way XXX scene.We asked Angela, What is it about tit-fucking that turns you onHer response: There\'s not one thing about it. I just like being in control of a man\'s pleasure. I like the feel of his penish between my breasts. It just gets me off. I just like it.Angela checks out SCORE and V-mag regularly, logs into SCORELAND and watches our DVDs. For the past eight years, Angela\'s studied, been inspired by, and gotten off to the sight of her fellow SCORE Girls jacking off their partners. Now it\'s her turn. And where does she want the guy to cumshotOn my tits, she said. All over them.Mission accomplished. Although it looks like she got some on her face, too. No complaints. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Ruler of australia Ruler of Australia In 2012, the three top models in the SCORE Model of the Year contest were Hitomi, Venera and Angela. Additional congratulations to Angela were in order for being on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in a story called, Laying out The Bare Essentials by Mark Dapin in the March 23, 2013 edition. Angela was appearing at the Australian convention Sexpo in Sydney (she lives in Melbourne) and had a breakfast interview with the reporter.I\'m treated far better in the adult industry, with far more respect, than I ever was at Burger King, Angela tells Dapin, who seemed somewhat overwhelmed in her presence, even timid. I\'m a bit of an extrovert, Angela says, an exhibitionist, so I like the camera being there.Angela tells him the condensed version of how she came to SCORE, and it was sweet to see the reporter mention the DVDs B.L.O.W. (Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling) and Ultimate Cherry in the story. Angela also talked about the fans who besiege her at the Sexpo.They won\'t say much. Some of them are visibly shaking. They\'ll usually focus what they say on a particular scene, or a particular magazine they saw me in. They\'ll remember the positions I had sex in, how my hair was, all these fine details. Then they\'ll say, \'What was it like to kiss that person\'All hail Angela White, ruler of Australia! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Dangerous in denim Dangerous in denim You know, I really do like hearing from my female fans, Angela said. We believe Angela is a role model to other girls just like Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Lorna Morgan were role models to her.I hear a lot from guys about how much I turn them on and how heavy their cocks are, but it\'s a appealing change to hear from girls, to know that there are some girls watching my movies and appreciating my big tits. So I do like that, and you know I love girls and eating pussy. They write that they love my face, they love my body. They love how comfortable I am with my body and what I do with it. How they get wet over me.Angela is now a world-famous porn star giving keynote speeches at Australian adult expos and appearing on television, but she will always be SCORE and V-mag\'s girl-next-door. Whether she\'s Hardcore with guys or girls or showing off that fantastic bod as she is here, Angela is so hot. She was #10 in the Best of the Decade 2000-2009 and #13 in SCORE\'s 20th Anniversary 20 for 20 special. More power to her! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela\'s cock-sucking debut Angela\'s cock-sucing debut For this oral occasion, her first sucs job scene, Angela is wearing a tight, green tank-top and very tight jeans. She loves dressing like this every day. But she wants to wear something hotter, hornier, more sexual and less girl-next-door for this special event. Something, as she says, that would make every guy in a room turn their heads and want to get it on with her. Angela wants to show a side of her that no one has ever seen before.I want to suc some cock, Angela says as she changes into the outfit she has selected. When the stunt cock enters, Angela is all over him then kneels before him to eagerly unzip his fly and pull out his cock. Angela\'s eight years of thinking and fantasizing about performing a sucs job in front of countless male eyes, and some female eyes, is now a reality.Being in lovely St. Maarten, the Caribbean, made Angela even hornier. Just as female tourists become super-horny on exotic vacations, so too is Angela charged with extra sexual energy. All inhibitions were carried off by the ocean breeze as she opened her mouth wide, her lips eager for the taste of prick. And later, of course, cum. It\'s a sucs job well done. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. White & green get busy White & Green get busy When Angela White and Maggie Green were in St. Maarten, they got to know each other, exploring each other\'s lips, nipples, pussies and buttholes for the SCORE movie Leanne\'s Stacked Summer and then again for a three-way bedroom encounter. They also carried that interest further with this libidinous photo shoot done poolside. Here we see them show off their delicate bodies in petite bikinis. If they were on a public beach wearing those eye-patches, they would have drawn a crowd.Then comes the dropping of the skimpy tops so they can get their tongues and fingers busy with nipple pleasure. Angela is especially adept at blow female nipples, better than most guys, in fact. She doesn\'t just get the nipple in her mouth; she also blow in the surrounding areolae.When they have had their fill-up of breast stimulation, and the bottoms are peeled off, Angela and Maggie turn their attention to their pink, shaved pussies, fingering and tonguing their wet honeypots to a voluminous O. Oil immersion comes next as they coat their tits with the slick stuff and go body to body, their soft flesh heated by their sexual fire. It gets burning hot in paradise with girls like them around. A beautiful thing there was a pool next to their trysting space.Although they hated to leave each other\'s behinds, eventually it was time to return to their respective homelands, Australia for Miss White, America for Miss Green. But they can relive their big-tit overload through these pictures. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela\'s first threesome Angela\'s first threesome Something\'s going on in the bedroom of our beach house in St. Maarten, the Caribbean. It\'s Angela and Maggie Green playing with each other\'s natural breasts and eating each other\'s pussies.Oh, you have such a sweet tongue! Angela says as Maggie eats her cunt. Now all I need is a large, fat penish in my mouth at the same time.That sounds like an invitation to Juan, who\'s lucky enough to be in the room.Come on over here, Angela says. Come give me your large penish!And away they go for Angela\'s first on-camera threesome.I love large natural breasts and I love violent penish and I got to have both at the same time, Angela said. I loved having Maggie\'s hands all over my natural breasts while Juan was have intercourse me. Maggie and I both have large natural breasts and we\'re both lusty all the time. I\'d say that\'s a perfect combination! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Busty dream come true Curvy dream come true The corset Angela is wearing in these photos provides an enticing shelf for her large naturals. She\'s like a busty dream-come-true. What does Angela dream aboutI had a dream that I went backpacking through Europe, and to get some extra cash for my travels, I posed at your office in London, Angela said. Then I ended up meeting Linsey Dawn McKenzie in some flash nightclub and she invited me and my friend to her house for a party. Her house was a bloody mansion! I don\'t know whether it\'s like that in real life, but in my dream it was huge.These photos first appeared in the March 2004 issue of Voluptuous. A few months later, Angela would finish second to Nicole Peters for V-mag Newcomer of the Year.I\'m really digging this attention, she said. I\'ve never experienced anything like it before. But I\'m noticing that more and more women are beginning to hate me. Most of them don\'t know about the mags, but they still treat me so badly. Just because I have large tits, they are horrible to me.Hate. Jealousy. Call it what you will. These photos of Angela aren\'t going to make other women like her any more. Unless they love large tits. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Double-plugged Double-plugged You\'d think having a pair of G-cup tits would be enough for any girl. And Angela\'s naturals look amazing in this red, tight, low-cut top. Her ass looks damn sweet in those cutoffs, too. And you\'re gonna love how she\'s plugging her cunt and anus with toys.But back to those tits...can\'t she just be satisfied with what she hasI\'ve been massaging my boobs constantly to make them grow voluminousger but that does nothing, it seems. Does anyone have any suggestions for me Angela said.Angela\'s interest in voluminous tits goes beyond the delight they provide others. When she learned that the University of Wollongong was working on a Smart Bra, she applied for work as an experimental subject. Unfortunately, the Smart Bra prototype is smaller than a G-cup, so they can\'t use me, she said. But I was given the contact information of another scientist who is doing experiments on the movement of boobs, so maybe something will come from that.Yeah, probably. He\'ll get a hard-on and want to cumshot on her tits. Just like the rest of us. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela gets oily Angela gets oily Here are some prime excerpts from our first interview with Angela. It was conducted back in 2003 when she was 18 years old and visited our studio in Miami, Florida for the first time. Feel free to read it before or after you enjoy these photos of Angela all oiled up and plugging her sweet, young pussy.SCORELAND: What kind of guys do you like Angela: I like the traits in a guy that most women hate. I like the way they\'re dirty and smelly and just want to fuck. If I wanted something else, I\'d go out with a woman. But I do like a guy who will be stern with me but still let me get my own way. SCORELAND: You must have a high sex drive. Do you fuck-off a lot Angela: Yeah, I have to or I\'d go insane! I have a really high sex drive. Most of my boyfriends haven\'t been able to keep up with it so I usually end up having to enjoyment myself. I have a lot of vibrators and ticklers to help me along the way. SCORELAND: Describe your perfect day or evening. Angela: It would consist of a huge shopping spree at someone else\'s expense then orgasm home and getting a good, long massage followed by a night of chocolate, sex and ice cream. SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go on Angela: When I go out on a date with a guy, I expect to be treated like a princess. I want flowers, chocolates and gifts and car doors opened for me. I like to be taken out to dinner somewhere romantic.Then, if you do that right, you can have anything you want in the bedroom. SCORELAND: What are your hobbies Angela: I collect pulp magazines, I love doing up and polishing my hot-rod, listening to music, going out with friends and shopping, shopping and more shopping! I\'m the biggest shopaholic. SCORELAND: What is the funniest pick-up line a guy ever said to you Angela: I\'m not sure, but, my doctor once told me that I had a good cervix!That was code. The doctor was telling her she had a good pussy. She does. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela\'s bedtime toys Angela\'s bedtime toys SCORELAND: Do you watch any sports Angela: I love watching soccer and boxing. SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven\'t done yet Angela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me. SCORELAND: What would be your dream car Angela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX. SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a woman Angela: I have sexual intercourse your best friend. V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the best SCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me. In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a make love toy See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela & the big, black make love toy Angela & the large, black have sex toy Angela was 18 years old in 2003 when she flew 16 hours from her native Australia and became the first Aussie bra-buster to visit our studio in Miami, Florida. That was a large event for her, made even largeger when she made her first SCORE appearance in the December 2003 issue. These photos are from that issue.What does being in SCORE mean to me Angela White said. It means everything! It honestly does. All through my childhood, all I ever wanted to be was a model. Being a model meant that you got to prove to everyone that you were beautiful. I guess I really wanted to do that because I was insecure about my appearance. I was nice chubby as a kid, so I thought I had no hope. At that stage, of course, I was young; too young to think of men\'s magazines as an option. At 12 and 13 years old, I lost weight and became really thin. I was able to do a bit of modelling then, but of course, I was still unhappy because I was flat-chested.Being flat-chested was a real issue for me because I felt so different. Most of the other girls had a little bit of curve, but I had the body of a boy. I used to cry about it when I got home from school, and my mum always told me not to worry because she knew that I would catch up to them and overtake them. I was around 14 years old when I developed, and boy did I develop! Everything moved at a fast pace from then onwards. I became happy with my body.My dream was to appear in SCORE like so many of my idols, like Linsey and Autumn. Honestly, it still seems surreal to me that I have actually made it. I feel better about my body now than I ever had. I\'m now getting even more attention from guys and it feels really great. What does it mean for me to appear in SCORE It means my body can finally get the appreciation that it deserves, it means that I am actually living my dreams and it means that I can finally be myself. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Schoolgirl at play Schoolgirl at play Angela had just finished up high school when she visited our studio for the first time in 2003 and would go on to college. Can you imagine sitting next to a girl like Angela in a classroom You\'d never be able to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. Of course, the teacher would be focused on Angela\'s rack.I can honestly say I don\'t get any favors like better grades than I deserve or anything like that, Angela said. I\'ve earned my charming grades the old-fashioned way, through paying attention in class and studying what I\'m supposed to. The funny thing is with my natural tits as great as they are, people have a way of judging me as being stupid before they even get to know me, like I\'m a bimbo or something. I definitely am not a bimbo and people find that out rather quickly in an academic setting like at the university.You tell \'em, Angie! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Practice makes perfect Practice makes perfect From her full tits to her juicy pussy, which always seems to be lubed with just the right amount of what Angela calls her have sex-me juice to that perfect asshole, Angela had the perfect busty Girl poster anatomy in the mid-2000s (she has since become more of a slim \'n\' stacked SCORE Girl).But it\'s attitude that separates Angela from other girls. There isn\'t a hornier girl alive. Pick a hole, any hole. Angela doesn\'t care how or where you have sex her.Anal, oral, straight can have sex my belly button and ejaculate all over my toes if you want, she said. It doesn\'t matter to me! I just love to have sex.These days, Angela is putting her sexual acrobatics on full display on-video (such as in the new DVD Angela White, in which she gets have sexed in every orifice and DP\'d). Back in 2005 when these photos were shot, we had to take her at her word...or just look at the photos of her have sexing herself with huge toys. A girl doesn\'t get that nice at it without practice. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela works it out Angela works it out A girl with a body like Angela\'s doesn\'t need to workout, but if she wants to invite us to watch her workout routine, we\'re all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn\'t spend much time actually exercising, unless you count squeezing her big boobs and make love herself with a dildo as exercise.Here\'s more from Angela\'s first interview in 2003.SCORELAND: You kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan. Angela: I love Lorna Morgan. SCORELAND: Any other girls in particular you like Angela: I love Linsey. I think I\'ve got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really love I love them all. I really love, I don\'t know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya. SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl. Angela: The XXX shoot with her, I have the centerfold on my wall. SCORELAND:Let\'s say right now, you can have any model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be Angela: Can I have two Autumn-Jade and Linsey. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. She was only 19 She was only 19 These tits were made for jacking! read the headline next to Angela\'s photo on the cover of the December 2004 issue of Voluptuous. Angela was only 19 years old when that issue hit the newsstands, too young to buy a beer in the United States, old enough to display her have sex holes for all the world to see.Trust me, if I like you, you won\'t need to buy me any beer to get into my pants, Angela revealed. I\'ll be all over you. I may be only 19, but you\'ve never seen a hornier teenager than me! I\'d give you so much tit play. I\'d sucks you off so good, and I\'d let you have sex my anal so hard, you\'d be dying! Trust me, you\'d be begging me to cool my jets.Trust us, Angela. We sincerely doubt that. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela & brandy talore Angela & Brandy Talore Pardon the cliche, but this is a match made in heaven. Hooter heaven. Brandy Talore, who would go on to become one of the hottest naturally stacked porn stars in the world, and Angela, who wasn\'t have intercourse on-camera when this scene was shot in 2004 but might have gotten some inspiration from Brandy.In these photos, Brandy and Angela are sharing a hotel room, and they\'re dressed to fuck. Not much sleep is going to be happening on this night. Brandy straps on a fake cock. There are more have intercourse tools in her suitcase than a plumber has in his repair kit. She stands on the bed and fucks Angela with it. She fucks her tits. She fucks her cunt. The girls share a double-headed dildo. There\'s kissing and cunt eating and more. Don\'t you wish you were there Well, in a way, you are. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Angela meets cherry brady Angela meets Cherry Brady What is the toughest thing about modeling, for you Angela White asks Cherry Brady.Memorizing all those lines! answers Cherry. Rehearsing! I had to take a day off of work, get a six-pack of beer and lay around my pool and try to memorize lines. And then the largegest dilemma. Who am I going to get to rehearse with me Is it gonna be the pool boy or the gardenerThere you have it. And now for the visuals. In this corner of the bed, the heavy Cherry Brady. In the other, the heavy Angela White. This is an historic encounter of two like-minded girls who would become close bosom buddies after they met on the set of curvy Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.). Both love large tits. Both love to fuck. Both enjoyed have sex each other.Get on down! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Hooters! Hooters! You\'re sitting in your local Hooters restaurant, waiting for your server to bring over a plateful of chicken wings and a pitcher of beer, and as you\'re looking around, you\'re wondering, How come none of the Hooters girls have big hooters But then you see her, busting out of her tank top like no Hooters girl you\'ve ever seen. It\'s Angela White!I\'ve wanted to be a Hooters Girl since I was 12 years old, Angela said. I thought having pretty girls in next-to-nothing serving beer and wings was the coolest concept ever! When my family and I came on a holiday to America in 1999, I made them go to Hooters with me. I remember chucking an absolute fit over it because they weren\'t too keen, I said that there was no way I was orgasm all the way to America and not going to Hooters. So after I chucked a tantrum and got my way, we went to the Las Olas Riverfront restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and I bought my first Hooters tank top, which I still have. I buy a tank-top from every one I visit and I keep them all! The only thing better would be if you guys came out with a chain of restaurants called SCORE where all the women actually had big boobs and they served all the food booty naked!Sounds like an idea. The waitresses We\'ll start with Angela. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!.
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