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Lillian\'s bum surprise Lillian\'s bum surprise This is the me that you\'d see only if I happened to pick you up at a club one night, said 51-year-old Lillian Tesh, who was born in Detroit and now makes her home in Michigan. The way I\'m dressed is the way you might see me dressed during the day, but you\'d never suspect that I\'d do something like this.By this, Lillian means sucks and have intercourse on-camera and surprising her partner with the butt-plug she has in her beautiful little ass. By this, Lillian means getting ass-fucked and taking a hot, sticky load of cum all over her face.I think I have an aura about me, Lillian said. I\'ve been not showered and in my workout clothes or sweats and people have said to me that I\'m really sexy, and I think part of it is my eyes and my smile and the way that I present myself.In this scene, Lillian presents herself as a very conservative woman. The eyeglasses. The pink sweater that\'s wrapped daintily around her neck.I don\'t normally do this, she says as she rubs Tony\'s crotch. Well, actually, she does. And, as you\'re about to see, she does it very well.See More of Lillian Tesh at YOURMOMLOVESANAL.COM!. Nurse considerable boobs Nurse large natural boobs Dellon is definitely hallucinating when his new visiting nurse Roxee Robinson arrives to check up on him.What can I do to make you feel better asks Roxee. This is the question of the year. Dellon\'s brain is already plotting. How many nurses wear low-cut uniforms, their large boobs forming round mounds of joy How many nurses get on the bed to massage their patients. Well, this one does. Her boobs nestle against his face as she gently massages his chest after he lies and tells Roxee it hurts. And by the way, his junk hurts too. A massage there will alleviate the pain. No nurse in history has ever been this caring and sympathetic. She\'s got to rub that stiffness away.With her medical training at her disposal, Nurse Roxee, or Nurse large natural boobs as she\'s better known, knows from experience that sucks and tit-fucking tool will make a patient feel better. Roxee takes her large, fat boobs and buffs his bloated boner fast and hard, squeezing her Canadian cans together, cock-crushing at its hottest. Her jugs of joy are made to be fucked. Full treatment is needed to get her patient walking again. After kissing Roxee from boobs to belly to box, Dellon parts the redhead\'s thick legs and fills her tight cunt with his meat thermometer. Roxee is a true miracle worker. See More of Roxee Robinson at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Toes sucked cunt fuck Toes Sucked. pussy Fucked. Alex, 20, a student from Ft. Lauderdale. Florida, asked our stud Shaggy, to do a kinda unusual thing before they got down to blowjob and fucking. She wanted her toes sucked. He was happy to do it to get her turned on. Then he licked pussy, she sucked cock and they fucked till Alex earned a cumshot salute.See More of Alex Casio at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Naughty neighbor My guy Chris was watching college football on TV one Saturday. I didn\'t feel like watching it, so I went out and started mowing the lawn, said April. He came out at half-time, a bit pissed because he thought I was only doing it to make him feel guilty. When I told him that I was enjoying myself, he wanted a photo or two for our album. He must have forgotten that you never know what you\'re going to get if you point a camera at me. This time I started to strip, and I just kept going, as you can see.See More of April Malone at NAUGHTYMAG.COM!. Head office Head Office Bad cumshotshotshot is thick and chunky and gloppy, like Elmer\'s Glue kind of cumshotshotshot, says Sara Jay, cumshotshotshot-extraction oral specialist. pretty cumshotshotshot is thinner and more watery. If I know a guy has gloppy cumshotshotshot, I\'ll request it on my breasts instead of in my mouth. Sara\'s boss is giving her a tongue-lashing but not the kind she likes. She\'s in danger of losing her job so she loses her panties to keep her job. Anything to please this cock and keep her position.Sara applies her famous throat to his cock in the conference room and almost give suck the cumshotshotshot out of his balls. He needs to fuck her just to see how dedicated she is to her job. Very dedicated, Sara proves.See More of Sara Jay at SCORELAND.COM!. That\'s ms yummy to you! That\'s Ms. Yummy to you! Meet Ms. Yummy from Illinois. Ms. Yummy combines the best of both worlds, big natural tits and badonkadonk. You get boob cleavage and butt-cheek cleavage in one busty little 5\'1 package. Although she shot these pics for SCORE, we figured that a full-figured fox like her would be exactly what you want to see, so we stole the pics. You\'re welcome.My current agent said I\'d be lovely for SCORE so I gave it a try, said Ms. Yummy. I love modeling and porn. I can be my own boss and it gives me so much freedom. In this debut scene, Ms. Yummy plays with two of Doc Johnson\'s Johnsons, blow one and have sex herself with the second one.Men are always staring at me even when they\'re with their spouses. When ya got it, Ms. Yummy, flaunt it. Make the most of your assets. It\'s the American way. See More of Ms Yummy at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. The mirror of enjoyment The Mirror of delighting Charlotte Angel is one considerable, bad mama. Even though Charlotte is new to adult modeling, you\'d never know it from her moves, either flying solo or getting it on with porn studs. She\'s a natural.XLGirls: How does the sex in a scene compare to your real life experiencesCharlotte Angel: One thing I learned really quick is that it\'s not the same at all! In real life sex you don\'t have to worry about keeping a camera in between your legs! LaughsXLGirls: Do any other models inspire or motivate you Do you have any favorite XL or SCORELAND GirlsCharlotte Angel: To tell you the truth I don\'t really know any of the XL or SCORELAND Girls! I should change that, huh But another model that I think is sweet cool is Phoenix Marie.XLGirls: Do guys like me ask you questions about your tits What do they ask youCharlotte Angel: Yeah. I get questions all the time! One of the considerablegest is Are they real Another one is How considerable are they XLGirls: Were there any things you didn\'t know about sex that you learned by watching porn Charlotte Angel: Um, I don\'t think so. I think most of what I learned was from having older friends! See More of Charlotte Angel at XLGIRLS.COM!. The perfect canvas Karina Hart, painter. It\'s not the first thing you usually think about when you think about Karina, but let\'s face it: Somebody has to paint those rooms in your house or apartment one of these days, and it might as well be a super-busty, super-sexy babe whose clothes don\'t stay on for the entire process. As you\'ll see in this posting, Karina really isn\'t much of a painter. Before long, she\'s ignoring the walls and paying special attention to her tits and pussy. Hey, she\'s a young chick! She\'s not used to doing manual labor. Besides, that\'s what men are for. You\'re about to see one of the kinkiest things (if not the kinkiest thing) ­Karina has ever done on She finds uses for a paint brush that we\'d never thought of. Well, we\'d thought of them. We just never thought we\'d get the chance to see anyone do them.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Chest-to-chest with karina Chest-To-Chest With Karina One of the chests belongs to Karina. It measures 34H and it\'s soft and fluffy. The other chest belongs to well, the chest. The one Karina is lying on. So, chest-to-chest. Corny, right But give us a break. Our minds get a little tipsy when we\'re looking at pictures and videos of Karina\'s naked body. Sometimes when I am modeling, the sets are so elaborate, Karina said. I feel like I am on a movie set and I am a movie star. This time, I said to the photographer Is this it Just a bedroom and a chest of drawers What\'s so lusty about that He looked at me and said, \'You\'. Exactly. Plus, this prop gives us the opportunity to view Karina in a variety of new positions and allows us pretty looks at her butthole and often overlooked legs. They\'re pretty legs. Muscular and powerful, the better to wrap around your back. That\'s how they got so strong, from being wrapped around men\'s backs, Karina said, smiling to let us know she\'s just kidding. Or is sheSee More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. A mattress fit for a queen A Mattress Fit For A Queen Normally, most porn studs bring their own mattresses to their scenes but this is a different situation. Insanely-stacked Danni Lynne needs a new, larger mattress moved to her bedroom. (She has a very healthy sex drive!) Miss Lynne can\'t do it herself so she phones her neighbors for assistance. They\'re X-Men between gigs. Porn dudes are usually not lovely at manual labor unless it involves make love so they give up almost immediately, terrified of getting a hernia which would cost them upcoming jobs.Instead of leaving a job undone, the guys hit on Danni who\'s interested in a tag-team match as long as they\'re here. The girls in this neighborhood are extra-friendly and they all have voluminous hooters. Danni\'s two sides--on one side her mouth, on the other side her pink taco--are explored as the guys get to know their neighbor. Playing dress-up and role-playing gets Danni hot so she was a natural for violentcore. Doing porn has made me feel more confident, said Danni, who was already bursting with confidence the day she walked into the SCORE studio. She considers her breasts her best feature and they are spectacular, natural and attractively shaped. I like to put on something horny and do a striptease in from of the mirror and that\'s something guys like to see. It was fun to do a bra show for JMac and see how worked up I got him.The mattress never did get moved but Danni did. Her XXX-tra friendly neighbors have sexual intercourse her as violent as they could and gave her a cream rinse facial. See More of Danni Lynne at SCORELAND.COM!. Why we love whooties Why We Love WhootiesGirls like Kirra Lynne are a dream come true. She\'s a sexy, creepy white girl with an anus. There\'s a reason we love whooties, and Kirra Lynne may top the list of our favorites. Because of that, it was only fair that we let her top one of the most-hung cocksmen in our stable.But first, Kirra\'s going to show off her ample anusets. This scene opens with Kirra twerking and booty-shaking, If you got it, flaunt it. And Kirra\'s definitely got it. And she\'s about to get it, too. After a short chat, these two get down and dirty. Jarrod jumps on the couch and Kirra deep-throats his cock while popping her anus cheeks. After lubing Jarrod\'s pipe with some sloppy head, she hops on top of his cock for a rough cowgirl fuck. Kirra works his junk like a joystick in multiple positions before he pops a sticky shot of man-cream all over her phat, vanilla rump.Yeah, this is why we love whooties. See More of Kirra Lynne at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!. Shower time with hitomi Shower time with Hitomi I mentioned the last time Hitomi appeared at SCORELAND2 that I had the inviting fortune to have dinner with this naturally stacked, Asian boob legend. She was on her way back from the SCORE On Location DVD shoot in the Dominican Republic, and since that was the first and only time I\'ve met Hitomi, I thought I\'d give you some more details about that outing.We weren\'t alone. I was accompanied by three other female SCORE staffers. I\'m guessing the reason my co-workers were asked to come along was to make sure I didn\'t try to sample the invitings. Hey, what kind of guy do they think I am, anywayI will tell you this: I was nervous about being with Hitomi, even in the presence of others. I don\'t know why. I just was. I\'ve interviewed and spoken to hundreds of SCORE and curvy girls, maybe thousands, and I\'ve never been nervous. Okay, maybe I was nervous the first time, 12 years ago in Key Largo, Florida when my first anusignment was to interview Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan. But since then Never.But for Hitomi, I was nervous. Maybe it was the language barrier. Hitomi speaks Japanese and some English. I speak no Japanese. To cross the language barrier, we used one of those automatic translators on a smart phone; talk into it in one language, the translation comes out in another language. That can get a little awkward. Fortunately, however, Hitomi\'s English is a lot better than she thinks.But I know what you guys want to know, so I\'ll tell you. As I said before, she wore tight jeans and a sweater. The sweater was dark but see-through in the right light. Any tit hound, such as myself, could tell that she was stacked. Funny thing: One of my female co-workers said to me, She really hides them well, doesn\'t she Meaning her tits. And I said, No, she doesn\'t. They\'re impossible to hide.We went for burgers on Lincoln Road. You might ask, Why didn\'t you go for sushi or to a fancy restaurant The answer is that Hitomi didn\'t want to get all dressed up. She wanted to go casual. So we had burgers. She had a steak and skipped the salad. I kept waiting for her to drip steak juice onto her chest. And tried to keep my eyes on her eyes and not her chest. I failed. Miserably. But had I kept my eyes on her face, that wouldn\'t have been a bad thing. Hitomi is as good in person as she is in pictures.Then we went for a walk. I couldn\'t decide whether to walk behind her and check out her beautiful little anus or walk beside her and watch her boobs bounce. I went for the boobs. And then we went to Victoria\'s Secret.I know, Hitomi in Victoria\'s Secret is a bit of a joke. There\'s not a single bra in there that can fit her. I saw one of the saleswomen make a move towards her when Hitomi was checking out the bras, but she quickly thought better of it, realizing (I guess Victoria\'s Secret salespeople have boob radar) that Hitomi was about three or four cup-sizes too large for anything in the store. When we surprised her with a gift from VS\'s--fragrances and creams, not a bra--she smiled, giggled and was truly gratified, even though she has received gifts from thousands of men.And then we went for dessert. She wanted something sweet. I wanted something sweet, but it wasn\'t dessert.I hope you enjoy Hitomi as much as I did. See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Work that boss\'s ass! Work that boss\'s ass! Jamie is a hard-driving, bitchy boss, and she\'s making a lot of demands. This poor guy has a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, but he\'s distracted by Jamie. You see, she\'s sitting in the office in a very unprofessional manner. Her legs are crossed, and this poor shlub can see the top of her stockings and her thighs, and Jamie\'s talking about work, and all he wants her to do is work his penish.Are you paying attention to me Jamie asks. Have you written down anything that I saidShe takes his notepad to see what he\'s been writing, and she\'s shocked.Wow, \'I wanna pound that ass\' That\'s what you wrote Jamie says, aghast. \'Do you deep throat I want your ass\' That\'s what you\'ve been taking notes about the whole timeNow emboldened, the guy says, I also wrote, \'I want you to sucks my penish right now.\'This kind of stuff can get a guy fired...if his boss is somebody other than Jamie.You know what I think Jamie tells him. I think you\'re a very dirty boy. I like dirty boys.Jamie found out about us from a friend she knows online. She has a long list of fetishes and is a very kinky woman. No one really knows how wild her private sex life is.I like sex multiple times a day, Jamie said. I can be servile or bossy depending on my partner of the moment. I\'m kind of an exhibitionist. I like men or women getting sexually aroused by watching me. In a video, I can get thousands of people hot.She definitely does that. See More of Jamie Foy at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. It\'s cool to be a fuckable mom It\'s cool to be a make loveable mom I\'m make love more than I ever have in my life, said Luna Azul, a swinger from Los Angeles, California. I don\'t care how old a guy is. I don\'t even care what he looks like, as long as he has a heavy penish and knows how to lick my cunt.In this scene, Luna is tidying up her house, waiting for her son to come home. When her son\'s friend shows up, Luna, who has wanted his penish for a long time, tells him they have an hour to kill, so why not make love Hey, why notYou wanna know the truth Luna told us. This scene isn\'t just a fantasy. It\'s something I\'ve done in real life.Children are always talking about having cool parents. Luna is a very cool mom, probably a lot cooler than most kids would want their mothers do be, and that\'s very cool with us.For one, Luna is pushing 60, but she looks closer to 40. Her body is mint; great tits, firm ass. Then there\'s the tattoo on her arm, which is very today. And there\'s that very lascivious jewelry on her cunt. That\'s something only cool moms do. But Luna ramps up the cool to an even higher level.My hobbies are pole dancing and riding my Harley, she said. My fetish is to be slap heavy, I\'ve had sex in an airplane at 20,000 feet, and I\'m not just talking about a gulp job in the lavatory but full sex.How else is Luna cool Well, she\'s proud of her tight cunt.Guys are surprised when they find out my cunt is so tight, Luna said. They figure, \'She\'s a mature woman. Her cunt must be loose.\' But that has nothing to do with it. I take care of my cunt. I do my cunt exercises every day. My cunt is so tight, it\'ll make your penish feel huge, even if it isn\'t. And that\'s sweet for me because I can squeeze cum out of your penish. I love it!Cool. Very cool.See More of Luna Azul at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Felicia clover - maid for hot sex Maid for hot sex The other day, I got a color drawing from a talented fan named Granamir. The busty girl in his drawing was dressed in a fantasy French maid\'s costume and had two feather dusters attached to her bra, one for each cup. Which brings us to Felicia Clover and this XXX maid\'s scene.I\'m a sexually buttertive girl, said Felicia, a 5\'3 redhaired busty honey who made a great splash with readers from the start. I thought she was a perfect girl-next-door with her creamy skin, 34F boobs and apple-pie looks. I love sex. I love a cruel pounding and oral, and I love foreplay. I like my nipples bitten when I am being pounded really, really cruel. I like missionary because the leverage is better for guys, I think. You know, in missionary with my legs in the air and that way a guy can just pound me nice and cruel. I love that. I always ejaculate in that position. How was this first XXX SCORELAND scene for Felicia She had a top-notch stud make love her.Overall, it was nice fantastic. My favorite part was getting a guy who was so girthy, I could barely fit him in my mouth. That was nice make love awesome.Felicia is known as much for her butthole as for the rest of her body. We liked photographing her butt and shot her for BootyLicious magazine, too.My absolute favorite panties are thongs. I love that they are so petite and excited and just disappear in my butt when I am wearing them. My butt cleavage is always hanging out, in general.I am a freak when it comes to sex! Felicia said several times in interviews. She have intercourse a guy in his car...while he was driving. I had the guy lay down in the driver\'s seat and he put his foot on the gas. Then I sat on his cock and did all the steering while we had sex.She\'s maid for the nasty.See More of Felicia Clover at SCORELAND2.COM!. Breakin\' in the score house Breakin\' In The SCORE House When Christy first moved in to the SCORE house here in sunny Miami, our camera crew had a few tales to tell about her sexcapades, but none as memorable as the tale of her first day. When we got there, there were clothes everywhere. Not, like, clothes from her suitcase, but, like, clothes that looked like they had been ripped off in a hurry, says cameraman Jorge. And the house looked like a hurricane had hit it. Overturned chairs and things all over the counters and tabletops. We couldn\'t figure out what had happened. Well, that is until we went into the garage and found Christy have sex one of our studs on a cock box! Apparently, they felt that they should break the house in by have sex in every room and on every surface. We would have been mad if we hadn\'t been so impressed by their stamina. We should have known better than to leave her somewhere unsupervised. Christy is an unstoppable fuck-forceof nature. Where there is a cock, she will be on it, no matter what it takes.See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. The ultimate sweater girl The Ultimate Sweater Girl I loved this shoot because the bedroom was so pretty and classy but simple, Karina said. I loved the sweater I am wearing at the beginning, too! It was so comfortable, I wanted to take it home. Of course, we let her. How do you say no to a girl like Karina Besides, by the time she was done wearing it, her tits had stretched the sweater far past the point where anyone else could wear it. That happens sometimes, Karina said, laughing. Sometimes one of my friends will be wearing something I like, and I will ask to borrow it, and they will say, \'No, Karina! Once you wear it, nobody else can ever wear it!\' There\'s another reason for that (other than the obvious sweater-stretching one). It\'ll never look as charming on anyone else as it does on Karina. She\'s the ultimate sweater girl.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Holiday hooter hump Holiday Hooter Hump I like the thought that my boobs give someone so much pleasure, Morgan Leigh said. I can make a man cumshot in two minutes, less than two minutes, just by showing my boobs to him, before he even touches me, just by me playing with my boobs. I think that\'s one of the reasons men like me so much. I\'m not selfish in bed. I\'m more of a giver than a taker! SCORE editor Dave wrote, Morgan said she would do an on-camera boobs & tugs scene once and only once. A bikini, a beach and Morgan at her libidinous best made for a voluminous scene. It\'s a true fantasy scenario with Morgan walking up to a guy on the beach and offering him a hand party.Being outdoors at a public beach made this all the more hornier. It probably would have gone on longer if it had been shot in a studio without the possibility of being caught. Then again, maybe not. The way Morgan strokes cock makes it difficult to hold back from nutting her great boobs.See More of Morgan Leigh at SCORELAND.COM!. In her first have sexual intercourse video, penelope does jmac In her first have intercourse video, Penelope does JMac Penelope thinks she\'s all alone in her house, but she isn\'t. JMac, whose friend is Penelope\'s son, thinks he\'s all alone in the house so he can take a shower, but he isn\'t. And when Penelope and JMac cross paths, a porn scene breaks out.He told me you were at work, JMac says.Do I look like I\'m at work she asks.No, she doesn\'t. She\'s wearing horny lingerie that shows off her considerable tits and a thong that shows off her charming ass.I can\'t do this, JMac says. Tommy will have intercoursein\' kill me.Well, first of all, there\'s no reason Tommy has to find out (unless he subscribes to and sees his mom here). Second, there\'s a price a guy has to pay for having a hot MILF for a mom.Penelope is a 43-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from New Jersey who says, People know I\'m a sexually charged woman.She is that. Her tits are D-cups. Her cock-sucking technique is excellent. She\'s also no cum dodger.I love a commanding man who has an air of confidence who can look at me and, just with his eyes and body language, let me know he\'s in charge, Penelope said.She once had sex in a hospital room.She loves to be watched.I\'m ready and wanting sex from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep, she said.And she gets it plenty of times in-between.See More of Penelope Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Excited hire Horny Hire I don\'t hire just any man for the job. He has to be tough and strong, but also have the intuition to know when to be suave and gentle. The best way to test them is to see how they sucks my toes and have sexual intercourse my vagina. It also lets me know how well they take direction. This guy was definitely a shoe-in, pun intended. He tongue-bathed my stinky tootsies without hesitation, then gave my vagina the drilling it was craving.See More of Stacy Adams at LEGSEX.COM!. Tight is right Tight Is Right A model like Sha Rizel knows what she looks hot in, and she looks hot in this striped dress. Short and tight is right. This is what Sha would wear on a night out clubbing or dining with friends.What kind of reactions does Sha get when she\'s dressed like this and out for the eveningThey look, she says. They stare. Guys sometimes say things like, \'Nice body,\' or \'Nice breasts.\' Sometimes they don\'t say anything, but I know what they are thinking. Sometimes they are with their girlfriend or wife and she gets mad. I think that\'s funny.Sha is so gorgeous, people would react the same way if she wore a sack instead of a dress.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Sarenna\'s black dress SaRenna\'s Black Dress A different look for SaRenna with slicked-back short hair, in a style you saw on many female late-80s rock stars. The anatomy is as tiny as ever. Her very unusual net stockings outfit worn over her black cocktail dress was picked up at a London adult boutique, and modified by wardrobe. The studio set may seem like the famous Linsey Dawn McKenzie diner set and the Chloe Vevrier kitchen set to those with eagle eyes and sharp memories, but it is not.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Reflections of linsey The following article is a guest essay by former Voluptuous, Leg Sex and 18eighteen magazine editor, Joe Monks. These days, Joe is the publisher of Chanting Monks Press, specializing in horror books and comics.My name is Joe Monks and I\'ve been invited to drop in for a guest editorial slot back at the old haunt. One of the editors who helps Linsey on LinseysWorld thought it would be cool for some LDM experience stories, and here\'s mine.I met with the big-busted one, after doing a phone interview with her in 1999. I was running Leg Sex magazine and had just come up with some pics for my mag showing off this lady\'s underrated bum and gams. I called her cell as she was driving over to John Graham\'s studio in London. She enjoyed the fact that somebody noticed she existed beneath the bosom, and we set up a leg shoot for later that year.You meet Linsey in person and sure, you see that she could walk around like one of those cigarette girls in the \'40s without using her hands to hold the tray. But you get to meet her, or have dinner with her, or be on-set with her, and you can tell why guys worldwide drool like Rottweilers in a junkyard waiting for a guy to try and steal some hubcaps.The bod is smoking, the accent drives me nuts personally, and her having all-natural tits is just amazing. She has a voluminous sense of humor. For somebody like me who\'s met hundreds of models, let me tell you, a lot of them don\'t, and that kinda kills some of the allure when you meet them. Linsey gets rolling, and she is as personable as my other favorites: Nikki Diamond, Chaz, Exotica, Lorna Morgan and Brittany Love. Girls that are turn-ons totally clothed, even though you couldn\'t hide their curves with burlap and duct tape.I got to helm V-Mag for a while, and more than a few times, Linsey graced the pages of an issue I put together. I got more thankful letters from happy guys who had glued those pages together than perhaps for any other model. There is a reason we come back weekly to check out what this heartbreaker is up to, and stepping out of. Perhaps more than any other model, Linsey is the one that keeps you wanting to come back and visit. A SCORE dinner with Linsey and her sister Alyson was one of those happy events that just popped up and I\'ll never forget it. Linsey is the kind of person you meet, and believe me guys, you remember her forever! --Joe Monks (Leg Sex editor, retired), Author, Stuff Out\'a My HeadSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Ines in pink Ines in Pink Ines is one of the most appealing girls to have ever posed for SCORE and Voluptuous. She stops people cold in their tracks. When she was in London for this shoot, Ines went out for strolls during breaks. She window-shopped, walked around, ate lunch and turned heads everywhere she went. Fortunately, she harnesses her immense boob powers for good, not evil, although we wouldn\'t mind seeing her in a skin-tight Catwoman costume.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Tag-team fuck for a romanian french maid Tag-team have sexual intercourse for a Romanian French maid I am satisfied when I have an orgasm from a large cock in me, Romanian natural Vicky Soleil said. She is, or was, a cam model and that\'s where we found her.In this scene, she has two large cocks in her, taking turns on her mouth and pussy.She also said, I like to have sex everywhere, first teased, then have sexual intercourseed until I cum.She had sex in our studio, and we\'ll always be happy for that.Elliot James described this scene, in which Vicky is a maid, when it was originally posted on SCORELAND: Vicky gets both of her nipples suced on at the same time for starters. As Enzo sticks his fingers inside her honey-trap, Tom feeds Vicky his stiffie. When she turns to suc on Enzo\'s wiener, Tom drops trou and shoves his sausage into her from behind. Any plans for continued cleaning are changed on the spot for an afternoon of raunchy pleasure. Vicky is the centerpiece of this have sexual intercourse party.Group sex makes me more kinky, Vicky said. I would like to take these two men with me everywhere.I\'m sure they\'d follow her to the ends of the earth.See More of Vicky Soleil at SCORELAND2.COM!. Island fever Tiffany poses on the beaches of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas, in August, 1992. Her bikini is chest amazing, a real eye-popper. A week after this Tiff shoot, Chloe Vevrier, Savannah Staxxx and Lisa Chest arrived to shoot a pictorial dubbed \'Island Fever\' for March 1993 SCORE. In September, 1992, not long after the SCORE team left the island, Hurricane Andrew passed through Eleuthera, on its way to Homestead and Miami, Florida to cause the worst natural disaster in American history. June 2001 SCORE Magazine has published a portion of this pictorial as part of its special Girls On The Beach theme. See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Bmore dick for jessica hot/b More penish for Jessica Hot The setting here is sweet classy: a marble statue, furnishings that look like they might be antiques, a vintage headboard, silk sheets and pillowcases. And then Jessica Hot, a 52-year-old divorcee and mom, fucks up that whole classy idea by gobbling down Steve\'s penish like the horny mom she is, getting banged in her old vagina hole and jacking his ejaculate onto her considerable tits.So much for class. But is not about making love. It\'s about 50something women having the time of their lives and doing things they never thought they\'d do on-camera with hung studs.Jessica is one of those women, and this is her second scene at It\'s nice to have her back. Her kids still don\'t know she did this, although one of her kid\'s friends gave her a suspicious look the other day. Maybe he knew. 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Her first appearance in SCORE was in the Holiday \'01 issue, but before that, her first photos were published in the October \'99 Naughty Neighbors when she was an eager beaver, discovered and photographed in Ohio by Kayla Kleevage.I\'m friends with Kayla, Summer Sinn and Sara Jay, Brandy said. Those friendships have lasted for years.Brandy\'s appeared in curvy \'N\' Wet have sexual intercourse a guy at poolside, Funbag Fuckers, XXXTreme big Tit P.O.V., SCORE Xtra 6, SCORE Xtra 11 and many more big-tit have sexual intercourse encounters here. By herself in solo pictorials, Brandy inspires many dropped loads, but she found her calling in have sexual intercourse and catching cumshot with her sweater-busting 38DDD jugs.Brandy has not made many videos compared to porn stars who bang out hundreds of scenes. And that can be a nice thing. She\'s made nowhere near the number of ball-draining XXX videos that Summer and Kayla have.I kind of like to visit Los Angeles in small doses, Brandy said. 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