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Busty milf of the month Busty MILF of the Month Tahnee Taylor makes busty MILF of the Month for the second time.A super-MILF who overflows her bras to the point of strap-snapping, Tahnee Taylor takes two super-studs and puts them through an intense workout. They\'re up for the challenge of fucked Miss Taylor\'s mouth, pussy and butthole, and when their three-way orgy reaches the top of the mountain, or mountains in Tahnee\'s case, they blow a geyser into her waiting mouth so she can swallow every drop. Men always go for my voluminous breasts, said Tahnee. No surprises there. That\'s the first thing about Tahnee that we zero in on. Here\'s a mature babe with a blast-furnace sex drive. The funniest thing a guy ever said to me was, \'Hi, I\'m an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus.\' Not many guys can say that to a woman and make it funny. I don\'t know if he recognized me or not.I love voluminous dicks. great dicks go with voluminous tits. I like a guy who\'s a beast in bed and a gentleman everywhere else. Most of the time, I like a man to make the first move because it shows me he\'s hot for me. I usually don\'t make the first approach because I would hate to be rejected. See More of Tahnee Taylor at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitomi - the miracle of hitomi The Miracle of Hitomi B.W.B. of Ft. Dodge, Iowa is a Hitomi fan. I\'d like to commend you and your big staff on producing the bigest DVD ever, Bad Girl Hitomi. This is the hottest cock-hardening video I own. Don\'t thank us, B.W.B. Thank Hitomi. It\'s all her. We just turn on the camera and Hitomi gets down with it. If anyone was meant to shed her undies for the big-boob lovers of the world, Hitomi\'s the one. She\'s a sweetheart too with a fun-loving personality.The show starts with Hitomi in red lingerie and ends with her cock sucking her nipples (she\'s skilled at self-cock sucking) and rubbing away until she cums. With all of the well-deserved praise that Hitomi rightfully gets, no one ever mentions her tuft of black vagina hair that she\'s sported since she first came to SCORELAND. So we\'d like to praise her for that in this age of totally shaved girls. Hitomi would probably giggle if someone ever tells her that. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND.COM!. Italian knockout! Meet this Italian knockout! Stella is a Euro beauty who spends her time between Rome and the UK. Because breaking hearts in just one country isn\'t enough for this stunner! I like to travel a lot, so I have a boyfriend in the UK and a boyfriend in Rome. They both know about it and are okay with it.How did you manage that, Stella I was honest with both of them. I didn\'t want a steady boyfriend. I\'m young and I like to keep my options open. So they both agreed to an open relationship. It works out for them too because they can see other girls. I have had three-ways with each of them and some of their other girlfriends. I found it quite lustful and sexy. I don\'t think they would team up to be in a three-way with me though, which is such a shame!So you must really want to be with two guys at the same time then. Yes, it is one of my fantasies. All the threeways I have been in were with another man and girl. Now I would like to see what it\'s like to have two men have their way with me. If my boyfriends don\'t want to help me, I\'m sure I can find other guys who will. But there\'s no rush. I have lots of amazing sex now, and I have the rest of my life to experience these things. Plus, I am already fulfilling another fantasy by posing nude for your magazine.See More of Stella at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Put \'em on the glass! Put \'Em On The Glass! There is probably one thing that you and the opposite sex have in common, and that one thing is Desperate Housewives. The only thing is that chicks like to watch a show about these lonely, exciting bitches and we like to fuck the shit out of them when their husbands are at work. Trust us when we say, these lonely and lusting broads get so worked up that they will jump anything with a hard-on, if they get the chance. And no one knows this more than the blue-collar service guy. That\'s right: The Maytag guy is tagging more asses than you and us combined, man. When a desperate housewife opens her door for a service call, chances are that she will soon be opening her legs for a little servicing, too. Watch as Amber, a lonely lady all cooped up in a glitzy high rise, goes gaga for the window washer and decides to lure him in by putting her jugs on the glass. You\'ll want to grab a squeegee and start a new profession when you see her work his dick to a streak-free shine.See More of Amber Lynn Bach at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. She sucks! She Sucks! Her singing will make you want to cry, but her anatomy will make you want to cum. The guys holding this audition quickly realize that Sara can\'t carry a tune for the life of her, but her great mouth has plenty of other uses. Instead of opening wide to sing, she opens wide for cock. And it\'s not just her lips that she spreads, either. After giving head, Sara opens her legs to get her twat split by a great sausage. I didn\'t realize this tryout was going to turn into a fuckfest, she said. But I\'m glad to show off what I can do, whether I\'m singing or having sex.See More of Sara Siren at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bbabe fucks her son\'s friend/b Babe fucks her son\'s friend Babe Morgan, who\'s 52 years old, walks into her living room and sees her son\'s friend playing video games. She\'s looking exciting in a skimpy top. She\'s looking for sex. He\'s a lot younger than her.Hey, Rion, where\'d my son go she asks.He left for practice, he says. Is that okay, Ms. MorganIt\'s perfectly okay for you to hangout, she says.She asks him why he didn\'t go to practice. He says he wanted to hang out and play video games. She wants to play with him. So much for video games. Babe cock sucking his young cock, fucks him every which way and has him cumshot on her charming face.lovely lovely for a first time on-video, wouldn\'t you sayBabe is from Arizona. She was born in Wisconsin. She\'s a wife and mother. She\'s a swinger, but she says most people who know her would be surprised to see her here. Astonished, actually.Babe says that now that her kids are out of the house, I have more time to play and do the things I want to do. I always wanted to do this and thought about it, and a friend of mind got into this and did it. I thought if she could do it, I could, too.That friend is 60Plus MILF Leah L\'Amour. Thanks, Leah!Babe has never modeled. Never stripped. She\'s taken selfies and done some stuff with her hubby, but nothing like this. Heck, most women have never done anything like this.I think I have a lovely ass. lovely lovely hips. sweet boobs. Terrific hair, Babe said. I enjoy sex in general. I like oral sex and I like a lot of foreplay.When she says she likes oral sex, she means getting and giving.Aren\'t these 50Plus MILFs such big giversSee More of Babe Morgan at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Flexible funbags Flexible Funbags This set happens to be an editor favorite for a elegant reason. Actually two elegant reasons. You see, around here we love Christy Marks and her flexibility. We love it when she twists into a pleasant pretzle, showcasing her H-cup breasts and her amazing pink pussy. So, you can imagine how lascivious we were when F-cupper, Kylee Nash told us that she was also flexible. We just had to get these two together, side by side. And what a sight to behold it was! Two slim and stacked babes, naked and giggling and spreading their legs wide. Our favorite pic The girls side by side in identical handstands with their breasts spilling into their faces. You have to love a big-boobed babe upside down with her legs in the air.See More of Kylee Nash at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. The large bet Age: 25; Born: August 29; Ht: 5\'2; Wt: 108 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: I love boy shorts; Anal: booty plugs are my favorite; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I\'d rather screw; Lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico.My friend and I like to shoot pool and make silly bets. I lost a really close game, and she had bet me that I had to go streaking. Well, there were cops outside, so I figured that sending in pictures to a porno magazine would be the next best thing. I mean, this is like flashing the whole world!I\'m not exactly shy when it comes to sex, Alex informed us. I love sexual humiliation, having my face used like a make love toy, being slap and cuckolding. My first serious boyfriend introduced me to porn theaters, and I still occasionally visit gloryholes. In college, I used to make extra money dancing in the peepshow booths of a local porn store.You know what my biggest problem in life is Alex asked us. This is such a first-world problem. I ejaculate too easily. It\'s actually kind of embarrassing how easily I get off, especially because I occasionally squirt. It\'s inconvenient for quickies. I mean, I practically have to carry a towel wherever I go! I\'m just kidding, I don\'t squirt that much, but I\'ve been known to saturate car seats and couches before.See More of Alex More at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sheridan and her toy Sheridan and her toy I\'m so proud of the way I look that I don\'t mind going out and flaunting it, said Sheridan Love, who definitely flaunts it in this scene. She starts out wearing a pink bikini top that her considerable knockers are pouring out of and a slit skirt that shows off her shapely legs when she crosses them. She\'s also wearing have sexual intercourse shoes, which are a staple of this short \'n\' stacker\'s wardrobe.If you\'ve got it, flaunt it, Sheridan said. I want guys to look. I either need to have things that lace up or halter tops or an outfit with stretchy material, like this one. I\'ve had considerable tits since I was little, so you just kind of learn some of this stuff. For example, if I wore baggy T-shirts, you would think I have a considerable belly because my tits stick out so far.As Elliot wrote, Sheridan\'s a neo-classic SCORE covergirl. She\'s a cam-girl who loves crazy toys. Miss Love\'s a spokesmodel at adult conventions and occasionally emcees karaoke nights at a Vegas nightclub. She would have been a sailing mate on one of SCORE\'s Boob Cruises in the 1990s had she been part of that decade\'s generation.And yet, she says, I\'m kind of shy. I love to show off and everything, but with stripping, I would get shy. I\'m scared to do it on-stage.Yep. But she\'s have sexual intercourseed our porn studs for all the world to see, and I\'ve never seen a girl who loves porn sex more. The girl simply gets off on it, which is interesting considering how long it took her to take the plunge.And speaking of plunges, in this scene, a have sexual intercourse toy plunges in and out of her tight pussy. Shy Okay. Anything she says.See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND2.COM!. Sophisticated but not fragile Stunning But Not Fragile I\'m only 5\'1 so guys always think they\'re going to hurt me with their dicks. But I like it when they go hard, and I like considerable dicks too. I may be small, but I\'m up for the challenge! One of my considerablegest turn-ons is being with a guy who is considerable, both in his dick size and his body size. I like it when they can throw me around and be rough yet nice at the same time. One time a guy picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a caveman and I was so turned on by it. That\'s how I like guys to be in the bedroom.See More of Lily Jordan at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Tiny little ginger Elegant Little Ginger Lives: Louisville, Kentucky; Occupation: Veterinarian\'s assistant; Age: 18; Born: August 29; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 94 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Boy shorts; Anal: No; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Once a day.Do you guys remember being 18 Do you remember being young and careless and dogging around to get any cunt you could We wish we had a girl like Kasey around when we were teens. I\'m bisexual and completely okay with sharing boyfriends or girlfriends, Kasey shared. I\'ve even had threesomes with my friends and their guys. I\'m just trying to have fun before I start college and all the pressures of the real world start weighing me down.My biggest dream in life is to go to Las Vegas and party rough with my girlfriends. I want to wake up in the morning and not remember anything! I want to find myself in bed with a guy or two, too! See More of Kasey Cole at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Classy and ass-fucked Clanaly and anal-make love At first glance, Catherine, a 46-year-old divorcee from Oregon, looks like a very clanaly woman. The respectable dress that\'s cut just below her knees. The reasonable shoes. The fashionable hairstyle. And the fact is, Catherine is a very clanaly woman.A clanaly woman who loves shoving three fingers deep into her cunt while she\'s getting her anal make love by a guy she met about 15 minutes earlier. A clanaly woman who pries her cunt lips apart while getting her analhole absolutely pummeled by a considerable cock. Those are the things you\'ll see in this video.A few things you won\'t see: Catherine\'s hobby, which is going into peep-show booths back home and blowjob off strangers through glory holes. And her definition of a recent five-way she had with four guys.Eight or nine guys is a gang bang, she said. Four is more like a lovely get-together.Catherine, who measures 34C-25-35, is a fitness buff who works out almost every day. She also fucks almost every day. We asked her if she has any fetishes and she said, Do you have a few hours We asked her about her sexual fantasies and she said, Yes, and they usually involve multiple people. Lots of sex, bondage and captivity situations.What\'s the worst thing a man can say to a womanYou\'re almost pretty, Catherine said.We\'re betting she\'s never heard that.See More of Catherine at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!.
Spycey massage Spycey Massage Check out how this hot mama rolls. busty and heavy-hanging Lady Spyce visits Largo and discovers him flat on his bad back. A great-boobed angel of mercy, even though she is not a licensed nurse, Lady Spyce offers to massage him back to health. All Lady needs are her hands on his flesh-drill. Then her mouth gulp it. Then her tight lady-hole engulfing it deeply. Amazing what some lip service can do for a sick man. Lady Spyce likes lascivious dudes with great dicks she can spit on and sit on.I like to eat ass, Lady said. She\'s direct and up-front...just the kind of girl who knows how to treat a hard-on. I love eating pussy, but I\'m satisfied the best when a guy fucks the shit out of me. See More of Lady Spyce at XLGIRLS.COM!. Jo encouragment by kelly christiansen JO Encouragment By Kelly Christiansen SCORE Girl contest winner Kelly Christiansen got a 10 out of 10 for originality and enthusiasm in her jack talk video. She\'s also a 10 in face and body. Kelly finds excited activities to do with her sweater-stretching tits and excited kitty while she talks dirty, her nice mouth urging a hot load of cumshot from us. Kelly is a woman who enjoys showing off her curves. She became more and more of an exhibitionist as she got into being seen and talked about. She even said that nothing gives her greater personal pleasure than knowing that guys were erupting man-cream because of her powers of persuasion and her tiny body and face. We wish now she had made more JO encouragement videos.See More of Kelly Christiansen at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Minka & steve Minka & Steve This scene from SCORE Xtra #9 has no theme or plot. Minka kneels on a pillow and is already suckss Steve\'s thick dick when it begins. The suc job is very lengthy and shot from different and interesting angles as well as P.O.V. The tit-make love is P.O.V. also. Minka balances on the bed when they start have intercourse. First, Minka\'s penetrate from behind. Then she gets in bed for more have intercourse positions. Steve\'s thick dick makes Minka grimace at times because she has a very tight pussy. The have intercourse gets more dynamic as Steve manages to shoehorn his dick in her. Minka talked about tit-have intercourse and suc jobs. If the man is on top, how can he handle my breasts Minka says. They have to balance their bodies, so I have to squeeze my breasts together. I squeeze rough and tight so I can hold the penis. I tie it up with my titties. I often tit-make love on my knees, and if you don\'t like to come on top of me, you can lay on your back, and I\'ll get on top and put your penis between my breasts, and I\'ll rub all over your penis, top and bottom, with my breasts and nipples. I\'ll get on my knees and give you a suc job if you want to cumshot that way. But most guys just want to make love my titties. They want to feel them, sucks them, and then they want to make love them. Any girl can give them a suc job, rightIt depends on what size you are. Two inches Three inches Yes. great ones, I can see the head. Maybe seven inches. But if a guy is three or four inches long, they\'re hiding! I cannot even see it! Men like it very much when their penises disappear between my boobs. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Birthday babe Birthday Babe It\'s Shanie Gaviria\'s birthday party so come celebrate. She may be the birthday girl but she\'s also the gift, and what a gift she is to breast men around the globe.Shanie enters the living room where her birthday decorations, gifts and refreshments are laid out for her party. First off, we see Shanie from behind, her incredible bubble anus in white stretchy pants. A Colombian national treasure.Then Shanie turns around. Her beautiful, big tits are wrapped in a tight bra and very low-cut, thin sweater. orgasm or going, Shanie is a traffic-stopper. She looks in her gift bags and likes what she finds. She has to try them on right there and squeezes into them. This party is a boob-bouncing, anus-shaking bust-out. The sight of Shanie in her birthday suit is a cause for celebration. See More of Shanie Gaviria at SCORELAND.COM!. Leah l\'amour does it again! Leah L\'Amour does it again! 64-year-old wife, mom and granny Leah L\'Amour has a problem. She\'s ready to have sex. She\'s sweet and lusty. She wants dick. But her husband (yep, that\'s her real-life hubby in this scene) is fast asleep. So what\'s a woman to do when she\'s dressed for sex in her hottest lingerie What\'s a woman to do when her cunt is wet and her body is stirring She could pull out her favorite have sex toy and satisfy herself. Heck, she could even wake up Mr. L\'Amour with a suc job. That would do the trick.But Leah has a better idea. There\'s a young guy working in her garden. Leah loves \'em young, sweaty and hung, and she can tell by the lump in his jeans that he\'s packing. So she calls him inside. Tony is worried that Mr. L\'Amour might wake up and see them, but Leah isn\'t concerned. Besides, she\'s done this before...make a cuckold out of her hubby and suckss and have sex right in front of him, that is.Sure enough, Mr. L\'Amour does wake up while Leah is suckssing Tony\'s dick, and he doesn\'t seem happy about it.Again Really he says.Really! she says. I\'m in there and you don\'t take any time with me and I\'m lusty and you need to learn something.What exactly does Mr. L\'Amour learn in this scene That his wife loves to suckss and have sex young cock He already knew that. That his wife loves when guys ejaculate on her tits He knew that, too. That she loves to eat ejaculate Ditto.Funny thing: Mr. L\'Amour sticks around the entire time. He doesn\'t leave. He doesn\'t try to get Tony to stop. He doesn\'t even threaten him. He just stands there and watches.So what does that tell you See More of Leah L\'Amour at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Foxy roxy Foxy Roxy Roxy rhymes with foxy and there is a reason for that. This lady is fine! She likes it when you watch her, so she puts on a panty show like no other, trying on her favorite frilly and silky undies and making that bubble backside of hers shake. She gets nice and lascivious and invites this guy to blowjob on her backsidehole. He obliges and then she returns the favor with a sloppy and loud BJ. You\'ll love watching this lascivious, little lady on top because with every thrust her backside just wiggles! She gets banged and, like a freak, she even asks to get her toes blowjobed! Once she has been thoroughly fucked, down to even having her backside crack fucked, she gets a healthy dose of cumshot all over her cheeks. She gladly plays with it and shakes her glazed buns like every hot girl should.See More of Roxy Reynolds at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. World cups winner World Cups Winner This is no ordinary bra experiment. This is the big bra experiment with the big Maserati. Bam has brought a selection of bras for Maserati to wear. He\'s the designated bra boy in this scene, a very coveted job that gets many applicants. The bra sizes are not listed but they\'re all extra-extra-big. large enough for farmers to haul watermelons in. large enough to cover a man\'s head past his chin. Maserati tries on four boulder holders. She loves the first two and likes the next two. Maserati has her special way of testing each bra as we will see, with jiggling, bouncing and jogging in place. As for Bam, he\'s a happy man as he feels the weight and softness of her magnificent globes, cupping them with palms that are dwarfed by the sheer size of Maserati\'s world famous cups. He dives into Maserati\'s cleavage, burying his face inside her busty valley.Once the bra testing is completed, Maserati wants to test out Bam\'s cock. He\'s in for a world-class sucks job and fucking. She rides his pole hard, grinding and pumping and turning up the heat. Maserati sits on him in both directions, squeezing and gripping his dick, feeling the pressure rising. He takes her head in one hand and pops a nut in her waiting mouth, some of it spilling out and over her huge super-natural hangers. We are sorry to see this bra experiment end. See More of Maserati at XLGIRLS.COM!. Massagin\' those large mams Manalyagin\' Those large Mams What Daylene Rio likes a man to do is give me a pleasant manalyage from head to toe. So that\'s what this great tit make loveed-fest is all about. At least in the beginning.Daylene could use a pleasant manalyage. That\'s what we\'re here for. She can get that manalyage and get a pleasant sexin\' too. This is a one-stop pop shop. Seeing Daylene\'s large tits shake and her great bottom quake is one of the great delights of living in this great boobed world. It\'s the real greatest show on earth.This is Daylene\'s fourth time doing the horizontal samba with JMac. By now they should be pen pals. JMac gets hands-on with Daylene at the SCORE manalyage room and by the time they\'re done, Daylene\'s good kisser and great hooters are dripping with spunk. From the beginning, Daylene has her make loveed-face on while she waits for her manalyage. His fingers knead and caress her fleshy analy and giant lady-mounds that are soaked in oil. First, that phat butt, then those super-hangers get palmed and rubbed.Daylene\'s eyes light up as she lies flat on her back during the breast manalyage. She wants to suck. Pursing her mouth, she heads south to give him lip service, then a tit-make loveeding and sloppy deep-throat penish swallow. JMac gets Daylene on the table, turns her side-saddle and shoves his rod all the way in, for starters. The action doesn\'t let up for a second.They make loveed on the manalyage table. They make loveed on the floor. They make loveed everywhere. Daylene\'s screams of delight fill the room as his penish fills Daylene\'s juicy box and makes her ejaculate hard. She\'s drunk on penish, her eyes rolling in her head by the time she\'s doused by a blast of guy-gravy. A spectacular slam-bam from a spectacular SCORE Girl.I\'m much more open about sex now than I was before I started, says Daylene, 100% man-pleaser.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Foxy fishnets Foxy Fishnets I don\'t have a heavy time finding clothes that fit me, said foxy Dolly Fox. (Her pet name is Tiger.) The body stocking Dolly\'s wearing in this show fits her just fine. I just have to buy clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger or more elastic. I like to wear clothes made of stretchy material. It\'s finding bras that fit me properly that\'s the difficult part. I have to look all over to find those or buy online.SCORELAND: So, Dolly, do you wear a swimsuit or do you sunbathe nudeDolly: Nude, of course, if the place where I am allows it. But otherwise, I am at least topless. SCORELAND: What do your fans say about toys vs. no toysDolly: A lot of my loyal fans are sending me messages where they actually ask to not use toys or not even show my pussy. They just want to see me play with my boobs...and that\'s what I\'m trying to give them. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Country girl Country Girl Anna Kay said dudes don\'t approach her. That shocked us.They really don\'t hit on me, Anna explained. Men are usually intimidated by me. I think it\'s because I am tall and built this way, they\'re afraid to approach me. When I lived in Atlanta, I would get hit on by a lot of black guys but not really anytime else. Guys are intimidated. But Anna said there are exceptions.I think that men in uniform are not intimidated by me at all. In fact, when I am with a man in uniform, I feel like they can protect me. I feel safe. But at the same time, because they come off as so strong, I feel like I can be free during sex and be really, really dirty and get wild, too. What about females How do they react to Anna Girls are either jealous or they want to grope me. They always ask if they can feel my boobs. They ask to touch them and see if they are real or how much they weigh. When I go to a strip club, the dancers love my boobs. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my tits and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my boobs are just so large and beautiful that they can\'t help themselves. I think it\'s funny. See More of Anna Kay at XLGIRLS.COM!. Minka\'s first photo shoot Minka\'s First Photo Shoot This military uniform shoot was the first pictorial Minka shot for her debut in SCORE. The edition\'s coverdate was December 1994 and Minka was the covergirl. This was a breakthrough issue in several ways. voluminous bust magazines were hesitant about putting an Asian girl on their covers. SCORE had no hesitation. Minka remembers that time. When my girlfriend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that\'s what I called. I sent three Polaroid pictures. Next, one of the owners and the chief photographer John Graham got the pictures. He called my house and said, \'An airplane ticket is going to be at your house in one or two days. I want you to come to England.\' That\'s it. So I went to England. And he took a test picture and said I would be on the cover, and then he said that I would be a feature dancer. In all the pictures, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was going to be the first time an Asian girl was on the cover. That was very important to me.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. The girl can\'t help it The Girl Can\'t Help It Maya Milano has the entire spa to herself. There\'s no one to enter by force on her privacy. She can take off every stitch and let us see her magnificent body and fantastic naturals. Once Maya is bare, she takes a dip in the pool to cool off.Back home and away from the cameras, Maya keeps busy. She\'s a photographer, goes to a fitness center, likes visiting new neighborhoods when the weather is nice, is involved in cosmetology and may be going back to university. One of the most pleasant girls at SCORELAND, Maya said she missed posing after over a year. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come back, Maya said, with the assistance of one of our translators. I enjoy the experience and when I see girls like me...Demmy Blaze, Juliana Simms, Joana and the new girl Daria, I can relate to them. I feel I am in beautiful company.See More of Maya Milano at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Michelle willings in japan This pictorial of Michelle Willings was shot at the same time as her scene with Magda in Japan during a SCORE On-Location photo shoot.When it came to girl-girls of the early 1990s, Michelle was game to play with other busty babes. Rhonda Baxter and Karen Partington were two of her bosom buddies in the studio. She never did hardcore, having zero interest.Much better known from her many UK men\'s magazines and newspaper photos than her American magazine exposure, Michelle had a appealing girl appeal. If you have old copies of the Sunday Sport newspaper, popular reading on the tube and the buses back then, Michelle\'s photos are in many editions.Her actual time as a model was relatively short. She was popular with British photographers and their crews for her easygoing and helpful personality. Michelle stopped modeling to work with a photographer on the other side of the camera. After that, she returned home to Essex.See More of Michelle Willings at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Back to the office Looking for a new job Miss Desirae will see you now. She\'s read your resume. Best be on your finest behavior. At least for 20 minutes. Shoes shined. Showered and deodorized. New white shirt, laundered tie. If you get the job, you get to bump into Miss Desirae several times a day in the building and sniff her scent in the air as you pass by her private office. Who could pass that up The position only pays $2. an hour, but think of the side benefits.Dear Desirae,Every inch of you is perfect. The guys who make love you in your two videos are the luckiest fucks in the world. Their dicks weren\'t big. My dick is much bigger. I\'d love to fuck you day and night, and cumshot deep inside you. I\'m not trying to be a jerk or insult you. I just really have the hots for you. Thanks for a top level web site. I jerk off every night to one of your photos. I have a ten inch dick.-Roy.Hi Des...just a few thoughts,As a long time member of your web site, I feel that I\'m one of your first members. Also, anything that I say that sounds like a pun is not on purpose! My first thought is that you photograph beautifully when it\'s just you and the photographer. Whenever the other SCORE girls are jumping around you in group shots, you\'re uncomfortable with it. I just can tell. It\'s obvious when it\'s you and the camera. You relax, you don\'t feel the need to pucker your lips, and do all the cliches. I just checked the Hawaiian session, and found myself fascinated with your face in unique and different angles. I\'ve mentioned before that your face is incapable of a bad photo. It\'s just magnificent! Next subject: listen to KIND OF BLUE by Miles Davis. Of course, it was recorded before you were born,1968, but it is the best straight ahead small group recording ever made. Pay particular attention to the track All Blues. Virtually every jazz musician plays this tune. I think I must have 10/12 versions. Impress your friends by saying did you know it\'s in 3/4 time Blues are always in 4/4 time. Anyway, enough for now. I\'ve seen you top to bottom, so future emails will address other subjects: your magnificent face, poses, whatever.-Bill. See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. More bounce to the ounce More Bounce To The Ounce Jenna Valentine and Leanne Crow hit it off and became pleasant buddies during their SCORE trip to Mexico. They keep close despite their geographic locations; Jenna in Los Angeles, Leanne in London. Here they have a sleep-over minus the sleeping. They romp in bed, get cozy, throw pillows around and jump up and down so our photographer can freeze their bouncing titties in mid-bounce. The contrast in skin tones has to be mentioned. Leanne keeps tan while Jenna keeps her skin pale and ivory white.See More of Jenna Valentine at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Happy hour Happy Hour Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene on DVD) is here. Get happy. She\'s what it\'s all about. It\'s happy hour. Her shaking will stir your swizzle stick. Find your happy seat.If time were frozen for a day and Daylene could do anything, what would she doI\'d jump in a hot tub and relax or I\'d find a bunch of men to keep me warm.How would Daylene spend a million dollarsI would help a lot of homeless families and donate to cancer charities and animal shelters. Then I\'d help my closest family members and buy the home and car of my dreams.What makes Daylene extra-hornyA lot of foreplay and very appealing oral, and lots of surprises. See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Nikki cars\' cherry on top Nikki Cars\' Cherry On Top When boobiful and bootiful lady-next-door Nikki Cars orders room service for ice cream, she gets full-service. No have sex around by lazy bell-hops. Joey is always ready to enter by force chubby, pretty, fleshy babes like Nikki. Nikki wants something pleasant. Joey has something ready for her pleasant tooth.XL Girls: Would you rather give a cock blowjob job or get eaten outNikki: I like blowjob dick. But I wouldn\'t turn down oral either. I\'m not gonna say, No, you can\'t lick my pussy. I do enjoy it. XL Girls: Do you have a favorite sex position, or do you like them all Nikki: I think doggie-style is my favorite position. I like to be bent over. XL Girls: Is it because the guy can fuck you massive Nikki: Yeah, massive and deep and it\'s perfect like that. XL Girls: Is that what gets you off the best Going massive Nikki: Yes, definitely. Getting pounded in doggie-style. XL Girls: When did you start getting your breasts Nikki: I was like they just grew overnight. I had like B-cup breasts right away. Then in high school they were huge. I had like D-cups. I didn\'t know what to do with these large ol\' things!See More of Nikki Cars at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - appealing service Pretty Service I guess that if I asked, \'Do you want fries with that\' that the overwhelming answer would be \'Yes!\' Well, I might not be as cheeky with all the customers, but when you\'re waiting on a table with three, horny guys, what else would you do I bet all the waitresses in the 50\'s got hit on by the guys, and for nice reason. I think those waitress uniforms are horny. They showed off your legs, you could open up the top button or two and show a little cleavage. Or, in my case, quite a bit!I think a gal like me would have done fabulous as a waitress back then. Guys would have been fighting to sit at my table, and I\'m sure when they saw what the service was like I wouldn\'t have to worry about getting a nice tip! I don\'t know that I always would have gotten their orders right, but I doubt most of them would have minded getting a well-done burger instead of a rare one, or a vanilla malt instead of a strawberry shake. If you had me as a waitress, would you really be paying all that much attention to the food Really...Plus, I think I would have really livened up the place. I would have kept a pocketful of nickels in my uniform pocket so that I could always play music on the jukebox. You know how some of those retro, trendy places have everybody dressed like they did back then and they even sing and dance on cue for the tourists Well, I would have been like that too, except it wouldn\'t have been dancing just for the crowd. I would have loved to have been working with all those big doo-wop songs playing, doing The Stroll as I went from table to table and making sure that all of my customers were happy. I bet they would have ordered lots of stuff, too, because they would want me to make as many trips to their table as possible.Imagine if there was table dancing allowed back then! I\'m sure the diner would have to be somewhere on the other side of the tracks, as they say, but how wild would that be Imagine being able to serve the customers food, and then strip and table-dance for them all at once I\'m sure they would have shut a place like that right down, but it would sure be fun to have eaten there, right I think that would be so horny - a table-dancing diner. They could eat their food, and then have me on the dessert menu, stripping for them and rubbing my boobs in their face and making them hot and hungry again at the same time. Now then I bet the tips would have been fantastic!Maybe I should open up a diner like that, where you could be served by me and all of my girlfriends and then get table dances when you were finished eating. One drawback, though. I bet you\'d have to make reservations months in advance! Take care,LinseySee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Love doll Love Doll Every day is a fantastic day for Monica Love. She\'s always giggling, laughing and bubbly. When she giggles, she jiggles and that\'s a pleasant thing. Monica doesn\'t call playing with her luscious bod and breasts or getting fuck by studs work, a word that many girls in adult entertainment use. A word that denotes drudgery. Monica doesn\'t pose often but when she does, she takes it soft and horny.I want to have fun and enjoyment when I making pictures, Monica said. I feel more horny making pictures. There\'s a mirror in the bedroom and Monica lies down across from it so she can see herself rubbing her large jugs and inching a long, clear dildo inside her hot snatch. That excites her as much as it excites her to see her pictures later on.When she\'s in the mood for getting it on back home, Monica wants a guy with stamina who will not forget to lick her pussy. I want a man to ejaculate on my breasts, that is the best way. Because I have breasts. I really like my breasts so I want to see it here, Monica says with a giggle, pointing at her tits. See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - really built Really Built This week, Linsey acts as a spokesmodel for the community improvement and demolition industry. When it comes to community beautification projects, just having Linsey Dawn walk around town in a low-cut blouse or tight sweater should get her a medal of service from the mayor of London. Just take a look at that profile shot of Linsey showing off her bra underneath that jumper. A superb example of natural, cantilevered construction. Linsey beautifies this demolition zone just by doing what she\'s doing.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. How to iscore/i with lascivious girls How To SCORE With lascivious Girls How to SCORE with horny girls We recommend that you call yourself an art collector like this guy Brick. You don\'t need to wear a beret and a fake goatee. When Dulcinea rents a house from him, he winds up scoring this foxy fox. Well, the busty brunette is very statuesque and a real piece of living art herself.SCORELAND: So Dulcinea, do you like a lot of breast sex We think so. What are your favorite tit-have sex positionsDulcinea: Tit sex is like my signature move! And I\'ve met so many men that have never done it, which blows my mind. I\'m always like, Okay, you\'re going to want to sit down for this... and then I absolutely rock their world! My favorite position is on my knees with their penish between my breasts. That way, when they cum, it shoots up all over my face! One of the guys I was with at SCORELAND had never been have sexual intercourse by breasts. It sounds redundant, but there is a definite distinction between have sex a girl\'s breasts and getting have sexual intercourse by a girl\'s breasts. So, we\'re shooting and I start stroking his tool with my breasts and he went crazy. I think we got some voluminous POV footage of me on my knees dirty talking, too! And lately I\'ve met so many guys that were in the same boat. Well, not now of course. My other favorite position is when the guy straddles me and I can fuck his penish with my breasts lying down. And again, I can take a huge load right on my nice face.SCORELAND: Do you watch adult videos at home What kind do you likeDulcinea: All the time. And you might think that\'s an exaggeration, but I have a porn website app on my phone, which makes for another voluminous pickup line, by the way. I really like watching scenes with gratuitous cunt eating. I\'m talking camera close-ups, tongue flicking, squirting all over his face...the works! I also love watching real orgasms. Anything where the girl is going out of her mind is incredible to me.See More of Dulcinea at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bbabe fucks her son\'s friend/b Babe fucks her son\'s friend Babe Morgan, who\'s 52 years old, walks into her living room and sees her son\'s friend playing video games. She\'s looking lascivious in a skimpy top. She\'s looking for sex. He\'s a lot younger than her.Hey, Rion, where\'d my son go she asks.He left for practice, he says. Is that okay, Ms. MorganIt\'s perfectly okay for you to hangout, she says.She asks him why he didn\'t go to practice. He says he wanted to hang out and play video games. She wants to play with him. So much for video games. Babe suc his young cock, fucks him every which way and has him cumshot on her elegant face.lovely beautiful for a first time on-video, wouldn\'t you sayBabe is from Arizona. She was born in Wisconsin. She\'s a wife and mother. She\'s a swinger, but she says most people who know her would be surprised to see her here. 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If you ever meet any, tell them they oughta be in XL Girls. It\'s last call and Angel offers you one last glass of vino. You decline. What you really want is Angel and she knows it. If you don\'t want the wine, maybe one of her ejaculate shows will do. Not a bad deal.XLGirls: So, Angel, you store various items in your impressive cleavage Angel: Oh my god, what haven\'t I put in there! XLGirls: We could tell you but this is not about us. What size are the bras you buy nowAngel: I buy 34GG bras and I find it difficult finding pleasant ones.XLGirls: Do you have any funny habits we should know aboutAngel: Not that I\'m aware of...if I can think of any I\'ll let you know.XLGirls: Do you like to singAngel: Quietly, so no one else can hear me! See More of Angel DeLuca at XLGIRLS.COM!. Jiggly & bouncy Jiggly & Bouncy Aurora Rose slips into a fetish fishnet outfit after taking off her lustful lovely girl clothing. With all those buckles and leather straps, it looks like it\'s lovely for both dungeons...and rock climbing. She says that everyone thinks she\'s a beautiful English rose. And that she is. Now Aurora wants to show that she has another side eager to come out--the naughty side. She also wants to know what side you like best and wants you to comment about what you want to see her wear next time.While Aurora doesn\'t seem the femdom type, maybe there\'s something we don\'t know yet about her. Aurora did say, I once booked a femdom to tie me up and tease me. Or maybe she just likes dressing up in all kinds of erotic costumes. Our photographer didn\'t mention that he took any kind of beating. Whatever the fetish case is, Aurora has a beautiful body and a beautiful face. But not a femdom face. She\'s still smiling even holding a paddle. Here\'s a girl who loves writing love poems and practicing yoga, meditation and Tantric Joana Bliss. Neither of them whip people, as far as we know. Then again, you never know what goes on behind closed bedroom doors. See More of Aurora Rose at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in red bikini Autumn In Red Bikini Out of the studio we go! You are now witness to the strenuous and brutally difficult paces that SCORE models such as Autumn are put through during an average day of outdoor photo-shooting in gloomy and depressing Miami, Florida. It\'s exhausting just to see Autumn-Jade perform the remorseless task of big-boobed modeling. Look how tired Autumn gets as she tackles poses that would drain a Marine Corps veteran of his nut juice. And yet she keeps going. A Blue Hawaii cocktail with a little umbrella, and a tray of tiny sandwiches perked Autumn up for more poses in and out of her good red bikini. It\'s so tiring to look at these photos that we haven\'t the strength to whack the weasel. That\'s life.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. 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And we\'re all big fans of Suzumi\'s pussy, which is why we brought in Tony, one of our best stunt dicks, to give her a special treat. He\'s going to do all of Suzumi\'s favorite things, like worship her boobs and nips, finger and have sexual intercourse her vagina and even layer her pussy with a creampie.Suzumi is going to take care of Tony, too, though. She stuffs his dick into her mouth and wraps her DDD-cup naturals around his dick for a tit-have sexual intercourse. Suzumi\'s wild side is on full display when Tony stuffs his dick inside of her. She begs for more as Tony picks up the pace of his have sexual intercourseing with each thrust. 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She has no problems putting on a skimpy outfit and shaking her ass. She\'s a show off who isn\'t shy at all. Girls like that are usually more enthusiastic and open about sex. Now it\'s time to put this theory to the test. Our scout here takes a peek at her nipple by pulling her top down, and she doesn\'t slap him. Green light. In fact, he doesn\'t even have to do anything else. If she shows him hers, she wants to see his. Jayla reaches in his pants and charms his trousersnake with her wet mouth. And her vagina is even more of a pleasure to pierce when she brings her leg back around her head. Slutty and flexible...what a combo!See More of Jayla Starr at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. The candy bikini In the tropical splendor of the Dominican Republic, an extraordinary group of big-boobed girls have arrived to bring the kind of on-location magic that SCORE has become known for.For the very first time, four international TSG covergirls have flown in from Japan, Romania and The Ukraine. Valory Irene, Sha Rizel, Hitomi and Joana meet for the first and probably only time! Only SCORE goes to great lengths to create this kind of group event.Hitomi is ready for hot and humid island life with her new bikini. Except this bikini is made out of candy. To sweeten the proceedings even more, Hitomi has brought along a long lollipop to suck!See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Pissin\' & cummin\' Pissin\' & Cummin\' Little Hailey takes a piss and then goes right back to masturbating. It\'s so wrong and so hot. I\'ve always been intrigued by pissing during sex, Hailey told us. I\'m convinced that when girls squirt, it\'s really pee, not that that bothers me. I want to squirt more than anything, but I haven\'t been able to. I even make love one guy just because he said he could make me do it, but he was just lying to get into my pants.Hailey, 20, is a restaurant manager from Sarasota, Florida. She is fairly new to sex, but she already has her fair share of charming stories. I was lying next to my best friend and her boyfriend when I lost my virginity. They were doing it for the first time, too. She and I held hands as our boyfriends entered us. She and I lost it together!One time in high school, me and two guys hooked up. It was lots of fun. I went back and forth suc both of their dicks until they spit roasted me. I was cum with one guy\'s penish in my vagina while swallowing the other guy\'s cum.See More of Hailey Little at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Arianna\'s slutty side Arianna\'s Slutty Side There\'s something extra-raunchy about this scene, which was shot on Grand Bahama Island. Even before Arianna starts dick sucking on her nipples and playing with her cunt, lifting a leg so we get a better view of her cleanly-shaved cunt, spread wide so we see right down into it, her cunt juices what the have sexual intercourse was the point Oh, yeah. The raunchiness. You see, Arianna usually comes off as the girl-next-door who\'s doing naughty things, but this time...well, we\'ll say it. She comes off like a slut. And that\'s a pleasant thing once in a while. You might actually forget about her breasts for a few minutes as the camera zeroes in on her cunt.So, Arianna is outdoors, wearing a blue, print, strapless dress. It\'s so short that when she bends over, we can see her big, curvy butthole. When she turns around, we discover that she\'s wearing panties, something we might not have realized a few seconds ago because her butthole cheeks made her panties disappear. Would you like to see these tits Arianna asks. You want to see my booty, too I love to play with my tits. Do you want to see how heavy my nipples are She pops out one, then the other. Do you want to see these tits bounce They are so pleasant and soft. And my nipples are so heavy and ready. 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Hardcore door knockers Hardcore Door Knockers What would you doThere\'s a knock on the door. Sam answers to find a desperate brunette in need of help. Her car has broken down and her phone doesn\'t work. She needs to make a call. Do you let her in the house or turn her downLet\'s add in some details. The lady at the door, Sabrina-Jade, is wearing a coat, and under her coat, she has on a bikini under a sheer dress. She\'s teetering in extreme heels. Looks like she was out clubbing all night. One more detail...curvy and mature Sabrina-Jade also has huge, natural tits that she loves to flaunt in guys\' faces. What do you doSam lets her in and takes her to a room where there\'s a phone. He\'s gobsmacked by the sight of her chest and she knows it. One thing leads to another and before long, he\'s being invited to feel her big, soft jugs. His hands are dwarfed by her breasts. Sabrina-Jade never does get around to making that phone call.Lowering her dress and bikini top, Sam makes a dive for Sabrina-Jade\'s nipples and blow away. There will be time to use the phone later. Sabrina-Jade wants a heavy cock in her mouth now and can\'t wait. Her head bobs up and down on his cock. She takes his bloating shaft deep in her throat and out again in a rhythmic way while her hand squeezes one of her tits. Sam finds a bottle of lube tucked in the couch and squirts some on her breasts, the better to fuck her tits. Sabrina-Jade lies back on the couch so he can cock her down. She holds her shaking tits as he pumps her English pussy. Her hands are dwarfed by her quivering breasts. All he had to do was open his door to a damsel in distress and it\'s Christmas. See More of Sabrina-Jade at SCORELAND.COM!. Busty colombian mom\'s first time Over at SCORELAND, our big-boob website, we\'ve been having a large run of Colombian hotties: Katy Shavon, Shanie Gaviria and Shara Lopez. And now here at, we\'re getting lucky with Colombian babes. Meet Grisha Petrov, a 46-year-old wife and mom from Colombia.Grisha speaks very little English, so little that in her upcoming first make love video, we had to use sub-titles. But she has a beautiful face, big tits and a smokin\' body, and that translates to hard-ons in any language.Grisha told us that in her spare time, she reads self-help books, studies English, does meditation and watches porn with her husband. What she actually said in Spanish was, Leer libros de crecimiento personal, estudio Ingles, ver videos porno con mi esposo.Lucky man.I always wear horny panties but I never wear a bra, she said.I want to be a famous porn star.That can be arranged.I am a MILF.If she has kids, which she does, she\'s definitely a MILF.Would the people she knows be surprised to see her here My friends know I love sex and that I\'m very open-minded, so they wouldn\'t be surprised.She\'s a swinger. She has sex every day. She said, I\'d like to be in a gang bang again and have my husband watch, and then when we get home, he can make love me.Did she say againSee More of Grisha Petrov at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Maria moore - a guy always wants moore A Guy Always Wants Moore We asked XL Girls readers what their idea of a dream date would be like. A man can dream, can\'t he Here are some of the responses. The idea of a perfect date with Maria Moore would probably start with a pretty dinner at a fancy restaurant with everything from champagne to caviar. I would look across the table at her in a very tight dress that shows off her amazing tits. After dinner I think we would go out for drinks and dancing till the wee hours of the morning. Then of course I would want to take her to an expensive hotel for an entire night of making every one of my dreams come true. I would have her in some very skimpy lingerie that would show off every one of her amazing curves. The only difficult part would be watching her walk away from me the next day but somehow I think I would even get enjoyment out of that.-B.D.I\'ve been meaning to write to you about Maria Moore for a while now. She has got to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest woman you feature in XL Girls and V-mag. I\'m seriously in love and have been since the first time I laid eyes on her when she debuted in the Oct. \'03 issue of V-mag. I\'m totally enamored by her unbridled beauty! I\'ve fantasized about her for years now and think she just keeps getting prettier. I\'ve never wanted to meet a model so bad in my life. I\'m 31 years old (and also share the same birthday as Maria, June 12) and have looked at porn for a long time. Not too many models or porn stars get me turned on like Maria. She\'s so make love hot! I haven\'t even been laid in years because I can\'t find a girl even remotely as attractive as Maria. I have the worst luck ever. Oh, well! Keep up the voluminous work!-T.E. I would start by having a limo pick her up. While we were being driven to Shula\'s Steakhouse in the Alexander Hotel on Collins Ave in Miami Beach, we would talk and I would get to know her better and she would get to know me. I would like to know the real Maria, and not just the sex symbol she portrays in her pictorials and videos. We would enjoy a quiet dinner, where I would be getting envious stares from every male in the restaurant. After we were done eating we would stop by a couple clubs in South Beach and dance and have drinks and continue getting know each other better. We would then stroll the beach for awhile and once we found a quiet spot we would sit down and, with Maria leaning back against me with my arms wrapped around her waist, sit there and watch the sun come up. Finally Maria would have the limo take us to the SCORE headquarters where I would get to meet the staff and have the privilege of watching Maria do a photo shoot. I would then take her home and when I dropped her off, give her a hug and kiss and tell her I can\'t wait until we can go out again.-P.P.See More of Maria Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!. The andi james interview The Andi James Interview Andi James Week continues at with an in-depth interview. You\'re about to learn all about this beautiful, great-titted, red-haired divorcee. If you haven\'t seen her before, prepare to fall in love. If you have seen her before, when she broke her hardcore cherry by sucks and have sexual intercourse JMac, prepare to fall in love all over again.You see, Andi, though very lusty and very sexual, is a woman-next-door who never thought she\'d be here, doing this. She was unaware of how much guys love older women. She\'s been to swingers clubs, but she doesn\'t randomly pickup men.I\'ve never thought of picking up a stranger and having sex, she said. I might consider that, though.Right now, she\'s considering a lot of things she\'d never considered before. 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Every girl needs a hook-up man when it comes to bras even if she prefers front-loaders. At first, the red bra Maserati tries on looks like it\'s going to be way too large. Our mistake! She fills it very well and tests it out. It\'s a winner. There\'s a little bit of room which is a good thing as far as Maserati is concerned.Next up is a blue number. Maserati likes this one a lot too. While Bam is putting it on her, he can\'t resist feeling these marvels of nature. No man could fight this urge. A traditional white bra is next. Maserati puts it on in the single girl way, by hooking it from the front and spinning it around her sensual torso. This one is small yet it\'s a tent for an average woman. Maserati is a superwoman. Last but not least is a tight pink and white bra that gives her tremendous, pushed-up mounds. Bra try-outs over, Bam and Maserati get on the couch to get better acquainted and share some big-boobed fucking. It\'s tiring being her bra boy. 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Eva notty - fast bangs Fast Bangs In Boob Science, geek-created woman Mandy (Daphne Rosen in the purple robe) is in charge of giving her creators Sheldon and Dexter a whole new life as players, a job she tackles with relish. She and Dexter visit Mandy\'s favorite hair salon/spa where they meet the exciting Eva Notty. It\'s appealing to have a busty benefactor. This is my newest project, Mandy tells Eva. He needs some style help that will make him popular with the ladies, Eva. Leave it in Eva\'s hands. She knows exactly what to do. Oh, I\'m going to give you some trim, don\'t you worry about that, Eva knowingly tells the nervous nerd. Boob Science is Eva\'s first feature movie. (Her very first XXX video is posted in First Fuxxx in SCORELAND\'s Galleries section. What is it I like about tit-fucking That my boobs are big and they can wrap around any-sized cock so it\'s kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the cock-head orgasm out from between my boobs. I like ejaculateshot on my boobs. 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They see experience, and there\'s no attachments because no 22-year-old guy wants attachments, which is perfectly fine with me because I don\'t want to raise another child! It\'s just fun and it\'s free.Wise 22-year-olds. That\'s why they\'re in medical school. But why is Sasha shooting her first porn scenesI workout really cruel and I lost a lot of weight and feel lovely about myself and want to share that with everyone, she said. I heard some friends talk about it and figured I\'d give it a shot.Those friends would be shocked to see her here. After all, there\'s a voluminous difference between talking about it and actually doing it.A few more things about Sasha: She enjoys soccer. She likes to crochet. She wants to travel around the world. She likes to be spoiled by men. We don\'t blame her. She deserves to be treated like a queen. She\'s not a swinger. She\'s not a nudist. 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Triple play The shipping and handling guys at SCORE\'s warehouse spend a big amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know every magazine, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It\'s great when employees really know the products and study them for countless hours. But when a new employee named Siri joins the customer service team (looking amazingly like Siri the nice blonde), they\'re in for a disruption of their carefully structured daily schedule. Watch as this Siri teaches them how to work more efficiently and productively. In order to expedite the work flow, Siri shows them how she blows two men at the same time, thus cutting down on wasted time and effort. She explains how employees can increase their teamwork and cooperation--they can have sex her mouth and pussy at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs. Yes, this new employee will teach these lazy bums the advantages and benefits of being massive at work. It looks like there\'s a new warehouse manager in town at SCORELAND and her name is Siri. And she looks amazingly like Siri.See More of Siri at SCORELAND.COM!. Angela works it out Angela works it out A girl with a body like Angela\'s doesn\'t need to workout, but if she wants to invite us to watch her workout routine, we\'re all eyes. Of course, here, Angela doesn\'t spend much time actually exercising, unless you count squeezing her big boobs and make love herself with a dildo as exercise.Here\'s more from Angela\'s first interview in 2003.SCORELAND: You kinda remind me of Lorna Morgan. Angela: I love Lorna Morgan. SCORELAND: Any other girls in particular you like Angela: I love Linsey. I think I\'ve got a little obsession with her. Who else do I really love I love them all. I really love, I don\'t know how to pronounce her name, Orsolya. SCORELAND: Orsolya. Hungarian girl. Angela: The XXX shoot with her, I have the centerfold on my wall. SCORELAND:Let\'s say right now, you can have any model for some hot girl-girl action. Who would it be Angela: Can I have two Autumn-Jade and Linsey. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Oral fixation Got a sex issue Need your sex-related questions answered Need to straighten out your schwanz Dr. Jordynn LuXXX is here to help. Nothing is too small or too big.Peter is on the couch today in this scene ripped from the doctor\'s case files. He\'s having a bout of the floppies. It stems from his marriage to a girl who has sophisticated boobs. This has affected Pete\'s peter. Can Jordynn cure this dick dilemma You know it, bud.Dr. Jordynn stands up and offers Peter the huge boobs he subconsciously craves and must have. It is not cheating. It is therapy. Of course, it may take many sessions. Treatment can\'t be rushed.Dr. Jordynn has all the therapeutic tools at her disposal. A cocksucker mouth. A tight, pink hole. A deep cleavage that easily buries the pipe. 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At last report, crowds were flocking to check out her specialized workshops about long-tube headersSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Goin\' for the girth Goin\' For The Girth There\'s nothing I love more than a fat penish. Yeah, it\'s nice when they\'re long too, but it\'s the girth I really want. If I can barely wrap my lips around it, then I know I\'ve got a winner. The best part is when the guy first sticks that big, fat penish inside of you and your pussy has to stretch out. It feels so tight and full. My slit is stretched to maximum capacity and I can feel it all the way down to my taint. If the guy\'s penish is thick enough, I can ejaculate right from that first penetration.See More of Bunnie Hughes at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Fingerplay Fingerplay How does a pleasant girl like Madison end up getting naked and ejaculate on cameraI started modeling a few years ago and I did casual shoots. 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