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Date night for jordynn Date Night For Jordynn It\'s dinner date night for Jordynn LuXXX, and Jordynn is the appetizer, main course and dessert. Jordynn\'s voluminous, pierced boobs are the serving plate for the food. Tit-bits are a large way to build up a man\'s appetite. After the food has been sampled, Jordynn and her date are too libidinous to keep eating. They\'d rather make love each other\'s brains out. After Jordynn gets a voluminous sausage to blowjob and drool on and tit-make love, the taste of penish makes her want it in her wet pussy.Jordynn bootyumes the position, booty up, face down, for her first make love. He plunges deep, gripping her butthole cheeks and filling her pink hole. Then it\'s Jordynn\'s turn to ride on-top and ride she does. Their date explores the voluminous bang theory when Jordynn gets on the floor for the pile-driver position and wraps up with a creamy dessert squirted all over her fat boobs. This was a very healthy meal. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. With a cherry on it With A Cherry On It Renee Ross is the pride of every ice cream and whipped cream manufacturer, not to mention every banana grower and importer from here to South America. The way she eats a banana can drive a guy nuts and she knows it.Renee is always lusty and creamy. She turns herself into the most busty sundae ever made, looking elegant enough to lick until she cums. It makes a guy want to eat those cherries right off her juicy, plump body. Renee is a true man-pleaser and she admits it. I love to please men, says Renee. I mean, I don\'t mind being pleased, but for me, it is all about their pleasure. I think that is what gets me off the most about being with someone.See More of Renee Ross at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bathroom, tits & beyond Bathroom, boobs & Beyond Roxee Robinson sleeps naked and usually showers naked, except now, because we asked the bountiful redhead to throw on a sheer dress over a swimsuit so we could see the fabric stick to her curves and see the outline of her rough nipples. After that, Roxee got down to the buff and soaped up her huge boobs and fingered her wet slit as the shower cascaded over her soft flesh.I love masturbating with my fingers and my toys, Roxee said. I\'ve showed you some of my toy collection in another video. Some of them are so big, I can\'t put it in my mouth. When I know I\'m being watched masturbating, it makes me hornier. I like it when the guys who watch me are stroking their cocks. I feel sexier being the woman they want to fuck. See More of Roxee Robinson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Backside amateur Bottom Amateur I\'m really into DPs but having one dick in my butt is fine, too, said Eva, a 27-year-old babe from San Diego, California who\'s into bald-headed Latin men with tattoos. Is that you It could be, but probably not. Don\'t worry, though. Eva has a place in her cunt and her butt for all kinds of men. I love to fuck, she said. Can\'t you tell from these pictures I\'ve had women say to me, \'How can you do butt with a man It\'s so painful.\' Well, no, it\'s not painful, and I do it because I enjoy it. Otherwise, I wouldn\'t do it. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, not an ordeal. By the way, if you need to know, Eva\'s favorite TV show is I Love Lucy. We guess that makes her an old-fashioned girl. See More of Eva Gomez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Sex kitten on a swing Sex Kitten On A Swing pretty and sexy, kitty pretty is part of the Romanian wave overtaking SCORELAND and we welcome this kind of invasion. SCORELAND is a big-tit world without borders. kitty\'s found a swinging, clear plastic chair to play with. After a quick chat with the photographer about what she\'s been doing (All\'s good, kitty said), kitty is quick to get out of her tight pink shorts, see-through blouse and giant bra. She leaves her high heels on.kitty really loves playing with her enormous boobs and furry pussy in that swinging chair. Are kitty\'s tits getting bigger Her busty curves are unbelievable.I learned a lot my first time. It was all new. After that, I thought that I could get used to this. I was used to the webcam and this is so different. I really enjoy it.See More of kitty pretty at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Oiled by natalie fiore & mickey bells Oiled By Natalie Fiore & Mickey BellsIf the United Nations, the United States and the European Union could get along like Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi do here, many problems would be on the way to a happy ending. Such fairy tale resolutions are unlikely but we still encourage the petty politicians of the world to study the actions of these wonder-women and learn from them. Natalie and Micky outweigh and out-breast the little but not-so-little girl from Japan and they are fascinated by the sophisticated Japanese known as the most naturally slim and stacked model in her country. Always submissive, never dismissive, Hitomi submits to their massaging, curious hands and massive, soft ta-tas. Never have Natalie and Micky experienced a play friend like Hitomi. Verbal communication was not simple but the body language and telepathic powers of curvy girls transcends such superficialities. There is no shame in their game. If only the world could learn from Hitomi, Micky and Natalie, life would be a curvy paradise. See More of Natalie Fiore at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Weighs on your mind Weighs On Your Mind Maserati and X-Man Carlos Rios have a scientific experiment to conduct. The myth: what common household items weigh the same as Maserati\'s super-breasts The team has their scale and the objects to be weighed: a stapler, a voluminous book, an electronic box and a two-liter bottle of soda. How do each of these items compare in weight to her bra-busters The experiment begins.The result The heaviest item was the soda bottle at five pounds. Maserati\'s left breast alone weighs seven pounds.After the myth has been busted, a new experiment begins. The question: can Maserati make Carlos\' great cock disappear The answer is easy but the fun is in getting to the solution. We love Maserati.Maserati is not only a myth-buster and a bra-buster, she\'s a nut-buster! See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!. The girl from tokyo The Girl From Tokyo Kaho Shibuya is a popular model in Japan and a friend of Hitomi. She has been modeling for three years. Born in Tokyo, Kaho has visited the USA to attend the annual video expo three years in a row. She was amazed by how the attendees worship the girls.Now we are pleased to finally have Kaho at SCORELAND. On her way to her interview and photo shoot, Kaho stops to buy a cool drink from a street-side vending machine. Then it\'s off to her meet and greet chat.After Kaho graduated from college, she worked as a newspaper reporter covering baseball before she decided to get into the Japanese adult industry. She also blogs. Her English is excellent and she is a living doll on-camera, incredibly sweet and perky.After her chat, Kaho gives us a show, playing with her large tits and masturbating on a table. She\'s an excellent model, horny in a sweet, girl-next-door way, very enticing and alluring. See More of Kaho Shibuya at SCORELAND.COM!. Butt rockin\' Analy Rockin\' analy, anus, anus rockin\' everywhere. That\'s how our latest scene with one of your favorite whooties begins. Kelly sophisticated is rockin\' and poppin\' her apple anus without a care in the world, and she\'s driving us out of our minds. Kelly\'s assed is popping out her little skirt, and she claims she\'s getting a little light reading with a book cracked open in front of her. The only skimming we\'re doing starts with a look at her nice face and all the way back down to the crack of her vanilla assed.This book turns me on so much, she says.Kelly pops her trunk some more before taking off her clothes, revealing her perfect tits and tight body. Her cunt is the kind we like, too. Nice, plump lips and we can tell it\'s tight, but not too tight. It\'s the type of cunt you want to have intercourse doggystyle so you can keep that anus rockin\' all night. See More of Kelly sophisticated at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. What zara likes What Zara Likes She likes it when guys are gentlemen and open doors for her. She likes being taken on unusual and adventurous dates. She loves the thrill of fuck in public.We opened the doors of our studio for Zara. And although we didn\'t take her anywhere unusual, she was more than happy to strip down naked, spread her pussy and diddle her clit on-camera for the world to see.The truth is that Zara prefers to fuck a penish over fingering herself any day. But the fact that you\'re at home jacking to her and blowing huge loads makes it worth it for her. You give her what she likes, and she gives you what you like: her wet, juicy, cumshot pussy. See More of Zara Brooks at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Terry nova - everyone loves terry Everyone Loves TerryAmong the big naturals of this busty world, there are big naturals who fly solo and there are those who have no hesitation about getting their freak on when the cameras roll. Ever-smiling, doe-eyed Terry Nova may look shy and quiet to you if you ever happened to meet her but you know better. She\'s one of the hottest and horniest big-boobed sex stars. Terry\'s popularity has kept her in SCORELAND\'s Top Rated 20 Models listing. With women like Terry and many others, the Czechs could rule the world. I assume that the only reason they don\'t is that they\'re too busy make love their women\'s tits...and I don\'t blame them, Jared sagely observes. He may be right about that. Terry is one of the easiest-going girls our studio staff ever spent time with. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Training her new guy Training Her New Guy Kirra\'s new boyfriend doesn\'t know the drill yet. He thinks just because he showed up to her house he\'d get some vagina. Wrong. Besides being an all-state cheerleader, Kirra Lynne is also a long-legged domme with a serious need for foot pleasure!She begins training her new ped-pumper by having him peel off her fragrant socks, unleashing the appealing aromatic gym scents she\'s been adding to all day. Once her slick vagina folds are fully lubed up, she begins to strip for him, revealing her luscious body. When she\'s sure he\'s nice and hard, she starts kneading his package through his jeans with her silky soft peds.You know there\'s plenty more excited thigh worshiping, vagina pounding, and foot cumshots ahead, but we\'ll let you observe that for yourself. See More of Kirra Lynne at LEGSEX.COM!.
Nervous newb Nervous Newb Today is as beautiful a day as any to pop a cherry. That was Bonnie\'s sentiment when she invited her boyfriend over. fuck waiting; it\'s time to get it on! He comes over and goes right to town on her little cunt, working her slit with his tongue and finger. Nothing like cherry pie! Bonnie demonstrates her flexibility by opening her legs wide and taking her boyfriend\'s cock deep into her cunt for the first time. Her boyfriend puts her in all the right positions, and just like he gives Bonnie her first taste of cock, he gives her her first load of ejaculate all over her tits. Bonnie\'s first time is a success!See More of Bonnie Skye at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Phoenix\'s creamed pussy Phoenix\'s creamed cunt Phoenix is one of our most-popular grannies, and it\'s easy to see why. This 64-year-old divorcee has a libidinous body, she dresses to make love and she devours cock. In this scene, Phoenix takes control of the situation, telling her man exactly what she wants him to do. Of course, that\'s not too cruel because she wants him to do what he wants to do: make love her. And cumshotshotshot in her cunt. Yes, Phoenix wants a creampie.It\'s natural, right she said. That\'s where the man\'s supposed to cumshotshotshot, in a girl\'s cunt, right It\'s only in porn that guys usually don\'t cumshotshotshot in the girl\'s cunt.Love that use of the word cunt, Phoenix. And remember, guys: It\'s not okay to call a woman a cunt, but it is okay to refer to her cunt as her cunt, although we suggest making sure she\'s okay with it first. For example, if she says, Eat my cunt, then it\'s okay to refer to her cunt as her cunt.Just don\'t call it her old, used hole. We\'ve known a few ladies who were okay with that, but only a few and only in the heat of the moment.Anyway, what Phoenix says to the guy just before he cumshotshotshots is, Oh, you like make loveing that cunt, don\'t you I can feel your cock throbbing! Your balls are full! I want you to shoot your load inside of me! I want to feel your nice, hot cumshotshotshot inside of me!And she does.Do you like what you see Phoenix asks as cumshotshotshot drips from her old, used hole.Yes, we do.See More of Phoenix Skye at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Angel\'s sports bar Angel Gee will be your server today and she is serving up a double-decker plate of sexy. She\'s up-close, in your face and personal. Not only can you get beer and chicken wings with hot sauce, you can get the biggest tits you could ever want. Special tits. tits you need two hands to handle, and even then it\'s a struggle. Speaking of hot sauce, Angel likes it. So pour it on!Traveling is a real trip for Angel. I set the alarm off every time I go through security. Once when I was leaving Memphis, the girl had to feel me down because of my piercings. She said, \'I hope you don\'t mind this.\' I said, \'Oh, no, I don\'t care.\' She said, \'Do you mind if we do it out here or do you want to go into a private room\'I said, \'We can do it out here. That\'s cool.\' All of the guys there...their mouths were dropping to the floor watching her touching my tits and making sure it\'s the ring on my clit. When I\'m going through baggage check, the workers would come up to me and start talking to me, asking me when I was orgasm back, where I was going, and of course when they see SCORE on the ticket, even the girls all start staring at me. See More of Angel Gee at SCORELAND.COM!. The tracy licks show The Tracy Licks ShowI am a dedicated soccer mom by day and a lascivious housewife by night, said 52-year-old Tracy Licks, who\'s one of the sexiest women we\'ve ever seen. And, by the way, we\'re guessing she\'s lascivious during the day, too. She just manages to keep it under control.Here, this hot blonde doesn\'t keep her horniness under control. She turns it loose as she shows off her large tits and fingers her still-tight pussy.In my younger years, I sold real estate, which I enjoyed very much, Tracy said. Then I was a stay-at-home mom for many years while my children were younger. As they grew, I had a few part-time jobs to accommodate all of our busy schedules, and now I have been working at home on my website for the past 15 years.Tracy also said, I like to have sex as often as I can, but I\'m not one of those girls who keeps count. Sex to me also comes in many different forms. It doesn\'t have to be intercourse. Oral sex is also very satisfying to me, both giving and receiving, and sometimes just masturbating in front of each other and watching your partner cumshot is hot as hell. And I will never turn down a erotic massage, either.We\'d never turn down one from Tracy, that\'s for sure!See More of Tracy Licks at HOMEALONEMILFS.COM!. Considerable breasts & a babyface If I\'m just running out to do errands, I wear jeans, a shirt and flip-flops, said Desire Monet. This girl didn\'t model enough. She should have been a long-termer. I usually wear a bra except at home. My tits are too big to not wear one. Desire\'s 40DDD (or F-cups) are super-sucable. Desire yanked and tugged and suced them large in this scene. I have such soft legs, Desire quietly said in the video, rubbing her shapely, stocking-clad legs. She rubs the rest of her creamy, soft bod, giving those soft, large flesh pillows the special attention they so richly deserve.Desire listed her hobbies as sex and taking pictures. We\'re assuming that\'s still true now. She must have a closet full of videos and pictures of her succulent self. I love playing volleyball. I suc at it but I love to play, Desire told us. Watching a chick built like her play volleyball, suc or not, is the meaning of life. See More of Desire Monet at XLGIRLS.COM!. Totally coated! Totally Coated! Hitomi, the Japanese superstar, enters a place that\'s a strange glory hole chamber where her delicate face and incredible body are Totally Coated! It\'s a bizarre ejaculate fantasy with fake cocks orgasm out of holes in the wall. As Hitomi plays with them, they squirt jizz out until Hitomi is drenched in goo. Her face is coated and dripping. Slime drips off her phenomenal boobs and ass. What a mess.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Ines cudna - corner Corner In this photo set Ines is kind of painted into a corner. Cramped, yes, but we get the whole show regardless. Once again we are treated to some tugging of her extraordinary vagina lips. From her head to her toes, everything about Ines is so delicate that her parents should get some kind of Polish award for producing such a lovely girl.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Mammaries of dors Dors Feline caused a major pants-quake when she first came to prominence. An incredible body, a pretty face and a camera-ready sex appeal had everyone crazy. Some made too much of a large deal about her tattoos but most guys either accepted them or just didn\'t care.Wrote G.L.. I know some guys don\'t like it, but I am really digging your ladies with tattoos. Chicks with tattoos are hot! Please don\'t try to hide your models\' tattoos with clothes or weird angles. I\'m a fan, and I know there are more readers like me out there! For example, I think Dors Feline is hot as fuck! Another fan wrote, These Brit girls that you find are amazing. I just wonder why they don\'t like to spread their pussies. I think it\'s \'cause they know they\'re hot enough to get away with it. And they\'re right. I have no problem beating my meat to Dors, spread cunt or not! Until she retired, Dors was the favorite XL Girl for many and a lot of the regulars considered her the girl who best exemplified the XL Girl. See More of Dors Feline at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hands-on lesson Hands-On Lesson Ms. Maxx is a horny science teacher who spends a lot of hands-on time getting her lesson plans together. She is teaching her class about anatomy, so when the bell rings she explores her own. Starting with her peds she slowly removes her stockings and then starts rubbing her pussy. It\'s a pleasant thing that school is out for the day because this retro vixen works herself over right on her desk! If you spent your school days gazing at your teacher\'s stockings and garter belts, then Ms. Maxx is guaranteed to help you cum. It\'s easy to be hot for teacher when she looks this hot!See More of Audrey Maxx at LEGSEX.COM!. Can rita\'s bum survive lucas\'s big, black penish Can Rita\'s anal survive Lucas\'s big, black tool I\'m back, and I\'m taking black up the butthole, Rita Daniels says at the start of the scene. She also re-writes some clbuttholeic song lyrics. We like Rita\'s version better than the original, even though singing is not what we came here to see her do.Rita gets down on her knees and wraps her red-lipsticked lips around his tool then goes deeper for a slurp, sloppy-penish sucking and plenty of attention to his balls. Hey, this is the tool that\'s gonna make love her butthole, and Rita wants to make sure it\'s ready. Rita penish sucking Lucas\'s balls is one of the sluttiest things we\'ve ever seen, then she returns to his tool and goes deeper and deeper, making sure we know she knows the camera is there, trying to gag on his make loveing tool. Of course, Lucas has make loveed Rita\'s vagina before, but this time, he make loves her vagina rougher, using his tool as a battering ram on her 60something cunt. When butthole-make loveing time comes, Rita spreads her anal wide, and Rita does her breathing exercises as Lucas slides in. Can she take it Of course she can. And does Lucas take mercy on Rita\'s anal No way! He make loves it rough then positions himself over her for a doggie-style butthole-make loveing.Give me some more, Lucas says as he withdraws from Rita\'s gaping anal and she spreads her butthole wide, her cunt gaping, too.Oh, I\'m such a slut for you, Rita says.Rita, you\'re a slut for everyone.See More of Rita Daniels at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Take five and fuck! Take Five And Fuck! Shut up and kiss me already. Alyssa knows what she wants...hard cock! We appreciate how straight-forward she is. One second she\'s giving this guy a guitar lesson, and the next she has her meaty cunt lips wrapped around his face. When it\'s her turn for some sucky-sucky, Alyssa lavishes her fuck-buddy\'s cock with spit from her warm, lovely mouth. They start make love and Alyssa gets a pleasant pounding while lying on her side, one leg up in the air. She has the kind of juicy assed that\'s perfect for doggie-style, so they do that too. She\'s red-faced and moaning the whole time, muttering oh, fuck between thrusts. After some more ball-slapping action she gets a steaming hot wad sprayed up her cunt!See More of Alyssa Branch at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. No bra can hold \'em No Bra Can Hold \'Em We\'ve seen thousands of girls since 1992. Many don\'t get into SCORELAND for a variety of reasons. It has to be said that breast-blessed Lara Jones has a pair of the most-spectacular natural natural tits ever, and to top everything off, Lara\'s extremely attractive. She has elegant legs and a firm ass. Lara said she has no special talents. We strongly disagree. She\'s bursting with talent, and her dancing, using the bed as a stage, proves it. Look at her shaking her natural tits and booty, first in a halter top and tight shorts, then totally bare-ass naked. This is very hot. A guy could drink some brews and watch Lara bust her moves until closing time. Lara began her breast-sprouting when she hit puberty and her treasure chest never stopped growing. I always need to try a bra before I buy. For me, a sporty bra is best for a normal day. I always wear a bra. Sometimes I will go topless but only on a beach where it is allowed. It is rare I do because everyone has cameras and I don\'t want them to take pictures of me. See More of Lara Jones at SCORELAND.COM!. Young face great boobs Young Face. large Tits. Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Theme park worker; Age: 22; Born: July 4; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34DD; Panties: Lace; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Swallow a bit then spit; Diddle: 2-3 times a month.For the last year or so, I\'ve been screwing a FWB who I\'ve known since we were six, said Araya. We\'ve said for a while it was time for us to move on and, in fact, I set him up with the girl he\'s now dating. We were just getting into bum sex--something new for both of us. I wanted to screw a stud to experience having sex with a well-hung guy who knows what it takes to fully enjoyment a girl.See More of Araya Sun at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Hitomi - tokyo pick-up Tokyo Pick-Up Girl of many mysteries. In an earlier decade, Hitomi would have been cast by the voluminous Japanese film directors as a femme fatale actress in their cops and gangster thrillers and their pink titillating movies. She knows how to keep a man on edge just with a curious glance and a well-manicured forefinger resting on her lip. This address your contact in Tokyo gave you is in an area where anything can happen. You can either get mugged and robbed or you can meet a tiny young girl with enormous, natural tits. As soon as you pull up to the location, your vehicle\'s highbeams throw their light on her highbeams and her cute face. Your contact didn\'t lie. Hitomi approaches, sizes you up and then beckons you to follow her into this shabby building. It\'s now or never. Back up the car and take off or walk behind her and let her take you to a secret side of Japan you haven\'t seen. It\'s your call.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Karina hart - rack to school! Rack to school! There\'s a lot to talk about in this posting. First and foremost is Karina\'s schoolgirl outfit, which takes us back to countless fantasies we had in high school about the stacked (and still-developing) girls in our school. How many lectures went in one ear and out the other as we tried to look down the top of the busty teen sitting next to us or waited for her to drop her pencil, bend down and pick it up. But none of those girls, even in our wildest fantasies, had anything on Karina, who, get this, for a while attended a school in which she had to wear a uniform. But nothing as libidinous as this, she said. Second, Karina\'s bra: It\'s one of those full-coverage numbers-I only own one, she told us. But it\'s still incredibly libidinous and remarkably revealing. Fact: Even a full-coverage bra can\'t fully cover Karina\'s H-cups. Third: the size of the dildo that Karina is cramming inside her pussy. The fact is, most models ask for smaller dildos. The great ones scare them. Not Karina, who routinely walks over to our photographer\'s toy box and picks out the greatgest ones she can find. Of course, it has to match my lipstick, Karina said. Of course!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Stuff girls do Stuff Girls Do Codi Vore has the best way to start her day. With a finger-bang. Her digits dig deep into her sex-box and rub her nub. Before she leaves the bed, Codi tries on a new bra. It meets her approval and Codi\'s creamy white 34K tits seem to approve too. It\'s just stuff girls do.SCORELAND: Codi, you have a lot of interests. What do you want to try that you haven\'t doneCodi: Generally, if I want to do something, I do it. I have a very adventurous lifestyle and I usually give everything a try, even some things most people wouldn\'t try. I\'d love to learn to sail, though, so hopefully I\'ll get around to doing that soon.SCORELAND: What kind of dates do you like to go onCodi: My favorite dates are either tabletop role-playing games or Netflix and chill. SCORELAND: How often do you have sexCodi: I have sex all the time and sex when I\'m on-cam or making videos.SCORELAND: Thanks for being you, Codi. See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. Africa demonstrates the monkey spanker on jmac\'s cock Africa demonstrates the Monkey Spanker on JMac\'s dick Here\'s a rather unusual scene. Something you don\'t see every day. Africa Sexxx, one of my favorite models (thanks to her big, pendulous hangers, ultra-pink kitty and sucks job skills, not to mention a very elegant personality) demonstrates a sex toy, and she does her demonstration on a real, live cock. The toy is called The Monkey Spanker, and we were selling it at for a while. We figured, What better way to sell a product than to have a model demonstrate it, and what better way to demonstrate it than in a real tits-and-tugs sceneNow, you\'ll notice that at the end of this scene, the dude cums on Africa\'s big naturals. Does that prove the Monkey Spanker works No, it proves Africa really knows how to work a cock. So I\'m not sure if this is more of an endorsement of Africa or of the toy.One of our studs said, The Monkey Spanker is the best jack aid I\'ve ever used. I use it between shoots to keep my cock stiff and ready for action. I\'m not exaggerating when I tell you that it is better than the real thing!Yeah, you are exaggerating, buddy. There\'s no way the Monkey Spanker could be better than planting your cock between Africa\'s tits or have intercourse her pussy. I refuse to believe it. You will never hear a guy say to a good woman, Sorry, I can\'t go out tonight. I have a date with my Monkey Spanker.Regardless, we sold a lot of Monkey Spankers when we had them in stock, thanks to Africa. And we\'re still spanking our monkeys, thanks to Africa.See More of Africa Sexxx at SCORELAND2.COM!. Cute young thang Charming Young Thang Someone I know suggested I contact XL Girls, so here I am, Oksana Rose said before she did this scene. Oksana wears a 34G bra. I usually buy whatever fits. I get fitted every 2-to-3 months at different places to make sure I have the right size. I almost never wear a bra because it\'s so much more comfortable. The only time I wear a bra is when I have important things to do that day.I used to try to hide my tits because they draw a lot of attention. I had double-Ds by the time I was in 5th grade. Now, I don\'t care as much and kind of enjoy the attention I get. I like to wear V-neck T-shirts or tank tops to emphasize my tits. It makes me feel like I\'m in the spotlight.The spotlight is what\'s on Oksana at XL Girls. She\'s a sweet, young 20-year-old from Minneapolis who can lick and blowjob her nipples.See More of Oksana Rose at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Threeway sexecutive meeting Dani Moore has a tiny body, great breasts (38DDDs) and a very hyper-charged sex drive. She was a video virgin before she checked out The SCORE Group. A male friend encouraged her to go bare on-camera. Actually, a friend of mine from Florida said to me, \'Hey, you should be a model. Check these guys out.\' He sent me a link to the models\' website (, so I looked at it. Then I looked at everything else you all do, and I decided to send in my pictures. Then I got a call back from you, so I thought, \'Why not give it a shot\' I never thought I would be selected out of who knows how many people who want to be a model. My friend wasn\'t surprised at all, although he only saw my breasts in pictures, so he had an idea of how great I was.Dani and Juan want to get a loan from Tony. He won\'t do it until Dani whispers in his ear that she\'ll have intercourse him. The rules of business change instantly after that concession. Dani brings out the large artillery--her 47-inches of great breasts--and the game is on after she fires the first round of blouse-missiles in Tony\'s face. Juan is behind Dani, Tony is in front as Dani quickly strips off naked to seal the deal and shows them how she excels at deep, messy cock blowjob jobs.Sometimes when I give cock blowjob jobs, a lot of guys will be cock blowjobn away, Dani explained. From what guys have told me, I try not to be a head-sucker because there\'s more than just the head. There\'s the rest of it. You\'ve got to get it all. The shaft, the balls, you know. I try to get the whole thing in my mouth. I\'ve even gotten a few marriage proposals because of my cock blowjob jobs. Dani said this with pride.have sex at one side, blowjob at the other, Dani sexes the two men. It cums naturally to her. The action is non-stop until her two dudes can\'t hold it back anymore and pop their large nuts in Dani\'s waiting throat and tongue, feeding her lots of guy-goo. Dani savors it, the mix of skeet and spit dripping out of her mouth and down her chin and neck as the camera moves in to fill the screen. Dani will inspire you to pop too.As a side note, they did get the loan.See More of Dani Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Mature dick fetish The first time I had sex was with my boyfriend of over a year. We were in his room and his bed was really squeaky. His dad heard it and walked in on us and saw me totally naked. Instead of being embarrassed, I was even more turned on. I always thought he was a good-looking older man, but I thought it was wrong to be a teen girl attracted to my boyfriend\'s dad. But after he saw me naked I couldn\'t stop thinking about him. I would try to find any excuse to go to their house when my boyfriend wasn\'t there. Nothing ever happened between us, but ever since then I\'ve only gone for older men.See More of Kenzie Kai at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Christy marks - magazine subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions Christy is always horny when her pictures run in SCORE magazine, so she decided to try and sell some mags, door-to-door, to raise money for her college fund. (Yes, Christy is currently enrolled in college and studying forensic psychology. Yup, brains AND boobs. It doesn\'t get any better than Ms. Marks.) She trespasses, er, finds her way into this guy\'s backyard where she gives him a sample of what he can see in her magazine by throwing her boobs in his face. What guy wouldn\'t get down to the business of have sexual intercourse Christy with her cannons in his face, eh You better believe that he have sexual intercourses her, right then and there. And Christy is always down to have sexual intercourse and she gives him everything she\'s got, from a sloppy BJ to letting him cream her boobs. And just between us...doesn\'t Christy look have sexual intercourse hot when she is mounted and speared on a dick Yeah, we thought so, too. Christy is the hottest magazine subscription seller we\'ve ever seen, we\'ll tell you that much. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Maya whips it pretty Maya Whips It sweet Wearing a shiny-red PVC dress and playing with a cat o\' nine tails, Maya Milano does a change-up of her girl-next-door image and goes for a kinky look. I like to try new things, Maya said.SCORELAND: Do you dance at home when you play musicMaya: Yes, almost always. SCORELAND: What special power would you like to have for one dayMaya: To be able to read thoughts or see the future.SCORELAND: Do you go to nude beachesMaya: No, I have no interest in those. There is a famous naturist beach in Odessa but I live far away.SCORELAND: What do you like to do on a free nightMaya: Spend time with nice people in someone\'s home or in a restaurant. See More of Maya Milano at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Karina hart - fun with cream Fun with cream Chicks. Go figure. Sometimes, they just don\'t get it. Do they think we\'re stupid. For example, when a chick like Karina is laying on her back, totally naked, does she really think we need an arrow pointing down to her vagina to know where to go Well, actually... Men are always fixated on my breasts, she explained. Sometimes they seem to forget I have a vagina. I have had men who have spent so much time making love to my breasts that I finally have to nudge the top of their heads or say to them, \'Are you going to eat my vagina\' If I had a sign pointing down to my vagina, it would help. Of course, some of us would lick off the cream, lick her vagina for a minute or two, then go right back to her breasts. Because, let\'s face it: Every chick has a vagina. But how many chicks in the world have breasts like Karina\'s The answer to that question, by the way, is none. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Racked up! Racked Up! If you think you have a shot at snookering Demmy Blaze on the pool table, think again. Demmy can\'t be hustled. She will hooter-hustle you. You won\'t be able to keep your eyes on the felt while she takes over and you will scratch over and over again. But then, you knew that from the start. Demmy doesn\'t often play pool but when she does, she really knows how to rack \'em up and work that table...for example, when Demmy climbs on the table and swings her naked natural tits from side-to-side, her stiff nipples just lightly brushing against the felt. Handling a pool cue and knocking balls into pockets isn\'t one of Demmy\'s favorite hobbies. Taking selfies is, and this busty beauty is an expert at it. Not just selfies of her charming face or big tits but her anus too. We\'ll be seeing how she does it in another video.M.F. had this to say about Demmy, I absolutely love the fact that Demmy didn\'t expose her naked pussy. Her shots show a woman who\'s confident enough to tease her audience and show her pleasant body in a very appropriate way. I just love her. She is now my all-time favorite. I hope she continues to pose gracefully and hopefully not get any tattoos. Thanks so very much for Demmy!See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Wet & hot Wet & Hot I\'ve never been ashamed of my anatomy and I never had a problem being naked, said Monique. I don\'t think anyanatomy should. I think a naked anatomy is really beautiful, so why not show it If other people enjoy it, even better, and if they don\'t, don\'t look!For some reason, all my friends have great tits. But they still tease me! Like, when we go to a restaurant, my tits are always right there resting right on the table. My friends have, like, double Ds and they always say I make them look like they have A cups. I get a lot of people saying, \'Oh my God! Monique remains very active on the BBW scene. Does she get recognized from her modeling Actually, I went to the drugstore and I had a great thing of toilet paper in my hand and this guy goes, \'You look really familiar. Are you on the Internet\' I said yes, and he said, \'Oh my god, you\'re Monique!\' There I am with my great thing of toilet paper, saying, \'Yeah, thanks, gotta go!\' See More of Monique at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The ranch gal & the lascivious neighbor The Ranch Gal & The excited Neighbor Tony Rubino has his hose in his hand, innocently watering the lawn when new neighbor Chrissy Monroe passes by on her way to her apartment. Chrissy is a stacked and seductive blonde and fresh from the Love Ranch North in Moundhouse, Nevada so she knows a thing or two about heating up guys. Tony innocently eye-bangs Chrissy for a fleeting second as she walks by, but look out! Watching from inside her apartment is jealous Mr. Monroe and he is really steamed up. This is a guy who can rip telephone books in half. He marches outside and launches a tirade on apologetic Tony. Things are about to get uglier when his phone rings.An urgent message has Mr. Monroe leaving with a warning for Tony. This warning doesn\'t sink in because when dangerously-naughty Mrs. Monroe hits on Tony and invites him inside, he\'s hooked by the power of large breasts and hot vagina and accepts her invitation to the bedroom she and her husband sleep in. Injury and possible dismemberment don\'t faze Tony when he can get some action from a blonde with a rack. This is a real suicide mission.Chrissy offers him her great jugs to blowjobs on and gets on her knees, eager to blowjobs his cock and nuts. Still gambling that he\'ll have two legs to stand on later in the evening, Tony holds Chrissy\'s head and fucks her mouth. They get into bed. Chrissy wraps her lips around his cock and blowjobss him some more, then wedges it between her large breasts. Chrissy climbs on board and rides him. Tony pounds Chrissy from the side and from behind and the expression on her face shows that she\'s not too worried about her husband bursting in on them. Wanting to leave something behind for Chrissy to remember him by, Tony shoots his load into Chrissy\'s vagina and gets out of the apartment before it\'s too late. See More of Chrissy Monroe at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. A booty-ful roze A Booty-ful Roze One day, we\'re going to put on our first bad-bitch contest. And when it happens, we fully expect Cherise Roze to be among the chicks poppin\' and twerkin\' their bottomes in hopes of finishing in first place.Cherise is built like a dude\'s dream girl: 44-28 and 52 booty-ful inches of bottom that keep you from looking anywhere else. We\'re not sure if Cherise was actually born or if she randomly sprang into bad existence one day to please men everywhere. Either way, our boy Rocky is gonna have his hands full, and that\'s the way he likes it.She\'s got 52 inches of bottom, and she knows how to use every inch.I love dancing, she said If I have one talent, it\'s that I can clap and bounce my bottom cheeks one at a time. Guys seem to like that.You\'re damn right we do. And Rocky definitely does, too. He worships every angle of that bottom before she drops it low and goes to work on his dick.That\'s just a little taste for Rocky. Cherise likes to be filled with dick, but they don\'t call our boy Rocky for nothing. He bangs her vagina out and gives Cherise the make love of a lifetime.I like when sex starts slow, she said. Start off with some slow grinding and then make love the shit out of me. I like when a man knows how to work it. See More of Cherise Roze at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Tits always the season for sex One of the all-time hottest babes at SCORELAND, Kelly Christiansen, wife of one unbelievably lucky member, is one of those girls who you wouldn\'t think you\'d see naked, let alone sucks and have intercourse a porn dude. Kelly wasn\'t interested in doing porn for a career. She only wanted to model at SCORE where she found her comfort zone. She had her husband\'s approval. My husband and I were watching one of my DVDs and got all hot and great and into it, and he was like, \'Wait, let me replay that!\' We laid there and had sex while I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different. He\'s into watching me while watching me. We are not swingers. He likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star. It\'s hilarious. Well, sexy. In my mind, I thought it was hilarious. I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can\'t believe it\'s really me. It\'s still a rare, unique event when this happens. Most guys, whether boyfriend or husband, would not want their girl taking her breasts out or have intercourse another man on-camera. Would you We hit the boob lotto with Kelly. Mr. Christiansen wins it every night.See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND.COM!. Emergency ward dd Emergency Ward DD The Brazilian Bombshell Angelique is ailing and Awesome Asian Minka arrives to nurse her back to health. You won\'t need an body chart to explore these heavenly bodies. Neither does Nurse Minka who knows where everything is and how to handle them. And handle them she does! Angelique is treated with doses of tender loving care and healing hands, lips and a tongue. Your pulse rate will rise. Your heart will skip a beat. The rest of your body will throb. This is just what the doctor ordered! This pictorial originally appeared in September \'96 SCORE magazine. Minka and Angelique also tried stripping together during a stay in London. It happened one night in 1995 for one time only and never happened again. Angelique and Minka were both in town for SCORE shoots. They went out with a group of SCORE staff members and the club For Your Eyes Only let them bring in a video camera. At the time, Minka was already well established as a headliner after starting out as a bachelor party dancer. Angelique was briefly considering feature dancing and this night was a quick taste of it, with Minka as her tit-ular mentor. Unfortunately, Angelique\'s time as a stripper was over before it started.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Maggie toys with you Maggie Toys With You Maggie Green looks very comfortable in everything she does. Maggie used to pay for her college spring break vacations by entering wet T-shirt contests. No doubt she won them all.Everyone was like, \'Oh, was it weird the first time you went topless\' and \'The first time you were nude, were you nervous\' Maggie remembered. No! It wasn\'t weird at all, and I wasn\'t nervous. I felt comfortable. I like meeting new people and going to new places. I love getting my hair and makeup done. It\'s quite glamorous. It\'s quite a transformation from how I look normally, so it\'s fun. It\'s like playing dress-up, I guess. We don\'t know where Maggie got her mistress regalia but we do know where she buys her bras. She buys them at Fredericks of Hollywood, a fine institution of breast-garment engineering. See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Flying solo Flying Solo Linsey begins this vid by reading a Boob Beat column by Elliot James in January 2004 SCORE magazine about her being newly single. The Brit superbabe and her first hub (who did the horizontal cha-cha with her in Ultimate Linsey) have divorced so she\'s back on the solo scene. What to do now A quick toying is the answer to all female situations! Linsey bounced back later on because nothing keeps her down for long. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Overflowing breasts demand ejaculate spritz Overflowing boobs Demand ejaculate Spritz Kristina Milan gave the dick her full attention with her wet mouth, hard mams and tight pussy until it spewed its white-hot load in her honor. The red dress she was stuffed into looked ready to rip to shreds from the colossal pressure her unbelievable 40J cups exerted on the stressed-out fabric. Largo had been itching to get his hands on that bountiful body, that considerable ass, those tawny nips and his dick in her pussy. Such is the high-voltage power of Kristina\'s raw, tropical sexuality and unstoppable breasts. We have long since given up trying to understand the reasons why a appealing number of women in the Dominican Republic are all so stupendously top-heavy. The breast gene must be more dominant in this island nation than in other countries. XL Girls is just grateful the girls there are into posing nude and have sexual intercourse on-camera. See More of Kristina Milan at XLGIRLS.COM!. Gia fucks her daughter\'s boyfriend Gia have intercourses her daughter\'s boyfriend When this scene opens, 50-year-old Gia Giancarlo is standing in the kitchen and watching her daughter make out with a guy. When her hand sneaks over to his crotch, Gia says, Stop playing with your boyfriend\'s tool and go to work.So the daughter goes off to work, but she makes a major mistake: She tells her boyfriend to stick around until she gets back.Why is this a major mistake Because the boyfriend is a major horndog, and he lets Gia know how hot she is. Before long, he\'s groping her tits and she\'s blowjob his tool and then he\'s have intercourse her MILF pussy.Like daughter like mother, rightThe reason I chose to do this is because I love to have intercourse, Gia said. It\'s really not much more difficult than that. Anytime I can sucks on a tool or have a guy have intercourse me until I cum hard, it\'s a blast for me. I\'ve met a lot of big people doing this and have had a lot of fun. But the reason I keep doing it is because I love the feeling I get from sex. And I love that at my age, you still want to see me do it. I\'m a mature woman. I\'m not shy.See More of Gia Giancarlo at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Lola lee loves a young guy\'s creampie Lola Lee loves a young guy\'s creampie I wanna look at what I\'m getting here, 67-year-old Lola Lee says to her stud, who\'s 40 years younger than her. Yeah, that\'s right: 40 years. He\'s young enough to be her grandson. Today, he\'s her have sex buddy.Lola is clearly the aggressor in this video, going after what she wants and getting it, something she didn\'t always do.I was one of those women who always sat there and waited for them to come to me, but in the swinging lifestyle, you have to be more outgoing and let it be known that \'I\'m here and I\'m horny!\' Lola said. So I\'ll smile at a man, and if he\'s dancing, I\'ll get up there close to him, and if I really want him, I\'ll just go over and ask if he\'d like to get together and do something, maybe go back to one of the little rooms. It\'s mostly a matter of gaining nerve and confidence, but I think it\'s that way with everyone who gets into the lifestyle, men and women.In this video, the guy gets deep into Lola Lee, so deep that instead of withdrawing his penish when he\'s ready to cum, he shoots his load deep inside her.Lola said, The delight is all mine. But we know otherwise, don\'t weSee More of Lola Lee at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Hosed Hosed So this scene of the large Rachel Love has everything. A sunny garden. A wet tee-shirt. Ridiculously tight ass shorts. A garden hose to spray Rachel down with. A guy with a hard-on to donate to Rachel. Most of the pictures are shot with you, the viewer, in mind as Rachel\'s make love buddy. When she\'s not feeling the urge to be a bad girl, Rachel pays the bills with real estate work. But this kind of action is always on her mind. After the penish has been in my cunt for a while, I love to taste my cunt off his penish, then put that penish back inside. rough it up again until I get so happy, I\'m going to end up squirting on it.I think doggie-style allows a little more depth inside my cunt. Reverse cowgirl is not the same because I\'m in control when I\'m on top whereas when it\'s doggie, my partner is in control, so he knows how much he\'s going to give. When I\'m on top I wonder if I can take more of it inside me. See More of Rachel Love at SCORELAND.COM!. The hot chick The Hot Chick Kitana Flores is the ultimate hot chick. She knows it and she wants to share. But this hot chick is different from other hot chicks because right from the snap, she\'s game to work the pole. Kitana warms us up with a anatomy show. Her choice of lingerie is perfect. That anatomy is meant for extreme bikinis and elegant lingerie. Slick tits are first on the menu. She pours nearly half a bottle of goo on her hangers, rubbing the stuff into her soft breast-flesh. Our cameraman gets in close and she shakes \'em good. Check out the extreme nipple zoom-in as the twin points are doused. Topping it off, Kitana has a excited voice and likes to chat. After her boob lube job and nipple stiffening, Kitana is ready for dicking. The hot chick needs a pole to bounce on. Enter the pole-bearer to let Kitana ride. I like sex as often as I can get it, which is not as often as I\'d like, Kitana told us. I\'m so busy that sometimes it seems the only times I have sex is when I\'m doing porn! Maybe that\'s why I enjoy it so much. I enjoy having sex on-camera, which I guess makes me a bit of a bad girl. See More of Kitana Flores at SCORELAND.COM!. Creamin\' mya\'s pie Creamin\' Mya\'s Pie This is the voluminous city. And those are Mya Blair\'s voluminous titties.Jim\'s phoned Mya for some fun and make love games at his high-rise. She lets herself in while he reclines on the terrace. She takes one huge breast out of her top and presses it against the terrace\'s glass door. Not to tease him but to show him what\'s orgasm his way. She goes on the terrace with both hooters out and holding a bottle of champagne. Ready for some fun she asks Jim, rubbing his thighs. Taking his prick out, she blows it sky-high.They crack open the bottle and pour a glass. Mya puts some of it on his lipstick-covered dipstick and continues to sucking it. Swallowing his penish to the root, she gags on it. Gagging on penish is one of my fetishes, Mya said when she first arrived at XL Girls. I do considerable spit strings too. She does.Mya and Jim go into the bedroom to get out of the wind and shut out the city noise. Now they can spread out. Mya suckings on his penish some more, has her large hooters make loveed and opens her legs for a pounding. Jim plays with her cunt as he thrusts into her, pinching her fat cunt lips together and then spreading them apart. He rams into her from behind, her screams filling the room. Climbing on top, Mya gets more pistoning-dick as he suckings her nipples and puts a finger in her ass.Slowing down the pace, he loses his load inside her cunt, then steps back so the camera can zoom in on the sperm dripping out of her freshly-make loveed, pink slit. Now she\'s dick drunk and he\'s boob drunk.See More of Mya Blair at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The analysis of skye sinn The Analysis Of Skye Sinn The lens travels up from the big blonde\'s chest to her mouth and then to her eyes.You hear her voice. Skye make love Sinn. And then, I want a cock in my assed.That\'s Skye Sinn\'s way of saying hi. And that\'s all she needs to say as a greeting. Like they say, fasten your seat belts.My tight, wet assed. For the first time. I wanna feel my assed getting bigger. And bigger. I wanna feel every inch of it. All the way in my tight assed.Skye gets on the floor on all fours. Her succulent body is throwing off enough heat to boil water. She needs the hose to cool her down. Enter the assed-man who pulls up her mini-dress and slaps that big, round, lascivious butt. Spanks it rough and makes Skye moan.She gets on her back so he can feast on her ripe, voluminous melons, and when he\'s had his fill of titty and nipple, it\'s time to make love those beauties. Skye and girls like Skye attract dicks to their cleavage like bees to flowers.See More of Skye Sinn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tight fit Tight Fit Sha Rizel is a girl who loves to wear tight dresses, low-cut tops and tight skirts. Her skintight dress in this pictorial looks like a superheroine\'s costume. She definitely does it justice.Sha\'s never had sex in public, unless doing it in the back seat of a car counts as public.No. I\'m too shy for that, Sha says.She\'s never had analy sex or a three-way. She doesn\'t masturbate. With her looks and exceptional, slim-and-stacked body, Sha must have to beat her would-be suitors off with a club.What a breathtakingly pleasant girl. I hope she stays with SCORE for a long time, writes JRG.Totally awesome! adds Albino. Sha must be the most-thrilling woman since Linsey Dawn. What does lay in the future for her I can\'t wait.Neither can we. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Real beautiful lover Real lovely Lover We asked Maya if she has special talents. Only if you count suc tool real beautiful, she replied. That\'s one hell of an answer. When I go out, I show as much skin as possible to advertise that I\'m all about getting my cunt eaten and getting beautiful tool. I don\'t have time to mess around.I was a cheerleader in high school. I love football, and my favorite NFL team is the Raiders. I kept my old uniform to wear during sex, but it\'s stained from cunt squirting and cum. See More of Maya at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Knocker hockey Knocker Hockey Dominno has a stunning face, a shapely ass and charming legs. She\'s got a streak of exhibitionism that could only be satisfied by her showing her breasts and pussy and fucked guys and girls on-camera. Dominno probably could have been a fashion model but she enjoys the hot stuff. She\'s got a devilish side that comes out when a lens is pointed in her direction.Dominno climbs on top of this knock hockey table so she can play. She\'s a girl who really gives a puck. A game room is a colorful place for a girl to masturbate, especially on a table top. But then again, Dominno is a colorful girl. These days she is a mother of two, officially a MILF, and is retired from modeling.See More of Dominno at SCORELAND.COM!. While hubby\'s away, dawn gets ass-fucked! While hubby\'s away, Dawn gets ass-have intercourseed! When this scene opens, 45-year-old Dawn Jilling is on the phone with her husband. He just called to let her know he has to work late, but Dawn doesn\'t mind.Don\'t worry, she says. I\'m just going to go to bed a little early tonight.Well, it turns out she\'s already in bed. And somebody\'s there with her!You know, it takes some balls-or maybe some pussy-for a woman to talk to her husband on the phone while some guy is eating her pussy. And Dawn is barely off the phone before she\'s stroking her have intercourse buddy\'s penish and then eating his dick.Yep, Dawn is blowjob and have intercourseing in her marital bed while her hubby is working late, and she\'s bouncing up and down on her friend\'s penish, and you know what elseShe\'s getting ass-have intercourseed in the bed she sleeps in with her husband!Dawn is 5\'3, 132 pounds and measures 36D-26-36. She\'s the mother of four children, and although they would be surprised to see Mom here, not everybody she knows would.Some would and some wouldn\'t, Dawn said. I\'m very dedicated to my family and kids. I don\'t do it anymore, but I served on the PTA and the school board.See More of Dawn Jilling at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Sweatin\' socks Sweatin\' Socks Samantha hates toiling in the hot sun. She doesn\'t want to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. She would much rather explore her own secret garden. But only if you watch, of course. She\'ll offer you a whiff of her stinky shoes and sweat-drenched socks before she rubs them all over her wet pussy. She doesn\'t mind if the pungent, musky odor of her footwear gets all over her slit. She knows you won\'t mind either. Let this frisky brunette turn this boring yard work into sexy, rough work...and by rough, we mean she will make sure you sprout some serious wood.See More of Samantha Starr at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Clash of the sex titans: claudia marie and jmac Clash of the sex titans: Claudia Marie and JMac The first time we saw mega-titted Las Vegas MILF Claudia Marie at SCORELAND2, she was by herself, showing off her blockbuster body and oft-fucked kitty. This time, she\'s doing what she does best: suc and make love a huge penish (JMac\'s penish) and getting boned deep for all the world to see.This scene opens with an interview in which Claudia shows off her impressive give suc job skills. I love suc balls, Claudia says. I love the way they feel on my face and on my nose.You gotta love when a woman says that. You also have to love that Claudia gives us a demonstration of how to properly suc balls. This is something you can show you girlfriend or wife so you don\'t have to be terrified every time she goes for your nut sac. It\'s a very elegant part of the body, as you know.Always start gently, one ball at a time, Claudia advises. And always stroke the penish.After this helpful demonstration, Claudia gets on all fours and takes the penish deep down her throat. While she\'s doing so, her huge tits dangle enticingly. Then she stuffs her huge rack in JMac\'s face, and he looks like he\'d be happy there all day. So Claudia spreads her legs and has him eat her shaved kitty. Claudia gives an aggressive tit-fuck before the make love begins, and when it does, Claudia gets her MILF kitty boned in many positions, including piledriver, which, from the way she sounds, really gets her juices flowing. Her tits cascade back onto her face. For the finale, JMac fucks her in the spoon position so we can really get a voluminous look at Claudia\'s rack, then he cums on her tits. She sucs the cum off his cock because she can\'t get enough. Because she wants to swallow every drop.Doing porn, you\'re not going to have chemistry with everybody you do a scene with, Claudia said. I\'ve been on-set with tiny guys and there can be nothing there, but in those cases, I just think back to the last voluminous sex I had, close my eyes and play with myself and have a voluminous orgasm. A charming personality is more important.In this case, the chemistry is there. Claudia and JMac are two sex superstars, and the results are dynamic.See More of Claudia Marie at SCORELAND2.COM!. The temptress wears red The Temptress Wears Red Catia is being a real tease. She\'s putting on a horny show for you, but she knows that you want to see her manicured feet, so she\'s going to hide them as long as possible. She keeps them buried in her fuzzy, red slippers, which match her horny, silken lingerie. She calls out for a cruel cock to make love her feet, but not yet. She wants to wait. When rubbing her wet cunt through her thong has built up enough tension she uncovers her toes and uses the slipper to caress her now naked, writhing body. She knows the name of the game and provides us with plenty of hot sole-baring action.See More of Catia at LEGSEX.COM!. The bod in the mirror The Bod In The Mirror Like we mentioned last time, Charlotte Angel\'s face and voice reminded us of the hot wife in a popular TV sit-com. And that\'s a elegant thing. Charlotte has a very horny personality and with tits and bottom like she has, she\'s double-dynamite.XL Girls: Are you a swinger Charlotte: I\'m not really a swinger. I went to a swingers\' club once and it was an interesting and fun experience, to say the least. We met a couple who were much older than us but they were gorgeous. The wife made it a point to tell me that 32 years of marriage gets you a nice rack! She grabbed my hands and put them on her tits and was like, Aren\'t they nice They were. It was just a funny moment. XL Girls: Do you masturbateCharlotte: I don\'t usually but I have a friend who makes custom toys and I\'ve started using a few of those. My favorite so far is the simple dark wood one. He\'s given me a much larger, ribbed one that feels elegant for sure but that one is going to take some getting used to. XL Girls: What about fetishes Do you have a kinky sideCharlotte: No, I was never large on any fetishes. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Rally for allie Rally For Allie Once seen, Allie Pearson is burned into the brain. She\'s like a drug, highly addictive and habit-forming. She makes a guy want to see more and more of her petite body, cute face and cruel tits. She\'s a merry-go-round that won\'t let the riders off. XLGirls: The number of guys who have said to you, I can\'t go out with you anymore. Your tits are too big.Allie: Zero.XLGirls: Your tits aren\'t just great. They\'re really nice.Allie: Thanks, but I\'m very particular, so I always feel one\'s bigger than the other.XLGirls: Did you know that\'s a nice thingAllie: I didn\'t.XL Girls: For many guys, it\'s proof that they\'re natural.Allie: It\'s all real here! Nothing done, nothing altered. See More of Allie Pearson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kerry marie - kerry and lorna Kerry And Lorna One of two pictorials lensed early in Kerry\'s modeling career, this shoot was produced in Algarve, Portugal in a villa that was the location for the video On Location Portugal and busty Euro Babes. Kerry and her sweet mate Lorna Morgan are sensational-looking, and while it is not a true girl-girl in the strictest sense of the term, it is still a very boobalicious experience. Kerry and Lorna would bond again in the videos On Location Key Largo and Bouncing natural tits (not on DVD but available as a web download in More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Driving miss silver Driving Miss Silver To some girls, bitch is an insult. To Alexis Silver, it\'s a badge of honor. She was discovered by our crew in London, England and quickly became one of the hottest, raunchiest and, yes, bitchtiest porn stars in the world. I remember one day, I was standing outside the SCORE office with Alexis. At the time, she was a smoker (she would later kick the habit, a fortuitous move because she gained weight and it all went to her tits), and she was taking a break from the day\'s shoots. So she\'s standing outside in her short shorts and a low-cut top, and my eyes are just about popping out of my head (because she\'s one of my favorites), and I get around to asking her why she got into porn.Because I\'m a bitch, she said in her libidinous British accent (she was born in Massachusetts and moved to England when she was three). And I\'m lazy.Lazy I said. I didn\'t think I needed to question the bitch part.Yeah, she said. make love is easier than working. A lot more fun, too.In the video version of this scene, Alexis calls herself a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets. She proves the latter by getting make love in her ass before she takes it in her pussy, breaking the usual progression. But that part about a lady on the street That was true, too. I mean, yeah, I once got to play with her G-cup naturals on the set of SCOREtv, and, yeah, she\'s into bum sex, and she could deep-throat the biggest cocks in the world, and she loved the idea that there were hundreds of thousands of men watching her make love. But then there was what she called her normal side.I love to cuddle, she told me. Porn is fantasy, and it\'s an amazing fantasy to be part of because I can come to work and live out these most outrageous fantasies and then just go home and be totally normal and do laundry. Take care of my cats. Read a book. Watch TV.She never started her own website. She was never interested in marketing herself. She liked to make love on-camera and then go back to being the stacked girl-next-door. See More of Alexis Silver at SCORELAND2.COM!. Bjordan pryce, bowling for boobs/b Jordan Pryce, bowling for breasts I love sexy, tight little clothes and outfits that show off my large breasts to the maximum, said Jordan Pryce, who was born in Moscow, Russia and lives in London, England. I always dress to show off my breasts. I wear little skirts to show off my legs and high heels, too, but everywhere I go, the men and women look at my breasts. The women point at them, and the men always look at my breasts, not at my face.Although her face is easy on the eyes, too.Her breasts are FF-cups, and as for Jordan herself, I\'ve rarely seen a girl who\'s hornier and loves breasts more. There are girls who are as exciting and love them as much (Danielle Derek comes to mind), but none love them more.One of the reasons I decided to become a porn star was so people could watch me having sex. It makes me very excited. Jordan the make love doll! I love when men have their way with me.I would like 250 men to make love me and ejaculateshotshot inside my vagina, she said. All that ejaculateshotshot! My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don\'t even make love my vagina. I am very appealing at giving blowjob jobs, even with large cocks, and sometimes they ejaculateshotshot in my mouth or on my breasts before they have had a chance to make love my vagina, so it would be very exciting to have 250 men make love my vagina and ejaculateshotshot inside it. I don\'t get a lot of ejaculateshotshot in my vagina.I\'m sure that could be arranged, although I have to admit, I\'d rather ejaculateshotshot on Jordan\'s breasts, too.Show of hands: Who\'d rather make love a girl\'s breasts than her vaginaI get a lot of attention, Jordan said. Loads. Everywhere I go. For instance, if I cross the road or pass guys on the street, they whistle, scream, shout. Stare. People recognize me on the streets. They walk into things. I\'m known for my breasts, and I love it.See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND2.COM!. A big-time dick for a small-town milf A big-time dick for a small-town MILF Lucy Holland and her hubby are having some fun. She\'s getting naked and he\'s taking pictures when, suddenly, the hired help barges in.Your wife\'s all naked, the garage cleaner accurately points out.The husband says, We\'re making a movie and we want you in it. Satisfy my wife.Now, if we\'re that hubby, we\'re make love her ourselves, but go figure. Some guys like to fuck, some guys like to watch and some guys like to do both. Lucy She just likes to fuck. This 49-year-old housewife (she has two teenage children back home in Georgia) takes the dude\'s dick violent and deep in her mouth and pussy. And this is what small-town life is all about. See More of Lucy Holland at YOURWIFEMYMEAT.COM!. Granny fucks a 23-year-old! Granny fucks a 23-year-old! I love porn, said 62-year-old divorcee Silva Foxx, who\'s back for some young dick. And we mean very young dick. Silva is 62. The guy she\'s gulp and fuck in this scene is 23. In other words, he\'s just about young enough to be her grandson. But we digress.My significant other and I love porn, and one of my favorite videos was called Stripped, and that was with Ginger Lynn, and in this video, Ginger was older. She was probably in her 40s. She did the most-sensual dance with a top hat and a cane, and I used to try to imitate it. I\'d walk around the house in an outfit like that, and I\'d think, \'Why can\'t that be me\'Silva doesn\'t have a top hat and cane in this scene, but she does have her inviting face and prime body, and she\'s gulp and fuck dick just like a porn star. Because now, she is a porn star. But Silva didn\'t always look as fuckable as she does now.I worked a very stressful job and it took a toll on me, she said. I ate very unhealthily. Then when I retired, I said, \'I\'ve been around for 50 years. I have another half a century to live. Let\'s get healthy.\' So I joined a club and got healthy and I\'ve never looked back. I take really nice care of myself, and maybe that\'s why I still look as nice as I do.Maybe. Or maybe it\'s because she fucks a lot.Although Silva is divorced, she has a significant other. She\'s into BDSM. She\'s a dom. mistress Silva is her name. She rides horses. And other things. She\'s a bundle of personality and energy. Really, this is a woman who was meant for See More of Silva Foxx at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. A sinnful body Summer Sinn became a popular regular at SCORE and it wasn\'t for baking cookies to give us at Xmas time. She used those big whoppers, her sucks mouth and her tight cunt to drain the cumshot out of balls. In this scene, Summer offers to treat Jarrod to a body rub but that doesn\'t last long as she pulls his tool out and sticks it in her favorite spot...inside her cleavage. Summer likes to talk about her tit-fucking technique: First, I gotta get his tool all wet. Then I\'ll rub his tool against my nipples. Then I\'ll get it all wet again, rub it up and down to make sure it\'s really hard, then I\'ll wrap my tits around it and move them up and down. Sometimes guys get lost in my boobs, but they don\'t seem to mind. I can make just about any tool disappear.Seeing is believing.See More of Summer Sinn at SCORELAND.COM!. Sheridan love - first threesome First Threesome Two mob soldiers have the difficult assignment of keeping an eye on the boss\'s wife and escorting her wherever she wants to go for the day. Difficult because his wife is charming sex bomb Sheridan Love and she likes to flirt, show off her man-killer body and sometimes bang her husband\'s soldiers.And when she does bang one of his men, the boss usually finds out and it\'s bang-bang for that unlucky wiseguy. Mob guy #1 informs mob guy #2 of this history on the drive over to the boss\'s house and warns his nice fella in no uncertain terms what will happen to the two of them if he should sample the merchandise.Sheridan answers the door and when she sees who it is, she\'s annoyed. She doesn\'t like being baby-sat. Telling mob guy #1 to check the house, she stares at his fellow soldier with hungry eyes. When mob guy #1 returns, Sheridan is gulp on his mortadella and drooling all over it.We\'re done! he yells, knowing that the boss will eventually find out and whack them both for this transgression. You killed us. I couldn\'t help it, answers mob guy #2, his sausage stuffed in Sheridan\'s busy throat.If you\'re done, you might as well join in, Sheridan tells mob guy #1. She wants more action and the two of them have got what she wants. He agrees with this point of view and figures they might as well go out in style now that they\'re on the hook so he joins in. Together, they bone all the bad girl out of Sheridan, at least for the afternoon. She was definitely worth it. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!.
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