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Busty dusty - dusty the mamazon Dusty The Mamazon The tropical jungle theme suits Dusty well. This photo set, one of her earliest after transforming from Rocky Racquel to curvy Dusty, shows Dusty as the Mamazon she truly is, long-legged and especially mamazonian in the bust department. It also shows Dusty with one of her many hairstyles, this one a little more mature, a bit more suggestive sexually, and the horizontal shots of her lying back emphasize how slim \'n\' stacked she is. Very impressive.See More of curvy Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Just imagine Just Imagine Imagine a bikini-clad girl like Jessi asking you to oil up her body in a cabana by the pool. You don\'t know what her intentions are--maybe she\'s trying to make a move, or maybe she really does need your help--but you accept. While rubbing your hands along her smooth, supple skin your dick heavyens and you struggle to hide your boner. But if this girl is anything like Jessi, you don\'t need to. \'Cause girls like Jessi like it when guys get heavy for them. And Jessi likes knowing they\'re turned on by her big bottom and little, perky tits. This blonde bombshell has no reservations about pulling off this stranger\'s pants and riding his dick. She pulls her hood back, exposing her swollen clit. She spreads her bottomcheeks apart so you can see this guy penetrating her kitty from behind. And she lets him cum on her face because that\'s what she likes. Just imagine meeting a girl like Jessi.See More of Jessi Rogers at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Make love those big tits & that tight pussy Make love Those big tits & That Tight vagina Do the numbers 40FF, 46-28-36 mean anything to you Simone Staxxx arrives at the front desk of the SCORE Spa For busty Girls, is given a robe, enters one of the rubdown rooms and takes her clothes off. She is here today for a massage. From the front, Simone requests. And all the way from her toes to her breasts. Mr. J-Rod will have the honor today of being Simone\'s masseur. (And since this video was shot in P.O.V., you are Mr. J-Rod.) He lotions her large hangers, paying careful attention to her pointy nipples. The nipple stimulation puts Simone under a penish-hungry spell. She starts yanking on his chain. He straddles Simone so she can make love his penish with her tits. She is fed penish-tip as it travels through the deep valley of her twin mountains. With Simone\'s tits well-massaged and make loveed, it\'s on to the next stage. Mr. J-Rod fills her pink vagina with his poker, and over the next few minutes, he builds up his thrusts and pumps to locomotive speed. The room fills with Simone\'s screams of delight as this chocolate make love doll cums from his relentless ramming on top, from behind and from the side. Another satisfied spa customer has been serviced. As a parting gift to an excellent customer, Mr. J-Rod presents her with a supply of penish milk, all over her double-Fs, which she rubs into her knockers as an after-sex lotion. Hopefully his professional services pleased Simone and she will visit the SCORE Spa For busty Girls again. Our staff aims (their dicks) to please.See More of Simone Staxxx at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Annika gets arse Horny, young Annika is on the phone with her guy, rubbing her vagina and talking dirty to him. Then she blows his mind by telling him to come a-running because she wants him to have sex her anus. He\'s in such a hurry, that he nearly goes right through the glanus door! He arrives, and soon he\'s licking her vagina and fingering her cunt. She sucks his cock to get it pretty and ready, then he plows her cunt to get her totally sexed up. When she asks for the anus-have sexing, he\'s only too happy to oblige. You can tell from the noises she makes that this is what she was waiting for! He works her anus hard, then thanks her with cumshot shots down her anus crack.See More of Annika Adams at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Double strokers Double Strokers Desiree and Maserati met for the first time at SCORE, a meeting of two exciting titters with considerable jugs and shapely bods. Desiree, the redhead, and Maserati picked out the perfect dresses to show off their curvatures and deep cleavage. I like your titties, Maserati said, admiring Desiree\'s lush figure. I like your titties, Desiree counters, reaching out to touch Maserati. Yes, these two became bosom buds in the short time they were together. Desiree gave Maserati\'s bazooms a friendly shake. They couldn\'t keep their hands off each other. That\'s why we wheeled in the human dildo. So they could grab something else to jack and tit-wank. The girls lowered each other\'s dresses so they could cock sucking nipples and feel the soft, smooth skin of their lady-bumps. They mashed-up and jiggled those flesh pillows against each other. You can see their nipples hardening and stiffening in the close-ups. They eventually got down to total bare-ass naked, still playing with each other\'s nipples before they jacked, tit-fucked and cock suckinged the boner until it spurted.See More of Desiree at SCORELAND.COM!. Miss rio got back Daylene Rio\'s got it orgasm and she\'s got it going. She\'s got front and she\'s got back. That ain\'t junk in Daylene\'s trunk, that\'s primo. Part of this Bonus photo shoot devotes itself to spectacular views of Daylene\'s super-moon in, and happily out, of her tight pants.Editor Dave wrote on the SCORELAND Blog, The first time I walked into the SCORE Studio this morning, Daylene Rio was sitting in the styling chair. \'Hi, Dave,\' she said in her excited voice. \'I gained seven pounds, and I think it all went to my tits and my anus.\' The second time I walked into the studio, Daylene was bouncing up and down on a cock. That\'s when I saw how much bigger and rounder her anus is. Her cunt was full of cock, but all I could concentrate on were those big, round, bouncing mounds of anus flesh.So say we all.Daylene Rio, back that anus up.See More of Daylene Rio at DAYLENERIO.COM!. Barely legal blonde Jessica, we couldn\'t help but notice you aren\'t wearing a brassiere. Yes, and it\'s not just because I was going to take naked pictures. I regularly go out without a bra. I find them uncomfortable. My titties are still perky so I don\'t really need a bra anyway. Honestly, I kind of like it when people stare at my chest because they notice I\'m braless. My nipples get massive and stick out like they\'re saying hi!Do you have sensitive nipples, Jessica I would say they are medium sensitive. I like a little bit of pinching and light biting when I\'m turned on, but nothing too massive. I like it when I hook up with a guy and he spends time feeling up my titties and squeezing them and blowjob and licking my nipples. But then again, what girl doesn\'t natural tits are big playthings.How do you like your pussy played with violent or more gentle I like a little of both. My clit is delicate so I like pressure on it. When I use a dildo I put it on full blast so I can ejaculateshot massive. And when a guy eats me out I like him to really work my clit with his tongue, flicking it and making circles around it so I can juice all over his face. When it comes to sex, being pounded is fun. It definitely makes me scream. But sometimes my pussy will get sore if I\'m going massive for a long time, and I\'ll need to take it easy. I\'ve ejaculateshot both from slow sex and fast, massive fucking, so I like them both. It just depends on my mood. See More of Jessica Jensen at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Breasts underwater Natural tits Underwater Underwater tits - how they float and bob and bounce. There\'s nothing like these natural flotation devices, and A-J has the best. In this series of videos, our Autumn-Jade team follows the SCORE siren for a series of watery gymnastics that would make a Weekee Wachee Springs mermaid jealous. Bring your own oxygen. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Bvalory\'s poolside lingerie show/b Valory\'s poolside lingerie show Obviously, I envy The SCORE Group photographers and other staff members who got to make the pictures and videos that catapulted Valory Irene to fame in the modeling world and beyond. Together, they travel to the Caribbean and Europe. They tell me she\'s the sweetest girl, and that shows in her videos. This scene was Valory\'s second video. She dances, jiggles and shows off her unbelievable body.Had a SCORE reader not taken action, Valory would have remained a girl who worked in an office. He spotted Valory in a mall, live and in the flesh, not on the Internet. He could have just stared and watched her walk away. But he went over to her, introduced himself and started talking to her about modeling for SCORE. She had never modeled in her young life. She\'d never heard of SCORE (it\'s not widely available in Ukraine, also the home of Merilyn Sakova, Sha Rizel and several other top models). He was confident that Valory had the right stuff. After meeting Valory, we signed her to a modeling contract, and our friend earned a finder\'s fee for his heroic efforts.It is so much fun to be a model, Valory said. It is something I always dreamed of, and now I am living out my dream. I don\'t think of myself as special. I think all women are special, and any man can make a woman feel special. I am very lusty to be a SCORE Girl because I never thought of myself as a star, so it is beautiful to get so much attention. It makes me feel very appealing to know that so many men enjoy looking at me.There are other girls all over the world just waiting to be discovered...just waiting to have their lives enriched by featuring in SCORE. Except in countries where girls have to wear burkas or be stoned to death.See More of Valory Irene at SCORELAND2.COM!. Have sexual intercourse the interview! have sexual intercourse her ass! Have sexual intercourse the interview! have sexual intercourse her ass! This was supposed to be an interview with white-haired 58-year-old Miriam Harding, but Miriam would rather have intercourse than talk.I love sex, she tells the interviewer. I especially like dick sucing dick. I like have intercourseing, doggie especially. I like feeling a dick going in me really deep, pounding me.She invites the interviewer to sit next to her on the couch. She shows him her natural tits. They\'re huge, he says, wide-eyed with anticipation. For the record, her natural tits are G-cups. Are they real Who cares Before long, question and answer time is over, and Miriam is having the dude play with her nipples. Then he offers her his dick, and she leans over to suc it.Miriam is one horny lady.I recently had eight continuous hours of debauchery at my home, said Miriam, who lives near San Diego, California. It was incredible.Miiram is incredible in this scene. She sucs dick deep then gets have intercourseed in her tight pussy. But she really needs it in her ass, and she takes every inch of this dude violent and deep in her butthole. The cumshot shot is on her face. Because that\'s where dirty women like it.See More of Miriam Harding at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Christy marks - more of christy\'s cock-umentary! More of Christy\'s COCK-UMENTARY! So, we told all of you before that Christy had snuck into our studios and have intercourse a stud for a video diary that she is calling her COCK-UMENTARY. Well, we showed you part one of this educational and cock-stimulating experience, where she took a pounding in POV while talking to the camera. Well, what happens next is pretty amazing. You see, after Christy gets coated in cum, another cock comes around and yes, she might have just have intercourse someone, but she is ready to hop on this cock, too. She blowjob and fucks penish number two while penish number one films all the action. And what should happen then penish number one goes right in her mouth while she gets pounded doggie-style by penish number two. And then both of them spray down her face and mouth in cum! We will tell you what, you\'ve never seen a stickier or happier smile than Christy\'s when she is covered in man goo!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. The guy she\'s have sexual intercourse is not her black bull master The guy she\'s have sexual intercourse is not her black bull master Meet DayLynn Thomas, a 50-year-old from Indiana who now lives on the west coast of Florida. DayLynn isn\'t like most women.For example, she is married, but she was accompanied to her first-ever hardcore photo and video sessions by her Black Bull Master. He sat there and watched DayLynn blowjob and have sexual intercourse this dude\'s dick, and we\'re here to tell you that she would not have done it without his approval.The hubby\'s approval She doesn\'t much care about that. But her black bull master is the ruler of her sexual universe. For example, she doesn\'t ride his cock. He have sexual intercourses her in the missionary and doggy position. He doesn\'t eat her pussy. But she blowjobs his cock.I\'m naturally assertive, but I\'ve learned to take what is given by my master only, DayLynn said.We asked her how often she has sex, and she said, Three times a week with my master and once every three months or so with my husband. And what sexually satisfies her best Taking my master\'s cumshot until it drips down my legs. I love it!DayLynn has D-cup tits. She measures an impressive 36-26-38. She describes her marital status as married for 30 years, shared wife for five years and owned by my black bull master.I love dressing to please my master, she said. Having him put on my cuffs and tie me to the St. Andrews Cross or stock, flogging me all over my body and then him using me and doing whatever he chooses to me for his pleasure.Black Bull Master...nice work if you can get it.See More of Daylynn Thomas at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. The wet tee & tits show The Wet Tee & natural tits Show Venera gets wet in a cool bathroom, so to avoid a cold, she must undress and get out of her wet clothing. This shoot is from May \'13 SCORE magazine and like any Venera pictorial, her posing skills are off the meter, whether it\'s hanger shots or her acrobatic, fuck-me spread poses. Her mind-blowing 32H-cup topshelf and her super-slim waist are only two of Venera\'s many charms. She is a living Barbie who has it all. Venera\'s petite taco alone deserves an award.Venera\'s a certified fitness trainer and a popular webcam model. On the subject of Barbie, Venera loves dressing like a Barbie doll. Sometimes I have a lot of fights with my mom. She thinks I am dressing too exciting or showing too much, but she doesn\'t understand that I am young and having fun. She thinks I should dress more conservatively.Girls stare all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren\'t very nice. They say, \'Look at that girl! Look at what she\'s wearing. Look at her fake tits!\' They don\'t understand. They can\'t believe that my tits can be so big and natural. I think if they had tits like mine, they would be wearing the same type of clothing. We would like to think so.In 2011, Venera was second to Valory Irene in the Newcomer of the Year contest. In 2012, Venera was 1st Runner-up in the Model of the Year contest losing to Valory again by only 14 votes. This is the smallest margin in the 11-year history of the award. That\'s how narrow this race was.See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Desirae in busty xtra #3 Desirae in curvy Xtra #3 Another spank-the-monkey boobarama from the curvy video series! Desirae does a slow, sexy, strip just for you, then sucks, slurps, smokes and strokes this dude\'s dong for some drenching doubleshots of funky spunk all over her hefty hooters...but not before she stuffs her kitty with his pulsating rod! You\'ll be chokin\' your chicken while you think about tiny Desirae wrapping her pretty lips and titanic boobs around your purple pole! So check out these shots and get ready to rock your cock!See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. The super-stacked secretary The super-stacked secretary I can make a man ejaculate very fast with just my boobs, Micky Bells said. That\'s the truth. If she jammed her incredible boobs together to sandwich a cock like a hot dog inside a bun, I\'m sure most guys, myself included, would lose it in a few minutes. Since Micky\'s in Europe, I\'m grateful I don\'t have to worry about that happening.I have dated a lot of men who like great boobs, Micky said. Even they say they have never seen boobs as great as mine! I know it may sound funny, but sometimes I forget that my boobs are so great. I don\'t know how any male heterosexual employer could handle having a secretary as built as Micky and not lose his mind seeing her day after day. I asked Micky what she likes to do for fun. She\'s a mom now and still webcams, occasionally modeling for SCORELAND. I travel mostly, Micky told me. I go out in nature. I like to go see mountains. I like to go smell the fresh air. I like to go out bowling. Most of all, I prefer to relax.appealing for her. I find it very difficult to relax when I see her pictures and videos. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND2.COM!. This roxi\'s for you This Roxi\'s For You Like beer Then head for the mountains. The mountains of the big Roxi Red. She has the natural boobs that made Minnesota famous. If you\'ve got the time, she has the natural boobs and she tastes as big as her name. It\'s Roxi time! Jimmy is not the most interesting man in the world but he has a boner for Roxi and she likes guys who want to bang her bangin\' anatomy and tap her kegs.Roxi brings over a bottle of beer and joins him on the couch. He\'s not interested. It\'s her incredible JJ-cup boobs that he wants to wrap his lips around, not a bottle. Jimmy feeds Roxi some cock, then goes down on her to tongue her pussy. Roxi rubs her jiggling jugs while he\'s occupied between her legs. orgasm up for air, he slides into Roxi and slowly pumps, her tight hole gripping his rod. Roxi flips over and gives him her back so he can fucked her from behind and get into deep pink. When you say Roxi Red, you\'ve said it all. There are extremely few girls with natural boobs this huge and shapely, and in the future, Roxi will be considered one of the bigest of busty legends. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Cj woods at the car wash CJ Woods At The Car Wash Welcome to the XL Girls car wash, where horny, plump babes get wet and clean your auto at the same time. CJ Woods will service your car today. You can even sit inside and watch her press her voluminous boobs against the glass. When CJ is done, she\'s in need of some hand relief so she heads inside to slap out an orgasm in cool comfort. A girl gets hot washing cars.XLGirls: Now, you said you watch your XL Girls videos at homeCJ Woods: I do. They turn me on when I\'m watching them with someone and it usually leads to sex. I also see ways to improve myself. Until I came here, no one had ever seen me having sex. Now hundreds of guys have and some women too, I\'m sure.XLGirls: But beorgasm a nude model hasn\'t changed your personalityCJ Woods: Not at all. I\'m the same beautiful southern lady I was before this.XLGirls: When you get home, do you ever masturbation and fantasize about your experiences and the guys you had sex withCJ Woods: If I had the time, I probably would. But, orgasm back home after being away from my kids there\'s not a lot of time for that.See More of CJ Woods at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sha rizel - tight fit Tight Fit Sha Rizel is a girl who loves to wear tight dresses, low-cut tops and tight skirts. Her skintight dress in this pictorial looks like a superheroine\'s costume. She definitely does it justice.Sha\'s never had sex in public, unless doing it in the back seat of a car counts as public.No. I\'m too shy for that, Sha says.She\'s never had butt sex or a three-way. She doesn\'t masturbate. With her looks and exceptional, slim-and-stacked body, Sha must have to beat her would-be suitors off with a club.What a breathtakingly good girl. I hope she stays with SCORE for a long time, writes JRG.Totally awesome! adds Albino. Sha must be the most-thrilling woman since Linsey Dawn. What does lay in the future for her I can\'t wait.Neither can we.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Alaura grey is back! Alaura Grey Is Back! We\'ve had a major year here at XL Girls, but Alaura Grey\'s return after a two year absence is absolutely seismic! Two years of non-stop emails asking when she will return. Two years of lovely Alaura back to XL Girls, to no avail. Now that wait is over! And there will be more to come with many surprises. This is Alaura\'s welcome back scene. She\'s looking as spectacular as ever and her heavy tits are even heavyger, with two more cup sizes that make her an M-cupper. I\'m very shy when it comes to my tits, Alaura said. I don\'t like too much attention. I don\'t dress to emphasize my breasts. I get a lot of attention anyway. I don\'t really pay much mind to it now. I actually like to wear sweaters. In this photo shoot, her first in two years, Alaura releases her twin wonders, with their pointy nipples that always look erect, and plays heavy breast games. Heading south, Alaura takes a heavy toy and works it in and out of her wet pussy, giving herself rhythmic strokes. It\'s the first time Alaura\'s used a toy on-camera.She\'s only just begun to have fun. Welcome back, Alaura Grey. See More of Alaura Grey at XLGIRLS.COM!. The post-graduate study of daria At SCORELAND for post-graduate studies of the female body, anatomy award winner Daria is the graduate and we\'re the students. We asked Daria a few probing questions because it\'s a tradition here to get to know a girl who\'s sharing her gifts.SCORELAND: Do people ask if you are a modelDaria: It\'s heavy to guess that I\'m a model in regular life. People have an idea in their minds of a model that fits a certain way from TV and magazines. Very thin and tall with long legs. A look like that.SCORELAND: Do you sleep wearing a braDaria: Of course not! I like freedom.SCORELAND: Do you wear skimpy bikinis when you go on vacationDaria: I\'m going to try this year on holidays. I just bought one.SCORELAND: Send us some selfies when you do.See More of Daria at SCORELAND.COM!. Don\'t waste the morning wood Don\'t Waste The Morning Wood Wham, bam, thank you, ma\'am! Lexi Leigh joins us for an afternoon quickie, and if she looks like the kind of girl who doesn\'t indulge in that type of behavior then, well, you\'re wrong! What kind of girl is that, anyway said Lexi, who recently turned 20 but already thinks she has fulfilled all of her sexual fantasies. Sure, I love to take my time in bed, but if I\'m with a guy and he needs to get off and we don\'t have a lot of time, I don\'t get insulted if he just wants to take care of his own needs. Men are faster than girls, anyway. Besides, I don\'t think it\'s pretty to let morning wood go to waste. And I\'m a pretty girl! We believe that. Really, we do.See More of Lexi Leigh at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Angelique - kismet angelique Kismet Angelique A lacy diaphanous gown does nothing to hide Angelique\'s curvatures. But what is hidden is soon revealed. Angelique displays her boobs as if they were an offering to the gods. Her oracles of Delphi could make a seer out of anyone. You\'ll know your immediate future as your divining rod tells you where to go and what to do! Your balls will become so graceful that they\'ll feel as if they were as breakable as crystal. Your future is in hand, and we predict you\'ll glaze these photos.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. She\'s not afraid of a big, massive cock She\'s not afraid of a big, cruel penish Today, we\'re going to get to know 47-year-old Summer Meadows a little better before the have sex begins. First she talks, then she fucks. But when she\'s talking, she\'s wearing a lascivious bra and panties that barely cover her thin, fuckable body, and that makes us even more attentive.Summer is from outside New York City. She\'s an outdoorsy girl who likes kayaking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing and hunting. And when she goes hunting, she wears lascivious, revealing camo tank tops and shorts.I\'m not afraid of anything, she said.What\'s there to be afraid of Tony\'s big, cruel penish She\'s definitely not afraid of that.Summer enjoys oral sex, especially 69ing so she can have her cunt eaten while her soft lips are around her man\'s penish. She\'s a MILF. She\'s not a swinger of a nudist.I just love sex, she said.\'Nuf said.See More of Summer Meadows at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Suzumi wilder - service with a smile Service With A Smile If every diner waitress looked like cute and plump Suzumi Wilder, who would eat at home Suzumi only has one customer and that\'s mind-boggling. This joint should be packed with horndogs salivating over Suzumi\'s cakes, bon-bons and pie.Now Suzumi usually doesn\'t work with her bra-encased tits sticking out of her uniform but the zipper is stuck. Her customer, who oddly complains about her wardrobe malfunction, tries to zip her up, which is wrong on every level. That zipper is going nowhere but down. He comes to his senses, zeroing in on Suzumi\'s large luscious tits. Suzumi\'s uniform comes off, the door is locked and they get on the sex train to cumsville. This dude not only gets to sample Suzumi\'s pie, he gets the hottest cock give suck of his life and an invitation to Suzumi\'s vagina and booty.Suzumi is up to having an analy escapade after her vagina gets a work-out so Jimmy lays the porcelain doll over three stools and pumps her rump cute good. What a exciting morsel she is. We\'re always happy to see her back at XL Girls.Suzumi watches her XL Girls scenes at home and gets off on them. I think they are fantastic. I love them. My BF also loved them and was incredibly turned-on. We\'ve had sex while we watched them. Making them only made me more freaky.See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Wrapped in plastic Wrapped In PlasticWe\'d have loved to have seen Daphne Rosen walk down the street in a see-through plastic dress and high heels. She\'d have done it if asked but we didn\'t want to think of the carnage that sight would cause on the streets. This is a rare photo series because Daphne is already naked in heels. In the past, she would wear some stripper-style dress or tight top that clung to her giant tits. Her SCORE studio friend Tony Rubino had just met Daphne for the first time but he had seen her photos in SCORE. Who says porn doesn\'t bring people together He was anxious to slip her the sausage so he goes from fully dressed to starkers in one photo frame. This is called The Daphne Effect. Daphne does a standing fuck, something we didn\'t see her do often when she was in porn. There are some large photos of Daphne gulp cock with her legs splayed so we can see her huge jugs hanging. This is a pose that every tit-man loves. She even thoughtfully spreads her ass-cheeks open so we can see her butt-hole and pussy. This girl knows how we think. The coup de grace is Rubino\'s tool plowing into Daphne\'s analy. It\'s amazing how tight her fine analy remained as it got tapped.See More of Daphne Rosen at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - boudoir Boudoir So that\'s what took her so long in the bathroom; changing into an outfit girls wear to get make love in. Well, it was worth the wait. Merilyn does hot floorwork in these pictures, her huge sucklers splaying beautifully as she opens her pussy.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Wearing nothing but tape Wearing Nothing But Tape Tigerr Benson loves fetish and kinky outfits. If you start with her early SCORE shoots and move forward, you can see that her clothing has gotten kinkier. She\'s the bad girl coed, the kinky nurse and the mean mistress controlling two studs who pound her kitty and ass. I like being the mistress as well. It allows me to get exactly what pleasures I want. Plus I look big telling the boys how to please me.Wearing black tape all over her nude body and nothing else, besides her high heels, Tigerr looks like an alien chick beamed in from the planet of the busty vixens, here to sucks Earthmen dry. Wearing nothing but tape in different designs is a fad that club-going girls have been doing for a few years. As fads go, it\'s sticky but fun. Tigerr loves what she does and doesn\'t want to do anything else. She travels between London and Tokyo and tours many European cities. It\'s not only a career, it\'s a lifestyle, and I enjoy every minute of it, Tigerr said. Her first job was in a take-away fish and chips shop. We can think of no biger waste of talent. A little ass-whipping, some nipple sucksing after Tigerr gets the tape off her natural tits and some fingering gets her primed for stretching her kitty with a thick toy that she licks to taste her Tigerr juices.See More of Tigerr Benson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Winter is hot Winter is HOT Occupation: Student; Lives: Indianapolis, Indiana; Age: 19; Born: April 17; Ht: 5\'5; Wt: 115 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: I like lace; Anal: Nope; BJs: Spit; Masturbate: Rarely.Every girl we put in our magazines and on our website loves cock, but every once in a while a girl comes along who is absolutely obsessed with cock. That\'s how Winter is. I don\'t even like masturbating that much, she told us. I like to watch porn to get me turned on, but then I need a fat cock to make me cum.I\'m a big sports fan. My favorite hockey teams are the Red Wings and the Blackhawks. My favorite football team is the Colts. If you want to get lucky on a date, take me to a game!I lost my virginity in a super embarrassing way. I snuck a boy from school into my house when my parents were sleeping. I didn\'t tell him that I was a virgin. I didn\'t know what I was doing. I let him eat me out, and I sucked his cock for almost an hour. His cock was enormous. It was seriously the size of my wrist. I couldn\'t help but scream when he shoved it inside me. I was biting a pillow, but it felt so good. I was practically yelling. My whole family heard me get my cherry popped.Winter is down in Florida for an extended vacation while taking some time off between semesters in college. I love going to the beach. I like to wear my bikini top, cowboy boots and hat along with a lascivious pair of jean shorts. I\'m kind of a country girl at heart, and it\'s such a fun and easy look. Plus, boys love it. The other day I picked up a couple of military guys who were down in Florida for leave. They were both hitting on me and not-so-discreetly arguing about who would get to make love me. I took them back to a hotel and sucked one off while the other make loveed me doggie-style. See More of Winter at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Maya whips it nice Maya Whips It pleasant Maya Milano never struck us as the type to wear a kinky dress and play around with a cat o\' nine tails. We\'d rather be struck in the face by her very great tits than a whip any day. Maya gets to play against her appealing girl image but in reality she\'s too nice to be bad.SCORELAND: You enjoy photography. Maya: Yes, very much. I take photos every day. It is most-convenient to do selfies.SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite books or magazinesMaya: I do not have favorite books. 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