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Suzumi wilder - sweater bustin\' coed Sweater Bustin\' Coed She\'s a coed whose student body shouts, Gimme a T, gimme an A, what\'s that spell T&A! Suzumi Wilder walks into a clarseroom dressed like a typical college girl or breastaurant waitress. She\'s looking for her instructor. He\'s not there, unfortunately for him. Suzumi proceeds to get naked and slap her natural tits and cunt right there on his desk. Too bad he missed her.Does Suzumi get any girls hitting on her in clarse or after clarse I have never had sex with another girl but I have been close, Suzumi revealed. We were kissing and taking each other\'s clothes off. She gently sucked and bit my nipples and I did the same to her. And then That was itWell, Suzumi is into guys and getting her arse licked and fucked. cock is her main event, not thick, juicy girls like herself.See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. The new girl Lovely brunette Kat Bailey sent her photos to XL Girls after a friend recommended she apply. Kat is from Oklahoma, a state that\'s yielded few models, although it did give us Marilyn Mayson. Kat said she doesn\'t have any hobbies. I like to bake, fuck and clean my house, uninterrupted, said Kat. We did interrupt her routine to invite her to XL Girls where she worked her mammary magic and used her magic wand.It\'s nearly impossible to not draw attention to my voluminous breasts. I feel they are some of my best assets so why not dress to show them off I get lots of attention and I love it so that\'s why I\'m here! I hope the guys who see my first video and pictures have pleasant things to say.See More of Kat Bailey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - to clothe or unclothethat is the question To Clothe Or Unclothe...That Is The Question An unusual photo shoot because Chloe never gets undressed at all! Think of it as clothed nudity. The see-through blouse is hypnotic in its own way. Chloe\'s legs look unusually muscular and shapely and the high heels add an extra shape to her calves.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. On location key largo - group grope On Location Key Largo - Group Grope In this scene from the movie On Location Key Largo, shot in the Florida Keys in the spring of 2001, Kerry, Lorna, Chloe and Chaz cavort and romp in the pool of their beach-front house. In the opener of this scene, Lorna and Kerry can\'t decide what bikini to wear. Just watching them try on bikinis is highly sensual. Then all four girls meet in the pool to frolic. There is fantastic underwater photography of these ultra-curvy babes, something rarely seen in curvy movies. And then Chloe is treated to something very special by the three girls in another highly sensual moment in one of the most talked about moments.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Voluminous big breasts of love Large large tits of love Bouncy and bubbly, Sheridan Love is a mix of girl-next-door and full-time adult entertainer. She does everything from webcamming to meeting fans at conventions to hardcore. Sheridan began doing XXX at SCORE. There\'s one thing Sheridan still hasn\'t done yet: dance topless or naked in strip clubs. Maybe one day she\'ll give it a try. I\'ll bet she\'d give one cock-stiffening lap dance.Sheridan gives pleasant conversation, too.SCORE: Sheridan, how long is the largegest toy you have usedSheridan: Fifteen inches. I can\'t take it all, but I like to try.SCORE: Fifteen inches! Do you like long toys or thick toysSheridan: I like both but thick is my fave. I love the feeling of my pussy being expanded and full.SCORE: What\'s the craziest adult novelty you have played withSheridan: I have a sex swing that\'s loads of fun. All kinds of different positions you can do, and it just make me feel extra naughty being strapped into it and letting someone have their way with me.SCORE: What kind of bum toys do you play withSheridan: I have a few I like. I love glass plugs. They are smooth and cool to the touch. I have plugs that have tails attached for when I want to be a naughty cunt and I have one that expands so I can slowly expand my tight asshole.SCORE: Do you know how much your tits weighSheridan: I get asked often how much they weigh and if they hurt my back. They are 3 1/2 pounds apiece. I have had large tits since I was nine, so my back is used to them and I work out all the time to keep my back muscles strong. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND2.COM!. Yoga poser Yoga Poser Occupation: Waitress; Age: 20; Born: November 18; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 106 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: I don\'t like them; Anal: I love my plug; BJs: Swallow all the way; Masturbate: Yes; Lives: Tulsa, Oklahoma.We asked Athena if she had any special skills. I make funny videos online, and I like to dance. I can also make myself into a human pretzel! We obviously asked her to show off her pretzel skills for the camera, which she agreed to do. Meanwhile, we asked her what she likes to do for fun. I volunteer at the animal shelter and the hospital. I would like to go to medical school eventually, but I need to save up a bunch of money for that. The check you guys are giving me for posing for these pictures is going to help a lot!I had sex in my grandmother\'s garage during Thanksgiving. It was my boyfriend\'s first time meeting my family and he was nervous, so I helped him relieve some pressure!See More of Athena Rayne at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Cuckin\' a Cuckin\' A When we asked Silva Foxx, a 62-year-old divorcee, if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, Abso-fucking-lutely. Most of my life, I\'ve been in the business world, and most people are very vanilla and would be kinda shocked. Actually, you probably won\'t believe this for a second, but I\'m really an introvert.The guy who\'s being cuckolded in this scene That\'s Silva\'s hubby. He kinda asked for it.I\'ve always been very dominant but never able to express myself in the proper way, and then it was my significant other who introduced me to this other way of doing things and brought in subs and showed me what to do, and we do it together, she said. He\'s very dominant as well. He\'ll bring in somebody and get them set up with a blindfold and take all their clothing off, and I\'ll be changing into an outfit and I\'ll come out with a flogger and crop and some nipple suckers, just different things, and I\'ll discipline her. See More of Silva Foxx at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Boob power to the nth degree Boob Power To The Nth degree The power of Maserati lies in her tidal wave of tits. This scene is another example of Maserati\'s super-excited, super-body powers. When Maserati leans back on the couch and moves her enormous tits from side-to-side at the ten-minute mark of this video, they undulate with a wave-like motion. This is an amazing sight. No one\'s hands could cover them completely.Are Maserati\'s tits still growing Every time we see her at SCORELAND, it looks like they are. And the rest of Maserati\'s bod is just as incredible. She has big legs, a shapely ass, a pleasant face and a excited voice that could melt steel, as this video proves.When it comes to dating and relationships, Maserati goes for men who are not in porn. I like regular guys, not guys who work in the adult industry. But I prefer men who want me for myself, not Maserati the adult star.See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Big, fat booty dicked Big, fat butthole dicked Cherise, wearing a sexy, short, red dress, throws her guy down on the bed, mounts him and jiggles her butthole. Then she calls attention to her buttholehole, something most girls won\'t do.You like how my butthole shakes Cherise asks.Love it.Fat and juicy, she says. Yep, this is a girl who knows that fat butthole is a compliment.This is a girl who dick sucking dick like it\'s a lollipop. She gargles it, too.This is a girl who never stops working her butthole, even when her pussy is getting fucked.This is a girl who loves dick in her big butthole.No surprise there. See More of Cherise Roze at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Josie ray fucks her daughter\'s bbc anus call Josie Ray fucks her daughter\'s BBC butt call She\'s a mother and divorcee. She\'s from Alabama, where the women tend to be conservative. She\'s not a swinger, but she once ass-fisted a gentleman up to her elbow. She\'s had three-ways with men and women. She came to our studio and got ass-fuck on-camera in her first scene. She has heavy, natural tits, and in this scene, she fucks her daughter\'s butt call...her daughter\'s 21-year-old butt call who just happens to have a heavy, black cock.I\'ve always been told I\'m a very touching person, Josie Ray said. Josie has worked in software support and the managed-care industry, but she likes this more. Her sexual fantasy: a gangbang. As for booty sex, Josie said, I haven\'t had a lot of it, but I\'m willing to learn. I have had an assgasm.She had an assgasm in her booty scene at And now she\'s showing that she can take on the heavy ones. If you love curvy MILFs, Josie is the woman for you.Josie Ray found us on Twitter.I saw your tweets saying that you were looking for ladies to film with, she said. Most people I know would be surprised to see me here, mostly because of my age.Josie said her favorite positions are on top or doggy. I can\'t pick between those two.She doesn\'t have to pick between the two in this scene. She gets fuck both ways, and judging from her moans of pleasure, she really does love them both. But which position do you think she loves most Can you tellSee More of Josie Ray at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Angie\'s extreme bikini and extreme toys Angie\'s extreme bikini and extreme toys Angie Noir, 49, is wearing a bikini that most 21-year-olds wouldn\'t dare to wear. It\'s petite and barely covers her nipples. The assed is a thong, meaning dental floss, meaning it covers her vagina and booty and that\'s about all. But before long, Angie\'s bikini isn\'t covering her nipples, vagina or booty. It all comes off, and we get to see it all.And what happens next charming stuff. Yeah, Angie have intercourses on-camera and takes it up the ass, but here, she\'s by herself. And her holes still get filled...but with giant dildos. See how Angie\'s mature cunt stretches itself around a big, black toy. Watch her stuff a rather big booty plug up her ass. Does Angie have a pretty time Yeah, she does, and so will you.Just to refresh your memory, dark-haired, excited Angie is from Eastern Europe. She\'s a mother of four. She has a husband who loves to watch her have intercourse other men. He also loves when she puts on shows like this for him. She lives in South Florida. She says her creativity is one of her best features. Watch how creative she gets with her toys.See More of Angie Noir at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Lovely things cumshot in small packages Sweet Things cumshot in Small Packages Occupation: Dental Hygienist; Age: 22; Born: December 15; Ht: 5\'2; Wt: 95 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: No; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: In the shower.Kenzie told us, I went to a really small high school. I was a social butterfly who knew everybody and had a lot of fun. I went to dental school after I graduated. Before I knew it, I was living a boring life. I\'m trying to break out of that rut.I have a lot of fantasies, and most of them involve having sex in public. It\'s very exciting, and it gives you such an adrenaline rush. There\'s something about danger and exhibitionism that makes the sex so much better. I\'ve always had a fantasy about meeting a stranger in rush hour. He\'d roll down his window and hit on me. Then we\'d pull off the road, and we\'d make love right there in front of the people in traffic. The one time I didn\'t want to be seen while make loveing was when I lost my virginity and the guy\'s dad walked in on us! That was so embarrassing.I\'ve only had one threesome. It was with two guys because I\'m not into the ladies. It was a lot of fun, but I\'m not sure I\'d do it again. It was so much work. I had to sucks and make love twice as hard!See More of Kenzie Kai at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Make love bound Nikki\'s holding up a sign that says Miami, but she might as well be holding up a sign that says, have sex me, please. She wants to get it on more than she actually wants to make it to the Magic City and we think the latter slogan would be very effective getting her what she wants. But truthfully, if you\'ve got a tight, tempting body like Nikki does, you don\'t even need a sign. You could be standing on the side of the road with rags on and guys would still hit on you. It almost makes you wonder, are these guys picking up Nikki, or is Nikki picking up these guys It doesn\'t matter, because she wants to fuck, and they want to fuck, and that\'s what they do. And that\'s all that matters.See More of Nikki Vee at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Chloe and julia Chloe And Julia The perfect team-up of Chloe and Julia Miles was originally published in July 2001 SCORE Magazine to coincide with the international release of the video Julia Miles: A Date With Seduction. (Seduction is played by...Chloe.) Over the summer of 2001, the video became a top seller. Seeing Julia and Chloe do each other drove both Chloe and Julia Men wild. The few fascinating seconds of them speaking German to each other was too brief! What would be the result of the two of them taking on one man, as in Ultimate Chloe The idea is mindboggling -- but the odds seem long.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Roxi red - tale of the tape Tale of the Tape We didn\'t need to twist Tarzan\'s arm to get him to measure Roxi Red\'s super-big breasts. He\'s not an experienced bra fitter but he doesn\'t have to be. A member of the 20 Club, Roxi\'s been measured a lot when she goes out to buy bras and she helps him with his tape. Roxi\'s a legend with the local bra fitters and tailors. She\'s already a living legend at SCORELAND. Her breasts weigh approximately 15 total...because it\'s a package deal. We can\'t split up a set.After she\'s measured on-camera, Roxi is not done with the shocked sizer. She\'s not wearing any underwear and after slipping off her dress, she lies on her back and waits for him to straddle her chest and make love her breasts. That waiting process takes about two seconds. A suc job and boning is next, ending in a happy ending all over Roxi\'s mighty marvels. This might motivate him to join the bra fitter\'s union. although this is not one of the usual side benefits of the job.She is incredible. I have to say I am honored to see such natural wonderful breasts that are so amazing. Wow. She is incredible. Please, bring her back a lot SCORE!- RagtopSee More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. World cups winner World Cups Winner Maserati doesn\'t have the easiest time finding bras that fit her. Every time she visits TSG, it looks like her already huge tits have gained more boobage. The progression is amazing when one compares her photo shoots from the beginning.There\'s a selection of bras on the couch for Maserati to try on. Each one looks as voluminous as the nose cone of a nuclear missile. Bam courteously helps Maserati try them on. Every girl needs a hook-up man when it comes to bras even if she prefers front-loaders. At first, the red bra Maserati tries on looks like it\'s going to be way too large. Our mistake! She fills it very well and tests it out. It\'s a winner. There\'s a little bit of room which is a sweet thing as far as Maserati is concerned.Next up is a blue number. Maserati likes this one a lot too. While Bam is putting it on her, he can\'t resist feeling these marvels of nature. No man could fight this urge. A traditional white bra is next. Maserati puts it on in the single girl way, by hooking it from the front and spinning it around her titillating torso. This one is small yet it\'s a tent for an average woman. Maserati is a superwoman. Last but not least is a tight pink and white bra that gives her tremendous, pushed-up mounds. Bra try-outs over, Bam and Maserati get on the couch to get better acquainted and share some voluminous-boobed fucking. It\'s tiring being her bra boy. When Bambino fucks Maserati\'s tits, his dick completely disappears. This is called the Maserati Effect. Bra off, Maserati bounces, her tight vagina gripping his dick as he plunges in and out. They try each other out in a mix of different positions until she takes a geyser of ejaculate in her sweet mouth. This has been a very successful experiment in hooter holstering. See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder Cherise Roze is 21 years old, was born in Oakland, California and lives in Newark, New Jersey. You might care about that. It means the girl\'s young and has ghetto pedigree. But what you\'re gonna care about more is that she has a 52-inch bum, and it\'s cute to see that a girl her age isn\'t shy about showing it off.I used to take hip-hip and jazz dance clanuses when I was young, Cherise says. Now I\'m an exotic dancer. I\'m definitely an exhibitionist. I love showing it all off, and I don\'t care who sees me.Shaking that 52-inch bum on-stage and letting guys grab it in the V.I.P. room. Making her anus clap and thunder. In this scene, she\'s wearing a fishnet anatomy suit, and when she jiggles her anus, it rattles all over the have sex place. We\'re talking about ripples! The anatomy suit already has a hole in the crotch area for easy penish access, but just in case you need more help, Cherise spreads her anus for a better view. Then she spreads her legs, taps her cunt and proudly shows off her young, pink cunt. But this is an anus show, and the best part is when Cherise shimmies that bum out of her anatomysuit. And then the hole-fingering and spreading really begins!I\'m into choking and anus-sitting, Cherise said. I\'ve had gang bangs, girls, sex in malls and public places, everything.And she\'s only 21. See More of Cherise Roze at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Playtime for a curvy beauty Playtime For A busty Beauty When Aspen got it cooking on-set as she does here with Joey, she didn\'t change and turn into someone else. Like Cherry Brady, she was always herself whether in front of a camera or just having lunch with the staff.It gives me a chance to be more of who I really am, Aspen said. At home I work in a professional environment for a big company, so I don\'t get to be this side of my personality. Here I have the freedom to really enjoy and explore my sexuality and my openness. I love to be watched, so it\'s very horny and it\'s different and it\'s safe and comfortable and it\'s fun. It\'s so much fun hereI dress conservatively, naturally. That\'s not always easy with a rack the size of mine. In fact, my boss compliments me on the days when I hide \'the girls\' a little more than usual. It\'s violent to find professional clothes that fit me because of the size of my chest. I can cover up the cleavage. I can\'t easily hide the size and shape of my boobs, but I can at least control how much of them is actually showing. See More of Aspen at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - key largo house Key Largo House When I was younger, I played athletics like a lot of the other girls--sprinting, ice skating and gymnastics, remembers Chloe. Growing up in a socialist country was difficult, as I look back having experienced the rest of the world. Everybody was very naive about life and we knew very little about anything, especially when it came to sex. Americans have television with kissing, and cable television with \'real sex.\' I had to practice with a girlfriend (how to kiss). -From the Chloe Vevrier biography.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. April\'s first time I came from a more-conservative job, and for certain, it wasn\'t acceptable to talk about porn, said 42-year-old wife and first-timer April Skyz from Florida. I couldn\'t say, \'Oh, my husband and I have porn Fridays.\' Some people go out to a party or a club, but my husband and I pull up some kind of porn, whether it\'s our homemade movies or some other kind of porn. It\'s a tradition.nice tradition. And now she has something to add to the video collection: Her first pro make love video at says she\'s a little bit of a geek. In this scene, that horny geek sucks and make loves JMac\'s dick and gets a creampie. She gets really deep on his dick, which is a inviting impressive feat for a first-timer, and her pussy easily handles his dick.I like to ride a lot, April said. I like to grind and I like the action of sliding up and down and being in control of that. And I like doggie because who doesn\'t like doggie It\'s comfortable, it\'s fun, you get to move around a lot. It\'s freeing. I think it\'s more of a naughty feeling to do doggie.April also said, I like my body to be moved around, to be picked up. She likes to be manhandled, and JMac does that here, make loveing her in the leglock position and then turning her upside-down to piledrive her pussy.April has voluminous boobs and red hair and considerable make love skills. She\'s right where she belongs. See More of April Skyz at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Tag-teaming eva It\'s always a delighting to see Eva Gomez. For those who don\'t remember, Eva is a busty lil\' Latina from the City of Angels. Though there are tons of lovely women in Los Angeles, Eva is used to being the center of attention when there are men around. And she doesn\'t mind it one bit.I love when men check me out, Eva said. Come up and say hi to me. I don\'t bite. Well, I promise I don\'t bite too much.Eva\'s a lucky girl. Today, she gets to be at the center of attention for two butt-loving gentleman. Usually, our boys Colton Jag and Johnny Rod aren\'t up for sharing, but when you\'ve got a piece of butt this beautiful in your sights, you\'ll gladly share. And Eva couldn\'t be more excited. She\'s a penish connoisseur ready to test and taste their pieces of large man-meat.There\'s never a moment when she doesn\'t a penish inside of her hungry mouth or dripping-wet cunt. Eva is an ambitious chick, though. It\'s not every day she has a pair of huge dicks to play with, so she wants to try it all. Which is why she lustily demands a double-penetration from our boys. Eva\'s moans are a mix of pain and delighting, and she\'s pushed to a few orgasms before both guys need to drop their own loads. Girls don\'t get more penish- and cum-hungry than this chick. See More of Eva Gomez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge cock Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge dick This real-life 53-year-old Texas stripper tips a huge-dicked hired hand by offering up her large jugs and shaved, pierced pussy. This busty old broad deserves a large dick, which is why we gave her one.I was hoping to have the real porn stud experience, Victoria said. I loved when he make love my tits and came all over my face.Hey, Victoria, isn\'t 53 a little old to be a stripperDon\'t ask me, she said. Ask the guys who cumshot in their pants when I give them a lapdance.We\'ll take her word for it. See More of Victoria at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Road trip flasher Road Trip Flasher Sorry about the order of these photos, guys. We got this submission from Emily\'s boyfriend last minute and he seemed kind of nervous about us publishing them, so we hurried them online as quickly as possible!Emily\'s guy said that it was Emily who proposed a drive through the countryside. It was his idea to bring along the camera, though. I had just taken naked photos of her a couple of days before we took these pictures, so it was still fresh on our minds, he told us. When I suggested that she strip down on the picnic tables, she was nervous! I told her to try out all of the poses that models do and she did them.After all of these years of running Naughty Neighbors and, we\'ve learned a few things. First, every girl is a hidden freak. You\'ve just got to know how to get it out of her. Second, there are some things that girls just know inherently. Every girl knows how to do that arms-crossed shirt removal technique, and every girl knows how to pose lascivious for a camera, even if it\'s their first time. It\'s nature.See More of Emily Cole at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Training day Training Day Today is training day for XL Girl Kat Bailey. She\'s put through her boob-bouncing paces in the park, doing running in place, jumping jacks, and calisthenics. Looking fine and foxy in her halter top and stretchy yoga pants, Kat\'s great breasts keep falling out. After her road-work, Kat is brought inside to work on stretching and other techniques.When I\'m done with you, you\'ll be able to do backbends, her trainer gloats. You mean like this Kat replies, getting one up on him by assuming the position on the floor. Very impressive. She notices in that position that he\'s got a tent-pole and it\'s her fault. She reaches for it and starts pulling it. This girl does not yank anyone\'s chain.Now that the feeling is mutual, the trainer puts her in a kneeling position and rubs down Kat\'s great breasts in an extra-curricular training session. That leads to Kat taking his boner down her throat and, boy, is she excellent at sucks jobs. She stuffs it all the way down her throat, drooling on it, moaning and making gurgling sounds. Again, very impressive! Kat needs no oral training. She could train other girls!As she\'s cock sucking it, Kat does the rare double-jack, stroking it with both hands at the same time. When she\'s naked and kneeling on the couch, he fucks her feet, something you don\'t usually see at XL Girls. From there, the ol\' meat missile is guided into Kat\'s pussy from behind for her first position, the first exercise in their fitness have intercourse session. Kat doesn\'t need any training for that either. See More of Kat Bailey at XLGIRLS.COM!. Boobs or treat Boobs Or Treat boobs or treat Or is it trick or boobs Harmony Heart is a little mature and fully-grown to be trick or treating but her cave girl outfit gives her a free pass to do anything she damn well pleases. Look at this chick. Who\'s going to deny her violent candy, especially on HalloweenJMac offers her a blowjober when she knocks on his door but she doesn\'t want more lollipops. Another kind of pop is what Harmony has in mind and she wants it from him. She wastes no time in going downtown on JMac\'s violent popsicle. Harmony knows how to blowjob on a guy\'s penish and even finds a new way to lick his pop before she gets have sex and then glazed in guy goo. See More of Harmony Heart at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Natalie fiore & her voluminous hanging hooters Natalie Fiore & Her great Hanging Hooters And now for someone a breast-man could never tire of. The amazing Natalie Fiore, a huge favorite, is back with another nipplicious video, oiling those heavy, lovely tits, talking horny and petting her purring pussy after a night out driving the boys wild with her unstoppable body. Don\'t touch that mouse when Natalie says goodnight because there\'s a bonus Natalie interview that begins immediately after the scene ends! I like a man to worship my breasts, is Natalie\'s credo. She\'s in the right place. Miss Fiore\'s got countless worshippers.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Party girl Party Girl Someone awesome is here to celebrate. None other than Japanese superstar Hitomi, your hostess with the mostess cleavage. Hitomi enters the private dining room through an elevator, carrying a tray with a bottle and glasses. She pours you a glass of wine, then climbs onto the table to play with her awesome body and world-class naturals. Hitomi is a living table decoration, art in the flesh. Hitomi is without a doubt, the sexiest, most appealing woman to ever walk this earth! declares R.L. Back home in Tokyo, Hitomi is the #1 boob-goddess. Many Japanese models would like to have a fraction of her popularity. Tit-men are alike all over, regardless of nationality. Every single day of the week is a party with this beauty. Happy Every Day, Hitomi.See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. It\'s hot in portugal It\'s Hot In Portugal In 1998, Adele Stephens was among the 24 SCORE Girls invited to set sail on March 29 for Boob Cruise #4. It was the biggest cruise of the five voyages in the Caribbean. Adele was part of the British contingent along with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Sammie Black and Vanessa.Livia was a Hungarian brunette paired off with the very talented British model on the beach in Algarve, Portugal during a SCORE photo shoot in 1999. It was a hectic week resulting in two DVDs (On Location Portugal and busty Euro Babes) and numerous pictorials. Among the many girls were Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Teresa May, Annette Christianson and Lorna Morgan.Adele was one of the busiest British models of the 1990s. She seemed to work non-stop during that decade and into the 2000s and was constantly traveling to photo assignments. (Adele, Linsey and Linsey\'s friend Andrea were once flown to Israel for modeling sessions and interviews. On a free day, they went to the beach. Models have a elegant life.) The sheer number of Adele\'s pictorials for magazine after magazine is astounding. Blessed with a gorgeous, slim and stacked body and a nice face, Adele parlayed her flawless assets and became one of the top models of the 1990s and early 2000s. See More of Adele Stephens at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. The magnificent meeting 2 The Magnificent Meeting of Voluptuous/XL breast goddesses Micky Bells and Natalie Fiore takes place on a terrace with a view of the city below. Mademoiselle Fiore has poured her incredibly libidinous body into a tight, ass-clinging mini-skirt and a tight, blue cardigan wrapped around a vintage silver bullet bra, the kind that tit-queens of the 1950s used to wear. Stockings, garters, zebra-striped panties and open-toe high-heels enhance Natalie\'s erotic appearance. Micky\'s bright pink, button-down dress is frosting on the cake for her pink and jungle cat vintage bullet bra and garters with matching pink panties, stocking and heels. These two busty Venuses could rule the world if they wanted to and enslave any breast-man who crossed their paths. They undress each other and studiously examine their ripe bodies, fascinated by their huge breasts--the breasts we have brought together; the breasts that we are obsessed with. Could any chronic boobaholic ever get enough of these two The people below the terrace go about their business, oblivious to the meeting of these magnificent examples of feminine super-pulchritude whose velvety, creamy skin tingle and flush as they touch each other, nipples rubbing nipples, fingers feeling the weight of their breasts.See More of Natalie Fiore at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Juicy blonde Juicy Blonde Madison is very much the girl-next-door. Madison\'s birthday is January 1st and she\'s just as much a breath of fresh air as the new year. Blonde and cute, she fulfills every role you\'d want in a blossoming teen. There\'s her innocent side, where she bakes and goes dirt biking for fun. And there\'s her naughty side, where she has three-ways and public sex.Tell us more about the time you had sex in public. My ex and I were at a public lake in Georgia. I was super horny. We were floating near the edge of where you couldn\'t swim any farther and I was playing with his dick. It felt so heavy in my hand as I was stroking it. There were other people swimming nearby and I wanted to fuck so bad. I wrapped my legs around him and he put it in. I was so turned on that it was heavy to be discreet, but at that point I didn\'t care if anyone knew.Madison, how many times in a row have you cum Three so far. And it was when I was on top. I love riding guys; that\'s my favorite position. It just hits all the right spots. See More of Madison Hart at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Thick in the sun Thick In The Sun Jana didn\'t look like this when she started. When we saw her again after several years, she was another woman. She had gained a lot of weight and her tits were huge.TSG editor Dave wrote: Jana\'s amazing growth spurt had us wondering, \'Are those flesh puppies real\' Jana giggled and smiled as two female TSG staffers proceeded to inspect her tits, searching for tell-tale signs of an augmentation. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over every inch of her chest. Closely. Very closely. No bags in those tits. They lifted them and squeezed them. Jana\'s tits are, we decided, 100% natural. No silicone added. See More of Jana at XLGIRLS.COM!. The busty british massage therapist The busty British Massage Therapist English redhead Ruth Tyler was a massage therapist by trade and a well-proportioned redhead. The Brit tabloid The Sunday Sport did a story about her handicraft and according to the story, she was a dexterous lady who used her hands to bring men to the zenith of masculine joy. In other words, Ruth professionally wanked her clients, giving them a happy ending. She said that over 5,000 men had experienced her helping hands and that was in 1999.Ruth only did a handful of shoots and one rare video. She didn\'t want to demonstrate her talents on video and in pictures, opting instead for toy masturbation. See More of Ruth Tyler at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Have some fun Have Some Fun Maddie is a fun-loving 20-year-old from Pittsburgh. She plays field hockey and loves baseball. Her favorite music genre is hip-hop, and she has a DJ turntable where she mixes her own grooves.Sound like fun Well, we haven\'t even gotten to the pleasant stuff.I like to be tied up during intense sex. I love when a man takes control of me, Maddie told us. I always put the guy\'s needs above my own. That\'s not to say I don\'t have fun. If I\'m in the right head space, I can have three or four orgasms in a row.See More of Maddie Winters at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Linsey, wake up! Linsey, Wake Up! Linsey has to wake up and get ready for the day. But it\'s so difficult to get up. And Linsey was in the middle of a wet dream! Well, before our heroine jumps in the shower, she instinctively rubs one out. No better way to start the day!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. At the car wash At The Car Wash A girl, a car, a garden hose and warm weather. These are the elements that make for a happy day. In fact, this is how the weather should be presented on morning television, don\'t you agree This pictorial was so impressive, it was published in September \'05 SCORE, the 8th all-natural-chested issue. And there\'s a wet and sudsy movie in Kelly\'s Video section.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Minka on south beach Minka On South Beach Minka toured South Beach while shooting segments for the ultimate DVD Maximum Minka and came close to causing several fender benders. The photo of Minka standing nonchalantly at a bus stop is a classic. She caused quite a stir with passersby who spotted this super-vixen walking around Miami Beach. In a tight top, jeans and boots, Minka channels cult star Tura Varla Satana of 1960\'s drive-in and Russ Meyer movie fame. If there is an award for longevity and dedication in the considerable boob community, Minka wins it, breasts down.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Canadian housewife darlene lupone Canadian housewife Darlene Lupone A Canadian housewife from British Columbia, Darlene Lupone sent some photos in 1989 to John Fox, then editor of Gent Magazine, before he established SCORE Magazine. One look at the photos of her gigantic, well-shaped tits and Darlene was on a plane to Southern California to meet with British big boob specialist John Graham and his photo team. Darlene posed for several sets in June of that year. Her first shooting was in the morning and Darlene got a little sunburnt. She posed again in the afternoon and flew back home the next day. Darlene\'s body was in very beautiful shape, toned and taut, not fat. Her enormous, fully packed and pendulous tits almost seemed to belong to another woman. See More of Darlene Lupone at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Great tit anal trio Voluminous Tit ass Trio When it comes to wall-to-wall, big-tit make love and sucking, Stephanie Stalls is a wildcat. Even two dudes at the same time have a real sexbomb on their hands. Stephanie\'s giant jugs and hot throat, cunt and anal demand action. She has one of the dirtiest mouths in the game and listening to her have sex is just as boner-inspiring as watching her have sex.Waiting for Stephanie at the butt of the stairs, Peter and Joe are in for a major workout with this feisty southern charmer. She shows them how flexible her legs and hips are by using the staircase\'s hand rail as a balance beam. That gives them an idea of how far she can spread her legs for the cock.Are you ready for this, boys Stephanie teases. She\'s not the shy type, as we all know very well. I want one in my cunt and one in my ass. Stephanie loves one-on-one action, but whenever she can get a second man to make it a trio, she\'s game for it. Keeping one dude busy with her cock-sucker mouth, she keeps the other man busy stuffing her pink taco and anal. When it comes to banging Stephanie Stalls, a guy needs stamina. See More of Stephanie Stalls at SCORELAND.COM!. Curvy bikini sex Busty Bikini Sex It\'s too frosty for SCORE Girl Mischel Lee to get some bikini time in so she goes to her favorite spa. It\'s quiet there in the morning. Sipping on a cocktail and relaxing on a lounger, Mischel is having a beautiful time when Nick leaves the sauna room and sits next to her. One of those guys who\'s not a socializer, Nick lets his flagpole do the talking. Mischel notices his towel levitating and gets turned-on. She stands up and drops her own towel to let her super-sexy bikini body do the talking for her also. Take a look at how her bush extends past her bikini triangle. How hot is that sightMischel was getting a little bored being by herself so when Nick walks in, Mischel decides she needs a beautiful dicking. Seeing that he has the right penish for the right job, she introduces herself by giving him a sucks job and tit-fucking. That\'s one courteous introduction. Repaying the hello, Nick gives Mischel a hearty tongue poking to wet that hairy, pierced pussy and lube it up. Eager for a schtupping, Mischel spreads her legs wide for a fill-up.Writes Slothsaxon: My ex-wife used to say that it was easier to shave than to maintain the pussy-hair and I respected her. Still, I love a thick bush and I appreciate Mischel for the time and trouble she must go thru for hers.See More of Mischel Lee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Maya milano returns It\'s been well over a year since Maya Milano last appeared at SCORELAND. Lots of messages have come in since then asking for more Maya. She\'s one of a group of outstanding Euro babes that include Juliana Simms, Joana Bliss, Alexya, Micky Bells, Demmy Blaze, Larissa Linn and, most recently, Daria. Maya\'s been busy wrapping up her university studies and other interests and commitments so she wasn\'t able to travel to the studio until now.I did not have the time to go to Prague and model for many months, Maya explained, via one of our Euro translators. Once I was able to set aside some days, I was eager to pose again. I enjoy the experience and the chance to make new pleasant pictures.Maya is more of a knock-out than ever with a pair of the most-gorgeous breasts and one of the sexiest, most busty bods on the planet. Welcome back! See More of Maya Milano at SCORELAND.COM!. Bvalory\'s poolside lingerie show/b Valory\'s poolside lingerie show Obviously, I envy The SCORE Group photographers and other staff members who got to make the pictures and videos that catapulted Valory Irene to fame in the modeling world and beyond. Together, they travel to the Caribbean and Europe. They tell me she\'s the sweetest girl, and that shows in her videos. This scene was Valory\'s second video. She dances, jiggles and shows off her unbelievable body.Had a SCORE reader not taken action, Valory would have remained a girl who worked in an office. He spotted Valory in a mall, live and in the flesh, not on the Internet. He could have just stared and watched her walk away. But he went over to her, introduced himself and started talking to her about modeling for SCORE. She had never modeled in her young life. She\'d never heard of SCORE (it\'s not widely available in Ukraine, also the home of Merilyn Sakova, Sha Rizel and several other top models). He was confident that Valory had the right stuff. After meeting Valory, we signed her to a modeling contract, and our friend earned a finder\'s fee for his heroic efforts.It is so much fun to be a model, Valory said. It is something I always dreamed of, and now I am living out my dream. I don\'t think of myself as special. I think all women are special, and any man can make a woman feel special. I am very lusty to be a SCORE Girl because I never thought of myself as a star, so it is beautiful to get so much attention. It makes me feel very appealing to know that so many men enjoy looking at me.There are other girls all over the world just waiting to be discovered...just waiting to have their lives enriched by featuring in SCORE. Except in countries where girls have to wear burkas or be stoned to death.See More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND2.COM!. Creamin\' in cars Creamin\' In Cars Nikki Cars puts the X in XL Girls. The experience was awesome, Nikki blogged when this scene was shot. From the make up artist/stylist to the different photographers I got to work with. I got negative attention growing up, Nikki said. The guys were weird when I was in school. They picked on me rather than flirted with me because they liked my boobs. Later on, I saw the positive side.I have gotten out of a speeding ticket with my tits. Luckily I had a low-cut shirt on. I don\'t really remember the scenario but the cop was very willing to not give me a ticket. And he kept looking at my chest. It wasn\'t really till I started on Southern Charms. I started getting positive attention and I realized that guys really liked large boobs. Then I started showing them off all the time and got a considerable response from lots of people.Nikki likes a large cock to play with and she gets it in this scene. I like large cocks. I actually prefer them. But some guys with large cocks are afraid to use them, so they don\'t have sex very well. So then the guys with the smaller ones are better. Not this guy!Nikki disbanded her site on Southern Charms, divorced the guy who encouraged her to model from the very beginning and basically dropped out of sight.See More of Nikki Cars at XLGIRLS.COM!. Snow princess Snow Princess Monica Love has some fun in the snow. It\'s chilly outside and Monica has a coat on. Still, her great natural tits break free of her low-cut dress and her nipples stiffen. Monica makes them even stiffer by rubbing some snow over them. When it gets a little too crisp out there, it\'s time to cumshotshot inside. No one wants Monica to freeze her tits. The cute plumpette knows how to warm up once she\'s settled and cozy on the couch. Playing with my natural tits and nipples is the best, Monica said. I like to cumshotshot from wank and cunnilingus. After warming her great tits, Monica diverts her attention to below the waist and gives her pussy some joystick pleasure. Her anatomy quivers and trembles when she crosses the cumshotshot line and explodes. I like to slowly be brought to orgasm. What I want to try is sex with a girl. I get a lot of compliments from girls. I have to find the right one, not just any girl. Monica may be the ultimate XL Girl next door. People who see me would probably not guess I like to pose naked. It\'s been a lot of fun for me, an adventure.See More of Monica Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Purple enjoyment This photoset is from one of Christy\'s first movies and we are posting it for you because it is one of our favorites. Between her luscious voluminous boobs and her girl-next-door smile, Christy could win anyone over. And there is something about this set that makes us fuckin\' libidinous as hell. Maybe it\'s the way Christy spreads her creamy thighs open Or maybe it\'s the way that instead of playing with a toy, she decides to use her libidinous fingers. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because we think that she keeps her fuck-me-shoes on all night, too. Whatever it may be, we\'d like to say that Christy Marks is one classy lady, and that, of course, her breasts bring us big joy.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Vanessa y - big boob oil spill Great Boob Oil Spill First, congratulations to Vanessa Y. are in order for her winning the busty Model of the Year contest announced in July \'16 V-mag. We have a second Bonus video of Vanessa talking about this news.It must be repeated that Vanessa Y. looks like ten million Zlotys (Poland\'s currency) in that bikini. If we had never seen Vanessa before, we\'d have given her a business card if she walked past us on the beach in that suit.Now you may be wondering why Vanessa is wearing a swimsuit in a room with the walls covered in black plastic sheets. This is not one of those shoots where the model is sprayed off-camera by sticky goo (such as Liza greatgs, Angelina Castro & Hitomi). Vanessa is going to coat her naked body in baby oil until you could hydroplane off her skin. Then she\'s going to get her flexible legs into some wide open spreads that she\'s so great at and digitize her pussy. The black plastic background also helps to zero in the focus on Vanessa.Bush supporters of the leave it to beaver society for men will be additionally pleased to see that Vanessa\'s serving hair pie yet again. It\'s been a long time since Vanessa has modeled at SCORE and it feels so good to see her return. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND.COM!. The ass-fucked boss is rita daniels The ass-make loveed boss is Rita Daniels Rita Daniels, one of our favorite GILFs ever, is the busty boss who catches her young employee, 24-year-old Rocky, talking about her on the phone. He thinks he can say whatever he wants because he\'s speaking Spanish and he doesn\'t think Rita understands. But she does, especially when he tells whoever he\'s talking to that his boss has considerable natural natural boobs and he wants to make love her.Put it this way: No matter what language you\'re speaking, if you say, My boss has considerable natural natural boobs and I want to make love her, and the boss you\'re referring to is Rita Daniels, she\'ll understand. Rita is fluent in multiple languages of make love talk.Anyway, before long, lucky Rocky is playing with Rita\'s considerable natural natural boobs and eating her haired vagina (it\'s usually shaved; not this time). Then she\'s penish sucking his dick, one of the things she does best (the horny-as-hell look on her face when she\'s downing dick is one of the best things about Rita) and sitting on his penish and then taking his penish in her tight asshole.And then he\'s cumshot on her face. Nobody-and we mean nobody-looks better than Rita with cumshot dripping down her face.Rita is a mother and a grandmother. If her kids only knew!Actually, they do.See More of Rita Daniels at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Devon daniels & lisa phillips: big mammaries Devon Daniels and Lisa Phillips get chummy on Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas in July, 1988. The contrast in height is startling at first.They\'ve got the great, considerable tits, the great, considerable hair and they\'re dressed like naughty schoolgirls. At first inside the beach house, the girls move to the lawn and get out of their outfits, keeping their stockings and garters on.At the time, American John Fox was the editor of Gent magazine, and he and British considerable-tit photographer John Graham set up this shoot together. As John recalls, This trip to the Bahamas was memorable for another reason too. This was the first photo shoot John Graham and I collaborated on. It proved to be the beginning of a friendship and a partnership.These Tropical House photos were shot in one of the house\'s two bedrooms which had glass sliding doors opening out to the sea. Were we successful in getting Lisa to open up for the camera A couple of days in this tropical Eden and she had shed her clothes and inhibitions faster than you could say pass the sun block. In fact, that proved our greatest challenge during our days in the Exumas, trying to keep our pale-skinned Belfast babe from burning under the tropical sun.See More of Devon Daniels at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Twist her Twist Her Here at BootyLicious, we\'re fans of clarseic, wholesome entertainment. Especially interactive games like Twister. Which is why our boy Carlos brought his wife over to their elegant friend Yazmina Melendez\'s place. Carlos\' wife gets a call and has to go pick up their kids. Luckily for him, wifey wouldn\'t want to interrupt the game. And that\'s when the game really gets interactive.How\'s that Yazmina asks when her last spin leaves her sitting her phat \'donk on Carlos\' face.I don\'t think I can reach the spinner from here, he responds. But, I don\'t think I\'m concerned with that.Yazmina may not be the best at Twister, but with a clarseic phat Latina \'donk like hers, we know she can do the twist.Sit on my face, he says. Bounce that arse on my face.That\'s not enough for these two, though. An arse like this is made to ride cock. Yazmina slides down and jumps on Carlos\' penish reverse cowgirl.Oh, make love me with that penish, she says. That cock feels so elegant.Yazmina flips around and rides Carlos from the front. Then he turns her around and smashes that arse of hers from the back.When he\'s done, he drops a mountain of jizz on her arse. We\'re sure Carlos can\'t wait to do the twist with her again. See More of Yazmina Melendez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Demmy blaze - blazin\' boobs Blazin\' boobs Demmy Blaze also models lingerie back home. Now here\'s a perfect bra model for catalogs. She enjoys going to the gym and dancing. Demmy mentioned in a chat that she likes to twerk. We\'d like to see that in the future, strictly for research purposes. She\'s excellent at nipple self-blowjob, a rare talent. All of my tops are tight, says Demmy. They have to be tight. That is all I buy. I have a lot of lustful wear at home that I put on when I go out or when I am on cam.Watching Demmy\'s huge, natural tits hang and swing like clappers and seeing her enjoy playing with them and blowjob on them is hooter heaven for the true breast-man. Demmy appreciates her super-naturals and the attention she gets, making her even more of a busty dream babe. She\'s found her calling.See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Dee williams takes a big, black penish up her bottom Dee Williams takes a big, black dick up her booty This is 40-year-old Dee Williams\' first hardcore scene at, and it\'s as pleasant as they get. Dee\'s a hottie with cute, short, blonde hair and big tits. When the scene opens, she\'s saying pleasantbye to her husband, who\'s off to work. And she\'s ready to work on her kitty and bootyhole, using her fingers on her super-wet cunt and shoving a butt-plug deep inside her booty. And that\'s when Rob shows up with his big, black dick.Now, the thing is, you may shoot your load by the time the hardcore action begins, and we don\'t blame you. Dee\'s kitty is that wet and her girlgasming is that loud and sexy. But if you haven\'t shot your load already, you\'re going to when you see Dee gagging on Rob\'s tool and making huge saliva strings. Talk about a messy blow job!Then Dee gets her legs all the way back so Rob can eat her kitty. She cums hard, and then he fucks her deep and she deep-throats his dick and blowjob her kitty juices off of it, gagging again. He fucks her kitty every which way, and then he fucks her bootyhole every which way, including with Dee\'s legs back in the pretzel position. And when Rob can\'t hold back any longer (we have no idea how he lasted as long as he did), Dee opens her mouth for his cum.We don\'t know who enjoyed this scene more, Rob or Dee. But we\'re sure you will. How many times will you shoot your load to Dee See More of Dee Williams at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Diamond is a cock\'s best friend Diamond is a penish\'s best friend Diamond Red, who\'s 64 years old, makes her worldwide hardcore debut by blow and have sex a 33-year-old\'s penish. That\'s nothing new for this mother and divorcee from Arizona, who regularly dates guys half her age.I\'ve been with a man as young as 33, and now I\'m seeing a man who\'s 39, and he just loves older women, said Diamond, who\'s a super-slim and exciting redhead. But men are men and women are women. There\'s no pleasant age or bad age.True, but there are better ages, and 64 is one of them.Diamond is a mother of two and a grandmother of four, and when we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, Some yes and some no. I have a wide variety of friends. Some would be shocked and would never talk to me again. Others would want to know when my movie will be out so they can buy it.One friend who wouldn\'t be surprised: 60Plus MILF Leah L\'Amour, who sent her our way.I love Leah. She\'s so full of life and she\'s so appealing, but she\'s not only appealing on the outside. She\'s appealing on the inside, too.One day she was telling me about what she did at, and she said, \'Diamond, you would just love it! You get to walk around with hardly any clothes on and you get to blowjob dick! You get to fuck! And because you perform and because you\'re so out there, I think you\'d be perfect, so you should go for it.\' And everything she told me was very truthful and honest.By performing, Leah was referring to the fact that Diamond used to dance burlesque. And now she\'s dancing on a young guy\'s penish and opening her mouth for his cum. Letting it drip onto her pleasant tits, too.This Diamond is a penish\'s best friend.See More of Diamond Red at 60PLUSMILFS.COM!. Poolside interview What was your high school experience like, JaydenI played a ton of sports and was extremely social. I was always getting into trouble!What kind of troubleWell, I like to wear very revealing shirts. I like very tight and short skirts. I loved getting the attention of all of the boys. I absolutely consider myself an exhibitionist, and one time I got caught sucks my boyfriend\'s cock in the middle of the football field after we thought everybody had gone home for the day. Oops!Where else have you done it in publicI do it all the time. I\'ve make love inside of stores, dressing rooms, on balconies etc....See More of Jayden at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. The royal rack The Royal Rack We bow to the Royal Rack. The Duchess of Dugs.The Queen of Romanian Ta-Tas. The Sultana of Shabba-doos. The Countess of Cleavage. The Goddess of Gazongas. We\'re talkin\' Joana! Let\'s get to know her a little better.SCORELAND: Please tell us about your life in Romania. Joana: I have a lot of beautiful friends. I do a lot of spiritual things like meditation and yoga. Every day I do something like that. I enjoy it.SCORELAND: When did your connection to spiritual life begin Joana: When I was 16, I was in school. I felt something beautiful happen to me, and a very beautiful friend of mine taught me about yoga, and I started to practice.SCORELAND: What is your routine Joana: I do two hours of yoga positions and meditation a day, but if I\'m busy, I just do meditation.SCORELAND: What kind of yoga do you do Joana: Hatha yoga, which focuses on physical and mental strength.SCORELAND: Have you ever practiced yoga while naked Joana: No, but if you are at home, you can certainly do that.SCORELAND: Do your voluminous breasts get in the way when you\'re doing yoga Joana: No, not at all, which is beautiful. I love having voluminous breasts. I didn\'t like them at first, but I love them now.SCORELAND: Do you practice any yoga when you\'re having sex Joana: Yes. I practice some Tantric yoga. It helps me feel the connection with the other person.SCORELAND: How has Tantric yoga changed your sex life Joana: Oh, it has changed me a lot, but it\'s not so easy to explain. It\'s something you have to experience.SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex with a person on the first date Joana: It happened one time. It wasn\'t sex. It was something more than that. I can\'t just have sex right away or it can\'t be just sex. There has to be more of a connection. See More of Joana Bliss at JOANABLISS.COM!. Chloe and rocki Chloe And Rocki This photo set was originally published in August \'99 SCORE magazine. Both Chloe and Rocki are at the top of their game, the height of their physical prime and beauty. In addition, Chloe\'s hairstyle is extra-attractive and youthful. Rocki is a stunner. Chloe\'s armpits are full so Rocki shaves them so she can lick them better. Rocki then razors Chloe\'s hairy ass-crack and pubes. Not completely bald, just trimmed down. The British SCORE studio in London smelled especially heavily of cuntal juices that memorable day.See More of Rocki Roads at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Autumn interview Autumn Interview This is Autumn\'s first major interview with SCORE editor Dave and is one of the DVD extras in Ultimate Autumn. A few individuals have recently posted comments on an Internet message board, comments that generated some confusion about Autumn\'s background. One of them wrote, SCORE liked to say she was a house dancer in Alabama. Is this info based on fact, or was it something used to embellish her bio If they took the time and interest to watch this interview, they could have saved themselves a lot of misdirected effort. Running time: 28 minutes.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Get to know aza Get to Know Aza Quick Facts:Aza is from Detriot. She\'s 5\'6 tall, weighs 125 pounds, and wears a 36B-cup bra. She enjoys writing screenplays, going for hikes, meeting new people, and going to clubs. She normally doesn\'t wear any panties, and she\'s into bad boys. Guys with tattoos and a couple of piercings are my kryptonite. If a guy has a charming sense of humor, too, I\'ll probably jump into bed quicker than I should, she told us. Aza has some peculiar fetishes that she wants to explore. I\'ve always wanted to use a strap-on on a man. I\'d be really gentle, but no guy has taken me up on the opportunity.She needs a lot of sexual attentionI\'m a chronic masturbator. I jerk-off about four to five times a day. I usually use my cute, pink vibrator. Sometimes I double up and use a clit teaser, too!See More of Aza Haze at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Young bra-buster\'s secret sex fantasy cums true Young Bra-Buster\'s Secret Sex Fantasy Cums True lovely and fresh, and completely new to any kind of modeling, Bri Love wanted to try hot shots and hot videos, so she checked out the website and eventually contacted the trusted name XL Girls. Many of the women at XL Girls are sexual and erotic powerhouses and do it all with no trace of shyness. You know the names. You\'ve jacked to them in scorching action. Alaura Grey, Nila Mason, Jasmine Jones, Marilyn Mayson. The list is long and excellent. Timidity is not on their list of personality traits. They\'re sexual super-women on-camera and in private.Bri is so shy, so innocent and so timid that when the XL Girls photographer asked her what she is going to do in this scene, she just can\'t say it and starts giggling despite his encouragement. It was completely different. Our stoic video editors, guys who have processed thousands of videos, took notice of how unusual this is. Even the amateur models at Naughty Neighbors are never as bashful in their first hardcore scenes. See More of Bri Love at XLGIRLS.COM!. Christy marks - giddyap, baby! Giddyap, Baby! As if you needed any excuse to want to ride Christy, the busty temptress is back and this time as a cowgirl. Wearing a cowboy hat and boots and the tightest dress in the West, Christy channels her inner Annie Oakley and tells YOU to go get your gun and shoot her with your hot cum! So watch as this little lady takes off her dress and spreads her milky thighs just for you. And when she plugs that there good cunt and cums for you, you bet your biscuits your tool is gonna go off faster than a six-shooter at a gunfight. Yee-haw! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Boobs, boots & nipple toys Boobs, Boots & Nipple Toys Mya Blair has on her fishnet bodysuit and her made-for-sex, kinky, black, thigh-high boots. She\'s dressed to get her have intercourse on. Upstairs, Peter Green snoozes away, but when he sees Mya, he pitches a tent as all of us would at the sight of this well-rounded, heavy-titted girl-next-door. Mya\'s brought one of her toys, a nipple mini-pump she wants to play with before she lip-locks and pumps his cock. I am a very open-minded person, Mya told us. I rarely rule anything out without trying it first. I feel horny by getting attention when I look nice, wearing some have intercourse-me heels and see-through lingerie or a tight skirt and low-cut shirt. I like to tease someone and watch how worked up he gets.I feel much more confident now after my first scenes. I was very nervous at first but it felt natural once the ball started rolling. It\'s strange to watch myself but it\'s interesting to see what others see. I am very critical of myself so I was mentally taking notes for things to improve on. I watched my scenes with someone else. He complained that I was teasing him, kinda the point. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!. Shower time with hitomi Shower time with Hitomi I mentioned the last time Hitomi appeared at SCORELAND2 that I had the inviting fortune to have dinner with this naturally stacked, Asian boob legend. She was on her way back from the SCORE On Location DVD shoot in the Dominican Republic, and since that was the first and only time I\'ve met Hitomi, I thought I\'d give you some more details about that outing.We weren\'t alone. I was accompanied by three other female SCORE staffers. I\'m guessing the reason my co-workers were asked to come along was to make sure I didn\'t try to sample the invitings. Hey, what kind of guy do they think I am, anywayI will tell you this: I was nervous about being with Hitomi, even in the presence of others. I don\'t know why. I just was. I\'ve interviewed and spoken to hundreds of SCORE and curvy girls, maybe thousands, and I\'ve never been nervous. Okay, maybe I was nervous the first time, 12 years ago in Key Largo, Florida when my first anusignment was to interview Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan. But since then Never.But for Hitomi, I was nervous. Maybe it was the language barrier. Hitomi speaks Japanese and some English. I speak no Japanese. To cross the language barrier, we used one of those automatic translators on a smart phone; talk into it in one language, the translation comes out in another language. That can get a little awkward. Fortunately, however, Hitomi\'s English is a lot better than she thinks.But I know what you guys want to know, so I\'ll tell you. As I said before, she wore tight jeans and a sweater. The sweater was dark but see-through in the right light. Any tit hound, such as myself, could tell that she was stacked. Funny thing: One of my female co-workers said to me, She really hides them well, doesn\'t she Meaning her tits. And I said, No, she doesn\'t. They\'re impossible to hide.We went for burgers on Lincoln Road. You might ask, Why didn\'t you go for sushi or to a fancy restaurant The answer is that Hitomi didn\'t want to get all dressed up. She wanted to go casual. So we had burgers. She had a steak and skipped the salad. I kept waiting for her to drip steak juice onto her chest. And tried to keep my eyes on her eyes and not her chest. I failed. Miserably. But had I kept my eyes on her face, that wouldn\'t have been a bad thing. Hitomi is as good in person as she is in pictures.Then we went for a walk. I couldn\'t decide whether to walk behind her and check out her beautiful little anus or walk beside her and watch her boobs bounce. I went for the boobs. And then we went to Victoria\'s Secret.I know, Hitomi in Victoria\'s Secret is a bit of a joke. There\'s not a single bra in there that can fit her. I saw one of the saleswomen make a move towards her when Hitomi was checking out the bras, but she quickly thought better of it, realizing (I guess Victoria\'s Secret salespeople have boob radar) that Hitomi was about three or four cup-sizes too large for anything in the store. When we surprised her with a gift from VS\'s--fragrances and creams, not a bra--she smiled, giggled and was truly gratified, even though she has received gifts from thousands of men.And then we went for dessert. She wanted something sweet. I wanted something sweet, but it wasn\'t dessert.I hope you enjoy Hitomi as much as I did. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Brandi takes a bbc up her butt Brandi takes a BBC up her anus Jax is working in Brandi Jaimes\' backyard on a really hot day in South Florida. It\'s about to get hotter. You see, Brandi is lounging by the pool, her swimsuit is exposing a lot of skin and she just noticed that Jax isn\'t wearing a shirt.Brandi, who isn\'t one to wait for a guy to make the first move, walks over to Jax and tells him he\'s really worked up a sweat and needs to go in the pool and cool off. Jax is concerned that his boss (Brandi\'s husband) might catch him in the pool, but she promises to keep this between the two of them.And, of course, the rest of us.Well, before Jax knows it, Brandi is spreading her legs, and he\'s eating her pussy, and she\'s sucking his large, black cock. They go inside to have intercourse (hey, you gotta respect the neighbors), and Jax slams her every which way, and as a bonus, he gets to have intercourse her tight anus, too. We don\'t know how he held back as long as he did, but he finally shoots his load on her large tits.By the way, Jax really didn\'t have to worry about Brandi\'s husband finding out.My husband and I are swingers, she said. We got into it a few years ago. One time, I did it in a swing on a rooftop downtown. There was a line out the door to have intercourse me. Condoms only, of course! Then for my birthday, up by the pool surrounded by a bunch of guys, they have intercourseed me and let the cumshot fly!Brandi is a mother and grandmother. She used to be a stripper. She loves large cocks. She loves having sex with strangers. She loves showing off her horny body. She did her first sex scenes a few years ago at, and she came back to our studio to shoot for when she turned 50.I thought my scenes were clanusy, and my husband loved them, she said. They definitely made me feel more confident.We\'re glad to hear that. See Here at, we\'re doing a public service for our ladies, you guys jacking at home...and, of course, the studs who get to have intercourse them. Happy New Year!See More of Brandi Jaimes at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. The angel & the bad man The Angel & The Bad Man dick size is not very important, but it\'s important, Angel Gee said. If you know how to work what you\'ve got, then it\'s okay, but if you\'ve got something and you don\'t know what to do with it, you shouldn\'t have it, so maybe it would be better if you were a little bit smaller. It depends on how you work it. You just gotta know how to move.I like to be licked and sticked at the same time. That\'s hotter than hell! We can use a toy and lick me. Or just fuck me and then lick me, or something like that. That\'s the best.I love watching dick go between my tits, and I would gulp on it and play with it and move my tits back and forth. It was really nice, and one guy I did it with had never done it before, so it was better. I felt like I was bringing him to new levels. It was my idea. But it\'s not something I do all the time. I\'d like to do it more, but I\'d like to have sex more in general.Getting sex That\'s no problem for Angel Gee. See More of Angel Gee at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Foot fetish Foot Fetish Morning wood should never go to waste and no one knows that better than Sara, a lascivious brunette. Sara knows that the best part of waking up is being able to roll over and run her feet all over her boyfriend\'s stiff one in the morning. And he doesn\'t mind one bit. She unleashes his raging boner from his boxers and gets to work, sliding her smooth soles along the shaft and caressing his nuts with her toes. She gives him her foot-pussy and then he towers over her while she lays back and lets him hump her arches over and over. When he is ready to go, she offers up her soles to receive his seed and then puts her toes in her mouth to clean off every drop of his ejaculate from her digits. Some people need coffee to get going in the morning; Sara just needs rough tool in between her feet.See More of Sara Siren at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Milly\'s first butthole I love all kinds of bum stuff, Milly Marks told us. I don\'t do it often but when I do it\'s always a treat.Milly\'s special treat for SCORELAND guys is her first ass on-camera. Milly, she of 36H-cup greatness and the sex drive of ten girls in one shapely body, has had ass sex with boyfriends but she\'s never done the deed with a porn pro since she started with SCORE. The video first begins with Milly chatting with her photographer, answering his questions about her feelings about ass sex and how she gets ready for it. Milly is very open and natural, as always. She takes him into a bedroom to show us how she opens up by putting a dab of coconut oil on her bootyhole and fingering it. This makes everything more intimate and personal. Then Milly heads into the bedroom, eager to jump Donnie Rock.Donnie is already waiting. Milly sticks her great boobs in her face, her nipples there for the sucking. After wetting his cock with a BJ, Milly climbs on for a cowgirl ride because she likes to have sex before the shaft goes inside her bum. When he have sexs her ass sideways, Milly rubs her clit for extra pleasure. Milly raises the roof with her cries of pleasure. I love having my clit rubbed. I especially love doing it myself while I\'m being have sexed hard.Milly is a girl who gives everything her all. She\'s the ultimate curvy girl-next-door and she really loves getting it on with guys and girls, loves the sex and the orgasms. I love shooting with SCORE a lot. I hope to keep doing it as often as possible, Milly said. I feel more confident now and even more of a sexual person than I was before. See More of Milly Marks at SCORELAND.COM!. Juggy doll Juggy Doll This bra-busting scene of Crystal Gunns is from the DVD Juggy Dolls. After trying on bras, Crystal toyed around.large tits look elegant in clothes, Crystal said. I have more sensitivity in my tits. Every woman has that spot. That\'s my spot, the areolae and the nipples. I still get noticed, but not as much. I get the look, but that\'s okay. I don\'t dress to disguise my anatomy although if I\'m going shopping, I\'ll throw on a big sweatshirt and a pair of jeans, but that\'s about it. Sometimes guys will say, \'Nice rack,\' or they\'ll do a double-take. They\'ll stare at me more than girls will. Girls are just bitches and I don\'t understand it. I never did. See More of Crystal Gunns at SCORELAND.COM!. Officer angelina While on her rounds, Officer Angelina Verdi has captured a man jacking off in a public men\'s room. She\'s nailed this pervert dead to rights as he beat the meat with a copy of V-Mag in the other hand. Officer Angelina enjoys capturing sleaze like this so she can teach them a lesson as she administers her own brand of juggy justice.Officer Angelina studiously observed the perp jerking for several minutes, taking detailed notes, until she was satisfied. He flagrantly ignored the No-Jack Zone signs posted everywhere. After ascertaining that the perp is not a politician or celebrity actor and automatically immune to arrest and legal prosecution, Officer Angelina takes this jacker to the station house where he is about to receive an interrogation that he will never forget. In fact, he will make it a point to try to get caught again jerking off on Officer Angelina\'s Boob Beat. See More of Angelina Verdi at SCORELAND.COM!.
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