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Fellatio alfredo Fellatio Alfredo I want you to feed me this fettucini alfredo, noodle by noodle. But before I take the first bite, hold it under my nose and let me smell it. Tease me a little. Make me want it even more. Then let me lick the sauce off and slurp the noodle between my lips. Put it on my face and drag it on my tits. I love to get covered with cream. When we\'re done I want my anatomy to be completely covered. Just like you feed me to satisfy me, I\'ll have sex and sucks you to make you cum. Drag your penish across my lips just like you did with the noodles. If you put some of the pasta on your prick, I\'ll swallow it even deeper. And when you finally put your penish in my pussy, I\'m still going to be slurping down those noodles.See More of Dawn Davenport at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Ebony & ivory heat Ebony & Ivory Heat It\'s young, excited and stacked Milly Marks in her first interracial scene. On the receiving end of this honor is King Noire. Milly is eager to get his pants down and his penish between her succulent lips. She suc on his black cock like it\'s a lollipop, then tit-fucks it, spending a lot of quality time alternating between suc job and boob sex. Milly is very vocal and uninhibited. Sandwiching his big, have sexual intercourse penish, as Milly calls it, between her heavy, nice hooters gives her as much delight as she gives King. When he shoehorns his way into her shaved pussy, filling it for a deep, thrusting fuck, nice Milly never stops screaming with delight until he nuts her knockers.Milly likes to play with her clit while she\'s being make love. She does that as King fills her up. I love having my clit rubbed, Milly told us. I especially love doing it myself while I\'m being make love hard.Milly once said she has the sex drive of a teenage boy. We believe it. Seeing is believing. Solo, girl-girl or XXX, Milly is a super-horny girl. I like to be make love hard. My favorite position is doggie because that\'s usually when I find it to be the roughest. See More of Milly Marks at XLGIRLS.COM!. Katie\'s morning ritual--part two Katie\'s Morning Ritual--Part Two After Katie Thornton\'s brushed her teeth, bathed and done her hair in the first part of Katie\'s Morning Ritual, she\'s ready for the next steps in her beautification. She paints her toenails and does her makeup. Once that\'s done to her liking, Katie picks out what she wants to wear before she leaves her hotel to start an earthquake in Miami.A pair of thigh-high stockings, lacy panties, garters, a lacy bra, a tight skirt with a matching tight top and high heels complete her look for the day. Now a belly-baring Katie is dressed to thrill any of the male population of Miami who might spot her. The city is loaded with girls walking around in bikinis and skimpy outfits on any given day and night but Katie is in a class by herself. We wonder if anyone recognized her. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Bath mate Bath Mate It was winter when Terry was filmed in the Czech Republic for Holiday 2007 SCORE. Here, she must be reflecting about this past summer when she was romping with four other curvy morsels on the beaches of Eleuthera, Bahamas. S.K. observes that Terry is One of the most-beautiful, alluring newcomers you have had in a while. Tom says: Terry just barely beats Christy Marks. Both of them seem destined to become Hall of Famers. I don\'t remember a newcomer combination like this since Nicole Peters and Ines Cudna. The deciding point was that the other girls in Eleuthera always had their eyes on Terry. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Spunk inside angellyne Spunk Inside Angellyne When I have sex, my boobs bounce around so I have to hold them down, Angellyne Hart informed us. Miss Hart is not a ceiling watcher. She likes a lusty, energetic pounding by a heavy man. If I didn\'t love sex and men, I would not be making these pictures. I love the taste of tool in my mouth and there is no better feeling that a man sticking his tool in and out of my cunt with passion and lust. When some men only care about their own satisfaction, it is not pleasant for the woman.Angellyne Hart\'s date didn\'t know where to ejaculateshot while they were fucking. This busty chubbette had so many pleasant spots to ravish. Men usually ejaculateshot in my mouth or on my boobs, Angellyne says. I will swallow it or rub it into my breasts. Mark came on and in my cunt. It felt pleasant. I liked the dripping feeling. I came a few times when I was riding his tool on top. See More of Angellyne Hart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Blue bikini Blue Bikini In this photo shoot, Ines had to be very careful doing the water shots to avoid ruining her carefully applied make-up and her hair. These poses are the epitome of glamour. There are only a handful of what some would call explicit poses and there is no penetration into her appealing pussy and asshole.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Canadian housewife darlene lupone Canadian housewife Darlene Lupone A Canadian housewife from British Columbia, Darlene Lupone sent some photos in 1989 to John Fox, then editor of Gent Magazine, before he established SCORE Magazine. One look at the photos of her gigantic, well-shaped tits and Darlene was on a plane to Southern California to meet with British big boob specialist John Graham and his photo team. Darlene posed for several sets in June of that year. Her first shooting was in the morning and Darlene got a little sunburnt. She posed again in the afternoon and flew back home the next day. Darlene\'s body was in very beautiful shape, toned and taut, not fat. Her enormous, fully packed and pendulous tits almost seemed to belong to another woman. See More of Darlene Lupone at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - brazilian mamas video Brazilian Mamas Video This is the video version of the photo set Brazilian Mamas. Mamas is slang for tits in that considerable nation, known for football, delicate food, wild partying and amazingly excited women. Definitely a country that Merilyn would love to visit. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Tits underwater Boobs Underwater Valory Irene and Chica take the plunge in a cool pool and the underwater camera is there to capture the buxom mermaids in splish-splash action. Water is their invisible means of breast support, the original water bra. Floating boobs rule! Chica was very sweet and kind, remembered Valory. She showed me some of her country and we went into town for a few hours. I wonder what she is doing now. We became close friends on that trip and I liked how we posed together. I think of her sometimes and wonder what happened to her since we parted company. She is very beautiful.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Christy marks - dressed to thrill Dressed to Thrill Every dirty girl needs to soak in a bubble bath to ejaculate clean, and Christy is no exception. Watch her lather up and rub suds on her dugs and run water all over her juicy snatch. Then she gets dressed up for seduction, putting on her frilliest lingerie and parading around as a naughty pinup girl. She vamps it up in stockings and garter belts and gets appealing and tarted up so that someone (maybe you) can come over and, well, ejaculate all over her. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Magazine subscriptions Magazine Subscriptions Christy is always horny when her pictures run in SCORE magazine, so she decided to try and sell some mags, door-to-door, to raise money for her college fund. (Yes, Christy is currently enrolled in college and studying forensic psychology. Yup, brains AND boobs. It doesn\'t get any better than Ms. Marks.) She trespasses, er, finds her way into this guy\'s backyard where she gives him a sample of what he can see in her magazine by throwing her boobs in his face. What guy wouldn\'t get down to the business of have sex Christy with her cannons in his face, eh You better believe that he have sexual intercourses her, right then and there. And Christy is always down to have sexual intercourse and she gives him everything she\'s got, from a sloppy BJ to letting him cream her boobs. And just between us...doesn\'t Christy look have sex hot when she is mounted and speared on a cock Yeah, we thought so, too. Christy is the hottest magazine subscription seller we\'ve ever seen, we\'ll tell you that much.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Backyard bang Backyard Bang Who needs to go to a park or the beach to have a picnic when you\'ve got a perfectly pleasant backyard That\'s what Missy Mae and her guy think, anyway. Hey, he wouldn\'t be able to get a wet and sucks sucks at the beach, and the two of them wouldn\'t be able to fuck like a couple of rabbits! Well, perhaps they could for a minute or two, till the law showed up and spoiled it for them. But in their own backyard, Missy Mae and her man have nobody to disturb them and nobody to hear them, so they can totally let themselves go, with only you to keep watch!See More of Missy Mae at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Breast of britain Where would you like me asked Madison Lee when it came time to choose what setting to photograph her in. Our camera crew had set up headquarters in a house in the London area and Madison looked like a very charming XL Girl. This belief was confirmed when her test shots were studied by the editors. We decided to photograph Madison in that most-secret and intimate of hideaways for all women. A place where women cleanse and beautify themselves in private, mostly to please men--the bathroom, or in British terms, the loo. Madison said she was open minded, eager to please and punctual. She wanted to do a lot more posing in the future. But that never happened. Ya win some, ya lose some. At least we got two videos and two photo sets before she dropped out.See More of Madison Lee at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wrapped in rapture Wrapped In Rapture Merilyn explores the strange world of latex and plastic wrapping because she finds the tactile envelopment of these materials oddly intriguing. The way the material clings to her anatomy, like a second skin, gives Merilyn an sensual sensation. It feels warm and comfortable on her skin, sexual, yet not sexual, but existing in a sort of limbo between the two. It is a bizarre fetish and it is difficult to find the meaning and psychological theory behind it. The practitioners of this form of sensual play can rarely explain it. Merilyn\'s immense bosom is tightly wrapped. It took a lot of material to cover it. Merilyn likes the look of her anatomy because the material accentuates her shape so intensely. Her legs are wrapped tightly in this clingy plastic and she also wears panties made of latex. Merilyn looks like some sort of kinky, super-busty, human doll on display in a weird wax museum...a rubber doll.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. The wild one The Wild One One of the wildest girls in the UK, super slim and super stacked Bambi Blacks from Sheffield brings her rack to the show. Sex is her life and her life orbits around sex. Bambi says her special talent is making men fall in love by showing off my boobs. Her heavy fetish is creampies which we\'ll be seeing in her next appearance. She loves heavy loads of spunk shot into her pussy, the heavyger the more pleased Bambi gets. That\'s one of the reasons she\'s known in England as the Creampie Queen.I have fulfilled all of my sexual fantasies and more, said Bambi, who has sex twice a day, every day. She lives her sexual fantasies. Her favorite positions are the cowgirl and doggie and Bambi aims for getting multiple orgasms. She has a group of girlfriends who form part of her team and raunchy action is their game.Sex is Bambi\'s favorite sport, activity and hobby but she also loves to watch pro fighters and supports the Yorkshire Muay Thai and K1 Academy. fuck and fighting. Bambi\'s a high-energy bra-buster. See More of Bambi Blacks at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Joana is the boss of great natural tits Joana Is The Boss of great breasts Joana Bliss, boss of all considerable boobs, commands your presence in her office. This meeting requires no communication on your part. Joana will do the talking without talking. Her body language transcends all verbal interaction. You\'ll get her message loud and clear. When the meeting is over, you won\'t feel like getting back to work. Her effect lingers in the two heads, the considerable head and the little head.Joana spends two hours a day practicing Hatha Yoga and meditates during those two hours. If she\'s pressed for time, she\'ll just do her meditation. Joana says her practices keep her grounded and happy. I have a positive personality because of my meditation and my Yoga, Joana said. I was 16 years old when I started. I think everyone should practice these ancient ways.Joana\'s message to everyone is The considerableger the breasts, the more love you have to give. Joana has a lot of love to give. She\'s the chestiest flower child we know. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. A hot ride for a busty bride Busty Arianna Sinn is a girl you\'d be proud to bring home to meet mom and dad. They would encourage you to marry a girl like her. Imagine the wedding night when all the formal stuff is finished and you can enjoy the soft and supple anatomy of your new bride all to yourself. Arianna was an eager bride in this fantasy scene. I know a lot of people don\'t have sex on their wedding night, but that is what I want! I would give you the best gulp job I have ever given because you are my honey. We would fuck however you wanted, and maybe I would gulp you some more. And you could cumshot in my vagina if you wanted because you would be my husband, but perhaps you would like to cumshot on my tits. Whatever you want, I am yours now. Every night is my honeymoon night.After Thomas ties the knot with Arianna, he unhooks her corset and savors every inch of this Romanian goddess. See More of Arianna Sinn at SCORELAND.COM!. Bclassy katia returns/b In what has to be the biggest comeback of the century in the world of lustful MILFs, Classy Katia, one of the most-popular ladies we\'ve ever photographed, returns for the first time in seven years. If you have a chance after you\'re finished with these photos, check out the comments on Katia\'s previous postings at To say she was popular was an understatement.One of her admirers said, I saw Katia a couple of years back and she is the main reason I joined and this is the first video I wanted to view. Katia, your all-over tanned body is petite and your smoothly shaved cunt is really moist. You look and act like a real thrill-seeking sexhibitionist, and I hope that you continue to make movies for the next 10 years!Alas, she didn\'t. Katia, a mother, grandmother and divorcee from Alabama, never shot for anyone but 50PlusMILFs. Oh, she could\'ve. But she didn\'t. And, in all honesty, we thought we\'d never see her again. After all, that\'s how it is with most of our ladies: They model for us a few times, either for the thrill or to cross off an item on their bucket list, then they go on with their lives. Simply put, she dropped off our radar.But then, last month, Katia reappeared. She was 63 years old, and she wanted to come back.What do you think we saidAs you\'re about to see, Katia has aged beautifully. We think she looks better than ever. And, by sheer coincidence, the guy she\'s have intercourse in this scene is the first guy she have sexual intercourse on-camera at her back! you all said.And we finally did.See More of Katia at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Living doll Suzumi Wilder gives Bambino the grand tour of her plush chubbiness, voluminous fleshy tits and pink slit and gets the dick in deep. Heaven for a guy\'s boner is elegant coed Suzumi wrapping her tongue, soft tits and tight vagina lips around it and blowing its load all over her when their ride ends.Says student, artist, animal lover, gamer girl, and porn star Suzumi, I like a man to give me lots of attention and elegant compliments, not crude comments. I love it. I enjoy hearing that I have the kind of boobs a guy dreams of sucking and feeling. My tits are a voluminous part of my life and I dress to show them off at their best. It feels pleasant when I walk into a restaurant and every guy checks me out, even if he\'s with a girl.Talented at video games, painting, tit-banging and deep throating, Suzumi pays careful attention when she dresses her creamy, pale jugaloos.I usually put them in lacey bras with a little bit of padding or anything that has a \'Gothy\' kind of look to them. I can buy bras right off the rack. Even if they\'re a bit small, I can still make them work.Suzumi makes it work for us too.See More of Suzumi Wilder at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. A quick fix for her itch A Quick Fix For Her Itch When a girl\'s home alone and her cunt starts to get twitchy and demand some attention, she can either delight it herself--as Ellie Shae starts to do--or she can jump the bones of a guy who knocks at her front door selling books. Books Yea, well, what the fuck! He gets invited in, and within two minutes or so his dick is being slurped down Ellie Shae\'s throat. She gets some big oral action as well, and her cunt gets delightd in every which way. And, a couple of orgasms later, you can betcha that it\'s not twitching any more.See More of Ellie Shae at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Kate marie - peeping in the ladies room Peeping In The Ladies Room With all of the screaming and yelling about public restroom usage in the US, we\'d like to throw in our two cents and declare for the record that Kate Marie and all the rest of the visiting hotties can use the men\'s room anytime they damn well please. Of course, they have their own bathroom in the models\' swanky dressing room. But we\'re just throwing it out there.Our drone with built-in camera did follow Kate Marie into the ladies room where it played peeping-drone, with her consent. And what a exciting show did Kate Marie give. The damned thing overloaded and burnt out at the end of the photo shoot. Fortunately, we did salvage the memory card...and what memories they are. Kate Marie, like girls such as Chloe Rose and Tiggle Bitties, is really the girl-next-door. Or in this shoot, she\'s the girl-next-door in the next stall.Kate Marie needs to have her bras fitted. She doesn\'t buy off-the-rack hooter-holsters. I buy custom bras from Tina\'s Closet and other select establishments designed for large-breasted women, says Kate Marie. Even so, her fitted bras leave ridges in her shoulders because of how voluminous her tits are.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Webbed wonder Webbed Wonder Jewels Jones is a exciting brunette from Miami who will sucking your mind. She loves it all, from kinky foot jobs to raunchy sucking jobs. As long as you slap the soles of her exciting feet, her ripe anus and her pussy with your cock, this fishnet-clad nympho will follow you anywhere. I just like being nasty, Jewels says. If something is kinky or freaky, even if I am not that into it, I\'ll do it just because the idea of doing something dirty makes me have sexual intercourse hot. I just started getting into foot-play and leg-play, and I love it. It\'s a turn-on for me when a man wants to try new things, and ejaculate all over my feet is elegant kinky and new to me.See More of Jewels Jones at LEGSEX.COM!. Teacher knows breast Teacher Knows Breast Detention has progressed since we were school. We never had a steaming-hot teacher who looked like Indianna Jaymes or had a teacher with giant breasts bulging out of her tight top. She\'s no one to urine off, but she is someone to make love around with as this punk is about to learn in Teacher Knows Breast. Seth tried to disrupt the school but was caught by Miss Jaymes. She tosses the jerk into detention. In detention, no one can hear you scream. Miss Jaymes decides to get some nipple gulps time in. The door is locked so no one can interrupt, and besides, the principal is probably busy banging his secretary anyway. Seth has never seen hooters this heavy before and eagerly tries his best. Miss Jaymes is a tough bitch and doesn\'t take any shit from anyone. When she wants cock, she gets it. But she\'s also a giver, not just a taker. Seth will discover the joys of two giant breasts as well as the cock gulper mouth of Miss Jaymes gulps him off. She has an experienced mouth, a mouth that could gulp a 16-ounce soft drink in one gulp. Bite my anus, she orders him. Usually she\'s the one who chews out someone\'s anus in detention. That desk looks like a sturdy surface to make love on. It\'s a pleasant thing Miss Jaymes locked the door. Nobody needs the janitor orgasm in to jack off just as she\'s about to enjoy a load of nut-sauce all over her.See More of Indianna Jaymes at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bouncing in the country Bouncing In The Country The delicate Maya Milano takes a break from her shoots to go outside for a stroll in the country and get some exercise in. Naturally, our photographer tags along to record the moment. Maya builds up a large amount of energy in her breasts and releases it in a display of kinetic breast motion, bouncing out of her top. It would be lovely to bring a chair outside and watch her do her breastercises for a few hours, help her count reps and carry her towel and water bottle. See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. What\'s been going on, betty boobs What\'s been going on, Betty tits Betty tits, a big-titted porn star of the 1990s, tells us all about herself and what happened between the two porn stages of her life--the one back then and the one she\'s starting now--in an exclusive interview.Betty used to be a feature dancer and porn star. She was a big deal in SCORE magazine. That was 20 years ago, almost to the day. Then she left porn and started a new life.I was a mommy, she said. They\'re all raised, so now it\'s mommy\'s turn, and I was a burn trauma unit ICU nurse for 13 years. I just decided to change it up again. Some might say it\'s a mid-life crisis, but I\'ve done it before so it isn\'t.You could say Betty is diving in all the way. Not only is she fuck on-camera again, she\'s also fuck off-camera in a Nevada brothel. Nursing cocks, so to speak.I\'m still taking care of people\'s needs but in a different manner, she said.In this interview, Betty tells us about sex with women, the kind of guys she likes, the affair she had with an 18-year-old when she was in her 30s, the 80-year-old she make love and having sex in public places.And, yet, when we asked Betty to name her best asset, she said, I\'m very laid back and calm. I\'m a peacemaker.That may be true, but she sure is causing a commotion in our pants. See More of Betty tits at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Club terri jane Club Terri Jane Welcome to Club Terri, run by Terri Jane and starring Terri Jane. Hosted by Terri Jane and narrated by Terri Jane. At this club, Terri Jane\'s charming pair of coconuts are the star attractions. This beachside paradise suits Terri Jane just fine compared to the chill of the UK. I love the beach. We could take a blanket and we could sit there and drink champagne and eat strawberries together and watch the sun set. That would be a dream if a guy did that for me. I would love it. What\'s the first thing guys ask Terri Jane to do if given the opportunity First they ask me to get my tits out and then they want me to bounce them up and down. Then they like me to get on top of them and drop my tits on their face and jiggle them around a bit. Men like jiggling and bouncing tits.See More of Terri Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. What a lovely wife she would be We always say that the most-routine, everyday things become fresh and excited when done by a busty beauty. This scene of Joana doing a simple household chore proves the point. Of course, Joana has to take a break, get naked and show off every inch of her body. We\'re not slave drivers. On the contrary, we place the girls on very high pedestals, the better to look up their skirts as well as get heavy low-angle camera shots.I love having heavy breasts, said Joana, who has been modeling since 2003 and is a two-time busty Model of the Year. She has gotten better and more pleasant over the years.Speaking of her breasts, Joana says I didn\'t like them at first, but I love them now. I was around 13 when they began to grow. I was bustier than every girl in my class. I felt more comfortable when the guys were looking at my eyes and not just at my breasts. They used to look just at my breasts. It makes me feel nice that they look at all of me, and I don\'t mind that they look at my breasts, too. I can feel the love. The heavyger the breasts, the more love you have to give.Words for all busty girls to live by.See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Soapy car wash Soapy Car Wash We would love to find a car wash with girls built like Sapphire handling the rubbing and buffing. appealing luck with that.Sapphire washes a car...not so much to promote auto cleanliness but to get her T-shirt wet and soapy. Here\'s a girl who never lost her fundamental sweetness and girl-next-door realness.Some try to act like my tits are not the first thing they\'re thinking about, but I\'m not stupid, Sapphire once said. I know it\'s the only thing they\'re thinking about. See More of Sapphire at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bjordan pryce, bowling for boobs/b Jordan Pryce, bowling for breasts I love sexy, tight little clothes and outfits that show off my large breasts to the maximum, said Jordan Pryce, who was born in Moscow, Russia and lives in London, England. I always dress to show off my breasts. I wear little skirts to show off my legs and high heels, too, but everywhere I go, the men and women look at my breasts. The women point at them, and the men always look at my breasts, not at my face.Although her face is easy on the eyes, too.Her breasts are FF-cups, and as for Jordan herself, I\'ve rarely seen a girl who\'s hornier and loves breasts more. There are girls who are as exciting and love them as much (Danielle Derek comes to mind), but none love them more.One of the reasons I decided to become a porn star was so people could watch me having sex. It makes me very excited. Jordan the make love doll! I love when men have their way with me.I would like 250 men to make love me and ejaculateshotshot inside my vagina, she said. All that ejaculateshotshot! My problem is, many times when I am with a man, they don\'t even make love my vagina. I am very appealing at giving blowjob jobs, even with large cocks, and sometimes they ejaculateshotshot in my mouth or on my breasts before they have had a chance to make love my vagina, so it would be very exciting to have 250 men make love my vagina and ejaculateshotshot inside it. I don\'t get a lot of ejaculateshotshot in my vagina.I\'m sure that could be arranged, although I have to admit, I\'d rather ejaculateshotshot on Jordan\'s breasts, too.Show of hands: Who\'d rather make love a girl\'s breasts than her vaginaI get a lot of attention, Jordan said. Loads. Everywhere I go. For instance, if I cross the road or pass guys on the street, they whistle, scream, shout. Stare. People recognize me on the streets. They walk into things. I\'m known for my breasts, and I love it.See More of Jordan Pryce at SCORELAND2.COM!. Horse play Horse Play During Chloe Vevrier\'s stay in The Bahamas in the summer of 1992, several other big-bust models flew in for shoots, both group and separate. This rare pictorial also features American strippers Lisa Chest and Savannah Staxx. A local horse ranch supplied the equines who were well-trained in surf riding. The Bahamas was wonderful, Savannah said. I had heard of places like that, but I never thought I would ever get to visit them.Savannah looks relaxed on her horse and posing next to it. Lisa and Chloe have an apprehensive expression in their bareback riding shots. After the horsing around is over, the girls stand breast-to-breast on the beach in a series of very impressive physique photos. With everything happening in the world today, my success as a model appears minor, a socially-aware Chloe said in 1993. People are dying of starvation and, worse, because of war and fear, and the Earth is being destroyed because of money. Not much has changed since she uttered those words. See More of Chloe Vevrier at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Young, thick and creamed Young, Thick and Creamed Occupation: Student; Lives: San Antonio, Texas; Age: 18; Born: July 22; Ht: 5\'5; Wt: 160 pounds; Bras: 36DD; Panties: Cheeksters or bikini; Anal: Still getting used to it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes.All of my friends would be completely shocked to find out that I\'m doing this, Chanel confided to us. I was such a elegant girl in high school. I rarely dated, and I was active on both the soccer team and swim team. I didn\'t have time for boys! That doesn\'t mean that I\'m a prude. I\'ve had sex before. My first time was with my friend\'s older brother at a sleepover. He came in at night and started playing with me. We ended up going outside and have intercourse under the stars.I have a confession to make. My fuck buddy took these pictures of me. I guess I turned him on too much because he fuck me halfway through. Sorry about the ejaculate on my bush! See More of Chanel Carson at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A hot day A Hot Day Brooke is enjoying the hot Miami sun in a string bikini and short-shorts. Her top barely covers her nipples and her G-string bottom...well, it\'s so gorgeous it rides up her meaty cunt lips. Brooke peels off her bikini and strokes her fuzzy cunt. She wants to get comfortable for the rest of her cunt show, so she goes into the living room to finish finger-fucking her meaty twat. She\'s a moaner, and she wants to know that you like the way she plays with her cunt. After cumming, she licks her teen juices off her fingers.The sun wasn\'t the only hot thing today.See More of Brooke Haze at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Arianna sinn in Arianna Sinn InIn this intimate video shot P.O.V.-style, Arianna comes in from the beach at Grand Bahama Island wearing a tight, orange, corseted lingerie dress and showing off huge amounts of cleavage.Hi, baby, she says. Here we are again at busty Now it\'s just you and me in my bed, and we will have lots of fun.She smiles, bunches up her boobs, creating mega-cleavage, and asks, Don\'t you like being alone with me Of course we do, Arianna! She lets a nipple slide out (haven\'t you noticed that Arianna never keeps up the tit tease for long She\'s always eager to release her flesh puppies).I\'m so happy to be with you, baby, Arianna says. Have you ever imagined being in bed with me We can do whatever you want, baby. I\'m all yours. I\'m your girl!The highlight of this video is when pours skin cream onto her boobs, and then, all of a sudden, a hand-is it your hand-reaches out and tweaks her nipple and massages her boobs, something we\'ve all fantasized about doing.When her boobs have been taken care of, Arianna lays back and spreads her legs.Do you like that vagina, baby she says as the camera zooms in on her clean cunt. She pulls out a giant, flesh-colored dildo, rubs it against her vagina lips, then shoves it in. And if you\'re not thinking what we\'re thinking, you\'re in the wrong place!See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Dazzling star Dazzling Star Posing for a pro photographer was a first-time experience for webcam girl Erin Star but she hopes it won\'t be her last time because she really enjoyed it. We\'ve encountered webcam girls who are scared to leave the comfort zone of their wired-up bedrooms. Thankfully, this was not the case with Erin or her sister Helen.Erin was slightly nervous at first but quickly settled in, partly because her equally-incredible big sister was around as was our photographer\'s translator, XL Girl and all-around sweetheart Mia Sweetheart. Having seen the results, Erin is happy.Natural natural tits are almost like fingerprints, differing in shape, areola size and color, nipple size and color, the way they hang and their symmetry. Natural tits are rarely perfectly symmetrical. There are usually variations between the left and right breast. Erin\'s left is a little bigger than her right. She has large, pale, veiny areolas that are close to six-inches in diameter, the kind that are prized by some breast aficionados. Erin is blessed with all-around great looks from head-to-toe and a fun, girl-next-door personality, a true natural wonder. See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Fetish woman Fetish Woman Minka wears a corset, nipple clamps and heels in this unusual pictorial. She\'s holding a tonfa, an Asian martial arts weapon that some American police departments are issued instead of the standard billy club. She strips off to totally nudity and fucks her pussy with a giant Doc Johnson toy which is not used by any police departments.Minka was deeply tanned when this layout was shot and the contrast between her brown skin and her white tits and bikini anus lines is very dramatic. 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Carmen hayes laps you up According to a member poll, 18% of you always buy lap dances at a strip club. 42% of you will buy dances if you see a girl you really like. 33% don\'t go to strip clubs at all. You\'re missing out. Admittedly, it\'s difficult these days to find big-boobed lap dancers. Would 100% of you make love Carmen Hayes Who wouldn\'t want to bang this babe Carmen Hayes is a lap-dancing pole raiser, and during her dance, she shows you how stiff she can make you. Carmen pulls your tool out, tit-make loves it and gets down on it for a hot, sloppy blowjob. She gets on the couch to make love your tool every which way. When Carmen is done getting dicked, she opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out, begging for your groin goo. Carmen can have every drop of your large load because she earned it. Fortunately, no bouncers interrupted the fun. See More of Carmen Hayes at SCORELAND.COM!. 500 a month for rent jenny\'s pussy is included free facial 500 a month for rent. 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True, Chloe\'s seen a few cocks in her life and was not averse to trying this pictorial, but the initial impact of seeing her with a dude jolted a lot of us. The dominated male performer got to make love to Chloe\'s legs and feet, laying his meat-pipe upon her footsie, as well as blowjob her toes. It was this layout that also alerted a lot of us to the previously un-observed fact that Chloe has a fantastic set of gams. Well, we\'re boob guys first and foremost. Two years later, Chloe would get fuck in Ultimate Chloe so this softcore set was a primer of sorts.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Bshe\'s doing this for her hubbyand for you!/b She\'s doing this for her hubby...and for you! I always dress to emphasize my breasts, said reader\'s wife Shelby Gibson, who fulfilled her husband\'s fantasy, and hers, by modeling for SCORE. My bras are custom-made but I often don\'t wear one. I like to wear tight and low-cut shirts and dresses with high heels.Here, Shelby does wear a bra for our viewing pleasure. Her huge rack looks large in it. She looks large in her matching panties, too. And out of them. Shelby is a beauty with large tits, a sophisticated waist and a hairy pussy. And she loves to show them all off.Her husband, Mr. Gibson, explained, I have been reading SCORE since the early 1990s. Shelby and I watch SCORELAND videos together. We especially like the MILF and the wife pics and videos because we can easily imagine it being us. Yes, my wife reads SCORE also. Her favorite, besides the hot guys with large cocks, is Holly Halston because she\'s short like her with large implants and a small waist and has a lot of enthusiasm in her shoots.Yes, Shelby is short \'n\' stacked. She\'s only 5\'1 with HH-cup rockets.Added Mr. Gibson, When Shelby saw that other wives were doing it, she realized that it could really happen. Becoming a SCORE WILF is a real fantasy come true! Reading about wives like Kelly Christiansen, Barbie Kelley and Jayden Prescott modeling for SCORE was very influential.The SCORE Wives Club is always expanding. The influx of reader\'s wives in SCORE has been a lot of fun to watch over the past 10 or so years. What makes it more fun is when these readers\' wives have sex on-camera. Shelby didn\'t go all the way, but she did tit-fuck and sucks a porn cock, which is something you can see now at SCORELAND.That Mr. Gibson is a lucky guy, but we\'re lovely lucky, too.See More of Shelby Gibson at SCORELAND2.COM!. The great pillows of patty michova The big Pillows Of Patty Michova A stacked, nubile girl who knows how to dress to show off her slim, curvy rack, Patty Michova rubs her big breasts and spreads and spanks the pink. Whether it\'s a cock, two cocks or by her own hands, Patty enjoys a good, massive cum. 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After six years of posing for The SCORE Group around the globe, her boobs getting greatger and greatger every year, her pregnancy-enlarged boobs seem a natural progression.For this installment of Natalie\'s pregnant journey, she enters the kitchen wearing a tiny dress, her growing belly stretching it out, her huge boobs busting out of her tight cardigan buttoned over her bra. Sitting in a chair, Natalie takes off her sweater and describes how much she likes to play with her boobs and how exciting she is when she wakes up in the morning. As always, Natalie has a horny vocabulary and likes to talk, one of her many oral talents.When Natalie unhooks her bra and her hard veiny mams spill forth, time freezes. She gets completely naked and fondles her treasures, then spreads her cunt open so she can rub her clit which sends shivers up and down her anatomy.I think I need to cool down a bit, Natalie says. And that\'s exactly what Natalie proceeds to do. 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Also, other partners held Hitachi vibrators on our clits.See More of May West at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexis fawx - mature hottie of the month Mature Hottie of the Month Alexis Fawx gets dolled up to watch the housepainter (JMac). She comes on strong and work is suspended temporarily so he can pound her and shoot the white stuff down her throat. Once Alexis gets her have sexual intercourse fix, he can get back to work! It blow that these women take advantage of working men. A 23-inch waist and 32DDD boobs is very persuasive.A college grad and Air Force vet, Alexis got into porn in 2010 after seeing an ad. Porn dude and agent Tony Rubino introduced Alexis to the SCORE Group studio. She\'s also a licensed massage therapist and keeps in shape with boxing and yoga. I usually wear yoga pants when I\'m out doing errands, said Alexis. I never wear underwear. That must be an interesting sight at the supermarket.Porn is the most-fun thing I\'ve ever done. 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He make love me really charming and he even let me stay at his place for a couple of nights. Guess what we did the whole time!See More of Reggie Burnett at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Teddy titillation Teddy Titillation There\'s no debate that Sha Rizel is one of the most inviting models to ever appear in SCORE...or anywhere else. Her face is stunning. A fashion model and TV personality, Sha loves dressing in exciting outfits and lingerie.I love bras with lace and in inviting colors, Sha says. I order everything from Italy. They make the most-stylish lingerie and brassieres. I always wear a bra when I go out. I don\'t wear a bra at home or at the beach.Sha draws the eye like a magnet.I like to wear tight skirts, tight shirts and low-cut dresses. People expect a model to look her best. They don\'t want to see her wear a loose shirt and poor-fitting jeans. That is a waste of a model\'s image and style. They want to see her at her best.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. 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What he doesn\'t know is that in the 1990s, she was busty porn star and feature dancer Betty tits. Now she\'s just his mom\'s friend...who happens to be wearing a tight, little top that shows off her large tits and a short skirt.So they go inside, and Rion checks out the box of clothes that Betty is giving his mom. He\'s a little put off. Most guys don\'t want to imagine their moms wearing excited little outfits.I think she\'d look big in them, Betty says.Like a bitch Rion says.Do you think I\'m a bitch Betty shoots back.You look big, but it\'s my mom.Do you want me to try it on for you Betty asks.And away we go! At this point, we\'re in one-thing-leads-to-another territory, and one thing leads to another very quickly. She asks him if he wants to touch her tits. He gives the obvious answer. Before long, he\'s touching a lot more, and she\'s cock sucking his cock. Then Betty is spread out on Rion\'s parents\' bed, and Rion is fuck her from behind. 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Anastasia loves to travel for delight to holiday spots like Ibiza. \'One time there, I met a guy who took me to the 7th heaven, Anastasia remembered. A lot of men want to meet me. I am the kind of girl who wants to be treated like a princess.Sex in public is one of Anastasia\'s sensual interests. I\'ve done this in many public places. The cinema, beach, Jacuzzis. I love that. I don\'t care for threesomes but I would like to have intercourse with three girls at the same time. I don\'t like butthole sex. It\'s not what I enjoy. I love to be have intercourseed between my breasts. I enjoy that a lot and how it looks. See More of Anastasia Doll at SCORELAND.COM!. Hot beef delivery Hot Beef Delivery When they were young, they were stuck-up and snooty. Now that they\'re MILFs, they\'ll have sex any penish in pants even if he\'d look better wearing a paper bag over his head. We love that in a MILF. No discrimination! 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And what does Eva want She wants her pussy licked, Sarah replies. She likes her clit sucksed a little bit too. Eva demonstrates the technique using Sarah\'s forefinger. They will head south to snatch-land shortly. Attention turns to their heavy hooters. Together and separately, they cause major distractions wherever they go. She almost caused a car accident in San Francisco, says Sarah. This news should not surprise you. Are they responsible for those seismic tremblors on the west coast While these two horny, fun-loving sex kittens wait for the sausage in their girl sandwich, Eva licks Sarah\'s pussy, then they 69, Eva on top. As they 69, Mr. Shaft arrives. Eva is ready and begins to sucks him off while Sarah continues to lick Eva\'s pussy. The fucky-fucky starts; one man, two women--and what women! The #1 male fantasy. Eva\'s extra-prepared. She\'s even brought along her strap-on to fuck Sarah with while she\'s being make love from behind. Enjoy Eva & Sarah\'s Notty Adventure. And a heavy thanks to Eva for introducing Sarah, Our question is: who sleeps on the wet spotSee More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Lily madison - mad for madison Mad For Madison Lily Madison likes to change it up and this time she\'s back with a new look. I like to dress up, says Lily, a popular webcammer back home in England. Lingerie, bikinis...I like to wear costumes and get into character. That makes me feel sexy.I like a guy who makes me laugh, who\'s different than the rest, someone who\'s pleasant and knows how to treat a girl. I\'m not afraid to make the first move. I\'ll hold his hand. Try to kiss him. If I like a guy, I\'ll let him know it. No sense waiting around.When I\'m on holiday I try to tan my whole body so I\'ll go off somewhere and hide and get sun all over so I don\'t get tan-lines...until someone walks over. Then I\'ll cover my boobs. I like to go to nude beaches. It\'s been awhile since Lily Madison visited SCORELAND and we\'re glad to have her back. She\'ll be with Hitomi on May 28th. Be here.See More of Lily Madison at SCORELAND.COM!. Long, lean and libidinous Long, Lean and lascivious Occupation: Gym attendant; Age: 18; Born: November 17; Ht: 5\'11; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Licking and fingering only; BJs: Usually spit; Masturbate: About once a week; Lives: Durham, North Carolina.I want to be a personal trainer. That\'s my goal. I think modeling will help me get some exposure, Charity explained to us. I wasn\'t planning on doing nudes, but you guys seem nice. I hope my family doesn\'t see this!I\'ve never dated a taller guy. I really want to, but all the attracting tall guys are taken! Just once, I\'d like to 69 with a guy and have us line up. I\'d also like to do that move where the guy picks the girl up and fucks her. See More of Charity Crawford at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. South american beauty A natural beauty with powerful sex appeal, Katy Shavon is from Medellin, Colombia, home also to Shara Lopez, another sultry South American with an eye-popping body and breasts. Both girls are showstoppers.SCORE has filmed girls in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Colombia is a new location and if there are more like Katy and Shara, it looks to be as rich in ripe racks as Romania and the Czech Republic.Katy wears a swimsuit and heels to this photo shoot. She shows off every succulent centimeter after she takes it off, goes for a skinny dip in the pool and oils up. Who could not take a shine to this babyI need to buy an extra-large bra that is not normally sold everywhere, said Katy. I always wear one to keep my breasts up. I do not wear one when I go on the webcam. Katy doesn\'t speak English but that\'s no problem since many SCORE staff members speak Spanish. No matter, the language of voluminous breasts knows no borders or barriers. See More of Katy Shavon at SCORELAND.COM!. Scarlett\'s letter is an a Scarlett\'s Letter Is An AWhen we discover models, we often assign them a letter grade. Scarlett Jolie is one of those girls that had A-model written all over her the first time we saw her photos. charming face, thin in the waist, phat in the ass--yeah, we want a taste. But, we\'re curious. What kind of guy fits Scarlett\'s tastesI like dirty-talking guys, she said. A smart man who knows what he\'s doing. If you know what I mean.We know what you mean, Scarlett, and that\'s why we set you up with our boy Jeremy Ace. He\'s a hung dude who knows how to handle a chick with ample assets.Scarlett pops and rocks on his rough cock until Jeremy makes a hefty deposit on her face and tits. That\'s how you handle an A-model. See More of Scarlett at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Boob workout Whenever I go to a public club to workout, everyone stops what they are doing to watch me, Karina Hart said to the photo team the day this scene was filmed. That\'s completely understandable. Who could lift weights or use a treadmill with this inviting busty babe within view in the same gym and rolling on a workout ball There would be accidents!I prefer to workout in private, Karina added, doing her best to promote public safety. It\'s not that I don\'t like the attention. I just want to get something accomplished. Like several SCORE and V-Girls such as Joana Bliss, Karina practices yoga to stay supple and flexible.I like to dress in sporty, not sexy, clothing during the day in spring and summer. At night, if I go out to a club or a show, I like to wear something hot and sexy. It wouldn\'t matter what Karina decided to wear, day or night. She would still turn heads. See More of Karina Hart at SCORELAND.COM!. Boobs on top Tits On Top London Andrews beckons you closer. What man could resist her She wants you to spray her with oil and hands you the bottle. Her tits glisten and shine. Give them a squeeze, London cheerfully asks you. Can you imagine have sexual intercourse these You can ride my tits. They\'re all lubed up for you. You wanna ride \'em The brunette\'s slippery tits make sliding between them a delight. She climbs on top of you and applies more tit-pressure, holding the base of your cock steady with one hand. The feeling and sensation of her breast-skin on your cock is the greatest. You both need to have sexual intercourse. She pulls off her dress. Your eyes drink in London\'s pleasant body. She mounts you and now your cock is being ridden heavy by this beauty. She wants to suc and lick your cock so she pops your throbbing cock out of her vagina and goes down on it, tasting her vagina juices on it. 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For Dave to say that, a guy who\'s met everyone from Linsey Dawn Mckenzie and Chloe Vevrier to Christy Marks and Karina Hart, is no minor comment.Amora found SCORE on the web. I Googled you guys because a friend had told me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some modeling with my boobs, and I was like, \'No way!\' but then one night I Googled \'big-breasted models\' and you guys popped up.Amora works as a nurse in a nursing home. She\'s going to school to become a registered nurse. If there are any more like Amora working there, it\'s the kind of place that retired adult magazine employees would choose to stay in.Amora\'s never modeled before and never taken nude photos before. No one would ever guess that by watching this video because Amora is so natural and comfortable.See More of Amora Lee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dream stripper Dream Stripper Dallas Dixon recreated an old-time striptease show in a retro-video homage to the old-school burlesque girls. Do you like my boobs Don\'t you want to see them she asked. Why do some girls ask these questions Do they think we might say, No! I hate your boobs and your ass...they\'re too considerable and heavy!! Keep them covered up! OF COURSE, XL Men LOVE Dallas\'s breasts and have ever since she debuted.Dallas\'s boobs are incredible and she\'s got a large looking anatomy, libidinous legs and feet and a pleasant face. Dallas was not a professional model. She has a regular job that she toils at. It\'s boring and routine. Dallas said she looked at her busty anatomy in the mirror many times and thought that guys would like to see her boobs, but she never did anything about it until she discovered The SCORE Group\'s considerable-boob magazines, DVDs and websites. She obviously loves showing off her anatomy for the camera. She\'s married and her hubby is cool with it. Dallas could have had a career in porn if she wanted it. But her only DVDs are Hooter Hospital and Plump & Humped. See More of Dallas Dixon at XLGIRLS.COM!. Milfs don\'t tease If you haven\'t noticed (although we\'re sure you have), MILFs aren\'t really into the tease. They don\'t make us wait for the beautiful stuff. Example: Shasha, a 41-year-old MILF from Pasadena, California, who was born in Graz, Austria. Right off the bat, Shasha does it all: dick sucking dick and balls, ride dick (with a finger tucked neatly in her asshole) and get have intercourse in her ass.Why not Shasha said. It\'s what you guys want to see, rightExactly! And in this case, it\'s what Shasha wants to do. She\'s a very sexual woman who loves latex clothes, having sex with other women and make love as often as she can. She doesn\'t masturbate, though.I can always find a guy to help me out, she explained. See More of Shasha at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Tawny peaks - lady in red Lady In Red An early pictorial that captures the physical transition from Heleana to Tawny Peaks. There are characteristics of each personality in this shoot. The boobs: Tawny. The hair and make-up: Heleana. As Tawny said to fellow dancer Montana in the July 1993 SCORE. I was vacationing in Florida a few years ago, working on my tan during Spring Break at Daytona Beach, when John Graham, SCORE\'S director of photography, approached me about modeling and becoming a feature entertainer. I was very shy and a little apprehensive, so I just took his phone number and blew it off. About two years later, I found his number and gave him a call and the rest is history.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. The wet spot Mother Nature was crazy-generous to Kamille Amora.I\'ve been going back and forth between stripping and trying to do this whole thing with you guys. I\'ve been trying to model for The SCORE Group since I was 18, almost 19. I love being naked and showing off my body. I good much walk around my house naked all day.Long story short, Kamille did connect with TSG, learned a lot and is now a well-known porn star. The list of girls who started at TSG since 1992 is lengthy.Kamille loves wearing corsets, tank-tops and halter-tops. I was actually a 32C when I was nine years old, and that\'s when I realized I was going to have a lot of problems with guys looking at them. I was a tomboy, so that had to end. You can\'t be a tomboy with tits like these, and then they kept growing. I was a 34 triple-D when I was 13, and by the time I was 16, I was a 36 double-E. I skipped F, went to G, skipped H and went to I. And I still don\'t know if they\'re done growing.See More of Kamille Amora at XLGIRLS.COM!. My guy wants this My Guy Wants This Lives: Parkland, Florida; Occupation: Unemployed; Age: 18; Born: April 15; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 126 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: probably way too much.I thought that I\'d find some kinda job when I graduated high school, but I can\'t, Rebecca said. My folks won\'t let me work in any fast food restaurant, so that limits things. I\'m not going to college; that would be a dead waste of money and time. So, when my folks are at work, I hang out in the sun, go to the mall, watch TV...or have sex. My boyfriend goes to college not far away, so he often comes over during the day so we can screw. He\'d heard about the website so we checked it out one day, and I started thinking about doing a stud with a large dick. Thinking about it led to diddling myself and imagining it, and now here I am! My guy\'s all for it. He can\'t wait to check me out online. 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