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Desirae - the boner salute The Boner Salute This one\'s for the boys in uniform who make sacrifices for all of us. Desirae supports our troops and wanted to let them know that she wants to help them launch their rockets and handle all of their large artillery. This set was first time in uniform. I don\'t really think the uniform flattered me, but the hat was a pleasant touch. It makes the uniform a bit sexier. While shooting this, I, of course, thought about our men who fight for our country, and I especially hope they appreciate and enjoy this shoot. I am dedicating this set to anyone who has ever served our country. You deserve it! Go ahead, fellas, give her the boner salute! See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Large large boobs of large britain Great big boobs of great Britain A seamstress from Bedfordshire, Sabrina-Jade likes to make her own clothing and costumes. She enjoys wearing skintight PVC catsuits and exotic lingerie. Low-cut tops that show her expansive cleavage make her happy and get the local men-folk in her neighborhood salivating for a go at her. She always wanted to do porn. Finally, she went for it after we contacted her.In this scene, Sabrina-Jade gets hands-on with her heavy, pliable hooters and stuffs a thick dildo inside her mature pussy. The dildo comes with an attached clit prong and Sabrina-Jade cums with the vibrations tickling her fancy. My kinkiest sexual experience was at work on someone else\'s desk, Sabrina-Jade said. I like sex in and out of cars. There\'s a kink called dogging in great Britain. A couple fucks in a car in a park while strangers watch them and jack off. Sabrina-Jade is excited and adventuresome enough to do this. She\'s assertive and aggressive in her porn scenes and likes to get pounded hard. Guys tend to fuck her big breasts if they\'re lucky enough to get the invitation. See More of Sabrina-Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. Worship her breasts Worship Her boobs When Paige Turner goes out, whatever she wears can\'t hide her natural assets. I try to cover up as much as possible, said Paige, a former exotic dancer and the biggest-breasted girl in the club she performed in and possibly the entire state of California. There\'s a lot of reasons why Paige Turner is rated so highly. She\'s got a sizzlin\' hot, busty body. She has killer boobs topped by long nipples that she can suck. Her sex drive breaks the lustful meter. She\'s power-packed in either tit \'n\' pussy play scenes or roughcore. Even at the end of her threesomes with two men, she\'s still lustful. Nothing seems to cool her sexual jets. And to top it all off, she genuinely has fun in her shoots. I want sex as often as I can get it.To get on Paige\'s appealing side, Be a gentleman and be very caring. The pleasantst thing someone can say about me is that I\'m a rough worker and honest. What\'s not so pleasant is when someone tells me I trust too easily. See More of Paige Turner at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bikini bath babe Bikini babe Joana is not shy. She doesn\'t want to see if her bikini will shrink in the bath tub while she\'s wearing it. She just wants to field test her new suit and a swimming pool is not available. Hey, Joana, you look awesome in that bikini. In fact, in any bikini you wear.Joana\'s a big believer in the titillating energy the human body can generate, chakras, energy meridians, Tantra and other forms of physical and paranormal energy linked to the spiritual, sexual and mental zones. Maybe voluminous tits are a sign of a girl with extra titillating energy. Just by looking at her bod and big natural boobs, as we all have for years, we\'d say that Joana has plenty of titillating energy to spare. The bigger the tits, the more love you have to give. That\'s Joana\'s belief. We think she\'s right!See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Sausage lover Sausage Lover Tatum is a teenage Texan who loves sausage. voluminous ones. She\'s all kinds of naughty and masturbates three to four times a day. So it\'s no surprise that her mouth latches on to this penish the second she sees it. She happily gives a hummer and spits all over it for super-slobbery sucking. When it\'s time to fuck, Tatum jumps up and down on his penish like it\'s a pogo stick. She loves to talk nasty and wants the whole thing shoved inside her tight pussy. She can handle it, can youSee More of Tatum Bailey at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The clock The Clock When Linsey posed for the pictorial called The Clock, a videographer was on deck to record some of the photo shoot. When the set had cleared, LDM got back into her period costume and performed a burlesque-style striptease video with him. Her theatrical flair, posing talents and her sense of humor, really shine in this short skit. Our video editor added the appropriate music with a nod to those saucy revues during the fin de si-ecle, notably La Belle Epoque. This is the first time this video has ever been shown.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Micky melts montego Micky Melts Montego She\'s a dream come true. Spectacular Micky Bells made a spectacular double debut at XL Girls and SCORELAND. Micky was joined by Terri Jane and Gya Roberts for the must-own DVD Montego Babes. It\'s a breast-fest of epic proportions and colossal dimensions. Those widescreens can really serve a purpose. Micky\'s tits measure a whopping 46 inches so she needs a 36J bra to hold and support her treasure chest. Micky\'s hobbies are going out bowling, reading, watching fashion shows on TV and cooking in her kitchen. (We\'d like to see her bowl one day. That must be a petite sight.) She also enjoys traveling and vacationing in the mountains. Micky models a tight, skimpy red bikini at poolside in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She displays every inch of her creamy, fantastic body as the bikini comes off and the oil goes on. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Happy new year, karina! Happy New Year, Karina! Karina in pantyhose is definitely one of the things that has often occurred to us. She has the the legs and backside to pull it off, and you have to love the way those patterned hose huge her big, round backside. But the top hat Where did that come from Are we going back to the roaring \'20s Well, the fact is that Karina is always full of surprises, and wearing the top hat with this outfit was her idea.It was fun getting dressed up like this, Karina said. I asked the photographer if I could keep the hat so I can wear it on New Year\'s Eve. I think I\'m going to!That, of course, is a long way off, but Karina\'s birthday is just around the corner (August 26), and Karina recommends you celebrate the big day by taking your cock out of your pants and popping a load in her honor. Cheers!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Tawny and teresa may Tawny and Teresa MayThis is a pictorial that was never published in SCORE magazine or any of its special editions. Even the veteran editors at SCORE had completely forgotten about it. So the fact that this is the only place you can see these photos makes it even more special. The smaller-boobed beauty is Teresa May, a British model who is very popular in her native country. It\'s obvious who won the award for most enthusiastic and longest tongue elongation here. Not many have as lengthy or horny a tongue as Tawny. When I see a lovely woman, I just can\'t help myself. I want to eat her up! Tawny said.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Karina hart - karina kryptonite Karina Kryptonite SCORE subscriber and large-time sweater enthusiast T.N. writes Big-tittied girls in tight sweaters are guys kryptonite. I get weak in the knees when I see such a girl, but I\'ll also get rough in the cock. He\'s got that right! Karina in a tight, blue, crop-top sweater is an astounding sight, as are Karina\'s boobs in that sexy, girlie bra. As is her rack when it finally comes tumbling out of her get-up. But the fun is only getting started because then it\'s bath tub time, which means wet boobs, wet pussy, and a large dildo disappearing between Karina\'s flesh bombs during a simulation tit-fuck. Thanks to our photographer, too, for getting way up on his ladder and shooting down while Karina lay in the tub, posing beautifully for what turned out to be one of her most magnificent photos ever. When a photo shoot starts, I never know what is going to happen or where the photographer is going to take it, Karina said. This one was fun and different. First I am in a sweater, then I am in a bathtub! It didn\'t make much sense. Well, maybe it doesn\'t make sense if you\'re a girl. If you\'re a cock, it makes perfect sense. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Innocent for now Innocent For Now I\'m addicted to Desperate Housewives, said Khris, a 20-year-old B-cupper from Georgia. She means the TV show, not MILFs who want penish all the time. Khris wants penish all the time, as this video proves. Really, is there anything hotter than a chick who\'s horny for penish and gets some Isn\'t that one of your favorite video themes Judging from her make love and sucks in this video, Khris isn\'t going to be an amateur for long. She\'s well on her way to becoming a genuine porn star. So enjoy her freshness while it lasts. You know those porn guys. They\'ll fucked the innocence right out of her. See More of Khris at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Berry hot Berry Hot Sadie Berry is berry, berry sexy. She\'s from Detroit, Michigan and has a job working with numbers. Her own numbers add up to a perfect figure. I just love to watch porn, Sadie says. Especially group sex videos. I would love to be with a girl, especially Daphne Rosen. I\'d love to have hardcore, strap-on sex with a girl with big boobs. I\'ve made out with a few girls but just a lot of kissing, boob-squeezing and drunk action. I fuck-off a lot. I usually just use lube and my fingers on my clit with a porn DVD on. A lot of guys don\'t realize that girls do what guys do because most girls just don\'t talk about it but we do. Guys think that girls find porn gross but that\'s not true. Some do but a lot of girls love to watch porn and cum. Sadie only dabbled in nude modeling and porn but, boy, did she dabble. We regret that she declined our proposal of marriage. What a big wife she would have made.See More of Sadie Berry at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sarenna harem girl SaRenna Harem Girl I dream of...In 1950s Hollywood, and then 1960 Italy, movie makers produced loads of sword and sandal movies. They starred such bombshells as Mamie Van Doren, Rhonda Fleming, Mari Blanchard, Linda Christian and Jayne Mansfield, objects of desire by both drooling villain and muscleman hero.Although libidinous and hot, not one of those actresses had the super-stacked rack SaRenna has.This week, SaRenna recaptures those busty peplum* memories in glorious Technicolor, if not widescreen.*peplum: an Italian expression for the sword and sandal movie genre.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Dreamgirls Lots of SCORELAND guys wanted to see Milly Marks and Codi Vore get it on together. Making the introduction was a given. SCORELAND: You both are genuinely into girls. Not much direction was neededCodi: Actually, the shoot required several different angles and positions, so we had to plan ahead.Milly: I definitely didn\'t need direction. I knew exactly what I wanted with her and I got my way. It was amazing.SCORELAND: Photographically, yes, there is some planning. The scene itself looks very spontaneous and natural which is great. Had either of you been with a very big-breasted girl before Codi: I\'ve never done a scene with somebody that busty!Milly: By far the biggest pair of tits I\'ve ever been with. Now I know what other people feel like when they get to have sexual intercourse me.SCORELAND: Did you shower together after the shoots Codi: Why would we shower off after all that funSCORELAND: After the day was over, did you hang out together Codi: We had a chance to eat some Mediterranean food after the shoot.Milly: After our shoot, we were just talking each other\'s ears off and getting to know each other really well!SCORELAND: Do you keep in touch Would you want to get it on again, camera or no cameraCodi: Definitely! It\'s always beautiful to know a beautiful, cruel-working model like Milly, especially when we got along so well together!Milly: Yes, Codi and I have kept in touch since and have even spoken about possibly getting on-cam together someday.SCORELAND: Who sucking breasts better, guys or girlsCodi: Women, because they have nipples and understand how they like to be touched.Milly: Girls do!SCORELAND: What makes you ejaculateshot the loudest with another girl Getting head, toy, fingersCodi: Toys, of course!Milly: Fingers! I love having my clit touched and played with.SCORELAND: Are there any other girls on SCORELAND that excite youCodi: Samantha Lily has always struck me as the epitome of sexy. She is really beautiful at making amazing seductive looks!Milly: Lily Madison. I\'m obsessed with her!SCORELAND: MIlly, what was your favorite move that you did to CodiMilly: I loved have sexual intercourseing the shit out of her as cruel as I could. Making her ejaculateshot felt so beautiful!SCORELAND: Milly, you live in a house full of girls. Do you use toys with your girlfriends, like you two did in the strap-on exchangeMilly: Yes, my friends and I love sharing toys and getting off next to each other.SCORELAND: If you were going to give this scene a title, what would it beMilly: lascivious Sleepover. See More of Codi Vore at SCORELAND.COM!. Bsweater shredder/b Sweater shredder Melissa Manning was more shocked than anyone to learn that her natural boobs had gone up a cup size to 36H from their previous 34G. I wasn\'t surprised because I could tell just by looking at her that she\'d gotten bustier. Melissa had gone from stacked to super-stacked--this was back in 2012--and her old bras just weren\'t working.No way! Melissa said when we told her the nice news.Former V-mag editor Maria, who had the honor of doing the measuring, explained, Most of the time when I speak to models about their bras, they tell me that they don\'t even know what size they are anymore. The task of buying bras that fit is so arduous that they just find whatever fits and that\'s that. Melissa is one of those gals. She has to eyeball bras and sort of figure out if they are going to fit because she hasn\'t had a proper bra measuring since she was 15. She thought she was a 34G, but her boobs definitely grew since she was here last, so I decided to tackle the problem with science.Meaning a measuring tape.The funny thing was, Melissa couldn\'t believe her boobs were so voluminous. That\'s funny because they were voluminous already, and although it\'s a voluminous deal when a girl goes from a G-cup to an H-cup, it\'s not exactly shocking. It\'s not like she went from flat-chested to H-cup.These photos and the video were taken during that time in Fall 2012. Naturally, we asked her to model some sweaters. These were sweaters that wouldn\'t be tight on your average C-cupper, but Melissa stretched them to the limit.Not only was Melissa bustier but her hair color had changed from red to blonde (which is her natural color). In all honesty, I didn\'t notice at first. What color are her eyes I have no idea. But I can tell you that her boobs are huge.See More of Melissa Manning at SCORELAND2.COM!. Good normal girl Beautiful Normal Girl I\'m a pleasant normal girl, 20-year-old Seattle native Ivy told us. I mean, I\'ve got some secrets, but who doesn\'tThat intrigued us, so we pressed Ivy to give us some details.I\'ve got a lot of...odd fetishes. I\'m into daddy/daughter play. I like using mouth gags. I\'m a big fan of light choking, light spanking, biting, and stuff like that. I love watching gangbang porn, and I\'d like to participate in a gangbang someday. One time, I had a threesome with another girl and a dude. The guy and I spent the entire time dominating this little servile girl. I got such a power rush from it.We asked Ivy how many times she came from dominating that girl.I didn\'t ejaculateshot during the threesome, but I came later that night when I played with my toy. I use vibrators a lot because it\'s really heavy to make me ejaculateshot any other way. I usually have to use an insertable toy and a Hitachi in order to push myself over the edge.See More of Ivy at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. A real life farmer\'s daughter A Real Life Farmer\'s Daughter SCORE editor Dave wrote about Kaytee Carter, The fact is, Kaytee is not the type of girl you\'d normally expect to take off her clothes for an adult website or in an international men\'s magazine. Before she came to us, she\'d never posed nude, never danced nude. She\'d never even sunbathed nude.Kaytee Carter was natural, smooth, comfortable and relaxed on-camera. A mbuttage therapist by profession (one of our top ten fantasy jobs for chicks), Kaytee\'s an action girl who likes camping, shooting, guns, fishing and anything adventurous. She also enjoys clubbing, rooting for the San Diego Chargers, TV crime shows and surprise dates. Dinner, dancing or four-wheeling in the desert. Anything fun. I\'m beautiful easy to please and I have fun no matter what I\'m doing.Kaytee said that breast men don\'t chase her. That\'s crazy. Every guy I\'ve ever been with has not been a boob man. They\'re usually butt men, which makes no sense to me. Like the saying goes, some things are not really understood and maybe it\'s better that way. See More of Kaytee Carter at SCORELAND.COM!. Suga squirtz - suga gets stiffed Suga Gets Stiffed Suga Squirts says she\'d have sex all day if she could. Her libido is sky-high. I\'m always horny, Suga says. I love oral sex. A man with a cute tongue is my kind of man. I love a guy with a large cock who can keep it cruel and pound me cute. There are two sides to me. The Suga side to me stays at home. I\'m a raging nympho behind closed doors. In public, I dress conservatively but I still enjoyment in the men that admire my curves. I love attention. I need it.This was a real dirty, messy afternoon. His cock tasted so cute in my mouth and I loved jerking him before we fucked. fucked a porn guy on camera is so nasty, it\'s hot beyond words. Sex standing on a bed is very tricky but I like it. My pussy was creaming the whole time. It\'s so horny.See More of Suga Squirtz at XLGIRLS.COM!. For an encore, more black dick for karma For an encore, more black dick for Karma In her second scene at, 46-year-old mom Karma Karson suc and fucks black dick for the second time. Karma is wearing a short, revealing red dress that most 20-year-olds wouldn\'t dare wear. She suc Jovan\'s dick, then he fucks her, then he shoves his dick into her mouth and shoots his load all over her tongue and down her throat.Karma is a dark-haired beauty who has a 25-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter. She\'s divorced. She lives in Las Vegas, and she\'s a cam model. Times have changed. These days, if you see a sexy, mature woman out in public, there\'s a chance she\'s a cam model. Or maybe a model.Karma\'s favorite TV show is Long Island Medium. In her spare time, she likes to make jewelry. She likes guys with rough dicks, so it\'s nice to know she isn\'t picky. She likes to hang out with her dog (we presume she isn\'t referring to her boyfriend) and watch movies. She\'s not a swinger. She\'s not a nudist.We asked her if she\'s into anal. She said, It depends on the partner.How about JMac More on that next time. See More of Karma Karson at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Princess super doll Princess Super Doll As a fan of slim \'n\' stacked beauties, SCORE has just hit the jackpot with Princess Pumpkins! Dannyk83 commented. Not since the legendary Crystal Gunns has a SCORE Girl left me literally speechless! Regardless of what happens between now and the end of the year, I just found my pick for Newcomer of the Year!Considering all of the amazing girls who have appeared at SCORELAND since Crystal, that\'s super-high praise for this super Barbie-style living doll, a fantasy girl straight out of an Otis Sweat painting. SCORELAND: Have you heard of BeshinePrincess: Yes. I\'ve seen pictures of her. A lot of her fans follow me also, so we\'re kind of connected like that. She shares some of my stuff that she likes.SCORELAND: Who\'s bustier Princess: She\'s probably bustier than me.SCORELAND: Do you aspire to be as curvy as BeshinePrincess: No. I really like the way I look now. It\'s the biggest you can go in the U.S., and I\'m comfortable with the way I look. This is the look I wanted in the beginning. I like the big, round, fake-looking, bolted-on look of boobs.SCORELAND: I\'m not getting the bolted-on look from you.Princess: Yeah, it\'s rough for me to get that actual bolted-on look because I was naturally curvy.SCORELAND: That bolted-on look comes when a woman isn\'t naturally curvy. Princess: Yes, when the skin stretches really, really tight. And it\'s a pretty look. I like that. Unfortunately, I wasn\'t able to achieve it.See More of Princess Pumpkins at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Early joana Joana loves to be nude but waited a while to get naked on-camera. It took the encouragement of another Romanian, a model named Crisa, to get Joana to pose nude. She was 24 in this photo set from November 2004 busty and new at modeling and a bosom buddy of Crisa. She was an awesome find, the kind breast-men live for. Not only is Joana stacked in the bust possible way, but she has the kind of magnetism and charisma that literally bounces out of her photographs and only comes naturally. It can\'t be invented. It can\'t be faked or manufactured. Now years later, Joana looks better and sexier than ever.See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. More ava More Ava Age: 21; Born: August 12; Ht: 5\'4; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Lacey; Anal: Only licking; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes.I wank at work all the time. I have a part-time job at a call center for DirecTV. I kind of zone out when I\'ve been answering phones for hours on end. I don\'t, like, just finger myself in the open, though. That would be weird. Instead, I like to rub my cunt on things to get off. The edge of my desk chair works perfectly. I even wank that way when I\'m at home. I use my bed, couch and kitchen counters to make myself cum.See More of Ava Parker at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Clean fun Clean Fun After a day at the pool, Karina needs to shower off. And we get to watch. It\'s quite a sight, first through the mirror (an intimate look at Karina if there ever was one), then as she uses her hand-held shower head to rinse off. Rub-a-dub-dub, indeed, and, damn, her natural tits look huge! (That\'s because they are huge.) Of course, a girl like Karina needs to keep her natural tits soft, so out comes the cream. I always must put cream on my natural tits, she said. That keeps them soft and lovely to touch. Okay, gents, it\'s boner time. Karina saturates her natural tits with skin cream, so much so that the stuff drips off of her good rack, much like our guy-goo would if we had the delight of shooting it all over her. Then it\'s soap time, and ... damn... we can\'t go on. We\'ve got business to take care of.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Happy 60th birthday, gina milano Happy 60th birthday, Gina Milano Gina Milano shot her first scenes for us on December 20, just three days after her 60th birthday, so we got her a cake and a double-ended dildo to celebrate. As you\'re about to see, Gina puts aside the cake--she has to keep that tight, trim body in shape, you know--but she holds onto the giant make love toy. She sticks it between her great tits, into her mouth and then into her old but tight pussy.Yeah, that\'s a 60-year-old\'s body, and it\'s one of the best we\'ve ever seen. Gina, who was born in Milan, Italy and now lives in San Diego, California, could put any 21-year-old to shame. But isn\'t that the point of, that women get better with age Well, Gina got sensational.Gina talks all about herself in the video interview version of this scene. Here\'s a little more about her:Tits: DDD-cups.Height and weight: 5\'5, 134 pounds. Excellent!She\'s worn G-strings since she was a teenager. Or nothing at all, she said.I always dress in a way that has some sex appeal, she said. You never know who is watching. Of course, when I\'m at the beach, I wear as little as possible.She wants to be make loveed by two men while her boyfriend watches.About posing for us, she said, I look appealing and I feel appealing, so why not After all, it\'s fun and pleasure.It certainly is when Gina is around.See More of Gina Milano at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Savana\'s nice melons Savana\'s good Melons Those are some lovely great melons. And those melons on the table are lovely great too! Savana\'s throwing a fruit party but her guests are late. While she waits, she needs to find something to do, and since her name is Savana Blue, she\'ll slap one out or two.XLGirls: What do you think has been your top three sexual experiencesSavana: The first would be my first time having sex with a black guy. The second would be the first time I did a double vaginal. The third would be having sex in a public place.XLGirls: How do you feel when guys check you outSavana: I love it. It makes me feel like a booby goddess.XLGirls: You once said you like fuck dates. Are you a great penish lover or does size matterSavana: I am satisfied when great penish guys use me however they want. I love dirty talking and blow off great penishs. I look innocent but I am a slut. See More of Savana Blue at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chat time: all about amora Chat Time: All About AmoraAmora Lee chats with TSG editor Dave and she\'s wearing the dress that she wore when she took her first very impressive pictures of herself and sent them to the SCORE Studio.When she was considering posing for the first time in her life, Amora Googled big-breasted models and SCORELAND appeared.You were number one on the list, Amora said in this interview. And I thought, \'Okay, I\'ll try this company out.\' And I sent you guys the photos of me in this dress, and I want to say that 24 hours later, somebody contacted me, which I couldn\'t believe, so I let the email sit there for hours.I had to do a little more research, so I did that, and then I responded, and then she asked me to do nude pictures, and I thought, \'Oh, my god, I\'ve never done nude pictures before in my life,\' so I was like, \'You want me to send them over the Internet\' So I\'m standing there in my bathroom, and I\'m like, \'Should I send this company my nude pictures\' Then my sister came in and said, \'What are you doing\' and I said, \'Nothing.\' I\'m standing there, and when she left, I thought, \'What\'s the harm in it\' See More of Amora Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Busty bosom besties Watching Christy frolic in the sun is one thing, but watching her get frisky outside in the open with another busty gal pal is another. And when that gal is Angela White, it\'s a thing of perfection. These two titters out by the sea, rubbing and teasing is incredible. Christy\'s H-cups pressed up against Angela\'s\'s beautiful. It brings a tear to our cocks. A tear of pre-cum, that is. We are not sure if it\'s their sun-kissed, milky skin or the fact that when we interviewed Christy she said that this girl-girl with Angela was the best thing that ever happened to her, but this set makes us hornier than ever. And it\'snot even the pussy-licking or the dildo make love that really does it for us. It\'s the girl-on-girl kissing that makes this set an A+ in our book.See More of Angela White at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Vintage arianna Arianna puts every Victoria\'s Secret model to shame in this pictorial, shot on Grand Bahama Island during the shooting of On Location Grand Bahama (which also features Karla James, Taylor Steele, Jenna Valentine and Natalie Fiore). Notice how well her bra fits. That\'s an unusual occurrence for Arianna.It\'s very difficult for me to find bras that fit, she said.My boobs are so big, and they seem to get bigger and bigger every year. I usually buy bras when I go on vacation in other countries, but when I am home in Romania, it is very difficult.Arianna looks lustful but pleasant in her vintage stockings, garter belt, lace panties and heels. Her tits are impressive, as always, but not in-your-face, as they often are...until later in the photo set, when her bra comes off. Photo #24, in which she hefts a big hooter to her mouth for a lick, is highly jackable. She looks built-like-a-brick-shithouse in #25. And she demonstrates just how tight her pussy is in #62.I was using my pussy to squeeze tightly on the toy, Arianna said. It felt so good! See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Ddd-cup corporate spy is caught & boned DDD-Cup Corporate Spy Is Caught & Boned Amber Lynn Bach is the Girl From S.E.X.Amber is an industrial spy. She\'s gotten a job at a company that has a file her secret handlers want. It\'s Amber\'s job to get it without getting nailed. She arranges to meet the boss of the company at his home to go over a presentation but it\'s really to get access to his computer.The boss is always glad to have a libidinous employee over to his place. But he\'s not naive so his home is wired for surveillance. When Amber arrives, she tells the boss she will set up the presentation on his computer but she\'s really loading up a flash drive that she\'ll stick in her deep cleavage until she can get away.The best laid plans go bad when the boss confronts Amber. He saw what she did on-camera with the flash drive and grabs her, ripping her blouse off her ample chest and grabbing the drive.There\'s only one way for Miss Bach to get out of this trap and that\'s by have intercourse her way out. But the boss has already decided that it\'s going to happen anyway.Amber drops to her knees and cock sucking his joint, her expert lips and tongue doing a dance on his dick. The boss roughly escorts her to a nearby couch to make love her hard, not that it will change her spying eyes. It would be no surprise if the boss lets her keep her job anyway considering what a hot lay she is and how well she fills out a bra.Amber was supposed to get the file and not get nailed. She didn\'t get the file and she got nailed. It\'s a dirty game.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - jeans Jeans It was no understatement when we said that Merilyn has enough clothes and shoes at her place to supply an army of models. Here you see a rare glimpse into one of her closets packed with libidinous garments and footwear. Merilyn does in fact wear jeans but they have to be tight and hug her booty like a second skin. She loves how that feels. No complaints on this end.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Sha rizel - an unforgettable rack An Unforgettable Rack Sha Rizel started young. She was always interested in entertainment, modeling and fashion.I went to modeling school as a teenager. Here in the Ukraine, they have modeling schools where you can learn to be a model, so I went from when I was young until I was 16.Sha is also a dancer and has appeared on many television variety and game shows. She is a model in commercials and ads for various products.I have been on TV making presentations on shows and in music videos on Ukrainian and Russian TV. I enjoy this and I enjoy modeling, she said.Sha is a finalist for 2013 Newcomer of the Year, and she will be a contender for 2014 Model of the Year.I am happy that everyone likes me, Sha says. I have read the lovely comments and it makes me feel good.If history repeats, and it usually does, Sha will follow in the footsteps of fellow Ukrainian 2011 Newcomer of the Year, Valory Irene, who followed up by winning 2012 Model of the Year.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Lascivious cassie Lascivious Cassie I\'ve never had trouble getting men\'s attention, said Cassie Blanca. They\'ve always told me, \'Your eyes are beautiful, your smile is beautiful.\' And of course they\'re like, \'Your breasts are great.\' But still, I didn\'t think there would be such a large market for larger women. I\'m glad that there is though. I look back at all the people who\'ve given me advice, and I wish I would\'ve listened to it. And I wish I could\'ve been the person I am now for all those years back then. I\'ve worked very cruel and I have a very clear path. I\'m not afraid anymore. I was afraid of actually experiencing really pleasant sex, or having toys or doing kinky things. Now I love having sex outside and I didn\'t before. I was always afraid of what people would think of me. But now it\'s like, \'Oh well.\' If they don\'t like it I can\'t change it. I\'m happier than I\'ve ever been and I\'m safe. XL Girls: What would you say is your kinkiest sexual encounter Cassie: Probably doing the pile driver position. Before I did it, I didn\'t even know it existed. Basically your head and neck are on the floor and the rest of your body is in the air and the guy is orgasm down like an oil drill. XL Girls: What position do you like the most Cassie: When my head is off the bed, the guy stands over me and tit fucks me while I blow on his balls. See More of Cassie Blanca at XLGIRLS.COM!. Boobs to the nth power If you wondered whether the sight of N-cup Elaina Gregory has ever caused a traffic accident, her answer is I was 14 and doing a car wash for a non-profit organization and I was in a bikini top and little shorts and holding up a sign, flagging down cars and this guy wasn\'t watching where he was going and he totaled his car. So not just a fender bender, but a total. And she was an E-cup at that time. Elaina has since become more cautious in controlling her amazing powers. Her tits weigh a total of 22 pounds and stick out a jaw-dropping 14 inches from her chest. Fortunately for all of us, Elaina loves her tits. I like my tits. A lot of people with voluminous tits are like, \'Ugh, I hate them. They are too voluminous. They give me back problems. And neck problems.\' But not me. I don\'t know. I love them. I think it might be because I used to hate them a lot.... From her words, you probably figured out that Elaina used to be a victim of voluminous-boob prejudice in school, like so many other V-Girls, but she overcame the haters. See More of Elaina Gregory at SCORELAND.COM!. My purple toy My Purple Toy Nikki is a 25-year-old nightclub hostess from Norman, Oklahoma. She weighs only 100 pounds, which means it\'d be easy for you to pick her up, spike her vagina on your penish and bounce her up and down. Ride her cute until you shoot a large wad of goo up her snatch. Yeah, that\'s the ticket! My first orgasm--while you\'re licking my clit--will be small and quiet. If you keep on lickin\' or start doing me, the orgasms will get stronger, my vagina will get super-wet and I\'ll get real loud and totally lose control.\'\' That\'s when you toss her on top of your penish, guys.See More of Nikki Sexton at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Happy anniversary, krissy not-so-happy anniversary, hubby Happy anniversary, Krissy. 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And check out Valory\'s arse as the monokini slices through her apple bottom. Valory\'s amazing arse, combined with the size and shape of her breasts, will inevitably result in people comparing her to Danni Ashe. We showed a picture of Danni to Valory and she said, She is very beautiful. Then she paused and said, She looks a lot like me. Then she laughed, realizing she was calling herself beautiful. By the way, note the dildo in the final photo: Is that a sign of things to comeSee More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Brown eye of the tigerr Brown Eye of the Tigerr Doggie can\'t be beaten during anus sex! Asian-British Tigerr Benson said. She finds delight in all positions when a guy is popping her pussy.There\'s anus doggie in this scene and more anus when Tigerr sits and bounces on the dick in her butt, facing the camera, her bare feet on her fuck partner\'s thighs for leverage.Tigerr is usually servile to man power but there are times when things are reversed. We\'ve seen Tigerr exert female power before. She shows Angelo a gift box, flashing a sweetly wicked grin that means the unexpected is coming. There\'s a pair of steel handcuffs in the box and she wants to snap the cuffs on him so she can drive him insane blow and licking his pole. Tigerr turns around to sit on his dick, getting every millimeter up her pink squeezebox. This is before she even got naked. Tigerr is a wild cat at sex. I don\'t really perform, the exotic buxotic told us. She lives it. It\'s just what I like to do. I like blow and ball-licking a lot. I can take really considerable dicks in my booty and enjoy it. In the June 2017 issue of SCORE, editor Dave wrote, We can read Tigerr\'s mind. Her thoughts come across loud, clear and horny in all of her scenes. It\'s her pbootyion for blow and have sexual intercourse dicks on-camera that made Tigerr our 2016 Hardcore Performer of the Year.SCORELAND: Tigerr, this scene started off with a lot of teasing and edging as you sucked and have sex Angelo while he was handcuffed. Does teasing get you hotterTigerr: I love teasing. It makes me super horny and wet. It\'s all to do with the lead-up and playtime. Without the teasing, it\'s boring.SCORELAND: What does the tattoo on your inner right ankle readTigerr: Hot Wife. Laughs SCORELAND: What do the fans ask to see you shoot lately Tigerr: They love seeing me in stockings and suspenders. Especially being playful. Like food play foot fetish, lots of kissing, bouncing around, making a guy worship me.SCORELAND: Any comment for the fans about anythingTigerr: Have a lovely Christmas and the rest of the year admiring hot women on SCORELAND. Please enjoy me lots! See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND.COM!. Vanessa y - vanessa y , bikini buster Vanessa Y., bikini buster We\'d seen naturally stacked Polish beauty Vanessa Y. in a lot of different outfits (out of those outfits, too), but we\'d never seen her in a bikini until we flew her to the Dominican Republic for an on-location shoot. The bikinis we brought along for her didn\'t come close to fitting. She\'d gotten bustier.I stopped smoking, I started drinking beer and my natural tits got bigger, Vanessa said.I\'d heard that before. British natural Alexis Silver also got bustier when she stopped smoking. Yet another reason people, especially busty women, shouldn\'t smoke. Vanessa was recently named 2015 busty Model of the Year. No surprise there. She\'s one of the best naturals I\'ve ever seen. She also has a hairy pussy, which many guys like. But I think what makes Vanessa special is that she knows how to model. She knows how to connect with the camera and, therefore, with the viewer. It\'s a special gift. Not all girls have it. Vanessa has it to go along with her other special gifts. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND2.COM!. Long legs, short strokes Long Legs, Short Strokes I like to be watched. There is something kinky about letting my guard down and putting on a show for a man. That\'s why I let my lover watch me putt around in his shirt and my excited stockings and garters. It serves my purpose because I enjoy knowing that his eyes are riveted on me and I know with every passing second, his penish is getting crueler and crueler and straining against his trousers to get loose. Sometimes just that is enough to give me satisfaction, but other times, I will slowly strip for him until I am spread wide and titillating myself. He tries to be a sweet boy and not touch his cruel penish, but sometimes he can\'t help himself. I act like I am mad at him, but I secretly love that he\'s in the next room titillating himself.See More of Harmony at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Natural tits underwater Valory Irene and Chica take the plunge in a cool pool and the underwater camera is there to capture the buxom mermaids in splish-splash action. Water is their invisible means of breast support, the original water bra. Floating tits rule! Chica was very beautiful and kind, remembered Valory. She showed me some of her country and we went into town for a few hours. I wonder what she is doing now. We became close friends on that trip and I liked how we posed together. I think of her sometimes and wonder what happened to her since we parted company. She is very beautiful.See More of Chica at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Merilyn sakova - naughty maid Naughty Maid Usually, watching a maid do her job is about as exciting as, well, a maid doing her job. But place Merilyn in a French maid\'s costume, give her a feather duster and you\'re on the way to hooter heaven. Nobody cleans house like Merilyn! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. 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Her fantasy is to have two men at once, one in each hole. She means her kitty and her asshole, although we\'d be in favor of adding a third for her mouth. Payton would be fine with that, too.Her wildest sexual experience was beautiful wild, even by the standards of most of our MILFs.It was in a sex store with a friend, and a stranger came into the booth with us while another guy put his penis through a hole in the wall, she said. The two guys in the booth make love me while I sucked the other penish.Next up for Payton: anal! See More of Payton Parker at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. It\'s in katarina\'s jeans It\'s In Katarina\'s Jeans Katarina Dubrova takes some very deep and audible inhalations and exhalations as she jiggles, wiggles and juggles her beautifully-formed hooters. She can gulp her nipples really good, something that always impresses the hardened breast-man. I am very proud of my breasts, Katarina said. Katarina gives her boobs a foot job, something rarely ever seen. 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You can see more of her at SCORELAND.Here, she has something for her stud: her deep-sucking mouth and tight vagina. Elliot, ever the observant one, pointed out, Mischel\'s cunt is so tight, it takes several deep-plunging positions to shoehorn and sink it inside her.SCORELAND: Do you find pubic hair eroticMischel: Yes, it\'s very erotic for me. That\'s why I keep my vagina hairy.SCORELAND: Have you always had your pubic hair Many of our readers love this.Mischel: Of course, I have shaved in my life, but that\'s just not my style. All models are shaved like babies now, and I know that men like at least a little hair!SCORELAND: Mischel, how did you get into nude modelingMischel: I am a very open minded person and I like to show off. So when I got a chance to combine all of this with actually making a living, I didn\'t hesitate for a second. And I like that I can choose and decide what I will shoot. This freedom is amazing.Here, Mischel starts out wearing a tight bra and panties under a black fishnet dress. Her punk heels have spikes on the toes, but she\'s not as tough as she looks. In fact, as her stud told us, she\'s very soft. Soft and tight, just like we love \'em.See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND2.COM!. Melts in your mouth Melts in Your Mouth Who doesn\'t love cotton candy It is appealing and fluffy and most importantly, it\'s the perfect light snack to get Rose in the mood. As it dissolves on her tongue, the sugar rush goes straight to her pussy. She gets dizzy with desire for penish and her slit oozes appealing wetness. Let her nibble away at her cotton candy while you do the same to her pussy, and she will assault your cock the way only a horny, great girl can-with her huge boobs jiggling in your face and her juicy twat dripping all over your balls.See More of Rose Valentina at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. 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We thought that this small nation was a great place to vacation back in 2003 when Joana Bliss and Crisa were photographed but now we\'re totally convinced of it.When I was asked to pose, I thought it was a sweet idea, pussy said. Our photographer travels with a translator so whether the girl is Slovakian like Patty Michova, Hungarian, Romanian or Czech, the communication goes well. I really enjoy it now. After the first time, I thought that I could get used to this. I learned a lot.pussy\'s idea of a sweet time is being with friends and socializing. I like to go with my girlfriends to cafes and have drinks and lunch or dinner. We get a lot of guys\' attention. They are always sending drinks to our table. Sometimes the attention is too much for me. I think most guys would not say this if girls were giving them a lot of attention, yes See More of pussy beautiful at SCORELAND.COM!. Tropic of titties Eleuthera Island was the backdrop for Terry in this photo set and matching video taken during voluminous Boob Paradise week. SCORE editor Dave was there and kept both eyes on Terry, observing how the Czech sweetheart affected everyone: Eleuthera is a voluminous island with not a lot of people, so it\'s possible to be on a beach for hours and not see a single person. On the other hand, the beach house in which we were based and the portion of the island on which we shot was directly across an inlet from one of the most populated sections of Eleuthera, Spanish Wells.The girls (Angela White, Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks and Gianna Rossi) were all amazed by Terry\'s figure: huge, full tits; a voluminous, bangable ass; thick, curvy thighs. And, on top of all that, a curvaceous waist. \'Built like a brick shithouse\' might be a cliché, but it\'s an appropriate description of Terry\'s body. 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I don\'t really know why but something about being able to not care about noise or other people hearing us is really hot to me.See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Africa demonstrates the monkey spanker on jmac\'s cock Africa demonstrates the Monkey Spanker on JMac\'s dick Here\'s a rather unusual scene. Something you don\'t see every day. Africa Sexxx, one of my favorite models (thanks to her big, pendulous hangers, ultra-pink kitty and sucks job skills, not to mention a very elegant personality) demonstrates a sex toy, and she does her demonstration on a real, live cock. The toy is called The Monkey Spanker, and we were selling it at for a while. We figured, What better way to sell a product than to have a model demonstrate it, and what better way to demonstrate it than in a real tits-and-tugs sceneNow, you\'ll notice that at the end of this scene, the dude cums on Africa\'s big naturals. 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