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Plump & humped! Plump & Humped! Our man in Prague is stuck. He\'s been commissioned to shoot hardcore scenes with attractive girls, and not just any attractive girls. Prague is loaded with slinky, cute girls. He needs attractive girls with considerable, fat boobs and considerable butts. Unfortunately for him, he\'s been getting nowhere. He decides to connect with one of the porn studs to see if he can help.Always happy to extend some of that famous European hospitality, Dennis is happy to call a girl he knows. She has all of the qualifications our man needs and she can come right over.Enter Angelina Vallem. She\'s got everything the doctor ordered. She\'s flirty, giggly and frisky, and she\'s always eager to pop her giant, fleshy boobs out, especially when there\'s a camera pointed at her and an eager stud ready to service her and drop a violent load of cum on her meaty, mighty mams.Dennis tells smiley-faced Angelina in her native tongue that the cameraman wants a very hot, natural scene. Laughing, Angelina says Okay! and applies her native tongue to Dennis\'s boner for starters. She does not need the cameraman\'s direction, just Dennis\'s erection. See More of Angelina Vallem at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the boss The Boss What if they did a remake of the musical Chicago, but instead of just a was a Linsey movie What if Linsey Dawn was cast as the great, brassy attorney who had to defend those gals accused of murder Wouldn\'t that be something to see Linsey decked out in that \'40s era gear, the men\'s boxer shorts, those sock suspenders, great stogie in her mouth barking orders to her complaisant legal assistants, paralegals and law clerks What if Linsey told you she needed some help in private with her briefs -- Like taking them down and stripping them off What cast member would cry out, Objection! to Linsey making a motion for recess in the judge\'s chambers We\'re not sure about Linsey singing a rousing rendition of Razzle Dazzle, but we definitely know that she\'s quite capable of playing the part of the defense attorney. Defense attorneys are supposed to get their clients off, right And that\'s what Linsey does every week.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Behind the lens Behind The Lens For this Behind The Lens super-bonus, Natalie Fiore demands your presence in the shower with her. It\'s a big honor to get wet next to the big Natalie. She\'s generous to extend the invitation. It\'s been a long day for the French bra-destroyer and with her huge seven-month baby bump to carry, she tires faster. You can move in closer and inspect her transformed tits and dark brown areolae. Then it\'s time for creaming. Then oiling... until her body shines and gleams. After her shower, Natalie dresses and leaves to find a bra that will fit her. She visits an old-school bra and lingerie store on a busy street and tries on some brassieres. Consider yourself special. What a way to kick off Natalie\'s seventh month of pregnancy. Natalie does indeed find a bra she likes!See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Wife, mom and hard-bodied, mature have sex doll Wife, mom and hard-bodied, mature make love doll Raven LeChance is 46 and married. When this scene opens, she\'s in bed with a guy who is not her husband. She is wearing a short, tight skirt with blue panties. We know she\'s wearing blue panties because we can see right up her skirt. Tony, her guy, wants her to talk dirty.I don\'t know how comfortable I am talking dirty, Raven says.But she is comfortable spreading her legs for Tony\'s fingers.Stick your fingers in me, Raven says, orgasm close to talking dirty. Then she shows off her pussy, which to us is just as good, if not better, than talking dirty. Then she give suck his cock. Then, while she\'s having her pussy eaten, Raven spews some make love talk.Stick your make loveing cock in me! Raven says. Oh, make love that pussy!The cock goes in. Raven gets make loveed every which way until she opens her mouth for his cum.Raven was born in Illinois and lives in Florida. She measures 36D-27-37. She\'s the mother of an 18-year-old. She\'s a swinger but not a nudist. And she said, I love having people watch me having sex. It gives me even more energy than usual.Today, thousands of people will be watching her make love. Somewhere, Raven is full of energy. Probably cock, too. See More of Raven LeChance at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Have sex nadia\'s tight anus Have intercourse Nadia\'s tight anus Nadia Night suc and gags on Jimmy\'s tool then gets her kitty and bottom make love every which way in her second video at Nadia told us in the interview that she used to have a lot of sex but hadn\'t had it in a while before this scene. She was a little nervous about it, so she had her big-dicked boyfriend make love her bottom the night before. She was still a little nervous when it came time to make love the porno tool, but as you\'re about to see, Nadia had no reason to be nervous. She enjoyed having a porno tool in her tight bottom.Nadia is 40 years old. She has boobs that are big enough for SCORELAND, and, in fact, that\'s where she started modeling. She has a tight anatomy and tight make love holes. Oh, yeah, it\'s tight! Nadia said of her anus.Nadia offered this tip for guys who want to make love their wife or girlfriend\'s bottom the right way.Just play with the kitty and play with the bottom and get it all naughty and wet, she said.In other words, don\'t just pop it in.Nadia told us she enjoys everything that involves the ocean. She never wears panties. She says she dresses sexy, sbottomy and sensual. She wants to go SCUBA diving, but she hasn\'t yet.Hey, if a woman can get bottom-make love on-camera, she can definitely go diving. That\'s our opinion.See More of Nadia Night at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Roxi red - roxi through glass Roxi Through Glass Roxi Red, all 5\'9 of her without the six-inch heels, tries out SCORE\'s glass table and the views are spectacular when she climbs onto it and squishes her massive mams. It\'s Roxi\'s first time and she\'s the biggest-chested girl to have ever been filmed on it. Roxi was a cheerleader in high school. Can you picture that We can. It would be a ridiculous question to ask her if she was the bustiest girl in school. She loves the attention she gets modeling at SCORELAND and the attention she gets when she\'s running around Saint Paul, Minnesota shopping or at a restaurant. Roxi hasn\'t said if anyone has recognized her and introduced himself. She\'d be difficult to forget once you\'re seen her.I\'m passive with men. Getting oral is what gives me the best orgasms. I like to have sex at least twice a week and my favorite position is from behind. I don\'t care for anal sex but I like being gently fingered there. I had sex in a classroom at college and didn\'t get caught. I was with another girl once. It was okay. I was delightingd, I didn\'t delighting her back. I did have a threesome with another girl and a guy. It was great. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Rack violation Rack intrusion Girls hated me, Maserati said. Her hard boobs look even largeger because she has a small back and a small waist. They are symmetrical too, at least to the eye. She says the left is slightly smaller than the right. They\'re always hard, too, Maserati points out. I always wear a bra.Maserati got a young dude in this scene. She towered over him and outweighed him too. She was definitely a challenge for him but he did a nice enough fuck job on this super-Amazon.When Maserati first arrived on the adult scene, we scrambled to get her into SCORE and predicted that she would become a superstar, not only in large-boob modeling but would become a major porn star. That\'s come true. It was an easy prediction. She\'s also a large draw for the public at adult expos.Maserati is upfront about porn stardom versus private life. She\'s candidly talked about the challenges she has finding a boyfriend who wants to get to know the real girl and not someone who only looks at her as Maserati, the boob-star. I want a guy who\'s okay with me being a lady and a freak at all times. No separation of streets and sheets, said Maserati.See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. She was only 19 She was only 19 These natural tits were made for jacking! read the headline next to Angela\'s photo on the cover of the December 2004 issue of Voluptuous. Angela was only 19 years old when that issue hit the newsstands, too young to buy a beer in the United States, old enough to display her have sexual intercourse holes for all the world to see.Trust me, if I like you, you won\'t need to buy me any beer to get into my pants, Angela revealed. I\'ll be all over you. I may be only 19, but you\'ve never seen a hornier teenager than me! I\'d give you so much tit play. I\'d cock sucking you off so good, and I\'d let you have sexual intercourse my anus so hard, you\'d be dying! Trust me, you\'d be begging me to cool my jets.Trust us, Angela. We sincerely doubt that. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Bwho\'s the ass-fucked boss/b Who\'s the anus-fucked boss Lauren Taylor is a 56-year-old mother of two. She has a son, and if you think it\'s easy growing up as the son of a hot mom, think again.He had to beat his friends up, and then he got kicked out of the group, Lauren recalled. A couple of them were very blatant. I had a pool, and I\'d catch a group of boys watching me swim and lay out. Or they\'d come into my bedroom. You know, they\'d walk towards that part of the house and just wander in. It was pleasant obvious.Lauren\'s son\'s friends were walking around with lumps in their pants and telling me when they were gonna turn 18. It was pleasant funny. And I\'d say, \'No, you\'re still my son\'s friends, so that\'s not going to happen.\'Lauren\'s son\'s friends never got any. But they\'re over 18 now, which means they can legally view And maybe they\'re sitting at their computers right now, watching the hot mom from their childhood getting anus-fucked on-camera.In this scene, Lauren is a boss who catches her employee, Tony, using a remote-controlled camera to shoot upskirt videos under her desk. But she doesn\'t fire him. She has him fuck her mouth, cunt and anus right there in the office.So, to recap: Lauren\'s son\'s friends got nothing. Her employees get it all. See More of Lauren Taylor at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Juliana simms - rub rub rub Rub Rub Rub The definition of curvy goddess, Juliana Simms has the same kind of natural effervescence and bubbly, happy personality as Joana and Maya Milano. They\'re also remarkably similar in looks. Juliana\'s even said she would like to meet Maya (and Samantha Lily).SCORELAND: Juliana, do you have any desire to visit the United StatesJuliana: Very much so, yes. SCORELAND: Where do you like to travelJuliana: I like to travel very much. My dream is to visit the Caribbean islands like Cuba or the Dominican Republic. SCORELAND: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for Juliana: Health for my family, no war and to have a green card to live in the USA.Juliana gives herself a rubbing and a creaming in a do-it-yourself spa treatment. By the time she\'s finished, her large tits and perfect cookie are well-coated.See More of Juliana Simms at SCORELAND.COM!. Jilling\'s jacking and gulp so you can jack, too Jilling\'s Jacking And suc So You Can Jack, Too Dawn Jilling is a 45-year-old first-timer from Arizona (born in California). She\'s a wife. She\'s the mother of four. She knows how to keep a charming home, and she knows how to take care of her husband and children.I\'m very dedicated to my family and kids, Dawn said. I don\'t do it anymore, but I served on the PTA and the school board.Here, she\'s serving coffee...and sucks jobs.Yep, Dawn isn\'t like most mothers of four (or maybe she is and we don\'t know it yet), and isn\'t it charming to know that the lady you saw at the supermarket the other day, the one with a few kids in tow, knows how to go home, unwind and show her lusty sideSo, enjoy Dawn. She wants you to. And we\'d like you to know that right now, Dawn is getting ass-fucked by a total stranger at, so you can have your own Dawn Jilling double feature. Call it Jacking to Jilling.See More of Dawn Jilling at MILFTUGS.COM!. Christy\'s sapphic scene Christy\'s lesbian Scene Sure, men love Christy. But women love Christy, too! Hot, big-titted women like Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. They have delicious, full funbags of their own, so they can appreciate a juicy pair on a woman as hot as Christy. And since they have the equipment, they know how to handle it, too. Watch as the girls massage, fondle and stroke Christy on a nice island setting. I felt honored to have my anatomy worshipped by some of the hottest big-tit models. It was so hot to feel their hands all over me then watch them take out their tits and oil them up, said Christy after this shoot. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - my god, chloe, you\'ve gotten so hairy! part 2 My God, Chloe, You\'ve Gotten So Hairy! Part 2 Those were photographer John Graham\'s words when Chloe came into his London studio for these photos. I had seen other models\' pictures and they were very clean shaven, explained Chloe in an interview prior to her Best Of SCORE 1993 hairy appearance. I thought that was how it was supposed to be, so I would shave every week. Before these photos were taken, I didn\'t shave for a month and wanted to surprise everybody. I thought, \'If they don\'t like it, I can always shave.\'See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Bikini bust-out Bikini Bust-out A former car show model, blonde bombshell Victoria was always used to attention. She gets even more attention now after shooting for SCORE. She debuted in the April \'18 issue. Victoria lives in Las Vegas, definitely the right kind of town for smokin\' hot women who were made for men\'s magazine layouts. I love going out wearing low-cut, skimpy dresses and my highest heels, Victoria Vale teased. The attention really turns me on. I get a ton of attention because of the size of my breasts. They are cruel to hide. We\'d say her breasts are impossible to hide. At poolside, bikini-clad Victoria stretches her top to the maximum. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, today\'s bikini straps and cups can really handle a lot of stress. She went inside the house to cumshot since it\'s a lot cooler, but the room got very hot very quickly. See More of Victoria Vale at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. How do you say ass-fucked milf in spanish How do you say analy-fucked MILF in Spanish When this scene opens, Valery is wearing white short shorts that hug her analy and a red top that accentuates her curves and big, fake tits. Her heels aren\'t high but they\'re clear and still count as fuck-me pumps. Then again, anything Valery wears says, fuck me. She\'s got that look.After a brief interview in which we get to hear this exciting Colombian speak Spanish, Valery bends over so Carlos can cock sucking on her analy and finger her pussy. Then Valery shows off her cock sucking job skills, which are very advanced and including deep cock-cock suckinging and ball-licking. They must teach cock sucking jobs in Colombia. She lies back, and he eats her pussy while fingering her analyhole.Are you getting the hint yet Yes, there\'s a lot of focus on Valery\'s analy and analyhole in this video, and in the end, Valery gets it in the end.Valery doesn\'t speak a word of English, but she knows the language of sex. This is kinda cool because it proves that even if you don\'t speak the same language as the woman you\'re hitting on, if your cock is violent and her pussy is wet, there\'s a chance for a connection. With Valery, there\'s always that chance.How do you say analy-fucked MILF in SpanishSee More of Valery Lopez at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Red dynamo Red Dynamo Hi Guys, Linsey and LinseysWorld want to publish this email from one of our brave lads stationed in the middle east. We are blanking out his name and regiment. Godspeed their safe return to their homes in England, the States, Australia and other coalition countries.Linsey, I apologise, but this has to be way shorter than I would like it to be. You see, I am writing to you from the --- Marine Regiment in Baghdad, Iraq. We\'ve fought our way here from Kuwait. I just wanted you to know that we\'ve spent many cold, wet and hungry nights along the way. But, we\'ve had a few pictures of you circulating throughout the men. There are precious few, but we\'ve managed to share as best we can. So, this is just a thank-you note for keeping us company along the way. We\'re all huge fans. I wish I could begin to describe what an impact you\'ve had on the unit. But, I\'m sure it doesn\'t take much imagination to guess exactly how you\'ve contributed to our morale.Cpl. -----------, ---- Marine RegimentSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Dare to stare Dare To Stare The thing about me is that I love to show my boobs as much as guys like to look like at them. That\'s why we all love Christy. Not only is she stacked, but she\'s an exhibitionist, too. She knows that boobs like hers were meant to be shown. Just imagine what a waste it would be to keep those puppies hidden under layers of clothing. Concealing such an epic cleaveage could almost be considered a crime. But all exciting justification aside, releasing her rack is also a practical thing for Christy to do. Bra shopping is already a mission for her, and her boobs stretch the fabric of anything she can manage to pull over them. So why not just let them hang free When Christy unloads her hangers, she doesn\'t know what she likes more, the cool air on her bare boobs or the hardening cocks all around her.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Bikini paradise Bikini Paradise Danni Lynne spends a wet afternoon at SCORELAND. She\'s brought her stringy bikini that barely stays on her buxom, bountiful, bosomy body. We\'ve brought a bottle of bubbly. She\'s got a cool pool to skinny dip in when she gets overheated. The best part of all of it is that she\'s letting us come along for the ride. Busting the top at 36-EEE, Danni must have an army of fans when she goes to the beach or a pool in California.Growing up, she never thought she\'d be taking her big, natural natural tits out on-camera, let alone spreading her pussy and doing scenes with porn dudes. I was shy, Danni said. I wasn\'t into looks. I didn\'t know I was cute. I was always blending into the background. I\'m still a little bit shy, believe it or not. When I meet someone, I get a little shy sometimes.busty editor Dave noticed that Danni had a resemblance to movie actress and Tarantino favorite, Pam Grier (Friday Foster, Coffy and other films) . I get that a lot, Danni said. I first heard that a couple of years back from a kid who was younger than me. I said, \'How do you know about Pam Grier\' I started looking at her and I thought I do look a little bit like her.So what makes Danni feel lascivious Playing dress-up and role-playing. And I get to do that at SCORELAND.See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!. The games codi plays The Games Codi Plays Is there anything you want from me Codi Vore asks. Now that\'s a question with a built-in answer. Covergirl Codi is on a balcony that leads into a bedroom. It\'s daytime but she\'s dressed in black lace lingerie meant for nighttime activities. Underneath it, Codi wears chain ring lingerie. She wants you to enjoy her busty breasts and she runs her hands over them. Codi goes into the bedroom for the privacy she doesn\'t have on the balcony. There\'s something she wants to do inside. Be a inviting girl for you.I like to find out what pushes people\'s buttons and what turns them on and seeing if there\'s something there for me, Codi said. Of course, it doesn\'t hurt to have great boobs, especially for fetish work and camming, when you want to get someone\'s attention, especially a guy\'s. Getting someone\'s attention is a snap for Codi Vore. See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. Embracing her flatness I used to be ashamed of having little tits, but now I totally embrace my flat chest. sophisticated natural tits can be horny in their own way, and I\'ve learned there are guys out there who are into girls like me. The ones I\'ve been with have done a pretty job of showing me just how much they like me. I can tell by how they worship my tits by feeling them up and sucks on my nipples. And it\'s a giveaway when their cocks get super massive and they suc huge loads of cum on my face.See More of Catarina Petrov at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Chloe and autumn Chloe is the stern headmistress of a girls\' school.... A stone-cold bitch who believes in corporal punishment to keep her shapely students in line. The authorities don\'t know of her little interests. Autumn is an American transfer student who\'s wild and unruly, always disobedient and troublesome. One day Miss Vevrier decides that enough is enough. If this kind of theme gives you a huge woodie, you\'ll spew a volcanic load. On video, this scene is part of Bosom Buddies #2.See More of Autumn-Jade at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Elle flynn is oiled, fuck and creampied Elle Flynn is oiled, have sex and creampied Sexy, busty Elle Flynn was a bartender when she first walked into our studio in 2013.And now she\'s working at a legal brothel in Las Vegas.How did she make that transition Well, we\'re proud to say we helped her along by shooting her first boy-girl hardcore scenes. Elle had never sucked and have sex a real penish on-camera until she met us. And now she\'s blow and fuck stranger penish all day long at the Love Ranch.When it comes to legal brothels, the Love Ranch is the most elite place in the world, Elle said. I like to have sex with new people all the time, with men, with women as I am very bi-sexual, and with straight and gay couples. The more variety the better!Elle originally found us at She figured she\'d do this once or twice and then move on. She hoped to be on Jeopardy one day. She was nice at trivia. She\'s still nice at trivia. She just doesn\'t want to be on Jeopardy anymore, although she\'d gladly bounce up and down on Alex Trebek\'s penish if he ever walked into the Love Ranch.The answer is...big, natural natural tits and a tight vagina!What is, \'I want to fuck them,\' AlexThose natural tits and that vagina get have sex in this scene, which was shot before Elle became a legal hooker...when she was still a nice girl. Yeah, right.By the way, Elle gets a creampie in this scene. I don\'t think the customers are allowed to ejaculate in Elle\'s vagina at the Love Ranch. I could be wrong. See More of Elle Flynn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Have some fun Have Some Fun Maddie is a fun-loving 20-year-old from Pittsburgh. She plays field hockey and loves baseball. Her favorite music genre is hip-hop, and she has a DJ turntable where she mixes her own grooves.Sound like fun Well, we haven\'t even gotten to the charming stuff.I like to be tied up during intense sex. I love when a man takes control of me, Maddie told us. I always put the guy\'s needs above my own. That\'s not to say I don\'t have fun. If I\'m in the right head space, I can have three or four orgasms in a row.See More of Maddie Winters at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bsilva foxx\'s three-way cuckold session/b When we asked Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee, if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, Abso-make love-lutely. Most of my life, I\'ve been in the business world, and most people are very vanilla and would be kinda shocked. Actually, you probably won\'t believe this for a second, but I\'m really an introvert.ReallyDo introverts stand in front of sliding glass doors wearing exciting lingerie and stockings while two guys who look suspiciously like porn stars work on her pool and yachtDo introverts invite them in and suc their cocksDo they keep sucing their cocks and make love them even when their significant other catches themDo they force that significant other to sit down and watchApparently so, because that\'s what happens in this scene as Silva sucs and fucks JMac and Jimmy then jacks them off onto her pleasant face.By the way, Silva\'s significant other The guy whose being cuckolded in this scene He kinda asked for it.I\'ve always been very dominant but never able to express myself in the proper way, and then it was my significant other who introduced me to this other way of doing things and brought in subs and showed me what to do, and we do it together, she said. He\'s very dominant as well. He\'ll bring in somebody and get them set up with a blindfold and take all their clothing off, and I\'ll be changing into an outfit and I\'ll come out with a flogger and crop and some nipple sucers, just different things, and I\'ll discipline her.In this case, Leah\'s guy gets the discipline. In all honesty, we think he enjoyed it.See More of Silva Foxx at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Katie\'s morning ritual--part one The bathroom is the private zone for women, the place where they make their magic before stepping out into the world. It\'s the sanctuary where their daily routines begin. Most of us don\'t get to see what they\'re doing in there. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair. We see them when they come out all appealing and groomed. The morning ritual photo and video shoots peel back the curtain so we can follow a SCORE or V-Girl into a place where no man has gone before. Our beautification guide this time is divine Katie Thornton, SCORE Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year awards winner. Back home, Katie is a cosmetician and beauty shop owner. Girls usually don\'t brush their teeth and let the paste drip onto their breasts but there are always exceptions to the rule. The editors envied the photographer of this shoot! See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Rockell - yoga bare Yoga Bare Rockell\'s workout video has her getting nekkid and wet on a workout ball and more. This pictorial (September \'16 curvy magazine) has Rockell practicing her yoga bare moves. Yoga is the Alabama beauty\'s favorite way to keep that body shapely and sexy. There\'s a style of yoga that\'s done in a super-heated room. All Rockell has to do is practice her moves and the room heats up!SCORELAND: Rockell, if you had three wishes, what would you wish forRockell: That\'s a loaded question for me since I tend to over-analyze things in general. Honestly, if I could just have one wish, I really need a new car. My car is old and unreliable! SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedRockell: I\'m actually OCD about having my house clean. I can\'t stand looking at messy things sitting around for too long. Drives me crazy! I always walk around my house anal naked. That\'s a benefit of having your own place and being an adult.SCORELAND: Have your tits ever fallen out of your top in publicRockell: Yep, they actually fell out of my bikini at the beach the other weekend. good times!SCORELAND: Two words. Topless...selfie.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND.COM!. Never enough renee so here\'s two Never Enough Renee. So Here\'s Two In school, I don\'t think anyone knew what my face even looked like, said Renee Ross who made a brief comeback in 2015. That\'s kind of an exaggeration, in our opinion, because Renee has a elegant face. I think all they knew about me was big breasts. I was actually a cheerleader. I even did gymnastics at one point. But I had to quit because of my breasts. I couldn\'t do any of the moves because my breasts had become too big. But I did play softball all through school. I was the girl with the biggest breasts on the cheerleader squad. Sometimes I would jump around and my breasts would pop out. I couldn\'t even find a sports bra that fit! See More of Renee Ross at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey and susie wilden Linsey and Susie Wilden This extremely lustful 24 minute lez scene starring Linsey and Susie Wilden is part of the USA video Bosom Buddies #5 and, in the United Kingdom only, busty booty Lovers. Considering the size of Susie\'s tits, a team-up was essential. In London, dildo capital of Europe, Linsey and Susie take each other on with a variety of kooky sex gizmos that give new meaning to the term plug-n-play. Linsey fills her butthole while Susie plugs LDM\'s pussy. Wow! Linsey gives it to Susie right in the tush.They each insert a double-donger in their lubed pussies and grind away on their backs to cumshot hard. But it\'s not just toys. The huge-boob action is also sensational, with a breast-creaming scene to kick off the party. Of all of Linsey\'s girl-girl breast fests, this is the hottest session of them all.See More of Susie Wilden at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Latina models her cock-stuffed cunt Latina Models Her Cock-Stuffed pussy MODELS WANTED says the little card Emy Diaz, a 21-year-old student from Miami, Florida, is holding. I used to dream about becoming a model, said this sexy, little Latina. But I didn\'t think that being a model would mean suc some strange guy\'s tool and make love him! Hey, Emy, the world is full of surprises. And, no, being a model doesn\'t mean suc and make love strangers. But in your case, it does. Not that we wouldn\'t have wanted to see you if you didn\'t fuck, but...well, there\'s just something about the way you\'re so little-at 5\'1, 96 pounds-that gets us going. There\'s something about how you can barely wrap your little mouth around that big, violent tool, and about how that tool looks like a tree trunk when it\'s jammed inside your tight cunt. It\'s okay, because I liked the taste of his tool and the feeling of it in my pussy, Emy said. Thank you for being you.See More of Emy Diaz at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. First fuxxx First FuXXX When Eva Notty hit SCORE for the first time, reaction was swift and Jeff\'s email to SCORECard\'s letter forum is a elegant example of the mail that came in. I can\'t get enough of Eva Notty! She is absolutely stunning! Does she have any more video or photo shoots orgasm out She\'s the main reason I check the site each day, just to see if she has anything new! Keep her on deck! She\'s a knockout! So all of you should find reason to rejoice because here\'s Eva\'s first full-sex scene! After you see the video and check out the photos, you\'ll agree. This babe loves to have sexual intercourse and she\'s got enthusiasm, sensuality and passion! She\'s not a sex machine, she\'s a sex goddess!See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. First-timer mallory fucks the peeper First-timer Mallory make loves the peeper In her debut, 40-year-old divorcee Mallory Taylor catches a peeper and decides to give him what he wants. Because it\'s what she wants, too. She suc his penish with her dick-sucking lips, sits on top of his massive penish, has him make love her tight cunt every which way then gets her charming face glazed. Yeah, it\'s her first time, but Mallory has what it takes.Mallory is 5\'4 and weighs 138 pounds. She has blonde hair and D-cup breasts. And she\'s a mom. A hot mom.I like to dress sexy, she told us. I always wear tight clothes that show off my body.Mallory used to be a penishtail waitress in a casino. We\'re sure she got a lot of pretty tips, especially when she was wearing uniforms that showed off her great breasts and elegant ass, which she always was.We asked Mallory if she likes being watched while having sex, and she said, Yes. It always makes it more exciting. But she\'s not a swinger or a nudist, which means this a rare opportunity for Mallory to be watched. Let her know what you think. What you\'re doing while you\'re watching her, too.I like a man who knows how to give me his undivided attention and interest, Mallory said.That shouldn\'t be massive to find.See More of Mallory Taylor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. For a vacation For a Vacation Occupation: Bartender; Age: 22; Born: May 15; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Comfortable; Anal: Only when I\'m horny; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: 3x a week.Bambi\'s boyfriend sent us these pictures after a lot of persuasion and bribery on his part. He promised me a vacation, Bambi told us.My boyfriend has always wanted to be a swinger, Bambi explained. I\'m not down to share my man with anyone else, so he figured that letting the whole world see me naked was close enough. I hardly ever wear clothes when I\'m home, so nudity isn\'t an issue with me. Plus, I\'m going to Hawaii with the money we\'re getting from this! Because my boyfriend desperately wants group sex, I might give him a two-girl blowjob for his next birthday. It will be a one-time thing, though. That will have to be enough. See More of Bambi at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. She\'s got game! She\'s Got Game! We all know that March is the time for mad gamin\' skills. 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I don\'t confess anything, says Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee who\'s going to have something else to confess...or just keep as her little secret between herself, her significant other and her friends. One of those friends is 60Plus MILF Leah L\'Amour, who discovered Silva at a strip club in Phoenix, Arizona. Leah was there with her husband. Silva was there with her manfriend. They hit it off, and eventually, Leah suggested that Silva show her stuff for us.I\'ve always wanted to do this, said Silva, who is, indeed, a silver fox with her gray hair. Porn, I mean. I watch it all the time.But Silva, who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and now splits her time between Colorado and Arizona, says the people who know her would be abso-fucking-lutely surprised to see her here.Most of my life has been in the business world, and most people are kinda vanilla and would be kinda shocked because I\'m really an introvert, she said. I\'d rather be home with a book...cuddle up with my man drinking hot cocoa and watching the snow when we\'re in Colorado or spending the weekend riding horses.She spent a few days in Miami, Florida riding porn cock for the first time. In this scene, Silva is JMac\'s step-mom. He\'s watching porn and jacking off. She catches him, and since Dad isn\'t home, there\'s no reason step-mom and step-son can\'t fuck, rightWell, there are actually a lot of reasons, which is why this scene is so hot. See More of Silva Foxx at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Magic stick tricks Magic Stick Tricks When you\'re workin\' with a great ol\' booty like Caroline Pierce\'s, backside worship is something you don\'t even have to ask dudes for. They\'ll be lined up around the block with a fistful of stiff penish.Oh, yeah, get in that backside, she says to our boy Anthony as he licks and nibbles on her badonkadonk. Yeah, get in there appealing and deep.Caroline is a rarity. 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It was announced in this issue that Angelique would be attending the Cruise, which sailed from St. Maarten on August 6th, 1995.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Battle of the sexes Battle of the Sexes I think porno sex and sex at home are a little different, says Gianna, a mega-porn star who should know. She\'s still one of the best-known busty sex stars in the world. (She\'s retired these days but still works in the adult industry. I\'ve noticed that sex on video has become more aggressive. I love rough sex, pussy-wise. This is the thing in regards to me doing pornography and my sexuality in general: I feel that it\'s violent to fake emotion, but the emotion that I give is only what\'s provoked by that certain person. So, some pornos might not be as hot as others, but that\'s because of the attraction between the gentleman and myself. If this guy I\'m going off with is provoking sweet emotions, the video of me that he saw that was insane is probably what he\'s going to get. Gianna and Tony D. go at it just short of a wrestling match. I like a lot of talk, like when I\'m getting have sex and he\'s telling me what to do, I\'m just like, Tell me what\'s in that nasty make love mind of yours. I like to do that while we\'re make love because that\'s when you get true emotion. Nobody has time to think. You\'re too busy trying to fuck, so just trying to throw something in there, it\'s interesting to see what I get in return!See More of Gianna Rossi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Wet-t car wash Wet-T Car Wash Princess Pumpkins said this soapy car wash shoot is her favorite so far. She\'s perfect for it. Princess and the photography staff were lucky the shoot didn\'t attract any gawkers.Princess is a dedicated cosplayer and often attends comic conventions in costumes and masks. She loves anime, sci-fi and video games. Her cover issue of SCORE (August 2017) sold out in record time. The funniest line a guy ever said to her was, Baby, if you play your cards right, I would be the mistake you regret tomorrow. I laughed my butt off, didn\'t regret it and we\'re still friends to this day, Princess said.See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Gamer babe Suzumi Wilder swaps out a console\'s joystick for another kind of joystick when she meets and greets Bambino and plays a game of a different kind--his bride for the night. This cuddly, creamy coed with a big, fleshy anus and perky, thick ta-tas blows the man down, cleavage-crushes it and then opens wide for a heated ride down mammary lane.I like to get make love as often as possible when I have a partner, Suzumi says. One to three times a day is nice. Doggie is the best position and I like it deep and slow...sometimes...other times deep and massive.What about getting down outsideI\'ve had sex outside in a hot tub. My partner bent me over the edge and make love me massive while pulling my hair. I played with my clit until I came around his cock! Suzumi always stood out. I have been the bustiest girl in all the schools I went to. I started to develop elegant early and you know that girls develop faster than boys. I don\'t play any sports and I workout casually. I like to run a few times a week and do yoga and squats. I like to watch roller derby and rugby. My favorite rugby team would have to be the All Blacks. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bikini bush It\'s a hot day out! So Brooke takes advantage by prancing around in a bikini, then stripping naked and dripping iced tea down her perky tits, her bush and her meaty kitty lips.Most girls shave. How come you let your bush grow out I like to be different. Plus, there\'s nothing wrong with having a more natural look. Having hair down there is sexy. Sometimes I even like to let it grow out a little so that it peeks out of my bikini bottom. I find that the older guys really like the natural look. It reminds them of when all women had bush. And I like older guys, so it all works out.See More of Brooke Haze at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Bodacious schoolgirl Bodacious Schoolgirl My parents thought that sending me to an all-girls private school would keep me out of trouble. Boy, were they wrong! I was eating cunt all the time in the locker room. And the girls that I would hook up with would introduce me to boys and we\'d all have fun together. Like, just because it\'s an all-girls school doesn\'t mean that we don\'t know any boys! Private school girls are kinkier than public school girls, and I think that\'s the reason I\'ve had so many three-ways. The girls I know who went to public school haven\'t even tried three-ways yet. But at my school, you were an amateur if you\'d never been in a three-way.See More of Joseline Kelly at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Tiki linsey Tiki Linsey Poor Linsey. Shipwrecked on this beautiful, lonely tropical isle without a guy to fill those quiet hours. The captain of the Boob Cruise should have battened down the hatches instead of getting stinking drunk and walking around with a bra on his head. Now LDM is all alone with little to do except record her thoughts and feelings in her diary, when she is not cracking coconuts in half, weaving nets and decorating her hut. While half of the Royal Navy has their ships out searching for her, let Linsey entertain you like you\'re king of Linsey\'s Island. You\'ll love this steamy 27 minute video Linsey made for members only. She\'ll have you as massive as bamboo. Or should it be bamboobSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Desirae - lap dancer Lap DancerHey fellas!Imagine me giving you a lap dance! Imagine the boner you\'d get with my huge cans and soft butt in your face! Yow! You\'d get a rhowtly. What\'s a rhowtly A rhowtly is a cruel-on so strong, it pulls the skin on the rest of your anatomy so tight your face feels like a bongo drum. I think I\'d be a lovely lap dancer. Not that I would do it for real. I don\'t think I have the nerve. I just like the fantasy. Do you think I\'d be a lovely lap dancerHere\'s a favorite letter I got from Bill. Well, for a start, you have a really cute face, and that would be enough for me. It is cruel to stop looking at your face. And then you have a anatomy that drives me totally wild, and I am almost in tears watching it. You play with your tits better than any other model. Congratulations. You are the best. Hey Desirae, I fell in love with a picture of you I stumbled across through SCORE. I saw a couple of your pictures of you doing cruelcore photos and I decided I wanted to see more of you. So I subscribed to I really got off on seeing you get fucked, and it made me wish I was there. It really made me horny. You\'re an incredible-looking girl. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Brit babe bares best boobs Brit Babe Bares Best tits Samantha Sanders talks about her holiday in Ibiza, a party island off the east coast of Spain, and a huge attraction for British vacationers and party people for several decades. This is Sam\'s favorite place to unwind and have fun. She talks about going to the nude beach and the reaction she gets from her fellow beachgoers when she takes out her violent naturals.As Sam chats, she gets her clothes off piece by piece until she\'s starkers and opens her legs to flick her bean in a show that no one sees at the nude beach in Ibiza. We feel for \'em!I get a lot of compliments about my tits, said Sam. The nicest one I\'ve heard was the simplest. \'You have the best tits in the world.\' That works for us. Thanks, Sam! See More of Samantha Sanders at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Porn fridays! Porn Fridays! I came from a more-conservative job, and for certain, it wasn\'t acceptable to talk about porn, said 42-year-old wife and first-timer April Florida. I couldn\'t say, \'Oh, my husband and I have porn Fridays.\' Some people go out to a party or a club, but my husband and I pull up some kind of porn, whether it\'s our homemade movies or some other kind of porn. It\'s a tradition.April says she\'s a little bit of a geek. In this scene, that exciting geek blowjob and fucks JMac\'s dick and gets a creampie. She gets really deep on his dick, which is a good impressive feat for a first-timer, and her kitty easily handles his dick.I like to ride a lot, April said. I like to grind and I like the action of sliding up and down and being in control of that. And I like doggie because who doesn\'t like doggie It\'s comfortable, it\'s fun, you get to move around a lot. It\'s freeing. I think it\'s more of a naughty feeling to do doggie.April also said, I like my body to be moved around, to be picked up. She likes to be manhandled, and JMac does that here, have intercourse her in the leglock position and then turning her upside-down to piledrive her kitty.See More of April Skyz at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Talented teen Talented Teen Welcome, Alyssa. Why don\'t you tell us about your many talentsI\'ve always been very athletic, playing lots of sports growing up. And I was also in gymnastics, so I\'m very flexible and can do all kinds of crazy poses. I\'m also large at have sex and blowjobjob cock. Being flexible comes in handy when I\'m having sex. Guys love it when I do a split over their dicks. I also have good good stamina, so I\'m ready for an hour-and-half-long fuckfest whenever he is. I can deep-throat, too, which is why I think my blowjob jobs are so good. It was tricky to get the hang of it at first. I gagged a lot. But now I\'m a pro.Um, there\'s another talent you\'re not telling us about, Alyssa.Oh, you mean the one about my cunt lips Yeah, I have really large cunt lips and I can actually tie them in a knot. Crazy, right I discovered that I can do that because I\'m always playing with them. So one day I was like, \'Hmm, let me try something.\' And it worked!It also seems that you\'re talented at putting things in your bootyhole.Yep! I\'m a total bootyhole slut. Tongues, fingers, booty beads, bootyhole plugs, cocks...I can take just about anything within reason in my ass. And I don\'t just take it, I love it. butt orgasms are some of the best things you could ever hope to feel. I thought I was going to explode the first time I ever came from getting have sexual intercourse in the ass.See More of Alyssa Branch at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sweater busters incorporated Sweater Busters Incorporated Some of you have requested more clothing layouts, so here\'s a special one you\'re gonna love. They invented the sweater so SaRenna can bust them to shreds. This brilliant orange and white number looks superb on her luscious chest, and could stop traffic cold. Add the miniskirt and heels, and it\'s jack city. Ouch! We\'d love to be that couch her bum is heating up. Enjoy SaRenna wearing this outfit while it lasts in this pictorial \'cause it\'s gotta come off so we can savor her huge gazongas and curvy body. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. The 44kk sexperience The 44KK Sexperience That number, 44KK, is the cup size of Minka\'s bra, as you know--important information to keep in mind as we enjoy this presentation. The location where the photos were shot is different from the video location and Minka and her stunt dick have sex on a couch instead of on a bed but the breast-sex action is the main event. And with Minka, breast-sex is a totally unique experience. Carlos has have sexed a lot of women at SCORE (Daphne Rosen may be his biggest-breasted conquest up to now) but he\'s never gone one-on-one with the world\'s #1 Asian big-boob fantasy babe. He\'s in for a real treat and a challenge. As in the video, Minka seems more sexually assertive, more confident of her erection-producing powers, like a super-heroine minus the spandex tights. Is her hyper-horny take-no-prisoner attitude another by-product of her intense tennis workouts back home Minka snarls and shows her teeth as Carlos licks her naked super-boobs and actually guides his head with her hand in a very dominant way. And there\'s a challenging, come-have sex-me light in her eyes that\'s stronger and bolder than it ever was. This is a different side of Minka with a hornier and more sexually aggressive, less obedient attitude. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Busty dancers angela white and gianna rossi Busty dancers Angela White and Gianna Rossi Angela knew all about Gianna Rossi\'s adult movie career before joining the Paradise Girls in The Bahamas. Now see Angela and her new pal Gianna dirty-dance for us all. One thing leads to another and before ya know it, they\'re gulp on their hardening nipples. Hey, we\'d pay heavy bucks for this in the VIP room at the local gents\' club! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Tube station tit-tart Tube Station Tit-Tart Jasmine Black waits in an underground tunnel for a commuter with a hard-on. Mr. Lang is on his way to catch his train home to his wife. When he sees Jasmine looking killer, all thoughts of anyone or anything but her evaporate. When she pops out her breasts for his inspection, he knows that she\'s not a set-up for entrapment. Once some unpleasant details have been disposed of, Jasmine takes him to an area where they will have privacy from other commuters and have room to fuck. Mr. Lang is especially interested in fuck Jasmine\'s breasts and boring into her anus, an anal too libidinous not to ravish and plunder. Our secret cameras recorded this babe\'s hook-up on-video, and let us tell ya, Jasmine was worth every penny of the divorce settlement. See More of Jasmine Black at SCORELAND.COM!. Karina & christy marks together! Karina & Christy Marks Together! Bonuses can be so tacky, don\'t you think A frozen turkey. A gift card to Target. The always-feared grab bag, in which you\'re sure to get something you don\'t want from somebody you don\'t like. But your bonus from isn\'t tacky, and it\'s certainly not something you\'ll want to give back. It\'s the gift that keeps on giving: Super stacked naturals Karina and Christy Marks (the 2007 SCORE Newcomer of the Year) going tit-to-tit for the first time. The scene: a romantic castle in Budapest, Hungary. Karina had never done girl-girl before, and she was nervous about it until she ended up in the hands of Christy, who loves breasts and cunt nearly as much as she loves cock. I loved playing with Karina\'s breasts, Christy said. They\'re so big and heavy, but they\'re soft. I loved blow on them. And you know what I loved most No, Christy. What Making Karina cum! See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. The bride busts out The Bride Busts Out Dressed in bridal lingerie, Milly Marks is a fantasy bride come true. No doubt Milly gets lots of marriage proposals.SCORELAND: We\'ll take a leap here and say you like breast massages.Milly: Yes, I do. I love any kind of massage though. I try to get a full-body massage as much as I possibly can. I got one the other day and almost thought about asking the woman for a happy ending. I\'m not sure if that\'s a thing that women can get in spas or if it\'s ever been offered...but it should. SCORELAND: What gets your nipples super-stiffMilly: My nipples are stiff almost always because I\'m always horny!! SCORELAND: Do you ever use vibrators or other toys on your nipplesMilly: Yes, I think vibrators on nipples is a big thing and should be put into practice more often. Take my word! See More of Milly Marks at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Star boobs Star natural tits Helen Star (November 2017 Voluptuous) looks like a large-boobed rock star in her fishnets, cut-off denim shorts and red jacket. Well, Helen is one of the latest rock stars at SCORELAND along with her bodacious little sister Erin. While both sisters are brand-new at modeling, they\'re both delicious at it, very confident and super-sexy. We can imagine the ruckus they raise when they walk together.Fellow Romanian Mia Sweetheart of XL Girls was the interpreter during these shoots and she was a considerable help so large props to Mia.What kind of dates does Helen like to go onI like funny dates. Dates that show me a elegant time. I like a very romantic man who is very attentive to me at all times. I like lots of kissing and touching. I am very receptive to affection.How would Helen describe her personalityI would say I am assertive and dominant but fun-loving and happy. I am the kind of girl who knows what she likes. See More of Helen Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn cover shots Autumn Cover Shots This is a series of Autumn photographs intended for magazine cover usage. The images were photographed on medium format film for greater clarity and image reproduction. The white lace series (1-12) was lensed for August 2000 SCORE. It\'s unusual amongst cover images because it was shot on a bedroom set and not against solid color or white seamless paper. (The background was taken out in post-production.) The red series (21-31) was lensed for October \'98 Voluptuous. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Ms right now Ms. Right Now Ever get that feeling, like you\'re never going to find Mrs. Right Like, that wonderful lady you are supposed to ride off into the sunset with is never going to show up Like you are never going to be able to say, You complete me, to some amazing woman, and mean it Well, hate to bust your bubble, friend, but chances are, you are right. Ms. Right is probably not orgasm your way. But here is a consolation prize...Ms. Right Now. You see, Ms. Right Now is just around the corner. Actually, she is ON the corner. Ms. Right Now is a modified version of Ms. Right and she comes with lots of perks, and that includes HUGE perky titties, too. You can tell Ms. Right Now to blow your dick, to lick your sack and to gobble up your nutritious load, and you know what She will. And you don\'t have to spend a whole paycheck on a ring, either. Because Ms. Right Now is yours with only a small, one-time payment. So why waste your time on daydreams Stop thinking about the what if\'s and start thinking about huge tits. Go out and find your Ms. Right Now...she is on a corner near you.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. It\'s chest and cunt day at porsche\'s gym It\'s chest and pussy day at Porsche\'s gym The best day at the gym is chest day, says Porsche Lane, a super-stacked personal trainer from Florida (born in Ohio) who turned 50 shortly before this scene. I love having large tits. It makes me feel like more of a woman. And, of course, there\'s the added benefit of them looking so sweet in tight clothes, and that always attracts attention from men.She\'s damn right it does, but don\'t forget about that pierced pussy which, Porsche says, loves it rough. I\'m always lascivious and sweaty.The dickslinger assigned to fill her hot snatch first quizzes Porsche while he thinks of what part of her anatomy to jizz after he fucks her. Their lascivious talk gets both of them hot for sex. 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Skye is going to give you plenty of reasons to enjoy her spectacular body and huge tatas.She rubs, swings and shakes her cruel breasts then licks and pinches the nipples as she looks deeply into the camera, as if she can see everyone who\'s watching her. Her fingers travel south to invade her petite pussy and rub out a pretty cum. Skye turns around and gets on her knees with anal up and facing the camera. She spreads an anal cheek with her left hand and dips two fingers into her sexy, pink honey trap. Her fingers dance and vibrate the way she likes it, giving herself waves of pleasure. Skye turns around and sticks those two fingers into her mouth to lick the appealing and sticky snatch juices that taste like sugar syrup.I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep, Skye said. I have around 12 toys, and they all need to get used.See More of Skye Sinn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Shower flower Shower Flower Hitomi stands only 5\'1 tall. That\'s graceful for a girl who\'s boasting J-cup tits! A true genetic rarity, since most Japanese women tend to be small-breasted and the bigger-chested ones tend to have plumperish bodies. Add to that the fact that Hitomi has a elegant face and a nice body overall and it truly makes her one in how many millions of girls One boob man sent his thoughts to Scorecard\'s letter section with this interesting observation: I spend a lot of time in the Honolulu area. Plenty of Japanese ladies to be seen there, be they AJA (American of Japanese Ancestry) or Nihongin tourists from Japan. Spend a day at Honolulu\'s Ala Moana Center and you\'ll see what I mean. Lots of mostly petite, female, Japanese eye candy to be seen there. One could spend a year looking at all of the Japanese cuties that arrive in Hawaii daily and you will not see one like Hitomi. In all the time I\'ve spent in Hawaii, I have yet to see any Japanese lady as well endowed as she is! In this photo set and video, Hitomi soaps and showers her excited bod and considerable tits. It\'s pretty to be a showerhead in this situation. But first, some teeny bikini action.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Renee in heat Renee In Heat One of the all-time greatest XL Girls, Renee Ross could do serious damage to our necks with one swing of those boobs to our heads. Bring it on because the enjoyment would be worth much more than the pain. Renee pounds her partner\'s penish with her tits, mouth and tight snatch, milking it for as much as she can get. Yes, we are jealous of this dude\'s rare opportunity. The XL Girls staff ain\'t robots.This is actually something that I thought that I would never do, Renee told us. I didn\'t think that I had the self-confidence to put myself out there like that before. \'Cause I never really liked my body type before. Renee loves violent sex. Neck kissing is pleasant but... I want to be pounded. 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If I\'m home I\'m usually braless.XLGirls: What is the funniest comment a guy ever said to youRose: I\'ve had a few marriage proposals. That always amuses me. I once had a guy ask if I wanted to go to the moon with him for dinner. See More of Rose Blush at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sam makes another conquest Sam Makes Another Conquest Samantha Sanders is spending a leisurely afternoon reading a magazine in bed when Nick drops by. Sam\'s happy to see him. Nick doesn\'t want to infiltrate on Sam\'s privacy so he\'s about to leave when she tells him to stay. Samantha could use some fun and she likes to tease guys. Nick is the shy type and needs a mature woman to light the fire. He\'s visiting the right curvy blonde.Sam puts her hand on Nick\'s leg, then takes his hand and puts it on her chest because she knows he\'ll never do it. Nick needs a lot of work. Luckily for him, Samantha is a worldly woman and knows how to teach a guy about suc and kneading her big, voluminous tits. 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Hitomi goes country Hitomi Goes Country When Hitomi was in Miami, she saw and got scared by alligators, panthers and other Everglades locals. This time superstar Hitomi goes country and spends the day at a stable in the California country. You can take the model out of the studio but you can\'t take the model out of the model so she\'d rather walk around the place and get her great tits out than be a stable hand. We wouldn\'t have it any other way. Her hands are too petite to pitch hay.Hitomi explained how modeling changed her feelings about herself.I had an inferiority complex because of my great tits. After I became a model, I lost those feelings about my body. I discovered that few girls have great tits like me. I am proud of all of my modeling work and myself and I am always busy. I have self-confidence now about my body.Hitomi\'s favorite kind of breast play:My secret delight is my nipple. I like them to be touched every day. I like a man to touch my tits violent and rub them, squeeze them.See More of Hitomi at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Poolside princess Poolside Princess And now we come to a young lady who is truly a bikini buster, a attracting girl with a anatomy built for gorgeous swimsuits. A princess with a royal rack, the latest member of the 20 Club, Princess Pumpkins. She must be from Tennessee know the rest of that sentence.I\'m a little bit of a dom when I do my cam stuff, so Princess kind of fits for worship, and Pumpkins because my breasts are about the size of pumpkins, Princess said.SCORELAND: How great are your breastsPrincess: Thirty-two T, I believe. It\'s rough with USA sizes.SCORELAND: They don\'t make T-cup bras, do theyPrincess: No, they do not.SCORELAND: What\'s the greatgest bra size you\'ve ever seenPrincess: The greatgest bra I own is from Europe, and it\'s an 80-O.SCORELAND: That\'s 80 in centimetersPrincess: Yes. I think that brings it around to like 32 inches. 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