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Arianna sinn - arianna\'s tit offering Arianna\'s Tit Offering Arianna is taking a break from the sucks and have sex this week to remind you why you fell in love with her in the first place. But don\'t worry, there\'s plenty more hardcore action of Arianna to come. But for now, it\'s just her luscious rack all on its own. There\'s nothing wrong with that! Today I want my fans to know that it is just me and them. I am giving them my tits so they can jack off, Arianna said. Today she is modeling one of the few bras that fit her. It is a simple-looking bra. Bras for big tits usually are, she said. It may be simple, but it gets the job done. And it\'s not like it\'s staying on that long anyway. But enough with the chit chat. Here\'s Arianna in all her busty glory!See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Easy ejaculate Easy cumshotshot First-timer Lani Maru wants to show us what a 54-year-old MILF can do. Well, for starters, she can get us violent, especially when she has a violent body and is wearing a sheer top that her nipples poke through. After putting on a show and playing with her boobs for us, Lani gets down to doing what she came here to do: sucks and have sexual intercourse dick.This video should be an inspiration to a lot of you guys out there because it proves that you don\'t have to have a huge dick, or even a great one, to get a woman like Lani or to be a porn stud. Because Lani is sucksing that dick like it\'s the greatest thing on Earth, proving it\'s not the meat, it\'s the motion...the motion of the woman\'s mouth, of course. And when he have sexual intercourses her, she seems happy about it, too.Some details about Lani. Her athletic body is no accident. She ran track in high school and says her hobby is exercising. Her favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys (football) and the Detroit Pistons (basketball). She isn\'t into any kinky stuff. I just love sex, she said, and she has a fantasy that might sound tame compared to the other women on this website. My fantasy is for me and my husband to have sex with another couple.So, are you getting the drift Straight-laced Hawaiian babe from middle America, housewife, has sex on-camera and ends up with cumshotshot all over her good face Lani\'s getting us violent already!See More of Lani Maru at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Mirabella amore is back for more Now 44 years old, Mirabella Amore is back in our studio for more penish. Mirabella had such a pleasant time the first time she was here (she shot two hardcore scenes, her first-ever on-camera) that she eagerly accepted our invitation to return. We ran into her just before she shot this scene, and we\'ve never seen a woman so sexy about getting porn penish. Which is somewhat surprising because with her pleasant face and hot body, Mirabella can get any man she wants. But there\'s something about have sexual intercourse on-camera for all the world to see that appeals to a lady like Mirabella.Mirabella has blond hair and large tits. She takes penish all the way down her throat and gets fuck every which way. She opens her mouth for Jimmy\'s cum and gets absolutely glazed.Mirabella was born in Georgia and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the bikini-clad college girls on the beach wish they had her body. She told us that shooting porn is the most fun she\'s ever had. We\'re glad to hear that. Mirabella\'s fantasy is to have sex with two guys. She also wants to have butt sex. We\'re charming sure we can arrange that.I\'m a swimmer and I used to teach children how to swim, Mirabella said. She has pleasant flotation devices. I enjoy shopping, traveling and walking my dog.Lucky dog. We mean Jimmy. See More of Mirabella Amore at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Kerry marie - in the office In The Office This busty secretary pictorial is one of Kerry\'s earliest photo sessions, produced in September, 1998. It was never published in any SCORE or busty magazine. From the very start, Kerry\'s ability to relate to the viewer and to project both physical sex appeal and emotional charm is evident. The camera loves her.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. A big bang for a excited brit babe A big Bang For A lascivious Brit Babe English cutie Sarah Jane is in Prague for XL Girls. Local stud Steve has made it with a number of hot XL chicks (Brits Beti Phellasio and Samantha Sanders, as well as Monica Love, Nila Mason and Anna Beck). Steve has the honor of showing Sarah around Prague and takes her shopping. When they get back, Steve is wiped out. So would any guy who has to go shopping with a girl.But Sarah won\'t take that lying down. She will take lying down, however. The crew is waiting to film and Sarah wants to get shagged. Sarah\'s a naughty minx and likes a lot of sex. So she teases Steve, dangling her breasts in his face and rubbing his junk. That\'s like smelling salts to our man Steve and he revives to make love Sarah\'s natural tits and face, eat out her British box and prong her pink hole. Holding her hips, Steve rams like a locomotive into Sarah who is ass up, face down.I love giving blow jobs, says Sarah. I could do it all day. I love having my cunt licked and Steve did it quite well. He aims to please, shopping or no shopping. Sarah did go home with a smile on her face. It was a cute successful trip. See More of Sarah Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sharon\'s three-for-all Sharon\'s Three-For-All Wherever Sharon Pink goes, she leaves a trail of boners in her wake. That\'s just her mojo. Whatever amount of mojo the average woman has, Sharon has enough for three or more women.Sharon raises the heat levels with a two-man have sex party in a spa. Because one man just ain\'t enough to handle Prague\'s slim-n-stacked sexbomb.It\'s a day at the spa for Sharon. The place is empty. So much the better. She strips down in the locker room, checking her pretty bod out in the mirror as she does so and giving us a show. Licking her fingers, she gives herself a tingle by rubbing her clit and playing with her voluminous tits. But then she catches herself and stops. She won\'t be needing to jill off today. Not with the duo she sees hanging out at the spa also.Sharon leaves the locker room to work up a sweat in the sauna. She passes Neeo and Steve who have a a blonde alert system in their brains. Sharon gives them the eye. There goes the towel as she drops it on the floor and enters the sauna. The boobhounds get up to spy on her through the glass door. Sharon is getting hornier by the second and plays with her cunt on the sauna bench as they watch.They race back to their recliners when she leaves the sauna and retrieves her towel. You might think that she\'s going to act like a stuck-up slut like most women would and leave them high and dry without so much as a glance in their direction, but this is Sharon Pink, not your everyday woman. She comes over to them and when they greet her, she drops the towel again and makes that, Oh, I dropped the towel expression. Miss Pink didn\'t have a handkerchief so the towel will do.The two eager studs rush to help Sharon who rewards Steve with her tongue jammed in his mouth while Neeo begins to slobber all over one of her voluminous breasts. A ramrodding is in Sharon\'s immediate future. See More of Sharon Pink at SCORELAND.COM!. Jazmin fucks her daughter\'s boyfriend Jazmin make loves her daughter\'s boyfriend Jazmin Cox, 42, is doing the laundry. She\'s bent over the dryer, wearing very short shorts and a tube top, when, suddenly, she feels someone grabbing her ass. She turns around, and it\'s her daughter\'s boyfriend. What the make loveHe apologizes. He says she looks just like her daughter.I look nothing like my daughter, Jazmin protests.Well, maybe not facially but definitely in the booty. And, obviously, Joe has seen a lot of that.Let\'s not waste this opportunity, Jazmin says. Monica\'s not here.This is crazy. Monica\'s gonna find out, Joe says.Well, only if she subscribes to want you to grab my tits, Jazmin says.Your tits are just like Monica\'s, Joe says. I can see where she got her pretty looks from.But did Jazmin also pass along her cock-blowjob and make loveing skills We\'ll never find out because we have no desire to see Jazmin\'s daughter. This is a MILF site. We only want to see her mother. We want to see Jazmin opening her mouth for ejaculate and blowjob the excess spunk off Joe\'s cock. And that\'s what we get.Jazmin is a fine-looking woman. She\'s 5\'7, 120 pounds, but although she\'s thin, she\'s curvy. She was born in Germany and lives in Florida. She\'s divorced. She enjoys camping, dancing, doing yoga, going to the gym and riding her bike.I enjoy showing my body because I work massive to make it look pretty, she said. My favorite thing is ejaculateming massive and watching a guy ejaculate because my cunt feels so pretty.Better than her daughter\'s, we\'re guessing.See More of Jazmin Cox at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Behind the veil Behind The Veil Some people who know me might be shocked to see me here, but most of the people I know wouldn\'t be too shocked, Charlotte Angel said. I was always a little wild, even in school. I liked to party and have fun. I was never shy about sex, so something like this wouldn\'t be a huge shock to the people who really know me, the people who\'ve been with me.Charlotte, whose face and voice reminds us of a well-known television actress, thinks confidence is sexy. Just being comfortable with who or what your really are is sexy. If you don\'t like how you look, change it but support who you are at the moment. Take pride in how you look.If you\'ve seen her first XL Girls XXX scene, you saw that it was a very hot boning session with a very enthusiastic lady. Charlotte likes a hard, thrusting pounding and getting spank (The noise is the best part about it.) and that\'s what she got. She did not look disappointed and swallowed every drop of cumshot that came her way. See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. Way to go, mom! Way To Go, Mom! I used to be extremely shy. In my younger days, I never would have imagined that I would be here, posing nude, about to have sex with a stranger on-camera, said Leilani Lei, a 47-year-old wife and mother from Florida. It never would have crossed my mind. I would have said, \'No, not me. Never.\'But now Well, things have changed in Leilani\'s life. She has become more confident in herself. Become prouder of her anatomy (an incredibly tight, incredibly fit 5\'1, 108-pound anatomy with curves and tiny, perfectly perky tits). And she\'s opened up. For example, her daughter knows she\'s here.My daughter is very proud and horny for me. I told her that I got my first video and photo shoot. I didn\'t say anything more than that. And she said, \'Wow! Way to go, Mom!\'Way to go, Mom, as you jack a stranger\'s considerable tool and show off your spectacular tool-gobbling skills! Way to go as he fingers your tight cunt and fucks your face and cums all over it! Way to go as you lick your fingers clean! Way to go, Leilani Lei! And way to do it while your husband\'s sitting there watching (off-camera, of course).Leilani enjoys reading, listening to music, doing jigsaw puzzles and yoga. She is extremely flexible. Her sexually fantasy is to be gang-banged in public. She likes men who have a lot of sexual energy. She says men like her feet. We love her feet, her tits, her ass, her face and her tan lines.My bathing suit is very tiny, she told us.Everything about Leilani is tiny. And, yet, she has no problem handling a considerable tool and a considerable, creamy load of cum. Which just goes to show you that sometimes, size isn\'t everything.See More of Leilani Lei at MILFTUGS.COM!. Big-titted nurse needed for jacking purposes, stat! Big-Titted Nurse Needed For Jacking Purposes, Stat! Arianna Sinn, Romania\'s version of Florence Nightingale, plays out the busty nurse fantasy in this oft-requested video. She\'s prepping a patient\'s room when she catches him staring at her chest.Do you need assistance Arianna asks. Do you need a nurse to take care of youNormally, we avoid hospitals, but if any nurse looked like Arianna, we\'d inflict injuries on ourselves just for the chance to experience her bending over our bed, G-cup naturals hanging, running her soft, caring hands over our bodies and giving us some TLC. Can you imagine getting a sponge bath from AriannaI think if I was not a model, I would like to be a nurse, Arianna told us. I like taking care of people and making them feel better.Arianna doesn\'t have to be a nurse to make us feel better. All she has to do is what she\'s doing here. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. The girl can\'t help showing her boobs and cunt The girl can\'t help showing her breasts and vagina Here\'s how much Angela loves to spread and show and have sexual intercourse her vagina on-camera. In 2006, we asked Angela to have a friend snap a bunch of photos of herself at home and around town in Sydney, Australia. She did, and the results can be seen elsewhere on this site. But even though we didn\'t ask Angela to take off her clothes, she did. She spread her vagina, too.I just couldn\'t resist, Angela said. Whenever I see the camera and know guys are going to be looking at my pictures and wanking to them, I just get incredibly horny and randy.Here, Angela does it all, showing off her G-cup naturals, spreading her anal and have sexual intercourseing her vagina with a dildo. What was she thinking about while she was doing these thingsYou guys! she said. Really, I was! I do it all for you. And for me, of course! See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Tits & tuggin\' double play Breasts & Tuggin\' Double Play Christy Marks and Janet Jade. Two princesses of pulchritude. Lady Luck smiled upon this wretch and blessed him when these two tanked his crank.Your titties are pretty! Christy said to Janet. So, we\'re down here in Miami, Florida. Do you like warm weather in Miami or are you a cold-weather person I love the warm weather, but I\'m from Detroit where it\'s very cold, and I don\'t like that, answered Janet. The warm weather is better. I get to wear less clothes, too, which is good. I don\'t like covering up my anatomy so much. I bet every time you walk down the street, you get a lot of attention no matter what you\'re wearing, Christy replied. It\'s gotta be impossible to hide your boobs! And another thing I like about you is you not only have pretty tits but you have a pretty ass. Thank you, Janet answered. I\'ve been told that. A lot of guys like my ass, but most guys mostly pay attention to my boobs. And then they kneel before their target and tit-fuck and jerk him until he nuts, like every one of us would have in the hands of these two incredibly stacked goddesses.See More of Christy Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Maya\'s beautiful, busty & wet Maya\'s Beautiful, curvy & Wet We follow graceful and buxom Maya Milano into the bathroom. It\'s time for Maya to get wet and soapy all over, with special attention paid to her voluminous natural boobs. The handheld showerhead makes Maya\'s good body tingle as she sprays her pretty pussy. SCORELAND: Hello, Maya! Tell us, do you admire any models you have seen in SCORELANDMaya: Yes, I like a lot of girls from SCORE. There are so many...SCORELAND: What are some of your hobbiesMaya: I enjoy dancing. I like to go out dancing very much. I will play music at home and dance. I like to sing also. In school, until the ninth grade, I even sang in the ensemble.SCORELAND: Do you like playing any sportsMaya: Yes, I visit the gym three times a week.SCORELAND: Do you have any funny habitsMaya: Most likely it is constantly looking at myself in the mirror, in the phone screen, in the shop windows and in the mirrors and windows of cars.See More of Maya Milano at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dungeon of hooters Dungeon of Hooters Vanessa Y. likes to role play. Nurses, teachers, hookers, military officers. Now dwelling in a Halloween dungeon where she\'ll straighten any man\'s anal out quickly, Vanessa looks like she\'s really enjoying herself cracking the riding crop and demanding obedience. Better be a beautiful boy or else...because she looks eager to rumble. It\'s a real turnabout for Vanessa who\'s always as nice as sugar when she\'s Vanessa and not a kinky fetish mistress, We\'ve seen girls playing curvy dominatrixes before. Tiggle Bitties, Annina, Dolly Fox, Tigerr Benson, Juliana Simms, Slone Ryder and others. Now Vanessa joins the group of booted and curvy whip snappers. Do as she says.See More of Vanessa Y. at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bsofie style: a german discoveryb Sofie Style: a German discovery One fan said Sofie Style is the best German discovery since Nadine Jansen. Praise doesn\'t get higher than that. Sophie actually does have a slight facial resemblance to Nadine in some photos. The feedback about her debut ranged from ones not-suitable for greeting cards, such as, Those big, suckable tits make me so rock heavy that my heavy man cock just throbs and tingles so much while watching the entire video, to the monosyllablic, I want to lick her ass. Either way, those comments are not suitable until maybe after the third or fourth date, depending on the girl\'s personality and sexual interests and experience.One of Sofie\'s many charms is her girl-next-door look: approachable and attainable.The photographer was a SCORE reader in Germany who sailed on the Boob Cruise and was inspired by the Cruise and the magazine to become a professional photographer. When I go out, I wear everything tight, showing a lot of my cleavage, Sofie said. It has to be tight. This way, all the men are looking at me and I love that. I love the attention.Dave has written a few times that models often become nurses or nurse\'s aides and nurses often become models. So when I had the chance, I asked Sophie if she likes to wear fantasy costumes. She replied, I like to wear a nurse\'s outfit...because I am a nurse!That didn\'t surprise me. It also somehow made Sofie sexier. See More of Sofie Style at SCORELAND2.COM!. Wanted! more secretaries like sunshine Wanted! More Secretaries Like Sunshine One of the big names at XL Girls, Sunshine is a horny secretary in this classic scene. Her top shelf mounds created by her too-small bra are almost impossible to believe. After toiling all morning at her desk, Sunshine needs a break. She calls her fuck buddy for some relief but he can\'t get over there and screw her. Besides, have sexual intercourse on company furniture is a intrusion of the employee handbook. Sunshine decides to have some hand relief instead, one of her favorite hobbies any time of the day. She uses her desk to stretch out and play with her enormous melons and wet pussy, rubbing her clit and massaging her lips until she finally explodes. She always keeps a Doc Johnson toy in her desk drawer too. Then it\'s back to the grind of clerical work. A girl\'s got bills to pay.See More of Sunshine at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tight fit Tight Fit After Jazmine orally worked over Johnny\'s giant cock with a drooling blowjob job (for which she must be praised), he was able to fit his hose into her beautiful, pink hole. It was a tight, tight fit to be sure but a woman\'s pussy is very stretchable. Man! large cocks and little beautiful girls with large lips stretched around thick pricks.... This is better than anything on cable or playing at your local multiplex. Jazmine is from New York but now lives in Florida where she found out about us. She wanted to be a porn star and a naked model for the large boy books like SCORE.Jazmine told us her special talent. I\'m beautiful at driving a stick shift, she said. We can see that in this video. Her stick handling is professional level. Jazmine likes being banged doggie style and sitting on top of cock. She likes her bottom slapped and her hair pulled. She likes being eaten out and finger-probed. Does she spit or swallow See More of Jazmine at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Milf needs cock, aisle four! MILF needs cock, aisle four! Ah, so it\'s the ol\' MILF picks up the bag boy at the supermarket and takes him home and fucks him trick! Ladies, if you\'re not at least half as hot as Kayla Anne, don\'t try this at your local store. You see, a woman has to have confidence (and a body, and the skills) to pull this one off, and as you\'ll be able to tell from the video, Kayla Anne seems to have a lot of practice at it.She knows how to approach the situation. Short skirt Check. Cleavage-revealing top Check. Of course, once Kayla Anne gets the guy back to her place, she can\'t disappoint him, and she doesn\'t. Her sucks job skills are excellent. Her pussy is tight but can take a deep pounding. And she\'s completely shameless. She doesn\'t care that the next time she visits that supermarket, everyone who works there is going to say, Oh, there\'s that woman who fucks our bag boys.Kayla Anne is proud of that distinction. You see, working as a bag boy in a supermarket is not a lot of fun. The pay sucks. The benefits aren\'t too good, either. The hours are long and boring. Bag boys kinda have a kinship with pizza delivery boys: The only benefit to the job is pussy. Kayla knows that, and she wants to help out.Ah, that\'s bullshit! Kayla just likes to get laid, and she knows supermarket bag boys are easy marks.See More of Kayla Ann at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Massagin\' those large mams Manalyagin\' Those large Mams What Daylene Rio likes a man to do is give me a pleasant manalyage from head to toe. So that\'s what this great tit make loveed-fest is all about. At least in the beginning.Daylene could use a pleasant manalyage. That\'s what we\'re here for. She can get that manalyage and get a pleasant sexin\' too. This is a one-stop pop shop. Seeing Daylene\'s large tits shake and her great bottom quake is one of the great delights of living in this great boobed world. It\'s the real greatest show on earth.This is Daylene\'s fourth time doing the horizontal samba with JMac. By now they should be pen pals. JMac gets hands-on with Daylene at the SCORE manalyage room and by the time they\'re done, Daylene\'s good kisser and great hooters are dripping with spunk. From the beginning, Daylene has her make loveed-face on while she waits for her manalyage. His fingers knead and caress her fleshy analy and giant lady-mounds that are soaked in oil. First, that phat butt, then those super-hangers get palmed and rubbed.Daylene\'s eyes light up as she lies flat on her back during the breast manalyage. She wants to suck. Pursing her mouth, she heads south to give him lip service, then a tit-make loveeding and sloppy deep-throat penish swallow. JMac gets Daylene on the table, turns her side-saddle and shoves his rod all the way in, for starters. The action doesn\'t let up for a second.They make loveed on the manalyage table. They make loveed on the floor. They make loveed everywhere. Daylene\'s screams of delight fill the room as his penish fills Daylene\'s juicy box and makes her ejaculate hard. She\'s drunk on penish, her eyes rolling in her head by the time she\'s doused by a blast of guy-gravy. A spectacular slam-bam from a spectacular SCORE Girl.I\'m much more open about sex now than I was before I started, says Daylene, 100% man-pleaser.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Cami cooper - a milf with really big hooters A MILF With Really large Hooters Giant-titted MILF Cami Cooper says she likes it when guys undress her with their eyes. I like the attention and I don\'t mind it at all. I usually like to wear V-neck tops that cling to my boobs and if I didn\'t get checked out, I would wonder what\'s going on. Cami can buy her bras off the rack which is surprising since she\'s got 38G-cups.There are three things on my to-do list, says Cami. Go on a cruise. Go to Amsterdam. Have sex with another girl. Hopefully, she\'ll check off all three before long. Carlos gave Cami a rough and tumble time in her first XXX scene Roughing It. She liked his barbarian approach and looked like she wanted more of it. The neck-kissing will be saved for another time.See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chantal\'s eyes are up there Chantal\'s Eyes Are Up There Getting boob-slapped with big tits like Chantal Raye has is a pleasant goal to set in life. Here Chantal gets intimately acquainted with a hung stunt-dick, taking his pole deep inside her wet mouth, past her pink heavens-gate and between her soft, squeezable breasts. Accepting spunk donations after this hot coupling, Chantal gets her lips, tongue and mouth glazed. Whatever nut-sauce drips onto her tits, Chantal rubs in like it\'s the finest skin cream. Chantal played basketball in school. She likes bowling and shooting pool. She only wears boy shorts, her favorite kind of bottoms. She\'s never had any weird or kinky fetishes but is willing to try if it looks interesting to her. Chantal doesn\'t masturbate, which is unusual. That\'s something I\'ve never really done at all, Chantal said. But I\'ve had a few girls do it for me. Chantal said she doesn\'t flaunt her chest when she\'s out in public. I keep very well-covered. I\'ll wear a sun dress or jeans and a cute blouse.Chantal rarely models although she keeps in touch now and then. Modeling was more like something for her to try a few times than make a career out of it.See More of Chantal Raye at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. A walk in the park with sandra star A Walk In The Park With Sandra Star Every cloud has a silver lining and that silver lining is Sandra Star. Sandra\'s out for a walk in the park when it starts to shower. No problem. She\'s brought protection. When the sun breaks through, Sandra finds a park bench to get busy on her considerable natural tits and pussy. Sandra makes jack-off look like she\'s being fucked. Was anyone watching from a distanceThe ever-smiling German Barbie-doll has a university degree in business administration but the call of porn and sex was a powerful lure. Working in a corporate world fresh out of school was not for her, at least for the time being. I love ass sex. It is a very considerable part of my sex life, Sandra said. World-traveler Sandra tours such cities as Zurich, London and Bangkok but has never visited the States. Maybe she will one sunny day.See More of Sandra Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Adult education Savana Blue has a study session at home with her classmate Peter but she\'s bored. She can\'t get motivated. Copulation, not education, is on her mind. Peter is bored too and also stiff checking out Savana\'s chubby anatomy in her school uniform. (Her school\'s uniform code should be a template for the rest of the academic world.) Peter begins to play with Savana\'s tits and her nipples harden quickly. This girl is gagging for man-sausage in her throat. They go to the bed so they can get some quality hooky time in. He lies back and watches Savana play some mouth music with his skin flute. The study session is over. She rubs his cock between her boobs and blow him off some more. Hot to get fucked, Savana opens her bushy pussy and her tight ass. Maybe they\'ll get to the books later.XLGirls: Savana, do you watch your videos alone or with someoneSavana: I watch them with my boyfriend.XLGirls: What did you thinkSavana: I think they were really great. I was nervous and lascivious at the same time. He was really turned on and it got him in the mood. XLGirls: And you get it on watching themSavana: Yes, of course.XLGirls: What other kinds of porn do you watch besides yoursSavana: I like interracial porn. I love watching guys with huge dicks jerk-off and shoot big loads. It always makes me really horny so I jerk-off watching them. See More of Savana Blue at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ride that phat booty Ride that phat bottom Mina enjoyed this scene and the stud\'s penish so much that after he shot his load all over her phat bottom, she made him one of her regular bottom calls whenever she comes down to Miami. The scene starts with Mina walking down the street in bottom shorts. Half her bottom is exposed, and she\'s shaking that phat bottom in public, putting on an bottom show that could cause an earthquake if we had earthquakes in Miami. Then Pike picks her up on his bike. good move by him.Thanks for the ride, Mina says when they get back to her place. Now, you ready to ride this bottomMina removes her bottom shorts so we can get a better look, then Pike starts working that bottom over, kneading it and sucks it. This gets Mina so turned-on that she swallows his penish, and while she\'s doing that, she\'s spreading her cheeks so we can look into her cunt and bottomhole. She rides that penish and gets on all fours so she can get fuck from behind, and while the penish\'s in her pink hole, she jiggles her cheeks some more. No surprise then that the guy coats her bottom with cum.There\'s nothing romantic about this scene. What you\'re about to see is what might happen if you picked up a hooker who takes pride in her work. We\'re not saying Mina\'s a hooker, but she definitely takes pride in her work. See More of Mina Scarlett at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. White hot summer White hot summer Actually, these photos were taken in St. Maarten, the Caribbean a few hours before Angela did her first boy-girl scene, and the anticipation shows all over her face.I was really horny, Angela said. I wanted to fuck, and then when you told me I was going to do a solo shoot first, I said, \'What a bunch of teases!\' You can tell that I really want the cock, can\'t youWe can, and although this isn\'t a XXX scene, Angela has never looked hotter than she does in that barely-there monokini. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Go gentle on her! Go Gentle On Her! Occupation: Photographer; Age: 20; Born: January 30; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Of course; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes.My old school uni fit, Tiffany exclaimed excitedly to us when we asked her what inspired her photo session with her boyfriend. He\'s been up my anus about taking naked pictures for a few months, so when he suggested that I put on my school girl uniform, I knew what he was up to. I told him that if my skirt still fit over my anus, I\'d let him shoot me. Guess what! It fit even better than when I was a skinny, little twat in secondary school. So I ponied up and let him take these pictures of me.I was the one who suggested that we send the photos in to you lot. After I found out that he showed his mates, I figured we might as well let the whole world see me stark naked. Honestly, it was a bluff. I didn\'t think he would go through with it, but here we are. I hope your readers go gentle on me!See More of Tiffany Black at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Karina hart - laundry day Laundry day Ah, Karina! She can make an ordinarily mundane task, like doing the laundry, exciting. Riddle: How many H-cup bras can Karina stuff into the washing machine at one time Probably two or three, at most. I don\'t wash my bras in the washing machine, Karina said. They are too expensive. I wash them with my own two hands. Okay, show of hands here, men: How many of you would volunteer to do Karina\'s wash, just for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handle her bras and panties and see how stretched out her tight tops really get. 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If you want me, Dolly Fox, to dominate you, just let me know and I will dominate your ass!See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Cowgirl in the sun Cowgirl In The Sun I was the smallest girl with the biggest tits in school, Lucy Lenore said. I had a pleasant hips to waist to boobie ratio goin\' on.Lucy doesn\'t play sports but she likes one sport. My favorite sport is roller derby. I love the fact that it\'s a hardcore contact sport dominated by women wearing crazy outfits!Lucy stopped working at the adult shop where she first discovered XL Girls magazine and where some of the customers encouraged her to apply. Now she\'s modeling full-time.Part of the greatness of doing this for me is getting to know my fans and making connections with people on an intimate level. I know my fans seem to constantly be craving more information about me. It\'s kinda sweet getting to share so much with so many people.See More of Lucy Lenore at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. 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Never have Natalie and Micky experienced a play friend like Hitomi. Verbal communication was not simple but the body language and telepathic powers of busty girls transcends such superficialities. There is no shame in their game. If only the world could learn from Hitomi, Micky and Natalie, life would be a busty paradise for all of humanity. See More of Natalie Fiore at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Kinky paddle Kinky Paddle Kamille Amora is dressed to spank as a fetishist clad in boots and a black cage dress. It must be Saturday night at the kink factory. She\'s got a paddle in her hand too. Assuming she\'s not conducting a sorority hazing, we figure that paddle might be for her own ripe booty. Kamille has whacked off a few studs at XL Girls but not with a paddle.Is Kamille, a lap dancer and now a porn star, really into a kinkster lifestyle back home Not really.I\'m lovely simple and old-fashioned, Kamille said. Dinner and a movie. Some conversation. 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Roxee\'s nipples are the tools of her artistic passion.XLGirls: Roxee, what is something you have tried but will never do againRoxee: Sushi!XLGirls: What superpower would you like to have for one day Besides being the world\'s greatest breast-painterRoxee: The power of spreading peace.XLGirls: If you could choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beRoxee: Love! See More of Roxee Robinson at XLGIRLS.COM!. Special report! christy marks interviews karina! Special Report! Christy Marks Interviews Karina! Now here\'s something special: a voluminous big-titted natural getting interviewed by another voluminous big-titted natural. In this case, it\'s Christy Marks interviewing Karina Hart, on-location in Budapest, Hungary just moments after they went tit-to-tit, clit-to-clit for the first time. Yep, Christy had just finished blowjob on Karina\'s tits and fingering her snatch, and now she\'s interviewing her. Talk about investigative journalism! At its finest, we might add.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Creampie for the busty milf Creampie for the busty MILF On-camera sex is no different from sex off-camera, but some people are really into voyeurism, and that little piece of someanatomy seeing me is very exciting and a bit more of a turn-on, said Shay Fox, a 45-year-old divorcee and mom from Southern California who told us that her special talent is giving sloppy cock sucking jobs.Now that\'s a talent!Shay is a big-titted hottie who has fuck toy written all over her. She measures 42-27-37 with DDD-cup tits.I started doing porn when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime, Shay said. Uninhibited. Still exploring, but I knew my anatomy very well. I was single. I had no one to answer to. Sex is a very natural thing. I love it.How did Shay get into pornI was stripping in Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. I danced when dancing wasn\'t over-saturated with people and housewives. It was kind of a taboo thing when I started. 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I was nowhere near ready in comparison to everyanatomy else, but you have to start somewhere. I\'ve done nine shows since then, and I\'ve done appealing well.Looks to us as if she\'s doing appealing well in every way.See More of Shay Fox at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Nurse charli, cumshot inspiration Nurse Charli, ejaculate inspiration In the photo version of this special bonus posting, 45-year-old mom and regular Charli Shay is a very lascivious nurse in her white uniform. In the video version, we get to play out a unique fantasy.Here\'s how it goes: Nurse Charli is waiting for a sperm sample from a patient. He\'s been taking a long time, so she knocks on the bathroom door, goes inside and tries to find out what\'s going on.We really kinda need to get this done, Charli says to him. How can we get this to go a little bit faster I\'m wondering if maybe you need a little bit of help with that.So Charli, who\'s also wearing stockings and a garter (don\'t all nurses dress that way) takes off her uniform, sits down on the toilet and fingers her hairy pussy. Then she gets on the bathroom floor and keeps going at it. We\'re figuring the patient delivered his sample 10 minutes ago, but there\'s no stopping Charli when she\'s excited.Charli is a mother of two. She\'s divorced. She\'s not a swinger or a nudist. We asked her how she treats a man special, and she said, Lots of blowjob jobs.That\'ll work.She\'s also a sucker for stupid movies. Sounds like our kind of woman.Although Charli is always exciting and loves to fuck, sex on the first date is probably not going to happen with her. She wants to get to know you first. And then...anything goes!See More of Charli Shay at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Party girl Party Girl Ringing in the New Year as she did on the cover of March \'11 SCORE magazine is Japanese mega-star and super-boob goddess Hitomi. Hitomi proves that tit-lovers are alike all over regardless of nationality. Your hostess for a swanky New Year\'s celebration, Hitomi is decked out in a special tux-like outfit for the holiday season, looking like the priceless babe she is. Climbing onto the dining room table of this glitzy house overlooking the Pacific ocean, Hitomi is the hottest holiday decoration a man could ever ask for as she plays with her J-cup breasts and good body. What a centerpiece. She is a living work of art. So young, so fresh. See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Z is for zeta Z Is For Zeta Just because I\'m not a really skinny girl doesn\'t mean that I\'m any less attractive, Zeta Verrone said when she began modeling here. As long as I like myself, that\'s the most important thing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, I\'ve been going on your website and looking at the kinds of girls you shoot and it makes me feel better. And the guys really like them so that\'s a confidence booster. That\'s nice because Zeta once thought about--horrors!--breast reduction. My nipples are sensitive so they need to be handled carefully. For a while I was actually considering getting a reduction or a lift, and one of the side effects is loss of sensitivity. But now I\'m thinking against it. I want to keep these boobs. Strutting her stuff at XL Girls gave Zeta new ideas. I like to dress up because I don\'t get the chance to do it too often. I go into work with jeans and a t-shirt. But I like to dress up. The only thing is that I don\'t have the best fashion sense. But you know, the way your stylist picked things out for me gave me a lot of ideas for outfits that I need to try at home!See More of Zeta Verrone at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Foxy roxy Foxy Roxy Roxy rhymes with foxy and there is a reason for that. This lady is fine! She likes it when you watch her, so she puts on a panty show like no other, trying on her favorite frilly and silky undies and making that bubble analy of hers shake. She gets appealing and lascivious and invites this guy to sucks on her analyhole. He obliges and then she returns the favor with a sloppy and loud BJ. You\'ll love watching this lascivious, little lady on top because with every thrust her analy just wiggles! She gets banged and, like a freak, she even asks to get her toes sucksed! Once she has been thoroughly fucked, down to even having her analy crack fucked, she gets a healthy dose of cumshot all over her cheeks. She gladly plays with it and shakes her glazed buns like every hot girl should.See More of Roxy Reynolds at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Niki cleans his penish Niki Cleans His cock When this scene opens, Niki is vacuuming the carpet, but before long, she\'s going to be using her mouth to vacuum up James\' cock. This little make love bunny give suck and tugs and opens her pussy for our viewing pleasure, and when it\'s all over, she has a load of ejaculate all over her lovely face.And, so, we welcome Niki, a 46-year-old divorcee who was born in Texas and now lives in Florida. Niki is a tiny, lift-me-up-and-make love-me 5\'4, 101 pounds with DD-cup tits on a 36-26-34 body. She\'s into big metal and football. She has been an executive assistant for several voluminous companies, and now she\'s on her way to becoming a porn star...if she wants to be one.Most people I know wouldn\'t think I\'d have the confidence to do this, Niki said. But I\'m very aggressive and not afraid to go for what I want.Niki calls herself a closet swinger. I once had a fivesome in a swimming pool. Uh, Niki, that\'s not a closet. I\'m a closet nudist, too. I live in a nudist resort, but I only go nude in the pool. That\'s about it.Niki knows Georgette Parks and several other popular MILFs, and she\'s as lascivious and sexual as any of them.I have sex as often as I can. I love oral and clit play. Soft tongue kisses while a dildo massages my clit.And about that lift-me-up-and-make love-me body...I met a guy at a party who picked me up and turned me upside down while I gave him head. He ate my pussy. It was great.We have no doubts.See More of Niki at MILFTUGS.COM!. Arianna sinn - the ultimate man pleaser The Ultimate Man Pleaser The original reason for the mirrors in this pictorial was so Arianna could see her kitty while she shaved it. That action starts with photo No. 74. But before we knew it, Arianna was grabbing one of the smaller mirrors and looking at herself, and then she was spreading her kitty and checking it out with the mirror, and this photo set kinda became a study in kitty fascination.I love mirrors, Arianna said. I think it is very lustful to watch yourself in a mirror while you are having sex. It is like being a porn star in your own bedroom!Actually, being a porn star in your own bedroom is one of the themes of the new DVD Big-Boob Finishing School, which stars Arianna, Valory Irene, Sophie Mae, Eden Mor and Lana Ivans as five busty babes who go to Michelle Bond\'s school in Portugal to learn how to become the ultimate man pleasers. Of course, as we\'ve seen on this website, Arianna already is the ultimate man pleaser, but, hey, creative license, rightI think any girl who likes to have sex in front of mirrors does not have to worry about pleasing her man, Arianna said, speaking from knowledge. He is already very happy.This photo set has a lot to offer. Arianna looks at her kitty in the mirror, then she measures herself (looks like her chest might have grown an inch!), then she shaves her kitty, which already looks nice bare to us.I like to keep it silky smooth, Arianna told us.Like we said, she\'s the ultimate man-pleaser.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Cilla\'s full-body massage Cilla\'s full-body manalage Cilla has been working all day, and now she needs a manalage, so she calls over Max. Cilla, who\'s 47 and comes from North Wales, enjoys the manalage so much that she decides to gulp his cock. And what comes next She pulls out her large, floppy boobs. Max gulps and tit-fucks them. Then he eats her pussy. She returns the favor by letting him plunder her pussy.Now, you\'d think Max would want to ejaculate all over Cilla\'s large boobs, but he doesn\'t. He can\'t. Why can\'t he Because it\'s a long way from a woman\'s anal to her boobs when you\'re make love her from behind. He ejaculates on her anal because he can\'t help himself. His balls are ready to explode. But that\'s okay with Cilla. She\'s already ejaculate a few times.Cilla is a MILF. Her large naturals are F-cups. She usually doesn\'t wear panties. Dinner and sex are her favorite kind of dates. She\'s married, but get this: She\'s an escort, and she loves her work. There\'s just something super raunchy about a 47-year-old woman who works as an escort. And fucks on-camera. That, too. See More of Cilla at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. The love connection The Love connection Rene Love was told about SCORE a while ago, but it took some time for her to actually get here and take off her industrial-strength bra. This was her first SCORELAND video.I\'m used to being looked at wherever I go, Rene said. I love to know people like what they see. I was so nervous when I first got here but I felt very welcomed right away.Rene lives in New Jersey. She played volley ball and softball and she was a cheerleader in school. My head spins imagining her waving and shaking her pom-poms.Dave and I were very impressed with Rene. We saw a lot of potential in her. She has a cheery, upbeat personality that comes through on-camera, besides her hard and packed 44-inch tits and all-over busty body. The guys who write about her also point out other intangible assets, mentioning a sweetness about her. Last year, Rene and her man appeared on the TV show Divorce Court. (People don\'t need to be legally married to be on the show. They can just be having relationship problems.) They were there because he wants to maintain a polyamorous relationship (most guys would go for having two women if they could afford them) and she wants a monogamous lifestyle. The entire episode is posted on Youtube.See More of Rene Love at SCORELAND2.COM!. Christina sapphire turns up the heat with a bbc! Christina Sapphire turns up the heat with a BBC! We asked Christina Sapphire, a 41-year-old newcomer from Tampa, Florida, how often she has sex, and she said, Nowhere near as often as I want to.You\'d think a woman as elegant and lustful as Christina could have sex whenever she wants and with whomever she wants, but the fact that she can\'t has nothing to do with being married. She and her husband are swingers and have been for all of their 15-year marriage.But Christina has a child, and sometimes life interferes, and, unfortunately, a lustful lady like her can\'t spend every hour of every day suc and have sex cock.But she can here at, so maybe this is where she belongs. Today, Christina is going to have her way with Jax\'s big, black cock, and he\'s going to have his way with her mature pussy. He\'s going to leave behind his calling card: a creampie!Christina was born in Illinois. She\'s a webcam model. She knows 60Plus MILF Sally D\'Angelo. We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, My family would, but most of my friends would not be surprised.She had an unusual answer when we asked her if she\'s a nudist. She said, I am comfortable being naked, but I get cold way too easily to be a nudist.Funny. In our opinion, Christina turns up the heat.See More of Christina Sapphire at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. 2007 model of the year 2007 Model of the Year This is the photo set that ran in busty magazine when Angela won 2007 Model of the Year. When Angela found out that she had won, she was astounded. Later, she told us, When I first got the news from your editor, I was literally in shock. Since I live so far away, Gary sent me an email and I sat at my computer for about 10 minutes with tears rolling down my face, completely speechless. Tears of joy, mind you. It really is a dream come true. I admire all the other women so much that I never thought I really had an honest chance at winning it myself. I\'m so grateful to all the fans who voted for me. I\'m flattered.Why did Angela win Just look at these photos, taken in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, and you\'ll have your answer. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Tigerr on the prowl Tigerr On The Prowl Here comes and cums Tigerr Benson strutting her stuff in a tight skirt and blouse and talking dirty in that hot British accent. She can get a man off just with her voice.SCORELAND: So Tigerr, do you store items in your cleavage at timesTigerr: If I go out to a club, I will store spare notes there in case I need to buy something. And my house keys.SCORELAND: Do you ever go to strip clubs in London as a customerTigerr: I\'ve been a couple of times before. I love looking at beautiful women. SCORELAND: Have your boobs ever fallen out of your top in publicTigerr: It\'s happened a few times when I have worn tops that are too low-cut. They bounce a lot so sometimes they can bounce out and I don\'t realize my nipple is slightly poking out.SCORELAND: Thanking you this time until next time, Tigerr.See More of Tigerr Benson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tiffany towers - blue bath tub Blue Bath Tub ...but I do like thick ones. Length doesn\'t matter, because if he\'s 15 inches long and I\'m only seven inside, he\'s not going any further. -Tiffany TowersThis pictorial was Tiffany\'s first, shot in 1990 in Los Angeles. considerable things were ahead of her.See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Cock in her arse Dick In Her butthole I\'m orally fixated, said Stacie Starr, big-boobed Florida MILF. I love to cock sucking cock. I enjoy hair-pulling. I love having my butt spanked. I love choking on cock.Stacie resembles Lacey Legends, a SCORE Girl of the 1990s. Just her face, not her body.When asked about butt sex, Stacie said, I prefer it and enjoy it more when I\'m in a monogamous relationship. Even so, Stacie was fine with meeting Rocky the day of this butt scene and getting his beaded-cock in her butthole. After plugging her good, he spurted on her face. It\'s a highly jackable video. Watch how randy Stacie looks when Rocky jerks on her tongue. She\'s really a hot performer.TSG editor Dave wrote, Stacie told us she has a 19-year-old son who drove her to the airport for her first shoot. He drove her to the airport again for her butt-fucking! Now that\'s what we call family values! See More of Stacie Starr at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - boobies and bubbles Boobies and Bubbles Chloe in the SCORE bath tub in Miami is a good thing. Seeing her soap those wonderful, full boobs is a hobby a guy could spend hours on. I believe that Europeans are much more interested in spas and elaborate baths than Americans are. Americans look upon cleansing their bodies as a chore to be dispensed with quickly and easily. Race into the shower and then race off in their cars to work. Europeans like to spend more time luxuriating in a sauna or tub, and most European homes have the bidet, unlike in America, where they only have a toilet. I, Chloe Vevrier, could spend hours in my badezimmer bathroom, washing and preparing every inch of my body for my lover. You may ask if I satisfy myself regularly with toys in my private bath as I did in this photo series and in Ultimate Chloe A woman must have her secrets, and that is my secret. At first, I did not want to insert this thing inside my pussy, rub it between my tits and put it in my mouth like it was a man\'s good penis. Later, I changed my mind when I felt the delights it gave me.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!.
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