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Ass-ignment: blake james

ASS-ignment: Blake James Most hairstylists are into looking hot and looking excited. The hair, the make-up, the check-me-out outfits. Blake James believes in that attitude, too, but it's not all about looks. It's about action. Today, I'm going to show you just how nice it is to be bad, Blake announces at the start of this video, slapping her ass-cheeks. This mother of two is the ultimate MILF. And here, she's getting make love in her tight butthole. I'm going to let my friend Shaggy touch me in places that not many have gone before. I'm already getting hot just thinking about it. Blake is a wild one. There's very little, if anything, anyone could teach her about sex, men and fuck that she doesn't already know. She has the slim, excited body of a woman half her age. She has wild sex fantasies and claims she doesn't have sex nearly enough times a week to suit her. Blake is walking sex. She is a role model for other women. See More of Blake James at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!


Let me sing your penish off Sandra Blake excitedly drops by some guy\'s house with a Models Wanted flyer. What makes her stand out from the pack The audition managers want to know. Well...Sandra says she can sing. However, one verse from Sandra and the manager calls for a cut. He has a better idea. And Sandra gets his drift fast. He would rather she audition for a cock-karaoke with his meat-microphone. Sandra is up for the task, and yes, she can sing his cock off. After she blows his pants off, she gets one of the hottest, sweetest fucks she\'s ever had as he pounds her into the couch. The sweat drips down their bodies as they pump in doggie, cowgirl and missionary positions. It\'s a miracle that the couch doesn\'t break in two. Drenched in perspiration from their wild fucking, Sandra opens her mouth for her much deserved liquid reward. She earned it!See More of Sandra Blake at TNATRYOUTS.COM!. Sent to the principal\'s office for a cock sucking job Sent To The Principal\'s Office For A blowjob Job James has been sent to the principal\'s office again, but it\'s not necessarily going to be a bad day for him.I\'m the lovely guy here, he protests. It\'s just that everybody else likes to make love with me.Playing the bad boy can get you into a lot of trouble, Ms. Shay tells him. She comes around in front of her desk and sits down. There\'s a lot of different types of trouble you can get yourself into.To James\' shock, Ms. Shay lifts her skirt, exposing a cunt that\'s covered by some funky-looking panties.Are you up for it, James she asks.He\'s up for it. He fingers her cunt. She gets down between his legs and cock sucking his cock. She ends up with his load all over her face. Apparently, this is the lovely kind of trouble.As for Ms. Shay, she\'s Charli Shay, a 42-year-old divorcee and mother of two from San Diego, California. She has a smokin\' hot body--tiny, firm tits, a little waist, a firm stomach--so it\'s no surprise that she works in a gym. No, she\'s not a teacher or a principal. But she\'d make a great one. See More of Charli Shay at MILFTUGS.COM!. Cotton cunny A lot of girls think they need to wear thongs to be sexy, but I know plenty of guys who think regular cotton panties are hot. Especially when they\'re soaked with cunt juice. My teacher couldn\'t resist me once he saw my wet panties. He worshiped my butt and cunt and then fuck me until his tool was as soaked as my panties. I even let him take my panties home as a souvenir.See More of Alex Blake at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. A threesome for mom A threesome for Mom Bethany James, a 64-year-old tall drink of water from Ohio, plays out one of our favorite fantasies: lusty MILF have sexs her daughter\'s ex-boyfriend. Actually, in this case, it\'s her daughter\'s ex-boyfriends because Bethany has her way with two guys. She sucks them. They have sex her. And when they\'re done, they shoot their loads all over Bethany\'s face. have sex the daughter! Mom\'s much hotter.There\'s a lot to love about Bethany. For starters, her nipples, which are always erect. Then there\'s her bedroom voice. You could get heavy just by listening to her speak. And her height. She\'s 5\'11.Men have always been attracted to me, and I\'ve always been attracted to them, Bethany said. I love men. I\'ve never had sex with a woman and I never want to because I love men so much. I love the things they\'ll do to get into a woman\'s pants.For example A guy once came up to me in a club and said, \'Do your legs go all the way up to there\' I laughed, then I said to him, \'Would you like to find out\'The two guys in this scene find out.See More of Bethany James at IBONEDYOURMOM.COM!. Mirror show Mirror Show Alex, do you like to watch yourself have orgasms Yes. Mirrors and cameras are some of the best tools you can have in the bedroom. My favorite is a three-way mirror because you can see yourself from different angles. I once masturbated in a Target dressing room for that reason. It was hot to see what I look like fingering myself from behind.How do you feel about other people watching you I think it\'s fun and sexy. I have a thing for public and outdoor sex so being watched kind of goes along with that. I\'ve also been in group sex scenarios, and I like being watched by the other people in the group. How many times have you had group sex Twice. One time I had an orgy with six other girls, and another time I was in a three-way. I would do both again. I got some of the best oral in the orgy, and it was fun sharing a dick with another girl in the three-way.See More of Alex Blake at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!. Bethany is a cock-sucking 60something Bethany Is A Cock-Sucking 60Something I felt I was too old to do something like this, said Bethany James, a tall, blonde, 64-year-old retired executive from Ohio. Too old There\'s no such thing as too old when a woman is as libidinous as Bethany, who\'s fulfilling her fantasy just by being here, sitting poised over her stud, reaching down to rub his crotch.Ooooh, baby, I am gonna sucks your dick, Bethany says. I\'m gonna make it stiff and violent and swallow it. Which is exactly what she does.The amazing thing about Bethany is that she\'s not a nudist or a swinger. In fact, before she walked into our studio, she had never had sex on-camera or in front of anyone except her significant others (she\'s divorced and has a boyfriend). She didn\'t even know there were men who wanted to watch 60somethings like herself talking dirty and sucksing dick and balls and doing the things grandmas are not supposed to do, especially with guys who are less than half her age.I once picked up two fabulous men in a downtown hotel in Chicago and took them back to my room, she said. We fuck like wild all night, and then we never saw each other again. In the morning, I went to my meeting, he went his way, and nobody knew my secret.Until now, that was Bethany\'s naughtiest secret...but considering all the people who are going to be watching Bethany sucksing dick and smacking the meat against her face and opening her mouth for the sticky load, this scene isn\'t much of a secret, is itWelcome to our world, Bethany.See More of Bethany James at MILFTUGS.COM!.