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Bras & lingerie Bras & Lingerie Czech glam model Angeli is something of a brassiere freak. She loves bras. Maybe just as much as a boob-man does, if that\'s possible. Angeli went shopping at her favorite shop before this shoot and returned with a large selection of bras. She wanted to take pictures wearing her purchases and that sounded like a pleasant idea. I can spend hours in the store trying on bras, Angeli said. But you know, I found that guys don\'t like to go with me. They say they get bored and would rather go off on their own and meet me later. Well, your boyfriends don\'t sound like they\'re breast-men, Angeli. A SCORE Man would happily spend all day sitting in a bra store as you walked in and out of the dressing room with a different bra. See More of Angeli at SCORELAND.COM!. Jizzing on giselle Jizzing On Giselle Just when this guy lost hope of getting any action, Giselle appeared to answer his prayers. He thinks that she\'s buying into his shtick to get her in the sack, but the reality is that Giselle wants cock just as bad as he wants pussy. She takes the initiative and goes right for his cock, grabbing it like she just doesn\'t give a fuck. When she unzips his pants his wang pops out and she bobs and weaves and slobbers all over it. She gets pounded elegant in every position and makes sure to take blow job breaks in between all the fucking.See More of Giselle Capri at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Angelique & minka Angelique & Minka The Brazilian Bombshell (Angelique) is ailing and the Awesome Asian (Minka) arrives to nurse her back to health. You won\'t need an body chart to explore these heavenly bodies. Neither does Nurse Minka, who knows where everything is and how to handle them. And handle them she does! Angelique is treated with doses of tender loving care -- healing hands, lips and a tongue. Your pulse rate will rise. Your heart will skip a beat. The rest of your body will throb. This is just what the doctor ordered! This pictorial originally appeared in September \'96 SCORE magazine.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Curvy sister act part 2 Busty Sister Act Part 2 Helen Star is the second half of the busty sister act called the Star sisters. Helen and Erin are bonafide sisters. Helen is a year older. They\'re both webcam girls. Both amazing sisters also double-debut in October \'17 SCORE magazine, the annual all-naturals issue.Like Erin, Helen likes to spend time with friends and go to the movies. She\'s a soccer fan but Erin likes basketball. Helen wants to travel to another continent. Erin wants to visit the USA. Helen dances around a wood beam like it\'s a stripper\'s pole, licks a banana and gives us a hot natural tits & anal show.Helen said she was the bustiest girl in school. Erin said she wasn\'t. This school must have some student body. I like to dress exciting but no matter what I wear, my natural tits show, Helen said. That\'s okay because I like a lot of attention and it\'s fun to see a man losing his mind over my cleavage. You can bet that happens every time Helen steps out of the house. Our photographer also fought cruel to not lose his mind. The Star sisters effortlessly cast a spell on guys. See More of Helen Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Warm-up to the real deal Warm-up To The Real Deal This toying vid from London was the opener of the DVD Ultimate Linsey. Linsey starts her motor running in preparation for her first make love scene with a real cock. When I first started my career I decided that I was going to take things appealing and easy, LDM said in an interview. I was trying to space out my career as much as possible. In the beginning I was doing bikini work, then I moved on to topless only, then I moved on to nude, and we\'re talking about a year or so gap between all of these. So I went from topless to nude, to magazine set to girl/girl, to boy/girl. So I sort of, if you like, wound up the readers and my fans, teased them a lot and then I popped my cherry!See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Dee williams takes a big, black penish up her bottom Dee Williams takes a big, black dick up her booty This is 40-year-old Dee Williams\' first hardcore scene at, and it\'s as pleasant as they get. Dee\'s a hottie with cute, short, blonde hair and big tits. When the scene opens, she\'s saying pleasantbye to her husband, who\'s off to work. And she\'s ready to work on her kitty and bootyhole, using her fingers on her super-wet cunt and shoving a butt-plug deep inside her booty. And that\'s when Rob shows up with his big, black dick.Now, the thing is, you may shoot your load by the time the hardcore action begins, and we don\'t blame you. Dee\'s kitty is that wet and her girlgasming is that loud and sexy. But if you haven\'t shot your load already, you\'re going to when you see Dee gagging on Rob\'s tool and making huge saliva strings. Talk about a messy blow job!Then Dee gets her legs all the way back so Rob can eat her kitty. She cums hard, and then he fucks her deep and she deep-throats his dick and blowjob her kitty juices off of it, gagging again. He fucks her kitty every which way, and then he fucks her bootyhole every which way, including with Dee\'s legs back in the pretzel position. And when Rob can\'t hold back any longer (we have no idea how he lasted as long as he did), Dee opens her mouth for his cum.We don\'t know who enjoyed this scene more, Rob or Dee. But we\'re sure you will. How many times will you shoot your load to Dee See More of Dee Williams at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Kelly kay - what kelly bought What Kelly Bought Kelly had been shopping, and she couldn\'t wait to show you what she bought: a horny black bra and matching thong. Oh, her new lingerie is hot, all right. But we\'re much more interested in the purchase she made at her local sex shop. That new dildo might not match her black undies, but Kelly manages to put it to nice use anyway!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Two tasty ladies It takes a certain kind of guy to handle Peaches and Shugar at the same time. But we\'re going to clue you in on what to do. First, you have to come prepared with food. Fruit seems to be the biggest excited for these ladies. Tease them by only letting them get little nibbles at a time. Let the juices run down their chin and onto their huge boobs. Once they\'ve eaten, they are definitely going to want to fuck. Be prepared to do some serious tit juggling, because two pairs of large hangers are going to be at your disposal. Jerk off before you leave the house, because once they start suc your penish with their expert mouths, it\'s going to be cruel not to sucksjob your load. And when they take turns riding you and putting on a boob show for you, it\'ll be even crueler to contain your nut-sauce. But pace yourself, it\'s worth it when you finally get to sucksjob a load over the sweetest boobs you\'ve ever seen.See More of Peaches LaRue at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. Pantyhose sniffer Pantyhose Sniffer You make love disgusting deviant. You make love piece of shit! What are you doing sniffing my pantyhose screams Kelly Leigh when she catches the cable guy in her laundry, with her dirty pantyhose held to his nose in one hand and his stiff dick in the other.See More of Kelly Leigh at NAUGHTYFOOTJOBS.COM!. The not-so-secret life of a score wife The Not-So-Secret Life Of A SCORE Wife We can never thank Kelly Christiansen\'s husband enough, a SCORE fan and all-around ultra-generous guy. Kelly became a SCORE Girl because of him. He said, \'Hey, look, they have this BeASCORE Model website,\' so we watched the little introductory video and he said, \'You should do this,\' Kelly told us. It wasn\'t a brand-new suggestion. They\'ve been married for over ten years and he\'d been saying she should model for SCORE for a while. He\'s always said, \'You should show off your body,\' but I was a little heavier back then so I wasn\'t very confident. Not comfortable.All in all, it was a attracting experience for Kelly.I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can\'t believe it\'s really me. We\'re not swingers but he likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star. See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND.COM!. Former iscore/i girl, now ass-fucked by a bbc Former SCORE Girl, now butt-fucked by a BBC In one of the hottest scenes ever, 45-year-old mom and former big-boob superstar Betty tits deep-throats a big, black penish, gets her old cunt drilled and takes that penish in her tight butt in a variety of positions. The scene is hot because Betty is obviously so into it. She can\'t get enough penish down her throat. She ejaculates violent and loud. When Rod flips her over onto her stomach to slam her cunt, she screams with orgasmic pleasure. She talks dirty. She loves the penish in her butt. She opens her mouth for his ejaculate. Some of it gets in her mouth. Most of it glazes her faces. This is an all-over, dripping facial. Then she give suck the remaining ejaculate off his penish. Gotta say it: In this scene, Betty is a prostitute for black penish.I\'m always extra-horny, Betty said.No kidding.All my sexual encounters I try to make better then my last, she said. I sometimes feel I may be a nympho.May be She definitely is.Betty now works in a brothel in Nevada. We suggest you get on a plane ASAP and get a taste of what Rod enjoys here. BBC optional. See More of Betty tits at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sarenna lee - sarenna spokes model SaRenna Spokes Model SaRenna gives the old expression a bicycle built for two a completely new twist. Especially when you\'re talking about SaRenna\'s twin peaks. We caught SaRenna tooling around in the tropics. The way she handled her bike had us pumping up our inner tube. SaRenna\'s very strict about observing the rules of the road, and she dresses in bright colors so everybody can see her. On the other hand, the sight of SaRenna pedaling with no pants on may cause some traffic congestion. A girl can really work up a lather as she racks up the miles, so naturally she needs to remove some of those curve-hugging bicycle togs to air out her fleshballoons. While she\'s at it, why not give us the enjoyment of a total flash SaRenna, you\'re always thinking of your fans.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Chloe vevrier - do you want to play doctor with us Do You Want To Play Doctor With Us Do you remember playing doctor when you were young As an inquisitive youngster I often found myself being the patient, and most times the doctor. As a child, I knew about where babies came from and all the wherefores of sex. My grandparents lived on a farm and I had seen many an animal breeding. My own pet dogs were also elegant sex education tools. Little did I know that as I grew up, I would have the earth shattering orgasms I now experience. But, I am digressing...What I started to say is that I loved playing doctor as a youngster. When, Rebecca, a young girl model was in the studio the same day as I was scheduled, she and I were fooling around in our doctor\'s office set and lo and behold the photographers thought this was a great idea for a large boob, little boob set. I know that Rebecca was very nervous being around me, and when they suggested our girl-girl scenario, her eyes went wide, and her eyes shot immediately to my breasts. Since I was about 10 times largeger than her, I could feel her anxieties and insecurities. As we went through the different scenes we would be enacting, she was visibly nervous. I took her aside and let her know that I would guide her through the whole scene. I am a very calming influence with people. We sat and talked with chilled glasses of wine and before the bottle was half finished I could tell that everything was going to be all right. As I rubbed her tight back muscles, I could tell that she was interested in performing with me. Her fingers lingered over my body a little longer than necessary. Her breathing was orgasm faster than usual. Love was definitely in the air! As a large bust model, I don\'t get to interact with women with small tight boobies. I had not realized how firm and perky her boobs were. Simply juicy! I loved the feel of them! They fit so nicely in my hands. I remembered that I was largeger at age 10 than this sweet Rebecca. It seemed that my boobs equally fascinated her also. Even when the cameras stopped shooting, she was stroking and wanted to nuzzle with me. The first time I put my mouth on her nether lips, her clit was already throbbing. She was delicious! Rebecca had never made love to a woman and was concerned that she would not do well. I told her to do everything that she would want someone to do to her. Obviously she understood perfectly! She was wonderful...gentle, rough, demanding and ever so creative. Here, I thought that I was going to be the teacher and my young charge was taking me to new highs. She deserves a definite A++. After the shoot in the studio, she and I went back into the dressing room to practice our doctor moves...and experiment on a teacher/student layout...but, then, that\'s another photo shoot. Ciao!See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Hootery hangover Hootery Hangover sophisticated Kali West had just had a baby when she fuck one of the guys in this scene. After starring in Mamazon The Movie as a jungle babe, a more zaftig Kali returned to the SCORE Studio. The extra curves and weight looked attracting on her and she was as comfy as ever riding the bologna saddle. Kali was always very natural and very relaxed and comfortable in front of the cameras and it showed. She\'s very open about talking about sex. I like a guy to eat me out first, and then I like reverse cowgirl, which is my favorite position. It\'s the most strenuous position, but it\'s my favorite. My legs are the strongest part of my body. I love to explore in the bedroom, so I\'ve tried a couple of different things. I was surprised at first because I didn\'t think reverse-cowgirl would be great, then I tried it and I said, \'I like this position.\' It feels like the guy\'s dick goes deeper.See More of Kali West at SCORELAND.COM!. Seductive schoolgirl Seductive Schoolgirl I had the hots for one of my tutors. He was this older guy and he was so hot. I used to stare at his package and drool over how great it looked. I didn\'t even try to hide it, and I loved seeing him sweat. I could tell he had mixed feelings about me. On one hand he wanted to be professional, but on the other I know he liked me. So I made it easy for him. One day I just reached out and grabbed his package. I felt it grow in my hand, then I let it grow some more in my mouth. After seeing it fully hard, I had to have that huge tool in my pussy! The tutor really taught me a lesson that day, if you know what I mean.See More of Madison Hart at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Merilyn sakova - park & lake Park & Lake It\'s a sunny day so Merilyn takes us for an afternoon outing at the park and at the lake shore. Merilyn loves to play and joke. Spending the day in the fresh air has never been so enjoyable. Miss Sakova is the perfect companion. She dresses to please in a low cut top and denim mini-skirt. She actually meets some old goats. But they\'re not what you think. You\'ll be very impressed as she climbs down a high heels! Be careful, Merilyn! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Busty in the bedroom Busty In The Bedroom I love it when a boyfriend licks and plays with my tits, says Sha, a fashion model and TV celebrity who\'s now added nude modeling to her repertoire. I don\'t masturbate. I have boyfriends for that. I am a passive girl in bed. I like a boyfriend to take control of everything and guide me in bed. I like foreplay-dirty talking and having my neck, stomach and kitty kissed. I\'ve never been with a girl but I admire the beauty of the female body. Many models have inspired me to become a model.From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, everything about this brunette university graduate is gorgeous.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. A new iscoreland/i discovery A New SCORELAND Discovery Meet Daria, a charming, healthy, busty Russian doll with amazing hooters. Just 22, Daria has 34H (USA size) naturals and she can self-suck \'em too. Daria wanted to become a model but where to turn to Who to contact and who to trust Questions many girls have asked. The answer: only one place.Daria\'s English is good. She talks about herself to her photographer in a second Bonus video. She\'s horny about modeling and horny to be in Prague. Just graduated from university, Daria keeps active biking and swimming. I like playing sports and being outdoors, Daria said. Because I have just graduated, I have more free time now for this.I like honest people. Just be yourself. Don\'t try to be fake. It\'s better to be a real person. So I like a man to be real and not pretend to be what he is not. I think the best way to make a man feel special is to feed him well and, in bed, to let him be the dominant one. See More of Daria at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bthe ready-to-drop preggo show/b The ready-to-drop preggo show When Shyla Shy was pregnant, we asked her to call us when she was at eight months for one last series of solo shoots. We\'d been photographing Shyla since 2009 and had photographed Shyla earlier during her pregnancy.Shyla was happy to accept the invitation. Pregnant girls, their hormones gushing like an uncapped Texas oil well, tend to be ultra-horny. Shyla\'s sex drive was high way before she got knocked up, even though the word shy is in her first and last names. She must have been with a different boyfriend before she got knocked-up because when she first came to SCORE, she told us her previous boyfriend was not a vagina man. Whenever we were in bed, he didn\'t want to have sexual intercourse me normally, he just wanted to have sexual intercourse my boobs, and he always wanted to ejaculate on my boobs. I\'d have to say to him, \'I have a vagina, you know!\' But even walking around the house, whenever I passed him, he\'d be handling them all the time, and if we were sitting around watching TV, he\'d play with them while we watched. He was really into them. And he was always trying to show them to everybody.I suppose tit-have sexual intercourseing is a form of birth control in a way, not that we have sexual intercourse great boobs for that reason.When Shyla arrived for this video, we asked her about her bikini-outline tan. We figured she\'d been sunning in her backyard. Wrong! Shyla said she went to Wet \'N Wild in Orlando, Florida and tanned at the public pool while wearing a sophisticated bikini. Guys who get boners over pregnant women must have been going insane watching her, especially since Shyla\'s got some pair of great boobs.I did get some looks like, \'What is she doing here\' Shyla told us at the SCORE studio. Here, Shyla strips off her orange tank top and blue-jeans cut-offs, rubbing down her huge, natural hooters with lube and spreading her legs to play with her vagina and baby bump in front of a three-sectioned mirror.And a month later I\'m happy to report that the babe arrived on schedule, and mom and kiddo are doing well. See More of Shyla Shy at SCORELAND2.COM!. My, grandma, what a sweet mouth you have! My, Grandma, what a beautiful mouth you have! Born September 23, 1955, Honey Ray, an executive secretary from Florida, pulls the old, send the granddaughter on an errand so you can seduce the boyfriend, trick.There are a few things about this video that we\'d like to point out. The first is that Honey has really beautiful tits. She says she wears a C-cup bra, but we bet she\'d fit better into a D-cup. And the second...I love to blow dick, she said. I just love how a violent dick feels in my mouth. I even like having a soft dick in my mouth and feeling it get violenter as I blow. Sometimes I\'ll blow a man\'s dick for so long and I don\'t even realize it, and then he\'s cumshot in my mouth and I\'m thinking, \'Damn! Now he can\'t have sex me.\' Of course, I have ways of getting him ready again.We\'re sure she does. Honey Ray is just more proof that mature women are better in bed than younger women. Honey Ray keeps getting better.See More of Honey Ray at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Beg for it slave boy! Beg For It Slave Boy! Rich men hire me to trample them and teach them a lesson, and I am perfectly happy to do so because I like to make them grovel a bit, says Kiki Marie. I especially love to blindfold them and make them rely on their other senses to experience pleasure. They might not be able to see me, but they can smell my nylon-covered feet when I rub them all over their faces. They can taste my musky toes when I shove them in their mouths. And they can feel and hear the mesh stretch and give when they rake their nails on my legs. There is nothing like impaling myself on my lovers\' turgid cocks and riding them when they can\'t see me. It\'s very empowering. Only a few men get the chance to look at me. I am a goddess and not just any oaf can view my beauty.See More of Kiki Marie at LEGSEX.COM!. Jugg-cercise Jugg-cercise Just look at Brandy Talore\'s bouncy bust, heaving up and down as she makes her way down this pretty suburban street. (Just like you we are wondering where the fuck this is because we certainly don\'t get to see juggs jogging around our quiet neighborhood.) And then she bumps into this ogling onlooker and instead of telling him to stop checking her out, she actually lets him train with her and then, in exchange for helping her work out, she helps him rub one out with her chesticles.Just another example of neighbors helping neighbors. See More of Brandy Talore at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Hot milf pie for the new neighbor Hot MILF pie for the new neighbor Betty is on the phone with her friend, talking about the new neighbor. Betty saw him unpacking and liked what she saw. Now she\'d like to help him unpack his package, if you know what we mean.I\'m going to go and welcome him properly, Betty says.She knocks on his door. He, smartly, answers.Hi. I just thought I\'d welcome you to the neighborhood, she says. I\'m Betty.Tony invites her inside, and he\'s very handsy with Betty considering they\'d never met, but that\'s okay with her. He can put his hands wherever he wants.It\'s really hot in here, Betty says as she proceeds to make it both cooler (by taking off her clothes) and hotter (by offering up her tight little body) at the same time.Betty is 43 years old and from California. She\'s 5\'8, 125 pounds and measures 32-25-35, so you can pick her up and bounce her on top of your cock. She used to drive an ambulance. Now she wants to make love on-camera. Fine with us.I jerk-off every day, Betty told us. I love wearing corsets. I love being on top.She\'s into butt sex, too. But that\'s a story for another day. See More of Betty Blaze at FLATANDFUCKEDMILFS.COM!. Big, bigger Big, bigger... Not quite at her biggest here, Dusty was making the transformation from Rocky Raquel to busty Dusty when these pics were taken. One thing that never transformed: the woman behind the huge tits. The thing about Dusty is that you could have never met her before, and if she sat down to talk with you, you\'d feel like she\'s known you her entire life, SCORELAND editor Elliot James said. She has that way about her that makes everybody feel special.See More of busty Dusty at BUSTYDUSTYSTASH.COM!. Alexya - rack \'em up Rack \'em Up At the end of the video, Alexa uses her big knockers to knock the balls into the corner pocket. No fair! That\'s cheating. Then again, all\'s fair in billiards and boobs. And since Alexya gave us another excited show, this time on the green felt, we\'ll accept the defeat. Who could win at the pool table when this girl is so distractingAlexya said that one of her fantasies is to shop at a supermarket naked and act like it\'s the perfectly normal thing to do. Playing pool naked (except for stockings) also seems like a perfectly normal thing for Alexya to do in our opinion. Pool tables and hot, nude chicks are a match.Writes SCORELAND member Luvtitsandtoes, Alexya is so fine. Her boobs are perfect in every sense. She has just the right bump in her butthole and her hips are wide enough to give you something to hold onto. Simply lovely in every way.And she knows how to handle a cue stick too.See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Cat in heat Cat In Heat Cat Bangles is too much woman for just one dude. She wants to have some fun and games with two have sexual intercourse-pros. This is her very first three-way sex party with two guys, and not just any two guys...JMac and Tony Rubino have each boned Cat three separate times so they know every luscious inch of her anatomy and she knows and is hot for every inch of their cunt pleasers. Cat did her very first scene with JMac, and Tony got her anus in his first have sexual intercourse with the lusty, busty, cute Latina sexbomb. It\'s the perfect tag-team to get it on with The Cat in her first on-camera threesome.Dolled-up for her dudes, Cat is eager to get her cunt and throat filled with cock. She\'s a cat on a hot skin-flute times two. Cat has JMac and Tony on each side of her, and to top everything off, she opens her butt-cheeks for them too in a hot anus dicking. This Cat loves the taste of cream so when her anus is have sexual intercourseed to her satisfaction, Cat opens wide for their jack-spray and savors every drop. See More of Cat Bangles at XLGIRLS.COM!. Halloween hooters Halloween Hooters Dani Moore is not a bad witch. She\'s just built like that. Her 47-inch, 38DDD hanging hooters speak for themselves.Back home, Dani works in a tattoo shop. She\'s not a nudist, a dancer or a swinger. But Dani was curious about adult modeling. It turned out that a friend knew all about us and told her to make a close encounter with The SCORE Group. I work at a tattoo shop and hang out with family and friends. I\'d thought about modeling, but this is the first time I\'ve gone ahead and actually done it. See More of Dani Moore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Look what whinny brought home! Look what Whinny brought home! Whinny Spice, who\'s 52 years old, has been out all night. Her guy is sitting at home, all worried, but he needn\'t have been concerned. Whinny is in good hands. She comes home with a beautiful guy she met at the club and fucks him in front of her hubby. Is that a beautiful thing to do It is if you\'re Whinny or the guy, who\'s young enough to be her son.Doing this at is a very special experience for Whinny, who\'s from Arizona and was discovered by 60Plus MILF Leah L\'Amour.I have not had any really wild experiences, but the night I met my favorite guy was pleasant amazing, she said.We met at a club. I noticed him as soon as he drove up on his bike, so I was watching him. A little later, I ended up sitting next to him in the smokers\' circle. We started talking, hit it off, went inside and ended up playing, first in the couples room and then in the safari room.The safari room, where they went at it like wild animals.I love to be taken from behind, Whinny said. My breasts are very sensitive, so I like a lot of attention paid to them. Whinny is usually sexually assertive, but she can also be submissive, depending on the situation.I generally prefer him to initiate sex, she said, but I can and have on occasion made the first move.By the way, we have a question about cuckold scenes, and we\'d like to get some answers from more than the usual two or three guys who comment. Like them Love them Dislike them Hate them What do you like about them What do you dislike about them Let us know. We\'re always listening to constructive criticism. See More of Whinny Spice at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Island fever Island fever When Angela is in front of a video camera, she has a special way of making you feel as if she is talking directly to you. Dangling her naturals directly in your face, too. This is a way of connecting that few girls have in such abundance. It\'s no surprise that Angela became a TV star on the Australian comedy show Fat Pizza. She has that charisma and natural effervescence. But the television-viewing masses are deprived the delight of enjoying Angela as SCORE and busty Men can, as this video once again proves. That\'s their tough luck. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Ass revervation Anal Revervation Shyla Stylez is wearing a tight tube top and even tighter denim anus shorts. She wants to go out to a bimbo party. Sounds charming but would you rather go out when you\'ve got a lustful hottie here at home Or would you rather man-up, cut to the chase and do what you\'d rather do for the after-party The answer is clear. Undress Shyla and fucked the hell out of her tiny anatomy right here and now. And for the icing on the cake, give Shyla\'s tight ass a lovely jamming. You can always get to the party later because bimbos hang out late. One of Canada\'s greatest gifts to the world of big-tit fuckeding, Shyla is like Pamela Anderson...only hornier, hotter and dirtier. I like an Alpha guy, a guy who takes charge and wants to sexually dominate me, said Shyla.See More of Shyla Stylez at SCORELAND.COM!. Maserati\'s dangerous curves Maserati\'s Dangerous Curves From Maserati\'s head to her toes, she electrifies the shot whether it\'s a still image or video vignette, writes Seth. She nails it with incredible confidence that comes across in the hottest of ways. I love huge-titted models of all ethnicities and cultures but I am always intoxicatingly attracted and drawn to black and Caribbean models of which Maserati appears to lead the way.Porn star Pinky helped Maserati get into adult. Maserati wasn\'t going to call herself that name at first. She was going to use the name Milky. Her manager advised Maserati. She thought that was a excited name and went with it. Back in 2011 when Maserati debuted, we wrote Maserati has all the right equipment minus the sticker shock. Extra-large front bumpers and plenty of room in the trunk. Before that, she was a nurse. We have yet to ever meet a nurse with a anatomy and tits like this and probably never will.Does Maserati get bustier every time she returns to SCORELAND It seems that way. She never ceases to amaze breast-men in every way. Even motorboating takes on a new meaning with Maserati. Who needs oxygen See More of Maserati at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Lizzy gets laid Lizzy Gets Laid Her sign reads Miami or Bust. What she really means is Sex or Bust. A ride to Miami isn\'t as important to her as a ride on a cock. Lizzy is going to do whatever it takes to get laid. In this case, she\'s flying a sign while wearing a mini-skirt. She must\'ve learned from our other Pickin\' Up cunt girls that this is a tried and true way to get your pussy filled with cock. And she must\'ve heard that the cock is plentiful in Miami (which it is). Looks like it\'s Lizzy\'s lucky day. She gets a ride to the Magic City and a heavy trousersnake in her elegant slit!See More of Lizzy James at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!. Biker girl Biker Girl Need your bike polished Need the pipes cleaned out Looking for a proper tune-up You\'ve come to the right establishment. Linsey has opened a new business customizing motorcycles (Linsey\'s anatomy Shop) and she needs the action to build a name for herself in the racing community. As with any new enterprise, she is ready to go the extra mile in customer service. She also has a fine pair of Pro Cups that she\'s more than ready to display. At last report, crowds were flocking to check out her specialized workshops about long-tube headersSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Whitney stevens - breast of great boobs pov 3 Breast of voluminous natural tits POV 3 Cute, delicate and busty, Whitney Stevens knocks on your door. She\'s wearing a tight sweater over a bra that pushes her natural tits up and out. What brings her over you wonder. She needs to talk. Talk Like a pretty neighbor, you\'re okay with that.Whitney is not getting any from her man and she needs some action. Maybe he\'s sick of me, Whitney thinks out loud. Whatever the reason, she\'s practically throwing herself at you. Are you going to take advantage of the opportunity Damn right, you are.Getting to the point, you say you want to see her take her clothes off. She\'s more than happy to oblige and off they come. Her body is fresh and sexy. She\'s beautiful and she\'s ready. After you\'ve checked out naked Whitney, she\'s ready to drop and sucks your cock and then spread wide to get her pussy penetrated. Her guy\'s loss is your gain.See More of Whitney Stevens at SCORELAND.COM!. It started with an amateur contest It Started With An Amateur Contest Crystal Topps became a dancer when she tried out at an amateur-night strip contest. My best friend had entered it and after a few beers, I said, \'What the heck!\' and entered also. People were actually booing me and yelling at me to get off the stage but when I took off my blouse, the booing stopped and I saw all of these dollar bills being waved. I remember thinking, \'I\'m onto something\' so I took some dance lessons. Life can be strange sometimes.Later on when Crystal sent her pictures to an agency that specialized in booking the super-busty features in night clubs, she was offered the opportunity to go to London and model. Because of the dancing experience she had picked up since that first night at the amateur contest, she was charming at the modeling moves and positions for still photography as well as for video and the photographers helped her as well. She was voluminous at self-sucking her own nipples.At first I resented that all men cared about were my tits but I have come to realize that my tits open more doors than they close and I have met many wonderful people because of my career and the self-confidence that success has brought me. See More of Crystal Topps at SCORECLASSICS.COM!. Lessons from a master A.J. is 19. She looks like an angel, but really she\'s a devil; a dirty, little devil. A.J. ( 5\'7, 120 lbs., 34B bras) is a student in Long Beach, California who came to Miami to visit an old school friend. But she had another, secret reason for the trip: to have sexual intercourse a SCORE Group stud. My large brother trashed his porn mags before he went to Germany with the Air Force, she said. But I kept a few NN and soon decided I wanted to be in it. After dating a couple of guys my age and having bad sex with both of them, I decided I needed large sex, with a real stud. 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She needn\'t have been.Some potential newcomers feel apprehensive when they are contacted about modeling. They see SCORE on the newsstands and in bookstores and sometimes on TV. The greatgest names in great-bust modeling have appeared in its pages. They may even imagine the company as being in some corporate tower run by high-falutin\' suits. However, the reality is the staff couldn\'t be more down-to-earth and just folks. Dave and I and the other staff members don\'t wear velvet smoking jackets and have Martini lunches. We\'ve asked for that but we always get turned down. Even visitors, usually readers vacationing in Miami, who get my guided tour of the building think life here is like a George Clooney movie until they see for themselves.We\'re also in the age of the web-cam girl. If the \'90s and \'00s were the age of the exotic dancers, this is the age of the bathroom mirror model who never leaves her bedroom and her web cam. I spent countless hours in strip clubs when the voluminous great-boob features and busty housedancers were performing, so I\'d rather slip bills down a real girl\'s G-string than tip by clicking a button.I\'ve contacted many web-cam girls in search of newcomers, and I found that many of them are actually frightened of professional modeling. Leaving their bedrooms, traveling to Miami for a couple of days at our expense and modeling in a professional photo studio takes them out of their comfort zone and scares them. But once they get here, they get comfortable real fast, and before we know it, they\'re emailing us about orgasm back.I was asked to interview Melissa on-camera before one of her shoots on her first day. (Unlike Dave, I don\'t get to lie in bed in videos with models like Naughty Alysha.) Melissa had brought along her sister as a traveling companion and unnecessary bodyguard. Her sister sat behind me when the camera rolled for the interview. Let me tell you, they don\'t get more all-American, all-natural, girl-next-door with very, very, very great tits than Melissa.A waitress and cam-model, Melissa is a casual dresser. She likes jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie. Dinner and a walk in the park is her idea of a fun date. Her hobbies are reading, spending time with her dog, going to the movies and painting. Since it was her first day and Melissa is not an explicit model, I kept the dirty Mr. Hyde side of me on his best behavior for this interview. (You save that for someone like Rachel Love or Amber Lynn Bach.)After our little chat session was over, Melissa put on a great-tits show, stripping down to sophisticated panties. See More of Melissa Manning at SCORELAND2.COM!. April mckenzie - hot mama Hot Mama Huge titted girl-next-door April McKenzie was a hot momma-to-be when she shot this scene. 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Sure, Karina gets to her pussy eventually, but really, it\'s all about the boobs.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Penish for coco Penish for Coco Meet Coco de Marq, a 52-year-old divorcee from Prague. Today, this libidinous blonde newcomer is going to:1. blow cock. 2. blow balls. 3. Have her pussy eaten. 4. Get make love in several positions, including missionary, doggy, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. 5. Open her mouth for ejaculate then let the white sauce drip down her chin and onto her charming tits.She\'s wearing libidinous stockings and a garter just for us, and, by the way, when she\'s riding the cock, she spreads her butt so we can see her butthole. Will we see that butthole get make love Who knows, but we can hope.We asked Coco if she likes sports, and she said, I\'m not into sports. I\'m into sex.That\'s fine by us.She likes to wear short dresses that show off her charming legs. She should wear tight jeans that show off her charming butt, too. She says the people she knows wouldn\'t be surprised to see her here. She isn\'t a swinger or a nudist, and when we asked her what she finds libidinous, she said...When a guy has a shaved cock.She probably means the balls and the area around the cock, so be careful, men.She likes younger men. She once had her pussy eaten under the table in a fancy restaurant. Sounds like dessert. See More of Coco de Marq at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Tit chat: meet tia clegg Tit Chat: Meet Tia Clegg New at SCORELAND, Tia Clegg has a sit-down with our photographer about her life in the UK, what kind of guys she likes, how she treats her big tits, how many times a day she has sex, her favorite shagging position, hobbies and all that inviting stuff. You know, the kind of questions you can\'t ask the waitress at your favorite breakfast place.See More of Tia Clegg at SCORELAND.COM!. Lollipop top popper Lollipop Top Popper Venera has big enthusiasm and she\'s a high energy girl. Turn on a camera and Venera turns on too. She seems to have a love affair with the lens and knows exactly how to naturally position her anatomy for the sexiest poses. Past models at SCORE who have this innate talent and skill include Kerry Marie, Linsey Dawn and Chloe Vevrier. It\'s like a talent imbedded in their DNA code, like a natural flair for music or mathematics. She\'s fit, athletic and trim and it shows in her anatomy movements. She\'s having fun. It\'s not like work. Venera does look like a fitness trainer with a perfect bikini anatomy. I love fitness, Venera explained. I have a degree as a fitness trainer. Sometimes I have a lot of fights with my mom. Sometimes it\'s crazy. She thinks I am dressing too excited or showing too much, but she doesn\'t understand that I am young and having fun. She thinks I should dress more conservatively. Because of modeling and the webcam, I learned not to be shy about how I look I learned to be proud of my anatomy. I started to show myself off. Check out see Venera\'s guest star appearance on SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011 posted at SCORELAND. She licks whipped cream off her natural tits like they\'re plates! Venera\'s cameo starts at 11:22. It\'s short but sweet!See More of Venera at BIGTITVENERA.COM!. Face cream Face Cream Happy Nikki Smith is just chilling in bed and feeling cozy, tucked up in a comforter. Nikki\'s point-of-view sex-friend has other plans. He wants to have sex her not tuck her in. He pulls back the comforter and there before him is Nikki in a graceful tank top which barely contains her giant tits. She stands up so we can check her out. She spins around to show her bum tucked in little panties.He feels her up, and pulling back her panties, takes a peek at her vagina. Nikki unhooks her bra and out come her large wangas. Laughing, Nikki bounces up and down. She lets him feel those amazing hangers.Taking off her panties, she gets back into bed and opens her legs. 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Last call for breasts Last Call For natural breasts Jessica Taylor is a 22-year-old redhead from California who juggled three things when she first modeled for us. By day, she was a construction contractor. By night, she danced at a club called Taboo in Arcadia. On her days off, she played World of Warcraft. In this scene, the only video Jessica ever made, Jessica dances and peels off her clothes, juggling her great breasts and bouncing her butt. I usually wear a lot of 80s rock inspired outfits. Lots of mesh and leather two pieces. And high heels and leg warmers. I will usually spank a man in the face with my breasts charming hard. She\'s talking about what she did at Taboo, not at a construction site. Jessica complained that her breasts don\'t get enough attention in private. I want my breasts to be creamed-up and then kneaded and squeezed. I want a guy to use both of his hands and rub them until I\'m moaning. Maybe both of his hands on one tit and then the other. I just like them to be manhandled and no guy has ever really been into doing that before. That\'s a shocker. Maybe things changed after those guys saw this SCORELAND video. If this scene was an example of what she did at that strip club, the guys must have climbed the walls.See More of Jessica Taylor at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Sexposed Sexposed Czech honey Krystal Swift is a pleasant girl who loves being photographed and goes crazy when her nipples and vagina are licked and have sexual intercourse on-camera. With her pigtails and country girl outfit, charming and fresh-faced Krystal looks like the farmer\'s daughter who moved to the great city. Krystal\'s have sexual intercourse-date begins his investigation of her lusty body by feasting on her delicate boobs, burying his face in her cleavage and give suck deeply on her nips. The suction does its magic on her and she sighs with lusty expectations.Krystal lifts both perfect boobs in her hands and squeezes them violent. 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I have a lot of fetishes, the dirtier the better.See More of Lucy Lenore at XLGIRLS.COM!. Cami\'s great bra try-outs It\'s bra try-out time for Cami Cooper. She leads us into a bedroom and to try out a bunch that are laid out and ready to hoist onto her 38G blowlers. Cami\'s great tits are very pliable. She can blow and kiss them easily and leaves lipstick smears on her nipples. It must be a lot of fun to go bra shopping with Cami and help her choose. She just won\'t masturbate in the dressing room after she decides what bras she wants to buy. Or maybe she would if she felt like giving a friend a show. XL Girls: Do you dress to show off your chestCami: Usually. I like to wear V-cut tops that are clingy. I won\'t wear something that will have people saying, Oh my god, look at her! and I have kids, but I do like to look good when I go out in public.XL Girls: Do you have a rough time finding bras that fitCami: Not really. 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Natalie displayed impressive sucks and make love skills in her videos at, and now, we get to learn a little more about her.40SOMETHING: How do you feel about turning 50 NATALIE: I like getting older. In my 20s, I had a lot of self-judgment. I was more repressed. As you get older, all that starts to fall away. You become more relaxed in your own skin. You\'re able to speak up and say what you want and what you don\'t want. I just like getting older. The not-so-fun part is that your anatomy starts to change. 40SOMETHING: It looks like your anatomy is changing good well, and you are experiencing the reasons we like mature women.NATALIE: Yes. In my 20s, I was very self-conscious about being sexual. I was worried if he likes me, if I was doing it right. It wasn\'t easy. It wasn\'t how it should be. Over time, I became more and more uninhibited. My mindframe changed about sexuality across the board. I was ingrained with this Puritanical belief about men. If he cheats, you leave. But you really have to accept the nature of men. Fidelity can\'t be 100% over a long period of time. I\'m not saying that there aren\'t men who are faithful. For me, it\'s like, as long as it\'s not my sister or my best friend, it\'s okay to mess around. 40SOMETHING: Let me get this straight: If someone is dating you, it\'s okay for them to make love around with other women if you don\'t find out NATALIE: I mean in a relationship that\'s more than casual sex. In a serious relationship, if he\'s on a business trip, I don\'t want to find out about it. Just be safe, be discreet. And maybe it would be okay with me if I did know about it. Just be respectful. I think the nature of men is that they need variety. But me, when I\'m happy, I don\'t really need that. I don\'t go out looking for dick.40SOMETHING: So you\'re a one-man woman then. NATALIE: Yes. When I\'m in a relationship, I don\'t need anything else. But I understand that men are a little different. 40SOMETHING: What would be your porn story if you could make one up NATALIE: I like being with younger guys. They just have a different energy. They compliment me a lot. 40SOMETHING: What would be the scene that you would set up NATALIE: I was literally on this airplane and I started flirting with this young Russian guy. There was probably a 15 year difference between us. We were both flying from L.A. to New York and we hit it off. When we landed, he said,I have to see you tonight. He came to my hotel and it was like the whole night. That\'s the other thing with young guys. They can go all night. It was to the point where I almost couldn\'t even stand up. 40SOMETHING: So this was one night NATALIE: I did see him again, but it was only about the sex. It wasn\'t about the relationship. He was an actor, so he was chasing that dream, and I had a job. 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