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Breast stroking When Mianna Thomas walks into a bra shop, the manager must gleefully rub her hands together in anticipation of a lovely sale. Mianna is a strutting poolside bikini baby who doesn\'t need to persuade Sergio to give her violent cock. She\'s the largegest-chested girl this dude has ever encountered, let alone had the honor of pounding. How that bikini top can support those 34JJ bazooms without ripping apart is beyond comprehension. We don\'t know the brand but the manufacturer should get an engineering design award. Mianna\'s a true girl-next-door. She loves going to the movies. She\'s a Los Angeles Lakers basketball fan. She likes to play video games. She loves watching porn and mixed martial arts. Take her to McDonalds or Red Robin for a burger, fries and a Dr. Pepper and she\'s happy. Maybe so happy that she\'ll cover your head with her large boobs before she moves on to other body parts. See More of Mianna Thomas at XLGIRLS.COM!. Kerry in purple Kerry In Purple I can honestly say, even doing what I do for a living, that my friends flash even more than me, Kerry admits. They\'re terrible for flashing their boobs. That may be so, but we\'re confident that her friends don\'t have the chest power that Kerry does!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. That\'s entertainment, folks That\'s Entertainment, Folks Jennifer claims she\'s an \'entertainer.\' Apparently that means it\'s a lot of fun to watch her ride the pink pony. Her tryout to be a cocktail server at a private party turns into her serving her tail to a cock. Jennifer claims that she\'ll only go as far as wearing lingerie, but as soon as this guy starts talking money, she\'s ready to drop her panties. Jennifer gets naked and when he offers her even more money to fuck, she happily agrees. She gets on her knees and coats his rod with her spit and even sucks his balls. Then this guy gives her the first installment of her payment: a man-meat deposit in her bald twat. He fucks her in a variety of positions, switching her without even taking his cock out of her cunt. Jennifer loves every second of it. As long as there\'s a cock involved, she has a promising future in entertainment. See More of Jennifer Anderson at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Little miss cums a lot Little Miss Cums A lot I\'m passive when it comes to sex. I like the guy to make the first move. But just because I\'m not super aggressive doesn\'t mean I\'m prude. I\'m excited and want sex all the time. I love to give blow jobs, and supposedly I\'m really pleasant at them. At least that\'s what the guys tell me. And I can ejaculateshot soooo much! One time I came so many times that I lost count and fell asleep 45 seconds after we stopped fucking. Sometimes I wish that guys could ejaculateshot as much as girls so I could enjoy more of their loads in my mouth.See More of Hailey Little at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. This southern belle takes it where the sun don\'t shine This Southern belle takes it where the sun don\'t shine The dude wants to talk. Missy Thompson just wants to make love. The way she\'s grabbing his crotch, the way her boobs are bulging out of her lingerie send that very message.You can make love me all day long with that large dick, Missy says. You can make love me in the butt with that large dick.He can and he does, but first, Missy sucks his penish and opens her 51-year-old kitty for his rough-on.The rougher the better, Missy offers.Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, Missy lives in Alabama, and you know what they say about Southern belles, how they\'re proper and demure Missy isn\'t, and she isn\'t afraid to admit it.I don\'t care what a guy looks like, where he\'s from or what he does, she said. As long as he\'s clean, is open to fun things and has a rough penish and knows how to use it, he and I will get along very nicely.But like a proper Southern woman, Missy isn\'t in-your-face when it comes to approaching men.I let my body and smile take care of my part, Missy said. His rough penish will take care of his part.And Missy\'s butthole will take care of its part. Just watch. See More of Missy Thompson at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Butthole explorer Anal Explorer What kind of sexual things are you looking to try, Hannah I\'m really curious to try anal. The times that a guy has licked my anus or fingered it, it felt really good. I don\'t really wank very often, but when I do I have a backsideplug that I like to use. It\'s practice for when I finally do try anal. Sometimes I\'ll just leave it in my backside all day because it makes me feel naughty to know that it\'s in there. Then I\'ll come home and take it out when I\'m in the shower and it feels really good. So I think I\'m ready to get the real thing.See More of Hannah Hays at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Master piece of anal Master Piece Of ass What piano Those 88 keys merely provide a prop for this upgraded pictorial of SCORE covergirl Morgan Leigh in a swanky apartment. They also serve as a place for Morgan to lay on as she gives us more of her super-slim, super-stacked bod and excited style. Morgan has an eye for the right outfits for her look and figure and this photo series is the ultimate proof of that. She didn\'t say who made her sophisticated, classy-excited outfit, one of the hottest things she\'s ever worn in a layout.Everything about this shoot is horny. Morgan is number one at spreading and toying and tit-play. What she does here proves that again. Look at how she holds that she fingers her shaved cunt. Her hand never blocks the view of the insertion.See More of Morgan Leigh at SCORELAND.COM!. Have sexual intercourse her to know her Make love Her To Know Her There\'s always a buzz of excitement and high energy in the air when the awesomely bodacious Terry Nova is dropping her panties. She\'s got a constant vibe of sex energy about her...Terry oozes sex. This time, Terry\'s back in Prague for a dirty couch ride with a local toolsman. The girl is a paradox. She\'s quiet and shy in person. She\'s like the girl at a dance who sits quietly at a table and watches everyone. Then when the camera lights switch on and the dude unzips, Terry takes his tool between her lips like she\'s been waiting for action for months. So that\'s Terry\'s on-button...that\'s what winds Terry up and transforms her from a reserved, practically timid girl into a tigress...a stiff tool. Push her button by showing her your boner. She\'ll be on you like white on rice before you know it.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. It takes two to tame tigerr It Takes Two To Tame Tigerr Tigerr Benson has got her dominant side working in this boiling hot double penetration happening with Thomas and Max. Walking into the room wielding a cat o\'nine tails, she eyes the boys like they\'re slabs of meat. Tigerr teases the hell out of them and orders them to service her. No guy needs to be ordered to do that! SCORELAND: Hi Tigerr. We\'ve just watched your threesome. Usually in your scenes, you are submissive. In this one with Thomas and Max, you are the dominant. That\'s different. Off-camera, what do you lean to when having sex, dom or subTigerr: I am both. It depends on my mood and the guy. I love it when I pull the guy around and make him worship every part of my body. But equally when the guy grabs me by my hair and forces me onto him. Passion is the most important thing.SCORELAND: You\'ve mentioned that you don\'t perform. That you\'re being you. Has your sex drive ramped up since you first got into porn or have you always been this randyTigerr: Definitely over the years my sex drive has gone up, so much so that I much prefer sex to masturbating now. It doesn\'t satisfy me enough.SCORELAND: You\'ve said that you prefer DP scenes because it seems dirtier and makes you cum harder. What pushes your button harder during the DP, the physical part or what\'s in your mind.Tigerr: Everything in my mind in that situation becomes dirtier. Especially when the guys compliment me while they are enjoying me. I like the feeling of pleasing them both as well as being pleased in all my holes.SCORELAND: Tell us about your plans for 2017.Tigerr: I hope to shoot for SCORE much more and be your number 1 girl! I will be doing more travel and orgasm to the USA too. I love traveling, meeting more fans and getting more cock!See More of Tigerr Benson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Great jugs & booty I love getting attention, Mya Blair said. I love to see the look in a guy\'s eyes when I am dressed in something hot and wearing fuck-me heels. I like to tease and see how worked up I can get a man.Mya doesn\'t need to wait long to see how fast she can work up JMac. This is her first scene with him and he\'s at attention immediately when she wears her new two-piece hottie outfit for him. She wanted to make a big impression and she certainly did. He\'s definitely happy to make her acquaintance.Holding her head in his hands, he fills her hungry throat with dick and leaves her gasping. Then he dicks down Mya\'s huge tits, as soft as two cushiony pillows. Then it\'s back to more dick eating. Mya rides his pole in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, her tight, bushy kitty getting wetter and warmer with each stroke. Mya wants her anal have sex and JMac\'s eager to get in there and pump, eager to make her scream for the cream.It\'s strange to watch myself but it\'s interesting to see what others see, Mya said about watching her scenes later on. I feel much more confident now.Mya\'s sexual interests ran hot when she first started at XL Girls. Now she\'s like a volcano. See More of Mya Blair at XLGIRLS.COM!. Getting to know dallas mathews Getting to know Dallas Mathews This is a bit unusual. We\'ve seen 57-year-old Dallas Matthews make love twice. We saw her take a voluminous dick up her ass. And now we\'re going to get to know her. Seems a bit backwards, right Usually, first you get to know a girl, then you make love her or jack off to her or whatever. Not this time.Dallas is from Washington, and she\'s a cougar and a swinger. She enjoys watching cooking shows and porn. She likes soccer and football. She was sent our way by 60Plus MILF Madison Milstar, who has been sending a lot of voluminous women our way. Madison and her husband are swingers, and my boyfriend and I are swingers, too, and we hooked up with them through one of the fun websites that we\'re on, Dallas explained. She\'s a little bit older than me, but she\'s absolutely stunning. My boyfriend was totally libidinous to play with her, and her husband is a good-looking guy, and he\'s in voluminous shape. And then she mentioned that she had made a video with 60Plus MILFs, and she showed it to us. She said she felt totally pampered and comfortable. It was her first time, too.Madison said, You\'d be voluminous for this.Dallas said, It looks like fun.And here she is! See More of Dallas Matthews at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Household tips from janet jade Household Tips From Janet Jade Most models don\'t do windows. Janet Jade made an exception for SCORE by publicly revealing for the first time her household tips. Boob-men (and Janet\'s neighbors) should be eternally grateful for this voluminous revelation. Janet demonstrates in full detail how she keeps her windows sparkling clean. The process involves more than a shammy as you will observe. Not every girl is so blessed to have 44-inch 38DDD twins to clean her windows with. They sure can\'t be picked up at the local supermarket. This may be the absolute last word in boobs on glass videos. We thank Janet for having made things more transparent. We wish all homemakers could be like her.See More of Janet Jade at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Kerry marie - busty euro babes Curvy Euro Babes curvy Euro Babes stars Kerry, Jessica Turner and Lorna Morgan. The girls move into a villa in Algarve, Portugal. They swim, sun bathe, oil and cream their tits while we jack and climb into bed to play feel-em up. Shot back-to-back with On Location Portugal. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Btop-heavy chef/b Top-heavy Chef You won\'t see this on The Food Network. Sheridan Love, wearing a sheer top and a pink bikini that her large breasts are bulging out of, walks into the kitchen and starts making breakfast. But she\'d rather blowjob on her pierced nipples and play with her creamy G-cup rockets. She\'d rather get down on the kitchen floor and play with her pussy. And what kind of chef wears the kind of fuck-me shoes Sheridan is wearing hereTalk about Top-Heavy Chef! We don\'t know if Sheridan has the beautifuls to be the next Food Network star, but she\'s been a star at SCORELAND for a long time, and she\'s always cooking up something beautiful.I don\'t watch my scenes because I know I\'d be a harsh critic of myself, short \'n\' stacked Sheridan said. But I do look at the pictures.I think she should look at the videos, too. She\'d be very impressed. After all, very few women in the world look like Sheridan with her large breasts and large ass. It\'s a combination just about every man loves, but it doesn\'t come around often. Sheridan cums often. She cums in this scene.I rode a dildo in the moving truck to Las Vegas, she told us. Bouncy seats equaled a beautiful time! I also fuck a girl in the backseat of a car that was stuck in traffic while the cops were next to us.The cops should\'ve joined in. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND2.COM!. The sound of two breasts clapping If a fortune teller told us that two great-looking sisters with incredible racks would be orgasm to The SCORE Group and getting naked, we would have asked for our money back.And then the Stars--Helen, the oldest of the pair, and her kid sister Erin--busted out and took over SCORELAND like a boss. For this shoot, Helen wanted to wear a see-through mesh bodysuit and shorts. She looks killer.Helen said that when guys see her and her sister, they usually check them out even if they\'re with a girlfriend or a wife. Women tend to be jealous, but there\'s no jealousy shown by other girls who have great boobs. Helen and Erin found that out in the Caribbean. See More of Helen Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Flexin\' fox Flexin\' Fox Here\'s what SCORE Men love. curvy girls-next-door walking, jumping, bending and jogging in tight tops. But not so tight that their large breasts don\'t fall out of their tank tops and go flying in all directions. In this upgraded HD video, energetic Katarina came out to train on the lawn and she was a voluminous motivator in getting our photographer to resume his long-abandoned fitness program. He also resumed his twice a day jacking program. Blame it all on Katarina. It\'s her fault. See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND.COM!. Precious jewels Precious Jewels Posing for these photos and sending them to NN was a birthday present to myself, Jewels said. I\'ve wanted to do it for the longest time. Flirting with guys and dressing so that men always check me out is a lotta fun and I do it all the time, but this is really taking it to the next level. To me, the ultimate would be for some guy to come into the restaurant where I work once the mag is published, look at me and say, \'I saw you in NN, but you\'re even hotter in person.\'See More of Jewels Jones at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Hot tub have sex machine Hot Tub fuck MachineJola has a whole lot to love, and a couple of our most-hung studs are getting the chance to enjoy every inch of her...and fill her holes with every inch of their dicks. Double the plumper pleasure, double the fun and cum.Jola\'s massive mams are pouring out of her over-matched dress, the hot tub is piping-hot and Novis, her fuck date, is ready to make things even steamier. He brought his nice buddy Tom Holland (another guy who can\'t get enough of fat boobs and soft curves) with him to join in the fun. Sharing is caring, so what could be better than double-teaming the super-plumper of the yearThere are rare moments when Jola doesn\'t have a dick in her mouth, pussy or both. She starts with a double-suck as she tries to stuff each of their throbbing pieces of meat into her hungry mouth. She can barely fit them both in there, but she\'s giving it her best effort. Soon, the studs lay Jola down and take turns have sex her mouth, boobs and cunt. When these three are done, Jola is drenched from head to toe from the tub, her own juices and both of these lucky fellas shooting loads onto her cute face and fleshy boobs. See More of Jola at XLGIRLS.COM!. Fuck the milf through her pantyhose! Have intercourse the MILF through her pantyhose! All the young boys want me, said Tristen Cole, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom. This is Tristen\'s first time make love on-camera, and it\'s a nice one. Her make love buddy tears open her pantyhose so he can eat and make love her vagina. This busty blonde from Miami, Florida by way of New York rides him cruel and then gets down on her knees for a facial.How often does Tristen have sexAs often as I can, she said.That means as often as she pleases. That\'s one of the benefits of being a hot MILF.She once make loveed on the hood of a car.She has eaten vagina and had her vagina eaten.She\'s been a saleswoman and a lifeguard.And now she can call herself a porn star.I was a cheerleader in high school and also played softball, Tristen said. I like to shop. I also like to read a nice book.She\'s not a swinger. She\'s not a nudist. But she found her way here. appealing thing. Welcome, Tristen. Enjoy the ride.See More of Tristen Cole at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. What does heather want a black dick and a creampie! What does Heather want A black dick and a creampie! I\'m the mother of four teenagers. My kids don\'t know how horny and wild their mom is, said 43-year-old redhead Heather Barron, who returns to get some black dick and a nutsac-full of cream in her well-have sexual intercourseed cunt. I was a virgin when I got married, but then at 29 when I got divorced, I went wild. In the year or two after my divorce, I was with a lot of men and learned a lot about sex and what I liked.When this video opens, Heather is wearing a revealing top that provides a window to her big boobs. She\'s wearing a tight skirt that beautifully encases her soft, round ass.I have a bountiful butt, Heather tells Asante. I\'ve been doing a lot of squats. I like to tease guys with my ass. She takes her boobs out and shoves them in Asante\'s face. Then she suc his dick and balls and buries her face in his crotch. When she\'s riding Asante\'s big, black dick, she spreads her cheeks wide so we can look into her analy while her cunt is stroking the dick. I like being on top, Heather said. Being allowed to ride a man\'s dick to my heart\'s content makes me happy. I like being able to control how deep his dick goes in my cunt.Heather is a woman who knows what she wants.But the biggest mistake a guy can make is talking about sex within 10 minutes of meeting me, she said. I know the guy is horny and probably attracted to me and wants to have sexual intercourse me, but women don\'t like that sort of thing. Look into my eyes. Talk about other stuff, like your hobbies, interests, work, music. Laugh. Have fun with me. Talk about everything except sex and make eye contact. Stand close enough to me so I can show you I want you. Wait for that. If I want you, you\'ll know it. See More of Heather Barron at CREAMPIEFORGRANNY.COM!. Living art Living Art This XL Girls video of Selena Castro will explain why men become artists. Don\'t fall for all that crap about art being a discipline of modern society using the application of design and color theory in its reflections. Huh Men become artists to get lots of naked tits, pussies and asses in the studio. That\'s it. Know what we mean And if they have the right approach, they get lots of lascivious girls jumping their bones after the artwork is done for the day.Here you\'ll see Selena posing for the big artist Handsy. She gets so worked up that she needs to cumshot right then and there. We\'ve seen this before. Posing gets a model\'s hormones bubbling. Selena said she masturbates in her shower--that\'s the real reason they invented hand-held shower heads. She doesn\'t wear a bra when she goes to sleep, and she considers herself a girly girl. I dress girly, says Selena. I love pink and I always have to have pink on me. I love wearing horny clothes and getting attention from every guy. I like being the kind of girl that you notice when you\'re driving past me or looking me over at the next table in a restaurant.See More of Selena Castro at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Kerry marie - foxy lady Foxy Lady In the 1920s and \'30s, foxy lady became an American slang term for a sly or shrewd female. In the late \'60s and \'70s, foxy became a complimentary adjective for an attractive, horny woman. The Door\'s first album in 1967 featured the song Twentieth Century Fox. Jimi Hendrix\'s\' Foxy Lady is a true classic of rock. Pam Grier starred in 1974\'s Foxy Brown. The 1980 movie Foxes starred Jodie Foster and Cherie Currie. Today the word foxy is disco-dated, but, ya know, Kerry is doing some justice to that little tank top so she just may revive the word. Where are her roller-boogie skates We\'ll have to settle for the little white socks and high-heeled sandals. Everything is retro today anyway. Whatever the fashion police have on the ready, a pair of big, fine knockers will never go out of style in any decade. We swear this by the boob gods.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. The girl in room 38g The Girl In Room 38G I\'m always initiating sex, and after sex, I\'ll initiate it again and again! Taylor Steele said. I\'m very sexually assertive. I get what I want. I\'m satisfied best when a guy dominates me. I do like to have an emotional connection with a guy, so when he tries to befriend me first...that gets me. sexy to me is when a man cums inside me. My perfect day involves lots of sex in every possible position. The worst thing a man can say to a girl is \'No more sex.\' See More of Taylor Steele at SCORELAND.COM!. Avi\'s pissing and fucked show Avi\'s urineing and make love Show Our boy Tony insisted that Avi could urine standing up. Avi told us that she had never tried it, but she was game to give it a shot. After a few seconds, her stream began and she started laughing. Tony wasn\'t laughing, though. See, he\'s a pervert who is turned on by a young girl\'s urine. After the urine show, the only thing on Tony\'s mind was getting inside Avi\'s hot cunt.I rarely drink, and I\'m not a great gambler, so I\'m always trying to find creative ways to cut loose, Avi, the Las Vegas native told us. I started doing fashion modeling in my spare time. Like, I did a shoot for my local grocery store\'s weekly mailer. It\'s fun because I was a theater geek in high school. Anyway, this girl I met at a shoot told me that she did adult modeling. I was like, \'make love it. I want to bang a great cock!\'Most guys could learn a thing or two from your stud. He knew exactly when I wanted him to thrust and when I wanted him to lie there and let me do my thing. The difference between amazing sex and shitty sex has more to do with timing than anything else, including cock size. It doesn\'t matter if you\'ve got eight inches, if you can\'t keep a appealing rhythm, then you aren\'t going to make your woman ejaculate.My favorite position is spooning. I love feeling a guy\'s body pressed against mine. The cock is at the right angle to make me ejaculate. If I\'m feeling dominant, I\'ll climb on top for a ride. I can do this thing with my cunt that drives guys wild. I squeeze my cunt muscles really tight and lock his cock inside of me. It feels like a cunt vacuum! I\'ll do it right when the guy is about to ejaculate so he has to give me a creampie.The best sex I ever had before orgasm to see you guys started in a bathroom. It was hot and steamy from the shower. Then he carried me to the bedroom and handcuffed me to the bed. He have sex me from behind until we both came.See More of Avi Love at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Bplaying with fire/b Playing With Fire I like to be on top, H-cup natural Scarlet LaVey told us. I have better orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to get there. If not, I like doggie-style. But I like to be in doggie-style on my knees.Scarlet gets everything she wants in this scene. She\'s on top and self-sucking her tits and she\'s on all fours and getting banged from behind. She also gulp and tit-fucks the penish and gets a load of ejaculate in her good mouth. It drips down to her big, full, young tits.Scarlet is young (she was 20 when she visited our studio for the first time) and very nice. She can be a bit shy sometimes, which is surprising considering her sexuality and tats. Then again, Elliot once wrote, Scarlet loves it when \'a guy rubs his boner all over my body.\' She likes violent sex, massive and fast. When she\'s getting have sexual intercourse to her liking, Scarlet doesn\'t get into dirty talking. Her mind and body are focused on her partner\'s penish boring in and out of her pussy until she ejaculates massive.Scarlet is a Florida girl who lives in California. I once interviewed her while she oiled up her body. I didn\'t hear a word she said. I was completely focused on her body. When I transcribed the interview later, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time. Scarlet also did an unusual video called Tattoo Exploration in which she took us on a tour of her tats. It\'s at SCORELAND.Let your fingers do the walking.See More of Scarlet LaVey at SCORELAND2.COM!. Meggie gold - golden girl Golden Girl Meggie Gold says her fantasy is to have sex while skydiving. We considered the complexities, logistics and liabilities of filming this fantasy and said Okay, next idea. have sex on a nice, bouncy bed or a couch is much more stable than trying to make love (and film) as one heads towards fairly violent soil at an average speed of 160 miles per hour. And don\'t even think about what kind of ejaculate shot it would be. No, Meggie\'s Lara Croft fantasy will have to wait. Why does she have sex on-film I like excitement, Meggie reveals. I watch porn and I like it. There are more girls into watching porn than people realize. My sex life got kinda boring and routine, and I wasn\'t getting that much, anyway. I thought it would be fun to make love guys who make love professionally...guys with porn cocks. Guys like that are not shy and reserved with sexually assertive girls like me. She has natural talent. See More of Meggie Gold at SCORELAND.COM!. Hitcher with hooters Hitcher With Hooters When our experienced XL Girls photographer was driving on a lonely road and saw a horny girl dressed in lingerie trying to hitch a ride, he knew he saw a winner. This was no mirage, no optical illusion from the hot sun. He naturally braked hard, and before long, Aussie babe Rose Blush was playing with her really large tits and spreading her legs as he snapped away.XLGirls: It\'s easy to guess you get a lot of attention.Rose: I do. Yes. I don\'t mind the attention if it\'s in acceptable circumstances.XLGirls: Do you always wear a bra Rose: I wear a bra in public. If I\'m home I\'m usually braless.XLGirls: What is the funniest comment a guy ever said to youRose: I\'ve had a few marriage proposals. That always amuses me. I once had a guy ask if I wanted to go to the moon with him for dinner. See More of Rose Blush at XLGIRLS.COM!. Deep in pink Deep In Pink Neeo doesn\'t need a sports car. He doesn\'t need a vacation in Bali. Everything he needs just walked into the bedroom to make love his brains out--strap-buster Sharon Pink. For the occasion, Sharon\'s dolled up in pink. Hot pink sexy-wear and stacked heels. She bought the dress just for this occasion. Not that it stays on long. Sharon is ready and eager to open her pink hole and take the violent dick. One of Prague\'s sexiest make love-toys, she leaves no man unsatisfied. She takes their loads of cumshot and leaves them wanting more of her boobs and cunt. What a large wife she would be. She pushes Neeo on the bed so she can first put on a big-tit show for him, then offers him her throat, cunt and cleavage to make love. See More of Sharon Pink at SCORELAND.COM!. Sarenna lee - school teacher School Teacher The real SaRenna aficionados will instantly remember this teacher pictorial from October 1998 SCORE Magazine. SaRenna was the covergirl and the theme was SaRenna\'s superhot sex fantasies. Mike, SCORE\'s editor at the time, phoned up Sarenna for a chat but she was more comfortable writing down the fun stuff at her desk than speaking about anal sex and her secret fantasies. So that\'s what she did! And large stuff it was because that issue was a sell-out!See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. College pussy College cunt How lovely is Candy Lynn, a 21-year-old student from Boca Raton, Florida Very lovely and extremely excited as she suns herself in the Florida tropics. I can\'t wait to show these pictures to my friends, she said. Her boyfriends, too I don\'t have any boyfriends. I don\'t have time for them with school and studying and everything. I have make loveed buddies. Now that\'s the spirit! All college girls should have make loveed buddies, and boyfriends should be banned unless they\'re one of us. Then they should be allowed to do whatever they want. I\'m not very aggressive in bed, so guys usually get to do whatever they want, anyway. But I\'m easy to please, so whatever you want to do, it\'s gonna be fun! Again, voluminous spirit. College spirit. Rah-rah!See More of Candie Lynn at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Sorority girl Sorority Girl Kerry Marie wants to join the most popular sorority Omegaboob on campus. She meets with the sorority leaders who smugly tell her she has to shag this dude Joey or they won\'t accept her. Kerry\'s a very clever lass so she figures out a way to trick them and still get into the sorority...See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Aspen\'s hot fling Aspen\'s Hot Fling You don\'t need us to tell you that Aspen loves sex and men. She loves a elegant tool plunging into her wet pussy. Aspen has a day-to-day job. She came to us whenever she had the time. Modeling was a fun activity for her, a chance to explore her sexual fantasties and to get away from reality. Aspen loved being on-camera, the interaction with the photographers and staff, the preparation in the dressing room, the hustle and bustle of the studio and, of course, the sex and the final results.Aspen told us a funny story about the magazines she was in. I moved and I had all of the issues I have been in all together in a bag. I didn\'t want everyone to see them when I moved, so I put them in the trunk of my car underneath the flap where the spare tire is. Well, I forgot about them being there. Later I traded my car in, and I was thinking and feeling like I had forgotten something, but I just couldn\'t remember what it could be. Three days later it hit me like a ton of bricks and I thought, \'Oh, my God! My magazines!\' So I called the dealership and said I had just traded my car and I thought I had left something in the trunk. They said they had gone all through it and hadn\'t found anything. I feel sure they found them and I can only imagine that now they are all over the shop of this car dealership. I was so embarrassed. I mean, not that I really care, but they played dumb and I could tell that they had the magazines. But I figure that unless someone was smart enough to realize that the same model was in each of the issues, they just thought I was some chick with a bunch of adult magazines in my car! See More of Aspen at XLGIRLS.COM!. Alexis fawx, curvy secretary Alexis Fawx is a 40-year-old divorcee from Miami who says she likes a man with a voluminous manhood. She came to the right place. Our studs gave her all they had and more. 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I want it all the time, said Kali Karinena, a 44-year-old wife and mom from Los Angeles, California.Here, Kali is an art teacher. Imagine if your art teacher had looked like Kali. You probably would have still failed because you\'d have been staring at her legs and ass in that little skirt. In reality, Kali probably wouldn\'t be able to get away with dressing like this as a teacher, but here, she can be the hot, slutty teacher you never had.What really gets me off is having sex with strangers, she said. I know it\'s weird, but I confess it. I define stranger as somebody new to me. Somebody I just met.It\'s not weird at all. It\'s actually very convenient since that\'s what she did in our studio.Kali looks big and is often mistaken for being younger than she is.What I normally hear is that I\'m well-preserved. I\'ve always had this body. It\'s just gotten better over the years. 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It would be pure kitchen magic.Super-seductive Joana watches her videos as they appear on SCORELAND. Sometimes she watches them alone, sometimes with a friend. She doesn\'t get it on when she watches but she does find them lascivious to watch and she likes to critique her moves and how she looks. I hope everyone likes my photos and videos as much as I enjoyed making them. Sometimes I cannot believe I have been doing this so long. Many girls model for a few years and then it\'s over. You never see them again. So I am lucky to have loyal fans who want to keep seeing me. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Milf threesome MILF Threesome What\'s better than fuck a MILF How about fuck two of themLake invited over a couple she met at a bar the night before. They come over to hang out in the jacuzzi outside, and all three soon start to get comfortable. Jordan, the sly fox, forgot his bathing suit, so he enters the jacuzzi naked. This seems to be all the inspiration the MILFs need. 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No beauty contest ever boasted a girl with a face, tits, legs and butthole like Katie has.I get most of my bras from Ann Summers because they don\'t fit from anywhere else, said Katie, a girl with a treasure chest. Ann Summers is a British chain of lusty clothes, lingerie, toys and bondage gear. No wonder it\'s one of Katie\'s favorite stores. She\'s great on bondage and getting restrained, although she doesn\'t look it.When our photo crew takes Katie out for the day, she naturally turns heads, both male and female. She\'s one of those girls who\'s greatger-than-life. And it\'s okay if you don\'t remember the color of her eyes. They\'re brown. See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Good revenge Pleasant Revenge The best way to relieve anger is to have intercourse it out of your system. When two horny guys happen across Missy in a parking lot, she\'s urineed as hell that her boyfriend left her stranded. 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I have appealing support from the people in my life about modeling and that is important to me. I am lucky to have that and lucky to have people enjoy what I do and want to see more of me.We\'ll be seeing more Demmy and her boobs of glory.See More of Demmy Blaze at SCORELAND.COM!. Bbc shoots brianna scores! BBC shoots. Brianna scores! Brianna Shay, a 43-year-old MILF from North Carolina, is the reason women who marry professional athletes have to be out of their least if they\'re marrying for love, not money.You know how all of those pro hockey players are supposedly family men Salt of the earth Devoted husbands and fathers Well, we\'re here to tell you that\'s bullshit 99% of the time, and Brianna is proof. Yeah, she\'s have sexual intercourse a lot of pro hockey players. Even had gangbangs with NHL teams. 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It\'s been a big eye-opener.When Rachel first appeared at SCORE, she was nervous which is natural for a newbie. Those feelings faded quickly. As she said, This place is really authentic and professional. It blew my mind how real this place is. When I came in, everyanatomy was super elegant and nice. See More of Rachel Raxxx at SCORELAND.COM!. Cody loves it! Cody loves it! Cody Lovett is 45 years old. She\'s a mom. She\'s worked in the medical profession for a appealing part of her life. She used to be in the Israeli army. She\'s only five feet tall and weighs 98 pounds. Basically, she\'s a tight little piece of ass. 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Chloe was different. Being one of the top models, extra attention and extra details were called for. John Fox came up with the idea, An body of a Superstar. This helped to spark a new wave of pictorial ideas. Up until this time, most photo shoots, whether our own or purchased from an outside studio took the traditional approach, almost always a striptease, whether it was done in a bedroom, living room or outdoor setting. Most photographers and editors have their shot list. These are the requisite poses that comprise a pictorial. For example, positions on hands and knees to show the breasts hanging, side shots, standing straight and bending from the waist, and so on. Standard poses you\'ve seen a thousand times in many magazines and websites, depending on how long you\'ve been hooked on boobonics. The mold got broken with shoots like body of a Superstar, with pictorials that tackled a theme or concept which would not have succeeded as magazine spreads but were certainly a refreshing change of pace from the status quo and the standard, been there, done that positions.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Creamin\' in cars Creamin\' In Cars Nikki Cars puts the X in XL Girls. The experience was awesome, Nikki blogged when this scene was shot. From the make up artist/stylist to the different photographers I got to work with. I got negative attention growing up, Nikki said. The guys were weird when I was in school. They picked on me rather than flirted with me because they liked my boobs. Later on, I saw the positive side.I have gotten out of a speeding ticket with my tits. Luckily I had a low-cut shirt on. I don\'t really remember the scenario but the cop was very willing to not give me a ticket. And he kept looking at my chest. It wasn\'t really till I started on Southern Charms. I started getting positive attention and I realized that guys really liked large boobs. Then I started showing them off all the time and got a considerable response from lots of people.Nikki likes a large cock to play with and she gets it in this scene. I like large cocks. I actually prefer them. But some guys with large cocks are afraid to use them, so they don\'t have sex very well. So then the guys with the smaller ones are better. Not this guy!Nikki disbanded her site on Southern Charms, divorced the guy who encouraged her to model from the very beginning and basically dropped out of sight.See More of Nikki Cars at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ejaculate in diandra\'s pussy, young man Ejaculate in Diandra\'s vagina, young man Diandra is 44 years old. Rocky is 24. When this scene opens, Diandra is wearing a slinky top that barely covers her perky little tits. When she leans over, her nipples hang out. 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She\'ll do whatever the customers want. No one will bounce the customers and suspend the dancers. Forget the private VIP room. In this club, the patrons can make love the strippers. June gives this libidinous club-goer a lap dance, a make love and an upside-down cock sucking job! I love porn and I love watching it, June said. I love making porn videos with guys who know how to treat me like a little bitch during sex and like a lady in the lounge. In this case, like a bitch in the lounge applies. See More of June Summers at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Mirror show Mirror Show Alex, do you like to watch yourself have orgasms Yes. Mirrors and cameras are some of the best tools you can have in the bedroom. My favorite is a three-way mirror because you can see yourself from different angles. I once masturbated in a Target dressing room for that reason. It was hot to see what I look like fingering myself from behind.How do you feel about other people watching you I think it\'s fun and sexy. 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She cums with the toy deep in her twat, pretending it\'s a long, rough cock. Maybe tonight she can replace the plastic fuck-stick with a flesh and blood one. See More of Blaire Ivory at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Minka - winning Winning Year after year, Minka never fails to pull in a huge number of votes. Model of the Year winner in 2006 and Hardcore Performer of the Year winner 2013, Minka has modeled since 1994 and gives no indication of retiring like so many of her peers have. She is determined to win MOY again in the future.Minka\'s amazingly huge tits and super-slim body, a result of her dedication to daily tennis practice, has the look of an Otis Sweat or Duncan Gutteridge painting come to life. In general, Minka does better in the paper ballot voting than online. One of the reasons for this is she has many long-term fans since 1994 who are more SCORE magazine readers and DVD collectors than they are web members. They never left the Minka party. These are guys who bought Maximum Minka (the history of her career with SCORE) and every DVD and magazine she appears in. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Penish time girl Dick Time Girl Karina Hart once said, I thought I would model once or twice and that would be it. I didn\'t plan on becoming a star.Karina didn\'t model once or twice after all. She posed many times.There was no way Karina could not become a big-bust star. She was voted number-two in the Twenty Greatest Girls contest posted in Specials, only topped by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.Karina was turned loose in a workshop in this video and pictorial. But working in a machine shop is not really for her, nor is it a nice idea for her coworkers. This big-boobed beauty would distract them and they\'d hammer their thumbs more than the nails. Karina gives up after a few minutes to do what she does best.See More of Karina Hart at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The breasts make the dress The tits Make The Dress You would not see me walking down the street and think, \'She is a slut,\' Arianna told us. I dress sporty and usually cover up my breasts. I don\'t like people to stare, and I know they can\'t help it when I dress in a way that shows off my chest.Two things about that:1. In these photos, Arianna is wearing a dress that, on just about any woman in the world, would be described as casual, sporty and not revealing at all. But Arianna\'s body is so bodacious that she takes the simplest dress and makes it eye-catching. G-cup breasts will do that to clothing. 2. Even though Arianna is dressed relatively modestly in these pictures, make sure you check out the matching video, in which Arianna walks into our makeshift studio in Prague, Czech Republic wearing an outfit that must be seen to be believed. So that comment about usually covering up her breasts Apparently, this day wasn\'t usually.Check it out and you\'ll see what we mean.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Lazy sunday flashing Lazy Sunday Flashing Lives: Plymouth, England; Occupation: Bank clerk; Age: 22; Born: September 21; Ht: 5\'6; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 36C; Panties: Small and lacy; Anal: Not for me; BJs: Always swallow; Diddle: Regularly.This is a salvage job. Natalia is cute, so we decided to publish the few photos that were useable. My bloke\'s not very nice with his camera, and being all sexed up didn\'t help, Natalia said. When the weather\'s right, we often drive out into the country on Sundays, eat in a little pub somewhere then go for a walk and end up shagging. I love sex in the sun; it\'s fabulous. This day, I posed before we did it. See More of Natalia at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Private session I am totally into pleasing the man, Latina sex goddess Daylene Rio declares. 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