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Bangin\' birthday Bangin\' Birthday It\'s Rion\'s birthday and curvy sex-star Elle Flynn has decorated the place with party decorations. She carries out a cake and takes out two huge toys that men love to play with. blow and squeezing her fleshy boobs makes a guy\'s nuts hotter than those birthday candles. If he doesn\'t lay the wood to Elle, he\'ll need to run to the bathroom but he won\'t have to. Elle is his birthday present. Elle is as exciting as always. She swallows his penish and takes it between her huge, natural ta-tas before spreading her legs to get her pink filled and drilled.Once they see my boobs, they become boob men, Elle said and that\'s no boast. Guys will say they like legs or bum the best, and I will always say, \'Well, you haven\'t seen my boobs.\' I convert them.I love getting fuck by a curved penish. My first SCORELAND scene was with two guys and one of them had a curved penish that really hit my spot. I like my anallyed tickled and I\'ve allowed a few fingers inside my bum but I haven\'t yet explored anally sex. The birthday boy jerks in Elle\'s mouth after their birthday bang. She\'s only a spitter this way: After a guy cums in my mouth, I often spit his cum on my boobs.See More of Elle Flynn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Plump, plush & lush Plump, Plush & Lush Even if Mariya Mills is a quiet girl in her XL Girls videos, her body does all the talking so if you look at it like that, she has a lot to say. Obviously she\'s not shy or she wouldn\'t be taking her clothes off on-camera. Mariya\'s just naturally quiet. She has a picture perfect body and pictures don\'t lie. Those huge boobs and that big anus are works of art and she\'s nice too.The cameraman films Mariya in lots of full-body shots from head-to-toe getting progressively closer and closer until he\'s a few inches away from her smooth pussy. His full-body framing really shows you Mariya\'s proportions and dimensions. Believe it or not, Mariya was not the bustiest girl in her neighborhood. Keep in mind that she\'s from Ukraine, land of lovely plump babes looking for husbands. That\'s exactly what Mariya is looking to do. Lots of guys approach me and give me attention, Mariya said to the cameraman/translator. I have not found the right guy at this time for marriage. Let\'s hope that\'s not for a while or Mr. Right will take her off the market.See More of Mariya Mills at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Kelly kay - freedom riders Freedom Riders Have you wondered what Kelly Kay looks like in a tight shirt with no bra Here are the pictures that answer that question. And that answer is, beautiful damn good! We might prefer her sans shirt altogether (and of course, our girl obliges us), but for a few brief snapshots, we really enjoyed the view of her barely fettered puppies.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Great boobed dick time girl Great Boobed penish Time Girl Chicago girl Alix Lakehurst said that growing up, she wasn\'t very sweet at sports because of my boobs. They bounced around too much. I tried gymnastics and ice skating until I got too topheavy. I need to wear a bra in public or even the most conservative top looks pornographic on me, Alix says. When I am with my sweetie and want to give him a litttle show, I will go without a bra under a tight tank top. I am so voluminous that I really need to wear a bra. My tits are very sensitive and the slightest stimulation makes my nipples massive and my cunt wet. So for practical purposes, I wear a bra. Even though it\'s pretty to be turned on all the time, I have to be realistic. I don\'t dress like a bitch but with my body, it\'s massive not to look sexy! See More of Alix Lakehurst at XLGIRLS.COM!. Break the fuck fast Break the have intercourse Fast I know a lot of people who say they don\'t eat breakfast because they\'re not hungry when they wake up. I don\'t get it. I wake up hungry and I wake up libidinous, too. If I don\'t have my waffles and cock I\'m so cranky for the rest of the day. I usually like to get something in my stomach before I get to the sex. If not, then I get lightheaded from not having eaten anything during my 8 hours of sleep. And when I fuck, it\'s almost like a workout, so there\'s no way I\'m doing it on an empty stomach. But at the same time, my cunt is so libidinous that it\'s heavy to wait. That\'s why I tell the guy to go ahead and start working my cunt while I\'m still eating.See More of Glory Foxxx at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Tiny in the garden Tiny In The Garden Most professional dancers are not nearly as curvy as Sophie Mae. She is a nice addition to this tranquil garden. She moves like magic, gliding around the ground, in harmony with nature. Nature has been generous to Sophie, blessing her in every way. An accomplished dancer and professional dance instructor in Prague, Sophie\'s fluid movements as a model have elements of dance. Such beauty and elegance must be documented by our camera for the betterment of mankind. Sophie believes that eating good, healthy Czech food all her life has given her those huge breasts. Works for us.See More of Sophie Mae at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. One-hit wonders One-Hit Wonders Some models are very prolific and pose many times over the years before they move on to other things. Others pose only a handful of times. That was the story with Mandy Mason. But what Mandy did was very memorable. As she said, she posed as a lark--just to try it and see how she would feel--and for the experience. For most girls, modeling is only a fantasy, something they will never do, ofen because of social, business or family constraints. Or they\'re just plain chicken. Mandy made it happen by contacting us. And since she returned to her everyday job, she can look back with satisfaction realizing that she made XL Men a little happier.See More of Mandy Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wet tee teaser Wet tee teaser This video was filmed in a house overlooking the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi joined Micky Bells, Natalie Fiore, Leanne Crow and Jenna Valentine for the DVD On Location Puerto Vallarta.What Hitomi is wearing is my all-time favorite outfit for SCORE and busty Girls. Bikinis would be #2. Before Hitomi takes it off, she wets her tee so we can see her nipples stuck to the fabric.Hitomi didn\'t leave the house dressed like this in Mexico. Back home in Japan, Hitomi doesn\'t dress this excited when she goes outside. She doesn\'t like to attract attention in public. There are many times when people recognize me as Hitomi, she said. When some people recognized me near my apartment, I tried to escape from them, hiding my apartment location and said to them, \'I am not Hitomi. You are mistaking me for somebody else.\' But if people recognize me when I am not near my home, I always say, \'Yes.\' It\'s always very libidinous when people from overseas recognize me and say, \'Hey, Hitomi!\'I\'ll tell ya, Hitomi could wear this in South Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and while she couldn\'t blend in because of that amazing body, she\'d see that countless girls dress this way every day. I\'ll also tell ya that I\'d rather enjoy Hitomi by herself than see unworthy dudes banging her in censored Japanese porn. It\'s not jealousy. I just don\'t want to see a guy waving his penish anywhere near her, optically blurred or not. I don\'t always think this way about the models, but when I do, Hitomi is at the top of my list of girls I don\'t want a penish near.See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Blue towel Ines is a name that is common in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. It is somewhat unusual for a Polish family to name its daughter Ines, which is certainly a sweet name and suits her. This pictorial is from another series of photos during Ines Cudna\'s productive trips to the tourist resort, Costa Del Sol, Spain. This area has been a lush location to take pictures of Ines and her busty friends Veronika, Marketa, Linsey, Iva, Kerry, Cassandra and Nicole Peters. Truly a united nations of boobs. Cassandra and Veronika would later visit Ines in Poland! See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Triple play Triple Play Share and share alike is the bro philosophy, and that philosophy is shared by some women. It\'s Mya Blair\'s idea for some sharing to take place when Jimmy drops by to see Tony. She hits on Jimmy. He feasts on her heavy, fleshy, pliable boobs and she blowjob his dick with superior oral skills. Then Tony walks in. At first he\'s surprised. Then he encourages Mya. The two bros take turns have intercourse Mya\'s mouth, cunt and butthole, then load her face with hot man-lava. XLGirls: Do you have threesomes with two guys back homeMya: I have before but it\'s not a regular occurrence, unfortunatelyXLGirls: Do you have threesomes with another girl and a guyMya: I have before. Those are a bit more common.XLGirls: What did you like best about this sceneMya: I have had sex with both guys before and they always keep things fun. Plus who can say they don\'t like getting attention from two lascivious guys.XLGirls: There was bum sex but not a double penetration. Do you like DP in your private life.Mya: That\'s still on my fuck-it list. Always wanted it but it hasn\'t happened, yet.XLGirls: Things change. Think positively.See More of Mya Blair at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Breast blessed with h-cups Breast Blessed With H-CupsLara Jones has been a webcam model but photo modeling is a fresh experience for this newcomer. Lara chats with her photographer in the beginning of this scene and talks about her initiation into big-bust modeling, a completely different experience compared to webcamming. He was, in his words, speechless in her presence, and this is a guy who was on the Boob Cruise in 1997 and photographed the superstars for SCORE On Location and XL Girls On Location.Lara was hesitant at first and explains why she decided to model at SCORE. She often hears rude comments about her breasts and that\'s common on live webcams for many girls, but she knows that SCORELAND is a place for guys who love breasts, the bigger the better. Lara believes we appreciate busty girls and she\'s right.I like to play with myself when I am alone at home and feeling horny, Lara said. It took time for me to do this on-cam. Over time, I felt comfortable being naked, knowing that I was the center of attention and guys loved how I look. What does Lara like to do in her spare timeI like to go to the park and to clubs with friends and have drinks. I like to workout. I like to ride my bike. I like to drink beer and tequila, too. I like Belgian beer. It\'s sweeter for girls. I like soft beer more. It\'s not so harsh. I can be a party girl when I feel like being one. Sometimes in the evening, I go clubbing with my friends. I really like it!When guys see Lara dancing in a club, they\'re probably speechless too.See More of Lara Jones at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dayton hines on set Dayton Hines On Set While Dayton Hines posed for XL Girls magazine, a video camera recorded her in this behind-the-scenes segment. An active girl, Dayton plays softball, takes dance lessons and did gymnastics. She likes to go out with a group of girlfriends--outdoors during the day or club-hopping at night. I like places where there are a lot of people.If I am really horny, I can jerk-off up to an hour, Dayton said. She is very comfortable with toys and jack-off when she shoots her videos and photos. I like a man who is assertive and open. If I really like him, I will be the one to start things going. See More of Dayton Hines at XLGIRLS.COM!. Disciplined by dick Disciplined By penish It had been a while since I got laid, so I guess I was acting up because I was sexually frustrated. I wasn\'t listening to the teacher and I was playing with my phone in class. He was really pissed and made me stay after school. I thought I was just going to get detention, but that wasn\'t the case. He slap me with a ruler and I got so turned on. I felt his penish get heavy through his pants and couldn\'t believe this was really happening. I started penish sucking his penish and the next thing I know I\'m on top of him, riding his dick and moaning and cumming. Then he came all over my face. Now I feel so much better; I haven\'t acted out in class ever since! See More of Kasey Cole at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Big hooters need cum Great Hooters Need ejaculate Analee Sands truly fits the definition of All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump. What a babe! Her fetish was CMNF aka Clothed Man Nude Female sex. Her fantasy was to have her own nude beach.Analee: I\'m a cock chick. XL Girls: Does the size matter Analee: Not really, as long as you hit the right spot. XL Girls: Have your tits ever fallen out of a bra or shirt by accident Analee: More times than I can count. My family hates it when I wear tanktops. I\'ll bend over too far and my tits just migrate and fall out. I love horse-back riding, and the joke was that they needed duct tape and a bungee chord to hold my tits in. I need to wear two sports bras to ride a horse for 10 minutes. XL Girls: Your tits fell out while you were riding a horse Analee: One time they did, yes. And my family never let me live it down. They were just bouncing around so much, and I was wearing a regular bra, and there was no way they were going to stay inside.XL Girls: Now you embrace your tits and want to show them off Analee: Sometimes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I can be outgoing, sometimes I just want to be alone. But whenever I was in the mood to be outgoing, my friends would run for the hills. Because if I came out, you just wouldn\'t know what to expect. I\'ve dressed up in some of the smallest tops and some of the skimpiest little bottoms. Like, for Halloween.See More of Analee Sands at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bathtub Bathtub This is a candid photo set shot in the bathroom of the models\' plushy dressing room in the SCORE Studio. It was one of the first forays into pure digital photography. Chloe once again shows her mastery of modeling and her knowledge of her anatomy. Her naturalness and relaxed anatomy language are studies in artistic elegance. Most websites began the shift to all digital around this time although it lacks the sharpness and depth of field of traditional slide film. (Most of the sets are scanned from slides.)See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Cunt, cars, & catarina Cunt, Cars, & Catarina I was born in Latvia, Catarina told us. I moved to the US when I was young. I still have my accent, but I speak English better than anybody I went to school with! I was a nice student. I always got nice grades. I had a lot of fun with my friends, and I dated a lot, even though the boys at my school were lame. I lost my virginity to my ex-boyfriend. The first time wasn\'t nice, but we eventually found our groove in the back seat of his sports car. We didn\'t have a lot of room, but we made it work!After my high school boyfriend got me into sports cars, I bought myself a Camaro. I love driving fast and modifying my car. Guys are always surprised to see a little blonde girl torquing away under the hood!See More of Catarina Petrov at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Artiste tawny Artiste Tawny Picasso has nothing on Tawny as revealed in this photo set. There\'s nothing abstract about Tawny, and impressionism doesn\'t quite cover her talents. The curves and angles are there, but she\'s no Art Deco figure. Perhaps after she finishes her painting, she\'ll do your portrait using your own paint brush.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Got milk Got Milk I have a filthy little mouth and I use it very well! corn-fed, girl-next-door Marilyn Mayson said.I like cream pies, lactation, being submissive, dirty talking, role-playing, the Mile-High Club and delivery man fantasies. I masturbate constantly. I\'m addicted to it. Marilyn is a popular webcam girl.There can be anywhere from 50 to 100 guys watching me. What I like to do is to ask them to tell me, if they don\'t mind, when they\'re cumshot and where. So I have a bunch of guys telling me: \'I just came on your tits.\' \'I just came in your pussy.\' \'I just came in your mouth.\' And I\'m like, \'Yeah!\' I kinda get off on that.See More of Marilyn Mayson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Mishka lee - make love my old ass! Have sexual intercourse my old anus! Mishka Lee is from San Diego, California, which is normally considered a very conservative city. But Mishka Lee is anything but conservative. This 44-year-old divorcee is, in fact, very liberal when it comes to offering up her anatomy for filthy sex.When this scene opens, Mishka is wearing a white bra and panties. The lace panties go right up the crack of her anus, which is important because her anus will get have sex in this video. She slaps her anus and rubs it. Clearly, Mishka Lee is very proud of her anus, but she should be proud of her tits, too, because they\'re huge.I need a good hot young stud to come over here and have sex me good, she says to us. Let me dick sucking on that good young dick.The guy comes over. He\'s already naked, and he stands above Mishka and stuffs his dick in her face. The bed creaks. She worships his dick. He have sexs her shaved pussy. The bed creaks some more, like it\'s gonna break. Her tits wobble. She holds onto the bedpost because if she doesn\'t, he\'s gonna have sex her right off the bed. He shoves his dick in her anus and have sexs it so hard, you wonder how she and the bed can take it. He stands over her and piledrive-have sexs her anushole.Oh, give me all of it, Mishka Lee says. have sexual intercourse that old anus!You could say Mishka Lee is greedy. After all, there\'s a lot of dick have sexing her anushole. Or you could just say she loves dick. We\'ll say she\'s a greedy dick lover and call it a day.See More of Mishka Lee at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. What do you think What Do You Think Do you guys like busty, chubby girls Sometimes we wonder. When Layla made her debut in our January 2016 issue of Naughty Neighbors, we got some mixed reviews. Some guys loved her soft curves, pillowy boobs and thick ass. Other guys criticized her for the exact same things.We like Layla\'s body. She looks like the girl at the coffee shop who flirts and winks and you\'re pretty sure you could take home if you wanted. She looks like the kind of girl who could suc a golf ball through a garden hose. She probably likes her boobs covered in sticky cum. We\'d be willing to bet she loves taking it in the ass. When we spoke to her, she confirmed that she does like/do all of those things, but we didn\'t need the confirmation. We could already tell just by looking at her. That\'s why we love flirty, chubby chicks. They work massive to make sure you have a good time.See More of Layla Gray at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The making of bustymerilyn part 2 The Making of curvyMerilyn Part 2 As the title informs, this is a video that shows the activities involved in making curvy Merilyn pictorials and videos. Merilyn\'s a happy, funny and fun-loving girl. She\'s always kidding around when a camera\'s pointed in her direction. The first few minutes show Merilyn on the set of Wrapped In Plastic. In that one, the make-up artist dresses Merilyn in a plastic wrap dress. In the next clip, Merilyn is wearing a excited negligee for Basket of Flowers. In Shape With Merilyn, That Golden Glow and Biker Babe. In Biker Babe, we get to see Merilyn dress, which can be just as horny as undressing. Our photographers and studio staff will tell you that Merilyn is a sheer joy to be with and here you see the proof. She is one of the happiest girls they have ever had the delight to know...definitely worth the arduous trek to Europe for the curvyMerilyn website!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Shoot your spunk into my cunt Shoot Your Spunk Into My cunt Molly Howard. Young. Enormous melons, ripe and full. The answer to a man\'s wishes and hopes. Pretty, fresh and sexy. Molly had a massive time at the XL Girls studio with pro stud JMac. heavy as in boner-massive. JMac was inspired by Molly and her huge, soft tits and ass, and what T&A man wouldn\'t be She is equally inspired by his laying of the pipe and the thrust and velocity said pipe achieves as they have sex in a bazillion positions. Molly is flexible and that helps a lot when he pumps her in the pile driver, one of the most strenuous sex positions of them all. When a chick calls a sex partner Daddy, he\'s doing her right. And speaking of creamy wonderfulness, that\'s exactly what Molly\'s gift is, with extreme close-ups of her very pink vagina glistening in the light. See More of Molly Howard at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. From fitness to make love From Fitness to make love Kerra Dawson is a girl who knows what she wants in sex. After she goes for a run, she wants to chill and listen to music, but getting some make love time in takes over.I usually don\'t get off when men are pounding rough on my natural tits or squeezing or pinching them really rough, Kerra said. She is very precise about what she likes. Just do it kindly and pleasantly to my nipples. Massage them. I\'m kind of sensitive underneath my natural tits as well, so just moving your hands back and forth under my natural tits feels really good. Lick them but don\'t bite them. One of the other things is I have a rough time getting off when I\'m on top unless the guy holds my natural tits. I like to grind when I\'m riding a guy\'s cock. I like to move back and forth, but the only way I can get off is if he has at least one hand on my natural tits. It\'s always been like that for me, unless I\'m on the bottom, in which case I can cumshot any way I want. But when I\'m on top, I need to have that kind of sensitivity and stimulation. But if he squeezes too rough, I lose interest. If a guy is pleasant to me while I\'m riding him, then I definitely cumshot. See More of Kerra Dawson at XLGIRLS.COM!. The perfect pair The Perfect Pair This pairing of Tabatha Towers and Honey Moons was a perfect physical match, a pairing made in hooter heaven. They had very similar fleshy, curvy, milky bodies, pendulous, tan-lined tits with saucer-sized areolas, trimmed bushes (very few models and strippers shaved or waxed bald back then) and an overall kissin\' cousins appearance.When it came to personalities, Honey and Tabatha were totally different. Honey had a dominant nature, was very outspoken and let her likes and dislikes be known very clearly. Tabatha was more easygoing. She did swear that she hadn\'t had a boob job and most magazine editors with any awareness didn\'t speculate about that in print. See More of Tabatha Towers at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The melons of diamond knights The Melons Of Diamond Knights Levi the bag boy (they don\'t call him bag boy for nothing) helps Diamond Knights carry her groceries to her apartment. Where do you sign up for this job Her huge melons keep falling out of her dress. She\'s not wearing a bra and the top of her dress just can\'t contain these great knockers. Playing coy, she asks him what\'s heavier, the store-bought honeydew or her honeydews. Then she asks him if he would like to blowjob them. This is why being a delivery boy is worth the low pay. Diamond is very direct and doesn\'t like to waste time with small talk when she wants the cock. He is a little dumfounded at first but the message eventually sinks in before Diamond has to mail him a letter. The girl wants to fuck! That\'s what we call one hell of a tip for carrying a bag of groceries. Diamond\'s ass-quake presentation is worth the price of admission.See More of Diamond Knights at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tan lined miami beach babe Tan Lined Miami Beach Babe Being a resident of Miami Beach, Florida during the early 1990s, Taylor Marie was usually in a bikini and suntanning at the beach during the day, stripping and lap dancing in a local club at night. And after dancing was done for the night, she was out partying.All of that sunny beach time resulted in a tawny body with white tits and a white triangle below the belt. The contrast was beautiful.There are so many models, singers and actors running around here, a nude model like me doesn\'t get a whole lot of attention, Taylor said to a TSG editor on a phone call. Most of the time, when I\'m hanging out at South Beach, drinking at Penrods or partying at Bar None, nobody recognizes me. Most of the time they just gravitate to these babies her tits but that\'s cool. I love it when guys go for my breasts. See More of Taylor Marie at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Pleasant neighbor oksana monet In her return to, 44-year-old Oksana Monet is the hot MILF who lives next door. In reality, Oksana is the hot MILF who lives next door. Next door used to be in the Czech Republic. Now it\'s in rural Virginia.Oksana gets the attention of 27-year-old lovely neighbor Joe. And how does she get his attention By charming him to her house and wearing her best fuck-me gear, which includes high-heeled boots and a patent leather outfit that barely covers her breasts and kitty and doesn\'t cover her booty at all. Wow! Joe says. Yeah, wow!Oksana takes control of the situation, which is totally fine by Joe, and she suc his cock and fucks his meat. Finally, Joe can\'t hold back any longer and cums in Oksana\'s eager, open mouth. She loves his cum.Oksana is blonde and pretty and has a very hot body. She\'s a wife and mom who says, I like to have sex as often as possible, and there are so many new things I want to try. This was one of them.Before orgasm to, Oksana\'s kinkiest sexual encounter was in a station wagon parked in the woods. Car sex to porn is a big jump, but she enjoys being adventurous.I haven\'t done a lot of the wild things that others may have, but I\'m more than willing to try. I would love to have sex with women and younger men.Joe is younger, so you can check that one off her list. See More of Oksana Monet at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Bikini girl Bikini Girl A good brunette with large breasts and an hourglass figure. A bikini day at a luxurious Miami pool. Sheridan Love has a good afternoon planned. Sun, water and playing with her perky nipples and cookie. Life is good.Sheridan\'s the 2015 cruelcore Performer of the Year (June \'16 SCORE), has her own DVD (All The Way In) and a large fan base of followers. Look for her at adult fan expos. She\'ll have a table where she meets and greets the guys. We often get emails from readers who take their pictures with her. CVN comments: cruel to imagine that less than a year ago, Sheridan hadn\'t even done her first hardcore scene for SCORE and what a year it\'s been since then! Please promise you\'ll always feature her, for as long as she wants to be a part of SCORELAND! Her beauty, her sensuality, her desirability are all off the charts. I\'m always eager for her next video and photo set, and she\'s come to symbolize the best of SCORELAND for me. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Clean fun Clean Fun After a day at the pool, Karina needs to shower off. And we get to watch. It\'s quite a sight, first through the mirror (an intimate look at Karina if there ever was one), then as she uses her hand-held shower head to rinse off. Rub-a-dub-dub, indeed, and, damn, her natural tits look huge! (That\'s because they are huge.) Of course, a girl like Karina needs to keep her natural tits soft, so out comes the cream. I always must put cream on my natural tits, she said. That keeps them soft and lovely to touch. Okay, gents, it\'s boner time. Karina saturates her natural tits with skin cream, so much so that the stuff drips off of her good rack, much like our guy-goo would if we had the delight of shooting it all over her. Then it\'s soap time, and ... damn... we can\'t go on. We\'ve got business to take care of.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Just imagine the dildo is your penish Just Imagine The dildo Is Your penish Sometime later this year, the editor of SCORE and curvy magazines, and, will ask you to cast your vote for 2009 Model of the Year. And if this video doesn\'t show why Karina, who was 2008 Newcomer of the Year in both magazines, should get the honors, then nothing can. No, it\'s not a hardcore video. No, Karina isn\'t sucks and fuck real penish. But Karina generates a level of excitement in her solo photos and videos that most girls can\'t generate even when they\'re getting fuck in the ass. And, of course, there\'s Karina\'s ability with a dildo. She handles it like she would a lover\'s penish Don\'t you wish it was your penish We\'ve got news for you: Karina wishes it was, too.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna goosed down SaRenna Goosed Down Here\'s an interesting and unusual pictorial lensed in our London studio during late summer, 1998, post-Boob Cruise #4. Even the veterans at SCORE\'s Miami HQ completely forgot about this one, even though it\'s quite a graceful layout and very memorable.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Melts in your mouth Melts in Your Mouth Who doesn\'t love cotton candy It is appealing and fluffy and most importantly, it\'s the perfect light snack to get Rose in the mood. As it dissolves on her tongue, the sugar rush goes straight to her pussy. She gets dizzy with desire for penish and her slit oozes appealing wetness. Let her nibble away at her cotton candy while you do the same to her pussy, and she will assault your cock the way only a horny, great girl can-with her huge boobs jiggling in your face and her juicy twat dripping all over your balls.See More of Rose Valentina at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn beaded dress Autumn Beaded Dress Some ask to see models in\'s this Imagine Autumn going outside in this see-through dress She\'d cause several fender benders, guaranteed.Why, I\'d never wear this back home. People would talk! But I do wear things like it at home, just for me.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Double bubble trouble Double Bubble Trouble In chapter four of the BootyLicious DVD Slam Jam, Raven Sky and pleasant Sinsacion are spending quality chick time together alone with a large pussy toy that rotates, wobbles, vibrates and can be used to stir Martinis. Both girls are hardcore sex freaks with tats and piercings. They demand to be satisfied by anyone who wants to party with them. Sinsacion works the probe in deeply, at least seven inches deep, expertly gobbing her saliva into Raven\'s pussy and bum to lube it. Raven asks Sinsacion to spank her. She happily complies, slapping her large bum-cheeks. Sinsacion tongues the areas of Raven\'s snatch where the toy doesn\'t touch. The toy has a side-prong that\'s designed to excite the bum as the main shaft drills into the kitty-hole. Raven gets on her knees in doggie pose on the bed so Sinsacion can really machine-fuck her good. The girls switch places and as Sinsacion is getting toyed, Dutch comes over and inserts his shaft into her mouth to blowjob on. Raven sits on the Dutchman\'s cock as he lies on the bed while Sinsacion toys herself and talks sex. They switch again. Now Dutch is have sexual intercourse Sinsacion from behind while she fingers and licks Raven, then Raven gets back on Dutch in a reverse-cowgirl. 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