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The perfect pair The Perfect Pair This pairing of Tabatha Towers and Honey Moons was a perfect physical match, a pairing made in hooter heaven. They had very similar fleshy, curvy, milky bodies, pendulous, tan-lined tits with saucer-sized areolas, trimmed bushes (very few models and strippers shaved or waxed bald back then) and an overall kissin\' cousins appearance.When it came to personalities, Honey and Tabatha were totally different. Honey had a dominant nature, was very outspoken and let her likes and dislikes be known very clearly. Tabatha was more easygoing. She did swear that she hadn\'t had a boob job and most magazine editors with any awareness didn\'t speculate about that in print. See More of Tabatha Towers at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Little fuck-doll Little Fuck-doll What a little make love-doll Genie Onyx is! She\'s a little pixie at only 4\'10 tall so she wears large make love shoes to compensate. But look beyond her height and notice how shapely and defined her excited legs are. She must spend hours keeping them in perfect shape. She has the legs of a ballerina. In this video, Genie shows off her pins for the Leg Sex camera, tightening each muscle so you can study them. She removes her do-me shoes and exposes her tiny, nice feet. How many guys have doused her precious peds with their ball-batter A lot! says Genie. My boyfriends have spent hours on my legs and feet. They love to cock sucking and lick my toes and they always ask me to walk back and forth in high-heels while they lay back and play with their cocks. Because I\'m so small and light, most of them can pick me up and have sex with me in the most excited positions!See More of Genie Onyx at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Who\'s teasing who Who\'s Teasing Who Who takes a shower with her clothes on A girl who wants nothing more than to tease us before she satisfies us, that\'s who. A girl like Karina. The sheer, wet T-shirt at the start is a beautiful touch. In the photos, we enjoy an ants-eye view of her rack. As the action proceeds, we think Karina is about to get naked, but she isn\'t. She wants to tease us some more, but is this really a tease or is it exactly what we want to see: Karina soaping up her twin beauties through her shirt And who exactly is she teasing I like to take a shower and see how long I can go without titillating my pussy, she said. I will touch every other part of my body, my breasts especially, until I get so excited, I must get myself off. That\'s what the dildo is for. With Karina, it\'s always handy.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Bra-vo! Few women can fill a bra the way Kelly does. And when that bra is black, with a matching black thong, covered (but not for long!) by the world\'s tiniest, tightest red sweater and matching skirt, well, that\'s heaven.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Lizzy gets laid Lizzy Gets Laid Her sign reads Miami or Bust. What she really means is Sex or Bust. A ride to Miami isn\'t as important to her as a ride on a cock. Lizzy is going to do whatever it takes to get laid. In this case, she\'s flying a sign while wearing a mini-skirt. She must\'ve learned from our other Pickin\' Up cunt girls that this is a tried and true way to get your pussy filled with cock. And she must\'ve heard that the cock is plentiful in Miami (which it is). Looks like it\'s Lizzy\'s lucky day. She gets a ride to the Magic City and a heavy trousersnake in her elegant slit!See More of Lizzy James at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Valory irene - excited blowjob dry Exciting cock sucking Dry Valory Irene is a hairstylist in a salon. Cha-ching. You have found the hair cutter of your dreams. Valory\'s boobs overflow out of her low-cut yellow blouse. Do you trust this girl with a razor and your neck With a girl who looks like this, the answer is a no brainer. Valory teases her customers with her deep cleavage, then slowly strips out of her hot outfit to tantalize you with her fantastically-built body and good face. Will she cock sucking you What do you think is in her hand A telephone Yes, she\'ll cock sucking you! And comb your hair too! Actually, what\'s in her hand is a toy and it\'s not salon-approved. But she\'s going to please herself in front of you. Damn the rules! Has there been a sexier, better-built hairstylist than Valory Every salon should have a Valory on staff.See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. New discovery! New Discovery! Born in Moldava, new discovery Natasha charming lives in Italy, a country that, surprisingly enough, has never been a charming area to find really curvy girls...curvy girls willing to get bare on-camera. Remember Miranda She was one of the very few. I like the feeling I get when I flash guys with my large boobs and they get nervous and excited, Natasha said. It makes me feel charming. I feel like a queen. Having boobs this large makes me feel so special.That\'s right, Natasha. And by taking out your large ones at SCORELAND, you\'re not just flashing the guys around you. You\'re flashing thousands of guys around the world.The best compliment I ever got \'Your boobs are so large!\' The worst \'You run too slow.\' Yes, because my boobs are so large, they jump like crazy when I run!That\'s something on our list of things we\'d like to see. You gotta wonder if Natasha gets her anus pinched a lot living in Italy. See More of Natasha charming at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Terry nova - everyone loves terry Everyone Loves TerryAmong the big naturals of this busty world, there are big naturals who fly solo and there are those who have no hesitation about getting their freak on when the cameras roll. Ever-smiling, doe-eyed Terry Nova may look shy and quiet to you if you ever happened to meet her but you know better. She\'s one of the hottest and horniest big-boobed sex stars. Terry\'s popularity has kept her in SCORELAND\'s Top Rated 20 Models listing. With women like Terry and many others, the Czechs could rule the world. I assume that the only reason they don\'t is that they\'re too busy make love their women\'s tits...and I don\'t blame them, Jared sagely observes. He may be right about that. Terry is one of the easiest-going girls our studio staff ever spent time with. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. The pianist\'s penisin her pussy The Pianist\'s Her cunt Hannah has been practicing after school, just not the piano. She\'s been practicing her penish sucking jobs and sex skills, and now she wants to show her piano instructor what she\'s learned.Hannah is an irresistible southern Belle with a flat chest and meaty cunt lips. She has long, blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes. She looks almost angelic as she penish sucking the piano instructor\'s long, heavy penish.Inside Hannah\'s meaty folds is a tight, pink slit. The instructor slides his rod in and her snug cunt squeezes his shaft. Hannah\'s never been stretched like this before, but she holds her own. She may not be able to play the piano, but she can ride a penish and take a pounding. You could say the practice has paid off. See More of Hannah Hays at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Lesbos back at it again! Lesbos Back at it Again! Maloree (in the purple top) and Erica (orange top) are 18-year-old students from Boca Raton, Florida. They call themselves part-time lesbians because they only get it on with each other, and most of the time they\'re more interested in having their pussies filled with cock. Sometimes we go a month without getting together, other times it\'s a week, said Erica. We like to go on double dates and that includes ending up together in the same room with the guys when we\'re fooling around so we can hear and watch each other. So far we\'ve not suggested swapping partners or gotten together to put on a show for the guys to watch, but we\'re sure going to do both when the time is right and we think that our dates will be up for it. That\'s gonna be one helluva wild night! Check out the pics tomorrow!See More of Maloree Marlee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Roxi, goddess of gazongas Roxi, Goddess of Gazongas It\'s moving day for Roxi Red and she\'s having some trouble getting a box into her new place. It\'s extremely big because it\'s filled with Roxi\'s bras. Really big bras! It\'s intolerable that no hero has come to her rescue. She could break a fingernail. At that moment, her new neighbor Patrick passes by and sees this Amazonian breast goddess in need of a helping hand or two, and offers to lug the box inside.A grateful Roxi happily encourages him to apply his helping hands to her spectacular sweater-melons. She loves having her sophisticated rack worshipped and enjoys the attention, one of the reasons she originally came to SCORE. Patrick sticks his head under Roxi\'s top for a motorboating. Each breast is much bigger than his head.Roxi is more chatty than usual. Patrick is too occupied with oral breast worshipping to engage in tit-talk. Most guys are speechless when meeting Roxi and actually getting to feel her super-knockers.Roxi takes the lead and directs Patrick to the bed. He\'s going to enjoy the kind of breast sex that\'s almost impossible to get. There are only a few women in the world with a Roxi Red rack and they\'re almost impossible to find, let alone photograph. After the boob feast, it\'s time to fuck.See More of Roxi Red at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Braless in pink Braless In Pink As mentioned earlier, Kerry is not dancing anymore in the Sunday Sport newspaper calvacade, taking the buses to nightclubs all over the U.K. with other British showbirds. I prefer the modeling because the dancing is quite heavy work and when I travel the country all the time, the hours are long and I\'m away from home quite a bit. Dancing is quite tiring and draining. And the money, sometimes it\'s good, sometimes it\'s bad. At least with modeling you always know what you\'re gonna get.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Tit fucked! Tit Fucked! Since Merilyn\'s bust-out into the big-boobed scene, a section of her admirers have wondered and asked when she will hook up with a penish on camera. The rest are content with things as they are and prefer Merilyn by herself, keeping things focused on her world-famous chest. After all, Nicole Peters never did. Kerry Marie never did. The never-did, never-will super-natural list continues: Bea Flora-no. Lorna Morgan-no. Nadine Jansen-no. Ines Cudna-no. Danni Ashe-no. Jessica Turner-no. Anna Song-no. Sharday-no. Linsey, Chloe Vevrier, Autumn-Jade and now Christy Marks are the few super-naturals to have done full-sex on camera. The SCORE website and DVD series boobs And Tugs features busty centerfolds jacking off and tit-have sexing guys. Would Merilyn at least consider doing that Merilyn\'s decision was to offer something virtual. A virtual handjob and breast-sex encounter. After the Tit Fucked! point-of-view pictorial appeared, some Merilyn fans around the globe pondered, wondered and asked if what they saw was real. That prominently-veined, shiny penish sticking out of a fly sure looked real. Their comments were emailed in to BustyMerilyn and also popped up on various Net message boards and blogs. What they saw was a spin-off of the ancient Japanese mammary art called paizuri, a kind of prosthetic breast-sex perfected by Japanese adult directors to cope with the strict censorship laws in their country. In this virtual video version of Tit Fucked!, photographed in the all-important point-of-view perspective, Merilyn fulfills a fantasy for many of us. The desire to see her stroke off your penish and have sex it between the cleavage we love and cherish so much. She\'s every inch the seductress. She can have sex you with her eyes. Even if you have seen every Merilyn video and pictorial and every DVD she\'s made, you\'ll be slack-jawed at how violent her natural tits look when she gets on her back for her mammary mounting. After seeing this video, you\'ll have a beautiful sweet idea how Merilyn is with a shaft in her hand and between her breasts. We loved how she said Do you want to have sex my teets in her heavily-accented English. Music to our ears. And maybe one day.... But if she never does, would it weaken the musicSee More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Genitals prefer autumn Genitals Prefer Autumn Imagine Marilyn Monroe with a dildo. Yo, wait a minute! You mean you don\'t know Marilyn Monroe Well, you know Autumn-Jade, Jack, and you know you\'re here to get a funky hunk of spunk-busting boob action. So on with the show! Autumn is a huge fan of Marilyn: she collects books about her, pictures of her and has all her movies on tape or DVD. This was one shoot Autumn-Jade really wanted to do -- and wow, she delivers! Miss A-J evokes the Hollywood sex goddess in a set so torrid she nearly set the studio on fire. Y\'see, it\'s that friction thing Autumn gets going when she works the plastic pecker into her world-class quim. So don\'t get the idea this is some foo-foo excuse for the meat-beating extravaganzas you expect from our Miss Autumn. Nossirrreeee. This is a one hundred per cent stone-to-the-bone striptease and dildorama from America\'s favorite -- your favorite -- Autumn-Jade. Give the lady a large hand. On your dick, that is.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Cilla\'s full-body massage Cilla\'s full-body manalage Cilla has been working all day, and now she needs a manalage, so she calls over Max. Cilla, who\'s 47 and comes from North Wales, enjoys the manalage so much that she decides to gulp his cock. And what comes next She pulls out her large, floppy boobs. Max gulps and tit-fucks them. Then he eats her pussy. She returns the favor by letting him plunder her pussy.Now, you\'d think Max would want to ejaculate all over Cilla\'s large boobs, but he doesn\'t. He can\'t. Why can\'t he Because it\'s a long way from a woman\'s anal to her boobs when you\'re make love her from behind. He ejaculates on her anal because he can\'t help himself. His balls are ready to explode. But that\'s okay with Cilla. She\'s already ejaculate a few times.Cilla is a MILF. Her large naturals are F-cups. She usually doesn\'t wear panties. Dinner and sex are her favorite kind of dates. She\'s married, but get this: She\'s an escort, and she loves her work. There\'s just something super raunchy about a 47-year-old woman who works as an escort. And fucks on-camera. That, too. See More of Cilla at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. She\'s the typical woman-next-door this is not typical She\'s the typical woman-next-door. This is not typical. I\'m your typical woman-next-door, said Kandi Jones, a 41-year-old wife and first-timer who\'s not so typical in this scene. For one, she\'s have intercourse on-camera for the first time. Most women do not fuck on-camera. For another, she goes very deep on Bambino\'s heavy cock. Gets it all the way down her throat and looks into the camera while she\'s doing so. She blowjob his balls, too. Then she fucks him. Then she opens her mouth for his cum. And she does all of this while her husband of 20 years is sitting a few feet away off-camera.Hmmmm...typical woman-next-door We don\'t think so.But we\'ll let Kandi, who lives in South Florida, tell her story.My husband always thought I was more lovely than I thought I was. He always encouraged me to show off a little. He would take pictures of me and we would do the at-home sex videos thing. One time we went to Vegas, and he took me to the Green Door, and we met a couple, and the second evening, I felt comfortable enough to actually have sex. Not together, but we had sex in the same room, and then the next night, we met up with them again, and she and I got together. So that was our first take on an adventurous sexual exploration. It was very exciting and very hot.We visited a couple of other sex clubs, and I found that I really like being naked and I really love when people watch me. We moved to Key West about six years ago and started spending a lot of time at the Garden of Eden. I got hit on a lot, so my husband started encouraging me to see if anyone wanted to come home with us. And we did. Brought home a few sailors. A lot of young guys.My husband encouraged me to apply to The SCORE Group. I kind of laughed him off. I really thought there was no way you would want me, so I just let him put in the application, and then, lo and behold, I got a phone call from The SCORE Group. I\'ve never been more excited. I really, really hope that you enjoy watching my videos. It\'s my first time having sex on-camera. I\'m a little nervous. A lot nervous! He\'s a total stranger, so if you\'re ready, I\'m ready. Here we go! See More of Kandi Jones at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Beautiful american pie Nice American pie I came here to have fun, said Jade, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in upstate New York and now lives in South Florida. I love the outdoors. I love water sports. I love the beach. I love bicycling. I love to ride. Both my bike and cock.There we go! Jade is the epitome of the term MILF. She has a tight little body and a beautiful, mature, knowing face. She doesn\'t wait for guys to make the first move. She makes it, and if the guy is half her age, that\'s even better.I once had sex with a 19-year-old, she says. My friends and I were out on a boat, and I picked him up on a sand bar, brought him back to the boat and got busy with him in the cabin.The guy Jade\'s having sex with in this video is 24. That\'s about the right age for her.Young guys have no trouble getting it up, and when we\'re done fucking, I don\'t have to worry about them wanting a long-term relationship because I\'m in control. I let them know that it\'s just about sex. See More of Jade at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Exciting busty bush baby Exciting busty Bush Baby One of our friends in the UK sent us a few photos of Vanessa. We called him back 10 seconds after his email arrived. We wanted to know how quickly we could get the rest of the photos.You ever see a chick and not be able to get her out of your head Our editor-in-chief told us Vanessa has been making appearances in his dreams for weeks. There are a few pictures that she\'s practically making love to the camera, he said. When the guy who has been in the amateur porn business since chicks used to mail in photo rolls and negatives tells you a girl is special, you know it\'s true.Want to play a game All of the guys in the office agree that there\'s one shot that\'s better than all of the rest. Can you pick out the photo we\'re using in our Naughty Neighbors November 2017 issue See More of Vanessa Scott at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Ass-piring model Ass-piring Model Nikki is yet another aspiring model, but she has no delusions or fantasies of catwalks and fashion shows. She wants to be a fuck-model. So she gets right down to it in her first audition. We love when the girls get off to a fuck start. She\'s a student from Kansas who\'s into fuck as much as she\'s into...well, just about anything. Posing by myself sounds boring, she said. I\'ll do it, but what I really want to do is fuck. Nikki likes being in school, but she\'s had porn on her mind lately, and that might be the direction her life takes for a while. I get fidgety in class because I\'m always horny, she said. I need a job where I don\'t have to think about fuck. I can just do it. Nikki has come to the right place.See More of Nikki Vee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Top hat and tail! Top Hat and Tail! Karina in pantyhose is definitely one of the things that has often occurred to us. She has the the legs and booty to pull it off, and you have to love the way those patterned hose huge her large, round booty. But the top hat Where did that come from Are we going back to the roaring \'20s Well, the fact is that Karina is always full of surprises, and wearing the top hat with this outfit was her idea.It was fun getting dressed up like this, Karina said. I asked the photographer if I could keep the hat so I can wear it on New Year\'s Eve. I think I\'m going to!That, of course, is a long way off, but Karina\'s birthday is just around the corner (August 26), and Karina recommends you celebrate the large day by taking your cock out of your pants and popping a load in her honor. Cheers!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Eager beaver Eager Beaver Some girls might be grossed out to catch a guy watching porn, but not Ariel. She walks in on her brother\'s friend doing just that, and it turns her on, especially when she sees his hard-on bulging through his pants. Ariel goes for his cock, eagerly cock sucking and jacking it. Her boyfriend doesn\'t have sexual intercourse her right, so she wants to see if an older guy can please her. Ariel climbs on top and bounces her little bum up and down as she rides his cock, leaving his shaft glistening with her goo. We get to see her slender body and petite tits as she gets have sexual intercourseed every which way. And judging by the sound of her moans, this guy is hitting the spot. In the end, she lays back to happily take his seed all over her tongue and face. Ariel doesn\'t just watch porn; she makes it. See More of Ariel at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. April\'s bbc day April\'s BBC day It\'s a hot day in Miami, and April Skyz, a 42-year-old wife, is about to make it hotter. This horny redhead is walking around wearing short shorts and a barely there top that exposes her bra, and when she sees the guy who\'s working on her boat, she decides she wants his heavy, black cock. And she\'s going to get it because a woman as hot as April always gets what she wants.So she walks up to John, who\'s only 21 years old, and offers him a cold glass of water. Then she invites him inside. Her husband specifically told him not to go in the house, but what he meant was that he shouldn\'t go inside April\'s pussy. But April is calling the shots in this household.She sits on his face and grinds her cunt into his mouth. She gives him a sloppy cock sucking job, saliva strings and all, then has him have sex her every which way, and when he can\'t hold back any longer, she opens her mouth for his cum.April was born in California and lives in Florida.I love California, she said. You have everything there. There are heavy cities, long countrysides, the ocean, the mountains. There\'s a lot of hiking. I love to hike. I think my heart is always going to be in California. But I love Florida, too, because of the ocean. I love to travel a lot. I don\'t put my roots anywhere.She also said, I\'m not into sports, but I love video games. I played sports way back in high school, but I don\'t play or watch any sports now. Occasionally I\'ll watch UFC, but I don\'t keep up with it enough to know who all the fighters are.April is 5\'9 tall. She played volleyball in high school. She\'s a self-described geek who loves have sexing on-camera. And we love watching her. See More of April Skyz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Penish is her tip Penish Is Her TipTipping your servers is common practice in the United States, but a girl like Harley Ann isn\'t a very demanding server. When she serves you drinks, you can keep your wallet in your pants but you\'re more than welcome to pull your cock out. Harley\'s latest hardcore pictorial may be her hottest yet. In her view, she\'s topping herself with each visit because she was pleasantly surprised by her first shoot.I thought they were much better than I expected, the foxy Florida native said. I think that made me feel even more comfortable in front of the camera this time around. have intercourse on-camera again felt natural to me. I let loose, and I had tons of fun.She got covered in tons of cum, too--her own, and our friend Juan\'s. It all starts with Harley\'s epic dick-sucking skills, of course. She\'s one of the best we\'ve ever seen because she takes pride in her cock-handling and genuinely enjoys it.I feel sexiest when I\'m giving guys head, Harley said. As a woman, one of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing how appealing you\'re making a man feel. See More of Harley Ann at XLGIRLS.COM!. Stunning tits and a grade-a hairy cunt Tiny breasts and a Grade-A haired vagina The first time I had sex was with my Spanish teacher\'s husband, who was 34, said Becca Rose, who\'s now 48 and married. I gave him a suc job in his little coupe on a dimly lit side street. I got a B-minus in Spanish, the only blemish on my straight-A report card. I got a better grade from the teacher\'s husband. Judging by how Becca Rose suc cock in this video, we don\'t doubt that for a second. No head-sucker, she. Becca suc violent and deep. But for many of you, the highlight of this video will be Becca\'s haired vagina. One of our favorite moments is when Becca\'s stud goes down to eat her unshaven cunt. Becca\'s wearing pantyhose, but he doesn\'t take them off for her. No. He rips a hole in them so he can get right at her hole. Do you like my haired vagina, baby Becca says. I can\'t wait \'til you have sex it. Here\'s another good story from Becca: Recently, I went for an interview for a part in a film, she said. I met the producer/financial backer at a Starbucks in Manhattan. He told me that the theme was sex in public places and asked if I would be willing to do it in the bathroom a few steps away, then and there. I put a condom on him and was have sexing him standing up less than a minute later. I ended up turning down the role. These smooth do they get away with this shitSee More of Becca Rose at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Tits in tight tops & bras Tits In Tight Tops & Bras The XL Girls Archive upgrades this Jelena Jasper scene shot during a visit to SCORE model Merilyn Sakova in Kiev. Jelena, a Ukrainian, was already living in the United Kingdom and acted as a translator and all-around production assistant. With breasts like hers, she just had to do something herself for our cameras.You know what are some of the most-hypnotic sounds in the world The sound of bra straps snapping and the rustling sound of fingers rubbing against the fabric of a woman\'s bra as she adjusts her precious cargo within the soft cups. Jelena\'s a very expressive woman--a writer as well as a model--and she\'s very comfortable speaking on video from being a web-cam babe. I love to be naked, hot and naughty, and I do look fabulous being naked, Jelena says. But the BEST thing is for me to wear a tight bra and a tight top. Nothing can be better than that! See More of Jelena Jasper at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Slam jam Slam Jam Eva Gomez is a hot maid. Eva is supersexy in her backside-exposing maid\'s costume, black stockings and heels. She doesn\'t really have a lot of experience doing housework. What she lacks in the cleaning department, Eva more than makes up for in jiggling and shaking her anally around the house. She convinces the douchebag frat guys not to can her backside because she suc as a maid. Well, you ought to know how Eva makes friends and influences people. With her snaky tongue, hot cunt and tight backsidehole! Eva\'s a cock-cleaner! The two dickslingers first inspect Eva on her hands and knees, backside up in the air. They open her cunt and anus with their fingers, inspecting the merchandise like two gyno-proctologists. She\'s escorted into the bedroom and given a total fuck-out. She never takes off the maid\'s costume which is nice. Warning! Lower the audio when Eva\'s backside gets stuffed because this hottie is a screamer. If you can get through Chapter 3 of Slam Jam without getting a hard-on, than you have a career as a priest or a monk.See More of Eva Gomez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Flat & facialized Flat & Facialized Madison and her guy get straight to the action. They\'re making out and he suc on her little tits. In less than a minute he\'s finger-fucking her vagina. He sticks his fingers in her mouth so she can taste her juices. She likes it, but what she really wants to taste is his tool and his balls. She puts both of them in her mouth. Drool drips down her lips and chin as she gags on his tool.Now Madison is ready to fuck. Her vagina and tight, little buttonhole go up and down as she rides him in cowgirl. Madison has a stud above her clit that she likes to rub as she gets dicked. She\'s a moaner who likes to get pounded. She\'s a flattie who likes to get facialized. She\'s our favorite kind of teen.See More of Madison Reese at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. The bra shop The Bra Shop An assortment of brassieres have been set up for Linsey\'s educated perusal. Early on in life, Linsey became expert in the fitting and purchasing of bras. She knows quality and comfort. Observe how fast Linsey puts on the first two bras she inspects. She first hooks the band in front of her and then slides the bra around her waist to insert her tits in the cups and place the straps over her shoulders. She tries on a pair of long frilly panties, seems to like them and takes them off so she can rub her carefully trimmed, self-opening pussy. We are treated to some tasty close-ups of Linsey\'s long, thick labia and considerable clitty. In a tour-de-force of applied boobology, Linsey offers to demonstrate how she chooses her bras and she explains the role of the bra in her life. Did you know that Linsey sleeps in her bras That she has to choose her bras carefully because her sensitive nipples get irritated by certain fabrics and styles First, she has to measure herself because a girls\'s breasts are always changing in size depending on her time of the month and fluctuations in her weight. A big ad-libber, Linsey is at her most engaging and pleasant because she\'s herself and relaxed.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Sha rizel - sha\'s oiled tits show Sha\'s Oiled tits Show Sha likes to dress to show off her ultra-rare, amazing figure. Only a few girls are as super-slim and naturally large-busted as Sha. Valory Irene, Venera and Merilyn Sakova are in this league.In this pictorial and matching video, Sha couldn\'t have picked a tighter tank top and Daisy Dukes.Men love my large boobs, and I like how my boobs look in charming clothing, she says. I like that I have large boobs and a thin waist. It is a lot of fun and it looks pleasant.Maybe one day, Sha can get over to the States, but until then, we\'ll head over the Atlantic to photograph her every chance we get. Besides her incredible bod, Sha is one of the most-beautiful girls in any category of modeling.Sha was the covergirl of the August and November \'13 issues of SCORE.It was very exciting, Sha said. I loved being on the cover. It was very flattering to be on the cover and to read the pleasant things people said about me.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Enjoying the view Enjoying The View Bunnie is on a rooftop patio enjoying the view. She likes to think of all the people below looking up at her, watching her do naughty things. The idea turns her on, and soon she\'s not the only one enjoying the view. She bends over and pulls her panties aside, showing you her tight asshole. Her dress comes off and she prances around naked, tweaking her nips and talking naughty.I\'m gonna play with myself out in the open. Do you like to watchShe knows you do. That\'s why she strokes her slit and spreads her lips to show you her pink fuckhole. Well, that\'s not the only reason why. She likes to be watched as much as you like watching. Putting on a cunt show is one of her favorite things to do.See More of Bunnie Hughes at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Angelique 2000 Angelique 2000 Angelique poses for a pictorial in London that is a companion piece to the photo shoot published in the July 2000 edition of SCORE magazine. She has a different look due to her straightened hair, a style very different for her. This would be the last pictorial Angelique posed for until she visited the SCORE Studio in Miami, Florida two years later for a pictorial that was published in October 2002 SCORE. Two years later, that urge to model again would get into Angelique\'s being. See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Autumn and chloe Autumn And Chloe Autumn learned a lot about vagina loving when she was teamed with the incredibly built and bosomy Chloe Vevrier, Die G\'ttin von Deutschland (The Goddess of Germany). This pictorial was shot back-to-back with their video segment of the best selling Bosom Buddies #2. Chloe is a strict schoolteacher and student Autumn is her dinner. Chloe loves pookie, the pinker the better, and she loves to blow on nipples. busty Autumn fit the menu perfectly. Just seeing them wearing these supersexy outfits alone is enough to raise the Titanic. This pictorial was originally published in April 2000 curvy Magazine, now sold out. Another Teutonic tit queen, Julia Miles, made her debut in this issue.See More of Chloe Vevrier at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Beach babe Beach Babe One of the 20 greatest naturals in SCORE Magazine history, Jessica is shown cavorting and romping on the beach on the island of St. Croix, British Virgin Islands. It\'s May 01, 2000 and the Boob Cruise is on. A big, tall, strapping Brit babe, she\'s a pure hard-on producer as she boasts unblemished, flawless, firm, heaving, bouncing, packed cans. tits incredible.See More of Jessica Turner at JESSICATURNER.COM!. Bthe busty ballerina/b The busty ballerina Estelle Taylor was the covergirl of the December 2012 issue of SCORE, and she would become one of the most-popular models of 2012. But the truth is, we were lucky to get her in the first place. Hey, sometimes it\'s better to be lucky than good.Here\'s the story: Our studio crew was on the final day of a shoot in Romania when our studio manager started thinking out loud about how good it would be to wrap up the shoot by photographing a slim \'n\' stacked newcomer. That\'s when the Romanian makeup artist on the set said, I grew up with a girl who had the biggest breasts in school. She was a ballerina, and when she changed into her dancing tights, all the other girls stared. They couldn\'t believe how big her breasts were. Should I call herIt took our studio manager all of about a tenth of a second to shout, Yes!Well, within hours, Estelle was walking into our studio and taking off her clothes and enjoying her first nude modeling gig. She had quit dancing; it\'s simply impossible for a girl with breasts as big as Estelle\'s to be a professional ballerina. We appealing much thought that one day of photo and video shoots would comprise all of Estelle\'s modeling career, but wouldn\'t you know it, she modeled for us again.The photos and video you\'re about to see are Estelle\'s very first from that very first day. I guess sometimes it\'s better to be lucky and good. See More of Estelle Taylor at SCORELAND2.COM!. Sirale is knocked-up Sirale Is Knocked-Up Remember Sirale We have bra-breaking news. She got knocked-up. In her fourth month, Sirale contacted our photographer who filmed all of her previous scenes. We checked out her snaps to see how Sirale looked and set it up. Her big natural tits are even bigger and her nipples have enlarged.SCORELAND: Hi Sirale, how are you Congratulations on your mommy condition. Let us ask you, do you watch your scenes at SCORELANDSirale: Yes, and I download them all. I enjoy watching them.SCORELAND: Do you watch them by yourself or with someoneSirale: No, I watch them alone.SCORELAND: What do you think as you watch themSirale: I\'m watching my mistakes. Thinking about what I can do better next time.SCORELAND: Do you get lascivious and have sex when you play themSirale: No. I just watch them and review myself.SCORELAND: Has it changed you at all Your personality or your sex driveSirale: Yes. A lot. Because I like to be showing off a lot more now. Even pregnant. See More of Sirale at SCORELAND.COM!. Naughty & nerdy Naughty & Nerdy This behind the scenes video really showcases Autumn\'s cheeky personality and penchant for fun on set. While posing for SCORE photographer, Peter Wall, she leans in and gives him a titty-twister and laughs. Dressed up as a nerd, she plays around in her silk PJs, sporting glasses. Always smiling this video shows you the real Autumn; fun-loving, silly and a very down-to-earth woman. And it doesn\'t hurt that she has large tits, too!See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Wet wednesday! Brooke reminds us of a pin-up.Can\'t you see her as a retro centerfold babe with her curves, great tits and comely features She may have classy looks, but we can assure you she\'s a very naughty girl! After all, she did pee for the camera in this scene.How did you feel about pissing on-cameraI was a little nervous, but I really had to pee! So once I started going it was a relief. I was surprised at how much came out of me! This was the first time I ever did anything like that. It was definitely an interesting experience.Stay tuned for the matching video tomorrow. If you\'re not a fan of piss, check out Brooke\'s other set!See More of Brooke Lynn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Lovely cunt got titty Beautiful cunt Got Titty The third big-breasted natural from SCORELAND\'s recent Romanian haul is pretty cunt lovely (November 2017 Voluptuous), a girl who had never posed for a professional studio before. The photographer reported that cunt was a fast learner and a delighting to teach. I began to get great boobs at age 13, said cunt. In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me. As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I had no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it.cunt doesn\'t need to wear revealing outfits to attract attention although she does when she feels like it.I like to wear casual outfits like jeans and T-shirts. I always need to wear a pretty bra because I need the support. My boobs are very great so I need a pretty bra or the straps will press on my shoulders. See More of cunt lovely at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. That\'s entertainment, folks That\'s Entertainment, Folks Jennifer claims she\'s an \'entertainer.\' Apparently that means it\'s a lot of fun to watch her ride the pink pony. Her tryout to be a cocktail server at a private party turns into her serving her tail to a cock. Jennifer claims that she\'ll only go as far as wearing lingerie, but as soon as this guy starts talking money, she\'s ready to drop her panties. Jennifer gets naked and when he offers her even more money to fuck, she happily agrees. She gets on her knees and coats his rod with her spit and even sucks his balls. Then this guy gives her the first installment of her payment: a man-meat deposit in her bald twat. He fucks her in a variety of positions, switching her without even taking his cock out of her cunt. Jennifer loves every second of it. As long as there\'s a cock involved, she has a promising future in entertainment. See More of Jennifer Anderson at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. The thong team\'s five-way orgy The Thong Team\'s five-way orgy Here, we have three chocolate beauties with huge backsidees. Their names are Ms. Juicy, Skyy Black and Kelly Starr. They make those analy cheeks shake and thunder. They do other tricks, too. Their backsidees are so big, sometimes it looks like they\'re wearing elastic bands around their waists and nothing else because their backside cheeks sucks up the vertical portion of the fabric.They get down on all fours. There\'s more shaking and thundering.We\'re gonna have a thong orgy, one of them says. Who the make love knows which one says it We\'re so fixated on their booties, we can\'t see their lips moving.But this isn\'t all about shaking booties. It\'s about make loveing.So the guys show up. Two of them. And their cocks come out, and they\'re not out for long before they\'re in the girls\' mouths.There\'s heavy banging. There\'s face-sitting (because there are only two cocks to go around, so when one girl\'s cunt isn\'t filled with dick, she sits on another girl\'s face to keep the enjoyment going).There\'s a lot of moaning. There\'s cumshot flying everywhere, but mostly on the girls\' backside cheeks.Now the question is: How does a member of The Thong Team clean the cumshot off her backside That\'s something you\'ll want to see. See More of Kelly Starr at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The name is bond The Name Is Bond I used to be an F-cup, said Michelle Bond, one of England\'s finest. And they just grew and grew, and every time I got measured, they seemed to have grown. Either that or my underwear is shrinking! You know, I generally don\'t know where it has come from. As my body has kind of grown a bit, they\'ve grown with me. The only thing that\'s different between now and years ago is that I don\'t party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my breasts weren\'t that large because I partied a lot, but now, I don\'t know. I haven\'t done anything to them. They\'ve just grown. They seem to still be growing. They haven\'t stopped growing since they started. I\'d like to think it will stop soon! Otherwise I\'ll be walking along with a wheelbarrow. Kicking them along in front of me. See More of Michelle Bond at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Reach for skye Reach For Skye Skye Sinn invites you to her private hideaway, a converted warehouse next to a truck stop. Skye is going to give you plenty of reasons to enjoy her spectacular body and huge tatas.She rubs, swings and shakes her cruel breasts then licks and pinches the nipples as she looks deeply into the camera, as if she can see everyone who\'s watching her. Her fingers travel south to invade her petite pussy and rub out a pretty cum. Skye turns around and gets on her knees with anal up and facing the camera. She spreads an anal cheek with her left hand and dips two fingers into her sexy, pink honey trap. Her fingers dance and vibrate the way she likes it, giving herself waves of pleasure. Skye turns around and sticks those two fingers into her mouth to lick the appealing and sticky snatch juices that taste like sugar syrup.I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep, Skye said. I have around 12 toys, and they all need to get used.See More of Skye Sinn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Dream lineup Eleven busty naturals, seven days, one old-school castle on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. This marked the first time Christy Marks and Karina met in person. By now, Christy and Terry Nova were old chums from their large Boob Paradise romp. We badly wanted Merilyn Sakova to come join the parade of pulchritude but she couldn\'t get over, to our disappointment. Most of you should know who each of these girls are so we\'ll skip the lineup identification. This is not the biggest lineup we\'ve ever had. Why do we like these lineups so much Because you can really see the differences in physique among the models that you would not pick up in a solo photo-shoot. In this lineup, Terry Nova\'s height and overall size really stand out. See More of Christy Marks at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. A stacked girl-next-door with a lot of style A stacked girl-next-door with a lot of Style I always got a lot of compliments about my breasts, said Sofie Style, a DDD-cup natural from Germany. I enjoy hearing pretty comments about my body. A few guys had told me that I should model, but I didn\'t really know how to do it. I was nervous about getting involved with the wrong people. But your photographer and his people were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. Now that I have done this, I want to do more.And Sophie did do it more after this, her first-ever nude scene at SCORELAND. She never went all the way, but that\'s okay. Sophie has met and passed on the streets millions of guys who would\'ve loved to see her large tits, and if they saw SCORE or SCORELAND, they had the chance.When I go out, I wear everything tight, showing a lot of my cleavage, Sophie said. It has to be tight. This way, all the men are looking at me and I love that. I love the attention.Sofie took to modeling very quickly. In this scene, she climbs onto the bed and slowly undresses until she\'s nude, running her hands all over her lascivious body. Her large, full, natural boobs splay when she lies on her back. She pinches her nipples and shakes them as the camera moves in close. Sofie\'s fingers play a hot tune on her pink squeeze box. That\'s music to our ears.Sophie, we\'re glad we got to know you.See More of Sofie Style at SCORELAND2.COM!. Beer and breasts Beer and tits In this scene, the Romanian beauty Joana Bliss acts out one of our fantasies as a considerable-boobed beer hall waitress, carrying around jugs of foamy beer to go with her considerable jugs that make us foam at the mouth. Joana is a down-to-earth girl. Getting her to talk about sex is not easy, and despite her obvious sexuality when she poses, I don\'t think we\'ll ever see her do hardcore.I am a vegetarian, she said. I like mushrooms. I don\'t eat any meat. My meat is mushrooms. Maybe fish and eggs. This goes together with my spiritual life. I meditate and do Yoga. I practice Tantric Yoga also.But she knows how to have fun.I like disco. I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my considerable boobs bounce all over the place!No need to be careful, Joana. Nobody\'s going to complain. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND2.COM!. Flattie fingering I love just hanging out in my room in my panties and listening to music. It\'s the one place where I have privacy. I like to daydream about the day I finally have my own place and I can walk around in my panties or totally naked if I want to! I could play with myself and not have to worry about my mom knocking on the door. You know, one time I was doing that...I was masturbating, and I heard a noise. I looked up and I saw my older brother\'s friend spying on me through a crack in the door! He scurried off, but to be honest...I got really turned on that he was watching me. I kept masturbating, and I came so hard!See More of Angelina at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Busty dusty - diving with dusty Diving With Dusty busty Dusty gets ready to go down deep in a photo set lensed during Boob Cruise \'95. The SCUBA gear isn\'t a prop. All of it actually belonged to Dusty, who used the gear to make her first ocean dive on our second fantasy cruise. As Danni Ashe, her dive mate, reported, Diving naked, Dusty looked like a Fantasy SCORE drawing. I thought I\'d seen everything there was underwater, but Dusty was unbelievable.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Linsey swings it Linsey Swings It Jane of the Jungle has nothing on our Linsey Dawn as she rides The Bungee Sexperience ( by Cords Unlimited, Inc. LDM really gets into the swing of things, and this contraption is fantastic for shaking her boobs and spreading her pussy. Linsey gets into the wildest positions that would be impossible to do on a bed or couch. The angles of her body and the poses she does should stiffen you up in no time. Linsey mastered this tricky gizmo immediately, another display of her many talents. In the last third of Linsey Swings It, LDM hits the turf for a round of extremely horny floorwork, as only she can. Another sexy, unique Linsey video directed by Tushna!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Thrill seeker Thrill Seeker Lives: Miami, Florida; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: March 5; Ht: 5\'5; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Lacy thongs; Anal: Just fingering and licking; BJs: Spitters are quitters! Diddle: I have some awesome toys.I\'ve enjoyed lezzie sex and GGB and BBG threesomes, and I\'m always looking for something new and thrilling to try, said Angelina. I\'m into bondage and mild choking, spanking and biting and some other things. Taking on a stud appealed to me because it\'s outrageous and I was size-curious. Rocky took control... which was different for me, because I like to be the dominant one during sex. But once he started fuck me with that penish of his, he could have done anything he wanted to, even have sexual intercourse my ass. But he didn\'t and I\'m a little bit disappointed that he didn\'t take my butt cherry. It was an awesome, awesome experience and I had a large orgasm.See More of Angelina Mylee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tits of bliss Natural tits of Bliss The greatger the natural tits, the more love you have to give.That\'s the generous philosophy of the great Joana, a woman who has caused sudden swelling and stiff joints in those who fall under her spell.Joana is here to try on bras, see what fits her great boobs and take a elegant bath, keeping her hand-held shower head close by. Why the water didn\'t turn to steam is a question we can\'t answer.Joana keeps busy and fit with yoga, meditation and various holistic practices. She also enjoys dancing.I like to dance, but I have to be careful about what kind of dancing I do because my great natural tits bounce all over the place! she said. I like disco and going to clubs to dance.We\'d like to see Joana dance! It\'s got to be head-spinning to see those hooters swing. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. The over-the-shoulder hooter holster show The Over-The-Shoulder Hooter Holster Show Paige Turner is sending SCORELAND members to emergency rooms with six hour erections. That makes Paige a happy girl and a happy girl is a hot girl.In this video, Paige tries on a selection of over-the-shoulder boulder holders. What you\'re about to see is unbelievable so just have your insurance cards handy. Paige wins, of course. The bras just give up. In fact, Paige does find one she likes. Paige doesn\'t just try on a hooter holster and take it off fast. She tests it carefully just like she would when she\'s bra shopping. Paige also gives us a running commentary at the same time and that jacks up the fun. She has a lively personality to go with her over-the-top naturals and she\'s a big eye-banger. Paige doesn\'t end her bra show with a mere goodbye. She takes off her panties, spreads her pink lips wide and pats the pussy. This babe\'s da bomb! See More of Paige Turner at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The best of feed her have intercourse her 2 The Best of Feed Her have sexual intercourse Her 2 The Best of Feed Her have sexual intercourse Her 2 stars two XL Girls who play the feeder game, a fetish or sub-category within the BBW category. In this category, guys load up their girls with rich foods to add on the pounds, their philosophy being greatger is better and heavier is hotter. The key to this thing is that the guy hand-feeds the girl.In part one, brunette sexbomb Glory Foxxx wakes up in her hotel room and is ravenous so she calls room service for a massive breakfast. And she wants the waiter to feed her in bed. He\'s happy to serve the guest in every way, and feeds her his cock too. They leave the food tray on the bed so Glory can help herself while he have sexual intercourses her in a rich menu of bang-bang positions. It\'s a very highly caloric morning for Glory.In part two, blonde baby doll Daphne Carter tells her X-Man what she loves to eat: Corn on the cob, chicken, nice tater, mashed taters.... He serves it up to Daphne, feeding her by hand. He puts some mashed potatoes on her great tits and licks it off, gives her a great piece of chicken to bite into and then feeds her his man-sausage. The dining room table is their have sexual intercourse altar as he drills Daphne in doggie while he feeds her more corn.These couples are really cookin\'! See More of Glory Foxxx at XLGIRLS.COM!. Dominant divas Dominant DivasJordan likes obedience and she likes to bring men enjoyment with her gams. That\'s why in this game of enjoyment, she calls all the shots. Donning her sexiest dominatrix attire, Jordan seizes matters in her own hands and takes her man to heel. When her lazy boyfriend plops down on the couch for another long night of TV watching, she lays down the law. She punishes him by making him lick her shoes and feet and then commands him to taste her core. Sometimes, in order to get a man to worship you and appease your hunger for satisfaction, you have to be stern with him. Judging by the size of his load, it seems Jordan\'s boyfriend has learned his lesson. See More of Jordan Kingsley at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. That\'s amora That\'s Amora Amora Lee works in a nursing home and is studying to become a registered nurse. She\'s never modeled before and had never taken a nude picture prior to contacting SCORELAND. That\'s all the more impressive because Amora is so relaxed, interactive and comfortable with a SCORE photographer filming her playing with her awesome 36K-cup naturals and her lunch box, to use Amora\'s expression, that anyone would think she\'s been modeling for at least a few months.Amora began to develop in her mid-teens. I tell people I\'m a 36K, which depends on the bra. A lot of people don\'t realize that different bras are different sizes. You can range from a 36K to a 36L to 36J, and I think I\'m right in that range, so I can do 36K, L and J, depending on the bra.Amora did say she was nervous before and during her first shoot.Because I was always taught that this was so wrong, Amora said. Like, you can\'t show your body. You have to always be covered up, so all my life, that\'s all I knew. But when you are big-breasted like I am naturally, you can\'t really hide it. I tried hiding it, and I just can\'t.See More of Amora Lee at SCORELAND.COM!. Butt-stuffin\' bad girl Butt-Stuffin\' Bad Girl Christy\'s a bad, bad girl. You know the type. They do whatever they want and just want instant satisfaction. And Christy is into instant satisfaction. That\'s why she goes into the girls\' room and writes on the walls and smokes cigarettes. Then, like the bad girl she is, she starts playing with her boobs and pussy and watching herself in the mirror because she gets off on that. But the real clincher is that she doesn\'t want just her twat diddled...she wants her bum stuffed! So, she pulls out a toy and rams it right into her tight back door, right on the floor of the ladies\' room! What a dirty, nasty little slut...and we love her for it! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Ms right now Ms. Right Now Ever get that feeling, like you\'re never going to find Mrs. Right Like, that wonderful lady you are supposed to ride off into the sunset with is never going to show up Like you are never going to be able to say, You complete me, to some amazing woman, and mean it Well, hate to bust your bubble, friend, but chances are, you are right. Ms. Right is probably not orgasm your way. But here is a consolation prize...Ms. Right Now. You see, Ms. Right Now is just around the corner. Actually, she is ON the corner. Ms. Right Now is a modified version of Ms. Right and she comes with lots of perks, and that includes HUGE perky titties, too. You can tell Ms. Right Now to blow your dick, to lick your sack and to gobble up your nutritious load, and you know what She will. And you don\'t have to spend a whole paycheck on a ring, either. Because Ms. Right Now is yours with only a small, one-time payment. So why waste your time on daydreams Stop thinking about the what if\'s and start thinking about huge tits. Go out and find your Ms. Right Now...she is on a corner near you.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. On location prague: orgy On Location Prague: Orgy SCORE\'s man is in Prague to film a 4-girl orgy for On Location Prague. After flying over from the USA, he begins the task of assembling a group of the most-stacked Czechs he can secure, girls with giant natural jugs who will cock sucking and have sex hung studs on-camera.He checks his notes and makes the calls. One by one, the supergirls arrive: Marille, Angelina and the heavy Terry Nova. They\'re eager to get their hands on cock. The fourth girl is missing. She hasn\'t shown up. Our guy calls the home office. There\'s only three girls. Should he cancelThe answer is swift. These three girls are the have sexing equivalent of six average girls. Get two studs over there and film them boning the girls senseless. And that\'s what happened after Dennis and Cage come over, ready for action. Terry, Marille and Angelina and their X-Men had a group happy ending and that made the photographer very happy. Mission accomplished.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn\'s looky loo Autumn\'s Looky Loo I\'m taking over this place! So watch your backs! hollers Autumn-Jade.Loo is British slang for restroom. No matter what you call the head, its purpose is the same. The men\'s loo at SCORE headquarters in Miami used to be a sacred place. Then all these big-breasted beauties wearing men\'s clothing started invading it. Linsey McKenzie, Lorna Morgan, Ricki Raxxx, Kerry Marie and now Autumn-Jade. It\'s a disgrace. The funny part is--no one\'s complaining. Not even when they\'re packing monster dongs. Society sure has changed. A guy doesn\'t have a place to jag-off in private anymore. The women are everywhere. You can\'t get a break.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Cunt & the tool Cunt & The dick cunt Lee gives as lovely as she gets and then even more. In this scene from the DVD Chubby Twats, stunt-dick JT have sexual intercourses Miss Lee\'s pussy, face and huge boobs with so much relish, he could open a hot dog stand. It\'s really lustful when their dick is orgasm through between my boobs and I can get it in my mouth, too, cunt gushed. I like that. If they put a finger or two inside my pussy and massage my G-spot at the same time, look out. I\'m on the express train to an orgasm!I give tit-have sexual intercourses mostly for the guys because it turns them on. It\'s really lustful when their dick is orgasm through between my boobs and I can get it in my mouth, too. I like that, but sometimes a guy will get a little too horny and have sexual intercourse too cruel and be banging the head of his dick against my lips. That\'s actually kind of a turn-on, but I\'ve had my lips bruised that way and that wasn\'t very fun. See More of cunt Lee at XLGIRLS.COM!. Lucy is juicy Lucy Is Juicy Lucy Lenore was working in an adult store. Surrounded by all those DVDs, toys, magazines, porny lingerie and other hot products, it was only natural for Lucy to think about an alternate future.One of my regular customers noticed your ad looking for new models and suggested I apply. I obsessed over whether or not to do it for about a week and then just said, \'Fuck it!\' Within 24 hours of submitting my test shots, you called me and put me on a jet.XLGirls: Were you the bustiest girl growing upLucy: No, but I was the smallest girl with the biggest breasts. I have a nice hips-to-waist-to-boobie ratio goin\' on!XLGirls: You began doing masturbate videos at XL Girls.Lucy: I masturbate at least three times a day, and that\'s even on days I\'m on-cam. I\'m beautiful much always touching myself.XLGirls: What satisfies you best of allLucy: If I\'m not out of breath with a sore cunt when it\'s over, I\'m not happy. I need to be make love and make love hard. The longer the recovery time after sex, the happier I am.XLGirls: Has anyone in person ever watched you having sex with a BFLucy: Nope. I\'ve always been a serial monogamist, and passion is the best part of sex. If my partners wanted to explore voyeurism, I would have been open to it, though, and will be if it ever happens! XLGirls: Compared to everyday guys you have dated, how did you find your first porn guy as a sex partner Lucy: It was definitely different. Not bad, not better, but different. See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Hands-on candy Hands-on Candy Candy Manson\'s cock-friend asks her for three good reasons why she gives a great hands-on tug-job. Candy answers with three of the best possible reasons. Candy has a lustful body, voluminous breasts and a real have sexual intercourse face. Yes, a have sexual intercourse face. When you look at a have sexual intercourse face, you\'re looking at a girl who thinks about sex constantly. 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