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Big-tit girl trio A kind of Queen Bee of big-tit porn, American mega-buster Patty Plenty (also known as Patty Please) was in London for several shoots when she joined in this unusual all-female threesome with homegrown superstars Lisa Phillips and Nilli Willis. Nipple blowjob and cunt licking was the name of the game and Patty ate cunt as expertly as she did massive dick. A soft-core sex pictorial of Patty and a young stud was published in the premiere issue of SCORE, cover date June 1992.Patty, who\'s from Kansas, began as a burlesque and go-go dancer in New York and Las Vegas. She had roles in the Hollywood movies The Gypsy Moths (1969) and Going In Style (1979) before getting into porn in the early 1980s. Many XXX-rated massivecore movies and layouts in big-bust magazines followed. Born in 1948, Patty lives in Hawaii now, likes to travel and still keeps active in porn, shooting custom videos. See More of Patty at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Humpin\' the plumper nurse Humpin\' The Plumper Nurse Leah Jayne is not a nurse in this XL Classic scene but we wish she were because giant, soft titties can, in fact, cure the sick. Steve is alone on his birthday so what does he do That\'s right. He calls for some company, preferably a girl with huge hooters. The man needs a juggy girl to cheer him up. That\'s what they invented stripper-grams for. He calls up an agency and asks for someone special. When Brit bombshell Leah Jayne arrives in a nurse\'s uniform, his meat thermometer is ready to pop its top. Leah goes down on Steve with her drooling mouth and big boobs. There\'s nothing as big as a fake nurse with giant boobs who lives for sex. See More of Leah Jayne at XLGIRLS.COM!. Oil for three It\'s Oil For Three when Hitomi, Valory and Sha slick up their incredibly horny bodies under the tropical sun of the Dominican Republic. Three of the all-time greatest slim and stacked girls in big-boob photo history, Hitomi, Valory and Sha, got on like old school chums. Ukrainians Sha and Valory had no issues with the language barrier with Hitomi, ruler of Japan. There are no nationalistic differences among curvy girls.No one kept exact records of how much oil was used that week. At least several cases. The girls were sunning European-style without any swimsuit tops so they won\'t get tan-lines on their tits and they wore the tiniest bottoms possible. If their location wasn\'t private and secluded, we\'d have had to hire armed guards.See More of Valory Irene at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Cumshot for vagina Ejaculate For pussy Off-camera I\'m not very sexually active anymore, Mischievous pussy said. I\'ve been so busy concentrating on building up my adult life that I haven\'t really had the time to go and find a partner to dick me down on the regular. When I am in a relationship or some sort of sexual agreement, I like to have sex at least every other day, if not every day.On this day, pussy does the tit-tango with JMac. She goes to see him under false pretenses so she can get fucked, and the always affable stud is not going to turn away a horny, attractive girl with 44-inch natural tits.pussy wants to show him up-close and personal how she gives a guy a cock sucking job, makes spit strings and chokes and gags on cock. She also demonstrates her advanced degree in power tit-make love.JMac gives pussy the high-powered make love she came for, including the pile-driver position. pussy\'s very limber and flexible and can handle it. She screams and cries out nasty words as JMac pops her pussy, pushing her thighs down to drill deeper. pussy gives him added visual stimulation by jiggling her nipple-pierced, great natural tits while she\'s upside down. He makes pussy beg him for his blessing: the ejaculate load she wants. See More of Mischievous pussy at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tania\'s big, fat tits Tania\'s Big, Fat tits Tania is originally from Reykjavik, Iceland. She came to England as a student and attended university. Most students need income and Tania had the right kind of student anatomy to convert her great assets into a paying gig. Tania found her way to photographer John Graham\'s studio in 1990, where she received an education of a different kind. Tania reminds me of American girl-next-door Rhonda Baxter who came a few years later.This un-edited video with natural sounds (including a phone ringing and footsteps in the background) and verbal direction by John is a classic example of a big-boob fuck-off video from those years. Dressed in lingerie and stockings, she begins by reading a men\'s magazine and feeling herself up. This was a common opening back then, something today\'s photographers don\'t do anymore. John\'s camera moves in for those special moments that need highlighting such as nipple licking or pussy rubbing. There are nice master shots of her full anatomy as well. Tania, of course, sports a golden bush. Those were the days. She is very nice at taking John\'s constant, detailed direction every step of the way, and the whole video moves at a leisurely pace. There\'s no rushing to get it over with and no clock-watching on the part of the model.When Tania stands up is when you can see what a strapping young Nordic girl she is with a very statuesque figure and big, hanging breasts. Later on, Tania fucks herself with a switched-on vibrator. She stops to put lube on it for better penetration and sticks it deep into her pussy. Toys were preferable to fingering back then. Fingers can be bent to simulate penetration. With toys, it\'s the real deal. See More of Tania at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Yoga poser Yoga Poser Occupation: Waitress; Age: 20; Born: November 18; Ht: 5\'3; Wt: 106 pounds; Bras: 32C; Panties: I don\'t like them; Anal: I love my plug; BJs: Swallow all the way; Masturbate: Yes; Lives: Tulsa, Oklahoma.We asked Athena if she had any special skills. I make funny videos online, and I like to dance. I can also make myself into a human pretzel! We obviously asked her to show off her pretzel skills for the camera, which she agreed to do. Meanwhile, we asked her what she likes to do for fun. I volunteer at the animal shelter and the hospital. I would like to go to medical school eventually, but I need to save up a bunch of money for that. The check you guys are giving me for posing for these pictures is going to help a lot!I had sex in my grandmother\'s garage during Thanksgiving. It was my boyfriend\'s first time meeting my family and he was nervous, so I helped him relieve some pressure!See More of Athena Rayne at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Katie\'s morning ritual--part one The bathroom is the private zone for women, the place where they make their magic before stepping out into the world. It\'s the sanctuary where their daily routines begin. Most of us don\'t get to see what they\'re doing in there. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair. We see them when they come out all appealing and groomed. The morning ritual photo and video shoots peel back the curtain so we can follow a SCORE or V-Girl into a place where no man has gone before. Our beautification guide this time is divine Katie Thornton, SCORE Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year awards winner. Back home, Katie is a cosmetician and beauty shop owner. Girls usually don\'t brush their teeth and let the paste drip onto their breasts but there are always exceptions to the rule. The editors envied the photographer of this shoot! See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Angela white - angela\'s first threesome Angela\'s first threesome Something\'s going on in the bedroom of our beach house in St. Maarten, the Caribbean. It\'s Angela and Maggie Green playing with each other\'s breasts and eating each other\'s pussies.Oh, you have such a nice tongue! Angela says as Maggie eats her cunt. Now all I need is a large, fat penish in my mouth at the same time.That sounds like an invitation to Juan, who\'s lucky enough to be in the room.Come on over here, Angela says. Come give me your large penish!And away they go for Angela\'s first on-camera threesome.I love large breasts and I love violent penish and I got to have both at the same time, Angela said. I loved having Maggie\'s hands all over my breasts while Juan was make love me. Maggie and I both have large breasts and we\'re both libidinous all the time. I\'d say that\'s a perfect combination!See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Arianna sinn - cumshot in the kitchen with arianna Ejaculate In The Kitchen With Arianna y now, you already know that Arianna is the greatest make love on Earth. You know that because you\'ve seen her sucks and make loveing at But how does Arianna keep her skills sharp By practicing on dildos. And where does she keep her dildos In the kitchen, of course.Now, most people keep plates and bowls and knives and forks in their kitchen cabinets. Not Arianna. She keeps dildos and vibrators in her kitchen cabinets. Why Because she wants to keep them handy in case the feeling strikes. And the feeling strikes quite often.But here\'s why this pictorial is so special. We\'ll let Arianna tell you.Always in my dreams I use two dildos, she says, but I\'ve never done it for real.Here, Arianna does it for real. That\'s right, Arianna fills her cunt with two dildos! Two dildos in her appealing cunt at once. And they aren\'t two small dildos. They\'re two large dildos that Arianna slides into her cunt and make loves herself with.Two dildos. One cunt. And, of course, there\'s only one Arianna Sinn.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Living doll Suzumi Wilder gives Bambino the grand tour of her plush chubbiness, great fleshy tits and pink slit and gets the cock in deep. Heaven for a guy\'s boner is charming coed Suzumi wrapping her tongue, soft tits and tight pussy lips around it and blowing its load all over her when their ride ends.Says student, artist, animal lover, gamer girl, and porn star Suzumi, I like a man to give me lots of attention and nice compliments, not crude comments. I love it. I enjoy hearing that I have the kind of tits a guy dreams of blow and feeling. My tits are a great part of my life and I dress to show them off at their best. It feels beautiful when I walk into a restaurant and every guy checks me out, even if he\'s with a girl.Talented at video games, painting, tit-banging and deep throating, Suzumi pays careful attention when she dresses her creamy, pale jugaloos.I usually put them in lacey bras with a little bit of padding or anything that has a \'Gothy\' kind of look to them. I can buy bras right off the rack. Even if they\'re a bit small, I can still make them work.Suzumi makes it work for us too. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. The hills are alivewith the sight of boobage The Hills Are Alive...With The Sight Of Boobage Poland has different regions with their own music, culture, dialects and interesting traditional folk dresses. But not as interesting a traditional dress as the lascivious outfit Ines models amidst the scenic splendor of, not Poland, but Spain. Here she exults in the fresh air and greenery in a secluded area perfect for private nakedness. There\'s a touch of Swiss and Bavarian in this dress and you could easily imagine seeing Ines smiling on the label of a beer bottle. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Karina hart - jumping jugs Jumping jugs The sight of a chick with H-cup naturals jumping rope is astounding, heart-stopping, history-making. The fact that Karina is wearing a bikini while jumping rope simply boggles the mind and takes this posting to a whole new level. Then, of course, she works the jump rope up between her inviting anal cheeks and cunt lips. Then she wraps the rope around her tits. Gentlemen, here\'s the deal: We\'ve been in gyms where hot babes wearing next-to-nothing were working out, but we\'ve never seen anything like this. I don\'t think I would jump rope in a public gym, Karina admitted. It would attract too much attention. But, you see, that\'s what makes this video and these pictures so special. We\'re seeing something we\'ve dreamt about seeing, something we\'ve never seen in real life. And Karina makes our dreams come true once again.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. 62-inch treasure chest 62-Inch Treasure Chest Anorei kicks off the action wearing a skin-tight, purple mini-dress, she undresses to bra and panties and then to total nudity. She pours baby oil over her big-beyond-belief tits, massaging the slickness into her veiny breastflesh, nipples and giant areolae to a fine sheen. Once her boobs have been saturated, Anorei toys her vagina with a cock-too. From underneath, we look up to see her head-engulfing knockers bounce wildly as she rides the toy to rub one out. See More of Anorei Collins at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. One-hit wonders One-Hit Wonders Some models are very prolific and pose many times over the years before they move on to other things. Others pose only a handful of times. That was the story with Mandy Mason. But what Mandy did was very memorable. As she said, she posed as a lark--just to try it and see how she would feel--and for the experience. For most girls, modeling is only a fantasy, something they will never do, ofen because of social, business or family constraints. Or they\'re just plain chicken. Mandy made it happen by contacting us. And since she returned to her everyday job, she can look back with satisfaction realizing that she made XL Men a little happier.See More of Mandy Mason at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ines in pink Ines in Pink Ines is one of the most appealing girls to have ever posed for SCORE and Voluptuous. She stops people cold in their tracks. When she was in London for this shoot, Ines went out for strolls during breaks. She window-shopped, walked around, ate lunch and turned heads everywhere she went. Fortunately, she harnesses her immense boob powers for good, not evil, although we wouldn\'t mind seeing her in a skin-tight Catwoman costume.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Right after sex Right After Sex Dark-haired Amelia, 19, has nipples that could poke your eyes out! She\'s a California babe who posed for her boyfriend after they fucked. He said I looked pleasant in his collared shirt, so he pulled out his camera. One thing led to another and here we are, Amelia told us. See More of Amelia at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Slick & shiny Slick & Shiny Anna Loren was encouraged by her sister to apply to SCORE. No guys ever brought up posing of the bare kind.If you want to see my tits, eventually you might be able to, but when you walk up to a woman and that\'s your line, you really need to try a little harder, Anna said. I mean, I know I have heavy tits. You must have something else to talk to me about. Sexually, Anna is more servient than arseertive.I like to be told what to do. A guy can have me do all the work in bed if he tells me what to do. I enjoy being told what to do. And he can tell me to do anything. I\'m really into bum sex, but I\'m not going to ask for it. But if the guy says, \'I\'m going to fuck you in the arse now,\' I\'m totally into it. I think some guys are embarrarseed or insecure or not willing to try new things. They\'re not used to a girl who will do anything they want. I guess I\'m a bit old-fashioned in that way. I think in the 1940s and \'50s, it was more common for men to call the shots in bed. See More of Anna Loren at SCORELAND.COM!. Hose-wearing sissy boy! Hose-Wearing Sissy Boy! Kelly\'s a seamstress who works closely with the police force, altering their uniforms and making sure that their pants fit snugly and properly. Imagine her surprise when a macho cop comes in wearing pantyhose under his pants. But rather than be turned off, this cop\'s kinky side turns Kelly on. Afterall, she has always had a thing for nylon. Seeing this cop\'s package secured snugly in this mesh is like a dream cumshot true for deviant Kelly, who likes foot play almost as much as she loves men in pantyhose. Watch her fuck this young cop until he pops his load off in her mouth.See More of Kelly Leigh at LEGSEX.COM!. The morning after The Morning After... Once Harmony has had her way with her lover, she likes to don his shirt and walk around his apartment in her stockings and heels. She uses his golf clubs, even though he told her not to touch them. She does this to remind him that she doesn\'t follow any man\'s rules. She is in charge. He might object, but he secretly loves to watch her break his rules. He watches her from the other room, silently wishing that she was trampling his tool with her heels and telling him what to do. And Harmony knows he is watching. That\'s why she teases him with a strip show that ends with her spreading her thighs and her cunt lips open wide. She enjoys knowing that despite his objections, her lover is yanking on his tool in the other room to her every move.See More of Harmony at LEGSEX.COM!. Velvet is 55 the bbc is 21 Velvet is 55. The BBC is 21. I was a late bloomer, said 55-year-old divorcee and mom Velvet Skye, who bloomed very nicely. I didn\'t have sex until I was 18. I was the tall, skinny chick in high school with no tits and no ass. Nobody wanted to date me. And then, in my 30s, I just thought, \'Life is too short. I\'m going to enjoy it.\'That\'s what she\'s doing here: enjoying it. Having sex with a 21-year-old dude who has a big, black penish. Dressing up for him in libidinous lingerie, penish suc his dick, have sexual intercourse him heavy and opening extra wide for a load of ejaculate.Velvet, who\'s from Toronto, Canada, has excellent give suck job skills. Here, she keeps her eyes open and looks into the camera while her mouth is stuffed with penish. We asked her about her BJ skills and she said, I haven\'t had any complaints yet. I\'ve had quite a few guys tap out right away because they didn\'t want to ejaculate right away when I started penish suc them. Nobody\'s ever said, \'You should do that better.\'Well, really, who would ever say that to a woman when she has your penish in her mouth. But the point is, nobody has ever needed to say that to Velvet.She\'s a swinger, by the way. A divorced swinger, which makes her quite a catch in the clubs.As a single girl, it\'s easy because I can go, \'Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no, no,\' Velvet said. I have my pick. That\'s why single girls are called unicorns. They\'re very heavy to find. It\'s not often that you find single girls in the lifestyle. It\'s mostly couples, although the woman is always in charge. It\'s usually the man who introduces the woman to it, but it\'s a woman\'s game. Whatever she wants to happen is going to happen. If he says he wants something to happen but she doesn\'t want it to happen, it\'s not going to happen.Here, Velvet makes it happen. See More of Velvet Skye at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Double bubble trouble Double Bubble Trouble In chapter four of the BootyLicious DVD Slam Jam, Raven Sky and pleasant Sinsacion are spending quality chick time together alone with a voluminous vagina toy that rotates, wobbles, vibrates and can be used to stir Martinis. Both girls are hardcore sex freaks with tats and piercings. They demand to be satisfied by anyone who wants to party with them. Sinsacion works the probe in deeply, at least seven inches deep, expertly gobbing her saliva into Raven\'s vagina and bum to lube it. Raven asks Sinsacion to slap her. She happily complies, slapping her voluminous bum-cheeks. Sinsacion tongues the areas of Raven\'s snatch where the toy doesn\'t touch. The toy has a side-prong that\'s designed to excite the anus as the main shaft drills into the vagina-hole. Raven gets on her knees in doggie pose on the bed so Sinsacion can really machine-fuck her good. The girls switch places and as Sinsacion is getting toyed, Dutch comes over and inserts his shaft into her mouth to blowjob on. Raven sits on the Dutchman\'s cock as he lies on the bed while Sinsacion toys herself and talks sex. They switch again. Now Dutch is make love Sinsacion from behind while she fingers and licks Raven, then Raven gets back on Dutch in a reverse-cowgirl. Sinsacion climbs on Dutch for a ride while Raven globs on her vagina to help Dutch fit in better. Finally the girls get into doggie and pose for Dutch while he jerks off his seed on their ass-cheeks to their satisfaction.See More of Raven Sky at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Back those buns up Back Those Buns Up I\'ve been an exotic dancer, said Sashaa Juggs. I found out about XL Girls from another model. I love to travel and I want to go to Italy one day. I\'m Italian and I\'d love to learn more about my heritage. When it comes to traveling, a lover of fine large babes could not do better than to travel to Sashaa\'s mountains and explore her valleys. And that\'s exactly what Sashaa\'s cock-date Rocky does, making sure he carefully negotiates those extreme curves on his way up to those heavenly mountains! Rocky has a holiday in Sashaa\'s large jugs!I fuck-off five or six times a day. I start early in morning and I sometimes keep going all day. I do it at work if I\'m excited and get wet. I\'m not really into toys. I can only cum by working my clit with my hand. I love to give head. I go slow and keep it really wet and sloppy. And I can deepthroat. I saw it in porn and tried it and got better with practice. I like to draw it out and have the guy begging me to cum, but I won\'t let him till I decide to finish him off. Then I swallow it all.See More of Sashaa Juggs at XLGIRLS.COM!. Ruby takes it in the ass, y\'all! Ruby takes it in the bum, y\'all! You probably thought Southern belles were clbumy and demure. Well, we don\'t know about the clbumy part, but there\'s nothing demure about Ruby Thompson, a 40-year-old divorcee from Atlanta, Georgia. Ruby opens this video by talking dirty to us with her sweet, Southern accent.There\'s going to be some cunt have sexual intercourse in this video, Ruby says. Some bum-have sexual intercourse. And I just love to have my cunt make love almost as much as blow a penish. I just love to slobber on it so it\'s dripping down on your balls. I betcha y\'all would enjoy that.Well, yeah, we would. Ruby penish sucking and fucks like a wild woman. She gags on the dude\'s large penish while he eats her cunt. We get a between-the-legs view of him slamming her in the missionary position, and we can see his penish splitting her cunt in half while her bum puckers. She has a meaty cunt. The guy fucks her like he\'s trying to break the bed and her cunt. He does the same to her bum, and she likes it.Yes, I like a penish in my bum, she says as she stuffs a few fingers into her cunt, making certain she\'s totally stuffed down there. He piledrive-fucks her bum and makes her bum gape then spreads her bum wider with two fingers.Enjoy, y\'all. See More of Ruby Thompson at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Vagina plugging in jenny\'s garden Cunt plugging in Jenny\'s garden Jenny, Jenny, how does your garden grow Jenny\'s garden isn\'t going to grow at it all if all she does is take her clothes off and finger her cunt and anus when she\'s supposed to be taking care of her plants. Not that we\'re complaining.One thing you\'ll notice as you watch this scene is that Jenny Hamilton, a 42-year-old divorcee, is a two-finger cunt frigger. Two fingers in her cunt, another in her anus. That\'s her recipe for satisfaction.Jenny, who was born in Kansas City and now lives in Reno, Nevada, tells us in the pre-masturbation interview that she watches four or five hours of porn a week, and it usually leads to either self-fun or fun with someone else. She\'s a rock \'n\' roll chick, and she kinda looks like one, too, with the tattoo on her right breast. She likes to dress sexily (or sluttily, depending upon your point of view), and as we\'ve seen in her hardcore videos, she likes to get have intercourse in the ass, too.But today, we have Jenny all to ourselves. No man-ass gets in the way. Enjoy, guys. She\'s all yours!See More of Jenny Hamilton at OLDHORNYMILFS.COM!. Angela white - schoolgirl at play Schoolgirl at play Angela had just finished up high school when she visited our studio for the first time in 2003 and would go on to college. Can you imagine sitting next to a girl like Angela in a classroom You\'d never be able to concentrate on what the teacher was saying. Of course, the teacher would be focused on Angela\'s rack.I can honestly say I don\'t get any favors like better grades than I deserve or anything like that, Angela said. I\'ve earned my charming grades the old-fashioned way, through paying attention in class and studying what I\'m supposed to. The funny thing is with my natural tits as large as they are, people have a way of judging me as being stupid before they even get to know me, like I\'m a bimbo or something. I definitely am not a bimbo and people find that out rather quickly in an academic setting like at the university.You tell \'em, Angie!See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Fast bangs In Boob Science, geek-created woman Mandy (Daphne Rosen in the purple robe) is in charge of giving her creators Sheldon and Dexter a whole new life as players, a job she tackles with relish. She and Dexter visit Mandy\'s favorite hair salon/spa where they meet the exciting Eva Notty. It\'s pretty to have a curvy benefactor. This is my newest project, Mandy tells Eva. He needs some style help that will make him popular with the ladies, Eva. Leave it in Eva\'s hands. She knows exactly what to do. Oh, I\'m going to give you some trim, don\'t you worry about that, Eva knowingly tells the nervous nerd. Boob Science is Eva\'s first feature movie. (Her very first XXX video is posted in First Fuxxx in SCORELAND\'s Galleries section. What is it I like about tit-fucking That my tits are big and they can wrap around any-sized penish so it\'s kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the cock-head orgasm out from between my tits. I like ejaculateshot on my tits. Most guys have never been with a girl with boobs as big as mine, so they like to ejaculateshot all over them. Is Eva a spitter or a swallower Oh, I\'ll let him ejaculateshot in my mouth, but I just spit it out. Always spit. Unless they don\'t eat vegetables. Then you can\'t taste it. It\'s weird. I don\'t know why. No asparagus for months. It makes it salty. Seriously. So if the guy\'s ejaculateshot tastes pretty, I just might swallow it. But not usually. Now that\'s real Boob Science.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Are you jmac make love my ass! Are you JMac fuck my bum! Brianna Shay, a 43-year-old divorcee and mom, thinks the guy who\'s checking out the place she\'s renting looks familiar, but she can\'t quite place him. She\'s wearing short shorts and a tight top that shows plenty of cleavage. She has big, fake tits, and she\'s very curious about this dude.You know, my ex-husband used to watch a lot of porn, she tells him, and when he admits that he\'s JMac, she says, Nice, she says. Come inside!She wants to see his cock. She actually wants to suc his cock. And squat on it. And get have sex in the bum by it. She shows off some serious porn star moves while he\'s giving her the porn star treatment: rough and hard, but Brianna can take it. She can more than take it. She wants it. She wants to eat his cum, too.Is have intercourse some random guy who came around her house something Brianna does every day Well, yes, it is. By her estimate, she\'s have sex about a quarter of the National Hockey League and a decent number of football players, too. Yes, this is a wild woman. A wild MILF. She\'s not just a mother you\'d like to fuck. She\'s a mother who fucks a lot.Looks like JMac came to the right place.See More of Brianna Shay at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Wearing nothing but tape Wearing Nothing But Tape Tigerr Benson loves fetish and kinky outfits. If you start with her early SCORE shoots and move forward, you can see that her clothing has gotten kinkier. She\'s the bad girl coed, the kinky nurse and the mean mistress controlling two studs who pound her cunt and ass. I like being the mistress as well. It allows me to get exactly what pleasures I want. Plus I look great telling the boys how to please me.Wearing black tape all over her nude anatomy and nothing else, besides her high heels, Tigerr looks like an alien chick beamed in from the planet of the busty vixens, here to cock blow Earthmen dry. Wearing nothing but tape in different designs is a fad that club-going girls have been doing for a few years. As fads go, it\'s sticky but fun. Tigerr loves what she does and doesn\'t want to do anything else. She travels between London and Tokyo and tours many European cities. It\'s not only a career, it\'s a lifestyle, and I enjoy every minute of it, Tigerr said. Her first job was in a take-away fish and chips shop. We can think of no greater waste of talent. A little ass-whipping, some nipple cock blowing after Tigerr gets the tape off her tits and some fingering gets her primed for stretching her cunt with a thick toy that she licks to taste her Tigerr juices. See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND.COM!. Puffy nipples little bush Puffy Nipples. Little Bush. What is it that makes girls with puffy nips so have intercourseable We don\'t know, but we sure want to have intercourse Yulia. With her little bush and plump ass, we\'re willing to bet she\'d be a dynamite lay. We even told her so!Thank you. This is my first time posing nude and I wasn\'t sure if I should completely shave off my pubic hair or not, She told us. But my boyfriend told me to keep what I have because guys like it. It\'s sweet to know most men like pubes, and it\'s sweet to know that you think I have beautiful nipples. I\'ve only been with one guy before, so I have no idea what most men like.I don\'t have a lot of experience, but I\'ve had oral sex with both a guy and a girl before at the same time. My guy and I were at a party and we noticed this girl checking me out. We started talking and we invited her back to our apartment. I liked giving my guy oral more than the girl, but I liked the way the girl gave me oral more than the way my boyfriend did it. She gave me a sweet orgasm.See More of Yulia at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Locker room groupie Locker Room Groupie The first time I had sex, I was hooked, short and stacked Salena Marie said. I\'ve been a freak ever since. I like to have it at least five times to ten times a week. Salena\'s fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. So how are you going to expand me today Salena asks JC. I do need a expand. Let\'s get this off first, JC replies. He wants Salena to change out of her clothes into a fitness outfit. Have a seat and we\'ll begin to expand you out, JC grins. Talk to me about your fitness goals. JC cups Salena\'s voluminous knockers that are pressed against his groin. Salena describes what she wants trained, rubbing her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area. stretch me pleasant today, Salena requests. She squeezes his package as he unhooks Salena\'s bra to get to the pleasanties, those 36F-cup whoppers. Salena\'s fitness instruction takes a backseat to locker room banging as JC decides to expand Salena pleasant with his exercise equipment. Salena is in complete agreement with that plan once she gets her hands on his voluminous tool, her eyes lighting up. See More of Salena Marie at XLGIRLS.COM!. Sex toys & bum Sex Toys & booty Her quivering, babydoll voice is enough to give a guy a steel erection. It\'s a phone sex voice. Destiny Rose has a lush, corn-fed figure and creamy, sensitive 36DDD honeydews. She\'s also got a very elegant face, and the red hair. Redheads are rough to find. Destiny is a gift from the mid-west. Destiny was a stripper in Ohio when we found her. It\'s kind of like Coyote Ugly because we dance on the bar, Destiny said. It\'s topless on the bar and we get naked when we do dances. 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Hee-hee-hee! I am silly, aren\'t ISee More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tigerr uncaged Tigerr Uncaged The universe deprived SCORELAND of Tigerr Benson since October, \'15 but karma has corrected this situation and Tigerr is now back, looking as libidinous and as busty as ever. She\'s slinging a nasty looking cat o\' nine tails and is dressed like a stern fetish dominatrix but trust us, she\'s just as lovely inside as always. That whip is actually for her own shapely, well-toned analy and shaved, lovely pussy so she can spank it, or rather whip it, good. And that\'s a real whip, not a novelty. We\'re not sure if it comes from her own bad-girl weaponry closet or if the studio people lent it to her. We suspect it\'s hers.After Tigerr flagellates her private parts, she\'s ready for a fill-up and her thick rubber-cock does a proper job of giving her the great O. The next time we see the lovely British-Asian babe, she\'ll be taking the flesh-cock in a boy-girl bone-fest. Welcome back, Tigerr!SCORE: Tigerr, do you have any plans to visit the StatesTigerr: Yes, I want to visit this year and go to New York City to shop and then Miami to visit the SCORE Group gang and shoot with them there!! It\'s definitely on my list when I go to America.SCORE: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it beTigerr: If you are looking, you\'ll see my voluminous boobs. See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND.COM!. Leanne crow arrives in st maarten Leanne Crow Arrives In St. Maarten Leanne awakens in the morning in her hotel room in St. Maarten. She is here to star in the SCORE movie Leanne\'s Stacked Summer with fellow Brits Charley Green and Michelle Bond, Australia\'s Angela White and America\'s Maggie Green. Leanne checks out the view of the seaport from her room. She is not in London anymore! She removes her teddy and plays with her huge tits in a wish-you-were-here series of photos. 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An extreme bikini is something Roxi hasn\'t worn until now. Hundreds of girls have poured into bikinis at SCORELAND but Roxi takes it to a completely different level! After oiling those natural marvels of mammaliciousness, Roxi goes for a dip and the cool pool water gives her nipples hard-ons.I really hadn\'t measured myself, but I did notice that my bras stopped fitting, Roxi said. She spotted the change a few weeks before she visited in March for this shoot and the glass table shoot (Roxi Through Glass). She\'s probably a double K-cup now, possibly nearing triple-K.I like a man to spend a lot of time sucks my nipples and massaging my boobs. The thing a guy wants to do to me most in bed is have sexual intercourse my boobs. I can read his mind. Most of the time I\'m sitting on the edge of the bed holding my boobs together and he\'s standing. The next favorite is me on my back. Their cocks always get lost between them. You can see why.See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. 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The fact is, most models ask for smaller dildos. The great ones scare them. Not Karina, who routinely walks over to our photographer\'s toy box and picks out the greatgest ones she can find. Of course, it has to match my lipstick, Karina said. Of course!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Office wife Office Wife Kali West is simply the sexiest, sweetest and horniest little fuck-doll-next-door, and in this scene, Kali\'s mouth and cunt fill with man-steak in sex-play that\'ll fry the hair off your balls. Kali rides that pole like a pro, but in the beginning it was different. Kali remembered her first time. I was very nervous. It was all new to me, but then I started getting undressed, and then the scene began and it was fun. It didn\'t take long for me to get into having sex on-camera. I love sex. She\'s slim with natural boobs so it can be tough finding boob-holsters. It\'s cruel finding bras that fit that aren\'t granny bras...that are actually sexy. Shirts don\'t fit on top in my size because designers don\'t think about the girls who are big-chested but skinny. I\'m 34 around my ribcage, but I have an F-cup. And I definitely can\'t find bras that fit, at least not in the stores. I have a couple I bought from Frederick\'s because they sell them in bigger sizes. Like we say all the time, girlfriend material. See More of Kali West at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Karina\'s kitchen Karina\'s KitchenShe has voluminous breasts. She\'s beautiful. She\'s sexy. And she can cook Is Karina Hart the perfect woman, or what Well, I do not cook a lot, she said. I am very busy with my studies. But if I had the right man and he wanted me to cook for him, I would! In these pictures and the accompanying video, Karina makes quite a mess out of the kitchen, which is exactly what we wanted. And how about those doughy breasts Hey, you knew we couldn\'t resist that line! Anyway, imagine: You wake up in the morning after a night of incredible sex with Karina. You can\'t count how many times you came all over her breasts. And now, you\'re hungry. And you smell something beautiful orgasm from the kitchen. Karina\'s cooking!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. From a view to a drill From A View To a Drill When it comes to fuck with the cameras rolling, few women in the world have Christy\'s unbridled enthusiasm, vim and high-energy horniness. She really loves sex, and adding a camera multiplies her excitement. There\'s also something about Christy that\'s noticeable when you see her sex scenes. She makes every time seem like it\'s her first time, like she\'s discovering the joys of sex and penish worship for the first time. It\'s the look in her eyes, the nasty things she says in a girl-next-door voice and the expressions she makes, sometimes doe-eyed, sometimes devilish. When the term girlfriend material was coined, they must have been thinking of a girl just like Christy. I know that I get into it easily because I love sex, but it really depends on the other person I am having sex with, Christy said. Looks are not the be-all for me. If I am attracted to them, even just a little bit, then it\'s all good. What matters is if the guy gets into the scene and doesn\'t act like it\'s just work. When the guys get into it, I really do cum. It\'s just like fuck but with a camera in my face. I do the same things I do at home, just more positions. So I really do enjoy it. Even the shots of Christy with a male finger in her mouth is jackin\' inspiration.See More of Christy Marks at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lipstick nipples Lipstick Nipples Hitomi is large at self-sucking her pliable boobs. She leaves her nipples covered with red lipstick smears in the video while she spanks it on top of a bar. 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The same year she was admitted to MENSA (1994) as Staci Keith, she wrote the book Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed. In 2013, she wrote a book called Stripped Down, about her life as a stripper and a nude model for men\'s magazines. Now living in a village called Calcata in Italy, Staci writes romance novels and sensual fiction, sometimes under another pen-name.See More of Dakota Kelly at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - the queen of cups The Queen of Cups My natural tits started growing when I was 12 years old. My teen years were very different from the other girls because I became a topless model when I was 16 years-old. I was fortunate that I have very supportive parents who watched out for me. Being teased wasn\'t so much of a problem for me as it was not really being able to play the games I wanted to, like net-ball and football. And also running wasn\'t easy. I did a film called Bouncing boobs a few years ago that probably was my most athletic. 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By this time, she\'s begging for a dicking. It\'s time for her to open her legs and get make loveed.We ask you again: Is Daylene Rio one of the hottest sex-kittens ever at SCORE See More of Daylene Rio at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Game set tits Game. Set. Tits. You won\'t see a match like this at Wimbledon. That\'s because they have no imagination. There are a handful of tennis players that people would like to see play topless. But let\'s face it. No one in the world could match Karina Hart and Mandy Pearl on the tennis court in the breast division (except for Minka). Karina fouls Mandy with a not-very-sporting display of water tossing, resulting in a wet tee. That actually earned Karina a few points. We did learn one thing from this love match. That big-breasted girls make the best tennis players. Just keep your eyes on their bouncing boobs. See More of Mandy Pearl at SCORELAND.COM!. 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