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Once in a blue moon, natalie gets ass-fucked on-camera Once in a blue moon, Natalie gets ass-have intercourse on-camera Natalie Moon, a 46-year-old first-timer from Maryland who lives in Nevada, said she was nervous when she flew from Nevada, where she lives to Los Angeles, California for her first-ever porn shoots.I didn\'t know what to expect, she said.Well, she expected to get have intercourse in her haired pussy. She also expected to get have intercourse in her tight ass. She wanted to get have intercourse in her tight ass. She loves anal. All of that happened. And what word would Natalie use to describe her first on-camera have intercourseExtraordinary! she said.Now that\'s what we like to hear! Natalie is extraordinary. She\'s a sweet divorcee (and mom!) with reddish-brown hair and brown eyes and a smokin\' body. In this, her first XXX video, she uses that smokin\' body and her feminine allure to seduce the stablehand. She has no trouble doing that. Natalie is impossible to resist.Natalie found us through our ad on CraigsList. She says the people she knows would be very surprised to see her here. She\'s a dental assistant. And you know about those dental assistants...always talking about their sex lives while your mouth is filled with all kinds of dental stuff.Now Natalie has something new to talk about.See More of Natalie Moon at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Shannon\'s poolside bust-out Shannon\'s Poolside Bust-out I can\'t get enough of my boobs, Shannon Blue gushed about her 32MM hooters. They\'ve transformed my life. They feel and look amazing. I\'ve always wanted voluminous boobs. Now I have them.Shannon goes for a dip in a cool pool. She\'s brought along a selection of swimsuits that look more like strings. The 50something British MILF busted out of her ordinary life, got divorced, used part of the settlement to supersize, moved out of the UK with her fiance and decided to bare all. Sharon is also doing Skype shows and takes phone calls from exciting dudes on adults-only British TV, like Danniella Levy does.I had heard of SCORE magazine but I had never seen it. I knew about women like Beshine and others with very voluminous boobs. I was working at a boring job and I wanted a change in my life. Now every day is different and exciting. My sex life is better with my boyfriend. We experiment a bit more. He loves huge boobs. He loves the fake look. See More of Shannon Blue at SCORELAND.COM!. Bjenna\'s breasts underwater/b Jenna\'s tits underwater I would rather have a guy come up to me and tell me I am nice or even nice than for him to tell me that I have large tits, said Jenna Valentine, who does have large tits.She\'s also nice.But she has large, juicy, natural breasts. Of course, she knows that. She looks down all the time and sees them. She doesn\'t need to be told that she has large breasts. It\'s a fact, like the sun is hot and the polar ice caps are melting.But guys spend so much time fixated on her breasts that some of them don\'t even notice she has a face. So a girl needs some reassuring once in a while.I\'m sorry, Jenna. You have large tits, and if you didn\'t, I probably never would\'ve met you.In this video, Jenna talks about bikinis, dolphins, her mom\'s swimming pool, her breast growth spurt (she\'s now an HH-cup), her new tattoos and dating. In addition to having large tits, Jenna has a voluminous personality.Then she peels off her graceful bikini and goes for a skinny dip. And when Jenna goes underwater, our cameraman goes with her to capture some voluminous footage.Jenna told us about her TV-watching habits.Dance Moms. I love Toddlers & Tiaras. There\'s something about child pageants that really makes me happy. I think they\'re hilarious. I want to steal someone\'s kid and put them in a tanning booth and enter them in a pageant. I want to compete with crazy pageant moms. I\'ve been watching Naked and Afraid, which is about putting two strangers in a terrible place with crocodiles and bugs and they\'re naked and they can only bring one item, and it\'s so funny. They have to be in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with a hatchet and they have to survive. I also watch Boardwalk Empire.I don\'t really watch a lot of TV because I work a lot, and I like to read, too, so I have to choose if I\'m going to read or watch TV, and sometimes I just need a break from the world and want to watch grown-ass women yelling at each other. They have so many problems! I can\'t watch the Kardashians. They\'re so boring. I can\'t get into it. I love when Gordon Ramsay yells at people. I think it\'s lusty. There\'s something lusty about him. He spits out food and throws stuff. It\'s funny.If she says so.By the way, when Jenna laughs, her large tits jiggle, so funny is sweet when she\'s around.See More of Jenna Valentine at SCORELAND2.COM!. Leanne crow - breast royalty Breast Royalty Please meet and greet Miss Leanne Crow, a Londoner just photographed during a trip to the Caribbean and a perfect new addition to the SCORE universe. Leanne loves singing, acting and writing. She\'s a former cheerleader and used to play netball in school, a British sport similar to basketball. We\'re sorry she doesn\'t anymore. That would be great to see now with her 34J\'s. She loves watching WWE wrestling and says John Cena is her favorite wrestler. In this introductory pictorial, Leanne checks out a vintage bra, a pointy hooter-harness like the kind the girls used to wear under tight tops back in the \'50s. I always wear a bra when I go out. Sometimes I have to wear two bras because of the weight. But if I\'m home chillaxing, I\'ll either not wear a bra or I\'ll wear a sports bra. On SCORE\'s trip to St. Maarten, Leanne met fellow Brits Michelle Bond and Charley Green and Australia\'s Angela White for the first time. For a few days, St. Maarten became the island of the busty dolls!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. How to iscore/i with lascivious girls How To SCORE With lascivious Girls Dulcinea is renting a house from an art collector. He eyes the chesty and leggy brunette and knows a work of living art when he sees one. She enters the house wearing a tight, low-cut top that show off her treasures and ass-hugging shorts. Brick figures he should throw a proper housewarming party for his new renter and Dulcinea is game for that. SCORELAND: Did you see the scenes you shot last time in our studioDulcinea: Yes! I couldn\'t wait to watch them.SCORELAND: Did you watch them alone or with somebodyDulcinea: My partner and I watched all of them together, but I\'ve also shown them to several of my friends. In fact, my best friend from high school was really proud of me so he watched most of them with his girlfriend, as well.SCORELAND: What did you think Dulcinea: I absolutely could not believe it was me, really. I\'m typically so shy, but I feel like being in front of a camera is my calling! It\'s like I just sort of blossomed. It was also a huge turn on to see that I could hold my own with pro cocks. Everyone has been so supportive. The best reaction was definitely with one of our swinger friends, though. He was so stoked I did modeling, so he wanted to watch it before he and his wife played with my partner and I. It was easy to tell he was really enjoying watching me because he got crazy massive in the first few seconds. I was too nervous to make the first move, but I should\'ve gotten things started by blowjob his cock right there!SCORELAND: Have you had sex while watching your scenesDulcinea: Not yet but I plan to with my new scenes, for sure!SCORELAND: Has shooting your original scenes changed you at allDulcinea: Yes, incredibly so! I used to be so self-conscious of my body and my own sexuality. After orgasm here and being treated like a queen-- getting my hair and makeup done, being styled, and getting to have sexual intercourse insanely hot guys! --there was no way I could go back to being quiet, bashful, little ol\' me! I\'m much more confident approaching people now, because I see myself as sexy.SCORELAND: Do you like looking in a mirror during sex It\'s not like watching yourself in a video but it can come close.Dulcinea: Absolutely! I used to have a headboard that was a mirror, which was always epic. Mirrors are especially fun during orgies and group sex. See More of Dulcinea at SCORELAND.COM!. Cummin\' cleaning lady Cummin\' Cleaning Lady What do you do when you have to work a job that you hate You make the best of it, that\'s what. That\'s what Christy did when we got her a summer gig as a cleaning lady. She hated everything about the job. She hated the frumpy maid\'s uniform. She complained that she wanted to be a excited maid. She hated the long hours. She wanted to be out on the beach. She hated working all alone. She wanted to have a hot butler to play with. So we worked out a deal. If she cleaned and finished chores on her list, she could take breaks. Not smoking breaks, but rather, ejaculate breaks. For each thing she finished, she could make herself ejaculate right then and there. That is the kind of perk that she was into! She even managed to make the vacuum cleaner into a sex toy, like the dirty, sex-engineer that she is!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Leanne crow - shaken not stirred Shaken Not Stirred Every man would prefer to have a bartender exactly like SCORE covergirl Leanne Crow. Think of all the cocktails you would order. You\'d never order a bottle of anything again. Not the way Leanne makes cocktails. She shakes them well!What\'s Leanne\'s idea of a perfect evening I\'m a heavy romantic so my perfect evening would be for a guy to sweep me off my feet. I like fun dates. I like a confident but not egotistical man to be affectionate and enjoy a candle-lit dinner with a charming view, followed by an evening of snuggles and pleasant conversation!See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Have sex nadia\'s tight anus Have intercourse Nadia\'s tight anus Nadia Night suc and gags on Jimmy\'s tool then gets her kitty and bottom make love every which way in her second video at Nadia told us in the interview that she used to have a lot of sex but hadn\'t had it in a while before this scene. She was a little nervous about it, so she had her big-dicked boyfriend make love her bottom the night before. She was still a little nervous when it came time to make love the porno tool, but as you\'re about to see, Nadia had no reason to be nervous. She enjoyed having a porno tool in her tight bottom.Nadia is 40 years old. She has boobs that are big enough for SCORELAND, and, in fact, that\'s where she started modeling. She has a tight anatomy and tight make love holes. Oh, yeah, it\'s tight! Nadia said of her anus.Nadia offered this tip for guys who want to make love their wife or girlfriend\'s bottom the right way.Just play with the kitty and play with the bottom and get it all naughty and wet, she said.In other words, don\'t just pop it in.Nadia told us she enjoys everything that involves the ocean. She never wears panties. She says she dresses sexy, sbottomy and sensual. She wants to go SCUBA diving, but she hasn\'t yet.Hey, if a woman can get bottom-make love on-camera, she can definitely go diving. That\'s our opinion.See More of Nadia Night at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Hands-on candy SCORE editor Dave wrote about Candy Manson:One of my favorite moments in my interview with Candy Manson was when she talked about her parents. Yeah, her parents. Sorry. I led her down that road. I couldn\'t help it. You see, I asked Candy about her upbringing, and she said it was \'definitely conservative,\' and then she said, \'I drove my parents crazy when I was a kid. My mother and father are very, very old-school. They\'re off the boat from Poland, so they\'re set in their ways. Everything about me, everything I did growing up, was so shocking to them.\'Wild child Candy was a stripper before she became a porn star.I did the amateur contests at some of the clubs, Candy told Dave. The people at the club gave all the contestants a questionnaire to fill out for the contest. You know, where are you from What do you do And I said I\'m a teacher. I\'m sure they believed it. Nobody has ever told me that I look like a teacher! I\'ve done lap dances where I\'ve really gotten into it and made the guy ejaculate in his pants, but I don\'t do that too often. Only at some clubs where it\'s allowed, and only if I\'m in a wild mood and only with the right guy. See More of Candy Manson at SCORELAND.COM!. Tiffany towers - loft Loft SCORE magazine editor-in-chief John Fox and photographer John Graham first discovered Tiff dancing in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1990. John Fox remembers: We had hired a plane to trail a banner that said \'big boobs! big Bucks! Call...\' and Tiff gave us a call. She had entered a dance contest at one of the clubs in Daytona, and the second we saw her, we knew that Tiff was going to be a star!After her December 1994 SCORE magazine interview, Tiffany received thousands of marriage proposals. That was very flattering, Tiffany told editor Mike Uwate in 1997. I want to thank everyone who wrote me, and apologize for not marrying anybody. Back then, I wanted to get married to become an American. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that marriage is forever, and you can only do it with someone you love.See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Nurse kianna in your face Nurse Kianna In Your Face Not feeling well You\'ll soon be up. Really up, when Nurse Kianna Dior treats your beef thermometer with TLC. Sexually-driven Kianna strokes, jacks, jerks, boob-bangs, deep-throats and fucks your brains out, and you know what She could give the same TLC to the next patient without a lunch break.But before she begins, Nurse Kianna needs to see if you can take the strain of her ministrations.Maybe I\'d better check your pressure somewhere else, purrs Kianna in that sex kitten voice of hers. She attaches the cuff to your balls and cock and pumps the bulb. Seems okay, too, she reports and then lowers her head to taste your growing boner. Maybe I\'d better show you my considerable tits too. Nurse Kianna removes the cuff and gets to her famous oral healing techniques. She\'s certified in sperm sampling and has the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. This is why she\'s called the head nurse. Very few girls can match her cock sucking. Whether they\'re porn stars or not, all women should study her blowjob job and tit-fucking technique. See More of Kianna Dior at SCORELAND.COM!. Hunger for passion Hunger For Passion I am a woman with a voracious hunger for passion and satisfaction. Because I am sexually aggressive, I am like a tigress, stalking my prey so I can make him my next meal. That means that I don\'t sit around and wait for the man I want to come to me. That means that I put on my shortest skirt and my highest stilettos and I go hunting for him. The charming thing about the company that I work for is that they have a warehouse full of strong, virile men who I can seduce and have sex with all day! This time around, I seduced one of the workers I\'ve been watching for weeks. I went into the warehouse to look over some of his work and it was the perfect opportunity to pounce. I gave him a charming look at my long, naked legs and then I bared my charming breasts, and when he fell for my wiles, I devoured him on the spot.See More of Krista Kaslo at LEGSEX.COM!. Christy marks - helping hands for hooters Helping Hands for Hooters When we sent five of the bustiest ladies around (Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Gianna Rossi, Angela White and Terry Nova) to the Bahamas to film the feature heavy Boob Paradise, we hoped that the girls would get along. What we didn\'t expect was that they would get along as well as they did. In fact, we couldn\'t get them to keep their hands off one another. If we attempted to do a solo shoot, one or two girls would wander over and then all of a sudden, it was a lezzie Lickapalooza. We finally decided if we couldn\'t beat \'em, we could beat off to them. So we invited all the girls to shoot together and what happened was a moment in large tit history. Watch as the girls oil up Christy\'s tits and knead and squeeze them. If that doesn\'t get you pumping your dick, then you\'re dead from the waist down! There is nothing like many helping hands on a pair of exciting hooters like Christy\'s. There\'s a reason this was heavy Boob Paradise!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Flower bra Flower Bra Ines has excellent taste in clothes, underwear and bras. All of the clothes she wears on the site are hers. She likes the very girly-girl, superfeminine outfits. Ines didn\'t say where she purchased this unusual bra and panty set. At first glance, it looked like a swimsuit, but upon closer inspection, you can tell it\'s a bra. There is no toy-plugging in this photo set. There\'s a fair amount of vagina-lip tugging. Some veteran readers of SCORE and curvy magazines have compared Ines\' talent at lip pulling and her remarkable lips to the abilities of Dawn Phoenix, a model from Cyprus who lived in large Britain in the mid-\'90s and who was known for her big tits and stretchable vagina lips. Ines is much prettier, however. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Princess of pumpkins Princess Of Pumpkins Princess Pumpkins always reminds us of the SCORE Girls of the voluminous \'90s such as SaRenna Lee and busty Dusty. Some of our models weren\'t born during the peak years of Angelique and Tiffany Towers and Princess is one of them. In a way, they\'ve picked up the torch and are carrying it high.SCORELAND: Do you have any favorite sci-fi fantasy characters, TV shows, movies, books and graphic novelsPrincess: Generally I can\'t pick one of anything! My favorite fantasy characters are Larfleeze and the Orange Lantern. My favorite TV shows are Rick and Morty and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My favorite movies are Stardust and The Fifth Element, and my favorite comic book is Saga.SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on any free night, away from the computerPrincess: If I\'m in a relaxed mood, I\'ll just want to invite some friends over, hang out, play some video games and just chill. However, if I\'m feeling frisky, the girls and I will get all dolled up, hit the town and see how many guys\' eyeballs pop out of their head while I try to keep my natural tits contained in a dress. SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wearPrincess: If I actually have to wear one then I make sure it is the least-covering one humanly possible. I\'ll take skinny dipping over a bikini any day of the week! SCORELAND: What is something you have tried but will never do againPrincess: I\'ve done a lot, and in all honesty I can\'t say there is anything I wouldn\'t do again. Twice.See More of Princess Pumpkins at SCORELAND.COM!. Redhead with a rack Redhead With A RackI can cumshot fast or slow, said Jolie Rain. If I\'m doing it for him, I\'ll take my time and do it easy. But if I\'ve been watching porn all day, I\'m like, \'Come here!\' and be done in 30 seconds. I\'m a pervert, like I said. I like to look at girls. I love natural breasts. I love just everything about big, appealing breasts. I\'d be really sad if I didn\'t. Girls are fine. Jolie was a bartender when she was told she should be in SCORE. That was large advice, in our opinion.I\'m really bad in the bedroom. I like pulling hair, and biting. Talking really, really dirty. I\'m kind of a submissive. I\'ve done bondage and have done it quite a bit. But I also like good, violent sex.Jolie didn\'t say what being tied up does for her or how that started. But she doesn\'t need to explain what good, violent sex does for her. It\'s all in this scene. I don\'t typically do one-night stands, but there have been times where it\'s just been, \'Okay, I can\'t pass that up!\' Luckily, Jolie was interested in showing on-video just how lascivious she is.See More of Jolie Rain at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Thick white freak Thick White Freak Our favorite type of chick is the type where the only words required to describe them is, She can get it. This slut Sara Jay embodies that phrase. Sara Jay is a sexy, thick white chick we\'ve known and loved for a long time. Girls like this don\'t come around too often, and the best part about her is that she\'s an even bigger freak than you. That\'s just the way dudes like us like it because when you\'re with Sara Jay, you don\'t have intercourse her. She have intercourses you.Hmm, Sara says with her round pale tail hanging out of her skimpy black lingerie and thong. You must be my Latino penish. Look at you. You\'re have intercoursein\' sexy.Sara doesn\'t waste any time before stuffing our boy Carlos\' fat penish into her mouth.Oh, that\'s caliente, Sara says between breaths as she works his man-meat. I\'m gonna get this penish pleasant and wet, and I\'m gonna have intercourse the shit out of it.We weren\'t lying when we said this chick is the one that have intercourses you. With a phat butt like hers, we know our boy Carlos isn\'t going to complain, either.Sara bends over and tells Carlos to stuff his penish into her butt doggy style. She pops and twerks her \'donk like she\'s at the hottest club on South Beach. Then Sara hops on top and have intercourses Carlos so heavy that she\'d have broken a lesser man\'s stiff prick.Get it, get it, Carlos says as she works him. Get it, girl.She\'s definitely gettin\' it. And while we said she\'s the one that have intercourses dudes, Carlos gives her the same parting gift each of our baddest slutes gets: A load of ejaculate all over her butt.Yup, she can get it.See More of Sara Jay at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Artiste tawny Artiste Tawny Picasso has nothing on Tawny as revealed in this photo set. There\'s nothing abstract about Tawny, and impressionism doesn\'t quite cover her talents. The curves and angles are there, but she\'s no Art Deco figure. Perhaps after she finishes her painting, she\'ll do your portrait using your own paint brush.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Alby gets ass-fucked while her husband watches Alby gets ass-fucked while her husband watches Alby Daor, a 47-year-old wife and mom, is about to have ass sex on-camera for the first time, which makes sense considering that her first scene at was her first time having any kind of sex on-camera. This is her second.I\'m excited. A little nervous, Alby said before the scene. I guess this stud I\'m with is kind of large, but I think I\'ll be okay.She was more than okay. She was great, blowjob and make love the 29-year-old\'s cock, taking it deep in her shaved, MILF vagina and her tight anus then kneeling on the floor for the facial.One more thing: Alby\'s husband was sitting just a few feet away while she was make love. But this isn\'t a cuckold scene.This is some sexual role play for us in real life, Alby said.It\'s pleasant to have a supportive husband, isn\'t it, AlbyI like what I\'m doing here this week and having sex on-camera, she said. I like bondage, spanking, things like that. I do go to kink events sometimes. I got to be on-stage and on-display for a little while. That was fun.For Alby, this is even more fun. And we\'re having fun watching her. Take it away, Alby!See More of Alby Daor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Total bliss Total Bliss A V-mag Model of the Year winner, Joana seems to have found the fountain of youth. In fact, she\'s gotten more inviting and bustier since her early SCORE days in 2004 when one of our teams met Joana in her native Romania.I love to pose, Joana said. It\'s given me much happiness and made my life more interesting and creative. I think the human body is one of the most inviting creations on our planet. I love to look at the works of the great painters and sculptors who felt this way.All of the charming attention I get makes me feel amazing, magical, lovely! I feel so lucky. I must wear a bra all of the time because my natural tits are so heavy. I like to wear a dress that is loose but well-defined, something that can highlight my natural tits if I feel like it. See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky melts montego Micky Melts Montego She\'s a dream come true. Spectacular Micky Bells made a spectacular double debut at XL Girls and SCORELAND. Micky was joined by Terri Jane and Gya Roberts for the must-own DVD Montego Babes. It\'s a breast-fest of epic proportions and colossal dimensions. Those widescreens can really serve a purpose. Micky\'s tits measure a whopping 46 inches so she needs a 36J bra to hold and support her treasure chest. Micky\'s hobbies are going out bowling, reading, watching fashion shows on TV and cooking in her kitchen. (We\'d like to see her bowl one day. That must be a petite sight.) She also enjoys traveling and vacationing in the mountains. Micky models a tight, skimpy red bikini at poolside in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She displays every inch of her creamy, fantastic body as the bikini comes off and the oil goes on. See More of Micky Bells at MICKYBELLS.COM!. Massage parlor girl Massage Parlor Girl Tony phones his favorite message parlor for a masseuse with really strong hands. As in really strong hands to rub down his lifelong friend cock Johnson. Who else for this job but Kacey Parker! The brunette hottie arrives dressed in white, her fingers ready to play a tune on his instrument. Let my hands do the talking, Kacey softly tells Tony when she drives over and enters his bedroom. Her 38H-cup bra is very visible though her tight tank top. Do you want it deep and great Kacey asks as she lubes up her magic hands. I\'ll let you decide, Tony replies. He turns on his back per her request. Kacey starts off on his thighs, sliding her palms forward and back. I\'m here to help you reduce all that tension and stress, Kacey promises. That promise will be kept. Tony pitches a tent pole immediately from Kacey\'s visit to thighland. Kacey takes off the towel and is impressed. Wow, she murmurs as she touches his junk. Her duty as a massage parlor girl compels Kacey to bust his stress. A titty cock-massage is first on the menu, and then... When a guy squirts the contents of his balls into Kacey\'s mouth, she has a habit of opening her mouth to show the goo and sticking out her pierced tongue and twirling it. It\'s very endearing. See More of Kacey Parker at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. From fitness covergirl to milf tugger! From Fitness Covergirl To Milf Tugger! In this video, 50-year-old Cassidy proves once again why we love mature women. When the scene opens, Cassidy\'s DD-cup breasts are spilling out of her bikini top (Cassidy is 4\'11, which means she\'s short and stacked). She tells her guy that she wants to take care of him. Note that she doesn\'t ask him to take care of her. Like most mature women, she\'s unselfish in that way.I\'ll do anything you want, baby, Cassidy says.Also note that she doesn\'t ask him if he wants her to lick his balls. She says, I want to lick your balls. That is a mature woman\'s desire, to lick a man\'s balls. Younger girls will do it for you if you beg or promise to buy them something. But a 50Plus like Cassidy She wants your balls in her mouth because that makes you happy, and it also makes her happy.What else do you want, baby Cassidy asks as she cock sucking his cock while he fingers her shaved cunt.Cassidy says she has lived a very colorful life. She was an athlete in high school and she has been on the cover of fitness magazines and written a book about fitness. She has been married three times and has children. She was once married to a famous rock star. But it turns out that one man just can\'t do it for Cassidy.I love cock too much, she said.And cum. All over her face. She loves that, too. She rubs the cum into her skin and eats some, too.Oh, you taste so good, baby, she says. Betcha you never heard a 20-year-old say that!See More of Cassidy at MILFTUGS.COM!. No bra can hold those for long!! No Bra Can Hold Those For Long!! Pregnant Natalie Fiore! Natalie\'s great boobs are so much greatger now that she\'s knocked-up. The mind reels from the shock of seeing her this busty. After six years of posing for The SCORE Group around the globe, her boobs getting greatger and greatger every year, her pregnancy-enlarged boobs seem a natural progression.For this installment of Natalie\'s pregnant journey, she enters the kitchen wearing a tiny dress, her growing belly stretching it out, her huge boobs busting out of her tight cardigan buttoned over her bra. Sitting in a chair, Natalie takes off her sweater and describes how much she likes to play with her boobs and how exciting she is when she wakes up in the morning. As always, Natalie has a horny vocabulary and likes to talk, one of her many oral talents.When Natalie unhooks her bra and her hard veiny mams spill forth, time freezes. She gets completely naked and fondles her treasures, then spreads her cunt open so she can rub her clit which sends shivers up and down her anatomy.I think I need to cool down a bit, Natalie says. And that\'s exactly what Natalie proceeds to do. Milk does do a anatomy good.See More of Natalie Fiore at NATALIEFIORE.COM!. Garters Garters What sends most breast aficionados into titter shock when they look at Merilyn\'s photos are the size of her natural tits compared to the rest of her frame. Nature usually dictates that girls with extremely huge natural tits also have ample body fat deposits (usually stored around the waist and in the booty) and have thick thighs and arms. Endomorph is the term for this kind of body. But Merilyn defies the conventional. That she wants to pose naked and is able to do so is something every pure boob-man has to be grateful for. There is a hooter heaven sometimes.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Terry nova pumps her natural tits Terry Nova pumps her tits On the lush island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas, Terry Nova is a living dream girl scantily clad in a white negligee and high heels. Underneath her lingerie, a boob-exposing bralette reveals Terry\'s pancake-sized areolae. Terry pumps her nipples with a breast pump, her breathing coordinating with each squeezing of the bulb. Terry Nova is just too exciting for her bra. She unhooks her front-loading melon sling and removes her panties. Terry\'s massive tits cry out for cream. She layers on the white stuff in an erection-producing display of nipple magic.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Extreme bikini show Extreme Bikini Show Valory models extreme bikinis, something most women cannot do successfully. The right kind of anatomy--slim and shapely--is a must. Valory has this. She can wear dental floss bikinis, like they do in Brazil, because of the charming figure she has. Her anatomy is almost tailor made for teeny bikinis. She has the perfect swimsuit anatomy. Does she always dress to show off her boobs Not always, but I like it better when I have a shirt with deep cleavage, Valory says. I like wearing V-neck shirts. It is almost impossible for me to cover my boobs completely and not look huge, so I like to show my boobs and people can see that my anatomy is not huge. I always like to look my best. I like low-cut, A-line dresses and nice shoes. Even if I am hanging around my house, I will never wear sandals. I always wear heels. I like to wear excited clothes but not too excited. It is not always safe to walk around not wearing much clothing where I live, but I like tops with deep cleavage. It can be a dress or a shirt with a short skirt. Or a skirt to the knees. It depends on my mood. Would Valory wear bikinis like this in her country See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Shannon\'s poolside bust-out Shannon\'s Poolside Bust-out I can\'t get enough of my boobs, Shannon Blue gushed about her 32MM hooters. They\'ve transformed my life. They feel and look amazing. I\'ve always wanted considerable boobs. Now I have them.Shannon goes for a dip in a cool pool. She\'s brought along a selection of swimsuits that look more like strings. The 50something British MILF busted out of her ordinary life, got divorced, used part of the settlement to supersize, moved out of the UK with her fiance and decided to bare all. Sharon is also doing Skype shows and takes phone calls from libidinous dudes on adults-only British TV, like Danniella Levy does.I had heard of SCORE magazine but I had never seen it. I knew about women like Beshine and others with very considerable boobs. I was working at a boring job and I wanted a change in my life. Now every day is different and exciting. My sex life is better with my boyfriend. We experiment a bit more. He loves huge boobs. He loves the fake look. See More of Shannon Blue at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Gamer girl ass Gamer Girl bum Dolly told us that she loves playing video games, so we gave her the system to play with. 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I have to look all over to find those or buy online.SCORELAND: So, Dolly, do you wear a swimsuit or do you sunbathe nudeDolly: Nude, of course, if the place where I am allows it. But otherwise, I am at least topless. SCORELAND: What do your fans say about toys vs. no toysDolly: A lot of my loyal fans are sending me messages where they actually ask to not use toys or not even show my pussy. They just want to see me play with my boobs...and that\'s what I\'m trying to give them. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Cameron\'s fire crotch Cameron\'s Fire Crotch Cameron Skye likes to oil, cream and massage her big boobs. This personal care activity helps to keep them soft, smooth and supple. A tit-man could watch a girl like Cameron do this for hours until his eyeballs glazed over. Breast massaging is also a healthy activity. It helps the circulatory system in many different ways and is even touted as a method of stimulating boob growth. 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JMac sure has a lot of jobs--air-conditioning repairman, warehouse manager, masseur--but he loses them because he fucks his busty customers. exciting Holly is eager for some action when she examines his banana. We talked to the blonde with major T&A about this epic pair-off.SCORELAND: Hi Holly Wood, what did you think of your scene with JMac as it was happeningHolly: I have to say I was super-excited and turned on. We had large chemistry right from the start so I knew I was in for a fun time!SCORELAND: What did you like better, shooting the still photos or the video, and why Holly: Video of course! I can get into the moment more and really let loose! The photos are nice, and are some of the best I\'ve ever taken! But nothing compares to the delight of making videos!SCORELAND: Did you talk with JMac and the cameraman about the scene before the shoot Holly: We meshed together as a team, absolutely! But JMac is a pro and we sweet much shot everything without stopping. We were so into what we were doing that he just led the way and we let loose!SCORELAND: Is there anything you\'d like to say to the guys watchingHolly: Thank you so much for all of the love and support in this amazing journey of mine! The more we hear from you, the more you comment and write in, the more videos you\'ll see of me! See More of Holly Wood at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. The body comparison The body Comparison Chica and Valory became fast friends during Valory\'s visit to the Dominican Republic. Birds of a feather hang together. They really appreciate big-titted girls there and the two senoritas attracted quite a bit of attention. They hung out a lot together during the trip and went off-road to visit some local sights. In the video, you can see Chica and Valory shaking their tail feathers to the Latin beat at poolside. Everyone loved that too!See More of Chica at VALORYIRENE.COM!. 57-year-old nicol and a 26-year-old cock 57-year-old Nicol and a 26-year-old dick Nicol Mandorla, a 57-year-old wife and mom from the Czech Republic, wakes up 26-year-old Nick by stroking his dick through his shorts then suc his dick. Nick wants to sleep, but when a exciting MILF like Nicol has your dick in her mouth, thoughts of sleep quickly fade. In situations like this, the hard-on rules.Nicol gives Nick a lascivious suc job then gets her haired cunt make love beautiful and deep for a long time. When Nick can\'t hold back any longer, he cums on Nicol\'s charming face.It\'s an impressive scene by a woman who says the people who know her would be shocked to see her here. She\'s not a swinger. She\'s not a nudist. She\'s a nurse. Now she\'s a naughty nurse.I signed up with an agency, and they contacted me and asked me if I would like to do this, she said. 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But it\'s my ultimate fantasy.See More of Paola Vega at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. From fitness model to nude From Fitness Model To Nude After modeling for SCORELAND, Rukhsana started a new business, completely unrelated to modeling, and it occupies all of her time. Rukhsana was always a great hit at the Max Power car shows in England where she would wear skintight catsuits that showed off her slim and curvy body. At heart, I\'m a glamour model, Rukhsana said. I never had any interest in doing anything strong. I like glamour and fitness modeling.I\'m a former competitive swimmer, she said. I still work out at least four days a week at the gym. I don\'t drink or smoke. I do a lot of sensible eating and swim and do sit-ups. I try to keep my body fat at low levels but not so low that I lose my womanly curves. When I\'m working out, I\'m into fast music to keep me motivated. My motto is keep fit, train hard, keep fit, train hard.See More of Rukhsana at SCORELAND.COM!. Is this hitomi\'s greatest solo scene ever Is this Hitomi\'s greatest solo scene ever This is my favorite Hitomi photo set ever. It was shot in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and if it isn\'t enough that she rocks a micro monokini, she also oils up her huge naturals and lets them hang. Does Hitomi have the greatest hangers ever She\'s definitely in the discussion.Elliot wrote, When Hitomi arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for this shoot, it was her first trip outside of Japan. She and her co-stars spent a week in a swanky mansion overlooking the beach. Hitomi speaks little English, so SCORE flew in a Japanese female translator from Tokyo to spend the week with her as a helper, companion and translator for our crew. In their spare time, Hitomi and her new busty friends enjoyed the sights and sounds and the food and the fun of this popular tourist resort. The girls stuck together at all times. A group like this could have easily drawn a heavy crowd just by being there if they went to the beach in bikinis.The video version of this scene is sweet great, too. We get to see Hitomi\'s breasts hang, swing and sway, then she gets into the pool and proves that even breasts as big as hers float. So you could call this scene educational. Or you could just call it highly jackable, one of the greatest scenes ever of one of the greatest girls ever.See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Mr tony makes the maid Mr. Tony Makes The Maid A new, young maid turns up to clean Mr. Tony\'s place. He\'s not home. She is movin\' to the music on her ipod as she starts to clean the room, but the heat and the music make her lustful, and, quick as you can say floor mop, she\'s bum naked and on the bed with her hand buried in her wet cunt. She\'s working away on herself when-you guessed it-Mr. Tony comes home. 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Their mission: to make their threesome a gift Paige will get a lot of pleasure from since she loves multiple men, as she puts it. Or is Paige a gift for them Either way, there\'s going to be a whole lot of fuckin\' and blowjobin\' going on. Paige is very proud of her skills at giving the penish what she calls the Russian Experience aka tit-fucking. She is equally proud of her suc job skills that can blowjob the white off an egg or the brown depending on the kind of eggs you have. You\'ve seen her in action before at SCORELAND so you know that seeing is believing. Paige has a very assertive way of being tit-have sexual intercourse. She doesn\'t just lie back and hold her breasts together while her partners drive their skin buses in. She will kneel or sit, spit on her voluminous jugs and the penish, squeeze her breasts together with her arms with the penish sandwiched between them, locking it in, and move her entire chest up and down in a pumping motion. If there was a voluminous globes award for tit-fucking, Paige would be on-stage accepting it. See More of Paige Turner at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - floral dress Floral DressI\'d like to be well-known, like Jordan or Linsey, but I don\'t think I will, Nicole once admitted. She admires what those two have done as models but remains unsure of her own life as a model even though she\'s already assured a spot in the pantheon of greatness. We\'ll have to see. My dream is to be a famous artist. That\'s my dream. I\'ve been painting since I was, oh, I don\'t know, I guess I was two. I\'ve always had a bit of an artistic side. I\'ve always enjoyed it. Now, it would be good to make a living painting. I painted a picture of Jordan. She\'s a glamour model here in England, and I presented her that picture in a nightclub, and I got my picture taken with her. That was a really great honor for me because I quite admire Jordan.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Lila payne - feel the payne Feel The Payne Lila Payne explained how she first got into the enjoyment business in Australia where it\'s legal and regulated in three eastern states, legal and not regulated in the rest of the nation.Before I started working as a private escort, I worked in a brothel in Sydney, and I was so full of beans when I started working. I had my earrings and my heels. I was totally dolled up in a way I didn\'t need to be. I was so ready to go, and I was young, but I knew what I was doing. So they picked someone to see me as my first client. He was a 30-year-old Indian gentleman. He was pretty and really shy. First we did this sexual health test where I put on gloves and checked him out. It\'s an elaborate sexual health test all clients go through, and most people pass. Then we had a shower and kissed, and it felt totally normal. Then we had sex. It was really quick and felt great, then I gave him a massage and we talked. 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I appreciate big sex even more now than when I was younger and I know my body better. The men in my videos have very appealing cocks and know how to please a woman.petite woman! Someone needs to get her pregnant and her huge natural tits full of milk! commented pskao8.No thanks, pskao8. We don\'t need Natasha taken out of circulation! We need her back at SCORELAND. See More of Natasha pleasant at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxee the delight seeker Roxee Robinson is not only a lusty and horny XL Girl, she\'s the kind of woman many busty lady lovers look at as the ideal wifey. Imagine orgasm home every night after work to an evening of domestic bliss and hot sex with this plump redhead. 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He\'d need to find super-watermelons that come close to stacking up to slim and trim Minka\'s famous knockers.Minka\'s equally famous protruding nipples hypnotize him. That\'s why her nickname is Nipple #1. He blowjob and rubs her cruel pointers while Minka teases him and rubs his package. She\'d like to see his banana. It\'s only fair.They head to the couch so he can lick her neatly trimmed pie and she can blowjob on his banana. Minka\'s tight hole is his again for the taking, as it was in Minka\'s previous scene, Mega-Boobs Office, when he was her boss. Wedging his cruel shaft into Minka\'s squeeze-box and boning her in cowgirl, missionary and doggie makes him lose his make love load all over chest. This is always the ultimate outcome in a Minka encounter.Afterwards, Minka told the photographer, It was fun, but my body is very tired. It is always fun. Having sex with a large dick is like playing three sets of tennis! My pussy is numb! Minka prefers average cocks. My favorite kind of dick is five inches! Little dicks, I enjoy. It\'s more exciting. But with large dicks, I cannot move. I can fuck, but it\'s cruel. Little dicks are much better. I love them. How often do you see a porn star admit that See More of Minka at SCORELAND.COM!. Harmony white - harmony white does it right Harmony White Does It Right Harmony White first came (and came hard) to SCORE in 2013. A cam girl, Harmony was living in Miami and moved away after her first visit. But she recently contacted us, ready for more. SCORELAND: Do you ever go to strip clubs Have you ever been a dancerHarmony White: I love strip clubs! I love having a nice pair of tits in my face. I did dance for about a week in Miami but it wasn\'t my thing.SCORELAND: Have your tits ever fallen out of your top in publicHarmony White: A few times, yes. It depends on what kind of top I have on and what I\'m doing when one or both of my natural tits pop out.SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedHarmony White: Usually when I\'m in a hurry, I\'m running around cleaning naked. I\'m a voluminous multi-tasker. SCORELAND: Do you find yourself titillating your natural tits without thinking about itHarmony White: All the time.SCORELAND: What have been your top three sexual experiencesHarmony White: I seriously can\'t cut it down to three. Usually my best ones are drunk ones!SCORELAND: What kind of adult videos do you watchHarmony White: I think I\'m a closet Lesbian. Watching girl-girl porn makes me charming horny.See More of Harmony White at SCORELAND.COM!. Porch swinger Porch Swinger Angelica is a 21-year-old college student from Atlanta, Georgia. She\'s 5\'2, 122 pounds and has D-cup boobs. She\'s going solo here, but who knows what the future will bring. Angelica is a exciting girl. I\'d love for a guy to tit-fuck me, she said. It\'s what I think about when I\'m diddling myself. I\'d love to have a penish sliding between my boobs so I could blow the head and end up with hot jizz on my face. Sounds elegant to us. Gentlemen, are you up to the task See More of Angelica at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Penish for coco Penish for Coco Meet Coco de Marq, a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague. Today, this libidinous blonde newcomer is going to:1. blow cock. 2. blow balls. 3. Have her pussy eaten. 4. Get make love in several positions, including missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. 5. Open her mouth for ejaculate then let the white sauce drip down her chin and onto her charming tits.She\'s wearing libidinous stockings and a garter just for us, and, by the way, when she\'s riding the cock, she spreads her butt so we can see her butthole. Will we see that butthole get make love Who knows, but we can hope.We asked Coco if she likes sports, and she said, I\'m not into sports. 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What kind of maid service did he callI\'m sorry it\'s such a mess, Peter says. I need your help.He needs help, but his eyes are focused on Zoraya. Every time she bends over, he gets an eyeful of anus cheek. Finally, he can\'t hold back any longer and grabs a handful of anus cheek. That pisses off Zoraya...momentarily. But before we know it, Zoraya has his cock in her mouth and is showing off her superb BJ technique. Then Peter is fuck her pussy. Then he\'s fuck her anus!Did Peter call The Ass-Fucked Latina Maid ServiceWe asked Zoraya what she finds sexy, and she said, Honestly A super-hard penis. Nothing is sexier.If she says so.Zoraya is a MILF. She\'s from Havana, Cuba and now lives in South Florida. Her boobs are big, fake D-cups, and that\'s nice. Her anus is 100% real. Her BJ skills are 100% unreal.Seems that way.To refresh your memory, this is Zoraya\'s second scene at She\'s on her second marriage. The first guy she was married to was a complete failure in the bedroom. 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I also like to pepper my vernacular with some bawdy-ass sailor speak. Cursing can be quite powerful when used correctly.So Elle has a dirty mouth when the situation calls for it. Works for us. See More of Elle Flynn at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Tawny peaks - vision from heaven Vision From Heaven Tawny appears to be a real vision, a genuine angel. But we know better! There\'s an aura around her, but no halo. She might walk like an angel, talk like an angel -- but she\'s the devil in disquise. Oh, yes, she is! And she\'s up to her old devilish tricks in this sizzling photo set; a Satanina in high heels! Very diabolically wicked in a devil-may-care manner. So if you\'re excited you won\'t want to miss these red-hot pixs! If you get caught enjoying these pixs just tell them the devil made you do it!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Skeet for pleasant Skeet For pleasant Natasha pleasant is a very demanding boss to work under but Thomas is up for the job, as would we all. 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