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The greatest bra-busting maid in the world The Greatest Bra-busting Maid In The World Those two fuckin\' guys Tony and Jimmy have moved into a house. It\'s perfectly clean but Jimmy calls The Greatest Maid Service In The World because he feels it needs a woman\'s touch. The real reason is that he needs a woman\'s touch on his junk. Tony doesn\'t see the need for a cleaner until....He sees through the window The Greatest Bra-busting Maid In The World walking over to the front door. Jimmy expected a hottie but not a lustful woman with a pair of the biggest and greatest natural natural tits in the world. This maid does more than windows. A lot more. Both guys grossly underestimate her cup size. They\'ll find out soon enough how big her natural natural tits are.They leave Roxi to her job, her heavy tits jiggling as she wipes and dusts. Jimmy is compelled to spill a glass of water by accident on purpose on Roxi\'s tight top. Tony, a gentleman, is quick to help Roxi out of it. He calls Jimmy over. They\'ve hit the motherlode of all huge natural breasts, and she cleans cocks, too.Roxi is eager for some two-man action as the boys marvel over her national treasures. Whoever said that more than a mouthful is a waste never met Roxi Red. The guys take turns, one losing his penish between her natural natural tits, the other filling her mouth, then they take turns fuck her. They\'ll need to call another maid to clean off the cumshot they shoot on her. This woman is more powerful than Viagra. See More of Roxi Red at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bringing the world bliss The expression busty legend already applies to Joana Bliss even though she continues to model with no sign of interest in retirement. She\'s discovered a fountain of youth due to her healthy lifestyle, diet, yoga and meditation.The most-well known big-boob model in Romania and a role model to other, aspiring models, Joana loves baking, going out dancing and practicing her metaphysical exercises on any given day. Love is the sexiest thing in the world, said Joana, a romantic from Romania. I believe the human body is one of the world\'s most sweet creations. I love to look at the works of the classical artists. I would love to model for a talented sculptor one day. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. A big-boob superstar named hitomi A great-boob superstar named HitomiWhen Hitomi debuted on SCORELAND2, I wrote that her arrival at SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine were among the greatgest great-boob events ever. Then Elliot wrote, In the adult delight world of magazines, videos and websites, Hitomi is a huge star in Tokyo and the rest of Japan. She\'s almost too pretty to be true. She\'s inviting and perky, like a cartoon fantasy Manga girl come to life.So let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I had the delight of going out for the night with Hitomi and several members of our staff. And there I was, walking down Lincoln Road in Miami\'s South Beach with one of the greatest great-boob stars of all-time, and you never would have known she was a celebrity. Definitely, you would have known she was something special just by looking at her, even though she was wearing a black, loose-fitting sweater and regular jeans (tight jeans, but nothing that screamed to the world, Look at me!).Nonetheless, any boob hound, me included, could tell that she was stacked (although I\'m not sure even a guy with the best boob radar would have guessed that there were J-cup naturals under her sweater). A lot of guys were checking her out, but Hitomi wasn\'t acting like she was a celebrity or a superstar or anything special. She was just behaving like what she really is: a regular girl.My evening with Hitomi started at an upscale burger joint (Hitomi is a great meat-eater and devoured a steak while ignoring her salad) and ended with Hitomi and the other three people in our group inhaling a huge carrot cake that Hitomi had marveled at when it arrived at our table.The waiters doted on her. The store clerks in Victoria\'s Secret decided against approaching her when they realized they didn\'t have a single bra in the store that could come close to fitting her. Hitomi picked up on the beat whenever we passed a club or a bar that was placing dance music. She asked questions of the other people in our group (and I even caught her checking out one of them, a woman).That\'s Hitomi. The video you\'re about to see is Hitomi. She really is your dream girl. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. How to make a model Noelle Easton is a walking wet dream. She teases and tickles the lens and teases and tickles the dick behind the lens--the men\'s magazine photographers. This SCORE shooter will be shooting a great load and it\'s all Noelle\'s fault. She made him do it. Blame it on that non-stop body, slim with great, natural breasts and cute-pretty face. She started stripping a month after she turned 18 and danced for six months. Now she\'s here to enhance the quality of our lives...or at least make us ejaculate buckets.Facials are just so much hotter than normal, y\'know, ejaculateming in your pussy, Noelle said. I\'m just like, cumshot on my face! Let it drip down me. I like them to just kind of aim towards my mouth, and I stick my tongue out a little bit so a little gets in my mouth and then it just drips down my chin and down my boobs, and whatever I have left in my mouth, I just spit it out and let it drip down. I just think that\'s so hot.Noelle is a swallow girl, not a spitter.I\'m a swallow girl! If you can stick a dick in your mouth, you can swallow the ejaculate. Spitters are quitters. But I do like it on my face for the show.Noelle finds her happy seat on her photographer\'s dick and rides vigorously, bouncing all the way. And she\'s enjoying everything about the ride.There\'s nothing Noelle needs to learn about sex that she doesn\'t already know. So young, so eager.I\'ve watched my videos but I don\'t really, like, masturbate to them. I just kind of critique myself. It\'s pleasant to see how you look and see if you need to change anything. I can get ideas about what to do that will make everything better. See More of Noelle Easton at SCORELAND.COM!. Behind the locker room door Behind the locker room door So a guy walks into a locker room and ends up getting his tool sucked and have sexual intercourse by a hot, blonde, 45-year-old MILF named Samantha Ray. That, basically, is the idea of this video. And if you\'re wondering, How come that never happens to me because the only thing you see in the locker room at your gym are old, fat guys with saggy balls, it had never happened before to this guy, either. So there\'s hope.Actually, there\'s always hope when women like Samantha Ray are around.I did a DP with my husband and a male stripper for my birthday, she said. I was out with my husband, we were parked on an old, gravel road, and I was blowjob his dick and then we were fuck. Cars were passing by and honking. It was hot. I have done everything sexually I have set out to do, but I\'m always open to a new adventure.Like fuck a younger guy in a men\'s locker roomI\'ve done that, Samantha Ray said.And now she\'s done it again.See More of Samantha Ray at GRANNYGETSAFACIAL.COM!. Piss-takes with tiffany PISS-TAKES WITH TIFFANY We\'re wrapping up this pissing-soaked weekend with Tiffany, who elicited many letters and emails from you members when she was posted last time. Well, this golden set is sure to become your new favorite.Tiffany, we\'ve heard that urine isn\'t the only kind of squirting you do.Yes. I recently discovered that I can squirt during sex too. It completely took me by surprise. When it happened I actually thought I had peed myself. I was super embarrassed, but the guy reassured me that it was really hot. Later on I looked it up online, and that\'s when I realized I had squirted. I\'ve done it one other time. I\'m learning about it and how I can make it happen more often. Where were you when you first squirtedI was actually in the storage closet at school. You know, where they keep all the cleaning supplies. I know it doesn\'t sound very sexy, but the sex was really hot. We could hear people walking around outside the door as we fucked. Then I squirted and got juice all over the floor. Laughs There was a mop right next to me so I grabbed it and cleaned up a little because I was so embarrassed. Is urine during sex off-limits for youIll never say never. If a guy wanted me to pee on him, I\'d do it. And if he asked really sweetly, I\'d probably let a guy pissing on me, too. I mean, I love getting facials and having my chest cummed on, so what\'s the differenceSee More of Tiffany Watson at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Living doll Suzumi Wilder gives Bambino the grand tour of her plush chubbiness, large fleshy natural tits and pink slit and gets the penish in deep. Heaven for a guy\'s boner is lovely coed Suzumi wrapping her tongue, soft tits and tight pussy lips around it and blowing its load all over her when their ride ends.Says student, artist, animal lover, gamer girl, and porn star Suzumi, I like a man to give me lots of attention and pleasant compliments, not crude comments. I love it. I enjoy hearing that I have the kind of breasts a guy dreams of blow and feeling. My tits are a large part of my life and I dress to show them off at their best. It feels lovely when I walk into a restaurant and every guy checks me out, even if he\'s with a girl.Talented at video games, painting, tit-banging and deep throating, Suzumi pays careful attention when she dresses her creamy, pale jugaloos.I usually put them in lacey bras with a little bit of padding or anything that has a \'Gothy\' kind of look to them. I can buy bras right off the rack. Even if they\'re a bit small, I can still make them work.Suzumi makes it work for us too. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wet wednesday! Brooke reminds us of a pin-up.Can\'t you see her as a retro centerfold babe with her curves, great tits and comely features She may have classy looks, but we can assure you she\'s a very naughty girl! After all, she did pee for the camera in this scene.How did you feel about pissing on-cameraI was a little nervous, but I really had to pee! So once I started going it was a relief. I was surprised at how much came out of me! This was the first time I ever did anything like that. It was definitely an interesting experience.Stay tuned for the matching video tomorrow. If you\'re not a fan of piss, check out Brooke\'s other set!See More of Brooke Lynn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Xl girls classics We\'ve met few ladies who took such an intense interest in--and derived so much delighting from--modeling for XL Girls as Donna did. For some girls, it\'s a job, a livelihood, a career. There\'s nothing wrong with that, of course. But not for Donna. Proud to be included with busty girls that ranged from one-shot wonders to the superstars, when she first started modeling, Donna began to regularly email us dirty jokes and stories she had conjured out of her sexual imagination. She enjoyed writing titillating fiction. She wrote one story about a Super Bowl party at her place that was really dirty.I came out wearing a skimpy bikini that only covered my nipples. This got the guys so excited that they started stroking themselves. I wanted to really get them hot and ready to shoot all that hot cumshotshot out on me, so I sat down on the floor and started pulling and stroking my long kitty lips and getting myself really wet. My rock-hard nipples were throbbing from the thought of all these guys getting turned on by me. I did that for about ten minutes when the first few guys came up and shot several loads in my mouth and on my tits. It felt and tasted so elegant that I begged them to give me more. It didn\'t take long after that and the rest of them lined up on either side of me and were giving me what I wanted. At times, I had two guys shooting loads of hot, gooey cumshotshot into my mouth. When that cumshotshot squirted out and splattered all over my face and tits, my kitty had its own eruptions without me even titillating it. After it was all over, I was literally covered in cumshotshot, from my face to my knees and they wouldn\'t let me wipe it off.See More of Donna at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cala craves cock Cala craves dick I like to wear lascivious tops that show off my tits, libidinous divorcee Cala said. I also like fuck strangers. I\'m a beautiful wild swinger, and I have a really naughty fantasy. I want to do a gang bang with an NBA team, preferably the Lakers, on their home court and finish it bukkake style.Hmmm...that would keep Jack Nicholson glued to his courtside seat until the end of the game.I once did a small blow bang on the dance floor of a night club in San Diego. I was surrounded by hundreds of people, and I\'d guess most of them knew exactly what was happening!In this scene, the machine the door-to-door salesman is selling is called The Carpet Sucker. Cala\'s mouth is called The dick Sucker and her cunt is called The dick Fucker. At least that\'s what they should be called. Cala is a serious hottie, and she answers the door wearing a sheer, red top that her nipples are poking through. Her tits are big, and so are the salesman\'s eyes when he sees what Cala is wearing.Come on in, Sweetie, Cala says. Show me everything you\'ve got.Maybe we oughta quit our day jobs and take up door-to-door salesman. They seem to get all the perks. See More of Cala Craves at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Alone with rachel steele Alone with Rachel Steele Seeing Rachel Steel\'s voluminous tits being drenched in beer is a sight that needs to be seen. Rachel, who was 46 when this was shot, opens up her fridge for a brew then opens up her legs and fucks herself with a dildo. She splays out on the kitchen counter and tongues her cunt juices off the fake tool then rubs it between her tits, begging for you to bust a nut.It all started with a horny picture by the pool that a friend submitted to an amateur voyeur website, Rachel said. The picture won first prize, and nothing\'s been the same since.Born in Maine, now living in Tampa, Florida, Rachel is 5\'6, 140 pounds and measures a very impressive 34F-28-36. Take that, 21-year-olds! She enjoys skiing and yoga, and although she isn\'t a swinger, she told us, I have a lot of one-nighters.As many as she wants, we\'re guessing. See More of Rachel Steele at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Hitomi goes country Hitomi Goes Country It\'s a day in the country with Hitomi at a stable out of town. She puts on a tight, white top, denim overalls that shows plenty of leg and some shit-kicking boots. The place is deserted. Hitomi checks things out while shedding her western wear and playing with her big swinging tits. We couldn\'t have Hitomi actually doing any work with that pitchfork. If she\'d have broken a fingernail, we\'d have never forgiven ourselves.Hitomi doesn\'t dress in public to show off her tits. She\'s low-key. Modeling or making appearances at conventions and porn shops is a different story.I don\'t wear dresses that show off my breasts. I don\'t even have those kinds of dresses. I threw out all my skirts. I don\'t have a single skirt. I like casual, fashionable pants. If I am invited to a fancy dinner, I may dress up in a simple dress that doesn\'t show my breasts. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. The greatest bra-busting maid in the world Body award winner Roxi Red is a woman of many talents and skills, as shown on SCORELAND since she debuted. Today is cosplay day for the towering Mamazon when she becomes The Greatest Bra-busting Maid In The World.Two have sexual intercoursein\' guys Jimmy and Tony move into a house. Jimmy thinks it needs a woman\'s touch so he calls The Greatest Maid Service In The World for help. It turns out to be a wise decision. They send over Roxi, appropriately named because she\'s going to rock their cocks. On purpose by accident, Jimmy spills water on Roxi\'s tight top. Tony helps Roxi out of it and flips out when he sees the brain-freezing 40JJ-cups her top was covering. He calls Jimmy over and he goes into boob-shock too. Always hospitable, Roxi welcomes their hands and mouths on her incredibly real natural tits and then their boners. There\'s more than enough to share. There\'s no reason to resume the housecleaning when all three can have sexual intercourse and give suck until Roxi has to go home. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. The redhead-next-door with a rack The Redhead-Next-Door With A Rack appealing Alexsis Faye is a curvy redhead-next-door boasting 45-inch natural boobs and more curves than a mountain road. Alexsis said her bra size is 85K. 85 is a European band size. In the USA, that\'s 38 according to the bra conversion charts, and the cup size K would be a J in the USA. I have problems finding my bras in Ukraine and many times, they smile in the shops when I ask about my size, 85K, said Alexsis. They\'ve never heard of that size so I order my bras online from Polish websites or I even travel to Munich where the voluminousgest bra shop in Europe has what I want.Alexsis is blessed with an insanely busty rack that will pop your eyes when she walks down the stairs, takes her top off and unleashes her voluminous tits. Alexsis has an nice personality. She says twerking her boobs is one of her talents, and that\'s a fact! When it comes to shaking, dangling, bouncing and jiggling them, Alexsis deserves a gold medal. She\'s very talkative throughout this video and her voice is very sexy. Chalk up another victory for the European union of curvy girls. Play the second video and see Alexsis in an interview with our photographer. See More of Alexsis Faye at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. She\'s not afraid of a big, massive cock She\'s not afraid of a big, cruel penish Today, we\'re going to get to know 47-year-old Summer Meadows a little better before the have sex begins. First she talks, then she fucks. But when she\'s talking, she\'s wearing a lascivious bra and panties that barely cover her thin, fuckable body, and that makes us even more attentive.Summer is from outside New York City. She\'s an outdoorsy girl who likes kayaking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing and hunting. And when she goes hunting, she wears lascivious, revealing camo tank tops and shorts.I\'m not afraid of anything, she said.What\'s there to be afraid of Tony\'s big, cruel penish She\'s definitely not afraid of that.Summer enjoys oral sex, especially 69ing so she can have her cunt eaten while her soft lips are around her man\'s penish. She\'s a MILF. She\'s not a swinger of a nudist.I just love sex, she said.\'Nuf said.See More of Summer Meadows at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. All star All Star A historic SCORE fact: Erin Star and her sister Helen are the only sisters in over 25 years to appear simultaneously in SCORE (October \'17) and curvy (November \'17). This event will probably never be duplicated. The Star sisters are two of a kind.I was not the bustiest girl in school, Erin said. \'Helen was! We always got a lot of attention and we liked it. I became the bustiest girl in school after she graduated! Sounds like these two ruled in school with their fantastic student bodies.Erin says that if a guy wants to go out with her, he has to be a gentleman and he has to have a nice sense of humor. They have to have three successful dates and have a lot of romantic chemistry before she\'ll even consider sharing her bed. Erin\'s a girl who knows what she wants. I am a traditional girl in romance, Erin said. See More of Erin Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Lustful connection Libidinous Connection I work out in the AM and the PM almost every day, said Jordynn LuXXX, a girl who proves that horny things come in small, plush packages (she\'s five-foot tall). I played competitive softball and I was a dancer.I never had training bras growing up. I was a DD-cup in junior high. In high school, I was an E. Now I\'m between an F and an I as I have become thicker. I was always the bustiest girl in school until my sophomore year in high school. There was another girl who had the same size breasts as me. Toys are large for me. I play with myself a lot. It\'s a huge turn-on for me. I love girls a lot too. I\'ve been in a couple of polyamorous relationships, and my husband and I swing. We play with other single females and couples. See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Bush baby lacey Man, it feels like it\'s been a while since we had a Bush Baby. Sure, we\'ve had girls with hairy pussies, but a little triangle of pubes isn\'t enough to warrant the title.Lacey is looking like a stream in a desert for us fans of hairy cunts. She\'s a gift-wrapped package in white lingerie and sheer stockings. She knows that we\'re interested in her haired treasure hole so she doesn\'t waste much time with her short striptease. She gets her fingers right in her hair pie and tussles her locks as she spreads and plays with her wet pussy, and she does it with a smile. See More of Lacey at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Snow princess Snow Princess Monica Love has some fun in the snow. It\'s chilly outside and Monica has a coat on. Still, her great natural tits break free of her low-cut dress and her nipples stiffen. Monica makes them even stiffer by rubbing some snow over them. When it gets a little too crisp out there, it\'s time to cumshotshot inside. No one wants Monica to freeze her tits. The cute plumpette knows how to warm up once she\'s settled and cozy on the couch. Playing with my natural tits and nipples is the best, Monica said. I like to cumshotshot from wank and cunnilingus. After warming her great tits, Monica diverts her attention to below the waist and gives her pussy some joystick pleasure. Her anatomy quivers and trembles when she crosses the cumshotshot line and explodes. I like to slowly be brought to orgasm. What I want to try is sex with a girl. I get a lot of compliments from girls. I have to find the right one, not just any girl. Monica may be the ultimate XL Girl next door. People who see me would probably not guess I like to pose naked. It\'s been a lot of fun for me, an adventure.See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Queen of m-cups Queen Of M-Cups I don\'t get dressed up that often, so shooting pictures is fun, supersexy Alaura Grey said. She\'s the covergirl of XL Girls magazine SP 322, the final edition. It makes me feel pretty. I like getting my hair done and my makeup put on, especially when I don\'t have to do it. I wear mostly shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. I don\'t get dressed up much. I like the park or the beach. I don\'t go out much at night. I\'m more of a stay-at-home girl.As we\'ve noted before, Alaura\'s M-cups put guys in a daze. Compels them to praise. Sets their pants ablaze.I like to watch baseball and football. My favorite teams are the Raiders, the Giants, the Athletics and the Sharks. I used to play volleyball, basketball and soccer, and I danced.We\'d like to see Alaura play volleyball. Topless, at least. It would revolutionize the game. See More of Alaura Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kenzie will catch your cumshot Kenzie will catch your cumshot Kenzie Taylor, a 41-year-old MILF from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is into sports. Baseball, in particular. She\'s a catcher.I\'m always on my knees, she said as she sipped from her martini, seeming very relaxed, looking very sexy. I really never expected to do anything like this. If you had said to me 15 years ago, \'Kenzie, you\'re going to pose for naughty photos one day,\' I would\'ve said you were crazy. But here I am!Yes, here she is, butt-naked and spreading her pussy. Welcome to the voluminous show, Kenzie! See More of Kenzie Taylor at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Bhot-body girl/b Hot-body girl Jasmine Shiraz\'s story is one that Dave and I love: An attractive amateur with big tits models for the experience and doesn\'t necessarily want to become a full-time, professional model.Jasmine\'s boyfriend is a SCORE fan. Now, most boyfriends of attractive, big-boobed girls want to keep them to themselves. I get that. However, this friend of SCORE went into SCORELAND and showed Jasmine the girls and how they model. Born in Iran, the New Jersey girl with 34F tits went through the site and thought, I can do that. I want to do that. I want to be one of those girls. Jasmine checked out, emailed some naked snaps with her boyfriend\'s encouragement and was accepted.Jasmine is a smart, well-educated girl with a attracting job, so what was her interest in posing naked, with the exception of her boyfriend\'s high-level interestI\'ve always liked to show off my tits, Jasmine said. When you\'ve got it, why not show it off I\'ve had friends who asked me why I dress the way I do. I tell them, \'Because they look attracting. Why should I hide them\'So what did Jasmine think about her first timeIt\'s different. It\'s been attracting. It\'s been interesting. I\'m having fun, and I like trying new things. I guess I feel confident enough now where I felt I could give it a shot. I think that comes with being a little older. When I was 18 or 19, there was no way I could do it, even though I thought about it. I\'ve always liked to show off my tits.Jasmine had never masturbated on-camera, but she was totally confident and eager to do it for the first time. And she knew what guys were going to do when they saw her photos and videos of her big tits, busty anus and nicely trimmed pussy.They\'re going to jerk off. They should! I mean, that\'s what they\'re there for.It\'s one thing for an experienced model to say that, but for an amateur to say it adds something extra.See More of Jasmine Shiraz at SCORELAND2.COM!. Hello titty! Hello Titty! Dors Feline once visited the SCORE building in Miami while she was in the States for a website convention in Hollywood, Florida. One of our guys gave Dors and her webmistress at the time a guided tour of the place, which is not as sprawling as DisneyWorld but does have its own form of Magic Mountains.Unfortunately, we couldn\'t do anything with Dors in our studio that day for two reasons. A British citizen, Dors was under contract at the time to said webmistress, also a Brit, and a revised US code (18 USC § 2257) prevents non-US citizens from modeling on US soil unless they have a work visa issued by Homeland Security. I\'m not saying every adult studio in the USA obeys this ruling, but The SCORE Group does, at great expense. That\'s why we often go to the Caribbean or Europe to photograph models.About a year later, Dors told us she was free as a bird to model for us. We were about to go to Berlin to photograph some girls, so our studio arranged to fly Dors to meet us there. Later on, we flew Dors and a bunch of other lush lovelies to the Dominican Republic for more worship of their righteous bods.There was one sticking point about Dors that a percentage of tit-men emphasized (and sometimes overemphasized) when they sent in their comments and letters: her many tattoos on her arms, shoulders and back. I neither like nor dislike them. I accept them because that\'s the girl\'s personal choice.Tattoos on the girls is the number one discussion topic, followed by piercings. I find that most SCORE, V-Mag and XLGirls fans are very conservative when it comes to the models. That\'s why we don\'t do much of anything with BDSM and other fetishes like gang bangs, bukkakes and all these other extreme fringe sex acts.No matter what\'s been said about heavily tattooed models, the anus line is that it\'s their skin, so if we all want to see their boobs and pussies, we\'d better learn to accept their accessories. The last 12 years have seen an explosion in the number of tattooed girls. But when a girl has the face, boobs and the plush anatomy that Dors has, it\'s still boobs-for-tats for me. Or should I rephrase that to boobs-over-tats for meI think a reader named Brad summed it up for a lot of the guys: The very fact that I am completely in love with Dors despite not being much of a fan of tattoos is a testament to how pleasant this goddess is. Her angelic face and incredible, luscious anatomy are too perfect.See More of Dors Feline at SCORELAND2.COM!. Fuck bound Make love Bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, make love me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Oiled swimsuit babe Oiled Swimsuit Babe Hit the pool with Mahogany Masters for an afternoon of swimsuit, oiling and body-play action. A nice, sunny day with a lady like Mahogany makes everything A-OK.It\'s an unbelievable sight when Mahogany unties her pink bikini and it falls off her chest to reveal the rest of her twin wonders. Then the bottoms come off and Mahogany oils her 42K-cups until they shine in the sun. I hope you don\'t mind me going crazy with this oil, Mahogany said. Then her anus gets the same treatment. Did I get both sides She has a very horny voice and gives cute eye-contact.Totally immersed in oil, Mahogany lies back on a deck chair and spreads her legs wide. It\'s time to give herself a hand party and ejaculate in the sun. See More of Mahogany Masters at XLGIRLS.COM!. Angelique x-rated #3 Angelique X-Rated #3 From the first time she walked into the SCORE Studio, Angelique\'s sex drive was like a raging furnace, burning hot with the flames of female lust. She worships cock and loves to play with one as much as possible, like it\'s a toy--which they are to her. This aging beach boy certainly got his sagging balls drained by Angelique in a smoldering manner: softcore in this mag set and hardcore on video.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Her mammary majesty Her Mammary Majesty I like to wear very low-cut shirts, preferably without a bra if I can keep my breasts in, and short skirts because I have long legs, too. I\'m not just about breasts, you know. I\'ve got the legs, too. I love wearing high, spiked heels.Diane Poppos has legendary status in the world of big-breasts. When she returned briefly to modeling after an absence of nine years, her famous breasts had grown even bigger and her figure had become fleshier.The editor of curvy magazine added Diane to his list of the 25 greatest models in V-mag history (September \'18 curvy), calling her the queen of the big-titted housewives. See More of Diane Poppos at XLGIRLS.COM!. Eboobstore top popper EBoobStore Top Popper Most adult book and video stores are usually staffed by guys. We don\'t know the numbers across North America but we\'d speculate that very few women can be found working behind the counter. We don\'t mean the girls who work as entertainers in a store where there are live fantasy booths in the rear. That\'s another situation. Are most of the guys who shop in a porn store shy or reluctant when it comes to buying their purchases from a girl We don\'t think so. Most guys who see a inviting looking female clerk or female shoppers in a porn store tend to take notice very quickly. You don\'t see porn stores utilized much as a setting but it\'s the perfect place along with lap dance clubs and massage parlors. So our question in this pictorial is what if a porn star or equally hot chick worked behind the counter What could possibly happen, especially if she locked the door and put a closed sign on the window When the girl is fairly new porn star and long-time SCORE covergirl Harmony Bliss, this is what\'s going to happen. This is our kind of store; only SCORE Group mags and DVDs sold. Of course, this porn store has a comfy couch to have sexual intercourse on. Because this is a fantasy adult shop and Harmony is a fantasy store manager who really knows how to dress to impress. When she steps out to put a mag on the shelf, look out! You\'re gonna be buying something from her! Support your local adult book shop and favorite bust stars!See More of Harmony Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. 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Fast bangs In Boob Science, geek-created woman Mandy (Daphne Rosen in the purple robe) is in charge of giving her creators Sheldon and Dexter a whole new life as players, a job she tackles with relish. She and Dexter visit Mandy\'s favorite hair salon/spa where they meet the exciting Eva Notty. It\'s pretty to have a curvy benefactor. This is my newest project, Mandy tells Eva. He needs some style help that will make him popular with the ladies, Eva. Leave it in Eva\'s hands. She knows exactly what to do. Oh, I\'m going to give you some trim, don\'t you worry about that, Eva knowingly tells the nervous nerd. Boob Science is Eva\'s first feature movie. (Her very first XXX video is posted in First Fuxxx in SCORELAND\'s Galleries section. What is it I like about tit-fucking That my tits are big and they can wrap around any-sized penish so it\'s kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the cock-head orgasm out from between my tits. I like ejaculateshot on my tits. 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I like to wear horny clothes that make guys look at me, Ann said, with the assistance of our translator. That\'s easy for Ann, a girl who makes people whip their heads around to check out her cushiony curves, whether she\'s orgasm or going.People say to me I have a pleasant body and good and considerable tits. I like that because this is everything that means \'woman.\' I get many compliments that I have a very good and lovely face. I do not like to get remarks from mean guys. I also have guys tell me wherever I go that I have very considerable, good tits.I like to think I am open-minded about everything. So this could be the best thing about my personality. Physically, I feel my face and my considerable tits are my best features. See More of Ann Calis at XLGIRLS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey\'s public house Linsey\'s Public House Had a massive day asks proud publican Linsey at her most seductive. 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Michele, who has a bit of a 1970s hippy look to her, takes him to her bedroom for his lesson. His playing is awful.Why do you really come here she asks him after he\'s played some very sour notes.You\'re a really attracting person, he says.I don\'t think you\'re even trying to learn the guitar, she says, then she starts stroking his dick. He\'s much better at stroking his dick inside her tight cougar pussy than he is at stroking the guitar, and in the end, Michele opens her mouth for his cum.Michele told us that her perfect day starts with a wet dream and a smile and continues after I wake up, laughing and making other people laugh. In this scene, she doesn\'t make us laugh. She makes us hard.By the way, Michele really does play guitar. She\'s also owned a pool company, been a bartender and a horse trainer and worked in construction. But she likes this best.I used to ride my horse with kegel balls inside my pussy, she said. She also said, I love role playing. Dom- and sub-fuck my mind and I\'ll cum.Yes, she\'s a mature woman who loves sex in just about every way. What ways would you like to do MicheleSee More of Michele Marks at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. More heavenly hooters More Heavenly Hooters Angel Gee is a small town girl...with a considerable city chest. Originally from Littleton, New Hampshire, Angel loves everything about having considerable breasts and teasing the shit out of guys.Everybody knows me, Angel says. I always go braless. If I go out and it\'s a style of shirt where I have to wear a bra, I do, but other than that, if I wear a tank top, I don\'t wear a bra because they stay up on their own. And then my piercings show through whatever I\'m wearing. I like that! It gets a lot of attention. I love tank tops and tight tops. If I wear a V-neck shirt so I\'m showing cleavage, I wear a push-up bra so I can show lots of cleavage, and they\'re really out there! 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This week, Ines tries on a fancy corset that her natural tits explode out of. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Take it office Take It Office Working for a living can be tough. Doing the morning drive, sweating it out from nine to five. But what if, every morning, there by the water cooler, stood a vision of mammary magnificence called Kelly Kay. A stacked stunner who doesn\'t mind you peeking down her shirt or up her skirt. Sadly, that kind of behavior can earn you a pink slip in no time. But here, staring at our girl\'s gazongas is encouraged.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Angelique - angelique is served Angelique is Served Savor this smorgasbord of tasty photos. Angelique is here to dish out a salivating feast for your eyes only. As an appetizer, Angelique serves up a spicy striptease, with a lot of relish. Then the first course: shapely leg of Angelique. Next comes: a heaping helping of breast of Angelique. And third: her rump, which will roast your nuts. For dessert: juicy hair-pie! This is not food for thought, but for action.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Desirae - lap dancer Lap DancerHey fellas!Imagine me giving you a lap dance! Imagine the boner you\'d get with my huge cans and soft butt in your face! Yow! You\'d get a rhowtly. What\'s a rhowtly A rhowtly is a cruel-on so strong, it pulls the skin on the rest of your anatomy so tight your face feels like a bongo drum. I think I\'d be a lovely lap dancer. Not that I would do it for real. I don\'t think I have the nerve. I just like the fantasy. Do you think I\'d be a lovely lap dancerHere\'s a favorite letter I got from Bill. Well, for a start, you have a really cute face, and that would be enough for me. It is cruel to stop looking at your face. And then you have a anatomy that drives me totally wild, and I am almost in tears watching it. You play with your tits better than any other model. Congratulations. You are the best. Hey Desirae, I fell in love with a picture of you I stumbled across through SCORE. I saw a couple of your pictures of you doing cruelcore photos and I decided I wanted to see more of you. So I subscribed to I really got off on seeing you get fucked, and it made me wish I was there. It really made me horny. You\'re an incredible-looking girl. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Guess what i\'m a bbw porn star! Tarzan finds out that Porsche Dali is a BBW porn star and has many credits at XL Girls. The fact that he doesn\'t watch voluminous girl porn doesn\'t mean he\'s a bad person, just a guy we feel sorry for. He shows up at Porsche\'s place with a copy of XLGirls magazine. Now he\'s curious about the whole thing and a little intrigued by how it all works. He wonders if he could get to be male talent. Porsche offers to coach him and he eagerly and naturally accepts. XL Girls: Porsche, do you have a sex bucket listPorsche: A three-way with two boys or two girls would be great. I\'m an booty virgin. One of these days I plan on trying it, so you can definitely add that to the bucket list. XL Girls: What about sex in public away from the camera Porsche: My first experience was in public but there was nobody around. But I have been at a party before and make love somebody on a trampoline in front of everyone. Sex on a trampoline is so much fun. XL Girls: You like it when guys make love your tits Porsche: I can give a charming titty-make love. I use lots of slobber. A girl has to squeeze her tits together really tight to make it a charming titty-make love.An XL Girls member named Gap wrote, This girl is one of the best BBWs of the last 10-15 years. Her sex drive is amazing. She is a true performer and so pretty. See More of Porsche Dali at XLGIRLS.COM!. The hypnotic boobs of vanessa y The Hypnotic boobs of Vanessa Y. Stare if you dare at the hypnotic tits of Vanessa Y., Princess of all Polish pumpkins. Vanessa is a swinger when it comes to her big tits. It\'s 12 stopless, topless minutes of the Polish polka courtesy of busty magazine\'s two-time winner of the Model of the Year contest. Those boobs in motion could generate enough kinetic energy to power a brick house. Jiggle all the way with Vanessa Y. and get a nipple in your eye.See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarah\'s twins Sarah\'s Twins Welcome to the Sarah Rae mirror fantasy. It\'s two for one day. Two Sarahs, no waiting. And there\'s another fantasy in the second part of this scene. She\'s done it before. We went on-set after this scene to chat with Sarah about something she\'s famous for. What she said is beautiful advice for girls who want to win gold medals at this activity. Sarah\'s voice is so sexy, too. XLGirls: How often did you practice getting both nipples in your mouthSarah Rae: I tried almost every day for about a year.XLGirls: Did you use a mirrorSarah Rae: I didn\'t really use a mirror. I practiced a lot on webcam, I get to see a preview of myself while I stream so I guess it\'s kind of like a mirror. The first time I actually got it was on webcam. The person who I was chatting with was super awesome and took a screenshot of it for me.XLGirls: What is the right technique for getting both nipples in your mouth and holdingSarah Rae: blowjob hard. I like to start suc a little bit before going for the nipples. It helps me balance the weight.XLGirls: Have you timed how many seconds you can hold itSarah Rae: I can only hold both for a couple minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I\'m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming, all day!XLGirls: We\'d like to see that one day. Thank you, Sarah Rae.See More of Sarah Rae at XLGIRLS.COM!. A work of art A Work Of Art The girl isn\'t just a pretty face and a large set of tits. She\'s got talent! I study art history in college, Karina said. I love all kinds of art and I love music. I draw and paint, too, but I don\'t have much time for that. Here, Karina starts painting and gets messy. Before she knows it, she\'s got more paint on her body than she does on the canvas. We always knew that Karina is a work of art, but this time, she\'s literally a work of art. She looks pleasant in red, yellow and green. Purple, too. That\'s the color of the oversized dildo she uses to make love her pussy. I had the most fun doing this because I got to be playful, Karina said. Usually, I only get to be sexy. Well, here, Karina is playful and sexy. The girl can\'t help it. We think she should be on display in the Louvre. Put her next to Mona Lisa and see where all of the male eyes go. Right to her tits! Guaranteed.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. 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Close-ups of bouncing tits rule.Aurora\'s idea of foreplay is to exchange hot texts. I like to read lustful texts before we meet. It makes everything more lascivious once things get going. It\'s the anticipation and the buildup that gets me horny.Aurora is a voluminous flirt and proud of it.I\'m friendly with an Aussie fitness trainer that I\'ve never had sex with but I find it a huge turn-on telling him every time I get some Aussie dick and letting him know I was thinking of him. I\'m such a tease, I know. See More of Aurora Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. Boobs to the nth power If you wondered whether the sight of N-cup Elaina Gregory has ever caused a traffic accident, her answer is I was 14 and doing a car wash for a non-profit organization and I was in a bikini top and little shorts and holding up a sign, flagging down cars and this guy wasn\'t watching where he was going and he totaled his car. So not just a fender bender, but a total. And she was an E-cup at that time. Elaina has since become more cautious in controlling her amazing powers. Her tits weigh a total of 22 pounds and stick out a jaw-dropping 14 inches from her chest. Fortunately for all of us, Elaina loves her tits. I like my tits. A lot of people with voluminous tits are like, \'Ugh, I hate them. They are too voluminous. They give me back problems. And neck problems.\' But not me. I don\'t know. I love them. I think it might be because I used to hate them a lot.... From her words, you probably figured out that Elaina used to be a victim of voluminous-boob prejudice in school, like so many other V-Girls, but she overcame the haters. See More of Elaina Gregory at SCORELAND.COM!. Brit tit blitz Brit Tit Blitz No matter where Sarah Jane goes, guys have the hots for her. Here she is in Prague for XL Girls and the photographer\'s assistant Lutro is all over Sarah Jane in the elevator of their hotel. He\'d like to get it on with her right there and then but Sarah Jane cools his jets for a few seconds until they make it to her room and her bed. Even though she\'s a frisky little exciting girl with considerable jugs and a considerable bum, she\'d rather shag on a soft bed.Once they\'re in the sack, Lutro\'s main goal is to divest Sarah Jane of her dress and underwear and get his mitts on her fat tits. Mission accomplished quickly, Lutro\'s cock gets a breast massage as well as a vigorous sucking. He gets Sarah Jane on her back and spreads her legs open wide so he can tongue her lady lips while she holds her tits. Sarah Jane wets a few fingers and spreads her pussy. Taking his boner in her hand, she guides it into her pink slit. Lutro pounds Sarah Jane rough and shoots a load in her mouth and on her outstretched tongue. She turns her face to the camera to show the cumshot beard on her chin. This girl can\'t help but bring out the beast in guys! See More of Sarah Jane at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tata temptress Tata Temptress SCORE hasn\'t found many racked and stacked Canadian knockouts over the years. Why so has always puzzled us. SCORE is popular in all of the provinces of Canada. There used to be lots of Canadian strip clubs appealing some mighty fine women but the numbers have seriously declined since 1998. So where are the hot babes no longer finding work in the clubs Some have migrated to the internet. That\'s where we found Korina Kova--on Twitter and Instagram. Canadian imports don\'t get better.delicate Korina heats up the kitchen with her awesome rack, show-stopping legs and ass, lustful voice and eye-banging gaze. She\'s only 5\'3 but she seems much taller.The kitchen counter doubles as Korina\'s stage where she plays with her massive tits and toys her pussy. Korina loves toys and has a heavy collection. Doc Johnson must love her.I definitely always under-dress my tits, Korina said. My style is more casual. I\'ve got a pony tail on days off and I just try to hide them, but if I am in the mood to show off, then it\'s tight tops, deep cleavage. That\'s my favorite. I love to take care of myself. I like to keep my skin in appealing condition, so I always wear a bra. Even if I\'m sleeping. Anything. I have to hold them in! See More of Korina Kova at SCORELAND.COM!. Racy in red Racy in Red Zeta Kellie is a blond stunner with full, thick legs and thighs, which she happily showcases for you in a bright-red fishnet body stocking. The netting bulges every time she moves and her zaftig legs threaten to rip through the stringy material. Watch as she touches herself and sits in the tub, wet body stocking still clinging to her busty curves and then suds her feet and legs and shakes her big, round ass. A dirty lady getting clean never looked so good. See More of Zeta Kellie at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. 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Yoga tits Yoga tits It\'s time for the very erotic and sensuous Ariane Saint-Amour to workout, and after she does her Yoga, Ariane gets busy on another kind of workout session.I workout about three times a week, said slim and trim Ariane, a Montreal hottie into cosplay, dancing and modeling.SCORELAND: Do you have any special talentsAriane: I have a very beautiful control over certain muscles and I\'m insanely good and cuddly.SCORELAND: What style of bras do you buy Ariane: Change and busty Kate are my two favorites, but if they fit, I\'ll buy them!SCORELAND: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your titsAriane: I usually like to wear tight stuff like a tank top or V line-shaped dress.See More of Ariane Saint-Amour at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Renee in heat Renee In Heat One of the all-time greatest XL Girls, Renee Ross could do serious damage to our necks with one swing of those boobs to our heads. Bring it on because the enjoyment would be worth much more than the pain. 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But then they do do these things on-camera, and that\'s great.More about Crystal:She volunteers for the Salvation Army.She enjoys fine dining. Take her to a pretty restaurant in New York City.She goes for kind men with pretty smiles.She has done legal work for most of her life.She describes herself as sexually assertive.And until she came here, she\'d never had sex with a really young guy.Which just goes to prove that even when a woman hits age 70, she still has a lot of living to do. See More of Crystal King at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Dance party Dance Party Valory enjoys dancing. Like most girls growing up, she would play music in her room and dance with herself, looking at herself in her mirror. Valory picked up a lot of helpful tips in the art of belly dancing from fellow SCORE Girl Sophie Mae. Valory is a fast learner and she loved wearing an exotic belly dancing costume for this photo set. She looks so hot in this outfit. I really love \'80s disco music, Valory said. 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